Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on August 7, 1945 · Page 2
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 2

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 7, 1945
Page 2
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PAGE FOUR . KOSSUTH COUNTY ADVANCE, ALGONA, IOWA .TUESDAY, LONE ROCKER PINS FAITH TO SOY BEANS MOVIE DATED FOR BAPTIST CHURCH HERE Oldtime Revival Meetings Starting To-day at Lakota FOR SALE-SPRING FRIES. WANTBD^MARWBp- MAN TO.WANTED-loo, OR run ofti^j^— ... . ... work r <fre, farm. • Good -tenant!', farm. Full line - house;•-.toip'wa'ges. — Inquire at of y.—David Me Available ariy day of the week. Nick Maharas, phone 474-J. 13u48 AdvanceV Phone 9 on 93. BARNYARD "They Live Forever," full-col-1 Lakota, August 6—Starting John Wortmr.n, is now on Luzon. | or motion picture with sound,' this Tuesday old fashioned revi-! ~: wd _ 14 1 W 1 U P» ..' Dealing with the spiritual aspect val services are being held in M ™ g _ G * Scotland rcceiv- H. JL. Walsh UeVOting °t w orld W™ }}, ] vll }^c shown a gospel tent on the.grounds for-! c d an announcement of the mar- 106 Acres to Crop This Season. FOR SALE-IP head of white WANT ADS BRING BUYER andIf WANT ADS are i faced vcaTlin* heifers; also seller together; 4000 copies of gain in. thc woi yearnng y bulls g jSs. A. Skow, \ your «d distributed for only a of yollr d dl8tr| , --- - 14p47-43 few cents. ADVANCE, Wesley. tf WEDDING ANNOUNCEMENTS -Ferdinand rt -' uimuu at 8 o'clock Friday night at the good condi-1 —You'll be pleased with the Rcith, Burt, I quality and appearance ol our 12p48 work. Printed or engraved an- j nouncements of a i s 11 notion. .... , , - . r D 0 merly uscd by thc Boy Scouts riage of her nephew Bob Leland ... , ,. uu ....~.. — ! F""kSureS^stor'announces' thrcc blocks wcst ° f ^ bank, ana Krcsma Wulffenstein, at the ; FOR SALE-BOY'S BICYCLE, i Many styles to select frorn.-Ad ' 'The mm was p\-oduced by Ir-' Services are held each evening' Mpthodurt church_in Long Beach, j Goo \l eondition.-Chris Engel-jvance Hub Co. ! win A. 19 ir ^ "" you raise more beef If the old horso that belonged to " Capt. Jinx of the Horse Marines" and was led on "corn and beans" were living today on thc miles nor- WiththeUnitedNationsappeal- £ans «_?£ livin, ingtoAmericanfannerstoraise »' ^ j™ hR S nne would bo fcd more beef and pork, many j ust bcanSj for that is thc row fanners are paving their feed crop being grown on that place lots with concrete. This saves this year. feed and labor—leaves more Last fall Mr. Walsh harvested feed for pigs following the I,'J J bushels of soy beans. He cattle—saves manure. took a l°ng range view of tnc; Free booklets showing how ''"I' 1 situation and decided lo - -- - " hold his crop. He applied lor ,.IKI lecejvcd thc only AAA bean loan in the counlv, unu sea.ca 1,000 bushels at $2.04, and early Urn spring sold the entire lot for .,ecd ,it i>2.'i5. Big Kossuih Acreages. Farming a quarter section this year he has 100 aci :.•.; in beans, 22 in cum, and thc rest in pasture. That ii the largest bean ] iiilj aeioare w> lar reported to this office. Runner up is 130 acres on a half section, and -1UO is^ndt' S!sSted Xl unr " W musical "T^ featuring : my-tr^po^and" his^mother . thc piano accordian, clectri vib-, lives in Swca City. | roharp, as well as vocal num-! bers will be presented each ev- i ening. Evangelist Naomi Keen- ' cents. ADVANC FOR SALE—McC manure spread 1350 bushel steel platform on skid Burt. WE PAY THE M ABERDEEN ANGUS BULLS of vo^hav^on^fm finest breeding and quality;; *"V n ,. n jl"no n Shorthorn bulls, ready for [ ^ lteA ° l phono a to build productive improvements with thrifty, lasting concrete are part of this Association's wartime service to farmers. You or your contractor can build concrete jobs with minimum critical materials. Mail coupon today. Pott* coupon on p«nny pcttal and mail today PORTLAND CEMENT ASSOCIATION I 403 Hubboll Bldg., Dot Moines 9, Iowa D Yes, I am interested in paving my barnyard or feed lot. Send booklet. Also "bow to build" booklets on Improvements checked: § Milk house Q Dairy barn floor Manure pit Q Poultry bouie floor Granary Q Water tanks, trouihi | Mlhwr liiikola >«w.v The Rev. and Mrs. JT. F. Dar- . Verne. FOR SA^E—Bred sows, 2 to far- row Sept. 1. Black and Spotted g-- — old< p - ces rcaso nable, Poland Chma.-John Gliedcn^Lu » Q ^ studcr) Wcsley> , ? _ '^ri Blnck and SDottcd service, and Ayrshire bulls 4 to Sept. 1. Black and Spotted • ' rnasonable.—' Wilur er, of Marian, Ind., will be the ' to Algona Thursday, and he took FOR SALE—HOSPITAL BED and mattress, almost new; 3 I j . dividual. We t; PROPERTY, LOW INT EREST LOANS, the red tape. ML,, ^.. ln . AND'ON THE WAY-NOW S n.wu FriTH/tir T>I^ C-T^T T ... _ ° speaker, and will be assisted in a train for Chicago. He will also Altwegg Children Call— n ,, r> . ,, ,„.,,, work.—Cowan Bldg. Supply Co. ! ,, lhc ,. Rc r.- .. B !J d1! ^ s - J .Wilbu_r phone 275 , Algona. 13ul8tf „ new; auto stear ! I!ai.sebrock and little daughter, .'l.____ WF, ARE MOST GRATEFUL TO %*JS<?™ Mrs Edw. Hoppc and RogcrX an, who teach in btorm Lake; land were n week ago "Sunday : -.—biguost bsrgain—4000 copies wno is noiiie alter visitors at F. G. Torino's. ! of >' our W3rit ad _ d i s *}'* b A : L f !? ior . op, ,,ia threshing machi 36u4<J somebody; 8-ft. 7 - 1945 I E. LEV! U47481 FAIRBANKS! pis cmsinc, Ijj '"-U nillcr heal I arc wagon borl '•with flare J COj_CNt.L CLARKE. acres on a 1,400 acre project. Institute's auspices in According to AA/i records camps and naval training sta"- 66.11 0 acres of soy beans were i uons, etc. grown in the county last year, i Mr. Moon photographed thc Jake W. Meyer, Corwith. Boise. Tne Ailweggs, whose late Isenbcrger were a week ago aimy grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Jake Sunday guests /of the E. C. /Utwegg, were Kossutn- pioneers Srhwciterts at Burt. near Algona, were returning , Mrs. H. H. Murray's father, N. Nam e. ! Stricter K.lffo* FARM FOR SALE -...-., , . - - - , , --. - - • best eighties in the St. Joe but there will be more this 'year film's superb' color ' sequence i""" 1 a vlslt , wl , l . h * h . olr uncle ; C. Hnhson. of Forest^City is stil ne i ghborhoo d; all level, tiled i arm y and navy " 1 " lam m Austin, Minn. 1- - - 11 •- ' Y -- "--•'- ' '- 1 ----- LADY'S STOMACH WAS IM A GAS FACTORY, because lots of beans were put while touring in fields after corn had or washed out and it w late to replant. i Mr. Walsh planted his beans "June 18 this year, but many i seriously ill in the Park hospital land.—Call at this office. ,„,,„, incss. FALL TERM opens Sep_______ tcmber 3. Advance registrations «- u J' OTMF nf thn advisable. Ask for bulletin.—' - • •vstL. 01 MIL Fi-co scrvicc for returned vetcr-. ^—"• ans—The Hamilton School; Ma-1 son City, Iowa. ' 48 -'^''»>r, com.| h'ust, rob sk'ol ck'v.,, v i hoist, roady'ij ce-Rumcly s trt | e, a bargain I serownt ScrvelJ •''•i<t"n M-D silr P'P'-: Piipcc 2Urn rtar wi Jj'.m Dcerr '•: 2 used Imp. Co., Swt, rotted camps with his "Sermons From Koolhoff Furlough Ended— .vas 100 , Science." I Mr. llontin ;mrl IVM-K- at Mason City. W. E. Lev attended a USO '• . uow 21u48 - 51 ]T TAKES GUNS AND AMMU- '•Thrv livn Forovor" fonturp*'^ M n H OI i tje * n ' d Mrs: Alice i business m^eti^'and" dinner °at ', I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR nition to fight wars; it also the life rift cx^PnU of Tt Ko ° ho " dr ° vc lo Waterloo last ; the PW camp at Algona Thurs-i any debts or bills contracted ltlkcs « balanced ration to enable tne iiie-uut cxpeiiences ot Lit. W p P ir Tunsrlav anri cr>or,» tho , ...... ° ,... _..._ _*, *, ,* _._ .._ vnnr hrnnd sow to oroduce a James C. experiences Whittaker and Tuesday, and spent the . day evening/ i by any others than myself on or week visiting a son of Mrs. Kool- , Mr. and Mrs. Herman Jutting, after August 1.—Lloyd Martin. 22p48 farmers planted as late as thc John Cartel;, with the testimony hoff Ravrno Y, d who left o in ' 111 ' """ ""*• "^n.c.,i uuiu»«, -.^ second week in July. Most beans of Col. George S. Clarke, one of Say• foi-^Sornia after a mr" • c ^c. were visitors at J. E. i in thc county are in fine shape, the last army oficers to leave Ba- fthXm Svi^e in tnc South \ Smilh S Thursday evenln 2' ! ~ with only an occasional poor aan as well as a-series of tram- Pacil , C) and wil , be reassigned ! RADIO We can now your brood sow to produce a lubcs or tubes strong healthy litter. Walnut nearly all iypes TUBES iupply you md adapters I and numbers, field. MEALS TURNED TO GAS ^^1^, , A - - . , t „ ( One l,dy said recently that her In Iowa the crop is fairly now otA ^™.? SSn ° FrZ j-i.'iiiuiL'ii u.se-ti to ne like a gas compared with other cereals. In fai-'lnryl" .That, is,-when she ate dustrial interest in soy beans be- mK ' meal i<; seemed to turn right gan w ;th the shortage of vegc- - n na ^ h c1m tp f en in *"** army and lo "«* duUcB'.-^^-h^-vi,: , Two Ledyard Boys - f • itmg a grandson, who — was re- discharged after being T • L,UZOn NOTICE—I HAVE taken over Ralph Hurlburt's feed mill, and am equipped to do any kind of grinding. Carl Wiener, Burt. Phone 173. p42-51 : g^STHSSS-SSS:"-'" ' r °^ Ger °"° ^\»^^>*°3»$>*&'£^£££ Ph ?l o f ,,p hs „, c . res Locj,,.^,,,,^. S a S"^ 'n%XK E' USl -ri.feij. *r'S. - Grove minerals, plus a little tankage or oil meat and your home-prown grain, will produce j NORTHERN DISTRIBUTING] a healthy litter. Don't put it off, i COMPANY and be sorry later. Now is the j time.— Write or call H. S. Fain, j phone 297-M., Humboldt. | 20tf-covv Mail us ybur orders, IOWA r t-n-^vi-A ^IT f . A c. , i_ million bushels were raised, of blOMACH GAS and she says Some of the indust , ial pro -! heart. ^-'^"r 1 ,^' 13 ^ Un !u J ducts arc paint, varnish, rubberl 1 ON L:.IIar. meals agree with her. substilutcs linoleum, insecticides'; No p»s/or .bloat alter eating. . and food producls such as flour \ Headache^.and constipation are ,. jrcakfast food and candios . gone. "Oh! what rehef!' states Hpnrv Fnrfl ninnp ,,,. nH in this lady 1 . - "Why don I other gas sufferers get Henry Ford pioneered in thc of soy bean phis- company in 19H5 "'SYS^TbNF, contains 12 Great " sed morc ^ an a million'gal- Herbs;'they cleanse bowels, clear ions of soy bean oil to make gas from stomach, act on slugpi.-h P amts and varnishes Ior. cars. ,,,,. Jiver ancl kidneys. Miserable peo- j Ford Plants 8000 Acres. pie soon feel different all over, j In 1932 Ford planted 8,000 LONE ROCK PUMP EXPERT RETIRES TO BE A FARMER Mrs Paul Kollasch, nee Mar-^ daTp^TftW ™ ptenty glad *?£^, 4 T 1Schimmet ^^ ?aret binitn, ,s at the Park hos- j to ^ each o ( hcr> an g e xchang- phonc 14 °- J ' 18u4B-51 ] ed home town news. They visit- FLOOR SANDING AND REFIN- ishing. Heavy commercial equipment. Portable power plant. —Cowan Bldg. Supply Co., phone .1 ,. i . .. T, » . ' «-^ 1 ij\-'llll; LUWIl IlCWt), J.I1L.V ViSlfc- " th ^ a-year-old son ol Mr. and | ed the R j stadium to ^ ee th fS. C. L. Egcsdahl, Who IS SUf- fif , M «. nnH a lsn hnarrl Tf av K 0 ,,. ,| fights, and also heard Kay Kay- Howard has been Mrs fering with lockjaw, caused by in on _ a scratch from a piece of wire , overseas two years . about three weeks ago. At last reports* the child was somewhat improved. The Egesdahl family lives between here and Rake. Birthday Greeting Phoned— Mrs. George Heetland celebra^ 275, Algona. 14ul8tf •»«»+«««»»»•++•«»• SHICK ELECTRIC RAZOR OWNERS—We are dealers in Algona for Schick electric xaz- | ors and repaiis. Huxtable Fire' stone sicre. 13u40tf because he his whoir : co£fcc art in tha afernoon- ioft feel, and is resilient to a high degree. It is claimed that i ,i jii-.f i " 11 m*-" DI.IVIL.U; uuui u, ctjiu I only moths can tell it from woo walkcd onl hort dislanc "he soy-bean industry is still I in its infancy in Kossuth, but j there is a meal and oil process- ' had been looking at the names on the service board, and had a- r latcr ' Shcriff ng plant in the ing piant in me Bond Bend Captain Phones Mother— Mrs. Ida Ukena received a real i thrill Friday morning when she had a tclphone call I FOR SALE — PHILCO AUTO 1 radio, good as new. Small coal ] and wood range, also 1 '/£ h. p. garden tractor with 19-in. blade. —Fay L. Mann, Burt. 25p48 FOR SALE—GOOD WESTERN black and white-face feeding j.- U i.i' l arn b s ; a l so w iR P ut lambs out on i2n4R contract to responsible parties.— .. p . , Phone 626 J, Chester Bailey, Al- LOST—SIZE 14 LIGHT BEIGE gona. 24p48-49 raincoat. Reward. — Call at •Legion Ballroom *•':?.•"- :• Sasncroft Friday,-Aug. 10—Lynn Kerns Tuesday, Aug. 14—Scandinavians Friday, Aug. 17 — Al Menke Tuesday, Aug. 21—Malek's Accordion LOSE'"WE8GHT SAFELY WSTHQUT EXERCISE Take off weight each week. Eat plenty. No drugs. No laxatives. Don't wear yourself , found him and got him I Capt. Maynard A. Ukena, from i , , A ... «••• " doctor. He had been climb- I thn past mast <?nvinp hn hnH ^^S" ' ^r n ?Hr^±,^ l n ?Ti^ill- only the week be- I & ^<A"g£«£ to'be U. D. M. office. WANTED—WIFE, FORTY TO forty-five; own own home.— Ilp48 ' KEEP THE RECORDS straight! The right form helps so much, kind JsuRgestions for thc abandoned, forc but sincc | hemp mill here is conversion to beon j, roundcd . i a mill for making feed from soy I bean's. | * attack has | home in a few days after two - i years service in England. His I Mr. and Mrs. Walsh have a ! wife, a nurse, preceded him to' Box 153, Bancroft. 12p48-49 SALE—BOY'S BICYCLE, like new.—Mrs. Sene Schuler you We can prepare the need quickly and at small cost Come in and talk over youi problems. — Advance Pub. Co. Algona Stores C ose Kossuth Fair Afternoon, August 29 All day, Labor Day, September 3rd CHAMBER OF COMMERCE Closing Committee family of seven, and two sons are in service. Lawrence is S2c, and Edmund is an air service cadet. CLAUDE OSTWINKLE TO BE DISCHARGED FROM THE SERVICE S.-Sgt. and Mrs. Claude Osl- winklo left July 17 for Miami, where the sergeant reported for a three weeks rest period, but last week Claude's father, f" H. Ostwinkle, received a letter frorn him saying that he ib to be , dllct a pmfessional dcraonstl . a . ^l^ a r^ expects to be ; Uon fo] . tcachcrs Thursday, 9:30, ^.^« o^/->« | _^ ^^ j-ijirh school gym. This is for rural and elementary schools. the states. Wesley, phone 2289. 3Gp48 ANNOUNCED FOR TEACHERS HERE Maude Mooro, physical education instructor at the branch summer school here, will con- 18-Year-Old Gels Call— Don, younger son of Mr. and Mrs. I. E. Wortman' enlisted in thc ASTP and was called to Fort Snelling last week Tuesday to get his uniform. From there he goes to Brookings, : S. D., for training. He will be 18 years old I in November. His brother, Cpl. WHITE ONION SKIN thin paper, cockle finish, 8>/ 2 xl4, just received.—ADVANCE. HELP WANTED—1 BOY 9R middle-aged man, 1 office girl, 1 shirt finisher. Full time. Can use other women help part time. —Algona Laundry & Dry Cleaners. • (u)48-51 . . Yd MI JM Mfcr h M*MbH* The event will be open to the home soon. Rerfeant Ostwinkle, known 'io friends as 'Barney,' had been in service 2V, years. Ho. was or- Mi spcctatol , s to ot . cupy tho dered overseas in July 1144. and bulcon invitations have been was based in Italy in the air J forces, where he was thrown into combat immediately. to all rural Kossuth tcach- ers. Claude made 53 missions . //. ™,t wiih tfri»™ tai 'Rets m Unrmar f-s//l exorcises Don'tgive at Prenner Pass. / ( u;,aiuiicf«KUyou While the Of H-iving parls in the demonstra- will be Betty LaBarre, Ruth lilt'. 1 Erit J)Jcnt y--n<jt too nv.ich //( cliillC'it tests un-ler i!t^ (littiliun uf ntfthcnl tlncloTS tlltne than 1'Ht iJbijfn'i to i/ 1 ! !•> 1:3 Hi.; 'jinnee in n few wccl; ;' tiai« \vith tlm AVI)S Vitamin Candy KccliiCLMi* 1'lnn Try the AY1JS way yourscu 30 day ty>*^l)'. ?'-.2f, IMione . , . .-, . , . , •• r M i v.' j 11 I,-L: AJt-LLy Ajttljui 1C, 1\UII1 targets m Gormany, Austria, and Baldwin Neva Allbriglit, Betty ci t \ *,t*r>Tr\ nnvi-JQCC 1-1-^1 \ \ »•• T^I i ' Rlanclnrrl. Mrs. Elcanora Eus. _. . . ,, . . . ^ vc tace, Lu Verne, Lauretta Fandel, been in Florida their baby has whiUL , mo| . { , ' Rosc , Hingsdorf H^n^i tiMfVi tV-irt r-nfi* Mt'Ti'i I rrt-it,irl_ . _- _. . . fcj^^^**, been with the maternal grandmother, Mrs. Helen Rocker, Mason City. and Mary Cole, Corwith. The twelve weeks summer ! school here will close Aug. 12. 1>. .JA.MKS C J.'.-.di Kit contains 3 full ouir cs\'t Sal'^n-ij-pc .soKttion, 60 'f'urftis. 60 end tissues, Don Clapsaddle in ! T D , ^ ££ . f>. .. i T T ., Lone Rock Officer Occupational Unit . R . . c 15t.h AAF in Italy (Undated)— ls "^CK in States S-Sfit. Don D. Clapsaddle, son of Camp,McCoy, Wis.—Recent ar- i"r. ancl Mrs. H. D. Clapsaddle, rival of 1st Lt. Herschol W. Hart^•Igona, la., has been assigned to man, Lone Rnek, la., at Camp the occupational air force in Eur- Mc.'.'uV's personnel center for rn- ope as a member of the 2nd yeploymunt, is announced. The Bombardment Group, veteran i ; eutenant served with B Btry, B-17 Flying Fortress unit. Clap- 220 F. A. Bn., 44th Div., in saddle served seven months with Fruor-c, Gonn; j ny, and Austria, the air force overseas as an aer- Mnrl won tho Bronze Star medal, ial cunner, and has flown 23 and throe battle stars. He is the combat bombing missions. He son of Mr. and Mrs. John W. holds the air medal with two Haitman, Lone Rock, oak leaf clusters, in addition to, • * '• i Brothers-in-Law I Meet in France •.>ther decorations. Lu Verne Girls in Detasseling Group Mrs. Gail Hakes had a letter T ,. . -.-,•,,, vcsterday from her husband at Lu Verne. AUP. fi-Girls detas-; Marseilles, France, in which he selinfi for the Pionror comoany ; to]( , of n . cct i n g hcr brother Rog- are Joyce Bockes, V/ifrh More Comfort a pleasant alkaline (nun- hSl.ls false, teeth more . . Rr " tn . f;!' 0 "" cr E. Palmer. Th'.- men found „, E'-lj 1 -' Lanmor. Dons Hmtx, (hey wcrc , tationcd onlv 50 mi i cs Wanda St.odda.-d. Botty Patk-r- | . a , t Both , n . tc . chr ; icians in sr.n. Alme Putzstnc-k, Joan; o ,. dna nce. Mr. and Mrs. Hakes Ma.xme and Patricia havc thr ._, c sma] ] children. RPldl DOViU-ti HUM!" *i*i«*»» »— •» i W*. hill*-/ [Wl r-i .. I tin M r\ H I"*'IT f I f • 1 " i ' ^^te^^i^S^i g'Jl."'Their PaunStneV;'L"U': i ^..^JJ^ ^r^f'^^c^'^c 1 ^ II-R Hanson. Arlcne Mrvcr. Eliz-j YSLLOV/ SEC lif.^<- "i *• /* , WAMTEETH at ' ,,U^*U O^..^,.,. r,«^l T,^,,,l,-t., I ,,,,!-, ' ^i.n»U«^l „» * Get FAS*BJSTH at SECOND SHEETS, ' abffh Raintis, and Iinelda Laub-' punched or plain, el the AD- enthal. . .VAJTCS. Let Cowan do the Complete Job Roofing — SIDING — Insulation Weatherstrip — Paint ASK I'OJJ A rilEJi ESTIMATE Von may buy on our convenient monthly payment plan if desired. Cowan's can give you a complete job of repair and remodeling and insulation of your home. Cowan Building Supply Co. ALGONA, IOWA r* M Jw M* k Mlfciiliili ,TT. VM MI JM MRcr In TAILORED TWIU Joan Miller's rayon Twill classic in bright autumn colors. Long and wee gold buttons marching dotvn the front make a picture of •fi. pleats ier belt livill in brown, navy, red or green-. Sises 9 to 15,, About $13,00 tailored perfection. Kick /ore'naft and a smooth leat a Foro finish rayon sleeves m.

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