Asheville Citizen-Times from Asheville, North Carolina on February 17, 1920 · Page 16
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Asheville Citizen-Times from Asheville, North Carolina · Page 16

Asheville, North Carolina
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 17, 1920
Page 16
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10 THE ASHEVILLE CITIZEN, TUESDAY MORNING, FEBRUARY 17, 1920. Choice Variety of Glassware Flower Baskets Celery Stands Water Pitchers Some Carefully Selected , Seconds Thin Blown Tumblers Special at 70c Dozen LAW'S 21 Haywood St. POJCE POWER CAN BE INVOKED 10 CLOSE CHURCHES IN THIS STATE Is Now a Prevailing Opinion Judge Connor Explains That the Newbern Case Did Not Involve Question of the Validity of a Closing Ordinance. Ladle who are jisoriminst-tnt In their election of Chin and Silverware will And here everything one could wish for. THE I-X-L STORE FATTON AVE. PHONE 10? YOUR EYES are nature' great gift Your k enjoyment of life depends upon their service to you. CARE FOR THEM. Charles H. Honess OPTOMETRIST Eye-Strain Specialist 14 Patton Ave. Opp. PoatoOee Established ItOO. Further evidence that the etate or iho municipality does not lack author- ty to cIohu any church or otner in stitution In the Interest or public hoslth during epidemics, Is furnished by Judge George W. Connor, who has tried recently the only case of thin character, and the principle. Judge Connor declares, was not Involved. The Ashevllle government which "requested" the churches to close on the outbreak of Influenza was commended by the Greensboro Dally News for "requesting" becauae It could not. "under a decision of the supreme court of North Carolina, "command the churches to close. Following that editorial announcement the Raleigh correspondent of the Oreensboro Dally News Inter viewed the state board of health ' which furnlehed the recent Craven county case which Judge Connor tried. The state board interpreted the case las an evidence that Judge Connor, at least, did not see the police power to missed the action against Mrs. R. U Jenkins Christian scientist reader, who was defendant . ' Writing to the newspaper correspondent, Judge Connor says: "My attention has been called to a letter In the Greensboro Dally News this morning. In which you report that I decided In a cane pending in the. sunerlor court of Craven county that an ordinance of the board of health requiring a church to be closed on account of the prevalence of Influenza was void that a church could not be required to be closed. "No such case Involving this propo sition hss been presented to me I did have a case In which certain defendants were charged with the violation of an ordinance requiring the closing of churches, etc. I hold that upon the evidence offered by the state, defendants could not be convicted and sustained the motion to non-suit. I was of the opinion, and so held, that the evidence was not sufficient for the Jury to find that this particular ordinance had been violated. The question as to the validity of the ordinance or the power of the board of health to pass this or a similar ordinance was not involved. "I think it so strange that you 'newspaper fellows' In reporting the actions of Judges and courts do not seem to realize the Importance to the public of being accurate. I think much of the so-called criticism of the courts Is due to inaccurate reports In the newspapers of what the courts do or fall to do. But I shall not preach. I do not wish to be put In the position and especially at this time of having rendered a decision which may hamper the public health authorities with whom I sympathize and wish heartily to co-operate, personally and officially. 80 far as I know no one has questioned the power of the board of health to pass the closing ordinances or tho duty of all citizens to obey them. "1 will thank you .... to state that you are now informed that the case tried berore me at Mew Bern aid not Involve the power of the board of health to pose the ordinance and that no decision relative to this question was made." Judge Connor makes the opinion DRAW JURORS MARCH TERM SUPERIOR COURT Names of Jurymen for Coming Three Weeks Term of Court Are An nonnced. The county commissioners yesterday announced the following whose names had been drawn as Jurors for the March term of superior court: First: J. M. Westall, C. A. Rymer, W. A DaVis. Win. M. Jones C. H Davis, W. D. long. tieo. 8. Pennell. II. J. Olive, L U. Ford, Chester Hrown. E. J. Hales. H B. Keenan. L. Humner and O. M. Coston. Ashevlllo township; D. W. Hmlth, Upper Hominy township: Charles It. Harper, J. S. Williams and R. I. McBrayer. Falrvlew township: Leon Stanton. Swannanoa township; W. C. Rogers, Sandy Mush: T. J. Cook. Leicester: J. w. Johnson, Avery's creek; M. C. Snelson. French Broad township; J. C. Hlgglns, Iteems Creek. Second week: David Hoffman. Clay Greon, A. K. Brown, A. I Rankin. Jno A. Baker, II. B. Proftitt and F. J. Baker; Ashevllle township; A. L. Ingle and L. F. Lurrett, Sandy Mush: J. H. Allen and R. II. Colen. Flat Creek: D II Penland, Candler; Mor gan and u. 36 NEW CASES FLU IN LAST TWO DAYS HERE Three Deaths Repprted Yesterday-Ten Pneumonia Cases Now In the Emergency Hospital. CI Wurlfrlf TTnrw.r ftnm- I nearly unanimous mat me ponce my township: F. M Reed and S. J. Dowtr 01 HiHtn. municina iiv or anv AshwAeth i i . t other unit, can b Invoked to close ! and rv v Hrnwn t? n&m pr! w iED FREE AFTER THE AUC- To date there have been 25 deaths from influenza-pneumonia In Ashevllle since January 25, while the total number of Influenza cases has reached 1,807, and pneumonia cases total 73, tho' health board announcod yester day. Sunday there were 19 new Influenza' eases reported by 28 physicians, and ; no new pneumonia cases were lnclud-1 ed In tho reports. Yesterday the same 1 number of doctors reported 17 newt cases of Influenza, two of pneumonia 1 and three deaths. At a local hospital where tdiwn Laughter died, his wife and six of the seven children are confined and are I very seriously 111. 1 Tho Montford avenue emergency ' hospital last night had 47 pptlents, ; having taken In three new ones dur- ' lug tho day and discharged two who j had recoverod. Thcro are now 10 j pneumonia cases in the hospital, two1 of whom are reported in a serious con-ditlon. DINNER WILL BE SERV- any Institution that North Carolina laws. opens under ELIZABETH MOORE DIED HEBE MONDAY Was IS Years Old and a Native of Nashville. Elizabeth Moore, aged 13, died yesterday morning at six o'clock at the home of her grandmother, Mrs. M. K. Sayre, In Woolsey. Tho deceased came to the city several months ago from her home In Nashville, Tenn, and had been 111 for quite a while. Miss Mooro Is survived by her pi- rents, Mr. and Mrs. O. J. Moore, unci two brothers, Sayre and Scott, of Nashville, Tenn.; hor grandmother. Mrs. M. E. Sayre, cf this city: . an aunt, Mrs. W. T. Howard, of Jackson ville; two uncles, B. 8. Sayr?, of this city, and Bcott Sayre, of Los Angeles, California. The funeral arrangements will be announced later. DINNER WILL BE SERV- ED FREE AFTER THE AUCTION SALE AT GOLD VIEW GARDENS THURSDAY. WE HAVE few used Tires in our stock which will go cheap. Also a few retreads. STtTSON envies ATlsFISS STETSON TIRE COMPANY Broadway and Walnut Sta. and feaothslds At. Psoas Mi sad 191a. THE HALLMARK STORE. U A NECESSITY TODAY The generation of people who locked up their silverware in cupboards and cabinets and considered its possession a luxury, has given way to the generation which understands that silverware is made to use as well as to admire. Make additions to the silverware you already have; buy more silverware for utility as well as for ornament. Let us show you some fine Gorham. Arthur M. Field Co. H Burnett. C. S Cooper and C. M. TION SALE AT GOLD VIEW Buckner. Black Mountain township; V' DnpTC TffTTDon a Neely Payne, T. K. Hare and M. Slu-i LiAKJJEjiN o lltUKaJJAY. tier, Leicester, Limestone find French Broad townrfhlps respectively. Third week: Geo T. Winston, r. C. Glenn, G. T. Harnrlck; W. J. Mo-Mahan. H. W. Pelton, W. A. Bostlc.,' Carrol Ledbetter. A. J. Belt, T. T. Kale, J. F. Grenn. Frank McRary D. G Rowe and R. C. Hales of Ashe vllle township; O. D. Brown. Reems' Creek: J. R West; J. H. F.nsley; W R. Sheppard and M. A. Elklns, French Broad township; J. W. Robinson and J. H. Ball. Sandy Mush; II. C. Bridges, Leicester: R R. Anderson. Black Mountain; G. W. McKlrath, Upper Hominy township; M. A. Trantham, Avery's creek. IN THE OUTDOOR DEPARTMENT Sheep-lined Shoes and Sox, Wool Sox, Sweaters, sheep-lined Coats, Hot Water Pigs, etc. ON THE FIRST FLOOR Out Pajamas and Night Shirts in all sizes; regulator styles or with hoods and feet; knit Underwear in medium or heavy weight, regular and out sizes. We Sell Men's Shoes P. K. CLIFF IS GIVEN HEARING ON MONDAY Trespassing on Is Charged With Game Preserve. F. K. Cliff, charged with trespassing on the national game preserve, was given a hearing yesterday before U. S. Commissioner Vonno L. Gudger. The commissioner held judgment in abeyance for ten days, before announcing whether he will bond the defendant over to the federal court. ASHE VILLE-E AST TENN. ELECTRIC R. R. PASSES BY GOLD VIEW GARDENS, YOU CAN LIVE IN THE "GARDENS" AND WORK IN THE CITY. Km- m k, -M; Don't Abuse YOUR EYES Don't read in a poor light. Dorl't read facing the light. Don't read when your eyes are tired. Don't read without glasses, if reading strains your eyes. Our glasses will enable you to read in solid comfort "Becoming Classes Cost No More" DR. DENISON OPTOMETRIST (Eye-Strain Specialist) 25 Patton Avenue Opp. Kress Store. EC IX 12 ps THE HALLMARK STORE.' r evnnnm I ntrdVomenirtMiitmur EDWARD A FARLEY 16 S. Pack So. Asheville, N. C Hyancinlhs Slips and Narcissus Bulbs Already started in pots with fibre. Will bloom in two or three weeks. Just the thing for a friend who is sick. Call and See Them. These Bulbs are potted, rooted and sprouted. Ready to start into instant leaf and flower. COAL! PARDEE! COAL! PLENTY FOR YOUR NEEDS Prompt Delivery Correct Weight Reasonable Price Terms Cash Phones 25-981 Citizens Transfer and Coal Co. FREIGHT AND FURNITURE VANS i YOUR WATCH Why has it stopped? It was not from accident or misuse, but from neglect. Most watch owners never give a thought to the amount of work a watch movement is called upon to perform, the millions of ticks it gives until it stops. It needs and deserves an occasional inspection, cleaning and adjustmenL Its monetary value, as well as its usefulness, justifies this occasional attention. We maintain a service department, under an expert watchmaker, to give proper attention to our customers' watches. This is an assurance of satisfaction to which you should give much weight, especially in making your decision from whom you will buy your watch. Our line of watches will merit a visit of inspection. ' HENDERSON Your Jeweler 52 Patton Ave. Opp. Postoffice RED cniiii MILLS For grinding chicken feed any small grain, Graham or whole wheat flour, spices, coffee, etc. All sizes. T. S. MORRISON & CO. TIRES ACCESSORIES "Hupmobile" "Oakland" Western Carolina Auto Co. 14-16 E. College St Phone 890 MEMBER OF VAN CAMP'S SOUPS Special for one week only. All varieties 10 Cents. Per Can Depot for Biltmore Milk' Products EDWIN C. JARRETT 12 N. Pack Square and City Market All Bulk Goods Kept in Sanitary, ' Dust-Proof Bins T HE BEST OF EVERYTHING ALWAYS ROOM AT THE TOP Matters little what the state of business is, or how many are out Of work, graduates of this school manage to keep actively employed. Young men and women trained here readily qualify for bettor positions and work their way up. Ability and industry, backed by the knowledge .always command recognition especially for graduates of EMANUEL BUSINESS COLLEGE Oldest and Best Equipped Business School in the State Over Walker's Drug Store Phone 1 100 Hens for Roasting or Stewing Fancy Lamb, Veal, Pork and Western Beef. Why not use meats of best quality? ft STAR MARKET THREE PHONES-1917 "We are successful caterers to a variety of appetites." fiuiMscn Twenty Years of Successful Pioneering Experience Back of GRAMM-BERNSTEIN TRUCKS stands nearly 20 years of successful pioneering and truck building experience, together with unexcelled manufacturing facilities. They are made right That's why they make good the world over. ERSKINE MOTORS CO. State Distributors 78-80 N. Lexington Ave. CARMEN PEAS A medium size sweet sifted pea of superior flavor. If you are tired of regular salads, try one of diced potatoes and green peas. Carmen Peas, per can, 21c Per Dozen, $2.27 J. eJ. 37 Haywood St Phones 1715-1716 Groceries and Service. K sMOrifc - io J Procrastination is the Thief of Time NOW - TAKE "3-H" TONIC NOW Cleanse and Fortify Your System Against Influenza SO Cents the Bottle AT SMITH'S and OTHER FIRST-CLASS DRUG STORES. NOW NOW Swift Premium Hams, small, per lb .....38c Roberts-Oake Quality Brand Hams, small, per lb 35c ICingan, Virginia Hams, small, per lb 37c THE AUTOMAT Cash and Delivery E. J. Edwards, Mgr. Haywood Bldg. Phono 3036 A Tire Saved Is Many Dollars Made We'll do your Tire Vulcanizing and Retreading like veterans. Our equipment is modern our men experienced. Asheville Tire and Vulcanizing Co. 12 E. College St yl:''J'l1""' mmrnw ""!l"'" '"'ft'iB''1 ' nwf iiiii!iif 1 ipwiwyi'itiiFt jjjggBPafcj tr I . . TOW The Spirit of iMttsic dwells within the Knabe. It is not merely a good instrument of sound workmanship it is more. A living and breathing art has endowed the Knabe with soul and distinctive individuality. It is the harmonic achievement of supreme craftsmanship. "The Piano for a Lifetime" MIGNON GRAND 1350,Th Dull Mahogsnr DUNHAM'S MUSIC HOUSE The Home of High Grade Piano

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