The Indianapolis Star from Indianapolis, Indiana on May 31, 1912 · Page 11
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The Indianapolis Star from Indianapolis, Indiana · Page 11

Indianapolis, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, May 31, 1912
Page 11
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THE I N D I A X A P O M S STAR, F,RtnAf "DiPALMJl LUCK" i| VIEWS OF IMPRESSIVE MEMORIAL CEREMONY At MONUMMJ, LOSES BIG RACE Deals Mercedes Pilot Fatal Btotf as ' Grasp. iltffZ OARS MARVlQF MultorM jlid( Riite in ftatijeSfii' lands Hliti Ust 8,Y BtUJCE . aoi ifis the, .vision of Bppt-ii 7 hardtt v i,ed »,i$.!t.Htorfl like a rj;ju':od (jUTis i « cyclone, Ut.iph toePcUma e,jdedi fclfj inqri ,1-nMh .oif 4jf fiilies in a dead eajmi and y; to:ii : " y^ hi v^.. a, tape ,tb.dt..lti«F.- . . . . thrilling ubS Jriji* ;.'K' battle , tijne aufl '' - W , j ; .-«· Oit for a felor'dus ^ a In the ; raoo ip the',, 'r in an inUltinttnoilB car lH boy. . . . . . Iiav9 foreign . apecd · monsters .. a £ e 9 ;a|ot,cvjiQm in , the ^r.e 61 ,theB! all and twice na ye they Vee ' r e f l l t ; for, the $t;ijond sue otf. r ,a': wejl-pljinnei ', /Juro. , tie t)aw'soiiii .m, ft , . . . , National .cm'. M'.Hv.yeavY.!t, waf l'«y JEijii'r uri in hip Mawuoni But-; Fate, the 1 all»fW)lng prM3erne that .hovered over. tho- dunnsf , t T , - , the Jilhast apiedway, .ijB.'iqwK of., the A, A (A., reippd Indlanapajls... ttefendi' her Iat»j',el8i»$ the .recognized speedway champion of:, tnewpr!d. ; .· : , \. .'. . the dizzy sjvieed of' more than eighty an hour newity iH'OutJlH Wua.lth.and to it^'TiH.J)f)pai'm^, .driver'of the,.l'0rolnn- Tiiad*'cififiWito .'of steel. - ··'A;**-* 1 matte" of laotiit broiight, him wltluni two and one* 'f .-mile's, of t:i«t amall for'-^ ~"~ x ' i,th9 f'li.QPlJ piirse .oi j- Up' flr iv or! first to; cress · ,1 line.with ft. milage .Utal of 5QO riVies. A broken connecting r.od on the- ABtlv lap paved, the Way for the'-thrilling .finish of eh otherwise ordinary race.: .The broken connecting rod put K.alyli IpePalma ^ut of the contest-with ono more:roile,tc go, andVlt was this sacrifice, that made Indians polls a . two-time vtniiroj It^ _ this o'.asaica 1 bi'.ttle of .cylinders" on the Horaler .Speedray. ,: '.; · the exhilarating'drive yas.fticredit, to every pilot that finished, and only the ieS t-reinfl dari'.ig of the Itallrn-Amer'can-? the of the powerful,Mercedes.cda': him the credit of winning; f. noble,contest In unbelievable time, ..With the race V'.ell won .at-ithe fas of his long jouvncy- TJe- Jpfctnia attempted ^to .continue blsi tenlflo pace. His .eonlldence in the motor wan supreme, but-hia estimate OR the. strain in those hot,"heaving 'moments'of high pressure was too low. , USES SINGLE CYLINDER. DePalrna took *»o lead in th© race at tnt ^ t ±?l the ond of the third .lap after £11 Aider- 'I"-!? !"!· eon in. hi* Stutz and, Teddy Totalart -In P'^Jz, hia Mat had forced th? going In the early rounds. At 4(iO riiiles JDawdp.n in his Wa- f tional .was 8 minutes and 2i» -second? behind the leader, When DePalfwa had.but three more laps to*, go fate/took % ihanfl,! in f.he maneuve*ii»gs of the men at. thu J wheels ,and, D'jPalhia was forced to rely ' upon -the uncertain .etr.pksloim of one that thai up.tllfe of RAM V.I ···iVV ' i* j ' 4 - 1 , 1 ' T^. ' 5outo^ptj\ ! '-* IT- -r f*-'lW^^,»lAlLW.«Ji*VM« S^Iwb^^'WKOI^Nt . . di Jjsiioti) aiid you will In'3reaBed gait Drought ; u.ffj«i 1's.v.;ij,"·--,, "v Uuve, hvjai't disease $0 xvot 1tnow\it. iVlost ) - _ . : -Avlvf tlimiii ttyiy i|aye,h0H-J,isiift?o, haven't. They only thikilt; wo. ', . ·'"'. j ! i'4i» tf'i- f lit i'-^l^'Mi Of tlie iuwi't 'is mistakoiiiy supposed to be a synip- v\ \ I '^ u ^ *^ itvi"-w Vi'io Wyk seldom or never indicates kidney trdutJi^,;-- »1\ \.' : ,'"'. !y?; ^iJ" ,1^';)M:,^"!Vt J4 -fM^clv evctjivedpiit ia «u jigprt,.*.,- A \ '' : 'i'4' e ''"··"%·!*.'!'.*!(* ·· ^n$y · *ty*y 8 from the stomach, winch is ooii- uected fylth fee Hoa^Vbymuiiiy nerves. When Your Digestion Is Out of Order jU(l 'Jivon Oft»^«j8 an irniutai'ity in its ufcut*. , ,..liut tliesfl ittins rto ttot oif n«64 t'tia; 1 nddfen tleaUi. Try tiow iuiokiy ahd surely you- lose the Up th« Stomach ^ oi .diet, Kat tHe iirfit iiugii and not too -"-T. - - -- - · ' , - A ' , * . / - ' " ' ' " ' ' · ,TT olfto (wovry ooiislos wttd it^gi-atatos in* well and bapi»y. Witfa Dr. Williams' Pink Pills with tiio.fiviiit 'do^. ,Fijf*«t.y«tt_ ttblioe an increase in your appetite. Then you iHoe tHat tlte fooi? do«f» »ot distress you, that yoit are « loiig«r troubled Svitli ^us, 'opuir litii^-ju the throat and iho« liiiriotottng .pain* ,jiw^nd t?\e bc^ifft. Stn^igth ai\| 0ncr$r;. and the .rifth ;rcf ,bibpd, boiu'iKia; the full amount oi: nounBume^ 1 · by t'oo, names renewed vitality to every Orgati of the ijn ._.., v whjrl aniHrbm tiloh thoy.were oonatantl 's o f - t h e two l*s»,dir Eiiace,!.after an. exiiltinfe! Hughlft Hughes, i,tn by .ihe ,. 'Wtee oji«8" L r, i-. . LI. i i j i. _i iii..i. -. ji It was the flna) ,«f .th, dying motor. Dawson came oh : With .6, rush,-" ;He. inud fly«?i ., laps: to, travel, ber^ro he could snatch the lead from the foreign- made racer.: ·'·. " '.'··: ' · ' · ' .' . · · · .'·. ·'··· DePalma ohug-cht»get;d along until li« had but. Qne\ and ' one -naif t.p,go . . , ·When his feeble mo(:pr. gi.Ve uv wftih u xasp. ibawpon, ,wt H .· then three 'apa | be- bind and he finished the vace fvithout -a waver .from h}s .·brijccfliag'.pace. , ? » Pahna : and hin mwnanlclaiij : Rupert ^ ' Wna, 'bushed the -loggy dfemim. Of Speed t of. the.lap wlth-.two and stari(Hig['. "letween j tbeni and the prize- DawsoW-took tne remaining three lups easily, for,- with the ort, of the race, hia .path to glory ami gold waa a · -field . of roses.. ; ' .-...· Kii.a stands . rose .ast one man to cheer the Hoosier pilot as he whirled awfl,y-th« lust few mUep of Ills 1 lens trick, hiit .their am .sayorod- of sorrow when twci Ilgure3 appeared on *be, : homo si.rcteh Tnjahmtr ,ihelr h-slplese vehtc.le of ilhtaq of them, a forgotten factor In battle of a moment before,*. ; , ooUld have piled -his way erou'nd t.h« . c^rse Jor'ona teoro Uip on foot, . p'lsblrtg tle car uhead^ but the matfi ,npcl exnausterl his i strunglh.' ..JrCti a Sad farewell' to the Htan4s;a«(); fed tile faVe juggernaut .ovtt- .'Otmgh't, ·Despite his apparent blithenees at. the lea? ;of a fortune of J35,0v)0, an averugo of ?7,000 for every Inip he .Jiatl to «rp Kitev ui luck overtoi.k- him. tlet'tl^na war proKon hearted last niear. Be rtli- shortly after the r.»ce and }»ts tne eoe-'fe a a him nnplflcial third pKce-Ht the, end;. At the rontest, Woilo the, tjata, had riot examined. at a jiate hour rj».ce,pmolalB. \y«r.e tree th ' the . which 'assured; it of fthlrd money. sNOVy OREAT four tire hv' the entire 600 miles. - ^ X.on Three of these were; ion th«) right, row, and one on the right .fjpnt wheel on each, i n i\\n.n- other TomarKablo fe^turo' of, the contort. Thfv,hwd ';apo 'a, leaking .gasoline , vafeed -but , once by-tlie ^'j, iv'ien it was necessary to on ,the car that w£s drizen by Merz into third Thft crowd iiad 'lon^ kft^tho scene of the day's, motor. embrogHo, aatifen^d to the full at the measure o' .speed met.ed out by .the pi'lncipa^ in.the Second s,ti- riual flve-eentur.v grind, when Ralph AJjwj- ford and Billy Ghanrtler -nompleteil· ^tlwr wild night ride priiio. money tht. , ... for'f nisbfng t.hq nqcosBarj , ... · A qHiiping iplutoh. kept Mujford out of the · raoe, after he "had, shown terrific his BORMAN THANKFUL HEISCAPEO DEATH ' ' . ' I J- mil I L M»-«^--*1JB« ^ Intrepid Bob, Bruised and Sore, Plans Race in East Next M. T. Will . For ,^lie firat time Jn the iiistorv tf th«s public .sciioois q. Bchgol » pt fd v.'hoot ;ohqr.U8 "when, Hi« JVlaftua: JUP, Sfl'ii'jQV nwsicat «stlvBJ,is, Tomtinson w\\. 1»w '. -with' · 'aAiia', Tf^nl«B (jlvfintft. orchesiw. frnd olbrrB, hftve;;been .,.,..- . '·'·'- wait) tlmo A«d a»*. prepared, for. ft '-·'···-· lendttlon of the festival pro- /Rud'Jl' U'yne ; wiH, direct tho apolls Hp.ennc ri hor in . two musical uu-n ' " ft .Bu'nnftr, who was Jhjuroa *f hen 1 ( , | ·. . ' ' · ' « ' ' » ·*· day, had nq'iegret, to ofter as-he lay on ( a u bed in t,ho; Hotel Fnpliph .last wipht · · · ' · · - ' . A . · . T . · ' . · ' . ,a · - , Inslead of dpwnhearted pointed he said lie was thankful lie was not in] wed ; sei loueiy. map. wnff? win he will ff' and orobeptw will give, a iiuij'"jor, .' ; Lu- foid,, 3fe Firtals'.' (Goutwd) and ·"ijftJ.I, aiorioim "Jawn" (JiktiiKettl). Tho brfflal .. ja played "ay tae TrninJug High School, has charge mati.exp.ects.tQ U was a narrow esoapo hia «jar nertt weelt ,at JHitf,* ! . v*K*t'.w*« ,'Vf, »*i*»t^' » t « " T C - P - , --;*;'!" ji , , .-jj ,'jv the Qxiak*!- J":itop Club merit In PnUh,cle|: frleudn .wore unable,to find U'm to offer congratulations for. a froiit, ride and ox- pr"«p theii sorrow at Us appalling tei-nv Ination 'pho klory of winmu^r W»H cherished m c r e ' ' l y - DaRalma .than : tho dollarf), biit "Deifaima luck" robbed him of i'.oth. · · · · . ' · ' . · '.'·"· '· Chasing eternally after the leaders'in the mono:cnv)U8 routine Qf. mib after mild two Shit/ ;ars proved tl elr claim for unl ; . form ·oonsifetency by wnging one^ of th«j gi-r»test fle'his.foi- advantnge in the I f W BOO-mille race that has ever been recorded on a race c-.iii.rhe, For a majority of iho lapn the 'mislmp that ; elifnfriate:d Gil Aiirler- Bc-'n anfl gamel}' stuck to Tils, knitting arid- when fotirteen ;cara. had ciroppqd o\\t of the rijnn.lng he sett k*4 -down to -the 'twit, of his ew Mirouph to%th6 flnph -the stunds were empt!efl In 'the InUnld were, vilopea. stoad.. a, s lon*''. li,..^, Miilford iiiid the Starter SYfed" 7 J. flortie. flp'^re, on,.the T , ,,-, , nosed -his way i thro itth tne, gloom ,ai:«i parMlveiy slow speed',in his effort, to lul- flll tn»r,ec(ulrepi^nts of thoipromoters, ,-,'Ai. R.' Fardliifftoh aat munciliuHva chicr.0i( -' - · · ir ,,tho.-. tlinor'8 stand, while ·F. ,'Jii; Eiliwav.dB of t,he,.tecthiiica( ocrnmftteo. Wait«l UiipAtiently -lor- tUfero» P irdington to call Mulford oft* the track out) sue 1 tlifl'event, . , , ,-.. - Mulfor4 . had -, twenty-one, Ifxps ,to'; .gci when hi pulled un-at the plt,B;tit 6. tc. .talce on mor° gHsolittc: a^fl Adjust engine. We learned tho t .it wis D"C.e83ftry .to', complete ^tho : .tCO order to take, down trw , .,..,, ^...^ ..,, -- suffered expeota t« he ablftto drive next week. : .,"it takeH a-worse epill than that to st*»t nte,""ho-assorted. ' " '· ! ' : how the accident occurred, Bur' ' , , f . ' e ente'-tairiment. CMi.aird.t Br Bunrd · r*ji ". V w m'xn salr: , .. t , ·'My: evglne was running wen. It wl not iTritflsod ,a,.sti'oke, and I was arlviag ij.boiit,ejiiht'y.miles an hour. All a* oncp t)ie rear- wh«ol9 went to the: froft ttp'* the., car t'irnwd .around. .As.a"We MS.-tt .ftemi the ;c«.r turned completely oy«-r. Bo .(ulc''.^ ly did It turr that the stneifig wheel did 1 ' fhe ground., Although I «*() not if . r i n d h \fipened 'or wfiftt voiuld ; Mw reriyH, I 1iart ^tlw.? to thlpk t'ii«t i .in h,e mlslmp tnat -eHrnmaUirt uu Aiiner- order to ,take dowp m* ,$1,1,00 so he artfl his. No. 1. Stute.'fho local te-Jm | criiwied ,uack into Mt\ t^at etarted ractnp in the trail of ';he lendwe 'n j,.wpy «gaih Billy Ch^njJlnr cdlrled with WO-th.'-ae ordef; , t^.ces be'tigj. Mm ,, .hox-o* mndwlcbeo and the-vihlto- - - . . 6ffl(;iai1y sixth, seventh a»;d elgth,' Aft«r Anderson fel!; by the n-ayiide, his .team . en. -- Lon ..iengel. w ..« aiiPTley Mersj tinla by tno,f0i-elot'.Jr at-d . throttle^. aid rppi'pUte In a.JD fashion. Where Scratfilied I! Wide Sores, ter- rlblo Itching aitd Blir nlftg 1 Ket Her Cofffi|yetf ly Curei Her, No Return. ill, -- "Throb jears ft?o this whiter X ii«a my whole body; It itawd fio it ««cm6^ «* if I should go crazy, tt, firtt iift.'ao out In pjuiplci on iny back ana (tipiw»(J till it ..cetre-rod 'ray whole bony tviid limbs down. to .ny knees, uteo mj arms Qfywn to .my elbows.,, ^\Vilcre .1 ucrfltchfid, it riiftdfi dorcs, nnil f ho ttrtibh 1 It^hiuc and burn ing kept me from nlcep- vvoc \ «·» -vv l(1 8- I tl ' lo ' aovcral rcwo- x^vw "^i u( ® n " *'° n P'm'WO' *A ,\ v \ *A vhen 1 conc-iidBd to trjr tho Cuticiire. Remeuics. I uscd.tlie R^ticurn 6oap and Cutlcuru Ointment, »ho the Itesol?" ent, for about months, s.nd they completely cured mo of eczema. I Jmvo imd no return of tho djseftso flinco. i never haa a eoort ni^hi'u rest after thn tfkln fcruption flret broso out till I rommonM' 1 usinj? the .Cutkouicft -SoHp and (Kntmnnt. I had only. tis.ert thr.fli .A. fftiy di-ys before I could »ftc they wcra 1, cRlhning lo'lioal, and tho terrible itchinfe wa;. sorto. "Thoie tlmt lived in f-lic hoti' the tlrnft know how I aiiftrc'd, arid how tho Cutioiwa H0ft» and Oliitment cured me. tnc\er two 0 Dfttl\ without M\\K tho Ciitlcura ,$o»»p f nnd 1 do not bftUoyo there are better rowdies for any skin discswn thi.n the OutlciKfi SOM »wd Oiritincn'*,." (Signed) Miss- Karah Calkins, Mar, 10, UU. · . . Cutiniitn Soap Md *.)|ntn;ini\t do no much tor sWn eriiptloiidr poor .complexions, rcuftt) l(ftnIfl, wit! dry, ti'ln nrd MUfhiJ mid coat so little that it is almo 't c'dntUi*! , to nso thftin. Hold ovcrywncro,. t.ibi'hj numplo of c,ioli rnrllod (vnc, tv.tli 32-p. book 01) flkln nilrf scalp ti'3htmft"t'.' Addrc;,tt f bim a .v«ox. of mmlwlcheB and clad papaen^rf),'{"ternated, at ... . .. c gnrettes Rini. munching, sndwicheg during 1 the 'remainder of tho ti'lcli. '· '·'· Muli'brd's troable came a« a result'oi' t\i,3 cracked .eylijuler',that-dleablfid tf«t engine oh , ttte dav,. of the, elimlrifUloii trials, in assembling th« repalved motor In semirtRrkncaa, »wo sprl IKB were,lef.t out of the silutch and. the: utraln of th^ gritiiu yett^rOay oixused the c'utch to; -Hllp. e . that 1 was not iri.lvired more aevlously. EXPECTED, TO "I had ft f)ill Supply ftf olj, gcsoline a,nd wat-*n nirobablj* eiiot'(-:*j (o, littye 'oorrl- nlet'i(l the 1 rroe.*l rtijurert that I wo ild be In the, nioiK 1 ', and t -thought I co.uli b^ ifio vy'riner, bpoaupi? 1 aad jiot.let out.the eiiglne to iti) full capacity .at any tine. Tho accident wri cauped by t)iq wliefil. brtialt'iigi, .Tlw car . , lnji»U'e«V to any oxtent;. -and .when another; wheel w.efl put ·»\raH.',ablo to run." ' The Injuries Buffered by .Burmon nnl Harry, tinata, hl»; inechit.nlciati, were very 8iml)ur r'lfetl i^ere 1nji|red about tho shoulders and lia'Jk .of t/'O necli. GOeta was thro'wn-aliout Jwenty-f i'o foot msn njttng to the steerliifc wheel. Goetz got up iie run-uaek to' the coir r.nrl reniark relieved the Strain. Ho said: :' "Bob, I didn't brc»k your ' stopwatch," ' ' " i!ti money at the · top of the whining TWO WOMEN ARRESTED; IN "CROO^" ROUNDUP Held With twenty Other Suspects Intjtrlry--few Rob- henes Are Reported. ir. Wllliama 1 Pink Pllln t. coo,t,N iwf \,vx; Mix WOB, 42.C ..u.« (,, Buh«lM»(~moy.» N. Y. solfl by ft., --^ ., .... For tho diet book write to "'X nl ?]J{ J1 V OBt *'\ 1 J 1 ' /!° Dr. WUllamB Modi- J/ Tw'w Lost Tour Punch,,: ·f · , « ' . - · : · ' , he)?t lihown. proieBBlWM, middle Vfest, , were arrested o,iid , up in, the . C y PriBtn- IftBt. .liiirht , they 'had becm rqcogiiljsed by , , by Hnperlntwdeht Hylana to race, Both nttd arrlyoa only tho «|!*of dW«y before from Clncjnntttl. b« until tho race crowd luia aWnerB(i«V )iita,lpy and, Larah and a CM: fie 'was;. ( in tli'i'd ^^. m^nm VICTORY: Miss RocKilitlpiJnf First to Congratulate DHver Vi^ho Won Race for National. "Happy" ,tphnny Aitke.h. did not hello MB 'nam'e'yesterday and iiia smile v/as a» broad and expressive at the finish of .the , ., · , ·· , , , . (Jrt1 . grueling 506-mile grifld HB was the ab-!-^ e | thc , ^ Rdlo « r( ' le in Th ; , ,., Boluti .silence tmitatajned by Jkwuon for!«°« r - when lt. : flrat was .produced will several, moments ane- 1 he drew un to the, hwd tl^fetock company, which wHl open it, oid , bay." Qumwer Stock Corripany at Miurat This 8cason. ..Flpronce.iiocHwe'tl, who; ,ln 1910, nup- ported Guy Bates Post In Kdward Sheldon's "The N)Bgr«r/ und Boyd Nolan, who National pita, a .knew you would do ehouted jilt rftll ltken as he jumped over on the track) anc 1 . cianped h|g ,,, coimwte by too )mnd. "^ou lust had to win and you sure ..brought home the bc.cqn." - , ' 1 How docs It t?,e) to be a winner, anc! tor move than J20.000 at that?"" "I don't know Just vet how it foclsi I Johnny." aaid Dawtion, and he lmltat(:t( I Altkcn's smllo. Umini" eniai^emflnt Juno Id at The reoinl idor of the company . iia'o not bofln chosen, but It -probably will , incl'Kk Antonette Walker who n'nported : Oavld Wt^rilold In "I'he MiiHio ^Wer;'.' i .'riffi'les JEiovijf,. from tlie Now -Theater j 'Companyj pint Fuller Molish, who comc« from Bnghml flhd -vho wan trained in thn ''old «9hool" and IR known an a actor, The ib'H.t play prob- Dives for Wounded I'feft; Up VtilmUk Ind., May 30,--Garnet n years old, threw a rock arid struck, a WK carp he saw 41oatiatj^in a small ij.iyou. The blow M«nn«d the nnh fciid the boy made a dive *V it He fell Into the tihallow water nnd his h«iul struck a miiBBCl nhell. 'fl)!^, .ne to the bnhk with him. ..0«rlonUy j cd aim to open the flhell -svlm-a utkiit an'.i nit rolled t' fine poprl. Without con' aultiufv his ftlclitrfl the b(y solo the ,pwrl to i\ local .lowolor -for ?)(). bUt It In. said to be worth' n«\»v tlnuis that amovint. , ppn wp.s. »ON 'p. iit.Ai.rvR. TiionwB kcMath will receive callu ,tiil,H afternoon for Mrs. Won I 1 . of"Wnnhinijton, I, C. .Mfn. Blfijuo hafi been tho gnost at a number of fio^ial n whlio in tho-city, .Mlto I B ' t h o of "Columbia's' Go^sreHH," tha ably will be "the Wltchluf; Hour," which | will sl VB Atr.-Nolan nn excellent ;l'nnco| to "make ffood" wlili Inilaimpolls theater | and" the second one ( . "The Tlilvd J " will, open tho way for Mlsa to score a triumph n» little ! Aohic .Jeffries. Other plays that, have I buen vlecldcd on 'ore "Tile Commutor«" and "The Easiest Wy," both of which in Indinnftpoll.'i, but noli will' cugp plain cipttves man, JVtcFftijIand, with, McCaffrey when ttio arreuto woi'i made. : ,. ,-. . . . . . / . : ,. · · ., It is sifl tnp-t one of t)io wfthjen wl'O gave hw name as Anna EJvaraii but who IB Known to, cioso friends Alt Myrtle Claric, wlashed a CiiicMSi) roiiidont wjth a iknlfe, li) the County -buUdlnft in cujitp aoyorai weeks ago, and imp sought for the crime. 'J?he other wom|t,n gave her name as tleten WiUori of Chicago,, . . , ' . , ·, . . . . . DetooilVPR also w.oro aile (o loefitlf^ aii'l obtain the wipi-d of Jamo« Maddoa Chlcaic, w h ' j , wap aiTe»».i;d night.. lip haii kvm .uitdor- 01(!Vf;ian1, New Yor)? «»4 .St. i)ochet "WcWiig,';' : ft'-Ji ..hftfl, H in tno Olilo P unto . Prison for tho same offense, it. la declared, ..... NEL. fm 0 ' You'll ^iijcl it; acaia *S soon as you dtrike the Rockies. : TJie riioiJlit?iii iiir wD| lill you with ftf% gtripngth aixl vitality, )* course yoii are fudged ! Wny «^^ »iiv«% ybii art't treat A lray iijifwi oF ii machine as eriiellv ns ^i irivcn ypursell tliicsc past twelve mouths. And with y^utyst feliticls of ci^rgy otesitii out .undctth g *«n- r ^r hcaf^ lip woniddi; y«w ^ .**»iy · · kl rc^I but go wh^rft ytiti can get it, Colohido is I jiight a y - i*^ 0lir ^"^ «TM youi* golf dubs aud going to ColpV^fo is a (tojiiti way, because it gets tt CoJoriaoi.. Bat th6 lieit road is the Rock Iblund and R oc 9V*iey momlnjf fnnk Chicago «i Dmnvitt, Spring* and A pfctfccily appointctJ V.«*m which sew a Hciv sti»ri(iarl irt travel con^prt. Ei^!ttrlc4tghii|!0 thtfjmfthout, with dfayving-rbonis, St^Cttoirtfi m\ ftite bifkfyft dmirtg and ^uffftt-lib^ry^obser- vation tArt, Eveit ittife ) this journey IK oMe of «»1 enjdyment. TW» Twenty HufipPctsJiadl ftqcn .'.'·itn.tpd Wuit "· ·"-'·' HM a reuuit of the wettliJfr ftf th'i It, hiW b^'!'l I* 1 ' i. ?lrk »ti VII* ROCK Island Om»h». Kansds' Cltf. 8t, .tlie.PftijJIic ( C'»ttt. ".Our " t" are Kicc for tlie J f Ci*7poil Buildinf , other nm And Me'«ilii(. tor //« tnryu«tie Ind, t i i i n in P.l X IV 0 · i l « H , , * J . » 1 V . » i « - 4 f " · ·"' - *- - / · - ' - '· ' ' · ' - - · · " land \tt pleased with tlio Buciceao of the .crusade. , -,. Ain'uiB the , twenty , (i.Teoted y-iBt«rUaj p were twelve 'boyfl .iwigliff ironi tC . ».rt 21. years old, nil of whont wevo from .:lii' clnnttti. They, said they came lioi'o to xvatch tt'e raoo. but. olhco t hoy - I B M - UM inoney and could not, (jlye a fiatlwf ..xplnnalioit of th/) »f(ch"i(J In other , detectives Martnlii« a 'id Hl-^'k looked iH«m ait 1 AH arn · cWiiwl with Ujikcr. ·nff, pB'xiiiiB a heariiig In tlie rolled CV iJrf. tod.iiy. A : i · · ' - · ' . : AM but tlli 1 *!' uf, tl^o Bpeodway i r f u " '.c'^i-' «« i)"l a^rttttsw'Wj'i been · f H E LA'lE JOHN W. WOODS. The funeral of John W. Woodfl. 7,7 Id, a veteran of tho civil war unu several yoyM a guard at the by stock companies Frerl J. u;uioy win ·"·· ··-· r,"" ,-·;:»·,:.,';..",;;· ».i; n ,|i.,,i V (Mter- ' · in IndlnriiftoHB dttriiiij the Btock:«»d flnll ° ' ^? iV« ,Vn,. H i m aw- as the resident manager for thel' 1 ^ n ( »" ljl K ttt -'» ls hoine,. fi l»»n/m nvft fJhubertB. UDDY Col. Hwcy Moore 0aKer 6f Concord, N. H., hxplren in Wn8hihi|t.on. , WASHIN.f ON,., May. 30.--Co). Henry Moore Baker oif Concord, N. II,, executor of xhe estate-of the .late Mn-i, Ivary 1iikcr a. OtOddJ'i and a former morr.bor pf- Con Tl»e ncrvt.:os will ^ u c w))1 bp held' at i (/clock tomorrow afK-rnoon at the home. llf ln charge of the Jo I'OB« W'«i. 281; 0, A. I t , H. which Mr, Woods member. BMrlal wil) bn in . . Crown Hill OeiliHery. Mr. Woodg's death follqwud a HtrcUe of imralyHlH «uf~ felled about thi'oc weckn nm, .-. ' VViien th') civil war broke out Jwr, Woods loinod .(.'oinpaiiy It, Tliirty-tbi*Hl IiVilluiut .voluntom- Infantry, and until -AtiKiutt, wlmtv he ' to" tfic " P a travHjhff suleMtnnn of Jiiiftalo; N, Y., iwrtM thiii he Wan robb'td .of hid oontilinlinr $1«" JndlfUi il»o. ford ' M'iore, a fat'Ul'*'' t'roj'i imur Ind., will robb'5'1 of $3 nii'l iilw HUJ-H« by a iiickpooket. A.. »ot« for |?,000, not ro« K(it'able l w.aH-ttlfto In tl?e -jJiirBf, (.JlMtr J, VViffgln, Louisville, Ky., lout $12 with bin tmree. _. 1 -_^. 4 ,..., r ..... .... · _.__· _j Indianiipolts driycca cortalnl.V madn n\ sweep of', It BO A tho of . , at»ut »tri,()00 added, men to Joe $8 ; 000 IB the pvhc Wlllch ft6« to Ohatlott " WIlcox . drawn Moris, down wh ie -Howdy" It may «cci« a HUlo fltral^lit victories for L cars in the MB KOOrmile this oily In itsi qucflt to be the motor hub of America. Not on'iY was ).»»woon -- -- , on all sldoB, but ,T"hnny Althnif wati-tho roclplcnt of thc Kl'id hand. AltUcn was fio team maim/?(!r and kept thlng» f?o- I.ifj smoothly In the pile. Ho wan un Itftportant factor In the National's victory. orts \ Special Sale Irrt8»«»«" N. of the r»im in. tho average for the fli'flt of inc race was 80^0 mllod At ^if *lrnB ho wan 26:81 intule lant. y.jar by 1')0 nn y.jar Vaop. At, 200 nulau other Mcrcei\ei) Mlropr^rl out thl« with eiifflne troulM-io, and this wne tho which narrowed tlv) In oavif)(« of fl-jffcred IHrctiq caused 'oy a was born at llov\', N. HI,. In 1841,-and nad nnvcr mank'd. He Ind practlood inw In Mow.Hnlniial]Ire,since 1836. \vhn-) he vwf' ,,;lpniifit.ed 14:42. A JMiinbw piflivanlrn i» .i. W-M ·»··."·· ..... ;-«-- · . . ,,. ,, t ) r o ; d"iu lft«t year'n record beaten j n t |nc, for the leydcnihip down to Del'alma, Tetxluilf and Dawnon., During th«i heated proftrcsa of the rnco a littlu bwnny. ran out ort tljo- t.i'aok » froi-i of. the inftltt srntil (itadd. One Of tho 1'acors Mino Mpnctli.ifi: up 'ho t)tro*;h and' tuci tali r^» ftWjiy J u R t tho f:1UN^ftnait in *,tv utwtatora took form of Into of nvfty . ,'ulibot- jut Vrofl) tlrtw which. tm\ been made vuielons by the utromiouo pace. Weinw, former , !i(thtw«l«jl:t an fllmmplon I Hnec'tator , , parking opaco ratlier than tho rirtoy mft Di»ci - d plin niakcs men do tiuplea wcedlul things wUiiout lo It's ii great stimulus. 1 ' ' a man beyond himself- tho, obligation of saving tho l)ftckbc«e and CASTOR IA at l."»artnioul,h olur.o 1874, ITo tmd closed, Ho took part in n number oitl *,Vc 'moot Important cumpulKiw of the' vir. ' · JJo is nurvlvcf? by f vndow mid \\vtt «bll(fren, AVnltor F awl Alhor*. On(*rjp IIWQ, TAto. Mlnnlo I «l,l,|tM 1 'l ' V * ^ . J \ . F m \ » » » » i ^ « » . v ·-· ^-- V - l» ' i y « F ' , - . i -- i,ff , T T rr- " » T - » I is- »_( ,, . 1 4 J* ·,' I. * 1 y t(!in«nrrtrico play recently prcucntea at tho m«r.»w tf *o Flfty-thli'd and Xlrty·· . ,.. r ,. - - . - i i f t ,, » tft i «i-»:_..t A · joufth CoMgresflflH. 'and JWra. jxonry *KIJO I', wac not iwtil cftcr tlto flrflt Inp aft or 200 ttmop had Ur.ftn /oylcOi .off *,\u'.1 '" Valma HtorweA at Uko j)"'* o ybui.' mettle. Three per cem m- '" ' ·) tek't on savings, compcv; I -d twice tt'y^aP, at I'he Marion ' Company. M8F, . WANT AP8.Ppn iNEWSPA'FERr iNEWSPA'FERr

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