Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on August 21, 1945 · Page 3
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 3

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 21, 1945
Page 3
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PAGE SIX DOCTOR TO MONTANA. Sunday by auto for ]• onion, An;;. 20—Dr. and Mrs. MonU when- they J. A. Mueller and children loll their future home. ' Lcwiston, 1 will make' KOSSU.TH COUNTY ADVANCE, ALGONA, 10 >v>yoWO<'XVWOWOWmWO:awaXOXW^^ Thank You! Wo have sold the Mainliner and gave possession August 1 to Mrs. Mae Bullev- fiold and family who have been operating it since last fall. We have greatly appreciated the fine business and the friends we made while in Algona and hope that you will continue your patronage of the new firm. Mr. Mrs. Allen 1 a Hungerford | 34* io! owowoix>c«f0s^a*X]!^^ LU VERNE BOY IN UNIT INSPECTED BY PRESIDENT ed hand. He is the son of Mr. and! and Peter Holt, father of Mrs. Guy Trauger, and his wife Wehrspann, took her to is the former Verda Sanford. 5 Good Country Tricks for Saving More Used Fats s year our domestic supply of fats and oils will J. be approximately one and one-half billion pounds less than last year. Right now, we are facing our worst fat shortage since the war began. To make up for this staggering loss, the government is depending on the women of America — and particularly women on farms and in smaller cities. Every spoonful, every, drop of fat is needed to help make battlefield and homefront essentials. So roll up your sleeves and do an all-out job, won't you? Clip this checklist and pin it up in your kitchen as a reminder. rolled off the assemly line. They don't like lining up their gun tubes so you could look down the line and sec only a single barrel and 499 shadows. "They'd much rather be taking it easy in the shade somewhere, talking to* little kids or pretty Algonian Mas Operation— LeRoy Webber, son of the Alvin Webers, recently- had an operation at the General hospital in Algona. RECEPTION FOR OTTOSEN PASTOR, BRIDE, PLANNED Ottosen, Aug. 20—The Presbyterian Aid met last Friday afternoon in the church parlors with Mrs. Earl Long and Mrs. Helen Shipley as hostesses. The meeting was presided over by the) president, Mrs. Joseph Anliker. The Aid voted to pack three boxes to send to foreign relief. They also hent $3 to the Home for Aged at Ackley. They planned a reception for the Rev. Mr. Schneck, who was recently married. The time was set for either Monday or Tuesday evening of this week, depending on when he and his new bride can come. They live at Rolfe, where the Rev. Mr. Schneck has that church too. Committees appointed were: Program, Mrs. Knut Oppedahi; chairman; Mrs. Chester Alme and Mrs. Anna Purdy; refreshments, Mrs. Mike Coyle; chairman, Mrs. Joseph Anliker and Mrs. Kate Shursen; gift, Mrs. us and Mrs. George Cooper. Mrs. John Coyle and Mrs. Herman Kramer were appointed to see Rev. Schneck and set the time. Mrs. George Cooper was in charge of the following program: Song by the group; Battle Hymn of the Republic, followed by an instrumental solo by Barbara iust.Long; little Marilyn Long sang a LuVorno, Aug. 20— Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Davidson have received word recently from their son, Sgt. Gordon M. Davidson, that he is in Germany. He sent the following publicity item regarding his unit to his parents, dated—"Berlin, July 22: "You can't beat 2nd Armored, you cant beat them on the battlefield, and you can't beat them when they're putting on a review for the upstairs brass. ."This time it was the Secretary of War who inspected the column of 300 armored vehicles and the guys who make them run. And it was a little like'old times for the real veterans for one of their old bosses, Gen. George S. Patton Jr., his four stars shining on his polished helmet liner, came with Secretary Stimson to see how his boys looked. Marshall and Truman Too. ' "A couple of days ago it was the Chief of Staff, Gen. George C. Marshall, who reviewed this sample of America's top armor. "This first of the week, it was the big boss himself—Command- er-in-Chicf Harry S. Truman— who thinks the men of the division are just it. "Don't misunderstand. The men don't like reviews. Not many,,-, T , .. , -,, fighting soldiers do. It's hot out!^!!?! ^ US ?!L d _ M ™J there in the sun under those tin hat.s and those wool jackets. And your legs get tired at attention or parade rest, and your arm aches when you hold a salute for two or three minutes. Soldiers Don't Like Review. "They don't like oiling their tanks so they look like they Moines, plane. where she caught Mrs. I Des, ler' School Opens Sepi. 3— The Ottosen school will ccm- mence on Monday, Septembei 1945, with three new teachers the staff. The full staff follows: Superintendent,. E. B. Emmcns; staff and will teach home cjco- nomics; 7th and 8th grades, IV ar- jorie Guderian, Gilm6re City, also new member of the staff; and 6th grades, Sadie Peters Rolfe; 3rd and 4th grades, Ada Reynolds; 1st and WA TOM NELSON, VIVIAN TURNER, ARE MARRIED Tom Nelson, Clear Lake, son of Mrs. Eunice Nelson, was married to Vivian Turner"at her parental home Suriday, August 5, by the Rev. Mr. Wolf, Iowa Falls. , The candlelight ceremony wns high school, Mrs. E. B. Emm ans! performed before a flower-decor- and Evelyn Bates, Ames; Miss | ated altar. They were attended Bates is a new member of the | by the bride's sister and broth- 5th on, .Mrs. !nd grades, Miss Siefkin, Gilmore City, also a new member. Club Holds a Picnic— The Ladies Rural club held picnic Sunday noon on the. ' srhoolhouse lawn, and 30 attended. Husbands and families of jthe , club members were guests. The ! afternoon was spent in visaing and making plans for the flower show to be held in the scllool , gymnasium September 15. this year there will be an exhibit of souvenirs boys who are serving ' in the armed forces have sent er, Helen and Clarence Turner. A dinner preceded the ceremony and a reception, for 00 guests was given at the home of the bride's parents. The newlyweds took a wedding trip to Fontanelle and Omaha. He operates a Standard Oil truck at Clear Lake. Mrs. Eunice Nelson attended the wedding. •TUESDAY. AUG, ALGONA QECTRK MIKING Of AM, KINDS PltOSK'SQ •-•.• 20« W. STATI ST 1IAR01YI) (SI) HriTIt WILTiAltl) (Jess)' ' home, besides the classes flowers and fancy work and yeg- 1 etables that are exhibited qach year. of song that her mother Long had written for Knut Oopedahl gave ing, Look, God. The program was closed by the singing of America. The next meeting will be September 7, with Mrs. John Coyle and Mrs. Wallace Hundertmark BURT YOUTH IS FLIGHT OFFICER Burt, Aug. 20— Flight . Officer Leonard E. Lovstad completed the army air forces' highly technical 36-week B-29 flight engineer course at Hondo Army Air Field, Hondo, Tex., August 6, and was awarded the newly- adopted, flight engineer wiligs, which feature a four-bladed propeller for a centerpiece. ] The flight engineer is the lat- Chicken Supper Parish Hall St. Benedict, Iowa Sunday, August 26 Scrvingr Starts 5:00 to 8:00 p. m. t Tickets 75c TOPS FOR >QUALI1Y| 5 •. ^ Pepri-Cola Company; Long Island City, N. Y. FraneMsed Bottler: Pepti-Cola Bottling Co. of /.'or( Mrs. Earl her; Mrs. _ the read- est addition to the officer ranks hostesses. of the A. A. F. He is virtually in control of the plane almost all the time in his role as master mechanic, aeronautical engineer, and boss of the gas can. His FRIED SALT PORK—with milk gravy. Salt pork yields so much grease, you won't need it all for gravy. Pour the rest into the salvage can. 2. DEEP FAT FRYING—use the fat over and over, but when it's too dark and smelly to use any more, don't forget Uncle Sam wants it I 3. ROASTS AND CHOPS —save all trimmings (scraps from plates, too.) Keep them in a small bowl; once a week melt them down. 4. SAUSAGES—they're better if you parboil them first. Skim the fat off the cooking water — scrape the fat from the frying pan. 5. CHICKEN SOUP — chill it before you use it. Scoop off the hardened grease (soup tastes better, too!) When the salvage can is full, take it to your butcher promptly. He willgiveyou 2 red points and up to 4o for every pound of used fat you turn in. 100,000,000 More Pounds of Used Fats Are Needed This Year Approved by WFA and OP A. Paid for by Industry. girls and enjoying the rest they' as think they have earned after! ^1" read the scnplure, and Mrs. three years of war Mary Schneider will have charge "Or—this is what they really | of the program ' want—they'd rather get out of get out Berlin altogether, give the glory to someone else, and get on one of those boats that's going home. But They Don't Let On. "But you'd never know it to look at them. What they feel like doesn't show in their perfect ranks, in their clean tanks, their precise salutes as the Several Attend Fair— Many from here have attended the Humboldt county fair this last week. Wednesday, Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Oppedahi; Thursday, Mr. and Mrs. Herman Kramer, Mr. and Mrs. Max Clark, Mr. and Mrs. Roy Jacobson, Mr. and Mrs. in i Peter Enockson, Chester Alme re- i and daughter Shirley, Mr. and view goes by. What they'd ra- Mrs. Sylvan Jacobson and fam- Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Lemke children, Mr. and Mrs. Mike astounding collection of overseas j Coyle and daughter Gertie Lou, stripes on those clean ETO jack- Mr ' and Mrs. Roy Telford and ther do isn't evident— unless y,ou bolher to figure out what that ets mean to the guys who earned them. 'The first time thoy were reviewed by the Big Three at a conference came way back in North Africa when the late President Roosevelt inspected. This, they hope, is their last Big Three review. "But while they're parading or while they're fighting you can't beat the Second Armored. Ask the Germans. Thev tried." German PW in Visil— Cpl. Howard Smith arrived home recently from Pennsylvania, where hcd spent nearly thme weeks visiting friends. He is the son of Mrs. Georgia Smith, and left a week ago Sunday for a camp in Kansas after a furlough with his mother and other relatives. Howard was a family, Mr. and Mrs. Loran Daniels and family, Mr. and Mrs. Roy Enockson and daughters, Irvin Movick and daughter Betty j Lou, Mr. and Mrs. Magnus Brat' land, Mr. Swartrupt Nelson and daughter. Service Wives in Visii— Mrs. Knut Oppedahi and son Knut Jr. returned Wednesday morning after spending a few days at the Harold Montandon home at Popejoy. The two met in Medford, Ore., where their husbands were in the same med| ical unit of the armed forces. | They went together to Vancou- I ver, Wash., to be with their hus- ; bands. Mr. Montandon and Cpl. I Oppedahi were inducted the same day, served overseas to- nn i .jwittv- *-»"j t ov-i v <_;»a uvtriacaa LU- r ™X' gether, and were together until ™ r Montandon was sent home and ,, . ,-, „ i received a medical discharge af- prisoner of war m Germany for ter a nervous breakdown. The girls had a long visit after not 2fi months. Girls for Two Couples— Mr. and Mrs. Francis Sanford are parents of a gii-1 horn Friday, August 10, at the Lutheran hos- nital at Fort Dodge. There are two other children in the family. Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Curran are parents of a girl born Saturday, August 11, at the Mercy hospital in Fort Dodge. Suffers Crushed Hand— James Trauger, in the navy in California, has been in a naval hospital there for several weeks received treatment for a crush- seeing each other for nearly two years. Flies lo South Carolina— Mrs. Donald Wehrspann and son Billy left Monday evening from Des Moines and flew to Columbia, S. C., to meet and be with her husband, First Lt. Donald Wehrspann, who is at the present time stationed there with the Army Medical Corps. He was recently transferred there from Carlisle, Pa., where he had been stationed since he went into the army two moths ago. Margaret Holt, sister of Mr. Wehrspann, that m- of Mrs. Roy Telford I strument panel dwarfs the B-29 commander. Flight Officer Lovstad is a json of Mrs. Anna Lovstad. His wife, the former Viola Serdahl, is| at present living at the home of tier mother, Mrs. Fred Howard. * I • NOTICE! TO 'PROSPECTIVE IMJftCHASERS OF . Electric Ranges and Water Heaters ningejj BUDDY OF SENECA SOLDIER IS CALLER ON HIS PARENTS I Seneca Aug. 20—Mr. and Mrs. Sam, Olsen were ^pleasantly surprised a week ago Sunday morning when Henry J. Monarchic, ex-soldier, West Bend, called at their home and told them news of their son Alvin. j The two men were inducted at the same time and wore together through France, Belgium, and into Germany. Mr. Monarchic suffered with arthritis and was sent home! on a medical discharge last October and has been hospitalized since then. Alvin is now reported to be back in Fr'ance. He wentW- erseas_in January 1944. Capt. Pfeffer is On Way Hoiiie Wesley, Aug. Jp — Captain, L. L. Pfeffer called his wife last week Sunday afternoon saying he had landed in New York iCty that morning and expected! to! get home the latter part of the ' week. Captain Peffer, who was' first aid and dental officer with ' thq 5th armored division, had been overseas 18 months. [He served in England, France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, and the Netherlands. Pfeffer was in service three years months. and ten OFFICER TO COAST. Burt, Aug. 20—Mrs. W. B. Officer and children took Ensign and Mrs. Wallace Officer JrJ to Des Moines recently and they left from there for San Francisco, Calif., after spending nearly two weeks at the Officer home md with Mrs. Officer's family in Algona. Effective immediately the City is discontinuing tlic sale of electric and wafer heaters. Henceforth they will he distributed through regular !i ml is hit; channels. Our decision lo withdraw from the selling and distribution of these articles! was made after due consideration, without the least coercion from (lie dealers,| and for a number of reasons, among 'which the following: may lie noted, si 1st. The original purpose for entering the merchandise field lias been nc-l 55 complished. This was to introduce -electric cooking and; water healing' to »irj J5J customers. How well this was done is attested by the fact that we now have ap-l == proximately 000 electric ranges and 825 electric Water heaters installed in Al-l =5 gona. We have proved that electricity is the cheapest, cleanest and safest nielli- 55 od of cooking and of heating water. . U . 2nd. In the past few years n great number of farm homes in oiir trade fer- 55 ritory have been connected to electric lines. All are potential users of electric] == ranges and water heaters. We were prohibited from'selling to them an our loss cal merchants were unable to stock such major appliances in the face of our I =5 competition. It. was, therefore, considered unfair both to our merchants and to | =5 our rural friends to remain in the merchandise business. =5 3rd. There will be a great number of ecellent ranges and water heaters oil SB the market shortly and with the increased number of retail outlets we believe| == the local demand can be filled at an earlier date. U 4th. The withdrawal from the merchandise field will leave us free lo ness complish better our primary purpose, the production and distribution of electric| 55 power. 55 At this time Ave wish to thank our many satisfied customers and to Hiiuk| =5 our dealers for their very fine cooperation in the past. H We suggest that all persons desiring to i purchaseany of these ni>l>li» u( *| sjj contact their dealer at once and have their names placed on the waiting list. City of Algona Light and Water Dcpt C. U. POLLARD Supt. Public l^iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiy — ^^fifcm •"•"""••••iiMiHiiiHiiimiiiipiniiiiiiiiiiiiiiMHi"' 1 " 11 "" I Come to the Fair Aug. 28 & 29 I Complete Change of Grandstand Program Eaett Day | Tuesday~WLS National Barn Dance. Wednesday-Seneca Saddle club and 6 viudeville Acts w™ T r^,,^. o, \...L | Bring m Entries up to 9:30 a. m. Tuesday morning. Vegetable entries wanted. Business | Ball Games Tuesday I Come to the *ies wanted, Business Display of PosOWar Products Farm Machinery Exhibit

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