Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on August 21, 1945 · Page 2
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 2

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 21, 1945
Page 2
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PAGE FOUR MEMORIAL FOR BOB THOMPSON HELDJUNDAY 5ervices for Algona Boy Lost on Bomb Mission. S-Kft. Robert W. Thnmnson. r^noi-tod ivivsincT nvor RcrnborG, Germany. June M. 1P44. and on June 30. 1945. official!-"- declared dr-nd, was mofirvinli/rd in services at ths Methodist church he-re' Sunday at 3 p. m. Faith Ann Clement, organist, played "Going Home" as a prelude anci a processional for color bearers followed in order representing the local V. F. W. post Sometimes the Highway to Matrimony Is a Bit Rough KOSSUTH COUNTY ADVANCE, ALGONA, IOWA 'WHS CREEK NAVY MAN AND BURT GIRL 10I 11- :V eddin 3 day wrs over, and the newly sigh of relief becausc they were ovei< ar-« ago , .. . -- P lac . e lhe wedding had been planned, months > the last detail, Then the prospective tridegroom did.. - -,„ home till a covple of weeks a<7o, and his leave was so unexpected that the wedding had to be speedily re-arranged. One attendant had been in an accident and couldn't be at the event, so that was dispensed with. Then the wedding was at a church, but something intervened and made the minister half an hour late. An appointment had been made with a photographer here for a bridal picture following the ceremony, so the couple started for Algona in the bridegroom's father's car, but had gone only a short distance when there was a blowout. Finally they reached town, but were late, and had to The couple hurried back to the paternal home for a wedding reception, but then things began to happen to others at me i wedding. A brother of the young service man went home lo do some chores, and found that a toy terrier, for six years a family pet, had been kicked by a cow and killed. Laler in lhe evening e sister returned to her home in Al- gonn to find that her small sons dog lied with a rope had been at play with a pat pig, but had entangled the pig in the rope in sucn a way Ihai it had choked to death with its hind leet on lhe ground, and its front feel and head trussed up by Ine rope. To that's thai, and now the couple, end friends for Ihem, are wishing a little desperately for a long and HAPPY married life. : e FOR RENT—GOOD 120 ACRES . on pavement, 7 miles from town.—Phone 441W or call at 312 South Wooster, Algona. 20p50 FOR SALE—320 ACRES well FOR SALE-r2-14 LITTLE Gcn- tilcd, good fence.—Inquire Jim ius McCorfnick-Dedring tractor Sheridan, Bancroft. 12p50-52 - 1 -- '-' -—'' - u ""~' ° ""* 1 " tU -" —TUESDAY, AUG. 21 , , FOR SALE—154 ACRIX- M 1 * 68 . 1 °f CoS^ for Fords wheels and Chevrolets. WFft AllfilKT 11TM- FOH SALE — POLLED HERE-, ^ r UiUB « I1U ^^ TfiiV MUUUJI III II ford bulls, serviceable age, at! Chefs Used Auto" Parts. 13p50 I ntts Pronb- An« ")t\ A >, | farmers prices.—P. M. Christen-, — : — sSsi ;s« r*^ j' =•"• L °"°"•* "• — A sr^Ta»rs£ EF&&JsF%Js' "SSVTOft »• SR#e%)S85 SlSf A IjOeSCn Wnicn United Robert ,,,_-l, . r>™,,~~ UU,, a i.. i~i- IP rv,^= ~lrl tirirmo T-ooconnhln 2 plow in good shape; 2 Set lathes, buildings, best nf c -i Wilh : tt -'Priced reasonable.—Ed Arend, 3 Make me an of ft. • , a " %! s miles south, % west of Sexton. I C. W. Nicoulin AI?,'.' thls >nu Loesch whirh nnitPri nhort' . usom , Leinineer of the navv ™? vfv work—Cowan lildg. Supply Co., 18 mos. old. Prices reasonable, L,emingei, ot the navy, and Viv- phone . 2>75; ., A1 g 0 na.> ISulBtf Ben G. Studer, Wesley, la. MRS. STAL! DIES SUNDAY; Help Return Nazi Slaves to Homes Cpl. Merle Conklin recently wrote his parents, Mr. and'Mrs. George A. Conklin, of his experience as member of a truck con... r : v °y conveying Nazi slave labor- Mrs. Lucy E. Staley, 79, died ers from Czechoslovakia to Paris fit her home here at 5:15 p. m. bv W£> y of Germany and Bel- a.iu Post a-nti its inu region Auxiliary, the Uni' I L ?o S cLt A SS U Jith A wwie 7 st?r°a I nd Wf£DUi.NU AKJNOUMCEMENl'b U. S. N. on it. Reward.—Mrs. E ' ~ Vou J1 be pleased with. U« M. Harina, Lone Rock. : 18o50 l^uiily and appearance oi oui , ' ..-...• | f L__ i work. Printed or engraved art- FARM Fb'R SALE—ONE of the'iiouncemenis of distinction. •best eighties in the St. Joe Many styles to seltct from.—Ao neighborhood; , all level, tiled vance fut> Co land,—Calrat this office. 21U48-51' TOWN PROPERTY, LOW 1NT- . — i BREST LOANS, FHA AND FOR SALE—Duroc Jersey sows ' VETERANS "Gl" LOANS TO to farrow last of September, i PURCHASE, REMODEL, RE- Also a good breeching harness. FINANCE HOMES — Algona Jake W. Meyer, Corwith. Federal Savings & Loan, Algona, 18u47tf Iowa. 2bu46t£ FOR SALE—1200 WATT wind- WE ARE OPEN FOR BUSINESS charger and accessories; in —Come up and try one of our good condition.—A. G. Volentine, cold waves. We also have Jamal 3 mi, north and 1 mi. west Burt. and Zotos, machineless, a full . 20p50-51 line of cosmetics; also Parker __„—_,. — Hcrbex for hair and scalp.— FOR SALE—FARMALL F-20 Twin-Co Beauty Salon over Bor„ , . tractor on rubber; lights, high chardt's, phone 5. — Manager lan Volentine, Burt. Mr. Lus- g ear > and cultivator. — Charles June McMahon! operators, Ruby mann presided at the pipe organ. Froehlich, phone 2140, Wesley. ' Daniels and Doris Voiding. The- bride wore a hite formal, 17p50 47u49-50 with a finger tip -Veil and a coro- 7TT~7 ~~~ net of seed pearls, and carried an GLASS—WE CUT AUTO glass FEMALE HELP WANTED—WE arm bouquet of red roses. She J ?r all makes of cars. New auto. are in need of several women was attended by her sister Dar- a ? nal ?' 7 e , hav jr, Model A radi - to help in poultry dressing oper-1 lene, who wore a pink formal p OI ? m stock '~Chet s Used Auto ations. We have recently mod-1 and carried an arm bouquet. The s ' • 25p50 ernized our picking room. Rate bridegroom was attended by I,M nnw SSAVIUMI • A r. , I,- • 50 c ^r>ts per hour, time and one-i Kenneth Hackbarth. y / W™ ^"^ AW Ji."^-,' half over *> hou'rs. Rest perishing."' Heavy Af ter the ceremony a Deception 'equipment PoSe powTS I iods ' With « as rationing ° VCr was held at the home'.of the !?COW!ITBide Suonlv Cn nhnnp' you can drive from nearby bridegroom's parents, Mr. and 275 Ateon, PP y ^E.PJl? I towns - Start that Christmas fund I City ar.:l County j WAITRESS AND LADY COOK l wanted; six day week. Room . i HI .nu ; noWi __s w jf t & 53u50-51' board or Cafe, phone 539. Sunday from an incurable mal- S ium - Some were left in Luxem- ady which had kept her bedfast '^"^The^roc^ • : ' OintS al ° ng * he for the past seven months. i on g'. Mm-Fe^'n^the ^morccT'in- i-usi. JUKI us Auxiliary, tne um- funeral services will be at the fantry, has been in service 2'^. tud-Service vvomcn, the clergy, Methodist church Wednesday at years. ' O f"hc7 sineVTfc TJIhPr" T^n' "W^tTS ^ AV ^ takon over r.r-.ri tvfr r'.,,,-,;!.. p.n ft ... ., _ . J . _ __.__ .! ' sioioi MIS. Luther John- 'Ralph Hurlburts feed mill - -— — — =-- — o 2.30, with the Rev. i\. A. Price in . • son, Humboldt, last week. and am equipped to do any kind * yourself to another private in- of srindinif. Carl Wipnnr P,n,-t dividual. We take care of all ARE i THE I and the; family. ,"£?; ^T' L ^. hr °?' v !, ds a B uest NOTlC.a-1 HAVE taken ^, hal i^L^- f chal '8c, and burial will be beside _ ™"" thc grave of Mrs. Staley's hus- when ... the"' family, lived there. band in ' a far nily Plot at Burt. Scripture was from Acts 13, and Frank Ryerson, Frank Bahling, the sermon text was, By the will Aaron Taylor, Michael Long' i°n ttie^^vic 1 aSleeP " Assisting Herr nan. - Schroeder, and Lewis son A. ¥1'^local pasto^' Nel ", Sc ° tt w »l ac t as pallbearers. Mrs. Staley, only child of Mr. DEAD AT 48 .. Ruth May Fraser, 48, died at, James Canhan, was ller no . me here Wednesday from Church Flag Gold Star &taley, only child of Mr.' Ruth May Fraser, 48, died at, A mix^d quartet members of f nd Ml ' S ' James Canh an. vvas h / r , h . ome here Wednesday from which were Mesdamo^L j R%Pd £° rn £ eb - ^ 1866, at Cabery, 111. Hodgkms disease, an affliction and Paul C Bell iTso W C Cur ^ had . a grade sch ° o1 e ^uca- characterized by enlargement of emu r-ciui <_. i_,eu also w. Lr. Cur- tion. and nn iVim-r-h * tuo^ , the Ivmuhatic sands nnrl nm. ° n March 5 ' 1884 - was and Paul C. Bell, also W. G. Cur- tion "^fRo^rtMcCullouBh, sang married"' to" "K^H."'sTaley "at gressfve'anemia" from vvnTch^'he ricauuiul Garden of Praver and tinM.iKt TM n-u ..""•' al 1,..^ ,.,.« 1 *_.. , Abide With Me. Honorary pall tou™- then c'Ln ?nK ^f bearers were Perry Collins Her- county ' ' On Cdm<3 l ° K ° SSUth , Father Purrington bcrt Hecllund, Earl Sprague, Mr. Staley and his father-in- ! Saturday. at . the glands and pro- -. . — «..v_iniu. j,i \jin WlliV-Il Ol] suffered for several years. _ Funeral services in charge of " ' were held . If! : one for sale drive in or 2QuSQ '• V1U|C: ul Phone and we will come out. As authorized OPA used car | dealers we can pay as much for your car as you can get selling , —„« ,.v,v,i k . cuiu can equ. The F. W. Roscoes spent Sun- ° f grinding, dny at Albert Lea, where the son phone 173. , Wallace sang m a Presbyterian FOR Carl Wiener, Burt. , lv ' p4 2-51 j g« • ! ?IMETO The Vincent Scharlachs, Okla- lS Citty Vv, are s P end , in S two caslonk"- Q 'schimrnel ^ e u° ks , ^ the P ai ' en tal C. C. phone 149-J. Scharlach's: LEY,! W. C. Monlux came from his! WANTED Gardens,; THE HAMILTON SCHOOL AT! 18u48-51 Mason City offers courses of 1 senior grade in The School of A tilRL WHO IS Executive Administration, and ARE LOWER ! LOO 0. IV A. 01)1) LOT ! 8, EK STARTING F.RI. \\'(i 17 NORATIOi STAMP ME! FOK KKGULAHLY HATIOISKI) MJ3.V8 DRESS SHOES, MKN'fS WORK SHOES, LADIES ARCH 8110 KN.' LAIUKS .DRESS SHOES,. LADIES' SIMWT SHOKS A BIG SELECTION!' But not every size in every slyle. Up until Thurs. Aug. 161h all required a regular ration stamp! Mow . . . for a limited time only you c-i them WITHOUT a stamp! Selection won't inst lorTn BE HERE EARLY FOR YOURS! •». w. IVJHHIUX came irom nisi •••""••••"'-' — -". vjajvjj wnw 10 executive Administration and home at Elkader Wednesday for 1 , abl j; to do typing and take courses of junior grade in The the rest of the week with his shor thand for permanent posi- School of Commerce. FALL brother T~* "n . tion in Alfnna Inw nffinn T?n,-»Kr TiT7»T3i\/r o__i i r. « . brother D. D. Mr. and Mrs. George Hack- in __ = _. to this paper. law office. Reply TERM opens September 3. Send 23u50tf for bulletin describing some of, the finest courses offered by any! » le^S Sld^gf^rit' i ^^S E ^ C e TR ar C d ¥*<* " ^^ the^ddKst^ Tl i 'Al.ion.l-r aSUek^Sir 1 ,^ ^ S^ 0 ^^ 5 ^ ~i Knoxville, Tenn. TL, '* . and repahs. Huxtable Fire- I 8 u40tf ^'u " < ^ IU11U> aiu ' 1 °P'' a & u e, Mr. Staley and his father in ! Saturday. at the Episcopal! w ^ ^' A \ ? arnards spent ors and rep Richard Sorcnsen Paul Beards- law-were, among a rouj ol p^I i ^urch. Burial was in East Lawn > ^"^^ at fW mn eba |° ^ the |sione store. ley and Wendell Jergeruen. ' pective land buyers' who were' Memorial Gardens and- acting as' lf m J 10 ™ ° f Mrs. Earnard'sJ „ : A gold star was placc-1 on the being shown Iowa farrtfs ''and Pallbearers were Roy'-SartbfeH i t3Unt ^V 0 ^' Norman ' X ™^ OR S ^ L - E ~A FEW CHOICE church service flag by Mrs. An- they bargained for a virgin farm Hollis B enschoter, Ronald Card-' Rlch ard; son oritfr. and MrsP* ''.'egistei-ed '•Wflkihg - <iSSh"orth<5rn ton Didnksen, and Capt. Wil- 3 1 A miles southwest of Bu'-t ner> Wm ' T J aden . Charles Bar- Paul Bell,- went to West Bendl n ? lfe . rs . open and bred; bulls ser- liams, of the Sioux City air base, They returned to Illinois but *i n i ringer ' and Elrn er Potter. | Wednesday for two weeks at hist y lceab l e age and -younger.— presented a flag to Mr. Thomp- early fall Mr. Canhan returned to' Miss Fraser was the daughter aunt Mrs - If vin Shellmyer's. ;|Aaron• Steussy, Lu Verne. son. The service v/as -concluded the newly purchased farm to put Ruth of Mr - and Mrs - Dan Fras-' Mr. and Mrs. J. A.. McCollinsj 19p49-50 Sunday and Monday at: t-he^Tt^ in, Wn in Hammer . — The Hamilton School, Mason 1 City, Iowa.' 50' „ of books , ; C a m e to KossuthT which remain" Family hera Seven. Years. ' ed their home the rest of their Sergeant Thompson, son of Mr. live s. and Mrs. H. W. Thompson, was in 1935 the Staleys retired and born -on a farm near Dallas Cen- moved to Burt, but in the follow- tcr Novv'21, 1921, but in the fol- ln .S A P''il Mr. Staley died. His lowing year the family moved to wlrl °w and a daughter Edna Buffalo Center, which was their mov cd to Algona in 1936. home' till June 1938, when they Mr - and Ml '«. Staley were par- moved to'Algona. °nts of three daughters: Mrs. L Robert- was graduated from the P- Bu sh, Mrs. H. L. Reynolds F-uffalri Center-high school and both deceased, and Edna, a attended Morningside college and home. Two orphaned grandchil Iowa State. He majored in voca- drcn ' B 9tty and Lynn Bush, have tional agriculture and lacked but d with their grandmother anc 40 days of • graduation when h« ^'H 1 ' °thor survivors are grand- Wi.s called to service. .children: Herbert Bush, of Deep Enlisting, in the Air Corps re- f lvcl " i!don Bush, Morral, Ohio serves in May 1942, the 'youth our g'^at-grandchildren, and \vcnt into service the February ^Y rj cousl ns, Mrs. Helen Huntley foilowlng. He had basic train- Cl£inon , Mrs. Hattie Rutan, Al- )J).!r at-vJefferson Barracks, Mo., ma ' Neb and was graduated from an army fir ground school at Gulfport, Miss. • Air Medal and Cluster. From there the young man was or.derpd to Laredo, Tex., to attend a gunnery school, and on graduation . was assigned to Muroo, " "" " I3o \vaj Air Moda A., .IWS.Camp Crowdei, Mo. A | Thge 'body will be taken to -MIS. Maiy E. Sioux City by Merritt's, and the years was a rural teacher in! schools in Portland, Riverdale, Cresco, and Union rural schools. Miss Fraser's father died some ' years ago, but surviving are her i mother, Mrs. Dora Fraser, a sis-' ter, Mary, and brothers, Donald AI ' -., new in good condition. ...Priced to sell. Also 70 feet Ham- i,|jmer Mill belt.—Ed Arend, Al- ^flsona. 24p50 ';] HELP WANTED^l BOY OR •I middle-aged man, 1 office girl 1 shirt finisher. Full time. Can Calif., for crew training, overseas April 1, RITES SET AT LU VERNE FOR M'CLARAN, 70 Floyd McCIaran, 70, died Sun- Brown, y-'junp. - Park Rod J-v-vi;.F.!- s tjr, r Va. J.Vsi'.irs },ll of tho boys in the T hornpscn family in service, a son-m-liT'.v, a brother of Mrs ^ ^ Thorijpsoii; and three of h"r f ' H maha; also b ? step-daugh- nephews have also been in ser- ! ;?. rS rs ' Hazel Matthews, Rapid vice. • City, S. D., Mrs. Marie Shaw Ta- Mr. McClaren, who was born Panora, is survived by his wi- sons Donald, Climbing Hill, . Alameda, Calif., Rich- Omaha; also -*• Home of Visitors Here Burglarized . an-1 Mrs. D. P. Gretti. Chi- Dr , . , coma, Wash., Mrs. Gerald Awe Paullina, and five grandchildren.' Surviving also are three brothers and a sister. Pall bearers will be J N Nel- homo ]nr,t nipht, after several! V ° s - Fett, Joe J •_-•) | - --- — -»T -r-r-r v-v-v-w-w i * t^*»li t J-iUJDilCl . J: Uil LlrllG. vJSfl Allie, Boy WANTED—PART TIME ' US A ,° ther worncn hel P Part time. IJle i work.—Apply Advance ' —Algona Laundry & Dry Clean— _1 ' 'ers. rnMa.t;i Delta, Colo., and John, in the tilfle was" recent rlturiS | ^Nri^FiyEL^IM^o^ 1 Algona hotel. 6u49-50 to the States, and is in a hospital after service in the Marianas. I ORDER RUBBER -STAMPS AT but the home folks have not yet j the ADVANCE received his hospital address (u)43-51 ^^-»»i-i^. ma iiua|Jilat ctUUI CSS ' " — ---"Out of town relatives at the , FOR SALE—4-H UNIFORM, size rites included: from Minnesota,' 12 - Inquire Advance.' g50' Warren Olinger Pratt- Harold ~~— " Olinger, Minneapolis; the Sidney WANT ED — TRUCK DRIVER.' Barkus. Jeff era- WPr« Woit^,, Steady work.—Botsford Ltim- Barkus,' Jeffers^""^"."" Waiter : , ste ady work.- Houseman, Irwin^ Houseman, er Co " A1 e° na - Lum-.' 9u50 Granada; Mrs. Jess Burgess,. FOR Fairmont; Mrs. Arthur Spear i Sherburn; and Mr. and Mrs. L W. Lou, Medford. > | Mrs. F. A. Mapes came from' FOR SALE — TIMOTHY 1Q44 S^H^^VJ^™*"™'..^ l^ c«p T1 SaXbJ£! cultivator.—Ralph Whittemore. Ames and KittJ " wh r r'~" r ...... >, crop - e Grinnell Whitney from Erwm Eden, Titonka. 10p49-51 MRS. ROBERT KAIN PASSES; BURIAL HER! WANTED—MARRIED MAN TO work on farm; good ' tenant house; top Advance. wages.—Inquire at 15u49tf FOR SALE—BRED SOWS TO farrow Sept. 1, black and Spotted Poland China. — John Glieden, Lu Verne. g49-50 News of the death of Mrs. Rob- WANTED ~-160 OR 200 ACRE ert E. Kain was received' hero i "i . u11 line farm rnachin- ' ' " ^ d - i Pn y on-e D 9 a on d 93 MCGreg ° 1 -' ^ yesterday. She died - , " —-^- -.iv-* tjujjud v , i night at a hospital at De Kalb, I. n^in 0 "^"?*", abdominal op- FOR SALE ter Alice and Mrs. Kain's sister ~ Algona, 15p50 . - __ ^ _ Mullin are expected today. FOR SALE— MODEL'-' -B ^ JOHN Funeral services will be held Deere tractor, Al cbndHion St. Cecelia's church Wednes- Good rubber and lights -Nor ' ' 16050 P - •i»4.<"- fiii.1.' several,, r. w'th Mrs. Gretti's parents, I tor Seve "'ns .—, — v v, «u\^ w Gerald Brace, and Doc• '-'*•• m* o ^oitriiia, Mr. an,-I Mrs. G. L. Vohs. While •fro ti/"v had news that their i'oni« h;;d been burglarized, and D'Ttor Greiti loft immediately to find nut what had happened. He fMMnr| doors and windows open, and the house r.msackod, but the n 1 v Mrs. Bleich, 85, Breaks Hip Burt, Aug. 20—Mrs. W. E. BJoich, 82-year old Burt woman, - ,. —_ «».*,,3t*«.ix*.u, L/uit mu i *^-** on tno JJoor in hor lioniG lh-.n"s ac-tuallv taken were! Thursday and fj-actured her hip Siupojies. Jt is thought the j She was taken by ambulance to .,..o f ,^ ...u__ ..... . . Algona foi- examination, but vvas brought home aeain. Mrs. Bleic-h who is nearly blind, said she felt dizzy before her fall. Her son Albert and wife, Lodyard, came down and Mrs. Albert Bleich is helping care for her. They also have a nurse. Mr. and Mrs. Bleic-h celebrated their 50th wedding aniversary last March. ••.-." t - - •" ui'uuf^jii, me ! u;-«la:-s fled when interrupted. fOR FOR VETERAN. M'c-h.-.oJ M^tern, recently dis- (•Ivir;.'c(| --'Hi-Tan of 3 \'-> years service-, \\-cnt to Wc-lJs, Minn., Aug. IS ar.cl Ijogan work for the Stu- rlcr highway construction com- I'.'fny,• resuinine the job he- left \vhen he \vc-nt to war. MAN HAD BRICK IN HIS STOMACH FOR 10 YEARS . —.—. w.. iituiica- ^.^VJ^A j. uuuci allCl 1] day morning at 9 o'clock. Till bert Hilbert, Weslev he service the body will be at he Mrs. Torn Kain house on East Call this afternoon and evening. The Kains lived here many years, but after Mr. Kain's death I -. .- n .. w the widow and daughter return- > One man recently stated that ed to Mrs. Kain's old home in II-' for 10 years he felt like he had a llno]s - . j brick in his stomach. This feel- The M R?v IS F^ P w SS w S K\, , jif^food^ 1 " a^aysTad^nside u-hn harf ^ Whitford.'of-him. He w,3s weak, worn out, who had served pastorates in headachy, swollen with gas and tnis vicimtv. amnnu thpm Wnvt tovrii-,it, nnn »4.;» n t_j T->__. fa _,; , ,, . . , , - i—•— -—•-—v»-«j jt» **wvtu^,4.4ji t is v» wj.it. 11 V/JtiJ KoS allQ RnLi V1 r n ^ Y c f mon S them West terribly constipated. Recently he Bend, died Saturday at his farm started taking SYS-TONE and home near Ruthven. Funeral says the feeling like a biick in this afternoon at the Methodist his stomach disappeared the sec Church there. Mrs. Alvin Ma- ond day. Bowels are regular now I herry Methodist pastor's wife at gas and headaches are gone anci Bullalo Center, is a daughter. he feels like a new man MEMORIAL DATED. . Werbs; they cleanse bowels clear Memorial services will be held gas from stomach, act on sluggish next Sunday at 2:30 at the First liver and kidneys! Miserable .1 li hfi»-n n nl-M i i«/>U U nnn J r-»r_ i _ . .*;-- *-*v*^4»_ church here for Pfc. pie soon feel different all over Ihompson, who died So don't «o on suffering! Get of illness in a Japanese-, prison- S.XS.TON.E. .^Luib.y v & Giossi cam P- Drug Store. •?*&«?&'•&•:•- 1 LOSE WEIGHT SAFELY WITHOUT EXERCISE Take off weight each week. Eat plenty. No drugs. No laxatives. Don't wear yourself out with tiresome exercises Don'tgive ,.,_., - up all the foods you i E" 1 Pfc nt y.- n °t too much hi clinical lot, timler the dirnlwn of medical doctors more than W0p ersl ,,, ? lost 11 to 15 tos . image in a few weeks' time with the AYDS Vitamin Candy S) davlun il" J7- 'm AYDS Way y° ursc ^ au oay supply, §i.2o. 1'hone K. D. JAMKS ' and Less Many on snlo ;;t less than their regular price. WORK SHOES S t urdy qualities that include L e ather, Soles, R u bber j S o les, Split 1 L e a t h er and Full Grain Uppers. Many are Goodyear Welt sewed. MEN'S DRESS SHOES ' A good selection of styles in; depend able! q u ality leath- ! crs. Expert! construction and | comfortable fit., Ledies' SHOES S. & L.'s famous quality Carolynno and Eleanor D r ess Shoes and Sport- Exc Sports s h o cs. It's the opportunity y o u'vc hoped for! YOUR SG-L STORE I Shoe" Heacqji art ;rs LESTER ])E MOLT «PJiouc 804 Don't Neglect Slipping FALSE TEETH Do false teeth drop, slip or wabble when you talk, eat, laugh or encoze? Don't be annoyed and embarrassed by luch handicaps. FASTBKTH, an alka. line (non-acid) powder to sprinkle on your plates, keeps false teeth more fir inly sot. Gives confident feeling of security and added comfort. No gummy, nasty taste or feeling. Gqt PAS- today at any drug store. COLD WAVE ^i^— aurinmt . COLD WAVE • Each kit contains 3 full ounces of Salon-type solution, 60 Curlers. 60 end tissues, coiton ppplicat9r, nc-mmlizer and complete instruction! Ohnesorge Drug Stor NTED! Can use tievura] womeii FVLL or PART time. Xo work Saturday afternoons, -Need one man. Inquire Algomr Laundry & Dry Cleaners Across street from Courthouse - Phone 2(57 Just RECEI ROUND STEEL STOCK TANKS 5 to 10-ft. sizes OBLONG STEEL GALVANIZED TANKS 4 to 10-ft. si-zes Kohlhaas Hardware Close s Because of present conditions we will' be closed Sundays beginning this coming Sunday, However, we will be Open Mondays COOK'S CAFE

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