Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on January 7, 1971 · Page 9
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 9

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 7, 1971
Page 9
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16—Kossuth County Advance Thursday, January 7, 1971 ..fey Evelyn Acknowledgements of the Christmas Season. Thanks to the Methodist WSCS for the plate of fruit, and the card with Mabel Hutzell's gifts was just my type. Greetings from Lyle and Yarda Ellis of Hartford, Conn, a note and card from "Tillie" Hargreaves. A very cute novelty, seasonal, from Shortie Lowes daughter, Letha, and your note was heart warming, Minnie Sterling. I hope, come spring, we can see each other oftener. -o- Older residents will remember Peggy Freeh. She married Ed Abbas and lives in Santee, Calif. She sent a picture of their very cute little Tammy Jean, born April 22, 1970 - and of extra joy after three boys in a row and a nine year gap. She has met my cousin Dr. Jerry Cady and Jeanne as customers at her customer Drive- Up window at the bank where she has worked four years as teller. -o- My gift from VelmaHagg comes later, after the Christmas rush, and can you hear me munch Leota Geigel's "party mix" ?Um, it is so good! -o- I had said I disliked the Christmas song "Partridge in a Pear Tree" but the card from my paper delivery boy with the pretty partridge in a tree with seven pears is really cute. Thank you Mike Cogdall. At the same time a card came from Betty and Albert Granzow. He drops in now and then and we fly back to the "good old days". -o- I am so sorry for Bernadine Allen and family. I knew Jim was very sick but was shocked to read of his death. All I can say is Peace be with you. Jim was such a fine person. And sympathy to Mrs. Jess Dugan and others who have lost dear ones so recently. Life seems so cruel and so much we do not understand. -o- I had callers recently, Mr. and Mrs. Morris Givens of Titonka were in. I used to see them iimiiwniiiiiiiiiniiiiiiiiiiiimiHiiiiiiiiiiiiiiimiiiraiiiKwtKiiitiiiiiinii often in church at our 'pot luck' suppers. -o- Dec. 28 - More cards this a.m. One from Connie Jergenson and with the note a cute white felt "shoo" button and lace trimmed. Very cute and she reminded me of doll dresses I made for Janet. Where have the years flown? -o- Strange that after my couples mention which included Tom Gillespie and Nellie Brown, the Lawrence Gillespies had a card from her. She gave no address, the post mark was too blurred to descipher. Her name is Klein and she and her husband have been vacationing in Hawaii, -o- Mrs. Frances Arndorfer has a nephew Randy Davis who sings very nicely and she asked me to mention that it pleased her to have him sing "Rock of Ages" at the funeral of her late husband, Joe Arndorfer. -o- So "Lady Chatterly's Lover" will now be titled "John Thomas and Lady Jane". Well, you know the old saying "a rose by any name would be just as sweet." I read "Peyton Place" and if you can stomach that, "Lady Chatterly" and "Lolita" are tame. I know of no crime "Peyton Place" didn't cover, -o- I hope by the time this reaches press John and Eula Rich will be out of St. Ann and home. So many persons ask me what ails John. I didn't know so I phoned Eula's sister Mrs. Fannie (George) Lee. I know the woman very well as their mother Mrs. Mary Johnson lived in our apartment ten years. Eula had a heart attack and was home but a short time when John had an attack of asthma and emphysema which has troubled him a little for some time. Then an attack came and so severe he had to be in an oxygen tent at St. Ann. Fannie would have been glad to have Eula stay with her but John wanted her with him. So thats the story exactly. He is improving and they have my best wishes for complete and speedy recovery. Jerry Raney To Japan For Tour Of Duty Sp/5 JERRY H. RANEY, son of Mr. and Mrs. Lyle Raney of Algona, was home on leave following medic training at Fort Sam Houston, Texas. He attended basic at Ft. Leonard Wood, Mo. and will be stationed in Japan, serving as a pharmacy specialist. His wife, the former Jodie Chally, plans to join him later. PORTLAND By Mrs. Victor Fitch Mr. and Mrs. P. w. Marlow, Doug and Lisa attended an oyster supper in the parental Wm. Gifford home Christmas Eve. Others attending were Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Marlow and David, of Lone Rock, Mr. and Mrs. Billy Gifford and family, Lone Rock, Mr. and Mrs. Jimmy Gifford and Bob, Bancroft, Mrs. Lawrence Presthus, Burt and Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Phillips of Sexton. Mr. and Mrs. Ron Harrison of Cherokee, Mr. andMrs. Bernard Brandenberg and Vickie of Des Moines and Mr. and Mrs. Duane Smith and Jeffrey of Pontiac, Mich., were Christmas Day dinner and supper guests in the Harold Lampe hoinu. Mr. ajid Mrs. Ben Lampe of Bancroft were evening visitors. Mr. and Mrs. Tom Aures (Patty Lampe) of St. Paul came Sunday to make a visit. Mr. and Mrs. John Reeves, Bob Keith and Mrs. Marie Keith were Christmas Eve guests in the Stanley Larson home. Mrs. June Sparks was a Christmas Day dinner guest in the home other sister, Mrs.CarolynDaw- son of Britt, their mother, Mrs. Guy Dimond was also a dinner guest. Mrs. Sparks was a supper guest in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Pa.ul Kelly of rural Britt Christmas Day. Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Andreasen and Mr. and Mrs. Warren Andreasen and Cathy were Christmas Day dinner and supper guests in the Harold Andreasen home. Mr. and Mrs. Dale Scharn and Teresa of Lytton, Mr. and Mrs. Eulan Schuller and family of Titonka, Nancy Ackerman and Steve Fry of Estherville were guests at the Earl Ackerman home, Christmas Day. Mrs. June Sparks entertained with a late Christmas dinner in her home Sunday. Guests were Mr. and Mrs. Jim Sparks* and Brandi of Bettendorf, Mrs. Carolyn Dawson and family andMrs. Guy Dimond of Britt, Mr. and Mrs. Joe Goetz of Wesley and Mr. and Mrs. Frank Beigger of Des Moines were afternoon guests. Supper guests in the P. W. Marlow home Christmas Day were Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Eckels, Monte and Michelle, Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Meister, Brett and Corey and Linda Chipman. Mr. and Mrs. Joe Loebach and family were Christmas Eve guests in the Joe Loebach Sr. home at Whittemore. Other" guests were John Loebach and Leonard Loebach of Dubuque, Ann Loebach of Sioux City, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Timmers, St. Louis Park, Minn., Mrs. Mary Kain of Algona and Miss Mary Kain of Portland, Ore. Mr. and Mrs. Victor Fitch and Judy, Mr. and Mrs. Timer Harms and family, and Mr. and Mrs. Richard Grosser and boys were Christmas Day dinner and supper guests in the Arthur Hix home of Feriton. Sharon Hix was home from Westmar College at Le Mars. Mr. and Mr S.Robert Weber and Melisse spent Christmas Eve in the parental Frank Meyer home in Fenton and enjoyed a Christmas gift exchange. Other guests were Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Mercier and Cathy of Omaha, Nebr., Mr. and Mrs. Richard Meyer, Fenton, Mr. and Mrs. Art Susa and family, St. Paul, Minn., Mr. and Mrs. Phil Elsbecker and family, Bancroft, Mr. and Mrs. Jimmy Antoine and Maureen, Bancroft, Mr. and Mrs. Leroy Meyer, Fenton, Phil Meyer, Iowa City and Dixie Gatton of Rose Hill, la. Rev. and Mrs. Paul Hansen and family, Levant Moore and Leona Haase and Mrs. Donald Ringsdorf were .callers in the home of Mrs. Hazel Ruse last week. Mrs. Victor Fitch was a Sunday afternoon caller. Mr. and Mrs. Joe Loebach and family were Christmas Day dinner guests in the Art Kohlhaas home. Other pests were Mr. and Mrs. Joe Loebach Sr. and family of Whittemore, Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Loebach and Lyle of Whittemore, Mrs. Marleen Stooker and boys of Fort Dodge, Mrs. Elizabeth Loebach and Mary. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Weber and Melisse were Christmas Day dinner guests in the parental Frank Meyer home at Fenton. Other guests were Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Mercier and Cathy, and Mr. and Mrs. Art Susa and family of St. Paul. Mr. and Mrs. Donald Weber and family, Mr. and Mrs. Dave Weber, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Weber and Melisse, Louis Reidel of Burt, Mr. and Mrs. Ray Dau and family of Algona, were supper guests in the Joe Miller home, rural Algona, Christmas Day. Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Dugan and family of Davenport and Mr. and Mrs. Richard Dugan, Ward and Pamie of Elwood, and Mr. and Mrs. Harold Becker of Swea City were Christmas Day dinner and supper guests in the home of Grace Trenary. Mr. and Mrs. Richard Dugan and family attended a late Christmas Day dinner in the parental Melvin Alt home. Royce Dugan remained to spend awhile in the home of his grandmother, Mrs. Grace Trenary and Kenneth Trenary. Mr. and Mrs. Bill Trenary and Doyle visited Bill's mother, Mrs. Edith Trenary at Ledyard Christnias Eve. Mr. and Mrs. Merle Hagedorn and family of Bancroft were Christmas Day dinner guests in the Bill Trenary home. Mrs, MennetTrunkhill received word that a baby boy was born to her son Mr. and Mrs. Donald Peterson, Sunday at the St. Ann hospital in Algona. He weighed 7 Ibs. and 7 oz. and has been named, David Lee. He has a sister Pamara, age two to welcome him home. Mr. and Mrs. Mennet Trunk- hill,. Tom and Chas. spent Christmas Day in the home of their grandfather Tony Jandl. Other guests were Mr. and Mrs. Richard Trunkhill and family, Titonka, Mr. and Mrs. Jack Trunk- hill and family, Burt, Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Diers and family of Bancroft, Mr. and Mrs. Donald Diers, Titonka, Mr. and Mrs. Hanford Brock, Woden, Mr. and Mrs. Gary Brock, Spring Grove, Minn., Mr. and Mrs. Cliff Curtiss and family, Ottosen, Mr. andMrs. Bob Jandl and family, Estherville, Patti Sexton, Titonka, Betty Kahler, Bancroft, Matt Szerensce of West Bend and Jerald Diers home from Vietnam. Mr. and Mrs. Johnny Spear and family visited Mr. and Mrs. Delbert Schealler and family of Burt, Thursday evening. Mr. and Mrs. Joe Miller, Mr. and Mrs. Tom Miller and family, Ansonia, Ohio, Janet Miller of Des Moines, Jean Llckteig, Tex. and, Larry Dooce of Lone Rock were Sunday evening guests in the Robert Weber home. Vivian Dutton spent Christmas Eve and Christmas Day with her sister, Mr. and Mrs. Wallace Me Arthur of Bancroft. BY Dick Godfredsen By Dick Godfredsen In the past, John Wayne and • Howard Hawkes have teamed up for a couple dandy westerns ("Red River" in 1948 and "Rio Bravo" in 1958) so it is not surprising that "RIO LOBO" is also excellent entertainment. Hawkes is at his best as a director of action films and this is where "Rio Lobo" really shines. The plot is old hat, the acting barely adequate but this is off-set by plenty of action and comedy. What we have is the standard western morality play with good guys and bad guys. No worry about why the bad guy is bad. Maybe he had a deprived childhood, maybe his parents rejected him. No matter. He is a greedy skunk and deserves to be punished (killed) by the forces of good, whether they be legally constituted or not. It is simple as that. The film opens with a very interesting action sequence involving the hijacking of a train shipment of Union gold by Rebel forces during the Civil War. Hornets are used to occupy the troops while the gold car is cut loose and allowed to roll back- wards down a steep grade to be stopped by a series of ropes strung across the tracks by the Rebs. Quite ingenious and very well directed and photographed. I would guess that the director of this portion was Yakima Canutt, the old stunt man who is listed as second unit director. Yak is a friend of Wayne's from the time they played hero and villian in. many "B" westerns over 35 years ago. Canutt used to be the bad guy and also doubled for Wayne in the action scenes so many times he was actually chasing himself around those back lot boulders and trees that became so familiar to the kids who saw all the "B" oaters. The war ends soon after the train robbery and Wayne spends the balance of the film looking for the traitor in his command who sold the information to the enemy. He is aided by a young man who was an officer in the Confederate forces so we have the time worn cliche of good men from both sides joining together to fight a common enemy. Also lending a hand is an old codger (Jack Elam) who is in danger of losing his ranch to the land hungry villian and his crook- ed sheriff. This part of the film is in the tradition of a standard western with three main characters, each of different tem- perment and physical traits. (The Three Mesquiteers, Hopalong Cassidy with young Lucky and old Gabby, etc.) Joining the boys are three attractive young ladies who provide the love interest and show that west was not won by men alone. John Wayne is John Wayne and that is about all you can say about him. Impressive in size and strength, he no longer is the romantic hero but has gracefully yielded to younger men and has become the "comfortable" older man, as he is called by the pretty heroine. The one weakness in this film, and in other recent Wayne shows, is his choice of the men to play the part of the younger role. Glen Campbell and Roman Gabriel were very poor in "True- Grit" and "Chisum" and Jorge Rivero is not much better in this picture. Some, but not much. (As an after thought, maybe old John doesn't want any young good looking men who can act in his pictures.) I didn't catch the name of the new comer who played the heroine but she was quite good. Also effective was another pretty girl who is marred on her cheek by the nasty sheriff who is handy with a knife. The audience liked it when she shoots him at the close of the picture. Jack Elam is wildly funny and the old geezer with sawed-off shotgun. His eyes seem to look in both directions at the same time and this gives him a maniac appearance. "Rio Lobo" drew a fine crowd on Saturday nite and undoubtedly would have done the same Sunday. Too bad the big blizzard hit. It means a lot of people will have missed a darn good evening at the movies. • ******************************************* I would like to subscribe to the Algona newspapers! If you are not already a subscriber 1o the Aossuth County Advance and Algona Upper Des Moii/es, start your subscription this week. Mail check for $6.00 with this coupon and your Advance will start coming every ' Monday and Upper Des Moines every Thursday. Keep up with the news — save on advertising values with the Algona newspapers. NAME •. ADDRESS ADDRESS ($10.00 IF OUT OF KOSSUTH COUNTY) (check one) NEW SUBSCRIPTION RENEWM MAlt TO: ALGONA PUBLISHING CO. 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