Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on August 28, 1945 · Page 1
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 28, 1945
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PAGE TWO ALT MEMORIAL RITES SUNDAY AT WEST BEND Died Wounds When Fighting the Japs on Minandao. Sunday at 1:30 at the Christian Anostolic church a mile east of West Bend memorial services were held for S-Sgt. Elmer W. Alt, who died June 10 of wounds suffered at Mindanao, Philippine Islands. Knoll Post 549, Burt. had charge of the military part of the service. The procession formed at the Alt home in Lotts Creek tov.-nship and at the church the color bearers were followed in Bronze Star tor Irvington Youth KOSSUTH 5QUNTY ADVANCE, ALGONA, IOWA THE WAR CHEST LOOMS Chairman < Kresensky Says NVecU StUl Pesperate. Mallinger, pastor. The entire student body is to attend. There are three changes in This year's National War Fund faculty personnel this year. Sis- campaign will be. the last, ahd ter Mary - Evangelista is princi- the money raised for the various BEGIN SCHOOL SEPTEMBER 4 - - ••• -"•••• "- ••--•• • '•" — i»r. '•na.'.ini Registration took place at the Saturday' !& ..v,...^ ... ~.—Saint Cecelia Academy Monday, FaUs. Doctor L'afson had beeh and classes will be resumed"next !n '«*•*& of the extension surn- „ , . . „ . „ ,c mer school here 12 weeks. The Tuesday morning following 8:15 c(> ui>\4 had the' Lucia Wallace •"•••-•'•'" .. i i -• • *> T •»» -LiilE:'• __ tl-_»l'-M«,*l, -ii^«n* •'' "Hi* W*U*t fht»«<t\<lti, Onar- go.-Ill., Vpenl froffr'lJhwrway' till Monday \*jtfi • M«. ' fhpi'esfeWt'i father, 'J;''Avi'Strayer, ftha "Broth- era' Glenn and Ralph. Her sisters Esther and Merle, Fort Dodge, came for the weekend. - Dr. and Mfi; S. C. Larson left Saturday' Jot home ' at ; Cedar Mass 1 Offered by he Rev. J. M. i;isu|/i«p nau ** B ~ *-*w*-»« ^» « home' on East North street. Hwl Po|»«f -'and a friend,' Heleti'Culyer, t)es Moines, spent' last week at ; the parental Charles Pptter's, returning 'Sunday to "'• • workJ •'"'?. .-• " ; fixations, contract forms, proposal forms and other documents and/'dataH'which' rare now made a f 'arl of thj$ nbtice by this refer- nc'e, v aria ; that : 'pursuant to the laws of the State of Iowa in such case made and provided,'the City Council has fixed public heat-ing upon; said proposed plans and sffecificatioris and forms of proposals and contract documents for'bidders, to take place before the said Council, at a regular meeting thereof, to be held in the G6undl Chambers of , the TUESDAY, AUG. J 'City Hall in the Cih, ,' Jowa, on the 13), 7, Ot tember, 1945 ''! % , P- m., Central War * that all personswai hereby notified ot n appear at said t m * and make object" are, to said prop, specifications and posal and contract ]{ Dated this 27th 61 ADA H CAR pal and teacher of mathematics, OFFICIAL NOTICE—IllVItA. TION TO BIDDEtiS , . ,,,',, .'." I liwn IW oiisisunti history, and physical education. s , ree , H esllr f M ing Improvements Sistpr Maiy Aloysius, who teach- i .. es science and Latin, comes here Algona, Iowa war agencies wiJl'last for a period of 15 months instead of the originally planned 12 months, es science ana L.aun, comes neie -Of? according to "A. E. Kresensky,' from Masop Citv, where she was TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN: Kossuth chairman. A statement. principal "of the Saint Joseph • Notice, is hereby given that to Mr. Kresensky from the state hiph school six years.' ' ' sealed proposals will be received organization said: The Rev: R. V. Sweeney will by ?Adah Carlson, City Clerk of "The sudden end of the Japan- continue as religion instructor; the City of Alpona, Iowa, at her ese war, following so closely on; Sister Mary Davidica will have office.in the City. Hall in said the heels of the victory over Ger- j KnRlish and "commercial sub- city until 7:30 o'clock p. m. many, has had an,appreciable ef-N ec ts: Sister Mary Constance, the September 13th, 1945, for the feet 'upon plans for the cam- social sciences and English. construction of bituminous re- n'aifn. ••• • Sister Mary SllaVene, past surfacing'of certain streets in principal, has been transferred to sa id city, all in compliance with the Saint Columbkille high' the terms of -certain Plans, Speci- school, where she is head of sci- fications, -and Contract Docu- Laiin. **•*•&***_ National Goal $15,000,000. "The goal remains at $115\500,000 and all state and county quotas will .accordingly remain at , e e - caons, -an onrac ocu- and teaches physics .and ments pertaining thereto whiph are now on .file- in. the- office .of With the 544tn Amphibian.En- tprially to victory in Luzon. i ~ rv 1Qd7 ,, ..". . ..-,*• 01,1 gineers in Manila—By direction Overseas for 15 months Cpl.•' ^' H „,'IT* J2" month period in- j^il "alsiud has been in action , ^11!^, l £™" ih flSCal ^ 'IvlF their present amounts. However |JJU a"Y ™ A •* "'A are.now .on ,-iue-m. uie. uiiive yi .the money to be raised "unmeet c- S ,' Ste L Ma 'J A ™ta succeeds the'City Clerk, are by ,th s refer'"-- - - - -•• ldlM -" wm mce v Sister Mary Henrietta, the latter. e nce made a part of this Notice, w at " "•--'• ' " -'-" --'-'-'-• - - - -- - •••••' fev the needs of the agencies of the National War Fund until Janu- of the President, a bronze star for.rlv ir,t ;- -- "i -"^* »—--—- . cilV-C itIMMvi a |sni » -VJJL fcti»fcJ ,*^wy»«fcv.f - uf.i.v Joseph school, and which documents • are open .,_„ instructor of instru- tb 'examination by any interested music. Sister-Mary'Anita perspn". :: '--.':'"':; • " • '" ,. ~~siv music instructor. ; " ;'--'.The City Councilwill meet hi In the prades Sister Mary Jas-. the- council chamber' of the City ill 4-nri /-ili «r» • ' 4 1-* n ni ril-, 4 l-i nvtni^n • —-•'«.. .- • ' • i « • k i- - . i ' t i ' ' *W*{<&*f*>f The Good Old Day; No. 15 |Jpjn^ n scries ftf old-tlin« pictures sliowlng scegi of Algona anil tills store, niul used i n coii nec ||j V|-IU| oiir i>ros(!iit I)!ainon<l Jubilee yonr cfi Halsiud has been in action medal for heroic achievement in S^^p^^ "^ ^"' Luzon, Philippine Isla: " ' nection with military against the enemy. ..as ,,„,,. , n the Netherlands East Indies, f"" w;y."r-Y,'" t "T, " c ""T .°, 1 . Canice, .transferred from Safnt the conclusion of said •hearing'" 'to awarded to Cpl. Philip R Hals- and Lingayan Gulf on Luzon. In X'^L^b \ ^V * tlT3 t '?£'IJenry Catechetical School, Mori^ t&blS'S?'rta™"ndWuioH [he' 544thTn^nV S nn°d f-" 1 "" 011 l °u Keveral ^menda-' £j£ IhVmonev^^^^ Mi "^« Caches:'lhe other •K^a^^rffifSK.^^ the 544th Engineer Boat and tions won by his hard-hitting ™,. M," *_,?° l l e . y .. n ^ e ??? bv . US P I oarts of the sixth and the fifth!' ' «ii^ h«/i'•'Kiin-'^ofuaJFW »vi« Shore Regiment, 4th Engineer amphibian outfit, hn has been, Special Brigade. awarded the Philippines Libera-' tn ,. .-,1 .,, ^' , '-'"-'•-"f to iuii.li our ODllFatlon 1 ? in vir>- ii~" 7 '"" V"V",~ '—" ~" "I"!,". 1 r*~ T ", 4J»u«j?;i-o ••••"j' ocv«j'«= ^yKi^^ «? ''"" '"^" u ""- ••'••" —' - L - uc ! J .^auono in vic^ , Mary IsK)ore ._ part of third-and theVplans, Specif icatiqns; ' : Cpn- Mary Ethel is jtact 1 Documents, ,aftd : ' Proposal - Sistpr Mnr'v irrttimc.; oUW^'ti n* <v»A Affi/i«-A'f .*V»'«i PV -\ *® , order by the pas lor, honorary I traps, and other types of demo- As a member of an Engineer Uon''Wbbon'"wil.h"on'o r.tav nnd is Regiment, Cpl. Halsrud was assigned to a mine-removal squad to clear enemy mines, booby »ji \^.\. i u_j mij: j^tiDLui, iiuinjiciiy i 1.1 t-njo, ciui.1 utiitri ty ptja UL UcIIlU- bearers, the family,- and patriotic! 'itions from an area near Fort A former student at Algona =-- Snn Antonio Abaci in Smith Ma- high schoo i > lhe Corporal is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Peter P. service groups. The service was in charge of the Rev. Joseph Banwart, assisted by a son, the Rev. Paul Banwart, both of West Bend. Inducted in 1942. Honorary bearers were Floyd Bacon, Floyd Riebhoff, John Scuffham, Bruellman Irvin Gerber, Eli and Fahe Gress. J. Luther Miller, commander, and elimination nila. , . . . -j^,» wi. ATii. HUM i>itn. rutur i~. Despite enemy Sniper and Halsrud, Box 11, Irvington. Prior mortar fire, and without the as- to his enlistment in March, 1943, sistance of trained bomb-disposal he was engaged in farming with : Wa '' Fund loc.imcians, with his squad he Harold Smith, Irvington. A'^'ef, American Relief for Den- removed more than 800 mines brother Walter was recently dis-1 mark . British War Relief society '"' -' ' ~ ' •'American Field Service, and su]> stantial reductions in funds for War Prisoners Aid, and the USD. "The reduction in required USQ TjcVS I.V'ceiiq,. ivnnn:, leacnes me qinqr sUPh sealed written prpposaU ,« r , pnn i»!," v I P^Vts, of the sixth and the fifth." • m 'ay have 'bijen'received by uKencies. | Sister IVIary Cornelia tea.ches- Clerk.''-'" ' ; •''••' ; ' : '.' ' : .'''' '••••• we are, c^..^ '.and part of third; Sister . 'Bidders may secure copies of _„ .,, i, •.'". ,,••• ••" i mary Isidore, nart nf third -anril thA'^Dinno ; CnA«ir:»Q»inno-'.-< i r | nni: as \vell ao-m war that the,, he second.' ...... „_.. , the office 6f the .-^4.^, >r ....i, .,«., i...<_n vi >iiipm.y*A»_vf. w v»ny- ^,it;j"K.' or -~3t the "''OIIICC 'Ot Saint Mary's, HumboldtV ' Howard ft. preen CpmpanyV En- ALGONIAN ELECTED. uiii^itiLyitui wtiniL, ur: iiLib utteji « ( j^ j^ p°spntial tl t f ' I • oia vr l A y*-<»* y *-urinriia veaijucs Ul^rk ' •• • awarded the Philippines Libera-j to fulfill "'our obliMtion- i^ v\?'' !° urt . h ' and P art of third; Sister Bidders may se lion ribbon with one r.tav nnd is ' tn ,. v „„ .., nll „„ -,;^. . 4 , 4 .! I Mary Isidore, nart of third and the : Plahs Suecif authorized to wear the battle j conlmuinVand n^realdl^ I ^^ s ^°nd.' Sister Mary ^Ether is gbbrSifhW stnr for tho Nc-w Guinoa cam- of the National w"- Fund ^n ' first prade t < 5acher ' Sister M ^ Forms^ either a't U paign on his Asiatic Pacific The- cies must be nit in full to S" ^°. nc ^P^ has been' trnrisferred; to City Clerk "or-at ater ribbon. nrv , q . 7L ue moc ln ruu to Janu- Salnt Mary's, Humboldh Howard R. Green ary, 1947. Fund Desperately Needed. "Victory in Europe and the er was receny sand lethal devices withoht injury , charged from the U. S. Army af- or loss of life, thus hastening the ter service in the European the- , opening of the Port of Manila. , a ter. ' . . Cpl. Halsrud's outstanding Phpto shows Cpl. Halsrud (ex- courage and notable efficiency treme right) who was presented during the performance of a pro- the Medal by Brig Gen Henry onged, difficult, and constantly Hutchings, commanding general ania/r-„;../.•..uir' j • Vu : Ai Diaaers, upon ine surrenaer-ana fn fdrtric? and^r H 'TV%A « te ^ Of - ^ id Plans «nd Specifj: ,-—---- - —..«=, 0 ,.u aup -,• T 13 district, and Dr. H. D.'Mey- ca t iO n S on br before ten' (10) days slantial reductions in funds for *V Algona, was elected chair- !. after %i d . da t^6f reSrS SfdJ, funds will amount to approxi- ii , ' ., ----., AAMbyiitii^o, ^uiiiiuctiiuiiiti Ktsnt 1 W. J. Lockwood, adjutant of the | hazardous task contributed ma- 4th Engineer Special Brigade. "Ri iT't T.ocf»r\n ti*~\t?t- y-i»'(^t«/-it-t*/-n-1 1VA..17. 1 ' ' o * Graduated From a Military Academy John Michael, son ot Mrs. Marguerite Kenefick, formerly SERVICES FOR YOUHG FARMER WHO Pn9WNED jtary - acTdpfn-y^wHh high honor's; Funeral services were held'at ^ e was Valedictorian 'and way 10 a. m. Saturday, Aug. 18, at St. awarded a medal as an outstand- Mary's Catholic church, Corwith ln S studpnt in mathematics, his for Louis J. Schaller, Requiem average having been 94.5. He hieh mass mas read by Father P la y ed in the academy band. The O'Connell, Britt,' Father 'Klein, of y° ut h recently reported to a AXTstnlnir ,> n »:»4-: n ^. PrtHRt Olinrrl nnQ^c.rv^ir ^* fCt^,.'. , S3,; ~ -. — ^_«*»_*»v,»fc, iUl llll^J. *J| . -'tJ -— •- «-"J VllUOt Algona, now St. Petersburg, Fla.,! China, Greece, Holland, has been graduated from a Mill- and others wil] ' Wesley, assisting. Mr. Sr.hallpr, who was born to Louis and Theresa Schaller July ?.3, 1018, near Henwick, and was ?7 at death, was drowned Tuesday, Aug. 14, in the Boone river at his farm southwest of Kan- awhn. When Louis was four his parents moved tn a farm near Corwith. whom he attended rural Pf-hnnls and then engaged in farming. coast guard academy London, Conn. at New Burt Legion post, presented Mrs. Alt with an American flag. Concluding the services taps were played by Dale Lockwood. Elmer was inducted into service Feb. 3, 1942, and received basic training at Camp Wolters, Tex. From there he was transferred to Angel Island, San Francisco, where he remained two weeks arid was then ordered to Hawaii. , Wounded and Died. In early June, 1942, he was sent to the S. Pacific, and had served in Hollnndia, Leyte, New Guinea and Mindanao. A member of Company D, 19th Infantry, his company June 9 had taken a strategic hill overlooking the little town of Mandog, eight miles north of the city of Davao. A defense was established which was held through the night of June ninth, but on the morning of June 10 the Japs counter-attacked and during the ensuing battle young Alt was wounded by machine gun fire. All possible medical aid was giv- — —<- > •«-«<•, "n.- ymui • -- —— en, but he died an hour later. h vns n! ' 1Ipd to service and was in- A° Un f y uTnder direction of Supt. Ho was buried at U. S. A. F F ' (luc t«l into tho j 11Tnv at Fort ;V , '-^"ritzen will be next E., cemetery I, at Talomu P I ' T ' o:lV|1 "worth. Knns. From there '"On^ay, Tuesday, and Wednes- wilh rites by an army chaplain' lle was senl to Prince Rupert. B. , y 1 !' om 8 to 5 . ;it the Methodist Last week Mr. and Mrs. Alt re- f . : - Cfln - '>ut after a short time c " l i l l c} \ ba sement. ceived the Purple Heart which' lh(!rn ho was transferred to the , Al , . March meeting of the township boards of education the " ' ' "at dicated The nmnn'nt- "VETERANS Titohka, '-' Her- . u P9?i''' [". man Schutter has arrive^' iri 'the' ' official Proposal 'and ', be cal period St "^ tes from the E. T^. O,, ahd-is ; ; - cprnpamed-, in * separate/ scaled ' ever must car USD for H,P»H ^ es rom e . . ,, ad-s ditionTthree months of thf ft ex P ected home from Jefferson months of tne *»- .'Barracks, this mid-week. Pf'c. e . n VfJPP e , 'by.a.certifie^ check ,s^ such as China—is greater than Ql . any previous time. Budgets of agencies as those serving I Pink, son John I— _ Division, got home Thursday.on furlough. ' ••••-.• . -sued in In tjie days lieforc automobiles liecaine tint fiivnred inqdi) ?'• of 1 trayfej, Algoiia was blessed with exci'llenll railroad facilities. f l v |ie Chicago iVorllnvesk-ni nJ a i)as$ieiti{rci< liqrtlji in the morning and one south all •jig jit. ' Arouijil jijpoii, fwo trains passed Iim> aoll ijiarte good cpiiiieetioiis to I)os Moines and MiniieiinoJ jisv'" ; " •-v'vv-^ vr,- ••;;• ;• ' • TEACHERS WILL HAVE WORKSHOP HERE 3 DAYS .i-mintj. The second rural teachers On Aupust 18, 1042, the youth workshop to be held in Ko=.suth D« f'fil Inrl i r\ c*r\ti*t\rm r. «,1 ..." _ :.. COlintV llllf If»T* fl 1 ri^r-i tnr\ r\P C* i iv,* had been awarded pust-humous-! 1 - arn ^ s Kt'iicirnl hospital, Vancou- .. - , —. ly to their son. Vf;I> . Wush.. later to the Vancou- m '' U , '" ?' having a work Born 31 Years Ago. Sorgennt Alt wns born Jan. G, ' 1914 on a (arm near Stephens, ! ho roceiverl an honorable T.imn. When ho was five years , charge Sc-ptr-mbcr 4. 1943 (ild tliL- tamily niovrd to a farm At Vancouver Barracks' the noar C.jnvil, and l.vi-d thoro till c,.ldic,r was m,n-i, ( ] to M mavt HI24 when they moved to a Un- M. Garman, Wesley the cere- ion township I'arm. Klmor helped mony tnkinK nlaco at the Barries M is", !:i1 IHT 1 hrtivt 1111 Vn-i m->*-/,,-^rl , rf i i_ •; , , , _ r* M * *iyo • •-. , • • u.114., in iui LU LH<7 V Unt-OU- ,1 *••!->' « vv i-*i rv ^oujJ cil ver Barracks, whore hn scrvfd l be g'nning of school was dis- as guard. On July 3, 1943, lie was q ,V ssod and a majority of school sent to Fort Lowis, Wash., where ' '"" directors voted to give their teachers time to attond all three davs on full nay. The state law provides that all , •• -"» ••*_»_«- uus^iLlUIial • •-' j • funds if we are to .make this im- i L.._ . ,.,,- portant contribution to future peace and good will. -' '' 4-v. «*y and County • ' '• Dr. and Mrs. E. J. Anderson at- _. _. r ^,—„ „.,' it; accompanies. Said''check -shall be-.made pay- able'to the City of'Algbna; Iowa, ,and shall.be filed by the bidder as' security that,-'if awarded the contract, he will en|er into contract in.the prescribed form and furnish the r'equire'd surety >----" __ . | * ~~ - *• • •• •••*•*-» kjv^ii ***. •: >..u«k *«*kiit -«>iii^ t<cui|i(^u QUlclY UUI114 Drive in September. | tended a one-day dental conve'n- iri amount equal to the c6ntract ihe Iowa war fund leader ap- tion at the Okobojis Saturday. isuni o'n'or before <te'ri'( 10) days pealed to county organizations to 'Barbara Haggard has! left for after-said award, and failing 1 so now their drives in September Battle Creek, IVIich., where she tp' do said'.check, or the cash de- ana early October, so as'not,to Wl11 teach music in the public rived from the" cashing thereof conflict with the eighth or "vie- schools. ' " , shall be retained by the City as tory bond drive, already an-', M r s - Harley Died. Kansas City; ! agreed liquidated' damages, nounced by the treasury depart- le ?t Friday for home after :-.a- The project is divided'into two ment lor October 29 to Decem- wee H here at her brother John sections,;.as'fpllovy's: Se'ctipn "A" Pi=U f - .u T, | St 2. rm ' S- , bitmunous.'construction. Sectibri nans lor the Kossuth county Carl - son of Mr. and Mrs. Ar- "B,"-.concrete construction The campaign fit in with this request. nold Danielson, spent last week City reserves the right to reject •ilie war fund solicitation for at Wesley with — * nv *- i - —- --•-" «-'-•- -•-• - - ^ an T y-v.w,, j.u, ; —^ —-- -.. aunt Mrs. any or'all bids on either'or both of the county outside of JackWeiland. ' , ;• sections of, the project. The work to begin early in Sep- W- ». Senator and Mrs. Bourke of construction shall be -started ' '" ' '•"' ' "goha B - Hickenlooper were dinner' on or before ten days after the days e ues ts of the D. C, Hutchisons execution of the. contract docu- &aturday night. '• " ment ahd shall be< completed in Rosella Voiqt. of the county all'respects oh or before'ninety treasurers office, who is .on her (90) days thereafter. By virtue vacation, is spending part of th."6 .ojt statutory'- : authdrity, a prefer- time visiting at Des Moines. : .ence. will be given, to pix>du ; cts | Jon, son of lylr. and/ Mrs. and provisions '"grown and coal (Vaughan Rising, spent Saturday, produced within' the ' State of IM ^H P A f I E I T 't- \'i r . L ?u ui ]l- ^ r . m> ^ he r e l° wa - ^ nd preference • shall . be in JU. rAtlrlL' he ^' lel P ed Wllh threshing. ..- given to'Iowa domestic labor -" v The Rev. and Mrs. R. F. Kit- -Published, upon order A of 'the TVjTl"O • f?\l\T f~if\*tnn\] r\t , A l^j'«_ _ . T . T _ -_ ^^f^.tt \^ai i\f in OcIJ- , -,. and the combined Algona drive is scheduled a few later, NAVAUUEST AT TITONKA SERVED Thp & M. $ fy. J^. fajijiieir imssen»-er trains east an<l west, morning ami evening hut added one TO|| bound in the afternoon. The 'old loiva Ceiilnil (Intnl afineapoljs & Sh Lftilis) rail a "piis'scnger into Algo'oil iii the morning -which retiirned in the even ing, CUB-I ii«Bctlng with serylcp t6 the Twin cit ies. Oldsters tell the story of excursions to Minneaf on the old Iowa Central lyljen poker players gain ered in the smoker and the national pasltiiiip cnnliii-l «;ed Without interruption, iiiitll the train pulled into I the Algona station again.* Players did not even trou-j l»le to disenibark at MinneKiJolis. This photo shows the old bus, driven by E. G. Y»il florstnh, wl|jeh was a fainiliar sight nine times' a dafl «t the varjous depots in Algona. his fatluM- there till entered | poneVf army service. Two years ago the parents moved to a Lolls Creek f>hnnp , Titonka Am? 97 M - T J. *"«••"?=»• ?"aws. n. F. K.H- ruwished. upon order of the 3vicI Ryder Kan^lT-u fy U '' R ' "SV 8 ? G !'I Karen> «" d Mrs, .City Council of.-Afebria, Iowa, viu iiyuei, lS.ansas Cltv. camn Bessie Wark pll nrn-snonrlinn tv.!o .^..V^,.„„»<-„ ' ,:;?;_„ ! ., -i™ •.' everal days' last week -with -his sti,,V» fp" r g a ' ; ? unty in ''Vl,-Sc» ti ""n leute »»nt and mother, Mrs. Ethel Chubb and sUtute be paid for such attend-1 ^ lden . the Boyken daughter, grandmother Mrs. Ella Laird mce :mil SflinnU: nr,t ,,„!;.,,. *_ Were srhnn nioto,. ,,t T %-.. . ' ~ ., , . •' . • ~f* a r*~" u r - er oting to I w *;!' e schoolmates at Iowa State LI_ ^jPnllorTia •• larm. Surviving parents, brothers Harry and Melvin, Al gonu; Lawrence, Fenton; sisters, Mrs. Albert Wibben, Mrs. Harold l.amue, Bancroft; Mrs. Albert Speth, Ringsted; Mrs. Eli Gerber, West Bend; Evelyn and Rmny, at home; and a grand-] Lake mother, Mrs. Lyclia Ringenberger, Gridley, 111. Many at the Rites. Persons who attended the services included: The Lewis Alts, Deloris Tre- hesch, Sleepy Eye, Minn.; Wm. 10. 1<)43, Cupt. W. J. Heavey of- ficiajing. Since discharpe Mr. Schaller hda been farnmig at Britt and Kanawha. Surviving are the widow; the uarents; four sisters—Mrs. Ar- •ince :ind have theii shop the to It teachers at the work will permit 1 -, " ' 1<rorn Ames the . . . Caihleen, daughter of Mr. and , OFFICIAl, NOTICE _ — _, „.. itlll , however, that S H C - teachers will attend the full time and make up the extra two . « e P'ymg to a questionnaire Wilkeninj/, St. James, Minn., daughters Norma and Nancy; the A. E. Rinkenbergers, Morris, Minn.; Mrs. Lydia Knohl, Hancock, Minn.; Lena Aeschliman, Chicago; D. E. Alt, La Crusse, Inrl.; Evelyn Alt and Evelyn Dodda, Detroit; Mr. and Mrs. Bob Alt, daughter Rebecca, the Jos. Bauers, daughter Laura, all of Cessna Park, 111. Np wBook Rule at the Library Here At the suggestion of Librarian ..-.. ^... „,, , njm aintci a iv.ll o. f\l- , ' * ^ —o "** " ^iucat J unit an c thur Kelch and Mrs. Max Sloan y , s P nn K teachers who attend- Corwith. Mrs. Cvril Hanlon Chi- , tne ful1 sessions last fall said and Mrs. Harold De Sart, the things they had learned in City; and two brothers, lnet hods and instruction tech- and Rnhprt at Vmmn ' ' nics had been of crf>nt 1-ionc.fif Rene and Robert, at home. =MC uuy nooen, at nome. u o grea ene Pallbearers were Dale Swaney them during tjie school year. 1<lle find Stehen Gillis, Britt Elmer K.rauss, Corwith, Robert Matz . 1<lle workshop, new in educa- ° n '^Ws, is set up for the ben'e- " .«.., »vwv* i. ^viai^., pJ. * ,, - -1-- -..^- M^.«^Kanawha, and Louis and Thomas i. ° e teacher, the pupil, and Garman, Wesley. the community. Faculty mem- Interment was in St. Mary's s wno wil1 be here next week remetej-v, Corwith. The Elmer conle from Teachers college at Wilson Legion post, Corwith, had c f dar Falls and all are special dim-re of military rites. "" ' ' Relatives and friends attending from a distance were: " ists, with experience, in" their own fields. --:„ --- «. U v-.,., ; we,.-, the They are: Elizabeth Brown, M. August Garmans, Mr. and Mrs. A ' ( University of Wisconsin, who man went to Annapolis, then in" ln °n,i se !;^- J n !lctive duty three years he Pncific 10 the been The visitor wore one silver and two bronze stars, representing seven major battles. aclll "'B CAR ACCIDENT VICTIM MUST WEAR A BRACE Mrs. Andrew H a n s e n, who was seriously injured in a two- car intersection collision two it* ITT /~\ t-t ~ ~' ' *•••** i *** * •^*J»*4 nv/ 4 *V^E« " " Mrs. W. G Curtis, got home $at-' /:"..Public notice is 'hereby given urday after a week Jn Des, 'th^the "City'Council!'bf the-CUv ,- .. • —.-- - ••»,».«. ^«. *--i.p uiuiiuc v^ny .uouncii oi me uitv Moines with an aunt, Mrs, Frahk. bf Ajgona, loWa, proposes''to en- M« P a /- -i-^r.o l^ 1 ' '' into r' a contract rpr contracts i • it ^' C *f nnch lef f Satur- .for the '. purchase of necessary day night for Boston, where she material and the^employment of wil spend some time with her necessary labor and P sewce"' for husband, who JS m radar work the construction of certain 1 street • 'TU ' n » t. o , I improvements within the City of Th.e D. A. parnards have been' Algona, and that there is now on spending two weeks-vacationing file m the office ; of the City and fishing at Cass Lake, .Minn, Clerk' of the' City 'of Algona They are expected home late this Iowa, proposed, plans andI specf- Philip Goetx, Mr. and Mrs. Edward Carman, T-4 Louis Garman, and Mrs. Rose Laux, all of „ „ „ *•-Wesley; Sistpr Mary Gratnn and E ' F u«er, M. A. Ames, .U.MIUI- Bister Mary Leopita. Mt. Carmel coun ty superintendent professor Diiburiue; Mrs. J. Miu-phv and oi n ?tu''al science at Cedar Falls. Mr. and Mrs. JnmoV O'Meara, N ?!|f ie Hampton, njasters degree C'hicafn; Arthur CnfU-v Mr and University of- Iowa. She has Mrs. Henry Eischeid, Mr and * ai *Sht in intermediate grades in Mrs. John Sloan, Algona; Helen : pw ? and Missouri. Her'special- C*nts]rnr nn^-J RTiio T»««', r^ I'l _* JZHtinn 1Q in >'r»nj-l ivirt r «.. :„„ miles Martinek south of the , —(--. 4W4*vv. * 4i r -.i«xfu«liOust? in the ^Doan nejtih- and specialized language j borhood last March 29, last week m intermediate aradoa. M. | was fitted with an aluniinum and o.-mer soft leather brace which it is indicated she will have to wear HIP rest of her life. The brace, which reaches from shoulder to below the waist, is .- _.—__„ „„ PJV-*VJ \\ me v/a*sL IS designed for back support m'ade necessary by the collision injury *irli,/-.U . ..1A--3 * • J .'. ' severely At the Slietfest on of I ihnri-in ^ . ""•" '-'•««". "Jeuria iieien ~~ .7 : »"•—•"*•"• *»F' ajJtru-jai- jurc-cbsai-y ov 111Q COJ1 s on in Beth AnnL the libr.rv board S° pley and ^ Tori > Co « le y- of ' 2atlol \ lsn ln reading. Louise which resulted in se" has libeAlbed the^ rule Y on the'S, ai ? croft: the Adol P Jl Kreiwrs, Slres A. B. University of Mis-1 wrenched muscles, factured ver- *« ^kf »sr; Ers^^wr- i :fcs r ^-L ::. r^fbei^^^Us^^ ^SL^^SH^H^- hos " or mya^eS'It 6 a"^^^ spTndfnf toln'alaVm'^ fcHi/en WMr^&^So^ lite 'Of*** ™** ' two seven-day books and five who had seen smoke pouring fall, r ' " ' ' ' ^ two-week books or magazines from the kitchen, but found only be 1C may be taken at one time. meat burning dry on the stove. year. «. ...^—•••" „> „ v.,.,^, «... ..^v, njjuiiujiit? vo an aiarm oi a citizen ea «"" inree days worshop last then she bar two seven-day books and five who had seen smoke pouring fall, and it is expected there wil | mlhent cast She U iTnVnM'T two-week books or magazines [ from the kitchen, but found only be 100 P e F cent attendance th s! Stend to her household SSilS may be taken at one time. meat burning di-y on'the stove. year. ' wUhout the paS she hid 4 ^" pr perence unnece»^ r? pjoyrnent. Ex- fpr returned veteran. Kent Wrtor Let Cowan do the Complete Job &""*W't--*U ^MLfl^ *• ' ' -"I.-' !-', : . ' Ropfing — SIDING — Insulation Weatherstrip ^— Faint 4SK FOB 4 FBEE ESTIMATE i4 i^ay buy on our 'convenient monthly plan if 'i?sire(|. ? ' '•' . Cowan's can plve you a complete job of repair e and'jn. su iatlpn of yowr . A^lGJQN^

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