Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on September 11, 1945 · Page 4
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 4

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 11, 1945
Page 4
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PAttE REUNION HELD IN HONOR OF FENTON GUESTS Fenton, Sept. 10 — The Art! Jentz home was the scene of a! family gathering Tuesday evening in honor of Mr. and Mrs. R.! H. Nemitz and Mr. and Mrs. Ross Mathews, of Canby, Minn. Others attending the supper, served by Mr. and Mrs. Jentz, were Mr. and Mrs. E. E. Meyer and family, Burt Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Bierstedt and family, and Leona Christ. Lakota; Mr. and Mrs. Paul Nemilz and Salome, Mr. and Mrs. Edw. Mitchell and family, Mr. and Mrs. N. P. Nemitz, and Mr. and Mrs. Harold Elmers, all! of Fenton. Paul Nemitz and R.' H. Nemitz are brothers, and Mrs. Mathews is a daughter of R. H. Nemitz. Mr. and Mrs. R. H. Nemitz and Mr. and Mrs. Ross Mathews left for their home at Canby Thursday. H. S. Enrollment is 79— The Fenton public school opened last week Monday. The faculty is: V. J. Tatum, superintendent and coach; Algonian in Famous Battleship Cfe>v KOSSUTH COUNTY ADVANCE, ALGONA, IOWA Aboard the USS Nevada in the, i' Josephine „ "<=vuua in me, Lund, home economics and com-1 Paciflc > (Undated)—Lyle E. Bas-, | mercial; Mrs. Georgia Ann Voigt, I sett > seaman first class, USNR, • . , English and music; Bertha Rahto, history; Mrs. Florence Ditsworth, science; Mrs. Leon Halvorsen, 6, 7 and 8 grades; Mrs. Ollie Long, 633 North Minnesota ave., Algona, la., celebrated the surrender of Japan aboard this famous American battleship as she rest- n A i r- i °M - — «** uuvbi^^iitu ua a i it; real- 3, 4 and 5 grades; and Mrs. Mar- led at anchor in Leyte Gulf after jone Hanifan. grades 1 arid 2. | a 32-day mission into the East The enrollment is: Room 1, 22; | China Sea r TV'™ 1; r °° m 3| 18; high ! The announcement by the sch ° o1 ' 79 - Commanding Officer, Captain «, . .,, ,., ,, I Homer Louis Grosskopf, USN of r % r , vl11 * Ald M eelTs - A , ! Minneapolis, Minn., that the Ja" The Fairville Lutheran Aid, anese had quit touchel off a' met in the church basement, demonstration unlike any this Thursday afternoon with Mrs.' veteran ship had ever seen q-ii Ernest Votteler and Mrs. L. H. ors tossed thefr hats ff?he a r' Wehrspann as hostesses. Guests and began jitterbugging to the' were Mrs. Frank Humohrey, Mrs. strains of the ship's band It was ' L E Mueller and Olivia, Mrs. "Holiday Routine" for a hands : Ed. Gremert Whittemore; Edna The "Old Imperishable" of the Hantelman, Mrs. Robert Votteler, i Fleet began this war at p4rH Fenton; and Mrs. Carl Ostwald, | Harbor, went through the A£ • Whittemore. Mrs. Emil Bleck- tians campaign, fought at Nor-' wenn had charge of the enter- mandy and Southern France and tamment witht Mrs. A. F. Reh- then joined in the Iwo Jima ~ ' der winning the prize. - - - Attends Brother's Wedding Mr. and Mrs. Hilbert Bierstedt a^ battles. •" One of these two official navy ' photos shows the ship under way Hoelf R.-Miller. Inhor S(1..0 Alvln .RwlnB, .pntrol j..~~^~~~~ Hfl.OO J, K. MontBorrtei-y, Imtrttl l.tTi.iiO 1}oyal flnhrlers. patrol " 117.20. Harold Blnlr, Inhor 94.SO John S. Anderson, patrol128, so •AV.m. CilMftenScn, labor ll.i.20 C. O, Uvckmnn, Inhor nn.70 N. \V, IBell Telephone Co.""t"e"l-- ephohe serv. 19.2S town 'Public Service Co.""efec~" trie serv. 1.0. Interstate ' Power Co., electric serv. ; _ ' 2.91 Iowa State Bnnk"""wltiilifM taxes __•_ Interstnte Power Co., nnd Power Serv. Central Slates n:iec.~C~a"efec.~ trlo serv., Interstate 'Power Co., electric 277..'0 town. Stnte Hunk, wllhheld . tuxes __ 2!Ufl T,. K. Stephens, HSlit serv. _. 2-1. l!> N. \V. Hell Telephone Co., telephone wrv. _.._ .)(> Ben itlnkkeh, salary 1(10.00 Dennis Lynch, snlnry 1l.Ti.flO 1/yle 'RtPliil*ck, phin'ry .. • l.'Aflt) C. K. Johnson, prov. _ Cownh Tl'ldfj. Supply Co., sup. „__ Kast tend Oroeery, prov. 11.CV, -TUESDAY, Directors business nl \V~e.«ley, Town-, riini corporate period expired on July inifl, ut the regular anmiKI meei..^ of Iho stockholders of snl<l no'rporn- llon hPhl Irt the office of (tho pom- pnn.v nt Werilny,' JoH-n, Oh • the Ulii day of AliRimt, iftlfl, rcnewM hnti extended said corporate: period for a period of twenty (20) years from nnd i nfter the 1st dny of July, 1(M5, nnd nmv >n.,. m adopted nhd fifed as hy law rwinlred ' ,.' .,, "' "'' ""' ""• « year, ., ., "' , , ""'» "'"'(Ik '»»»'" 1 anil »>".,• ,,j Algona prov.. Ailjrona PfOV. Co - op. Finking ____ Creamery, a Certificate rif such ReheWnl, ' ,, Amended nnd Substituted Articles of • . tncorporntlnn. ''nt io the Coinpnny, , PfOV. ; ^ ! The Ilnh Clothiers, sup. 14.77 , Dr. P. V. Jrtnse, mod. nnd I calls . 1.02, Dr. C. t-T. Cretzineyer, cine the r,,ih serv. _ :; |j Mim'a nefornmtory. . /ll '* Mamie Dourte, rltfht- istate Snles Tax of-wny City of AlFo"n"rt",""lli:ntr"wi7t"pi\ nnd power serv. Treasurer of Stnte, use ~tax"~return t N. AV. -Bell Te1pphon"e""Co.7"fel- ephone service '__ C. AA r . Penrson. ndvi for freight nnd exp. Interstate.. Power Co.,">lecfHc serv. \'_ ^ The Alffona nardw"a7e,"sTip~""" Mfirona. Machine Shop, repair nnd sup. __^ A'ltfonn Tapper ne7s~"Mofn~e"s~ furl), notice of letting •\linker's - Super / Service tire Inspection $.1.00 US1 mpdl- Iowa Tloscoe's Market, sup. Drs. Fox nnd Wlnkel, veterinary care McCullough's Knnernl Chapel, funeral exp. Kohlhnns Hardware, sup. : The Alironn llnrdwnre. sup. - • - - ijb,-. Co., hull I The imnie of the norporntlon Is The m . R . wlll() '"•''•"'His'«), .li.ofi j TCima K'rnln 'Company, nhil Its prltiel- .-'', '•™' i-pnl plncc of lilislnep.s Is rtt Wesley, I I'/ 1 ', A ; "I'-kimn,,, lown. i Mii'ie Kin,/. M- M The ohjeet. nnd f?enefal tinture of •}" 1 ' 1 " 1 K»\rt .]',' , the 'InislneRs of the.'corporation shall ';' IMHIK 1.00 |, 0 t 0 \ nt y t sell, receive, store, con- Jl ""' '^'cl Knni'."" slKn. denl In nnd handle on commls- and tin- fniii, Hlll , r " •jD slon, or In any other hinhher, eonl , officers: Oreenherfi- A'nfo Siipjay, "smi"" Kohlhans TIdw., sup. U C. Nichols, sup. O. K Rubber Welders, ""rep'a'lT- and Ihsp. } Sehultz Rros..~rp7>nlrs Spllles H'ardware, sup. Thompson -- DIstrlhiitlnK """Co" Flip, r '•. .' . . . Otto Schiii|dt,""c"h"ce"k"l7rf,""R.n"iv- el : -'•_•''' ' M. N. .p7iiri7ps.-"ti7e"IH""_""I H. .Pome'roy, .iiihpr ~"~~ ~ • S. IB. French,; I,ini 1 ]r ( 7r"" r Co" sup.'•• '_I_._____._'_ ' '.. " '.T. M. Blnnchard. sup...""" "" , I-oiifl . nock' 'TelepholTe" ~Co~ '• telephone serv. l-Tlfi-rv L. Cutler. p"ut""hr"ro'7il I Hlls __-••__. •''.•" 1.02: .M .7.OT 1.40 400 •1.97 ."8.S1 v! ri ino tire _.(•,-; 10.fi" S. n. I'-renoh ] controller Foster's Furniture '-Store, .sup. Donnld Mltche!!, sun. Kospntli County Tinpl. <'o.. sup. Brailley Bros., repairs Dutch's Super Service. repair Mid-West Service Co., sup. iBf w'sfi c °V nlv ,l\Mi nn ,1 "•^ claims shown by the ''Schedule of Claims' -•Uti herrinliefore written. On motion adjournment and fuel of every kind nnd descrlp- ! President Vt, l tlon, hay, llveptoek ahd fnrm Imfile- ley, |, m '.., icn.no ments, lath, shlnelos nnd olhel- pro- Vlee-p,<>Hiil,.|it ducts of wood, butter,. CRKS, creain, lown i""™ milk,- and nil kinds of produce, corn, j Secretary r.v, , o'i, wheat, onti!, barley, t-ye, flnx nnd ] ley ] 0 \0n S.S: cereals of every kind 'nnd descrlp-, Treasurer V r .,,i tlon, nnd all'products of the soil nhd ley low'a any and all kinds of nlefchh.ndlse; to I Any stoel'dioM liiilld, erect, equip, own, lense, mnln- : or more offices in. ''' may ''""I nil '"' "HI 1 °. 1! ' lain, operate, buy, sell, transfer and hold office for cxchan.'j'o elevators, warehouses, j Kvefv Dln.f.i, ,. '', " lm nillls, sheds, offices nnd terminals, I er, n'nd If i, ' ,, ll0 and lo buy, .own, sell; exchange, • M_oc'k, he shin .,;' ir transfer and deal In real estate of nil j Director ( ""' 1 ' •''° kinds nnd descriptions, IneludliiK I The highest SI 1J ." !1 until !>:00 o'clock a. in., Aiunist • inin. . . 1 ?' S2 .1. F. Q\'tN"N T . .. „. Cluiirnian Tioard of Supervisors. . ] '.- n Attest: •!;. U J. .IirMRri'FAT;!., .'•'•'" i ' Coimly Auditor. .. Its Articles, and to execute notes, property of tin ,., ! inortKnseii, and other evidences of In- ever exempt frnm' "n w:\s taken dehlednesK. " ' nm] llahlllllcs " . Tim. authorized -capital stock Is One. Hundred" Thousand''. Dollars ($100,- and make ' . The coriioriilnn CKO.OOX divided- Jntoi'sliftres .of -One plenaiiri' Hundred Dollars (|IOO;00) ertch, wlilch in.i ' a ' 1 "" 1 havf, by. 4: i.ii. uuu ivna. miuei i Diersiecu n ,,,i tu« ju i_ .; J attended the wedding of Mrs „ *?? ° l . her shows the 14 ' inch Bierstedt's brother, Lt. Eugene lguns blastln g "way at the Japs. FLIES TO BURT." Burt, Sept. 10—Roy Ollom flew Voigt, who was married to Lou- J and'Mr. and Mrs. Byron Krause ' Up fl '° m Eldora Wednesday, ise Creech, Kansas C,ty Mo., at land son, Decorah, camelast week where he had visited his sister, the Emmetsburg M_e_t h_o d^s t Monday and spent the weeT at Mrs. Max Smith. He recently Te' Feed j sens and a 3 s^te^of Vrs.^ra^se"' naV ^- He returned to Eldora , . - Lt. Voigt has They also visited at 'tho Art been stationed at Panama Canal Priebe home Lone Rock Mrs* 1I2.7.-1 •11. M since November. He now has a 30-day furlough. Go lo Rockford, 111 Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Osborn went to Rockford, 111., Friday to visit at the Ear] Osborn home. . . Art Priebe is also a daughter of the Larsens and a sister of Mrs Krause. 'Lorraine Wegener; Des Moines, entertained at dinner Sunday night at the home of her parents. S:00 O'clock Auditor's Office, Alsona, Towa, August 1, 194.-I. Tho Tionril of Supervisors o,£ Kossuth County, Town, mot in £_3ffilqr ai'ssion pursuant to niljniirnniPiit'with tin 1 following iiu-mlii'rs present: J. iKiilliir & '(,'hii.mbers Co., HUp._. ICllptp L'ooxc i'l.eaf Co. siip,-'~ Biirrcinwhs Ailcliiij.- Much. Co." inuliiteniince servico', 'etc.." ' SJ.OO AlRonn Kk'ctrlc, repiiirs '_"" 5.01 ILuliiH- \& Muckoy, .reimlrs" •"" •' ii.Ol Riuhiinisoii Kuriiltiire Co., repairs • ,]].7S The AlRona Hani ware,. sup..." '.(.S3 Kohlhnns ITdw., 'repairs "** 17 Co Oluirchl.il Mfs. Co,, sup, "I""" ••,•;.'():, Cowan iBuIIdliiK- '. Supply~<5o." ' sup. ^ - •• '- ' ' -if;->i Gordon Ilansp, My. _~II~"~" l!flO Itio'lmrd Puterson, -hty" ' !""".'; ..'jm Ronald Lee. You up, .OJty.'IZI" '.SO' lOlmi'i- K. IMuller, apiary "i"nspT'-., 3.G2 't'. A. McArthur, weed com-'. inisstoner I. VS. ^yortnlan, o.. D. cirrinr, 1 I sun.' • ; _ " :" | Thompson- VnTd.s~~fni\,~snp7"I ! Hock Tslahd '',r,tnnhpr Co., 'slip. 51. T/. Johnson, sup. J Citizens Ror'vl"p Cn.. xnp Jack's : D-X Station, 'siip.' anil repairs Meai'her's Serv.""surtion, "snpT | and repair j Concrete .•Pt:ocliictR""r"ort7~"T"ip~ \\ r . C. Rrpwn Supply Co, I sup. •C. iP. Kurtz, sup. _ ~ Sleir-Vort . Dodse "f'Tijiipnnv" sup. Centrnl Auto. 'KleetTlc'rviT'siTp Central .\u(o Electric Co s "n. _.'.__ _ Kcnnomy . Wplillnjf"It"Yrachlnp AVks.. sup. All-\yhepr-"nrrve""""cor, —- T -l-..._-____ ; 2^:10 local • reglEH*., They will bo accompanied "home ? UeSt ? were _ I Georgia Gerhardt, ir. Fraser.'Tv. R. Mcnonai,[ w. -v' L r - ". Dreynr. local reKlsti-ai-; by Mrs. Bob Goetsch who has in?"',"" 6 Wilrett, Katherine •' Schram, J. v. Qninn and M. L John- '• |P -:^ wp »- !oc «i 1'Wlstriir... been visiting nt R^tf^ tVf PJeckwenn, Eunice Krause anH : "9"- . lr :.. A - >'.ompson,. local rc ffls . been visiting at Rockford the past three weeks. Mrs. Freelove Weisbrod, who has of late been employed in Havelock, will stay with the Osborn children while their parents are gone. Former Teacher Visits— Mr. and Mrs. Norman Pfister and daughter, of Iowa City, spent a few days the first of last week at the George Newel home, as Well as with other Fenton friends. Mr. Pfisler was the band instructor in the Fenton school a few years ago. At present he is not teaching but is working for the Register and Tribune. Methodist Aid Meets— The Fenton Methodist Aid met in the church parlors Thursday afternoon with tho following as hostesses: Mrs. Lyle Newel, Mrs. Elwin Schlei, Mrs. Eugene Huskamp, Mrs. Ralph Weisbrod, Mrs. Fred Mortcnsen, and Mrs. Dale Weisbrod. Visit the Iron Mines— E. C. Weisbrod, Clayton Bits- worth, Pete Hayenga, Frank Behne and son Layton Behne spent the Labor Day weekend fishing at Cut Foot Sioux, Minnesota. They also visited the Iron Mines at Hibbing, Minn. Daughters Visit Parents— Virginia Berkland, , .Mrs. Cecila Bloomquist. trar Motion made hy Schram and sec- ,., ,_ .-,- — Mr inrl Mrc R^"hV^ 1 v •* ' ? mlP ° lly MoDo " n l'l Hint the Home }; "V r n °, y . ke ";* ', ocal ''eKistrar. ivir. ana Mrs. Hicham Nemit2 Indemnity Company of New York U- lf - F| nnf". lo'onl registrar and .Mr. and Mrs. Ross Matthews, Ganby, Minn., came to attend the funeral of Mrs. Otto Nemitz and , . bn awarded the S2ii.COO.iifl policy county records, nnd the Home insur- f>n Florence Hof, local registrar. Trod -Dlekmann,," local resls- aiife Company, of New York, bo , rtrr "\" :-----„_ fro,,« i u " "•"•;• ;~ . awarded the $0000.00 policy on all , ' irae 'l^ a ttlmer, local reg- have als^ been VISltmg relatives, movable contents and Uuipment.."- cluding House. county records ni Court Ayes; All. Xay.u: Xone. l.Htrnr ___ _____ _ Adah Carlson, 'lociil Henry Meyer/mayor fees ' ~~ around Fenton. Pvt. Dale Weisbrod Fort T.pnn-i .- .,.-. ...,,,,. ,*,.-•• - ard Wood Mn on^nJ- th« ^ e0 ? Motion made hy McUomihl and sec- 'V J- 'Cogley, sheriff fees ____ »nl -fu u ? lo -'*P ent , th e week- onded hy Johnson that the rec,ucst " l '™" k Kohihaas, mayor fees end With his Wife and daughter. I for repairs on Drainage District Xo A ' X Cosley, sheriff fees ._ Mrs. Weisbrod met her husband -• s 'K'"'''i h v A. j. nerens lie placed {;• A - Kvnns, coroncr.'.s feeH__ '-- ~ " • auuuu ()n fU(i ai)(1 thnt f , D . )ni ^ _' com _ Frank .Kohihaa.s, jury fees' potent engineer, ho and is herohy aji- ' '""" " pointed Kngineer to examine, and • I'.OQ ,-.4.00 ' 1^25 ; 1.00 •' 1.25 .- 1.25 .,3.25 1.25. 5.50 'sd.a> 3.00 S.OO nurse at Duluth, Minn., came Sunday to visit her parents, the Bertyl Berklands. The Berk- lands' other daughter Irene, who is a telegraph operator, is also visiting her parents. New Pastor is Guest— The Rev. Weinhold family""of Whittemore, were Wednesday evening dinner guests at the Rev. A. F. Render home. The Rev. Mr. Weinhold is the new Lutheran pastor in Whittemore, moving there Wednesday. Soldier is Honored— Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Voigt entertained at dinner Sunday in honor of Pvt. Dale Weisbrod. The other dinner guests were Mrs Dale Weisbrod and Pamela anc Mr. and Mrs. Charles Weisbrod Will Have Operation— Mr. and Mrs. Ray Priebe scent Tuesday at Mason City. While there Ray consulted a specialisl about; his nose and found that he would need an operation in the near future. Lutheran Aid Meets— _ The Fenton Lutheran Aid met in the church basement Wednesday. Hostesses were Mrs. Emil Bierstedt and Mrs. August Bierstedt. Former Paslor Here Calls— The Rev. J. T. Snyder, Storm Lake, was a business calier in Fenton Wednesday and an overnight guest Goetsch home. at the Richard Other Fenton News. Mr. an<J Mrs, Mai'tin. .JLarsen in Des Moines. The Ted Mier family, Whittemore, and Mr. and Mrs. Charles Nelson, Cylinder, visited at Martin Hantlemann's Wednesday evening. ' Mr. and Mrs. H. G. McElroy, of Ionia, spent from Saturday to Monday with J. A. G. Smith. Mrs. McElroy is a sister of the late Mrs. Smith. Mildred Goetsch and Lynn, cf Des Moines, were Labor Day guests at the home of Mildred's parents, Mr. and Mrs. George Goetsch. The Wrn. Ford family, Faribault, Minn., spent the Labor Day weekend at Fred Newel's. Mrs. Ford and Mrs. Newel are sisters. J. 'A. G. Smith and his guests. Mr. 'and Mrs. H. G. McElroy, of Ionia, were Sunday dinner guests at C. I, Smith's, Armstrong. The C. I. Smiths and their dau £ hter>s family, all of Armstrong, were Labor Day visitors at the J. A. G. Smith home. Mr. and Mrs. Hugo Denker, of Lester, were visitors at the Wm. and Donald homes from a week ago Saturday to Monday. Mr. and Mrs. Paul Voigt and family and Mr. and Mrs. Hildreth Pettit and family spent Sunday at the Okobojis. Mr. and Mrs. Herman Voigt, of Minnesota, visited at the Frank McFall and John Menz homes Sunday and Monday. Betty Biesel, Mason City, has spent the past week with her friend, Cordelia 'Miller, at the W/n., Miller home. Truman Bergeson left for Forest City Thursday to enroll in the Waldorf junior college. Mrs. Ervin Borchardt and Mrs. Lyndon Kerber were Algona shoppers Wednesday. f-Mrs. Howard Rabey and Mrs Lyle Newel were Algona shoppers Tuesday. Mrs. Ernest Votteler and Mrs. Edw. Priebe were Algona shoppers Tuesday. -. Div and Mrs. E. J. Capesius left on a fishing trip to Minnesota Friday. , make, engineer's report on name and , . _ 'D. James, jury. .fees • _ ~J J. If. Frnser, Jury, fees"! Wm. C. Nelson, witness '"fees 7 ~ n.5r>. AM possibl None. Motion date. Ayes: All. .Xays: present his findings thereof to (he '^; ls ' \ r - 'Huff, witness fees___: Hoard of Supervisors at the earliest '. "• Cretzmeyor, witness •• • - ' ' . fees ;__ Tlotsford Jjiimher Co., Hup OOtlRT- FTJ.XiD . Iowa Stnte Bank, ' withheld taxes -._• ? • 'F. I r. Kfcmis, court reporter if. 11. Kemi.s, court reporter 11. iF. Frlstodt,. attorney serv" made by McDona.ld nnd • 4.20 2.JX) . 8.00' 2.10 .. IH.ni onded by Schram that >Fraser he appointed lo make necessary repairs on Drainage District Xo. 51. Ayes: All. Xays: None. Motion made by ^fcDonadl and seconded by Fraser that Pcliram he appointed to make 19.50 76.44 10.00 INSTITUTION FL'ND .. , ,, necessary repoirH ] [olou White, clerk fees on the following drainage distriets: C. II. Crcfzmeyer, phys~ic7a,l and Joint Drainage \ fees Xo. I, No. :0, , District \V-lv -Ki-101. Ayes: All. Xays: ' D. C. IUitchison,~ auoi-Tiey'^eS J .A. ' 10.00 6.00 3.00, onded by McDonald that Johnson be appointed to make, necessary repairs on the- following drainag ' BA .VO'S 151. Ayes: All. Xays: Xone. -Motion made by Fra.ser and onded by Selirnin that Final mate Xo. Ill for Maintenance .llstrlctB:'^"^.?. 1 !. 1 : 1 '-?. 1 . 11 ''-™: ca « le -- Ucm. No. a. ,Xo. S2.-NO-: ffi; NoV-lo.'aT.d'No: ^...^^ K Wagner, ^ . cuttle CON,.STkUc-I'JON"Tlu"N; Esti- I IO , Wa Stal ° Ba " k ' witht-M 4>.-)LI I *,, vr**j J - -tti n m tiniu- I' J I III I 4'jfttl- I * ,, .., ,. - ' • ••--..-.*• mate. Xo. Hi for Malnteiiiince travel- I «.„*,, -v;-r—:—— ! —----in»{ of. the i]»i,K'i ( ,y Construction Co k un f J "; - Nolll 'i d . «<iv. pay)>« aiipnu-i-d. Ayes: \|| N'avs- Ilien t for gravel pit Jaiul • None. ' " ' • p • A. J. Ccmley, deposit lor' Motion mn/lf. lur T«K.,^« , ,1 * tiTUVel Pit Motion made by Johnson and'sec- onded hy 'Fraser that a non-resident notice he served on Vinal U Heho and family. Ayes: All. Xays: Xone On motion Hoard proceeded to audit and allow claims as per "Kchc.ilulu of Claims" hereinafter written. COUXTY Pi'ND X. W. Hell Telephone Co., telephone serv. S'l.W Hcrt Cronan, janit<ir WOI-K" '"jo Iowa State llnnls, withlield taxes j^j A. J.. Lauriten, mileage and eonl'i-i-ence City of AlH water serv. Treasurer of returns 75.00. 10.00 33.SO 100.00. ...... ----- . ..... A. J. Losjiey, costs in eondein- nation on m-avel pit ____ A. J. Cog-ley, fees. adv. IiJ travel condemnation " II. Al. .Sniitli, saliu-y _~~~~"~ Helen Leigh, assist. Co. J_n- 3i;io i ,, ----J. i. Merryinan, us and labor ___ _ Mrs. IM. aicuuTrj. of tools filling srave pit 1K ^ Jlrs. l.,o. jvlfiUinre, liliihk liKht"""and Hravel pit Diilch'.s Super «erv7,"Te'pirirs"" J. C. Jin-yens, yravel Tiniore Cement &. 'l"ire""~Co.~ i sujt. i The. Uraf Apsco Compa"iry",~"i : _" 5.01 l )ull> - 9&0.00 27.25 2S.-U 72..DO -MAIXTIOX'KXAXCK PUXD SD.&O U-eroy Crupser, slio|i mechanic Joe M. Ksser, opbrutine draa- 61.21 1S0.10 1S5.03 Kleonor Kollasch, as.sist.~Aiul- itor's office Mary Ann .\lei-Hen, Tisstr'Aec- order's office K :10 ))„_ • N ;.,,^ n " ii Ucr^ :i :'!. 1 . 0 : 1 :.. 1 ' 0 - ""• S3 x \ M eir ™*™*~^™**™. V' i\ V ' ,{'''" rsul1 ' '"^'- '">••, etc. n.lO i Clifford lIofmeHrpatrof TJ? ^n J. II. Eraser, cumin, and ses- I Arnold Wearier, lubor J. ^.[so 2-*S.S3 Ferdinand Meyer, labor" ~ _3_'_o Hasmle. llaiisen, labor 147 -'0 -— 191.00 ! Bert Shellmyer, patrol _3,'__ Clarence, Jlentges, patrol"""" J02 06 Jleni-y Loerwold, puini.Int' slons AV. K. McDonuTd." sessions AV. A. Schrain, sessions J. il f . Qulnn7' eonini. and 12IM.OT 10T! 70.0'! I 0-? Hi.Sfl 14.1. as M.SO. •r,- 1 rn 10.71 111.7'! L'O.ftfi ' . Auditor's i . AlK'ona. lo-vn, AiiRiist I, 1111.". !)•<"> O'clock A. Jf. The Tioard of Supervisors of Kns- Rlith Ponntv, Iowa, Inet in rc'-'iilnr session pursuant \6 adlonrnment with th" following menliero pivsi'ui: .1. ITT.- -Frasor. \\'. K. ITHnonnlil, \\". A. Schram. J. F. Quinn and M. 1,. Johnson. Motion made hy Fraser and seconded by Rchram that tin- follnw'n'.r Tlecord Entry hu made for inin Counlv Iludfet TOstlmale: !Be it rememhered tlint .>n this, tile nh day of AiiKiist. 1fl|."i. the .''ounty Supervisors of ' Kossuth Comity. Iowa, met in session for the iTurpose of n. hc-nr'nT unon the hiulitnt isll- mate as filed with this board. There was present a (|iiorum as required hy law. Tliereiipon tile hoard Investi- f — AiineMdments in n., . may .be increased' by- 'Vote of three- j made as iirnvlilc.ii H I '"* fourth!! C!/.|) In Interest of all Block- J TIIR Kl'.Vy, CD 'rvT \\h\i\crs, hitt when-Incrcn.snd, .ntlell-) HV FUKH v ,i . tloiial shares shall he' offered to .the I ' Du existhiR:...stockholders- proportionately | to their holdinss, ,at not less than 51-52-1-2 FrtK11 ,\. The sup. _____ _ _____ Herman IB. Brown sup. Company, .Diikehart - Hup-hes Tr" and 35.J1 ntO.70 On., . Maeh. Co., sup. ' Town. Mach. snip. ________ -100S.1.I & Supply Cn" Supply Co., Smith Th-e fr 'fta"ttrry' CO., Slip.:'! --._;_ •_ _ T Tvossuth Oil Co.; Fas'siip? ~~ • ^ ilnncroft .Ol.l.'Crv. fuel sun""" '.] Ivone Rock .'Co-Op..- road tile"" M. ! C. : Jo'rfrenson.. labor T.y.nch.i'Oft.'rp;, file.] ,sup"~""_" Oeiitral 'T'rtwa 'Teleplrohe ~6n" telephone .'serv. -' POOH Ft'.X.D ' Muc'lier, medical fc'Jitni) and found Ihat Hie notice of (he timi> and place of lu-nrlnc; liad accordin.ir to law and as directed by the hoard been puhllslied on the 1!l|ji day of July, linn, in the llaiicroft TlPftlstor, and In the AlKonn Upper Des UtoineM, nnd In the Tsossiilh County Advance on the 2-11 h day of July, 10 IS, official newspapers, published In said county, and .that the 17 n nfflrtnv| t of publication thereof was •"•'•' ,on file with the County Auditor. (vwm Thereafter and on said day the es- W '-. U1 tlmate was taken un and considered and taxpayers heard for an aq-ainst .Ui.s ...,),] estimate. 1 Xo ol).in'ctlons filed and ItiK. sup. Dr. ,T. care Sorenfen '-Orocer.y Co., ~P"TOV~"! Paul Krnst, prov, , ' ' _ ••']] • Merrill . Bros., . prov^"I "" " Bonacker's Food Mkt."~ pl'oy"" TTertzke's Or'ocery, - prby.i AA'hll te-ntoro -. Creamery,' mlfk "" lender's,- sup. __j_' Whittemore BleyatoiT'coaf~ Dr, C. Tf. • Oretzmeyer, meifi- no ob|«et- taxpayers present at this meet••;„• .Thereafter the board took up the o"m estimate for final consideration and irio nriOT llp|M " fllll V nrtvlscd the lioard ;.'•"•'- delennlned. that .said e.itimnte be cor- . 1-ected ami completed 'so 'that when •'•!"• completed it should be In words and r . ,, fic-ures as stated herein. •'.'•'•''; I he vote upon fina.l adoption of . . itlio biidKct was as follows: | Ayes: iPrane'r. MoDonnld, Pcln-am r,0.00 •Tohnsoii, and Qninn. Xays: Xone 2-100 -""t'O" carried. ~&.m _ Tlin Chairman' of the Board of a(i 00 Supervisors and the County Auditor •IS.OO' W1! "-, thercupoii directed to properly II TO I™' 1 "*' 'he budset as adopted and to 300 J." 0 tho same. In .the., office of-the 3.00 f -o»nty Auditor as required by law S.OO .Motion made by Fraser and • K( , n . -,.,- . . "i)']«l hy iSchmrn that a non-resident . — 4__: not allowed llollcn , »o .served on the following C.. H. • Cretzmeyer,, med- .., named persons: Donald M. Heller . . ,, Ical oare ,_1 ____ -u--__ Dr. J. G. Claps-addle, TneiTlcal care ___ ___ _ ' . • Dr. '' nnd Dr. R care Henry 22.50 medicine . _trl' TCerRtp7i7 ' ' medical and family, Jake Johnson,' and .Charles Payne. Ayes: AH. Xa vs IS 00 Nonp ' On motion adjournment was taken until S:00 o'clock a. m., September l" 11.00. •y J. Kline, rent 1000 Mnrvel Dole, .mUeage. iV<n •"nnt-nP^^.l ' T ..JJ-1 ~ ' Jf> - ' . )!U . 0 ATTBST: 6,47 00.00 'Bbtsford' Lumber Co sup fit (Francis Home. hosp. rare Department of Social Welfare, aid to dependent chM- dren _ ,,,„ „„ Department of SociarWelfaTe"; ' aid to blind 1(1 „ Forbes nospltnir~f,ospr~cnre~~ .19^7 ;K .'•••_- COUNTY .FA mi ; , V ' BoH 'J'flcphone Co telephone serv. s . Atlest: 'J.. J. „. , J. .P. QTHNN, <-halrmnn Hoard of Supervisors. , (.•ounty Auditor. Nio-rroi- OF IWONIUAVA r. OF coa- POHATR nortin-D TO WHOM IT MAY CONOTON• 'Notice is hereby K , vl)n " thnt ' T)je K nz Grain Company, a corporation 'Inly organized and oxisling unrtc _. £!?, 'V TlrtlI ° ° f V° lnw« of tho, State of Iowa, with "principal place of ^ .... -_ 1 t?> 'oa't 'I Can't Afford to Insulate My H ZONOLITE Brings the Comfort and Ecorumy Insulation Within the Reach of Every Home N I l o LONGER need you feel that insulation is aiUtei one of those things that will just have to wait You can afford to insulate now! You canU^! Zonolite—the finest insulation money can buy-1 because you can install it in the attic yoarseljt ; Inexpensive? Certainly ; ; ; and simple. Af| bags of Zonolite each week (no need to bujjthoi all at once unless you wish), a few hours ofyoi time, and the job is done; I Your lumber dealer is the man to see. Lethia explain how easy Zonolite is to handle ;; hot] clean and safe. He'll tell you why Zonolit«i so much to your comfort—winter and summer-J and subtracts so much from your fuel bill. Stall ZONOLITING your home RIGHT NOW. ALL-MINERAL LIGHTWEIGHT FIREPROOF . '- PERMANBft ROTPROWj = VERWI^I BOTSFORD LUMBER CO Phone 256 coinm. UH] slons __ 2 . u&5 Johnson, comm. and sessions _ ^3., .-^ Joanno 'Kuchynka" "assr.""c"o" I •S. U. .McjJonald, 13.20 : 100 Mason City School Halted by Polio Lakota, Sept. 10—Lena Gut- , ff . knecht expected to leave last H \v 'mn^'lt week Monday to take up her, Kossuth County ,..„,„ J51J . work as teacher in the Mason' .'' e au, appropriation _ 410cc TJity school but received wordi Mrs i ol p Ulill a Hutchison, cn" the preceding Saturday that KosZif Co.'wa" " "' 44 school opening would be postponed at least two weeks be- ause of several cases of polio in jie city. Halph Markia, labor ~~~~~ Hl.'JD Areiiiu IJodds, haullnu'Bru^'ei" 1_9W) u,, nt - ~~ i ""Itt-r L. Johnson, labor __ " 135.50 A i? r "T 79.00 Oliver Young, labor Jr'70 A. &._ Laudtzen, nilleaKe and | A. J. .-lildman, patroI'IIIH" "ii''"' l.'rbun Neuroth, patrol "II J.em Stockwell, patrol 'iJlck ;iiaade, labor C.'. Jr.' Cooper, labor iMvitrht iF, C!raha.m, fabof'II' Uio. iF. Urahum, cutting conference A. J. Coiiley, inlu'uKJ'uMd'Iri- "''"" i vest, fees _ j.^ w A. J. ! <-osleyr""hourdliH.'""!rnd "' I prisoners jg.o_ 43 yi to Sliejv JJu- weeds, Andrew F. brush, etc. 5070 ' . nz, mitral .._'_" j|a.«> Sclirader, .ossutli Co. AVar Act. Comm I \Vil office expense jix.W I Jioi The 'Bancroft lleglKter,""Board Proceed, etc. Alfe'ona Upper iDes Moines, 1 ---C."--™ --JJJ^tl _^L~.3 UViUJIII-W, brd. proceed., etc. ' Ohm, cut brush " 69 30 ia4d Bierstedt, labor _~~~~ «9.SU Ohariea Hawks, labor W 30 111.93 : l-co iFox, labor _ gg jjjj 1 Clyde Sanders, patrof "" 126 60 A'c-rne Mollnder/patro III 13940 Jiaf Most Important Place Is , . . . STEEL SPRINGS MATTttESSES TABLES, CHAIR AND OTTOMA SHAG RUGS THROW RUGS in the column at the ritfht PLATFORM ROC O* *" ' •. • II ^«x_._i rt ;.-^_\ EBS| (Steel Springs) LIVING ROOM S M BEDROOM SUITES COFFEE TABLES END TABLES HASSOCKS , , CHEST OF DRAWjEBS || PICTURES PLAQUES BJUSTROM'S FURNITURE CO T^WlfclfBTf V"*W T^^ ^ TW> aau TM~J_ - ' " ^^^ ^^ ^^^WBd ^Hr vv tt •^ 9 t^f 9* M* I I mf IVI •* I I T T» 1P^ B^ WW^ w™^ ^^ t _. . .. ^^f ^F' ^ COMPLETE HOME OUTFITTERS Establisdea 1925 Greater Values SEWING CABINE ROCKERS, MIRR< DINETTE SETS WORK TABLES LINOLEUM WORLD GLOBES CARD TABLES TABLE LAMPS STUDIO LOUNGE HIGH CHAIRS CHILO CRIBS STROLLERS NURSERY CHAIR* BABY CARRIAGES MEDICINE CHESTS STEPLADDERS FLOOR LAMPS WARDROBES WINDOW SHAD® -• RSI

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