Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on August 14, 1945 · Page 2
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 2

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 14, 1945
Page 2
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PAQE- FOUR TWO WHO LOST JlVES IN WAI) MEMORIALIZED KOSSUTH COUNTY ADVANCE, ALGONA, IOWA Bancroft Team Wins State Junior Legion B. B, Title es Sunday for an Algona Boy and a j Titonka Lad. i held Lu- therh'n church, Titonka, for Sgt. Reirihardt Frit/:, killed in action Memorial. services wore unday at the Good Hope i-rmany last March 20. •ace Sietr.cma, a processional organist, for color- Ix-iiiler's followed in order by the pastor, honorary pall bearers, the family, representatives of the Lr-LJon, the; Auxiliary, United Service women, discharged voter; iris., .of World.. War IT, and sol- di»'V?-*T1Wir;o''ofi furlough. 'l'ic r.cv. Alfred Mardorf, pastor, based Ui-»-, memorial sermon on llomans-'B-'ia: "And we know that ail Ihmgs.'work together lor {••••id in ilieirr.thi'.t love God." Lcona Brandt --and Wilma Heesh s.inf, Abidrv-Wilh Me. Born in Kossulh, | Honorary pall bearer:; were El-' don, and Kvci'oll Attiy, Ben Kckin, Billy Lindhorsl, Harold Kranl/, and Raymond Sdiut.jcr. ' Kriftnds and relatives conti-ibut- c c! a largo sum of money as a memorial-. gift for mission, work mt the /church an in orphanages. tion to do.this work in the United States. Among animals Classified in the Schoby herd, ten Were designated "good plus," third highest score an animal can receive. •flic type classification, combined with a production testing .„_ — .program, is used as a means of entertained at a' proving sires and locating out- cntcitamcci ai a » tandjng bJ . ood an owner's herd. .TUESDAY. AUG. H , _ ] i siings, in t',e n.ttui-c rre: Back row, left to richl—R. L. Gowam coach; V. J. Lailimer. .manager!" Fred^Ruhnke, Gordon Winkel, John Murray Vv. A. M^rsy, manager; Jonn Devine,.Bill Lane, Leo Laird. Rockwell Cily ; slate director of baseball ior the Amer;- ici.n Lr.gio.'; VviUjam Duddmg. and Donald Murray, scorer. In the front row, left to right—Darrell Nemrriers, Charles Hiltz, Joe l-on-. ,unu>r McQuurvn, Jinurue Let-.irner. hat boy; Bill Boetlchcr, Lorsii Johnson, Gen^Gangsleod and Jack Dudding, Gone Gci- Icnleltlt, pjiohcr, wjj, o;il of aciion wi.'h t l-roken leg and is n-;» shown in the piclure.' (Cut courtesy Mason City Globe-Gazette.) church to'be built after the war's end. Killed by Shrapnel. Private Fitch was killed in the evening after he had been visiting a group ol soldiers and had started to his foxhole for the night. Just as the men broke up, enemy fire started; and he was lalaliy hit by shrapnel. The soldier had been in service 4'/i> years, had 125 discharge points, and had never had a furlough home. He was born on a ,a,m near Wesley Sept. 7, 1U17, and had•• lived also at Burl, Gor- uoii, iiLu., and Sexton. In 1937 .it enlisted, and no was inducted Feb. 3, 1942. bUivivmg are the mother, Mrs. Rosa Harisun, Algona; the lather ttciw. Fitch, Sexton; brothers Victor, Titonka, Chester, Algona, LAKOTA YOUTH SWEA CITY GATHERING HONORS SGT. ENGSTROM, A SOLDIER ON LEAVE Mr. and Mrs. Otto Engstrorn, north Kossuth residents near Elj more, Minn., family dinner Sunday honoring ' their son Spt. Herbert Engstrorn, home from the E. T. O. on 30-day furlough. ! Attending Andrew Knudscn, Racine, Wis.; Ghris Nelson, Minneapolis; the Niels Pederscns and ! Margaret Knudscn, Blue Earth; I Mrs. Rasmus Pedcrscn, St. Peter, | Minn.; Mrs. August Bcrnau, Lc- 1 Center, Minn., her children; the! Chris Knudsrns, Hurt; the Henry Encstroms, Wesley. Sergeant Enpstrom left Sun- dny nipht for California to visit his twin brother Howard, and the cnrl of his furlough on Aug. 2ft will report at Camp McCoy, Wis. ^ SCHOBY HERD^F DAIRY COWS HAS .OFFICIAL TESTS I Erattlcboro, Vt, Aug. 13 — C. j R. Sc'nohy, Bode, recently had I his rlsiry herd inspected and Classified for type, The Holstein- friosinn association of America here announces. The inspection I was fonduKod hy R. J. Schaefcr, Apple-ton, Wis., one of eight officials appointed by the associa- Mrs. ; Ben Sorenscn, and her children Bobby spent last w,, ( , k wi former's sister, Mrs. \v, n . c and Saturday went to $ w ' for a week al ih c p.-nvnt. p Ehlers home. The H;,, T y \ v , also Walnut, who a-, ing at the Okoln Daus and Mrs. So., „,,.,-, w . , day. ' Vlc lncs.| ... •„ . ..: . v .:' ea| n*l V I w- VUi ) -tJV-l'IlI.tl, ^HV».lH.-lj ,( i 1£-,1.711 t.l , ' . , . . Harold in navy, .sisters' Mrs. Lois • . r / ist . nclc ' I.aV-ota, Aug. 13—At the Presbyterian church s here Friday cvrmtv :i\ 9 o'clock look place a '-a-idl'-lii-hl ceremony in which Elizabeth " P..-, dau;.;hter of Mr. n'vl ]Vp-s. Arthur Anderson, Sv/ea City, and T.-Sft. Alvin J., son of Mr. and Mrs. Arvid Nelson. Bur- linji'ton, v/fre married by the Rev. O. H. Frorking, Dubuquc, in ,-, double ring ceremony. The church was decorated with polled ferns and baskets of rnul- ii-colored fladioli, and candle- T he •••service- \vas concluded with taps', :b.y".Billy Ward. Serge.ant Fritx, a son of the late '•Albert Fritz and the surviving M^M' Mary Fritz, was born 0:1 a f4rhV ; :ritar Titonka Aug. 8, 1'JIG, was .baptized by the Rev. P. was confirmed ,.in church" by the Rev. /.mimei.man, Mrs. Edna Mae Danielson, and Esther, all of Algona, and Mrs. Lcona WeiUind, Ruth \vcddini; march, also ied Albert Anderson, the bride, who sang 1 Love You SLOUGH HIGH WATER | DAMAGES HIGHWAY | i The county is repairing a' .cnde vest of the Govern farm beside Union Slough, and rock i is being hauled to rip-rap the ; ]v.->rl. Tho heavy rains Irsi fall : and resultant high water caused trouble when the 'totes cont"oi]- ini; the water level in.the slough were not opened and th'.: 1 waves lapped at the sides of t'.ic pr.-ido. Wave action narro\ved !.he road F'-nde by as much as four f-jct on the north wide, and alo-i" <'>"; '.'iiilh side narrowed by two feet. Repair work \vill ext^no ";>tm feet and both rock and dirt will hfivr< to he liMul'.'d in. • " \ Hip-rapping and filling i;i is now being clone by c'oimly men HELP WANT ',. ; • Lady to help in Dry Cleaning Department ' Also Laundry help, boy and female Algona Laundr*/ & Dry Cleaners Phone 267 \ Across Street East of Courthouse FARM S fiipnx I CfiB EEN 8N MANILA mm Pvt. Falkcrt Stcckcr, Gcrmnn i towns'.iip farm youth, is a Kos- ! sulh soldier who was amone the! •fi-st rroups to enter Manila in r^ni-y. With the Fi-st Cav-1 lure in a news reel which showed tiie soldie'-s entering the city. ' Young Sleeker landed in Leytc Oct. 20, 1944. It wus during the rainy season and he had written home that men in fox holes then s-.it on their inverted helmets to out of water. He was sent Anderson^ played the but an effort is being made ; '(o to a rest camp in January for 10 accompan- g c .t piison labor to help with the Hays, and then 1/i Lu;'.o:i, wlnie brother of work. his company had rugged combat — L — • and much house to house fi^ht- SOLDMOH The -youth attended a rural school in Buffalo township, later the Buffalo Consolidated high' Ottosen, Aug. 12— S. -Sgt. Ron- school, from which he was »rad- ald Vln; i as . son of James Vinuas, ualecl in 1935. Married June 21 arrived home Tuesday morning 1942, to Amanda Laasahn, Britt, yflcr tlvln S from a base ii he farmed on the Fritz farm Fl ' ancc - Ht - ;inr ' two other mei southeast of Titonka. ; flcw fl ' orn France in 16 hours I They came by \vay of Africa and ! Brazil and landed in a base ir Tobin and Mildred Paulson were .....1^16, duuicc bloebur, flower .-irl, wore a long pink gown; and Ai-lir- Olqnn. in a velvet suit, was ring-bearer. i . ..?. .-:_ie Biddle, matron of lioh'dr; wor6 ll 'a' f3oo»MeiVg1;H' l Mbwil 1 ' of blue silk; Norma Smith and I Joanne Anderson were brides-1 maids, the former wearing a floor-length gown of pale pink, HENRY WOLFE, A WEST BEKD , mi/. I Jn'M'irch his slay at a resLi i camp was cut sho 1 1 when the. i men were ordered to the moun- j triips. In letters home he has giv- i en.'but meager information about '•himself, but did. write that on [ i ail day" and on Easter they did-! n't have time for dinner, but in ' the evening the men had a short' Henry Wolfe, farmer east o.f West Bend for 29 years, died at Dravpr , m . v j rp Miss Anderson a blue floor^ 1 a. m. Monday at his home. Hq p T ^ ' armv knows him Both carried arm had been in failing health four - - aim> knows hlm To Ar,my in 1942. On Get. 30, 1942, the young man ^was called lo service and was incluctecl at Fort DCS Moines. as they had had a letter las r took.basic training at Camp week written the last week in Georgia August 3. He surprised all of -his family Cl|iiborne, La., where he was assigned to the infantry and or- dcl'f'd ^:U) .Carnp How/.e, Tex. Emblirkment for overseas took place in: the fall of 1944, and after arrival at Marseilles, France, <>'•(.. 20, the soldier went into active coinba^ijn Armistice day last November in the 411th Infantry of General • Patch's Seventh f-'nnJWr,.. Ho fought from France into southwestern Germany, and •/••as Injled in the vicinity of Nie- crew (''T-SchleUenbach when his unit broke through the Siegfried line, vhere he was fatally hit by shrapnel from enemy mortar Hre. The body was buried in a Uri-'U-tl -States military cemetery al S'.iVishcim, Germany. 'Mie soldier, who was 28, is Kurviyici hy his widow, by his i!'(|the.r. by brothers William and It'-ntvau, and bv a sistor Mrs. Emma A'Koekflman, all of Titonka, ''tr]so by a sister Esther a WAV!'' 1 ., 'NbrTnlk, Va. The latter .;ri'ivod Sunday to attend the irir inrjrial service. July and in that .he had not even mentioned coming home. He wil enjoy a 32-day furlough and then return to Jefferson Barrack;; anr from there does not know when ,ie will be sent. The young man entered tin service three year;; ago tlu .month and took his training a different camps before going overseas 20 months ago. He now the crew chief of the grounc in the air force. Most o his time overseas lie was sta tioned about CO miles from Lun don. He also was stationed for ; period in France about GO rnilet I'rom Paris, and for a short per iod in Belgium. While in Bel fiium he and (Jpl. Knut Oppi; dalil tried to get together, bu Ronald was moved out of Bel fe'ium before they could meet. M'-mtirial services in charge of tbd licv. ' Kii^ero Ni-lson wore bfl,,l ,-ii Uu First Lutheran church !"-::c -fflrnd'fry" for Pfc. Lyle E. Filfl-i, killed on Lu/.on, Philip|ii-y Island:;. May 15. P:-c-iriing at the organ was Mir. Vt,-',T!.o,.n 'Jensen, who played dtn-intvtho advance of the colors, vhirli.V'/fts followed liy the min- i'-:ti>r, Honorary bearers, the family s'"-y;ce mt^n and women, and patriotic groups. .1cs(Mih' Skow sang Beautiful '•-li> of-- Somewhere, No Night Th| re, and Safe in the Anns of •'''•"' '•• T'if si-rmon subject \vas Jiv Makcth Wars to Cease. Gold Siai- Placed. 4 Gold Stiir w;j.s ])LirT!'l t;n th;> i'hi|ivh. Korvict-. flag by Lyle's fii.v:ii " JSlva Lorene Carlson, .f'nit,, and the stars and stripes v.as; presented to the soldier's ri"|!i--r-hv Donald Wood, veteran of World War II and Com- vi.-.-r of thi.. local VFW post. n;i"r;iry pallbearers were lani Balk, Dennis Goeders, irond Dackt-n, George Olson, ON LUZON WINS V.--i» Pock, Aug. 11— Pfc. Go- -lon R. Ohm, son of Mr. and Mr; .Krlw. f. Ohm lu-re, was recent! awa'-dpcl'. -the conibat infantry •"••in'.? badge. Member of the Lone Rock 104 ';irh s'-ho''il graduating class, h "nLored .service last SejDtembe r-nd after four months in trainin •-'t. C-^-np ,Hood, Tex..; had a sev f-n-d'ny furlouph at home, aflc which he'reported at Camp Ore' Calif., whence he was sent ovei seas. Tn March the young man, wit' otli or troops, was landed i' t.cyte, whence after a few wi-c.-l< '•ie was sent to Luzon, where h has since been in service wit 'he troops driving the Japs 01 ">? thpjr l,?sl points of refuge i' 'ho hills/Ho took part in the IT -put .capture of Bagnio, beaut ful summer capital of Luzon. I Fir Ait UsheVs were Loren Thompson, Sioux City, whose parents Clayton Percival, a ' ~ -- - • • ' • QET3 BRONZE STAR. Lcdyard, Aug. 12—First Lie; Olscn, and Wm. Green, tenant Kenneth M. Thompson, ( and Dean Ol- Ledya-rd, -has in., Taps, were blown by Ralph bron/.e stiir for II. $liipk'y. !\'iiru'y jH-esented by relatives ;MH|| friends as memorial gifts willj be divided between the Betl^ago Mission, Ax tell, Neb., of epileptics, the rc- lo bo saved for some ifc.v.orial iift for a ntw vice in the been awarded meritorious se! Philippines. df-i DAUGHTER FOR GOLDIEH. Whiltemore, Aug. )2 — daughter was born to T.-Sgt. an Mrs. E. D. Sigler, Long Beach, t J., Aug. 7. She was named Sai. dra Kay. This is their lira child. , months with an incurable mal- length gown, bouquets of gladioli. The bride came in on the arm £ 'dy with complications.-. . of her father, who gave her Mr. Wolfe, born on a farm near away. She was met at the altar Bode May 12, 1877, 'had a grade by the bridegroom and best man, school education, and on Oct. 12, Pvt. Virgil Peterson, who arrived 1909, was married to Margaret at Swea City from the European Ruden at Holy Cross, Dubuque war zone just 24 hours before the county. The couple made their wedding. . first home on a farm near Bodi;, The bride wore a long white later moved to a 'farm in Gar- marquisette gown, a long white field township. Mrs. Wolfe died net veil, and carried an arm bou- nine years ago. quet of red and white flowers. | Ten children survive: Mrs ^A reception was given in the George Bass, West Bend; Will- cnurch parlors following the iam, Leora, June, Margaret at ceremony, 130 relatives and home; Mrs. Paul Ludwip Wh'it- Iriends attending. The bridal ta- temore; Francis, West Bend- Mrs only as Falkcrt, but locally he is known as "Connie." PASTOR PAINTS. . The' Rev. R. D. Kitterman, Good Hope pastor, is having a vacation during which he is painting the interior of the Center school in Union- township. NOTICE OF PROBATE OF WILL No. 5333 . State of Iowa, Kossuth County, ss. In District Court, March term, 1945. To All Whom It May Concern: You are hereby notified, that by V/anda Hectlancl, Gretchcn Rippentrop, and Patricia Mittag. Tho bride is ij registered nurse. The couple left for a wedding '.rip in Minnesota. •*- COUPLE 1m \ Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Merriam,! ''orwith, late Saturday received i message from their dauchter T rs. WiJma Decari, San Diego, '.•'lit'., renortinr? that, her son "Mlly 1 had been killed in an ac- ' ; r!ent. i That night the Men-jams had n 1 "Icphono conversation with | Mrs. Decori, and learned that' 'illy, 3, playing in the yard at ome, had tried tn climh 'into th", irnily car through a window. It ; thought the boy lost a 'too ^olcl,' and that in a resultant fall is neck was broken. ' ' ! The' parents wirre trying to nc-' •>nge to hi-intf the liody to Cor- •ilh for burial, but no furthor •ord from them has been I-P- ' 'irled. Billy was an only child. Mrs. Decari was graduated om the Mercy hospital school f nursing at Mason City live- cars ago. Because' of urgent -ed for nurses, she had been at 'ork, but in earlv June she had serious operation, and had been Mt of the hospital only a few reeks. Aunts of Mrs. Decari here 'are 'rs. H. E. Stephensen. Mrs. Hat- '' Burlingarne, and Ada Me:-- •iam. ter, Mrs. Nick Ruden, near Du-! ed and read, Monday the 27lh buque, and seven grandchildren.! day of August, 1945, is fixed Funeral services will be held • for hearing proof of same al the at the West Bend .Catholic Court House in Algona, Iowa, be- church Thursday with Father P. i )oro the District Court of said j M. Dobberstcin in chacge, and County, or the Clerk of said ipall bearers will be nephews. i Court; and at ten o'clock a. m., ! Mr. Wolfe's brother came a "^ l ' 10 ^ij' above mentioned all I week ago and other relatives P crsr > n s interested are hereby no- expected will come from Rem- - tificcl ancl required to appear, and " ' -- : show cause, if any they have, why said instrument should not be probated and allowed as and for the last Will and Testament ef said deceased. Dated at Algona, Iowa, August D, 1945. (Seal) HELEN WHITE, sen, Dubuciue, New and South Dakota. • * Hampton,' h-d UNEXPECTED LEAVE. I Poniard Pode, petty officer 1st recrntlv married, but who left for the west coast, tele- craphert his wife lo meet him at DCS Moincs • yoRlorrUiv. He has! been granted a 30-day leave be-' fo'-'- livmsfe'- to another shio. Ho '-• I he son of Mr. and Mrs. Louis Bode. I Clerk of Ihe District Court. ALMA PEARSON, HUTCHISON & HUTCHISON, Algona, Iowa, Attorneys. 49 THREE BOARDS. : The Wirmeh;:go. Hanfo<-k, and ossuth boards of supervisors '•(_ jointly hei-(- yesterdiiy on "fiinage matters. 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