Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on January 11, 1971 · Page 5
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Monday, January 11, 1971
Page 5
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They'll All Remember A Blizzard In 1971 Several Kossuth county residents, snowbound last week, experienced one or more of the things a blizzard can bring about- terror at first. . . then humaneness ... and finally even humor. Mr. and Mrs. Keith Neuroth, Wesley, and their two little girls experienced the terror that comes with almost being in a tragic accident. They were returning home Sunday after a visit with relatives in southern Iowa when they were forced to stop for an accident ahead of them on Interstate 35 near Blairsburg and Williams, la. After a snowy three-hour wait, interstate traffic began moving again. All but the Neuroth's station wagon, that is. - TERROR AT FIRST - The family abandoned the stalled vehicle on the roadway and caught a ride in a semi that already numbered six cabin occupants when they climed aboard. The semi soon stopped at an already crowded truck stop area which included a restaurant and service station with a large garage behind it. A half-hour after they got in out of the cold and snow, the Neu- roths received word that a semi had smashed into their station wagon. The Neuroths and several other area residents who became snowbound at the same location waited patiently for use of a telephone, slept on or in vehicles in the garage and tried their best to relax in the over-crowded refuge overnight. Mr. and Mrs. Cliff Skogstrom and two daughters, Algona, were also stranded at the truck stop. Mrs. Skogstrom said it became so crowded that approximately 450 persons were bussed to a gymnasium-auditorium in nearby Williams where blankets and food were available. Even after the bussing, about 150 remained at the truck stop. way 18. "There was no trouble finding a motel," John said. "We got in early both days." While the Hopkins were forcibly taking an extended vacation, one of their daughters, Pat, and Mrs. Rex Taylor were driving back to school at Ames. At the Harcourt corner, their car left the road and into a ditch in order to avoid a collision with another vehicle. Some Harcourt residents took them to a church which was already beginning to fill with other travelers. They spent the night - THEN HUMANE NESS - "People showed they can be very good and kind in such a situation," Mrs. Skogstrom said. "Everybody helped each other. There was little confusion. There was only one patrolman there and his presence seemed to calm people down. We were lucky— at least until we had a flat tire near Goldfield on the way home Tuesday." Other area residents snowbound in the congested 1-35 area included Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Peterson of Fenton;Mr.andMrs. Dick Schultz, Livermore; Bernice Banwart, Algona; Marilyn Schneider, West Bend, Marie Metzger, West Bend; Norman Zaugg, West Bend; Charles Mogler, West Bend; Allen Divis, Lu- Verne; Jerome Kohlhaas, Livermore; Merrill Bormann, Livermore; Roger Spear, Wesley, and undoubtedly others. Bob Riedel, Algona, was reportedly stalled between Britt and Wesley enroute from Cedar Falls to Algona. He found refuge overnight with a hospitable farm couple. A Wisconsin man, traveling through Kossuth county at the inopportune time, found himself snowbound west of Algona. He also made his way to a nearby farmhouse but found its occupants were not at home. He wisely called local authorities to explain his overnight presence. It was 72 degrees and sunny when Mr. and Mrs. Mick Brayton of Algona left Santa Ana, Calif, after a visit with their son, Mike. "It was a lovely trip until we got back to Iowa," Mrs. Brayton mused. The Bray- tons made it as far as the new Holiday Inn outside Des Moines when the blizzard forced them off the road about 4;30 p.m. Sunday. "There must have been 500 to 600 people there and just 51 units," Mrs. Brayton explained. "There were people sleeping in the halls. They were running low on food and they had only one man in the kitchen, one girl in the dining room and one or two maids." The John Hopkins family of Algona will be able to tell a tale of coincidence with a touch of humor when they recall the blizzard. Mr. and Mrs. Hopkins and son, Kent, left Milwaukee Sunday, drove 30 miles to Jefferson, Wise., and put in for the night at a motel because of the snow. They made it as far as Postville, la. Monday before hitting a snowbound stretch ofhigh- 10 — Kossuth County Advance Monday, January 11, 1971 in someone's home and continued to Ames Monday. - AND FINALLY HUMOR- And now to complete the coincidence and add the humor. Another Hopkins daughter, Mrs. Roger (Pam)Ferris of Ames, was a bridesmaid in a wedding last Sunday at Lidderdale, a small town west of Carroll. Finding themselves snowbound, the newlyweds and most of the wedding party spent the night in the church. There are many Kossuth county residents who might share Mrs. Hopkins' summation of the blizzard, "Ifs funny now, but we were all fortunate." CORRESPONDENT WANTED The Algena Publishing Co. needs a correspondent from Wkittemore and the surrounding area. Anyone interested should please call 295-3535. I see by the Advance ..." — NEWS BRIEFS FROM AROUND ALGONA MR. AND MRS. T. James Palmer spent the Christmas holidays with their daughter and family, Mr. and Mrs. Michael Sogens in Cheyenne, Wyo. They also spent some time in Denver, Colo., and returned home Saturday, Jan. 2. JACQUELINE CARMAN, daughter of Dr. and Mrs. James Carman of Spokane, Wash., is a National Merit Scholarship winner and plans to attend the University of Washington State at Pullman. She is the granddaughter of Mr. and Mrs. Victor Garman of Algona. MR. AND MRS. Dennis Leigh of Algona are parents of their first child, a daughter, born Dec. 31 at St. Ann Hospital. She has been named Amy Lynn. MRS. REGINA BAAS returned New Years Day from a three weeks visit in Des Moines with her daughter Helen and family, Mr. and Mrs. James Hanifan. A daughter of the Hanifans was among the band from Valley High in Des Moines to attend the Cotton Bowl game in Dallas, Texas. The eight busloads of students returned to West Des Moines on Saturday noon, just a few hours before the heavy snowstorm which started that night. Debbie Bennett, daughter of former Algonans, the Bob Bennetts, was also in Dallas with the band. THE ALGONA Branch of the AAUW will meet Wednesday evening, Jan. 13, at the home of Mrs. Theo Hutchison with Mrs. Donald Ritchie and Mrs. Lelah Henderson the assistant hostess- e s. Cue st speaker, Donald Nettleton, will speak on "This Beleaguered Earth". NELLIE JENKINSON will be hostess to the Union Township Mothers and Daughters Club Thursday, Jan. 14, at 2 p.m. In charge of the menu are Nellie Jenkinson and Bernadette Reilly. Roll call will be a Health Hint and Be rnice Alt is in charge of the program, "Predictions for Iffs in Nursing". CRESCO Mothers and Daughters wtll meet Wednesday afternoon, Jan. 13, with Mrs. Clifford Riebhoff. KEITH MILLER, son of Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Miller of Whittemore, underwent surgery at Mercy Hospital in Fort Dodge on Tuesday. MR. AND MRS. Paul James had their daughter and grandson, Mrs. Evelyn Makuuchi and James from Los Angeles, Calif, as guests for a week over Christmas. MR. AND MRS. Bill Eisenbacher and girls spent last Saturday and Sunday at Kellogg, Minn. They took his nephew, Steve Wampler, son of Mr. and Mrs. Larry Wampler, home after he had spent a week here. On New Years Day the Eisenbach- ers were guests of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Lyle Christopher of Goldfield. BUSINESS AND Professional Women will have a potluck supper at the home of Maxine Momyer Tuesday evening at 6:30. Dorothy Muckey is the assistant hostess and in charge of the program. Leona Smith will tell of her trip to Africa last year. FORREST W. SMITH, and sons John and Clark of San Antonio, Tex., were in Algona for a week to visit Mrs. Sarah E. Smith, mother of Forrest. Mrs. Smith had returned to the Good Samaritan Home II a few days before, from Illinois. He also visited his sister, Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Steinman and brother, Mr. and Mrs. Frank A. Smith. He also took his mother back to Illinois where they visited another of his brothers, Clarence V. Smith. Mrs. Forrest Smith and their two other sons, Scott and Todd, did not come to Algona because of school activities. MR. AND MRS. Bill Eisenbacher and daughter shad a New Years Eve party. Guests were Steve Wampler of Kellogg, Minn., Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Askvig, Judy Skadburg and Gary Christopher of Goldfield; Mr. and Mrs. Larry Christopher of Eagle Grove; Mr. and Mrs. Joe Eisenbacher, Ringsted and Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Moffitt of Algona. The evening was spent playing Yahtzee, with high prizes going to Mrs. Moffitt and Larry Christopher. Jerry Moffitt and Mrs. Joe Eisenbacher had low. MR. AND MRS. Loren Barker of Milwaukee, Wise., observed their 25th Wedding Anniversary on Saturday, Jan. 2. Mrs. Barker is the former Bertha Potratz of Whittemore, sister of Mrs. John Hopkins, Algona. All of the Potratz brothers and sisters went to Milwaukee to help the Barkers celebrate atafamilydinner.They were Mr. and Mrs. John Hopkins and Kent; Mr. and Mrs. "Butch" Potratz and Kevin of Whittemore; Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Potratz and Mr. and Mrs. Martin Potratz, all of Whittemore; Mr. and Mrs. Wilmer Wichtendahl, Lone Rock; Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Potratz, Fenton and Mr. and Mrs. Roger Potratz, Alta. The three carloads started home from Milwaukee early Sunday morning, with no one arriving at their destinations until early Tuesday afternoon, due to the snowstorm. - o - StlHYEY ON DRUGS Washington-One of every 10 high school academic leaders contacted in a national survey say they personally use marijuana. More than 22,000 youths 16 to 18 years old in .18,000 private, public and parochial schools responded to the 70 question survey. •PUBLIC NOTICES Area Schools Plan To Attend Drug Institute STORM LAKE - Three area high schools—Algona high, Armstrong and Lakota—were listed among 23 school districts scheduled to send representatives to a drug education institute here today (Monday) through Friday. "Pharmacology of Drugs" will be the topic of Dr. Gerald Johnston of the Cherokee Mental Health Institute at the opening session at 1:30 p.m. today at the Buena Vista College Science Center. Algona's three representatives were not identified in the ISDPA announcement. Armstrong representatives listed included Roger Tirevold, Arnold Schilling and Dennis Theesfield. Representing Lakota were Sara Christ, John Fokken and Gennevive Hoeppner. Howard Powers, Former Burt Man, Killed Funeral services for Howard 0. Powers, 57, of Melbourne, la., brother of George Powers of Algona, were held at Marshalltown on Tuesday, Jan. 5. Mr. Powers was killed in a three-car crash southwest of Marshalltown the day before New Years. Howard was born at Burt, la., son of T. L. and Alvina Powers. He graduated from the Burt high school and served in the U. S. Air Force during W.W. II. He is survived by his widow and one daughter who is married and lives in New York City. Two brothers, George of Algona, James, Osage Beach, Mo. and one sister, Mrs. Axel Anderson of Jewell, la., also survive. "Oeivice wtili <Jmceiity ana ^Jn Algona Livermore *&»* ASSESSMENT NOTICE TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN: Notice is hereby given that a plat and schedule are now ori'file in the office of the Clerk of the Municipality of Algona, Iowa, ' showing assessments proposed to be made for and on account ' of<the cost of construction of asphaltic concrete pavement with Portland cement concrete integral curbs, except where'curb^ind gutter presently existed, together with necessary grading, incidental street drainage facilities, and miscellaneous related work, on the following streets or portions thereof, in the Municipality of Algona, Iowa, to-wit: The extent of the work involved was the furnishing of labor and materials for the construction of certain permanent street improvements along and upon portions of certain streets in Algona. The street improvements consisted of six and one-half (6 1/2) inch asphaltic concrete of various widths, with 2.5 feet wide curb and gutter each side, except where curb and gutter presently existed. The limits and widths were as follows: McGregor Street: Constructed 36-foot back-to-back pavement from 49 feet east of the center line of Phillips Street to 33 feet east of the center line of Roan Street, and also 36-foot back-to-back pavement excluding the existing curb and gutter on the north side of the street from 33 feet east of the Roan Street center line to the east line of Main Street. Chubb Street: Constructed 39-foot back-to-back pavement from the east line of Phillips Street to the west line of Sample Street, excluding the existing curb and gutter at the west end of Chubb Street. Sample Street: Constructed 32-foot back-to-back pavement from the north line of Chubb Street to 40 feet north of the center line of Grove Street including the Sample Street and Chubb Street intersection. Grove Street: Constructed 31-foot back-to-back pavement from the east line of Sample Street to the west line of Hale Street, excluding 420.75 feet of existing curb and gutter on the north side of Grove Street. Hale Street: Constructed 32-foot back-to-back pavement from the north line of Orchard Street to the north line of Grove Street, excluding 80 feet of existing curb and gutter at the intersection of Hale Street and Grove Street. Orchard street: Constructed 32-foot back-to-back pavement from the east line of Hale Street to 217 feet east of the east line of Hale Street, including the Orchard Street and Hale Street intersection, Said proposed final assessments are against all properties located within said benefited area, the same being abutting and adjacent properties to said street improvements and being all properties within 300 feet of said street or such properties abutting the said street and half-way to the next street; the plat and schedule above mentioned, shows the separate lots and parcels of ground proposed to be assessed for the cost of said improvements, the names of the owners thereof, so far as known, and the amount to be assessed against each lot or parcel of ground and against railway or street railway companies assessable therefor. Within twenty days after publication of this Notice, in whichever newspaper is published later in said Municipality during the week of the first publication, all objections to said assessment or to the prior proceedings on account of errors, irregularities or inequalities must be made in writing and filed with the Clerk, and any objections not so made shall be deemed waived. Date of first publication - January 11, 1971 in the Kossuth County (Iowa) Advance. Date of first publication - January 14, 1971 in the Algona (Iowa) Upper Des Moines. David A. Smith Clerk of Algona, Iowa (Published in the Kossuth County Advance January 11 & 18, 1971) MAN TO CALL FOR THE BEST BUY ON YOUR INSURANCE ALFRED "BUCK"BUCKNER 295-5556 STATE FARM Insurance Companies Home Offices: Bloomlnfton, Illinois NOW IN OUR SHOWROOM ON DISPLAY UNTIL JANUARY 15. One look tells you it is more than just anoher luxury car. Oldsmobile now takes luxury where it's never been before. 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