The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 27, 1954 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, December 27, 1954
Page 2
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PAGE TWO BLYTHEVILL1! (ARK.) COURIER NEWS MONDAY, DECEMBER 2T, 1964 - Society News - o Ann Mollnvv Shpiolv RHitrir / . PIlO Miss Millie Ann Mallory, Society Editor Phone 3-4461 CELEBRATE ANNIVERSARY — Mr. and Mrs. Charles Al• fred Kinningham who oelobraled their golden wedding nnnlvcvsnry at their home Christmas day arc pictured cutting the wedding cake at the reception given In their honor by their children. Golden Anniversary Celebrated By Mr. and Mrs. GA. Kinningham On Christmas day, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Alfred Kinningham celebrated their golden wedding anniversary when approximately 125 guests called to extend congratulations. Hosts for the affair were their white bells dotted with gold and children. J. C. Kinningham, Crnn- dal! Ktnningham, Abe Klnnlnglmm, Mrs. Ray S. Johnston and, Mrs. Jamee NebhuL, The home was decorated ior the occasion by a grandson, Charles Kinningham, In entertaining rooms was a gold tree decorated with brightly colored ornament*. On the buffet, was an arrangement depicting the day the couple wa* married. Thii was a large gold ring through which traveled a gold buggy on a road of glittering gold balls. Thl» was backed with n fnn- shaped arrangement of white carnations. On the television set was a large candelabra made of white styro- foam and holding white tapers. This was centered with a large gold ball and draped with ropes of gold beads. The goiest book was placed on n table centered with a tall white pillar candle surrounded by pink balls. Hanging from the ceilings In these rooms were "kissing balls" made of white styroiroum and dotted with brightly colored ornaments. The reception table was overlaid with a whit* satin cloth drapod with gold satin. Tills drape was caught at intervals by clusters of Newest In Classics tied with white velvet. Reception T;iblc The wedding cuke which was decorated with yold sugar bells and topped with sprays ol fuatheretl carnations was used on onp end (it the tnbLc and the crystal punch bowl on the other. PrcsUUnp at the (able were Mrs. Barton Bond of Mcmphlu, Mlw> Willie Nubhut. Mrs. J. C. Kinningham and Mrs.. Craiulall Kinningham. Mrs. Abn KinntiiKham was In charge of the guest book. Mrs. KinnliiKhniN wore for her anniversary a blue lace dress over blue satin and pinned a white orchid at her shoulder, Tho»c assisting throughout the entertaining rooms were presented coraiBL*S of while feathered carnations bucked with holly Umvos and tied with gold satin ribbon. Out-of-town guesUs wen; Mr. and Mrs. Guy Dlcus and PuLsy and Mr. and Mrs. Sam Ht-ltU; ol ConnUi, Miss.; Mrs. Waller Dllworth o[ Booncvillc, Miss., Mr. and Mrs. I,. E. Von.Fiasco and Fntnclne of Ghi- c-nKO; Mr. and Mrs. C. D. Michael of Trenton. Tcnn., Mr. and Mrs. Charles KemllK iiiicl daughter ot JoiiL'sboni; the ' Rev, and Mrs. Marvin Nlblack. Mr. and Mrs. B.urt Wells nnd Mr. and Mrs. J. K. K(u- ninRhnm nnd Pat of St.i'ptr; Mr. iintl Mrs. C, B. Wood, Jr., and Charlie and Mr. and Mrs. Frunk KinnliiKhnm and Waynnc of O.sct 1 - ola; Mr. and Mrs. Leon SUUvell ol Cat run, Mo., and Mr. and Mrs. Barton Bond and children of Mrm- phis. Buffet Dinner Mrs. Johnston entertained nt her | home following the rrcrption v\ u!i' n bullet dinner fur the lanuly and out-of-town piit'sls. The buffet table was overlaid j with a (-ITCH doth and cvnU-rrn I with red candles nntwined with; holly. The individual tables were overlaid with preen and centerecl with twistod red pillar cumlles.. Chn-sunas morning, Mrs. Abe Kinninphnm enterlrtined the family with a luncheon follnwinu (he f'xchanpe of gifts at which '.line Mr. KinnlnRliam presented his uife with a diamond wedding rni^ anil the children presented them with a Rold 1.000 day clock. Mr. and Mr.s. Al Chronisler and son, Gary, of Okmulncc, Okla., arc visiting in the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. V. M. Mar- Mr, and Mr.s. O. M. Mitchell arc vaciitiomiiK In Hot Springs. Mr. and Mrs. Will Norman of MayflcJd, Ky., .left for their home today after spending the holidays ith Mr. and Mr«. J. A. Leech. Dr. and Mrs. James C. Guard, Mr. find Mrs. Bob Logan, Dr. and Mr.s. W. T. Rainwater and Mr. and Mrs. Jimmie Edwards are leaving Thursday to attend the Cotton Bowl In Diilliis, Tex. Lt. John White left this morning for Lake Charles, La., after spending the holidays here with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Floyd A. White. Mr. .and Mrs. Paul Mnhon spent Christmas in Joneshoro With his parents, Mr. and Mrs. C. B. Maion. Mr. and Mrs. Thomas F. Darnell and daughter, Tommye, of Monticello are spending several days here with Mr. and Mrs. O. W. Mul- llns and daughters. Mi 1 , and Mrs. James Davis of Baton Rouge, La,, spent the holidays here visiting his mother, Mrs. J. A. Davis, and other relatives. Mr. nnd .Mrs., Howard Caldwcll iintl Mrs. Mnry Lyon are visiting relatives In Bruce and Pontotoc, MLss, Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Deavcr nnd daughters of Little Rock were the holiday guests of her mother, Mrs. Lula Rhoads, and son, Wtiyne. Miss Peggy Ollrner of Los A!EV- mos, N. M.. Is the guest, of her mother, Mrs. 0. M. Gllmer of Dell. Carol Ann Ba)ley of Little Rock and George Kamp of Conway were thc holiday guests of Miss Bailey's parents. Mr. and Mrs. T. J. Bailey. Max Peoples of Chicago is visiting relatives here. Perry Lee Adkisson of Wichita, Kans., Is visiting his parents, Mr. nnd Mr.s. H. L. Adkisson. Mr. nnd Mrs. Tommy Hale and son, Marshall, of Mount Vcrnoil, III., were the gunstK of Miss Bitr- barn Carter,' Christmas. Mr. and Mrs. Bill .Johnson, Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Johnson, and Mr. and Mrs. Marsh tit Thomas spent yesterday in Newbcrn, Tonn., visiting Mr. and Mrs. Homer Blessing. Thc Rev. and Mrs. Clyde Mc- CVml are spending .several days in Greenville, Tcnn., visiting relatives. Mr. and Mrs. Joe Blankenship 11 nd daughter. Lounell, hnvo returned to their home In Jackson, after having spent the lioll- (inyn liL're with Mr. and Mrs. Jfm- ny Van Dyke nnd Mr. nnd Mrs. Siifft'iie Ray. Billy D. Simmons Is spending icvoral days in ficnton as guest of Van Hayes. Mrs. W. R. Overtoil of Rosclatut tins returned from Houston, Tex., where she went especially to attend thc wedding, of her son, Harold Overtoil, to Miss Helen Porter of Ashland. Ky., Dec. 18 at the First Christian Church there. Mrs. Otis ShepluM-d, MLs;;es Alice Marie Ro.s.s. Francos Bowen and Gene Logan of Toledo, O,, arc spending the holidays visiting points of interest in Mexico. Dr. and Mrs, W. D. Chamblln of Philadelphia, Penn., announce the birth of a daughter Dec. 23. The baby, who has been named Cynthia Cope, has a sister. Wendy. Mrs, Brooks Varner nnd daughter, Pain, were thc holiday guests of Mr. and Mr.s, H. F. I lodge nnd Mr. and Mrs. Bill Hodge. Mr. nnd Mrs. R. V. Mallory and d a UK liters spent Christ inns day in Hiiyti visiting his mother. Mrs. W. I. Mallory. and Mr. and Mrs. Herbert DeWeese nnd son, Mike. Mr. and Mr.s. T. C. Hawkins and daughter of Forrest City wore the holiday quests of Mr. and Mrs. R. L. Hawkins. Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Dunn of Union City, Tcnn., announce the birth of a daughter born Christmas day. Mrs. Paul Hires of Blythcvillc 'is spending the winter months with her daughter. Perfume and beauty preparations, beautifully packaged, are among the gifts designed this year to capture feminine interest. For the woman who's a globe-trotter, there's a travel kit containing luxurious lather soap and u four-ounce plaotlc bottle of hath lotion. The case is plastic, if ft clever Imitation of real lace (upper left). For a mother and small daughter, there's this Uce-trimmed satin chair (upper rieht) holding a small bottle of pfffume. Mother will enjoy the scent and her daughter will love adding e Chair to Ker doll house furniture. The teen-ager will like a pretty double-drawer package (lower left)-containing' cologne ami buMile bath. When empty, H can he use:! to hold bobby pins or trinkets. There's a gold metal perfume purse- atomizer that's Icakprpif, spillnrcor and easy to handle (lower center), and holds one-quarter ounce of perfume. Tiny fountain (lower riffht) has small pcrfr-*** ho'*'- for <'*•-' •'»»«• v r' f t. Attitude Makes Party Success, Or Failure Women go to a great deal ol trouble to entertain. For some it pays off handsomely b e cause the h o jpltallty they offer is eagerly accepted and genuinely enjoyed. Others who try just as hard — and so metimes harder —produce ' one dull evening Kiilb Miilctt after another. They know something is wrong, but don't know what. The main difference between the good hostess and the poor one is a difference in attitude. The good hostess really likes to jt people together in her own home. Entertaining to her isn't a dreaded chore, but a real pleasure With that attitude to start with, it naturally follows that she will do everything to insure her guests hav- ng a good time, from bringing together only people she feels will enjoy each other, to putlng each guest in the best, most flattering light. But the hostess who talks about 'having to have a party" or is so concerned with "repaying obliga- .ions" she almost forgets about the enjoyment of her guests. In order to "repay" as many people as possible and not to waste a ilace on anyone she doesn't "owe," :io\vever much that person might add to the party, she often gets together people who have to struggle :o make conversation with each other. And because she has dreaded giving the party in the first place, her whole attitude becomes overanxious and distracted, instead of easy and friendly and relaxed. You can almost hear her sigh Lt. and Mrs. McCullougb Are Complimented at Rose Home Mr. nnd Mrs. Charles Rose of Roselancl entertained at their home last night in honor of Lt. and Mrs. Royal McCullough of Quonsel Point, R. J. Mrs. Me.Cullouyh Is the Miss Donna Wumlerllch, former u nd is spending; the holidays here with her mother before she and her husband report to San Jiuin, Puerto Rico, where he will be stationed. The Rose home was decorated in keeping with Christmas and a buffet simper was served the quests. Following supper the cjroup spent the remainder of the evening informally. Clubs Help Foreign Women See America WASHINGTON—Tie little German woman was talkinR In n small croup in nn office fit the U S Sliilt 1 ! " """"'••"••••j "- — -• DcimrlniLMit. She had Just Mulshed cnlls on thc four »B™clos lo plan Ihrce mnnlhs trip around Ihe! 11 "' " ct " :U lrlns - Tno "Ancles in Department, women's clubs, and iLiir a^enices, including the American Council on Education, the U. S. Labor Department's office of International labor affairs, the National Social Welfare Assembly, nnd (he Governmental Affairs Institute. The Slate Department iuiys the visitor's travel expenses, and gives each S12 it day for hotel room, meals anil incidentals. Each visitor chooses some special study. Foreign women writers and rntUo roiiuneniators arc well routed to American newspaper offices and radio .stations. Foreign labor leaders meet with their American counterparts. Farm women have visit eel the Midwestern farm cooperatives. The Stale Depart men t, with no stllff to "'••company the visitors. foreign visitor, the League of Women Voters has prepared directions Two tilings are emphasized: 1. Don't take them out to expensive dinners. They will learn more from having a simple family meal in your home. 2. Give them some free time to look around by themselves. Thry must feel that the government is not trying to direct or censor what they see. The visitors spend a week in Washington both at the beginning and end of their visit: fi *,„, Lo learn about us, and second, to report on their impressions. These final reports have turned up interesting stories of spontane- out American friendliness. One German girl was lost in Chicago she got off her bus at the wrong stop. She was due at the stock yards, and worried about missing her appointment. She stepped into a factory office where a secretary dropped her work, got her ear. and drove the visitor to her appointment. The bite of a tarantula ahvavs fatal. Unllcd Sl.iil.ra 'ns n Rovernmenl ll "'». «J k nL ' ln I™"' the lar E e Amery n( , sL icau club women groups—like the , ; U v aRUe of Women Voters. Uie Gen"This I will certainly say when 1 ml ,' FlHi ,, rallon „, Wom[ . n - s Clubs, RCthome. she said. "American wo, „ Amu ,,. ic . !in AM11 0 , university men do NOT .spurn! all their I line ;y om( , n ..... ", 11! . mll " rs are l' k ' liL ' d "'""'" l)y joint cinnmiltccs, groups which •"" lt " lc American <™- in niRht clubs, They arc Rood f.nok';. jiood mothm. They \vorK hard." Shi 1 had visited, amonf.; other • - — ••" places, a South Dakola farm. Later l '" ss - v ' s «"'""•••" officer, thc Slntc Department conference i Lcac.iie of Women Voters of of- Rioup heard from thc South Dakntfl ! licials feel the choice of Germa hostess. who wrote: i women visitors lias been especial! lly "Mrs. Burklmuscr was cprliilnlv , B" od - Man >' 0| th ™> nrc now mcm ~ a Rood sport. We Iried lo let her ! btl '' s of lhe Wl ' st German federal see our everyday lite. She has no I legislature tit Bonn, where they ' <-:'-- • ' -• -• can influence German foreign policy. American women's urge to make . wnshlng machine, so she helped with our wash. The machine broke Marriage Licenses t Thc Hospitals Blytlu-ville Hospital Oismisat'd: Mrs. Percy Crowe. Rt. 1, 8terle J. J, Moon\ Sr., Xmnber Nine ChlfUnsiuvba Hospital Mrs. Dennis Williams and baby. 8206 10-20 By Sue Burnett Tailored neatly and expertly, this young classic is sure to be the mainstay of your wardrobe for a new season. Pattern No. 8206 Is in sizes 10. 12, H, 16, 18, 20. Siez 12, short sleeves, 5 yards of 35-Inch. For this pattern, send 30c in COINS, your name, address, size desired, and the PATTERN NUMBER to Sue Burnett, Blytheville Courier News, 3^2 W. Quincy Street, Chicago 6, III. The latest issue of Basic FASHION — fall and winter '54 — is colorful, stimulating and a complete guide In wardrobe planning for a new season. 25 cents per copy — send tor It now. Mrs. Jnmes Doyle and baby, city Miss 1'iuiline Slrectcr, city The following t^upln; lnuo ob-1 j mined mm-riaia- licenses iroin the i 1 county clerk, Mrs. Eliziibcth Blythe ! Parker: j ______ . Charles Edward Dill of Mnrshall. • , • , • . . 111., and Rcna C. Bi.llt-v of I31v- . IO'o« havo n yo lowish comples- ' ( ion. yon may think that this wln- ( . J tor's raft of pink clothes, is just Uieville Keginold D Caublf of Clmlon. . (0 ,.„.,„,,,;., Scok „„,' do ,h ps flievilJ, '" '" "«» K" 111 »'• '«»••"• ThMP sh » rt " s ..'.,..,.. i will nb.soi'b, rnthor thn'ii noint up ci," a Buc"";t r 'L o a'c h ^r,ir ^ La -^» ^ »< M ™- ;YOUR FRIENDLY THEATRE The House of Perfect Sound & Projection LAST TIMES TONIGHT! • 'Tine cQdventurcs of JMJJI BABA "Then wr drovr lulu diwn so she j '"nds is InkiHB many forms. On could shop In imp of our chain i of lhe most successful is In Ankara, stores. The car broke down!" Turkey. Wives of the many Amerl- In the. two years 4;il eiRii wjmen- all home communities years -t.u lor- calls workiiif; there have formed a 'ilricrs in their Turki.sli-Amt'rican Women's Club of home communities have come to 35I) members, about half of them know Americans in homes at dull | Turkish. They meet in each other's •-•— at local elections at. city i Louies lo study languages, cooking, council meetings, tit public health clinics. The Bursts, who come tram about. 55 nations, are rim ted. met at trains, taken lo meetings and into .oines, and helped to study through lit? combined efforts of lhe Stale litorature and dances. In Koyoto, Japan, the Thirty- Tliirty Club is composed of 15 American women and 15 Japanese who study each other's countries. For American women who volunteer to spend some time with a THEATRE On \V. Main St. In Hlylheville [S I'hone 3-.IG2I Weekdays Show Star's 7:0n'Sa(., & Sun. 1:0fl p.m. LAST TIMES TONIGHT Double Feature mnwm V^vi^fis?2B^i \*i^»»!S5»D ALSO CARTOON TUESDAY and WEDNESDAY Double Feature Ar. H-S-N fl«UP« ALSO CARTOON Box Office Opens 6:45 Show Starts 7:00 p. m. Admission 15c & 35c At All Times LAST TIMES TONIGHT Double Feature I »;'-• lN>Xl«l«0(J()T.5'-<f--^] KMOCKOHWOOO —AND- TUBS., WED., & THURS. Double feature Gentlemen I*refer Blonde* "" ircHNKotoB —AND— minium Plus Cartoon "Law & Audrey' QUARTER CENTURY-Popular entertainer Ethel Merman starts her 25th year u • lUr lo January Miu Merman, now M yeart old, nyi «n« hai no d»lire or Intention of quittinf ihow' with relief. "Thank goodness I've got this out of the wjiy." when the guests begin to leave. So if you want to be a really gracious hostess begin with the thought, "This is going to be fun." Coming Events WEDNESDAY Mrs. Edgar P. Borum entertain- ng her granddaughter, Harriet Alexander, with birthday party at Country Club. 3 p.m. THURSDAY Esther Sunday School Class of First Baptist church meets with Mrs. Q. O. Alexander, 7:30 p.m. Read Courier News Classified Ad». If your child catches more than one cold a winter- WeSMOM Relief from Stuffiness, Cou The worst part of suffering from a cold is due to congestion and coughing That's why your child needs medication that does more than Just work on the chest. She needs Vicks VapoRub — because it oc(s (100 ways at once: 1. VapoRub relieves muscular soreness and tightness, stimulates chcsl surfaces. 2. At the same time, VapoKub's special medicated vapors also bring relief with every breath. You can't see these vapors, but your child can /eel them ghing and Muicular Ach«« feel them as they travel deep into the nose, throat and large bronchial tubes. Congestion starts breaking up. Coughing eases. Soon she enjoys warming relief that lasts for hours. So when colds strike, use the best-known home remedy to relieve suffering of colds— Vicks VapoRub. Rub on Relief... Breathe HI Relief VICKS T VAPO RUG Listen to KLCN at 10:10 a.m. ajid 4 p.m. for Riti 4 Roxj Program Announcements Monday & Tuesday December 27 & 28 ,*+ j FINEST MUSICAL! Staril Muiicl Color I Plus ey«-danling sett and coitumtt making a truly wondroui N 'A \ entertainment jpactacle of lov» .. and romance —to remain "deep In your h«or(" forever I J and Guest SUn i , WAITER pmaw^J PAUL HEHRIW ROSEMARY CtOONET GENEtFRED KELU JMEPOWEU VICDWONE AM1IUER CTDCMMSSf J MWARD KEEl TONYMARTW Starring JOSE FERRER MEMOBEROft HELEN TRAWU -DOC MOON PWUTTWWT BO«l[LSO*l WUIAHfXVIS MMCS MITCHCIL THEATRE tEONAKlspGElGASS * • wno« 4 „ HOGH IDINS -— Paramount Newt and Cartoon

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