Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on September 11, 1945 · Page 5
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 11, 1945
Page 5
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SIX KOSSUTH COUNTY ADVANCE, ALGONA, IOWA ttO. KUNKEL, OF LU VERNE, WILL BE DISCHARGED Lu Verne, Set. 10 — With the 32nd Infantry Division in Northern Luzon, Philippine Islands, a veteran of six operations during 40 months in the Southwest Pacific Area with the 32nd (Red Arrow) Division, Sgt. George B. Kunkel, Lu Verne, is returning home with 94 demobilization points. Sailing-for Australia with the division in April. 1942, he saw his first action at Buna, when the 32nd was rushed to New Guinea to stem the Japanese drive on Port Morsby. He fought in the subsequent actions farther up the coast at Saidor and Ai- tape on Morotai island in the Netherlands East Indies; and on Leyte and Luzon in the Philip- Beef Calf Club Champs funeral services of his grandmother, Mrs. Nick Bormann. Lu Verne Theater Leased— Mr. and Mrs. Guy Trauger have leased their theater that they recently built in Lu Verne to Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Kla'tt, of Ridge way. Robert Taylor, who had been visiting her mother, Mrs. Maude Wilson, returned to her home in Mrs. Wilson ac- Mrs. Ardis Hamm was hostess to the Delta Dek club a week ago Saturday afternoon. Following a I vjllltlllH, ouuuetj't ATAIO. f .*.n~.dessert luncheon bridge was compan j ec i them home for a few played and prizes were awarded wee £ s v j s jt to Mrs. Augustine Zigrang, Mrs. I Guests \ a ' s t wee k at the Arthur j Bertha Baesslcr, and Mrs. Edith JR Cevcs home were his sister,' Johnson, , M " rs Gj R- Thompsen,' and hus-; Fire at Locker Plant ,, G ^ csts f nwcc V >g ° SundaY A* at i band, Des Moines, and his broth-; AIU • ?«r u * I U"»— Die Ernest Bovd home were Mrs. I _ nVorire Reeves and wife, Dca Albert Weber had a small fire ' Lu lu Morin, Waterloo, Mr. and ; 51;£ pe °' ge lteov - s ' i at his locker plant, last Sunday Mra . A . J. Burns, Osage, Mr. and! "?«!??• d » n who ls sUl .! ^ W ^ n _u\ hc ^ olts ° n hls ma - Mrs. Floyd Cornelius and family,' ^K ^hospitaY in Topck^ i Bradley, and Mr. and Mrs. Fay Kang spenl thc wce kend visit-, iKathan and daughter, of Hum- jng hjs parcntS| Mr. and Mrs.! boldt ' " /'Herman Larson. | Labor Day nt the were Mr. and chines caught afre. Oilier Livermore News. Lieut, and Mrs. Homdke, of Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Fred-1 Rockford, .111., visited recently rick and daughter Phyllis and with friends at the Will Slack Lydia C.roh are in Colorado,. Mrs^Bcn^'Nci'C'DoiaVanrMinnii home. Mr. and Mrs. Slack ac- where they went to visit their j nnr i Mrs T J MoC'iffcrv of Em-! companied them to DCS Moines | son, who is stationed there. They 'metsbure ' '' a week ago Sunday, where they'also visited the Oltman family, | Mrs v j va p c t crson of Algona, spent a few days visiting their who recently moved to Colorado. altcnc ]'cd the Old Settlers picnic daughter-in-law and family. ' Mrs. Viola Ma thews and son t Log Q^^ par k Saturday. ' .TUESrAY, SEPT. THE OAKS IN FAIRMONT v/ill be open every night except Monday! commencing Tuesday, September 1R il *Oi J -n. -»u---1M|^p* ^T'W vrgg? v « f. >xj> pt j^ ".' %•* THIRST IN THE GROUP OF beef calves was Ihis Plum Creek quin- - L let. Fvom left to right the bovs are Charles Killev. Billv Kuhn. pines. In northern Luzon the Red Ar- A te.t. Fvom left to right the boys are Charles Killey, Billy Kuhn, rowmen fought for six and a half Russell K.iley, Kent Seely, and Duane Mawdsley. months in the rugged Caraballo Mountains and ended thc war on their 654th day of combat. Kunkel started home four days after Japan made her first offer to surrender. Before entering the army in January, 1042, Kunkel farmed near Lu Verne. His < i- •t ' > Mr •V * •£*" * ^ y f^st*-*J < * l R*'^*'*> ** "- 1 -> ' *'••,,$, •$&$*%% j ''. '<*"&***£&*$*?> it ' f ' brother. Pvt. Bernard, is in the A. R, T. C. at Ft. Knox, Ky. Kunkel's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Ben K Verne. REUNION HELD AUIVERMORE i FOR A SOLDIER Nick Bormann in Algona recently were Mike Reding, Mrs. Frank Cox, Mrs. Clifford Baker, Mi and Mrs. Alvin Lenertz, and An na, Lena and Peter Altman. n* Two Given Discharges—• Vcrnon Hohenbergcr, who ha? K.iinitrr<5 mronu Mr -mri wirq T • r> < -, n m been overseas for several year.', Ben KunkcTnveon^Routc I Lu Llvcrrmor .°. &0 P t : l°- There has recclved his discharge and Ben Kunkel, live on Route I, Lu w;is a laml y reunion Sunday at rt .i urncd to his home Thursday the home of Mrs. Kate Collins in morning. Williiun Krpelding, of honor of Ray Salmon, who is ncar sti Joc> also hals reci ? lved home irom overseas on a fur- j.,j s discharge '"••" u Attending were thc Fa- i i - ,<-** ~!.Zr r*% -y .Lutheran Aid Meels— The Lutherans Aid met Thurs- lough. ^ day afternoon in thc church par- bur Dugan family, Humboldt; Moves to Oregon lors with Mrs. Fred Wolf as host- Marvin Marlowe family, of Lone R n h-,h Stnrlrlird who h-,- h™r, ess. The business meeting was Rock; Mrs. Cora Hutchinson, of HviniVtho Kob^ housn ^ held, at which time the Mission Albert Lea, Minn.; thc Francis he ^northwest m, t nf inwn 'Festival, which is to be held in Collins family, Mr. and Mrs. Roy moved hsfamUy to Oregon ast two weeks at the church, was Salmon, Mary and Willie Du- wcck Fridav Mr Knrmon wiin discussed. The Rev. Mr. Wittcn- gan, Barnum; Mr. and Mrs. John Hves near Aieona K ° PpCn> Wh ° burg then road a chapter from Seger, Mary Scgcr, Luther Riley, to his house the book they arc studying. Ruth Fry, Sam Necker, and Es- ' Lunch WBS- served by the hostess Uicr Blumcr. at the close of thc afternoon. Hostess for thc next meeting will School is Opened— be Mrs. Lillie Hesse . ; School opened ; Husband is Discharged— ! ! Mrs. Dorothy Thompsen, who has been with her husband in a week ago California, has returned to the Monday morning with thc iol- home o £ her Darcnts Mr and Presbyterian Women Meet- : lowing teachers present; Supt. M™ i Merrte Her hu'sbnSd The Presbyterian Ladies Asso- Cockrill; Mrs. Lowell Cockrill, received his discharge Septcm- iation met Wednesday afternoon English and music, Livermore; t> cr 1. elation ., at the home of Mrs. Aksel Niol- Eli/.aboth Devinc, history, Liver- I Leaion Officers Installed— ;.' The Ernest Mcrkle Post unit ed the funeral services of Mrs. week ago Sunday to attend the 6£4 "of tae^AmoricarTLegion met Sexton, Mason City, and Nora afternoon at the home of Mr. Tuesday evening in thc city hall. K ",!'.l llgs ' and Mrs - u - s - Grant and also at Installation nf officers was held , TMr - and Mrs - MaU Schmarje, the home of Mrs. Peter Thomp- With Lester Lease. Wesley, as in- ™rvard, 111., and Mr. and Mrs, son. feValling officer. Installed were: krnest Linstedt, Aurora, J]]., Sgt. William Hof left Monday Cbmrnander, Walter Engcl; adju- fP° nt a fow days visiting at the evening for Miami; Fla., after a ' taht. C. B. Huff; finance officer, ' 1orno ° r Mr ' and Mrs.' William furlough with his wife and chil- Harold Phillips; chaplain, F.rhnrt Hardcopf. Mrs. Schmarje and drcn in Algona, and his parents, jVTeyer; sgt. at arms, Nels Jensen; f 1 '' 8 - Linstedt are nieces of Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Edw. Hof. , and historian, Art Riley. Lunch Ha ™copf. , MIS. W. H. Brown, Minneapo- was served at thc close of the , Nlrs - Kcllh Keipp and children, lis, and Mr., and Mrs. U. S. evening. Minneapolis, visited several days Grant were dinner guests Friday •:•' . p - 1 the home of her mother, Mrs. at the home of Mrs. Peter J,:T. ciuh Resumes— I Kmily Guv. Mrs. Keipp and fam- Thompson. ; .'•The J. J. club held its first ''y^ 1 ' 0 moving from Minneapolis Mrs. Emilin Behnkcndorf spent rneetine of the year Friday after- J° '' cr fius Falls in the very near Friday arid Saturday visiting at pbon vyith a one o'clock pot-luck , l ' lc ' . ., the home of her niece and fam- lunchebn at, the homo of Mrs. C. . M ''- and Mrs - William Ristp.u, ily, Mr. and M:.s. Homdi Dodds, .W, Cote. After lunch the busi- , And °vor, 111., spent -several Airoria. li'esg-meeting was held in charge (1;| vs at the home of his brother Esther Larson. Webster City, $.(• Mrs. Carl Goetsch, president !!,.. famll y. Mr - and Mrs. Henty spent the Labor Day weekend at <0f'the club. Bridge was played KlsU| u.. a nd with other relatives the home of her aunt and uncle, th° remainder of the afternoon. ""'' n '! ond ^- Mr. nnd M-s. Aksel Nielson. ;"rHp |: next moetinc will be held on K/rVn ' Klc , Hard copy, daughter of Milo Miller arrived home re- •Septe^nbpr 21 at the home of Mrs. ^ r , ,. ' Alvln Hardc °P f - cently from Philadelphia to visit - • -- - Jeft the first of the week for Fort her father, Alfred Miller, and Dodge to begin teaching kinder- other relatives and friends „ „-, ,„..«.— jgarlen in the Pleasant Valley Florence and Alfred Hof spent i Twenty-eight members of the sr l!? 01 the , re - „ Monday and Tuesday in Hum- •Prpsbytfiran Ladies Association „ Mr -. f \ nd Mrs - Fred Gu^ger, of boldt visiting at the home of Mr, «jnd neighbors gathered at the R °nwick, were visitors Thursday and Mrs. Dick Ross. , home of Mrs. Emilv Guy Thurs- •———. ^ 'Andrew Neilson. Party Given — evening for a surprise birth •day n^rty for Mrs. On". Tho evening was spent socially and lUnch was served at. the close of the evenine. Mrs. Guv was presented with an end table from the group. JInmo nrv Furlouah — Cpl. Norman Wegnor arrived home recently to spend R HO-dny furlough tit tho home of his father. Richard Wegnor, and also with his sistnrs Ruth anrl Irene. Gnl. Wegner just returned home 1 after spending several month 1 ? overseas in North Africa and Italy. He has a brother Elead in the navy. Heatiog OIL BURNERS STOKERS Furnaces and Boilers Sales and Service P. R. Irons 812 E. McGregor Phone 523 En»«rs Minneapolis School— : Evelyn Jones went to Minneapolis the first of the week and | hns entered high school there. Her mother, Mrs. A. L. Jones, plans to go to MinneMpolis soon. Evelyn graduated from the eighth grade here last year. Richard Miller Discharged— Richard Miller, son of Mr. and Mrh. Charles Miller, has received j an honorable discharge from the j army under tho point, system.! Richard spent 28 months over-' teas in North Africa and Italy. Otlior Ln Vornw Mrs. Wayne Sanford and Mrs. Wilder Rockwood spent Friday and Saturday in Des Moinos on business. During Mrs. Rockwood's absence her twin daugh-' ters, Eleanor and Elaine, visited | their grandmother, Mrs. Ray! Green, at Hampton. Saturday,' evening Mrs. Green and Vivian' flockwood, accompanied by Mrs. j Wilder Rockwood and daughters. | drove to Madelia, Minn., and • spent the weekend at the home' of Mr. and Mrs. Halver Rorvig. j They returned home Monday afternoon. Mrs. W. H. Brown left Saturday morning for her home in •Minneapolis after a two weeks vacation at the home of her sister, Mrs. U. S. Grant. Enroute home she will visit relatives at A Hearing Aid Without Batteries? MAICO'S NEW POST-WAR MODEL, THE PRECISIONEEH, IS THE NEAREST ANSWER TO THIS HOPE OF THE HARD OF HEARING For though all wearable electrical hearing aids must use batteries, the new MAICO offers * AN ULTRA-MIDGET POST-WAR POWER pack plus * PRECISION INDIVIDUAL FITTING and Pri- vale Personalized Service by specialists in ihe hearing aid field. By the Company which supplies 90 per cent of America's Precision Hearing Test Instruments for ear physicians, Army, Navy, Airlines. Twice Awarded Army-Navy "E" for excellence in hearing test instruments. Maico's unique experience in supplying 90 per cent of these hearing test instruments on which scientific knowledge about hearing defects is largely based has led to important advances in the new postwar MAICO—Now being released for civilian as well as priority military deliveries. Attend Special Demonstration HOTEL ALGONA ALGONA, IOWA Tuesday, September 18. Hours: 9:00 a. m. to 5:00 p. m. If unable to attend demonstration, write for free booklet and information. We have batteries for all makes of hearing aids. Maico of Des Moines 630 Des Moines Bldy. Paul Grout, Manager Des Moines, Iowa. r< •"* / * ' f **• ^ V* r * > f i*r X-V-* j ' >^^ * > j + >^ * '* * / "* \ V c fiJ t fff ^ " " ,' / " • .' \ -- '** } iV ', "^," s"*\ 'l '") t * * ' ^ i f •, * '' •> ' t ,, , * t -% ' r ft f. '*"'••/ £t (t> ;4 P . W4 1 f . ' \ "• ' t -f i . F9> -.\|. ••."'•••'"if :t- ' I > t r . I »«..«// a,. ^ ), son, Mrs. Marie Hunt as assistant more; A. J. Cayou, coach and Group to Lu Verne- hostess. Noarlv 30 ladies fit- mathematics, Livermore; Miss The Methodist W S C S m->t tended.' The business meeting Hammer, Sioux City, 7th .and 8th w j th t | lc p-istor'^ ' wife at Lu was held, after which tho lesson grades; Marvis Balmer, What V erne Wednesday" afternoon. Af- & and devotions were given by Uiecr, 5lh and 6th grades; Mrs. lei . the business meeting and les- ' Mrs. Lewis Wildin. Lunch was Ruth Johnson, Bode, 3rd and son a lunch was scrved by Mrs f: served bv the hostesses at the 4th; Margarcet Wegman, 2nd; philJios. "; close of the afternoon. The next Margaret DC vine, Livermore, 1st. . ' ' . , meeting will be held at the home " • ( Comes for Services— of Mrs. I. H. Benedict. Attend Funeral Services— Wilfred Kohlhaas, who is sta- 1 Those from here who attend- toned in California, arrived' a o V, 7 /•-. /" >,*:»*«;!:&& 'i^'Vf'r?'"'^ m ,' • .ij»it* S?v li /if; R. t > < :,<**# ,f?5 ^ > '***JB t / Bi 3 news for housewives! The Coronado Electric Washer is back;; -. and now on display in our showroom! U's the first brand new Coronado Electric Washer since 1942; bright and new ... ready to go into your home. Check these Coronadp features when you visit ourstore: large porcelain tub, cadmium plated wringer, mass.ve balloon rolls, la°ge high vane agitator, sealed in oil transmission and hfet.me lubricated motor. ff We have worked out a plan that seems the most satisfactory for The sale of the first washers, because quantit.es are naturally limited now ... come in today and find out how to purchase a new Coronado Washer! N0W ON DIS P LAY THRIFTY PAYMENT PLAN AVAILABLE kf|£» $1.25 PER WEEK 1 PAYABLE MONTHLY /* <*sd "f The friendly Stars

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