The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 23, 1954 · Page 13
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 13

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 23, 1954
Page 13
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THURSDAY, DECEMBER SB, 1994 (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS PAGE THIRTEEN OUR BOARDING HOUSE — with Major HoopU OUT OUR WAY •y J. R. William* A CIP6R. FURTV ON THE VCRV NliSKt WE'RE HAVINO A CHURCH BAZAAR AKJD PUMPIWS THEM H6RS A HALF-HOUR BEFORE TrtE LAW CAR IS DOE SO THEY WON'T MISS IT-1 BELIEVE VOU'RE LOM56P, TOO: PUT KXJRARM* AROOJPME.HOUEX PEOSPSCTOR'S MDLE?^ — WHY MUST PEOB.5 HE 15AOO6 OJ A LBASH * BOKM THiRrry YEAR& TOO sootJ VsEE.iMjusrSTl)FHN« FOt THE GLEE CLUB —I MAKE IT LOOK BI6GER. / WHAT WAS ALUTHIS MONKEY BUSIWESS ABOUT YOU BC1M6 N/'cer to fat Out PLEASANT HILL, Calif. Wt — Poochie ate most of his meals at the home of neighbors, Stella and Howard Waite. So they asked his owners, Mr. and Mrs. Art Hakel, for the dog. The Hakels agreed but now the Waites never see Poochie. He went back to scrounging meals from his original owners. Santa Glaus Seat Cover Sale Fiber $9.95 Plastic $13.95 —Price does not include installation— GET YOUR XMAS GIFT SEAT COVERS NOW Gilbert's Auto Upholstery Highway 61 N. Ph. 3-6742 ^ : " •' by EDMUNDS CLAU5SEN .^^^•^^^^••^•C^*!^- _• • _• .^h • 1 ~© 1954, W, Edmunds Claussen. Prior copyright, Stondord Publicottons STOKYI Cltp<. Ir' (»f the riverbont (Jen )|icrnlf!d up the C<ilo] II 'THE lank Pennsylvania:! wiped the stain of a bloody fist from his check. Frowning darkly, his words were sharp. "When a man iasks for it he's got an honest an- iswer comin'." : "You've got your rights," Crotch consented, j For the time being they were i alone and Dreyfus turned his talk ! into another channel. "Something you might not know about ; La Paz. My claim's back in the : hills where the crowd's not yet 'found its way. Plenty of ore in {the Hassayampa country. This j placer gold's only the first e» 'citement." I Crotch gave him a scrutinizing Hook, knew Dreyfus was repaying | a favor. "I figured on that," he 'admitted. "It's so, Captain. When they stumble on the real thing you'll be haulin' steady pay cargoes— Sugar Logan's new mill won't be big enough." Now two of the Cocopah deck-hands arrived, too late to join the fighting, and Crotch murmured, "Thanks for telling me, Dreyfus." His Indian deckhands were dressed merely in breech-clouts and carried four-foot lengths of firewood from the bunkers, a wild icrew when they got to fighting. Crotch made a gesture with his band toward the gangplank, sig- |naling they were to run it out jto the river bank. It was time to iallow those ashore who were [hungering for pleasure. ' Dreyfus was the first to climb Idown the gangplank. Slyly, then, Crotch offered his friendly warning, a glint touching his eye. "A man can get in trouble in Yuma. Be careful!" 1 But Dreyfus gave him a sober [look. "None of them .trollops for |tne. It's Queenie's pastry shop." '. "So it's Queenie, eh? Well Ithey say nobody can teach a man jnew ideas better than a young (widow." '' There was a bond between [these two that went deeper than (political convictions. Both loved •this new land of their adoption, both understood it. even as they understood each other. Crotch's remark had caused 'Dreyfus to chuckle good-natured- Oy as he moved down the plank. "Wouldn't know about that, Captain. If she's got something new, it ain't showed up yet." • * • A SHORT time later Crotch saw the slim figure of his agent coming up the single-file pathway from Yiima. The man was not hurrying but there obviously was a tenseness of purpose about him. Crotch waited beside the rail, sensing in some mysterious manner that Modest had a message for him beyond the ordinary. Those machinery crates they had loaded would bear explaining. Fcrnand Modest was an out- Modest had opened a trading store close to the Yflma landlnj, W an' easy gamble that some day he'd be rich. driven the Apaches on the war- shoot of several nationalities, a young man with dark features and quick eyes and shiny hair groomed to perfection so that it matched the meticulous appearance of his black suit coat. He had opened a trading store close to the Yuma landing, and if. this influx of miners continued it was an easy Ramble that some day he'd be rich. He smiled as he stepped onto the deck planks. "Captain, I passed many of your passengers racing like horses for the landing. Tonight will be a big fandango." "Tonight," Crotch replied, "a good many heads will be sore. If they don't get back there'll be that many less to contend with tomorrow." the fiercest war the territory had "Captain, you are to meet the yet seen, fort commandant at the Gila path. Second Lieutenant George Bascom, a short-haired boy from the East, believed Apaches responded only to fear. Accordingly, he haji induced Cochise, the friendly Chiricahua chieftain, into his Sibley tent under a flag of truce. Naively he announced that Cochise, and members of his family who had entered in a spirit of friendliness with him, were, now prisoners. Cochise reacted exactly as an Indian should; he escaped from the trap, but his relatives were not so fortunate; and Bascom had put his foolish theories to test on these people. But this treacherous move set the Apaches to butchering whites in House. You are to go to room 11 —do not tell anyone who you are to meet." "Why not see him at the fort, if this is army business?" Modest merely lifted a shoulder. "It's about the cases?** * * • THE side sweep of Modest's eyes momentarily cut into Crotch, and he understood Crotch knew what the cases contained. But this was not his business; again he lifted a shoulder. "I know only that they were brought to my warehouse in the dead of night. I was to consign them to La Paz." "In care of Lieutenant Lane." Modest nodded. "Perhaps the commandant has more to say." "He better have!" Crotch made a gesture to his male who was climbing down from the texas deck. When, Ben Goss moved closer he warned him to allow no one aboard who had not already paid his passage. Goss was a bushy- bearded, virile man whose mind, once made up, could not be easily altered. When Crotch went over the gangplank with Modest he was leaving the General Heath in capable hands. At the outset the Federal government had forsaken them by withdrawing troops from the isolated posts. To make matters worse, the blundering policy of the army before iU recall had THESE matters lay grave on Crotch as he and his agent Modest followed the desert pathway to Yuma. Heavy, too, was the thought that so many of his friends were men with staunch Southern leanings. Sugar Logan and John Slade, at La Paz, and Jim Mclott, engineer of the General Heath since they had put her together in a Sacramento drydock. During their earlier years they had steamed the California rivers, bucking the cut-' throat competition of the gold trade. But now the Colorado was opening fresh interior territory,, rich in promise, heavy in reward., The ancient river tribes had a legend that several hundred years ago the Spaniards had sailed ships with great sails up the Colorado. Even then they had filled their galley holds with gold. The need for navigation was increasing hourly. "You are thinking of your friends who do not believe as you believe," Modest said. His voice drew Crotch up short, and Crotch saw they had reached the long adobe store where Modest prospered. He caught the gravity on the other man's face, the same deep worry that lay across the territory. Modest said wearily, "It is too bad. But some d«y the war will be over." "How do you feel about it?" Crotch asked slowly. But Modest shrugged. "It Is Arizona I'm thinking of Captain." (To Bt Continued) Unusual Gift Suggestion FOR HIM World globes - barometers - ash trays - billfolds - desk accessories. FOR HER Card table covers - calling cards - memo pads - cook books stationery. FREE NAME IMPRINTING Btblc.t »nd llpptr notebooks. SAMUEL F. NORRIS Across From City Hall SHOPPERS SPECIALS! FRESH HEN EGGS (Nut 3 H Ifl Pullets) doz. I iw Apples .bu. $2.49 Oranges 5 Ib. bag 29c APPLES :: 490 5 6 for 25e " Fink Meat Grapefruit Assorted Xmai Candy Ib. 25c Grapefruit 8 Ib. bag 39c Water Type Tree Stond 98c ALL TOYS REDUCED Select your tree from the largest stock o( Xmas trees In town. We also have silver trees. Open Til' 10 p.m. Nightly Blyrheville Curb Market 130 East Main EXPERT WATER PUMP REPAIR Hubbard Hardware Phone Z-M15 FOR SALE AMMOM'"M NITRATE Ws have available for Immediate delivery 33% Ammonium Nitrate at a Reduced Price through December 31st. Will load trucks from 8 to 5 except Saturday and Sunday. Henderson Seed Co. Hwy. 61 South Phone PO. 2-2860 RADIATOR WORK • Boiled Out • Repaired • Flo Tested • Ri-eored ALL WORK GUARANTEED GROVER'S RADIATOR WORKS I Cl. Ukl Are. Flu. MM) "I phoned the chimney sweepers to clean our so Santa won't get all »ooty!" WELL I SUESS WE CM KWN NOW ISN' THWJUST LOVELY/ LIXE TO STAND UP WITH, MAIZIE.t-ONS TIME SNCE/ USMWEOC.HMTO- SOMK COUPLE/ BACHELORS DON'T KNOW WHAT A " " LIFE THEV a DON'T WORRY, PRISCILLA, HE'LL MAKE IT EA SY! OH, VIC, WHAT YI'VE flOT A ckefc TO </ * sun KNOW JMVtV \ PBS* POd HAS E*EN CLEMKC? O* I , THIS AMJRPEZ.'I CKNT J JONMt... KWOV HOW TO THANK A, SOU, u6T ALO* B* VOu... MM, sues TH6Y 60 MUCH 1O IP THINK. WC BE OlflLUISIONEO WITH KIPS tf-ftX. AW ORPEM. LIKE THIS MORWING- BOYS, STOP THAT I'LL M>wr TH6VRE VER.V TRYINS M" TIME*. BUT rp owe NWimia on DfeTH TO HME OM& OFMVOWN! AMY, I'M AMAZED AT YOUR. , . . ,- PKIEMCE NITH THE TWIH5 1 . WHW A 5«AW&\ FMJW, I'M EXHMI5TEP, CAROL! THEY AU>~,p_, MYSELF! HURT HIS peer THE COWBOY BOOTS! HEY, VVHERES QUEEN -ANYBODY,, SEEN UMPA? C MON , STEP ON TH SiS 1 WE AIN'T NOWHCRE! SIMME A PUSH, 'M STUCK!

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