Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on January 18, 1971 · Page 7
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Monday, January 18, 1971
Page 7
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Editorial Council Speaks fowa Lakes Spindrift, Thursday, January 14, 1971 There is a lady that stands in the harbor, tall and stately. She symbolizes freedom and her name is Liberty - the Statue of Liberty. When young men depart from me security she offers, to go on an overseas assignment — if they leave by ship, she is me last one to bid mem "farewell". Is me water that surrounds her an accumulation of the tears she has shed from so many farewells? The flame that she holds never flickers to die - it remains - an eternal fire. A happier day dawns, and she welcomes the young men back — back to all the security, trust, happiness, joys, sorrows, and love that her torch offers. She will give them all the things their hearts long for and she never wearies from her job to make them happy. As Liberty is, so am L I offered all that I had, but he departed from the bonds of security to view another world. My flame, I hold eternal in my breast. All the tears I shed still do not cause my flame to die out — they only nourish it, making it impossible to forget I cherish the flame because when I feel cold and alone, the fire warms and cheers me, because in the flickering light I behold the memories and all the things we shared. I asked, I begged for death in the darker moments when he sought to quelch the fire, but God is not always merciful. So if I must remain here, I will be as Liberty. I offered him freedom and he went away. How far he will stray and for how long, I do not know — but as Liberty stands alone, so shall I. She has known joys of having those she loves — return. For me, that time may never come, and if it doesn't, I pray that he may find security in another land. Maybe he knows where a more beautiful lady stands who holds out more man a torch, but he will never find a lady who loves him more man I and he will never meet a lady who has a flame withinas strong and bright as mine. God knows he deserves the best but maybe my best isn't good enough. God - someday let me stand with me great Lady, Liberty. As she grows old, the dust that she is made of will and if I am destined to be alone, without the one I love, as the dust that I am made of goes back to dust, when I am old and have nothing to look for- Editorial Humor maintains an audience. Solemnity bores. So the writer adds spice: vinegar, pepper, rose leaves, treacle, laughing salts, thyme. But what herb shall spring from the dip to Amenti? Recently, I was reading lines salvaged from my old discarded poems. Stirring things such as: "Seek the form that fits your soul." "Perils must be faced to come aware of truth." "Shabby heart be silent or be tough." "We play the skirmish of the skirt." "December snows, the end of another era." The last line was written a year ago. Now it is another year and another era ago. Looking back, I see shadows, some more distinct than others. The lost one who gave me company. The last faith that only took. The lonely one. The reader who did not disregard completely. The alcoholic, age 31, skid row. Delenna. The young girl at the Mr. The motorcyclist and wife. The Navy man who watched over me as I slept. Pete. The couple that shared with me my first smoke of escape. The sad eyes. (Leap with me.) What are the saddest words? It might have been? This Too Shall Pass Away? Forever Carewell? So? What of it? That is life. Death. Where is the separation? I sit in a classroom. The instructor words instruction. Fogs drift me mind. I should listen.... get my degree. . . .the good job. . . .why? Faces talk to me and as words tumble out, the voice fades and another voice asks: Where will you be years from now? What do you hope to accomplish, attain? What is your purpose? Who are you? The voice again submerges. Diluted waters. But the lace is obscure, shaded. Who be these creatures? Reveal yourselves? Then more words come. Auschwitz. Tre- Religion ward to but heaven - let my flame be bright displaying all the love and security I hold out, to him, the one I will always love, despite his desire to be free. — Name Withheld The college stud lies sleeping while the bells of the Lord ring. He is far away from his parental advisors and feels he no longer needs me long boring hours of sermons and preaching. In one way he is right, but in another he is very wrong. True, he does not need any form of organized religion to be one of God's truly loving chilren. He does, though, need to practice the love mat his conscience knows religion is founded upon. He may have been one of the many mat heard the congregation comment after the services. If he was he heard them tell of the new dress so and so wore or the fact that Mr. and Mrs. Etc. had their cousins here from California. He wondered why no one ever mentioned the sermon, gospel or epistle. When he decided to ask, no one remembered what was said. He then threw away this religion in search of others, but they were all the same. He then gave up all together and forgot to practice any of the things he knew were right, especially love. "You don't need no church house, and you don't need no temple. And you don't need no rosary beads or them books to read. To know that you have fallen. If you open up your heart then you will know what I mean. We've been down so long. Someone's thinking that we're all green." George Harrison Practice, the love that we all need to believe in. John Lewis Rod Clarken Faith to some may consist of going to church on Sunday or giving money to the church, out to me it means much more. When I think of faith I think of a belief in some Supreme Being, which is given different names by different groups (God, Allah, Gehovah, etc.), but none-the-less, still the same basic concept of an Omnipotent creator. And this Godhead is known to man through-his Prophets or Manifes- blinka. Hiroshima. Biafra. Vietnam Words. I read, "300,000 dead in East Pakistan." Words. As all the bloody words rage and the rot smells thicken, I find I just don't care. . . . much, anymore. Joan Didion writes, "I could indulge here in a little idle generalization,.. . could talk about convulsions in the society and alienation and anomie and maybe even assassination, but to do that would be just one more stylish shell game." Then I laugh to myself. This too, is a game, old pal. A good joke. Aligning your sympathies with the great literary tradition of the Fitzgeralds, the Remarques, the Joan Didions. Me thinks of the Blue Rose. Puts Bob Dylan's "Girl from the North Country" on the spindle. Lights a cigarette. Looks at the clock. 6 a.m. Feels utterly down. But salvation creeps. The intellect battles. INSIGNIFICANCE. SO WHAT? (Grand argument.) You're published. You'll stay a bit. Sing. "High doodly dee dum." Sing. "Whoppee doo." Sing. "December snows, the end of another era." Old pal, something's going. . . .going. . . .going wrong. Let your epitaph be, "Time held me green and dying-Though I sang in my chains like the sea." (Dylan Thomas) or "The gods have given life -1 gave them song. The debt is paid." (Sarah Teasdale) (Wow. Gee.) But sing. Sing while you can. "December snows, me end of another era." Sing. "Auld Lang Syne and Christmas Eve, Happy times and" .the night walker, snow laden street foot marks-staring darkened shop displays, uneasy calm, harks- The huddled shoulders, lamp light blue, shades - The wet eyes, just an insignificant scut, blades -In the heart... even the bars are closed - On Christmas Eve. Old pal, drink your brew and cease this clatter. December snows, end of another.. . . Green tations, such as Muhammad, Jesus, Moses, and Buddha. Each gave the same basic teachings of the faith in one God, the law of love, the brotherhood of man, and the life eternal. Could it be possible that these Prophets all represent the same God and that they brought different teachings for different needs and times to guide men to the path of God? Too much stress on images and rituals has sapped the vitality of man's faith in God. If man doesn't get back to the right path pretty soon, it may be too late. It is my belief and the belief of millions of followers around the world that Baha'u'llah has brought me Faith of God for this day. He is the last Prophet sent by God to lead the people and he has said this to the people of the world: "You must manifest love and affection toward all mankind. Do not exalt yourselves above others but consider all as your equals, recognizing them as me servants of one God. Know that God is compassionate toward all therefore love all from the depths of your hearts. Act in such a way that your heart may be freed from hatred. K someone commits an error and wrong toward you, you must instantly forgive him. Do not complain of others; refrain from reprimanding them and if you wish to give admonition or advice, let it be offered in such a way that it will not burden the bearer. Turn all your thoughts toward bringing joy to hearts. Beware! Beware! Lest he offend any heart. Assist the world of humanity as much as possible." Whatever your belief or faith be, may God grant you the strength to live it and may all mankind live in peace and brotherhood. Brother Rod Clarken A request was made of us to write a few paragraphs concerning the word "faith." And, naturally when one is writing on the word, one first wishes to define the word. In seeking a definition of the word we were looking for an infinite meaning to express what faith is. According to dictionary sources faith is belief, belief is credence, credence is credit, credit is trust, trust is belief. Faith for one is trust, faith for another is hope. Hope is confidence, confidence is reliance, reliance is security and security is faith. And what is faith but a security? If bust is belief then belief is trust. And if belief is trust, trust is faith, faitti is security. Then belief is security. Therefore security is belief and belief is faith. And what is faith but a belief? or is it what is a belief but a faith? Then you, my dear reader, if you can define belief, have your infinite meaning to express faith. •Signed: Kris Jensen, No belief or is it Cinda Bruce, No faith! Managing Editors Note (And menial staff member): Both of us felt that the word faith was ambiguous. So we began faithfully searching for the meaning of the world believeing truly flat we would find it, but we lost hope. So we began a search for the truth and found ourselves running around in literal circus. All we found were words upon words that lead back to "Faith" without explanation— You, the reader, shoukl realize that the topic is ambiguous snce the topic is the word and the word isambfeuous. We were given a general topic - Oim- so we related it in general terms unlike others who immediately cut it down to religion. We questioned the fact that faith always deals with religion, mstead, we dealt with it like a material word, not spiritual word. More to you, reader, if you can get religious doctrine out of the previously defining words. Drip as the rain falls And Nature runs her course Of devils and gods and witches and sorcerers- What are we but mere mortals. . . For what purpose? To worship not God, but man. No, but only to think . . .to work to love ... to hate ... Forget the past, live only forthefuture But what of now? Is truth a reality . - . like beauty, it lies in the eyes of the hr*pidpr Only Love is universal bat what is love? how shall we express it? Truth and Love and Beauty Only Nature is truly Beautiful And God is Love. Pat Minor Our Fouled Nest By Roy Powers We usually think of Alaska as a frozen waste land which is uninhabitable and indestructable. But in fact, Alaska is a land of incomparable beauty and resources, boasting endless cascades of timber, rivers, glaciers, and unbounded areas of polar bear, wolf, grizzly bear, caribou and numerous other fur animals whose summers, although short are beautiful, and offering plants and vegetation unknown to most men. It is our last frontier, with clean water and air, with a population that allows wild life to survive and live in a natural setting. As in all frontiers however, man sees a challenge. A challenge to change, conquer and destroy. This he is preparing to do in Alaska with the Rampart Dam which will flood the Yukon Flats for 400 miles and destroy over 10,500 square miles of the richest wild life areas left in North America, even the economic arguments against the project are strong, but the Corps of Engineers have an interesting archi- tectual and engineering problem that they must try. When we discovered oil on the North Slope of Alaska, we probably condemnad many species of wild life to extinction, for the oil industry is a uniquely devastating ecological enemyandAlas- ka is also a uniquely vulnerable victim. Our industrial mania for waste is particularly disastrous on the tundra, where debris survives intact longer than in any other place in the world. Orange peels last for months, paper for years, wood for decades, metal or plastic is immortal. Things bio- grade (decompose) very very slow in the deep freeze of Alaska. Damage to the tundra is irreversible. The blanket of vegetation is a protective covering that """•'"fes the deep layer of permafrost below and provides firm footing throughout the year. When the covering is removed the permafrost melts leaving an open, unhealing wound of mud, slosh and water that tends to drain away, undermining the stability of large areas of surrounding earth. Now with the oil development on the North slope a Trans Alaska Pipeline System some 800 miles long will be built The pipeline is not just a pipe laid on the ground, but a complex of pumping stations, several landing fields, camp and administration sites, access roads, etc. This will only require 7-9 million acres of Alasi^ But who from the states will worry about the migration of 400,000 caribou or the destruction of breeding ground of many birds and mammaic- should it get in the way of the black gold? Yes, we shall destroy the uniqueness of Alaska for we must pmupmr 5^ due and destroy, and that, accenting to our past and present national ethnic, is

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