Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California on February 3, 1984 · 35
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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California · 35

Oakland, California
Issue Date:
Friday, February 3, 1984
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r-. f THE TRIBUNE, Oakland, CaHfomla .p mviwrfrvl- p. ' ' '( . v ,a , r i - Friday, February 3, 1984 - D-5 - BS 'NasbiimeattheSavS -.'a s . "V, t ff - f ' v '? , V - -t njA-V ' V- u"',' : V' 7v:. V-' : -v f '3 ; t . V i-fi-V ms A -?r .'V t ij; :- " ' . ' 'i 'M ' ' f f...r i i-VV?! S4 A 1 k-vr i V i.-s'l it 't- 1 t'v-. ' ; -.'J:- title of the forthcoming 'NBC series ; Marring. Lynda Carter and Leal An-: dersoa have finally been announced with less than the great , fanfare ; the project first received last October. -V. Mory .line 111 have being described as a contemporary : Carter playing a socialite, Anderson urban . fairy tale with music and ' a streetwise type; The book each Is dunce." f-S." the ex-wife of a private eye who dies'- 'K:- and leaves them his detective1 agen-' v. Singer Roy OrMsoa is being treaty 1 ; .:J;.,-.ed in an Edmonton, hospital after ; The show hi scheduled for IS ep4-'-"' iO-day singing engagement r'; sodes on the fall lineup, and NBC - 4 Doctors said the recording star is also plans a two-hour movie., : . in Charles Camsell Hospital for the : Shooting should start in San Fran- next week for extensive tests, rtjcolata next month on the show;,. W;;V. currently to be titled ,0-50. (hie . Film star. Anthony Perkins was of : hashish and three LSD pills on V- After the Seven-minute court pro-; can only hope Ixmi & Lynda have . fined $140 by a court Thursday for Perkins last weekend.' Perkinss law- ; ceedings1 Perkins told reporters; I oetter luck wlth .that title than r attempting to smuggle some hashish yer told the court that -his client had1 have never claimed to be a perfect' Sylvester Stallone and Eddie Murphy;.. and LSD into - -s ' - - F . 1 ' t. t ft Jv- The story line, starting date and -"r and who can "look innocent" If. a. aL , i j PERRY- -44 PHILLIPS . 1 'I 1 if . , f u . 'I 'fV j-r I --I ' ; V -.v' Last .Tuesday night, V f ' . Buddy Nash opened an in- S definite engagement at'-v--i I the Savoy in Pleasant , t HUL. This is third time &-' around, at the Savoy, for ' Buddy.. Both of his pre-; m vious engagements ran -quite a spelL An indefinite engagement at Inst in this case, tranlates into another lengthy run at the f.---Savoy tor Buddy. : , :J' A singer, pianist and 12-string guitarist Nash 4 arrived here several years ago from Nashville,' Tenn. After a short stint at the Prime Rib Inn in . Hayward, he moved to the Savoy.1 Within a year he rV built a sizable -following and is now oneoMhe had with. their big-screen 50-50V Customs project, which Paramount' recently' scrapped.--.-,-vi v;--'1-1, ;: ulR-ixi. Young actors - and1, would-bes, lined up in New York and Los Angeles recently after answering ads call- the country..--;;'. y ' , 1 been suffering from nervous tension person and take responsibility for my-' I awNtfi. better-known lounge entertainers.; officials 'at Londons -! and needed the drugs only for relax-' actions. V An. evening of music, with Buddy Nash .'is nort found 7 04 srami " ation j-;;;4'-.' -- ia, -- - i usuallvevenlv balanced between niano and auitar .:1 Heathrow Airport found 7.94 grams " ation." M amt .P. - lng for a bladc male age 18 to 85,": with some martial arta experience . r' - . ' 1 i r v.1 i J4 car restaurant CocUll Partin For All OeeiiubnaT 3285 Lakeshore Ava Oakland 893-7670 . -4. OURGOURMETcGIFT 0: 2.50OFFPERPERSON; ;ON ANY REGULAR MENU FUU f DINNER Includes: Hors d'oeuvres, 4i Soup, Salad, Sourdough, Wipo;-g Entroo; and After Dinner Drink, (exp. 3-1-84) 50 ENTREES FROM 7.95 i 4 ? yxvVAUD SUN, THRU THURRO -4 EXCEPT VALENTINES DAYi? ?SSS: ONE AD PER TABLE (UP TO 8 PEOPLE! PRESENT AD BEFOF )RE ORDERING i' EELEGANTBIB RT. 680 ALAMO EXIT eAlAAAO 837-51 23 Live Bend Every Thursday thru Sunday, e " ' Beautiful International Dancing Hostesses ; f ALL DRNKS frlOM . . g ISO ,if. fc; - 0m7DAYSAWHK 1$. j; 8J0 PM. to 2 AM ; Admission: $100 - f Hostess Rate: C m per minute .;; 5 ($9 per 30 minute) e LAKORACLUB 601-009 JACKSON STr OAKLAND 139-1726 ' - eeeoeeeeeeeeeoee eeeeeeeeo - -a1: r .-yji usually evenly balanced between piano and guitar accompaniment His song list covers songwriters v f from Cole Porter to Steve Goodman. Ive always ' 1 1 liked Nashs renditions of songs by Gordon Light- foot and Harry Chapin, particularly his 12-string guitar accompaniments. Thats reason enough.fm: me to be paying another visit to the Savoy;:.' - - ?; feaW&ifa, Camie . Biandii and the Melotonea will be' appearing at the Hayward Fishery every Friday"t night in February from 8 p.mT to "midnight. They'll also be at La Beaus in Martinez every Sunday ; -;; .(except February 12) from 4 p.m. Co 8 p.m. Camie.1 .and her -group, features some. old. Louis Prima , javorlteond have every bit as much fun doingit rJ:: .as .the crowds they entertain: -. : w. : f- t rr TfiniiTiir mem Mf MfM M W A wSai fia MqWvb MASA ta MkM NK m MM MM M, MM ftaM MM MMM. mMmW, Mb b s asafififlttmtSBBr'iw1?! Q33 MmOceaxiWtta. THE FINEST COWtlNENtMC - ' SEAFOOD CUISINE - SUNDAY BRUNCH. 11,30 AM240 PM LUNCH. 11.30 AM-2 PM TuMdoyfifclay DVMB1 FROM 4 PM . EARLYBRD DWNK 8PKIAL-4 to 6 PM4GLOSGD MONDA Y 523 SAN PABLO AVE.; AIBANY 525-6219 i DANGEMeryll-RIDAlNITE ;L Joel Dorhams Afop-Latin Octet, witjk Glenn :;A$g ALI. BABA DANCE TONIGHT i HAWAIANPAKTYIMGHT: flfm Hwbmm SMS RmI Dwbii) BIG BAND Admission $5.00 $50 CASH DOOR PRIZE' Perry .willplaya one-nighter this Sunday night 'at Yoahia in: Oakland :.V Suzanne Copper - and ker, new all-female band, . Risky Business, prill be at Gallagher's Bar' L Restaurant, on .Jack London .? (-Square, next Monday and Tuesday night Pleased I to see. Suzanne back on the old beat Im betting 4 Vl her new band will be tovely to look at NSW . eteraa' Mcmt Bldg.r-200 Grand Avenue AKtAND3 PM-12 PM lnformationY465-0669 yuAvy -v , fP- IS ITALIAN FAMILY: DINNERS SATi960'sPRICES! SS .CM4PUE-i-iM'fe2gsSl M,f-I raFROM;. . - Dinner Induties: Entree, Soup, Salad, Vegetable, Spaghetti or Elaked Potato, Hot Breed, andDeeeeri NOW APPEARING: GARYSCHNEDER ', ' Vrv.'J1 1313 PARK SfeALAMEDA e 522-5141 'Mf was UNCOIN'8 BIRTHDAY.TOlBflWMENT feOTART8ATC-12MO0Pt 0 Fri:18.19e4-100 MIYRT-M I UST4PUYERS KEEP ALL MONEY IN FRONT OF THEM.; 1 PRIZES GALORE1T.V; ETC, ETCJC -OR M0REJNF0RMATI0NALCe53445e am " i V'-'Z v -? E 1 -aerxeiey .House -v: tm . straugers ' at Hia. Lord-.-e PsM&l IrlUVCUi I dilps Ui: Buddy Conner Gtoup atthe Ctaremont f .. - 5 II p ' ' B-h Sntndlei- and-Jacr Krmuumn -In W;PERRYGBAPHSr" Susanna Farrel at thecal Berkeley House : . , The StrangOts at Hia, Lw'sP' CHINESE NEW YEAR DINNER SPECIAL ; February 2nd through 5th $10.00 per person.., :&'&yy$fopy. DuckfUnmn Rfcijritffishrf&t 1 Dumplingi Mongolian Beef and Much More DRAGON DANCING 7:00 to 8:00 p.in rCX Call forReservations ;v if siiip'ta Dtifloy Mxmeruroup, aui6 t4irRiD0ius Resort y4 -Bcth Spindler and'-Jaick Krouscup in ,! AJ. Toppers and the Stephanie Teel Band.in the Lounge at the Hyatt Regency . Helie'A-:i Roberge at the Harrison Tavern ,, Joe Glenn at the.Sea Wolf "...Gary Schneider af the Driftwood ,i3l r. i" Sid' Hoff and his- wAestra at the Veterans Building ;vTom Espmito at . ShennaniganA.faM 0 Soidtrack at the Oakland 1 Hyatt . fotcrrHI1'. , tkali: Rieber Ifovdeat Vinces ;:k. Don Burke-&j at:Francesco'si; Star' Kissed. at the Oakland' Airport Hilton V-Nich'Dittb' at; Capris tATThe,. Favorites at. Gallaghers Barll Restaurant 1 Donna Marie and her. Band at the El Caballo'lj'if 357 GRAND AVE. OAKLAND 465-0539 Dick WhlttlngUm Trio at the New Orleans. Bar & .v," Grill .., Shazi Trio-Live at Oscars. Melanfo.iV? 1 1, Redman at. Pie; 29Kalei Kema at the. Ark f'-'f-S ' I -Th Hi-Balls it the Jiusty Pelican f ; Gary CaldjMv .a. ARB ; f WlmNMR-TrM tSSiWfM I 1 Dimmer laeledi thdee of Scmp or Salad, eholee af aatroa, poUto, Y(tabla, BOardoask ; rT X Pf Jbraadaadbattar.ekoiaa : ; .JPr7 ?.--WlMcraatear aharbat. M of ieaer ChoictOft ' 4n.u-k Brfti. pbJ1;-- -v. j Provimi Veal 8auta rith Muahnx)ia Bdlaci Pork Chop Trr-with SrindBrf Kxbob Rad Snapper Tniyaki v .1 Halibut Ftamtiu Lioguini witn CUma Saved Sunday February 5 thru Saturday February 11 J'; ., i f-' New Menu Starts Every SuntbyicJAi 44-' . . a. M talMiiwvvvvwrwuwMw m..,v p1) AU NEvtUNOI ANSmNNB MBM 1048 MACARTHUR BLVD. SAN LEANDRO MiSi WM Learn a new skill. ;; For an inexpensive : solution to any problem, call our ClaLasiliedv-v Clearinghouse TRIBUNE MmbibiMi 'n hmaltilaHnp vtowa and a daStfiHiiSy prapaM ; 8unday Cbampagna Brunch, al wM cruising San Franctaco Bay. - . . ; Chack Into yaw dahnea guaat room Saturday, taka i aMtn In our Indoor pooL aoak In - our ratdrtoool or'Juat relax. In ttw avening, axparfanoa Sne dining ki the Landing ? QaataurantahSa ouartnoklng the Sen Frandaoo akySnaL-.'-.f:'; a; - f Than 8unday morning, ahove oe ior a 2M hour Bay.crulae and enjoy our lantaetic J Champagna Brunch, r-r. : TNa axddng waekand padkaoa I only .SI 2Sparoouple.CaS.ua now at 1 6-548- ;;7920loraaatvayourwlranffllAdvancaraaetvallonaataraqulred. . , drriott; Wj.;, v; 44 200 Marina Boulevard '. 4' Berkeley, California 94710 (415)548-7920 CONTRA OdSTAi Kelly Rand at the Elegitat';i Bib' iV Daniel Zwickel at Cbatillon Madelaine Hunter at Maximillians V.r The Casuals' at' El; I Papagallo . i . Jdark Stanley at the Danville Hotel . Dim Willis at Loretos . . ; Gary Klivens at Dan 4 'McGrows Benny Marcelo at Grisoni ,'i. The Long Riders .and- Ambush at the Country -Palace Deau.Evoretl at Lukes Roland Ruybautl at ; ; v: SOUTH COUNTY: Jay Leho and Jim Ed? wards at Tommy Ts Gmnedy House . '. . Little X;v Band at Manzellas Seafood Loft . . , George Plck aid at tbs Steak . Block 'i . . Frank Meza at tha Vv Prime fob Inn Winterwood at the Pleasant Hotel Bob SLv James at Dinas. .... i v-r V.. Vr J-V -A-.'. Sf A. Tribune advertising department feature r-. X-" i-A 'a ' . - - 1 htgiMadtoCmlfariito hhL and edoytoto of Marias , nos, icgufariy SSuSSaadk br CoofalnaltonafcroMlowprioK. p SaSKAgeatwartocckbiala. potato, rice pdaf or - vegetable, and fresh-balra) bread and butter for juM $8.95. You even get deteert end a beverage. -- . - So whether yaiieome Delicioii prime ribar fresh fidi r-buy land or buy i, .youll i- vdthtoupor aalad,cb9icebf baked J - Uve. ; -v'f- - -'k. 1) -cev.'fl - . V a t r . -r; -TTA V1 -ki . BAR&RtJAURANT A NEW MONDAY NIGHT& PROGRAM FOR GALLAGHER'S t Starts Monday, Feb. 6th ) With Bright Spectacular Emertainrnent from The For-V fttries'(516 K30 ptnj (flaying cbvy Country Wesiefh -. and authentic Blue-Grass mwic , ryy.. -for the ladies -A Gentlemen's Beach. & Leisure t Wear Fashion Show & Sale. (With an opportunity to 1 buy a special present for the man in your The Worlds Tasty, Inventive tomersl Free Buffet Line ierving Hot,, entirely Free to our saioon.cus-! With current sports events piped in via satellite to our TV Monitors, or Historic Sports Events shown-, through our 'sophisticated Audio-video equipment. Our. Late Night Lounge Act Appearing 9 PM to 1 AM for your partyY partying pleasure will be the AH-Giri band SUZANNtCOOPER & RISKY BUSINESS! ; . FOR MORE INFO RING; 893292 - Gallagher's Bar & Restaurant a -. Jack London Squac. Otfdmd. Califoniia . pM (415) 10-5292 . ,1415)807-0007 Xwytaia -1415)8550580 .. ICttj -(4l53S4-784 Mini UN AM 111 4011 V' M1M8U :r m , ' i 1 , v- DEOWirS -Vr 4 . - -W BL - . - 7T w - ' . The prtmesteak place. r-.- cwpSM m ywMurt Mm dll rw----S)iRr -He -3 - - .- - . . 7? 1 v . Xy( . . ; 5, t. 4 i t - T yk iimw . j ' . , -V ? v ' ;' ' . ' v - f 1 ,4V . .. , "mAhi'-A. v-Lap-a.-Aii nairVeiM.. h e-4l4. . . .- - ,fc , A ,-..l : -- 1-.-: ' -r r TT V ' - ' ' . - ' - - ' . ' V: REACH for the PEACH ; Sports peach and BUSINESS peach j- - startJhe day.prightt - - r ... r;-'1 ;.r iV,:, r A J.- -4 4 . V -I -vjV . ' " . ' K .11 I "I V.' .f . ' r- . - a

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