Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on July 31, 1945 · Page 2
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 2

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 31, 1945
Page 2
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PAGE FOUR THOMPSONS GET ADDED NEWS OF MISSING FLYER But Washington Says Son is now Listed as Dead. KOSSUTH COUNTY ADV.A.NCE,, ALGONA, IOWA jwoio IY UNirafsTAtts RETAIL CEILING PRICES FOR BEEF VEAL, LAMB and MUTTON IFFtCTIVE JUNE IS, 1945. TO MTAILIRf—Cviry nort m GROUPS 1 and 5 mm) diiploy mil p«<l«i en at a itit mtol tounltt to cuilomcn ran no3 it. CURED FROZEN TO CUSTOMIRS-Coniuli tht Pric. 'Pan.l oT your l«o! L '' ' fot lyrthtt intetmotton end !o ifttutt a topy ol thi» pokltr. BEEF STEAKS Porlirhouig T-Bono Club Rib— 10-Inch Cut Rib— 7-Inch Cut Si-lorn Pm Bon» Round (Bon«-ln) (Full cuij Round (Bonolou) (Top and bottom).. Round— Pre-Cubed (Bonele») (Top and bottom) Chuck Blade or Arm (Bone-in) Flank ROUTS Rib Standing— 10-Inch Cut Rib Standing— 7. Inch Cut Rib— lO-inch Cut (Bone'.eM and rolled) Short Loin (BoneieM and rolled) fT»nderloln-in) , Rump IBone-ln) Rump (Bonvleii) Chuck Blade or Arm (Bone-in) Chuck or Shoulder (Boneless) s English Cut 8TCWS AMD OTHER CUTS v • Short Ribs Plate (Bono-ln) (Froth or curodj Plate (BonolMi) (Freih or cured)... Briiket (Bone-In) (Fresh or cured)... Brisket (Boneless) (Fresh and Brisket (Boneless) (Cured) (Deck'ie oil) Flank Keck (Boneless) . ,... . Heel of Round (Boneless) Shank (Bone-In) (Hind and lor") Shank (Boneless) (Hind and lore)... Soup Bone GROUND BEET (Hamburg^)' «— °~" sss* « c «& S;KJ CENTS PER POUND S3 49 42 33 31 53 49 42 33 31 S3 49 42 35 -31 33 33 29 23 21 37 34 32 27 23 : 44. 42 34 29 23 1 44 42 34 Z3 25 ' 34 52 42 35 31 1 43 40 33 29 25 43 42 38 '30 28 28 28 45 .42 36 30 26 30 28 26 22 18 37 37 37 37 33 33 32 29 23 21 37 34 32 27 23 32 32 43 43 43 42 36 30 26 27 26 22 19 IS 43 42 36 30 26 30 28 26 22 18 38 36 33 29 25 30 28 26 22 18 20 20 19 19 15 20 20 19 19 13 25 23 23 23 19 25 25 22 22 18 33 33 28 28 24 38 38 33 33 26 26 28 26 22 25 23 22 22 18 32 30 27 24 20 31 29 25 21 17 18 13 18 18 14 25 25 23 25 21 3 3 3 3' 3 5 5 5 5 5 26 26 26 26 26 VARIETY MEATS <B««|) CENTS PER POUND Heart 21 Kidneys . 19 Liven (Blemished) » ' -32 Sweetbreads (Neck) • 4? Sweetbreads (Hearl)- 22 Tails (Under «; Ibs.) 15 Tails (*i Ibs. and up).... [9 Tonques 35 Tongues (Cured! 39 Tongues (Smoked) 4Q DRIED BEET. SLICED Bulk. Unpackaged 84 Ji Ib , Cellophane 22 - ;, NO These ceiltng,prices apply in all g meals al retail located in Ihe Zone md The above prices are subject to 1 inclusive. •NOTE 1. -GROUND MEAT, (a) The, retailer must not self any ground veal, ground lamb, or growths beel, veal. Iamb and mullon r->tai ground meal al prices higher than Ih (b) H a customer buys any r*tai •retailer may grind that cut ol meat lo done in a manner so thai Ihe cuslome cnarged Ihe customer lor th» grindinc (c) The reloilcr shall not have ir except ground bee!, ground veal, grc which has been bought by a customer and which is wrapped ond marked w NOTE 2.-CUBE1JTEAK. The retailer must not sell any c or cutlers ond canners which have 11 a .customer buys any retail cut ol cutters and canners and wants it cubec lor Ihe customer, only il the cubing is can-observ,<> il and no addition is die NOTE 3.-YEARUNO LAMB. ,.,Th« celling prices lor yearling lower than Ihe above ceiling prices retail yearling lamb cuts ol choice gr price lor the corresponding retail Ian retail yearling lamb cuts ol good gro price for the corresponding retail la must not sell retail yeafling lamb cuts at a higher price than the celling p cut ol utility grade. TM roup 1 and group 2 stores selling these cated in tho upper right hand corner, le conditions contained in notes 1 to 3 ground meat unless it is ground beef, d mutton as defined in Section 20 of regula ion, and ho must not sell such sse listed above, cut of meat and wants it ground, the r the customer, only ll the grinding is r can observe.il. No addition may be . his store or cooler any ground meat, und lamb, or ground mutton or meal and ground at the customer's request ilh that customer's name. ubed steaks except C or utility and D x>en cubed in advance of an order, meat other than C or utility and Dor . the re ailer may cube that cut oi meat rged the customer for the cubing. amb cuts of the different grades are lor bmb. The retailer must not sell ode at a higher price than the ceiling ib cut ol good grode. he must not sell de at a higher price than the ceiling Tib- cut of commercial grade; and, he of commercial, utility, and cull grades ice for the corresponding retail lamb VEAL STEAKS AND CHOPS Loin Chopi Shoulder Chops (Arm or blade) Round Steaks (Cutlets), ROASTS Rump and Sirloin (Bone-In) Rump and Sirloin (Boneless) u-4 Leg— Rump Oil Leg— Shank or Rump Half Loin Rib Blade or Arm Shoulder (Bone-In) (Square c Shoulder (Boneless) (Sguare Leo or Round (Boneless) Ul) .... -*ut) Sirloin Strip (Boneless) Regular Rib Roll (Boneless) Shoulder Clod (Boneless) Veal Roll (Boned/ rolled, and lied) STEWS AND OTHER CUTS Breast (Boneless) Flank Meat Nock (Boneless) Shank and Heel Meat (Bone ess) (Hind and fore) Ground Veal and Patties* Neck Bone>s : t OKADIS &z ~ |.&| «& ' tt • CCMTV PCA f0UMt> 45 42 38 . 31 27 40 39 35 33 23 29 27 24 21 IB 47/ 44 38 33-30 37 34 31 27 21 - ' M 34 32 2»> 34 22 49 48 40 ,33 31 34 32 18 '24 22 34 32 28-24 22 34 32 28 24 22 43 42 36 31 27 40 39 33 32 a 29 27 24 21 18 47 44 38 33 30 211 27 23,, 23 18 38 31 32 29 22 " - 30 ..»*•• 30 • 30 ,.. , i ... ' 29 .;.. 23 20 20 18 18 13 29 27 24 21 18 29 27 24 21 18 20 20 18 16 13 29 27 24 21 18 20 20 18 16 13 29 27 24 21 18 30 30 30 30 30 7 VARIETY MEATS <V~1) a™** POUND Brains 20 Heart..: 21 Kidneys . 29 Livers (Unblemished) 60 Livers (Blemished) , 76 Sweetbreads — Neck. Heart, or Pairs under 6 or ;.... 67 Pairs G to 12 02 75 Pairs over 12 oz 82 Tonques, fresh , "30 Tonques, smoked . 43 • LAMB and MUTTON STEAKS AND CHOPS Shoulder Chops (Blade or arm) ; ROASTS Leg (whole, hall, or :hort cut) Sirloin toast (Bone-in) Yoke. Rattle. Triangle (Bone- In) Yoke. Rattle. Triangle (Bone- \t;:-,1 Chuck or Shoulder (Square cut) (Bone-in) Chuck or Shoulder (Cross Rib Boneless Lamb Shoulder Kol STEWS AND OTHER CUTS Mock '(Bone-in) .... . Neck (Boneless) . Shank (Eone-ln) Ground Lamb and Patties*. Neck Bones 0 HADES LA Ch«c« Good MB || MUTTON —' fe fe — ! "& CENTS FER POUND 61 57 52 46 32 29 26 47 45 41 37 20 ' 18 IS 47 45 41 37 , 20 IB 15 41 38 36 32 18 13 13 41 38 33 31 2l' 19 . IB 47 45 41 37 ZO 18 IS 27 26 25 23 12 11 9 41 40 39 36 18 16 13 33 33 35 33 16V 14 13 28 27 27 25 13 11 10 61 57 52 43 32 29 26 47 45 41 37 20 18 15 36 20 18 17 13 8 .--.'7 6 20 18 17 IS 8 7 6 32 32' 32 '32 13 10 18 20 18 17 IS 8 •'• 7 6 32 32 32 32 IB 18 13 6 6 VARIETY MEATS (Lamb and Mutt OH) -vHs" 1 1'flS 0 Brains .-. , 20- 20 Hearl 21 21 Kidneys 27?.: 14 Livers.. , '. , 32' Tongues , : 25 . 23 Sweetbreads, Neck 44'' 44 Thll p-ict lilt mull b« «<d on and afar jmt 11, 1945, In plact al otiy pnvlow lit! covering obo»t Itimi as Inutd by rht Offlct ol Pilct Adm nhtrallon. Somt btit, viol lamb, ond mutton ilffni piictd undti MPR 33) do not opp«at on thil poltir. Fot dihniliom M iMot ilim| f conMill pt.tct Ban*'* ol Locol Booidi. Making for the Japs Letters concerning their son, S-Sgl. Robert W. Thompson, reported missing in action in 1944, were received by Mr. and Mrs. 11. W. Thompson when they re- lurriod to Algona Friday after several weeks in Arizona. The youth was reported missing June 2!), 1044, and an official finding of death was recorded June 30, 11)45. One of the letters, li-'jm Secretary Stimson, informed the parents that the purple heart medal had-been awarded posthumously. Letter From Washington. An official letter from Adj. Gen. Ulio. 'stated in part: "Sincp youi- son . .'.was reported missing in action June 29, 1944, the war dcbpartmcnt has entertained the hope that he sm'-ivi-rl anrl Mint information would 110 revealed dispelling the uurri-laiiHy sunouncling. his ab- "Th': record concerning your con .'-hov.'.s that he was a crew member in a B-24 bomber which departed from Kngland June 29, 1941, on a mission to RernlvrR, German, and failed to return to l.'j'sc. Wlien pver the target, the p);ire received two direct hits from enemy antiaircraft fire, one in the nose and the other in the Lcp'b bay. Pronounced Legally Dead. "full consideration has been recently given to all available in- l-'-i:iM,i:i.i i.c.-iriim on the absence of your son, including all rc- f.Ki-i. rr-noi us, and circumstances. Accordingly an official finding ol deaL/i lias ,-ccn recorded. "Th:v-finding docs not establish an''.actual or probable date ol death; however, as required by law,, it''includes a presump- tivf date. of. death for the termination- .of pay' and allowances, seUtem.enl of accounts and pay 1 - ment-jo'f death' gratuities. "TKe uncertainty with which war has- surrounded the absence of ypur son has enhanced the honor.ol.his service to his country and:of his sacrifice." i Pilot's'Wife Writes. The^xThoinpsons also received a letter-.:from;.the wife of the pilot dI-;Ufe,lane. She had gone to WilmarthVat the branch summer I she will be one of Washington-., and had an inter- school view with Colonel Herbert, head of the' 'casualty listing department.;.'.- , Ilis'-iecords showed that June were . Helen . 29, 1-544;;''fjye, planes were re- ? nd Ma ™an Kggleston, intcrmed- portg'tj[.»"snot down, each with 10 iato teacher at Miner school, at Cedar PaHs. Mrs. Wm. Boyken, daughter Verdene,- son Neil, Titonka, were here Monday. The trip was made socially to let Miss Boyken sec Ruth Midgordon, of the Upper Des Moines staff. The girls attended the state college at the same time. Verdene -goes to Seattle early in September to begin;work as an instructor in! home economics at the Washington state university. Mr..and;Mrs. A. D. Lehman returned' home Thursday after several weeks with relatives in , Illinors. Their daughter Mrs.! lola Barlow, who works in Des ! Moines had gone to Illinois to make the trip to Algona with her I and Marlyn Sturdevant stopped in Algona Wednesday on ^flleir way honuo from Fort , Dodge where 'ihey' had been to see the former's ^daughter Mrs, Richard »Samuclson and her infant son, i Richard William, born at the! Lutheran hospital there July 22. j Mrs. Kennedy formerly opera- j ted a cafe at Titonka and plans i to move there from, the Garner farm this fall. The Rev. -and Mrs. Leo Best returned Thursday from Iowa City, where .they had earlier in the week'taken Mrs.-E. N. Taylor and- Mrs. Merle Webster because of the serious condition of Mr. Taylor, who had suffered a heart attack after a major operation. From Iowa City . the Bests visited relatives at Ottumwa, and returning stopped at the hospital >and found that last week ! Tuesday Mr. Taylor had developed a mild case of pneumonia, but • the most rcc.cnt word is that he is : getting along all right. i Announemcnts were received i last week of the birth of a son j to Mr. and -Mrs. Wm. Smyth,, Schcncctady, N. Y. Mrs, Smyth is the former Joyce Hartman, daughter of Dr. and Mrs. E. C. Hartman,' former Algona resi-1 dents, now Jancsvillc, Wis. The I baby is the second for the | Smyths, and has been named : Theodore. Mrs. Hartman is at Srhenectady. The Plartman son t Robert, in the navy, has been or- ' dercd to China. The son Richard ' -TUESDAY. JULY 31, lives at Bcloit, Wis., ;Tn'i his wife have a son. n g IF YOU WANT W , lo buy, want lo lra'Jo_ u * a ° ADVANCE want ad .-< 000U '" of your ad distributed for onl, I few cents. ADVANCE. y>l DONT-TA'TDOWN , vance or U. D. M. subscri D ii™l sJalemenl and forrjot it. Tho pers are slopped now if not n in advance. v Official U. S. Signal Corps Photo Two LCI's (Landing Craft Infantry) from a vast armada of American ships head for,a beachhead on a Pacific Island. Your money for War Bonds helps to make these landings possible. Buy another $100 War Bond. From U. S. Tre»fury Methodist camp. Mrs Price r-c mund'Chambers, returned miss- turns next Sunday, but Doctor ionary from Poland, will occupy Price will remain for a week or the Methodist pulpit here next longer. Mrs. W. A. Foster, who Sunday. .ir-noinxmicrl t.he i-rices, . JK \viih Mrs. Eli/aboth Kennedy, Gar- Mrs. Fred Chase. The Rev. Ed- ncr, ar.d {/ranildaughlcrs Donna BIGGEST B ARC Al W-Yooo" «„" ies of vour wp.nl r.d dislrlbuii all over Kossuth connly f ot a cents.—ADVANCE. the cabin southwest. They drove a car for There were two eyr; witnesses. They counted 28 parachutes,., find from them four men were reported prisoners and two others dead. Forty-Four Missing., Of the 50 crew- members of the planes'L^hcrc are 44 unaccounted for. Tli£ report on Robert's ship was thftfe. it was seen to explode in the air. Colonel .Herbert said in time our intel'lige'nce officers will'go into cities Jyhcre ships have been shot down and question the civilians, ministers and authorities as lo what happeened to the crew members. They will look for the c wreckage of the plane, and examine graves where the 'who went lo 'Arizona in May for days with a son T-5 E. A. there.- Mr. Thompson's health, arrived! The Rev. and Mrs! N. A. PriciY in Algona by bus Friday to stay ! with the daughters Margaret and till tho first part of September, : Helen left Sunday to attend the when they will return to the', Okoboji Bible conference : at the gjffiJWffiHBBHHHHHBI^BBHBBHNBi Coast-to-Coast Store SPECIALS civilian's''could dispose of bodies, I P are nts. She has a two week va- and also check for personal be-'' ''tion which she will spend here. , longings of crew members. ^ rs - Chas. Lehman and her two! children, of Vinton, arc here for i a week with the Lchmans. j The Elmer Potters were' Friday night to Sunday guests of the Dewels at Cottage Emma Louise, Clear Lake. Mrs. Dowel's sister, Mrs. A. E, Clayton was. there last week and with the I Potters called on Mr. Potter's church repairs sister, Mrs. 'Stiles, Charles"cltyi Thjcf, '/j^Qngregational property '-'is 1 undergoing _ _ __ _ and .filing .up. The church roof Saturday." Mrs! Stiles"," who has is bgVj^/j-eshingJcd where nee- three sons at Charles; City aim cKsary^ahd the parsonage is be- lives .with them turn about, has ing repaired and will have some for some' years been an invalid redecorating. There will be no with arthritis church or Sunday school during Mrs c , d Mi* usl anrl the Kev. John G h husband is inlorproloi . f! tho PW Clyde hopos o havo his family f ., mn is workin ' a at Rod Cross here by the first of September, headquarters this week in thf ' Mrs! »M.pij()c McArthur, Paw ni-- S f>nrp o'f.J.ouiso Wadloich, who Paw, Mioh., came last week to Sunday accompanied a group to spend. the remainder of the sum- the Presbyterian junior high incr here. Writh a sister, Alta carnp al the Okobojis. At camp ERS Von can't make a good profit with slow develop- tug It takes plenty of protein with your home grains to make a good pullet. of You will get this added protein by feeding Pink Perfection 32% concentrate. : AVAILABLE IN PIUNT IUUS Vj... M'o lire paying our highest market prices for Iionltry and eggs. Lanesboro Produce & Hatchery .; HELLS, MJXA'JESOTA iif^CJ I Jlcliners—, ijOOxlO 500x17 GCOxlG 1.98 Motor Oil, 2-gal. can _: 98c B-(Batteries— - Heavy Duty, 45-volt 1.98 Flash Light batteries . 2 for Hot Shots J'Jvorready. 15c 1.69 r l'ractor Chains for Kail, !;-00.\3lJ 30.50 Model A Seat Covers— Straw, For front only 5.95 Cattle Fly Spray, gallon 79c Oil Tank Heaters— Heavy cast 17.95 Fly Nets— 100-in. long ex. 1. fi 00x16 Grade 1 Tii'cs __. 13.95 J)nby Buggy- All metal 5-id rawer un- finised Chest 16.95 Clothes Baskets Large size 1.49 Ironing Boards, padded Bond Boxes 30x31/., Tubes, new 1.49 1.98 Hod Barn Pt _ 5-gal. lots Hay Slings, 3-rope Scooters, at 2.49 2.29 Tiro Pumps. 2.49 JOc^«Taa[«sataa?jaj2EaiSttBi Fine Skins, New Styles, Low Prices If yon plan to buy n fur \ coul this yciir, our ad- vice is to buy it now. At this time. \ve can offer rridil '/fiiiH-inrlT lioviTm u< ""•! you 'extraordinary nil- / ue.s. And you can «ur- cliusc it on tlie lay- awn y plan. Elec. SLovcs 10.95 Sealed Beam Mead Lights, set 9.85 Baby Car Seats for your Auto 1.98 45-Plate Car Battery 21 mos. Ga. ' ex. Bike Tires, 26-in. Ball. __ 1.79 Kruit Jars, Mason, quarts _ 69c Coast-to-Coast Store AL(<!()XA PHONE 1« FIREST RECAPP HERE I In our own Chances Are Won 9 t Get New Tires for a Long Time to 'Cornel Finest quality Northern Muakrat, Sable dyed Coat in several styles $294 Rich Brown, Moulton— comes in Tuxedo or regular button or colorless. „ Three shades. The No. 1 coat— $142 and $172 SPC our Mink Dyed Muskrat, Silver Blue Muskrat, ' Rlack or Grey Persian, Silver Fox, Skunk, Coney! and other fine furs; all made in the finest fashions' sizes 10 to 4.4. Price $117 $344 All prices in elude 20% Federal Tax, HIR1 ARE THI FACTS: It is tame, that more new tires are being allocated but only most essential "B" aud "0" card holders are getting them. "A" card holders are not eligible. You can keep your car rolling 1 by recapping your tires now the Firestone way. Get FACTOllY- METIIOD RECAPPING Other SIui Proportionately Low Firestone recapping, alono, gives your tlrea tlio famous DeLuxe Oliamplon Oear-Qrlf Tread for extra safety, extra traction and longer milcago. Wa Loan You Tires While We Recap Yours HUXTA Tire*tone f* ALGONA ELECTRIC IMRM WIRI3SG ULKCTitlCAI/CONTltACTlKG WlUiKM Ot v ALL ICIKD8' PHOJVE ?o 200 W. .STATE ST, HAROLD' (Si) li(pH/ -^T

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