Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on August 28, 1945 · Page 2
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 2

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 28, 1945
Page 2
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TUESDAY, AUG. 28. 1945 1AV..I tail. ,.-&<! -Jtl- fcif.'J U> tl BOYS' ALL PURPOSE Strong blue fabric Finely tailored—san- forized Ideal for work, play, sports SALE OR LEASE OF HEMP MILLS IS ADVERTISED Local Mill Included i in Advertisement in D. M. Paper. KOSStTTH COUNT* ADVANCE, ALGONA, Pepsi-Cola Gets Wholesale Unit Here COOKED A FINE DINNER- THEN THREW IT TO DOG One lady recently stated that : she used to throw her own dinner to the dog most of the time. Jt made her sick just to look at ^anything to eat. She was swollen with gas, full of bloat, had "headaches, felt worn out and 'was b'adly constipated. Finally .she got SYS-TONE and says she ;now eats everything in sight and Friday's Des Moines Register, j carried an advertisement by the j Surplus Property division of the Reconstruction Finance Corp., announcing 42 government-owned hemp mills for sale or lease, and listed among them were all of Iowa's 11 mills, including the Algona mill. Thirteen plants were said to .be_available for immediate occupancy. The advertisement gave several addresses for inquiries, including Chicago 4, and gave a general description of all the plants, as follows: Description of Properties. Land areas vary from approximately 40 to 80 acres, fenced. Buildings cover approximately 8 acres. Some plants have additional land outside fenced area. Locations are in agricultural areas, close to small towns. Buildings consist of eight ma- 'pHIS BUILDING on South Phillips street next to lh« BrLwn's Dairy, is being constructed by Mr -*• nFAUf n frt^ n urn AlacaiM t? 4 ***?!»*•. ««*! J2« *_£!».*£& * * .1 •• .'. » *». * •» • JM . • ^ ,.»««^»Ti-fc*fcov.»*-*. t ji.niiigjijnigjiL<iiit( — t .digests it perfectly. Bowels are' J° r structures—average approxi regular and nbimal. She is en- j mately 28,000 square feet to each joying life once more and feels j plant—and consist of mill build- like "some other woman" since i m &< straw storage .building, dry- taking tlr.s New Compound. | er building, bale storage build- SYS-TONE contains 12 Great i ir >g. boiler house and chimney Herbs; they cleanse bowels, clear j shop, locker building, office, and gas from stonVach, act on sluggish ' Brown for a wholesale storage and distribution cente for the Fort Dodge Pepsi-Cola ; company. "'""" iul a "»"'«»« storage ana aisiriounon center lor the Fort Dodge Pepsi-Cola company. Also to be constructed m the near future is a storage plait for the dairy between the new building and the present one. PASTOR, BRIDE, ARE HONORED AT OTTOSEN PARTY Ottosen, Aug. 27—The Presbyterian congregation and Aid entertained Tuesday evening in honor of the Rev. and Mrs. Schneck, who were recently married. Opening the program the congregation sane, There is Sunshine in My Soul, followed by a vocal solo by JVlrs. Ada Reynolds, Mrs. Ralph TYPEWRITER SENT HOME BY SOLDIER Souvenirs of all, sorts, linens, machine guns, ; rifles, helmets, silver, dishes; jewelry,. h:»ve ; been sent by service men. overseas to home folks here but .it lemained' for S.-Sgt. t,yle Fraser t) send a storm trooper's.typewriter. ' dav evening. .. ' ' • • ' T4- *t»Tin + V**i Addressed to-his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Donald Fraser, the machine, a portable model in , a leatherette case, Was received the day before Japanese surrender. Name on the -mac'iine is liver and kidneys. Miserable people soon feel different all over. l "'&» WWUCL iiwuac aiiu cmiimey Tj:«Uo.,^lr. » nn ~i i i- ---- ' ! sh °P- locker building, office, and "'£ ™ ^Tl u rea ? ln g s Name on the -machin covered passageway between °" d poems ' , Th( ; h Barbai> a Long "Rheinmetall." It is Will mi" and bale storage building P ,? VOC£1 u sol ° accompanying i has a single keyboard, bit i Construction generally is con- ' „ S ^ °n ner guiar. Mar.ione , ferent from an American " is dif- So don't go on "suffering ~Get i cre~te^anTconcrVte~masonry wail's' ii u "^ er ? a l k P la y ed a P iano solo. I in that it has two a's.Vtmd two - -• - - ,„,,„ umnri *-™fc ,,,iti, +v,v.™ „!., ln concluding the program the; o's. The additional letters are for SYS-TONE. Lusby & Giossi Drug Store. con- ' „ ^ . .ioe , eren rom an mer alls r Underma i". k P la 7 ed a piano solo, in that it has two a's BUSINESS DIRECTORY three-Dlv n concludln fi the program the | o's. The additional ^CL piy i congregation sang Blest Be the , the German 'umlat. Tie That Binds. P. W. 'GUARDS' AGAIN WINNERS 'Prisoner of War Camp,'Algona, Aug. 27—In a fast, Well played game, 'the Prisoner of War camp Softball team defeated the Fort Dodge/Tent & Awning Company 7-6','.'on the post • diamond Fri- It, was the second meeting of the two teams, and the Guards also' won' the first, 11-6. The FOR SAL&-M6DEttN Duplex, 2 complete apartments, '2 '• furnaces, large lot, on pavement close in;, priced {o sell.—See D. D. Monlux. • 20p51 HELP WANTED—1 BOY OR middle-aged man, 1 office girl, 1 shirt finisher. Full time. Can use other women help part time. —Algona Laundry & Dry Cleaners. 0048-51 TOWN PROPERTY, LOW INTEREST LOANS, FHA AND VETERANS "GI" LOANS TO I-JRCHASE, REMODEL, REFINANCE HOMES — Algona Federal Savings & Loan, Algona, Iowa. Siiu-JGtf HAMILTON .SCHOOL, Mason City, Iowa, complete business training: secretarial, elementary and advanced accounting, comp- tometer, review courses. Free training for veterans. Advance registrations a d v i s a b 1 c.—The Hamilton School, Mason City, Iowa. 51 CARD OF THANKS—IT is with sincere thanks that we express our appreciation for the lovely floral tributes, and the many kindly acts done in our behalf at the time of our recent bereavement.—Mrs. Bob Goetsch, Mr. and Mrs. R. C. Goesch and Agnes Goesch. 41p51 HELP WANTED, FEMALE— Woman, capable, well-educated, 25-45 years old, to represent large concern in Algona. Must be able to deal with public. Can earn $25 to $35 weekly. Opportunity for advancement. Must type. Send complete details. Box 3475, Mdse. Mart Sta., Chicago. 40p51 FEMALE HELP WANTED—WE , Guards, getting a late start, have are in need of' several women - —-- Rheinmetall." It is Will built, PW Camp ----- 313 000 x— 7-7-1 'Wells and Ankrum; Ruzik and won two games, lost one and tied ~to help in poultry dressing operations. We have recently modernized our picking room. Rate 50 cents per hour, 'time and one- one. The Friday night line score: Tent & Awning 012 003 0—6-7-2 -wood roofs with mopped coating over roof. " " *»..n,v.:i -vile plUfticlJU i-UI Wfc _ Equipment: Production e quip-' the church parlors, where the i one hasi "SS- merit includes hemp harvesters, j Rev. and Mrs. Schneck were pre- Lyle, in service since) March binders, scutchers, breakers rirv- spnt.pri w iMi nn r,nnnci^«ni tr,Ki« •--.?'- ^ . Also where an American type. ... , **iow YV 11H C Ull ^Xlll^l iUUll , After the program all went to ', writer has the number |"3" LAWYKKS W. B. Quarton H. W. Miller ....... v .».—*. v* ...^u »i«_mj^ 4ini. vv.ov^i.O| AH_Y. ttiji^ j.vi.ia. OL.JU1CWIV vvlrlL 1JJ G~ binders, scutchers, breakers, dry- j sented with an occasional table, ers, balers, transport trucks and a pottery vase in the form of a trailers, steam engine, motors, I pitcher, and a small table mir- exhaust fans, etc. Furniture and ror. After the gifts were opened fixtures include timeclock, desks,! the couple took the lead around chairs, adding machine, fire ex- the table where the cafeteria tinguishers, timecard racks, fil- lunch was served, ing cabinets, etc; Portable tools] The couple are living at Rolfe, include welding equipment, elec-; where the Rev. Mr. Schneck also trie drills, hand drills, vises,' has the Presbyterian church jacks, etc. There is also other i • I equipment such as is used in Shower Honors Bride— QUARTON & MILLER ... .. Law Offices i; County Ailorney phones: Office 427, Residence 700 :•'' ' Algona, Iowa LINNAN & LYNCH .'_'.; Attorneys-at-Law .i. Office over Kossuth Mut. Ins 'y Bldg. Algona, Iowa Phone 261 J. D. LOWE Attorney-at-Law Phone 287 ;' , E. J. VAN NESS • : Law Offices E. J. Van Ness — Delia Welter ••'. Office in new Heise block Algona, Iowa G. D. Shumway E. D. Kelly H. F. Frisledt SHUMWAY, KELLY & FRISTEDT Attorneys-at-Law Hutchison building processing hemp. Lighting (incandescent) fur- A miscellaneous shower was —„ o x ....—v..—^...,, 4. ul -, sld Monday afternoon in the nished by local utilities—110/220 : Lutheran church in honor of Mrs. 1942 and overseas since is thought to home now. Tobin. half over «p hours. Rest periods. With gas rationing over you can drive from nearby towns. Start that Christmas fund now.— Swift & Co. 53u50-51 FOR SALE ~ TIMOTHY, 1944 and 1945 crop. Jfteasonable,— fir-win Eden, Tltonka. 10p49-51 WE WISH TO EXPRESS OUR thanks to the Britt, Corwlth, Kanawha, and Renwick fire teams, Corwith American Legion, the State patrolmen and to everyone who expressed sympathy ahd performed acts of kindness in the sudden death' of our husband, son and brother.—Mrs. Margaret M. Schaller, Mr. and Mrs. Louis Schaller Sr., and family.' 46-3-51 WE PAY THE MOST FOR USED cars and trucks and pickups. If you have one for sale driye in or write Or phone nnd we wiH come out. As. authorised OPA used car dealers we can pay / as much for your car as you can get selling it yourself to another private individual. We take care of all the red tape. NEW CARS ARE ON THE WAY—NOW IS THE TIME TO SELL:—w. E. -LEY, LAKOTA, I A. • u47&51 .... 235 a. improved ~~ Wcity, 110 7 • Algona , 1150 a. imp]'()V(.d7nV'""''-J ' "car Algonn" 0 a. improved " IB near Whil , mproved FOR SALE OR RENT— , 200 A. Mitchell Co., ,'15 'mi. east Osage, electrified, $65 per acre. Terms. ' / 172 A. Mower Co., 3M> 'ml,' NE Austin. Less than $75.00 per acre. • 154 A. Howard Co., $60iOO per . acre; 3 mi. SW Lime .'Spring. 160 A. Howard Co., $55.00 . per acre; 3'/2 miles SW .Chester. : -.' 273 A. Howard Co;,'9'mi. NW of Cresco, la., $75.00 per acre. GLEN L. PECK, , 717 Higley Bldg., Cedar Rapids, la. 63p51-52 Hem* Comfort t nl (t • Houictimt wit),, EAGLE CERTIFIED . INSULATION J0|| Phont ui lodty CowanBldgSuj I'lioiic 2Jf)" ALGONA, volts. Water from wells on premises. Power (steam) from coal fired boilers — engine in boiler house. Sewage disposal system — septic tank and field system. Heating from own boilers. No rail switch tracks on premises — freight service nearby towns. available from Phone 58 Algona, Iowa LAURENCE A. WINKEL Atlorney-at-Law Hutchison Building Phone 180 Algona TURKEY RAISERS ATTEND MEETING AT SWEA CITY Swea City, Aug. 27—Turkey growers from Iowa and Minnesota spent Thursday in this com- j munity as guests of the Swea i City hatchery management in the firm's annual turkey tour. Registering on the day's attendance records were growers from Independence, Charles City, Buffalo Center, Bode, Estherville, and various nearby towns in this A. HUTCHISON (deceased) DONALD C. HUTCHISON THEODORE C. HUTCHISON Attorneys-at-Law Security State Bank bldg. DOCTORS C. H. CRETZMEYER, ty[. D. Surgeon and Physician Office John Galbraith block •Phones 440-310 Algona, Iowa MELVIN G. BOURNE Physician and Surgeon Phones: Office, 197; residence, 194 I) K:XTISTS KARL R. HOFFMAN Dentist Office in new Heise bldg. Phones: Office, 44; res., 116 A. J. EASON Dentist Office over James Drug Store Phone: Office, 59 EHVIN J. ANDERSON Dentist Office in the McEnroe Bldg. Phones: Office 572; res., 525W 'KOSSUTH COUNTY MUTUAL INSURANCE ASSOCIATION Over $29,000,00 worth insurance in force. A home company. Safe.jecure. D. D. Paxson, Sec'y ,LOANS AM) INSURANCE Your Money's Worth in BEAL ESTATE LOAKS AND INSURANCE JOEL M. HERBST Office over la. State Bk". Phone 93 Algona, Iowa See . D. D. PAXSON for Town Dwelling, Household Goods and Automobile Insurance. ORDER RUBBER STAMPS AT the ADVANCE. -I .; " --' Glenn Axne, who was recently married to Glenn Axne, carpenters mate third class, of the Seabees. •.....'. .-•"• ; The following program was given: A group of. readings by j WANT TO BUY—GOO'3 u-s* u Mrs. Ralph Richards, followed by car -Bill Curtis phon? 38 M a vocal solo, You're The Only -ona 11^1" Star in My Blue Heaven, by Bar- llp51 bara Long, accompanied at the WANTED—STAGE GIRL FOR piano by her mother, Mrs. Earl. magician's assistant.—Inquire 8p51 POLLARD AT ROTARY. Rotary club speaker introduced by Postmaster Sullivan yes- GOOD USED CARS FOR SALE terday noon was City Supt. Pol- —" T T iir r " PTT Tljrt TjnTr>rc lard, Kiwanian, who received the customary resounding boo. Mr. Pollard spoke only briefly, then conducted the Rotarians qn a tour of the city electric plant. BOY WANTED—PART work.—Apply: Advance TIME Long. Then those attending Advance, wrote advice and recipes for the bride. When these were all gathered the bride read the advice. She then opened many gifts. T30LEAR AN HOUR FOR who•ever will mow a lawn for absent party. Small boys will not apply.—Ask Advance. WANTED—RIDE TO _- . --. by the host-| esses, Mrs. Easley, of near Brad- j gate, Mrs. Anna Longseth, and Mrs. Alfred Lemke. The couple went to Minneapolis and St. Paul for a short wedding trip. They left Wednesday evening and he will report to Minneapolis August 29 for further service. Falls Saturday. — Jure Corey, phone 16. CANTED FOR CCKER and general help. — .Tea Store, Algona. CEDAR National llpSl FOR RALE ^20 ~' .-SALE — SEED RYE.— -•Parties A. Coady, Burt, Iowa. 9p51 —ALL AT CEILING PRICES OR LESS, WITH OR WITHOUT A TRADE IN: 1940 Dodge Sedan 1940 Ford Coach 1940 Mercury Concert 1939 Chevrolet Coupe 1939 Packard Coupe 1937 Chevrolet Coach 1931 Ford Model A Coach W. E. LEY. Lakota, la. 51 FARM FOR SALE—ONE of the best eighties in the St. Joe neighborhood; all level, tiled land.—Call at this office. : 21u48-51 'FOR SALE—Duroc Jersey sows to. farrow last of September. Also a good breeching harness. Jake W. Meyer, Corwith. 18u47tf Bahcroft Band oft. T — In(1 ™ Soldier, Bride in Visit— Cpl. and Mrs. Floyd M. Holt and son Alan, of Jacksonville, N. FOR SALE—TRACTOR 2-16 in. plows—Gilbi greaves, phone 27F12. irt ,? a j; FOR SALE—1200 WATT wind- FOR SALE — FARM acres in Whittemore locality.— r-:*_ AJ .•• H u51 _52 , , , . state as well as others from j C., arrived Friday morning to {Write Advance. • Welcome, Kiester, Fairmont and! visit at the parental Peter Holt's, rrrr —— other Minnesota towns. Iowa and Ho is a graduate of the Ottosen I FOR SALE— IVz ' H. P.- garden other Minnesota towns. Iowa and Minesota are the largest producers of turkeys in all the states in WANTED — APARTMENT or [ell.| light-housekeeping rooms for 3-people. — Mrs. Marie Damon, t n i- f\ f-rt £»•—— j^-w. *Tiiti, i»j. W l. JC J-*CUI1UJ 12p50-52 3i« E. Call, Algona, phone 242. llp5I OF 200 high school, and has been in the Marines three years last January, having returned about, two the eastern half of the United — * > —••••« ».-n.i»»..u ouuui, i.wu States, so some outstanding years ago from the South Pacific re represented in this after service in that area. He is flocks were represented in this delegation. The morning tour included visits to turkey flocks at the Flovd Treat and Ole Johnson farms in this community, the flock at the hatchery farm, and the Elmer Schaefer flock near Armstrong. Methods of feeding and rearing, , computing the cost of production, and figuring the cost of the pounds gained, using the present now stationed at Camp LeJune, Jacksonville, where he is working in a garage at the camp. When he returned from the islands he had a tropical disease and was a patient in a navy hospital in New York for some time, where he met his wife. Other Ottosen News. c 0 , „ ...^ ,„_.„.„„ Mr. and Mrs. Peter Enockson weight as a basis of comparison, j an ^ M'' s - Oscar Oppedahl and were some of the topics empha- j children, Peter and Suzanne, n!..n«3 ; _ 4L. n .._ e iI-_ i_. \A/PTf» T^Vll 11'CJrlmr rtrt 1 1 nun nt- TJ~1 sized in the course of the tour. At noon the 125 members of the party were taken to Reynolds park, where the ladies of Immanuel Lutheran Aid had prepared a meal of fried chicken and all that goes with an Iowa dinner. It was served in picnic style, and was made more enjoyable by perfect weather and the beauty of the park at this time of the year. Following the dinner an impromptu program was presented by visiting representatives of feed companies. Following a brief speech of welcome by R. D. Smith, manager of the local hatchey, L. W. Karr, of Des Moines, district manager of the Iowa-Missouri division of 7ur- ina Mills, spoke. He was followed by John Hoff, of St. Louis, manager for Purina sanitation products: R. S. Cummings, Fort Dodge, district representative for Purina, was the final speaker. SINGER INVITED. Wallace Roscoe, recent guest soloist at the Presbyterian church, Albert Lea, has received much commendation from persons who heard him, and has now been invited to sing at the Lutheran largest church in the city. Wallace sings in the local Presbyterian choir. were Thursday callers at Palmer Enockson's at Fort Dodge. Palmer is the son of the Enocksons and a brother of Mrs. Oppedahl. Mr. and Mrs. Harold Grouse and daughter Patricia, of Fairbanks, were Hunday and Monday guests at the Ralph Richards home. Mrs. Grouse is a niece of Mr. Richards. Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Elston and Mrs. Mayme Hofius, of Algona, were Wednesday callers at the Eugene Hofius home. Margaret Holt and her father, Peter Holt, were Algona business callers Wednesday. Mr. and Mrs. G. I. Purdy and son Ralph were Algona callers Monday. 4 APPENDECTOMY. Merle Strayer, employed at Fort Dodge, visited here last week til tractor with cultivator, $70.— Fay Mann, phone .596.. 14p51 FOR SALE—JEEP TRACTOR, ther, trained nurse, Fort Dodge, then telephoned her father, J. A.! INLAID Strayer Monday that Merle had been taken to a hospital Sunday night and had had an operation for appendicitis Monday forenoon. WANTED - TWO couples for farm work at once separ 17p51 power.— -Charles Beer, ' FOR SALE— .'FARM acres in Whittemore Leave name and addr Advance. , FOR SALE— F-30 . FJ tractor, good shape, be ing.— John B. Reding, 1 WANTED— 160 OR 2C farm. Full line farm ery. — David McGregoi Phone 9 on 93. FOR SALE— RUBBER wagon with sprocket for endgate seeder. — Fr< Titonka. WANTED— SCHOOL C work for room and Mrs. W. G. Curtis, 209 ! ington, Algona. FOR "SALE— HARLEY son motorcycle, A-l < Can be seen at 108 E. C< or Tovey Impl. Shop. FOR SALE — POLLEI ford bulls, serviceabl farmers prices. — P. M. son, Lone Rock, la. FOR SALE— FILLING buildings and ground Benedict, $2000. — See INLAID- LINOLEUM, tile, laid by experts, work. — Cowan Bldg. Su phone 275, Algona. WE WISH TO THAI many friends for thei sions of sympathy and morial Gifts for Robi thos assisting with the The Herschel Thompsoi /entura. 12p51-52 OF 200 locality, jss with 51-52 ^RMALL low ceil- rvington. 12p51 0 ACRE rnachin- , Burt, 16p51 TIRED attached d Bruns, 14u51 IRL TO board. — • io. Thor- 14p51 DAVID- •ondition. liege St., 18p51 > HERE- j age, at Christen- 12ul8tf Station, 16u3-51 linowall, Custom pply Co., ISulfitf IK THE ;rt. Also service, — Family. 28p51 LOSE WEIGHT SAFELY WITHOUT EXERCISE Take off weight each week. Eat j plenty. No drugs. No laxatives. Don't wear yourself out with tiresome exercises Don't give - up all the foods you like. Eat plenty—not too much In clinicalIrsts uiuler the direction o] medical doctors more than 100 persiins lost U to IS His. merasc in a few weeks' time with the AYDS Vitamin Candy Reducing Plnn Try the AYDS way yourself. 30 day supply, $2.25. Phone K. I). JAMES charger and accessories; in good condition.—A. G. Volentine, 3 mi. north and 1 mi. west Burt. i 20p50-51 WANTED—RELIABLE Woman for girl to stay in nice home for my companion, very little work, wages.—Mrs. Ethel Stoeber, Fenton. . 21u51tf FLOOR SANDING AND REFIN- ishing. Heavy commercial equipment. Portable power plant. —Cowan Bldg. Supply Co., phone 275, Algona. UulStf NOTICE—I HAVE taken over Ralph Hurlburt's feed mill, and am equipped to do any kind of grinding. Carl Wiener, Burt. Phone 173. p42-51 FOR SALE—Gladiolus blooms, bouquets, sprays, corsages and basket arrangements for all occasions. — Schimmel Gardens phone 149-J. 18u48-51 SHICK ELECTRIC RAZOR OWNERS—We are dealers in Algona for Schick electric razors and repaits. Huxtable Firestone store. 18u40tf ABERDEEN ANGUS BULLS of finest breeding and quality; also Shorthorn bulls, ready for service, and Ayrshire bulls 4 to 8 mos. old. Prices reasonable.— Ben G. Studer, Wesley, la. 29u20tf FOR SALE—HOUSE AT norh- west corner of Elm and Phillips, new paint, two lots, good investment as apartment.rental is $45—price $4,000. See Joel M. Herbst, Real Estate and Ins. 29u51 WILL TAKE ORDERS FOR quality tomatoes at county fair. Will notify customers in turn when tomatoes are ready f or canning. — Lee Hendren, 703 S. Jerome, 2 blocks north of fair- , grounds main gate. 30p51 WEDDING ANNOUNCEMENTS —You'll be pleased with the quality and appearance- of our work. Printed or engraved announcements of d i s 11 notion. Slany styles to select from.—Advance Pub. Co. LESTER BE BOLT Phone 304 RUPTUR€ SHIELD-EXPERT. H. L. HOFF. MANN of Minneapolis, Minnesota will demonstrate, without charge. his "Rupture Shields" in Algpna, at Hotel Algona. on Thursday, August 30. from 10 a. m. to 4 p. m. Please come early. Evenings by appointment. I have , been supplying my shields to rupture sufferers in this territory for ten years and longer. I have fitted thousands of cases in the United States during this time. There are many of my satisfied customers right here in your community. CAUTION: If neglected, rupture may cause weakness, backache, nervousness, stomach and gas pains. People having large ruptures, which have returned after surgical operations or injec- u vited. dont »* are es Pecally in"If you want it done right experiment. See Hoff. w If " nable to see him at this time address: BUHGICjST APPLIANCE CO. 315 Masonic Temple Minneapolis, Minn. The Postwar cnami You fellows who .are back into civics deserve the best hat your money can buy . . . The CHAMP challenges all comers at these prices ... $5 6.50 7.50 Top Coats are still scarce and hard (o get. Wr were fortunate in procuring sixty Rock Knit Top Coats. A good idea to buy yours.>vlill« we have them. Coverts, Herringbones, anil Tweeds. Sixes 84 to 48. Priced from $22.50 to $33.50 Creosoted Postj Now In Stock We have jiwt unloaded a fine car Presture Treated Yellow Pine Po 3»inch, 4-inch, 4|-mch, 5*inch line 6i ft, lone? 5'inch iind 6-inch 8-ft. ner posti. F. S. Norton & SOD See ui today or phone 229

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