Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on July 24, 1945 · Page 4
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 4

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 24, 1945
Page 4
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WebUer— A tie* of .tailoui ingredient!, a mixture. ' Good Old Days No. 9 n scries of old-time pictures showing scenes of Algoiin nnd this store, and used in connection vllli our present Diamond Jubilee yonr celebration. This is a miniature reproduction of the NEWS. In the .Spring of 11)22, the first copy of the CURLS- CHILLES A: JIKJMIST TS iviis published; it WHS a four pjige, 11x15, ])rinted on ordinary news-paper "stock." 11 contained news about the store, half-tone cuts of local girls nosing in C. & H. garments and various other itums of interest, including' a recipe department, letters to the editor, etc. s'.XEWS was iitiMishcd seiiii-anniially, Spring and .j " :v ti«li, although at various times a special Christinas ^^cjilition appciired. After the first edition, n fine book•; c .,p«lix v r was used, which made the liille sheet look i; more attractive and half-tone cuts showed up advantage. _The si/e wa;s also' increased to TO THE HILLS, men! A single fellow just hasn't, a chance, nowadays, , what with the feminine population starved for something to boss' around. Returning soldiers, filled with the thrill of getting home and with Stardust in their eyes, are just easy pickings for the gals. •....; The greatest army .-in the world, as it has been called, is just a bunch of sissies and fair game for all the gals. And a mtlc twirp with a faceful af lipstick and a few ounces of clothes KOfcBtTTH COUNTY ADVANCE, "MORE KILLED IN ACCIDENTS THAN IN WAR Startling Facts Are Cited at a Safety Conference. . A county wide safety meeting was held at , the. high school ,aud- """" ~"~^ *T "?""=" .jji^ 1 " 1 ". 1 " itdriu rn Thursday, i:at which lams right mto the middle of a speakers were Dr. KimballWiles rur r ' turnln S. m . mbers ' national safey coUndl hpn . . , e naona saey coUn the toughest army m the world, Chicago, Lt. L, W. Dawson hieh- cuts out her man like an .old ! way patrolman, Cherokee and ime range rider, and nails him Be rt Woodcock, director of the ° * safety edueaton division, Iowa department of public safety. Lieutenant Dawson -was substitute for Fred Wilkins, Boone, newly appointed highway com to get his civilian tie a^., „>.. Someone should warn the soldiers that there should be a period of non-fraternization With the American girls till they get 1 their American girls till they get- their missionerwho las -^eek rep^c- bearings and have their guards ed R. B. Laird, acting comrnis- up. Ihe gals are ruthless, and sioner. inine wiles and only, in the com- p6st-yar times. Farm Safei* Week. ;The-;week;of JulyV 23-28 inclu- pany of other men just aren't hep. . '•:•' '• •. And they are so used to being . "'^ "«"-.«ji auty. t,o-&o inciu- bosscd around by the t°P kick.-'sive is national farm safetyweek and everyone else above the'nr- a ."d *o m ake',-his .hearers acci- that they take orders llkje soldiers—and where does'• them? Hog-tied to a- gal would make the worst •tbp- n ., v ^ , • ••-.... in the army just a breeze to get f, d daily and killed 200 people by with an alibi. ' ' '". • .. " '' ' " And the gals are getting pan LI. Wayne Eunice, daughter, ttf ; Mr.' 'and Ned Johnson, Britt, w!as, married Sunday at 8 p. m., in a candle-, light service at' the Lutheran church at Miller, to v Lt..-. W'ayh'e^ Zeigler, son of Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur Zcigler, Algona. ',..;•-.; •' „ j;. The ceremohy was perfbrnled by the "•Hev.'Gv.A. OlspHj, w,hd used the . single, rihg!, Service. Baskets of flowers and .tall-lighted tapers decorated the '.church, and .while .the guests assembled Leola Zeigler played a 15-minUte prelude of nuptial music. ' . • Preceding tile marriage' Doni-' aid Johnson,_Forest City, ! . sang and summer at the Dunkerton Methodist church, of which Miss All-' well's father is pastor Miss Allwell is remembered by many Algonians as having -;- r - been an Advance reporter'prior jine Lioras rrayer ana narnei' *•">•'—e.'.is Of Mrs.'Wallace to two or three years ago. In the Keith, Algona, sang 'God Give "*• ' •° t ™$>' -'«« r ° fr S cr ,''- K 2 b « rtl » | Advance office she is recalled as •Me You • • •'••" ,1 Carney/daughter of Mr. and Mrs.' a newspaper woman of high ta: The bride, bn / :the'-irin.-ol;her : ;^ lwa ' dv r*:; Ca 5 ne y; hcrc ' „' S . he lent Form.r Reporter lo Wed-. Thfe Rev. and Mrs. P. J. Allwell,! Dunkerton, Blackhawk county, have announced the en' a: -^— gagement of their daughter Esther Susan to Robert L. FloWcrs, son of Mr. and Mrs. Ji t>. FloWcrs, Hopkins Mo. TUESDAY, MRS. MONLUX PICNIC Mrs. D. D. Monluj I , , * lJt 'iu,\ president of the Us\V Clear Lake talked on tho ers uniijl the News-Adv- also Mason '( district president, ' ertiser, .a daily ficp r c i n ..u V "^' newspaper- at'™ ram «^ndan cc andi Crestdn, southwest of pes Moines, the former as telegraph edi- w . c _ Iiail . ....,. tor and Mr. Flowers as manag- ncd for ,,,;„ ,.!/,, .".''•'/'inncty . ncd tor thc to be married in late g - father who'eave her in niartiaie i was . recently Carried to Ensign walked down the white carpet-1 Offlcej£^,.^iho school sup- . * .. • .1 . .-.._ .. . -• *r I nt«lv«»A»«rlfint • tut* ... onri IW«.ci Uf -M « • j »* «• M^- W ; B " courtesy WCIAZV.CU uuvyii wic Willie .carpet- ' aisle to the.altar while.the bride- j _.„. ;ji!«"> •«>''>»• ;•'. r« groom's aunt .played Ldhengrih''s ; r^ lc S' i*^ ^^r^' wedding March;;* . -'/'',;;.-£•>?•:..* De ? ^gi!»-&?e( 8 fo' .. ; : The bride's ;gown, was ; a' flobrf- tpL;i,j>i& '^ T .«: v.'». ngth .white sheer."'.with ; ilptig v™ 1 ^ 11 - 1 " ^W/^T^'T' 11 * 7 Rorcm, of Mason City, head of the work in this district, reported that 136 children from orphaned, broken or neglected fam- 'ilies arc being cared .for. by.the organization.' Some arc' bcihgl cared for in h6'mos : in this neigh-1 , while others .arc in free work horhcsi or, placed .The Rev. E. Donr-j n the, work. Wiis dance of 125. The national nnd ( i Hri J MffiW^HT »i--- v a^ Frank! Waltei v president, and Mrs owanson. or get Barker Drugslote. 1 inky, and mavbe it's a good thing *-v* ufuajr anu nuiuu <suu -people J-*i-> JAoi.iaii tfuijiisu the dead would still'ifaUsliort 'of the bridegroom s.'.at 94,000. '.'../ ••• ' ' ,. | a 1 white dress,unitorm, afti .-„, .__ „ „ lt;,Was brought out that since tena'ht Zeigler'w6re,t«-'""- for sorne of the fellows, but a lot "earl Harbor 2BO.000.-sefvice peo- corps dress uniforhi; ol gals are going to regret that P' c have been killed,.but in the were Vclma'Johnson they didn't stop and consider .same- period 335,000 people at Zeigler who ware * fnt» n rr\rtw»^M*-' *PK«' **1n««. n .. .'_'.* nOfllP . hflV/*' KnAn. Irillfirt -i« '• lifoi-mi Usherettes ,-.•"' OTHER/SOCIETY, ; - . • ing to Nebraska, w •hnson -and 1 Mariah .'' • MiVjan'd: .M|-si- «ar6ld Clayton I City, pastor, the I are.form'als. A;re/' >ws honp'.rees ;at a'-weHding. an.- Xoungquist .-•• • • Jd at the^ch'urcH/i^ niv . ersa W'party ^Saturday.-. The ' - - ••. ' ". a "eVkdua'tp o'f Mio -Srpupr'.haa' dinner at 'Cbok's./and \Vocl A van in Don't Neglect Slipping FALSE TEETI i • - Do falsa teeth drop, slip o r AUhor i when you talk, eat, uuiOi or ooni ,. Named .branch fu^hSinnmcnpa'^WsiM'Mri"' 1 to SUCCCed the RCV. E. i Hn« (non-acid) powdor i'o g'prii of Alpona, .wh'o is go-i Sy ^G'IVOS r,,n,S ,S I, was thc< Swea I :u r' l y atul . acUlo.l cointon. No m RCV. A. M. | • i°£gr HPft toU a 'Vt 0 .V d 1 ?!!?- ^ may turn out to be a civilian 'death 1 'annually. no _ actly what the little gal oraerea. T-P, ••<•".'. . - - ; -— -.- -. ! And it's just as true whether -pearly in accidents: than in mur- T. the man is in or out of the''army, defs arid-suicides. When the gals get panicky 'lHjey ; | '-.;-S»ieiy, ; ProgramiiiiOffered. y turn out to be a civilian "?% ain annuany. .M. - - • ^nant. xofier was'^iVrarluated ; good bum or at least.not ex-' -.Lieutenant Daws.on said that from the Algona high sCho61,and : i ly what the .little gal.ordered., :t f i ! l ,i tirn es ..more lives are•. .lost is at. home on;.leave.,frptn^tne-E.> Vnri it'c i,icf^ no f^iiA ihfV. n iuX^'. vearlv in acriHpnfs-t.lian in rn,i-n_ X* Q.^ where' he completed •»• .'28 '•: missions, fromi- an English,''baae; -.' | He will report tp Jeffers'()n-,;Baf- '•• are liko a bunch of ! loco cows, 1 s August: 2" for, reassignment: • ' "•• •• ' •• final issue appeared in 1!»'25» and was called lUTY M'MBEH. Those were the good, old .^.'O^ys when prosperity .was just around that illusive Ji.^eorner" (you remember?); that was the year of the <;'; sUtckriHarket crash and the beginning of Hie depres- :.; • $i«.n. : It was a very appropriate time to discontinue ,'.7 flic newsy little sheet which was fun to edit and .' good to read, even today. 'c6ok'g,/and \Veftleyan to Serve t-cards 'at C.! . —. ,,, , . _, __,.. .«• wrrc/./the]- 'On ' Supef-Fortlress j rt - •.• T . -?•' 'Nyle Latches,' set. Elijah L.'Simpson has rc- uj G^pt. •Lavenders. • - - por tedto Gulfport, Miss., for • ; '-'-'--•"• ' -:.•••*.- •-. -combat crew duty aboard a B-29 Superfortress according to a r'e- , cent public relations news rc- U^ICT The sergeant, is a son of Mr. '.||%|j|. and Mrs. Carson Simpson, Wcs- ... ley, and'he attended high school ' :: July 237-Visitors thp'" 1 ;. thon enlist.ed March 21, ••• 1 " r "~-;City', Joice, 1341,,after, farming for a time. Mills, and Simpson is at- present serving IS LIFE STARTS TODwl HOW DO YOU FEUj It Is O. K. To Ttj Vitamino • Tonlci I Toasts • Diotr, and Abdominal Supports^ LIKI THIS? GET AOLERIKA TODMI Ul« tvcry othor dny lor 10 a«yt and i Ih. dlrroronco I Try thl! lo-dj. • I nMurc'i nutrition zono itnn TOMORROW MORNING-UPON ARUM Don't Dela», Poll 'The department ot "safety will who will grab anything wearing be glad to •= ;. pair oi pants on the'theory'it's pictures and rS ?' Ex-Algona^ach^W^;^ 't'lllro 'n « t-i *• "••» ™ ~ -g-»««»» &^.wv«»^,« • »^.^»*»TJ i»;, ^-,^-•• l ; 'tj .i 1 iTv.j,/*'-;^ •• • •; , r- • • lau's, arid o'ther -^ Ev ^"' ^ ^^^ter of%-'A^^aS<?^yv' :: -^lJ ring them. The Mr t Ldwm '.A-^Woodke^SchaB'^roMSPfcncer.^se ie calltd uDon or ' became the bride of Cpl'. Don- v'^>"tajtTitonkfi. Ii^ . r^f* • ; i II kir L' »,» t i „*. til „„».'. 'ki ' i: ij '.'•.•< j.i '- •'' ^ 1 _1 •'..'••-* 'I A _-*•'*. ••-'-. •. i : 'groom," (for a tor horses) . And also It might t,e,<>. K to ' mention that. most, eals alsri wear a pretty self satisfied look in their eyes as they march dowri.. the aisle for the kill, And the gals in the seats in the rpoting section give her the once "ve,- and , behind hands give comments, to Aecidentt This Year. 1*45 there !has been t- i - J AI. u *•*-•• w**MVt woo itiaiu •vih 1 u! «u ere> u hat -Charles'. Swishcr,'- ma n, '• ^ ^ere have best man.: The bnn.- ,2? K n £ USn IMX £' ! 1*l i % whi£e tailored strefet-leng ck ifr k' ' PPPe ; f ' h * d with white accfessoilb;v» 4 . v «a- ^al 1 ^^ 1 ?^ hon^STblue-^et^ "^^ •h"Mtete:i£r arvd a corsa « e *'**&* »-« ' . i I * dls . ,••-." the, - Peterson and i; Betty Kruse, each"^her:'AW'th^t^de < do^n ; t tured vertebrae in an inters^., %?* """ & C °"" l? '' 6f '^ I<de ^ dress up for the bridegroom but; g 10 ?^] 1 '^ 1 Y l° nnG ^^.n-1 .Algonians who attended for the other women to see how i ?.'. thu : d degree burns in a bofl- weddinc were Com and the litle girl did. < V | {>re ; ; Larry SW^alve, -2%, Titoi- ™-.? B wq -^ uom - anrt Most men also wear a resign- 5?' run 1 over .by a load of hay; a ed or worried look, or have the I v 6 ,? 1 p«nd-farmer, lost a hand in stars in their eyes planted there! a . 9°™.picker; and a"lad at West by the gal to blind, theni to ^^the Bend,was .killed accidentally by n.;i n c. n v *u« «»u^— —;^_:i_-—_ j -. •-*• a--niiiiet' frpm a rifle 'that was cleaned. - '• •••'' . :'. •.'..» • " '••• '-. 'The cuts II'MIVC appeared in the lU'Jl S]>rin^r nnd Full of the (Jhrischilles & Hcrhst >'e>v.s, Model is wiles of the other meiribers". ;of ' her sex, for there is no • closed | season and women trust eaph j other as far as a midget can toss a bull by the tail. • • :'.-r Well, anyway, besides'the worried look, the bridegroom is equipped with a coat, tight collar that cuts off his wind, necktie, a fresh haircut, pants, socks and shoes. If he wore one ot those | fingertip veils it'd remind the audience of Fatima and the seven I veils the way he shakes from m ;. Stotler.v graduate of , v _ Schaller high . school, attended Cornell college two years, 'va.nd th,e past two .years-..has taught at the Bryant.schbpl^here At p)te- sent she is employed m Washington in the army map aervjce Corporal Stotler is with the army, medical corps, and was in YOUTH HOME FROM 32 yAi|T||C AC WAD the'Aleutians 25 months, but " t s" PlUn IIIJ Vlr W All now stationed at the Walter Reed I hospital, Army Medical Center, Cpl. Charles Beed, home Thursday . u .*b> «*»v »i uj 11^. oiicuxup ii*jjii' gui iiuiiic. . j.iiursuay alter d*t fear, so naturally the bride wears months in service, -almost two it. I years of which was overseas. And from the way the poor I When he arrived he met his son fellow staggers up the aisle after Gary, 22 months old, whom he getting the business in iront O f «---•---• • - the altar he probably needs Titonka, j Washington, after 34 The newly weds have an apart- had not seen before." scare a e kickpleats m his shorts so as not separation point, Jefferson Barr- to hold him back. Anyway it's acks. Beed was released I for bus- too late for him to do anything iness and health reasons. He will ment at. 601 Carroll Ave , Takoma Park 12, Maryland Couple at Titonka Marri«t- In a candlelight ceremony, Honorably discharged; at the De ioris daughter'' of Mr naratmn nnint Toff^^X n T»o™ . , lul if • QdUgnier Ot Mr Peterson, and while him, everyone and gives the store at ° (doubtfully) to the bride after looking him over. Which is a mistake, for no man should be judged by the way hti looks on his wedding day. He just isn't responsible at all, and even the best buzzard in the « 1/ O~ ••"*« !,••«. 1IU.L V» »» L4»,L O \i\Jl \: d tf congratulates Titonka owned by his parents, best wishes j His father's vision has become impaired to a degree where he can no longer attend to details ot the store. In service Beed was with the 12th air force as a sheet metal aircraft' mechanic jn a ground crew. Late in the winter 8:30 .p. m. Sunday in the Hope Lutheran church, Titonka The Rev. Alfred O. Mardorf used the double ring service Before the ceremony Gladys Ann Smith sang .Because, and RSALE ' In order to settle up the Hansine Larson estate, the Nbrtheast Quarter (NE'/i) of Section twelve (12) township 96 North, Range 28, West of the 5th P. M. Kpssuth County, Iowa, is offered for sale. If you are interested in the purchase of this property, contact tli undersigned for particulars and terms. Hutchison & Hutchison Attorneys-at-Law —..,.._„,..,., ., uuuu .v< ,!• vi, C uiew. uaie in me winter ne world looks terrible — in fact the was a member of a GI amateur whole ceremony is designed by theatrical troupe which put on the women, for the women, and shows at various camps. There ot the women for the sole pur- was a cast of 45, including band, nnsp nf hiimnnno tKamalat/^+Un 1 i*t _i_ .... -. ** . 1 during the exchange of vows sang O Promise Me. Grace jSietsema played Lohengrin's ne wedding march, and the bride entered the church on the arm pose of humbling the male to the point where he will be manageable. And if it wasn't necessary for and they played their first stand at the Isle of Capn e had played Rpme.^snd were at Florence on V-E day. someone to mumble an "I do"I Beed" holds a wore or what passes for Jt when the campaign star, serve timp pomps anri thp OUPS nf tho A*_:-_ ^.: -i ,. , v time comes and the eyes of the whole assemblage fix on the to Arno in north •»» »tui vji Sicily, • Italy, Porto Rico, n wf p helples victim, the women would; of Spain, Trinidad, and Miami. probably cut him out of the ser-;. Before going .into service he was with geles. An poor gink just gulps at the critical moment, and the minister, being a kindly soul, doesn't prolong the agony, but lets have it ^^n ^ arson , MMac , son of .between the eyes to get him out Mrs. Hattie, Larson -hew,, has .re- of his misery without inslstirte —:..~j • . j:_-i.- '_•*,*'-*';,'"*?„"• OUT Qf SEABES. Loren Larsort, MM2c, son of . rs. atte, ars of his misery without insisting ceived a discharg response. bees> ancj last the Sea" . > ee . e f t u s ba il as all ' few days with his mother He that but few men have the cour-| then went to -the veteran's hos- age to go through it more than pital at Des Moines for a check . a h - e- H A ,h^ ^"M lsr ?f, obably "P. and from there exacted to a good thing, for the little wo- go to Dubuque man takes charge of everything I frnm t.hpn nn. t^llincr him urhpn * 41t *** V*4JVV-O V.t«fc«* O*' *** ^ • t Jf fc *»*l*O I { . . from then on, telling hirn when j paid' a dowry to take the gal to get his haircuts, and allocating I off the old man's hands. In fact his monpv. and takintf nliitp a > thorn micrhi Via cnm& »., nl .«!» n his money, and taking quite a load of living off his shoulders. It's a long way from the caveman era when the man dragged his woman away from the gleeful relatives by the hair of her head, or when a man had to b& there might be some question whether the world has gone forward c-f backward in that respect. .;.-. ffro.bably despite, this dolefql of her father, who gave her marriage. The bride's gown had a White satin bodice with sweetheart neckline and a floor-length net skirt with a train over white satin. Her fingertip veil was held in place by a beaded tiara, and she carried a colonial bouquet. Mrs: Wayne Kpppen, her sjs- ter, wa,s matron of honor, and she too had a colonial bouquet, Wayne JSpppen served as best man The bride's mother wore a black flowered silk jersey dress, and the bridegroom's mother Was dressed in light blue. Ushers were Gerje Peterson and Melvin Ricklefs, -. ; ' Thefe were 150 guebts ?t the weddin, following whic'i a reception was held at the church Mrs, Lowell Bentley, sister of the bride, poured and waitresses wore pastel formals. . The bride is 9 graduate of th> Buffalo consolidated high school in 19^3. After; a short v/eddinff uip Mr. and Mrs. w|il . . be at home on a f d m nqrth of Titonka, where the forrtier , is f a;ming wtyh his father warning the boys wip be getting MAH^WJELL STAPLJS5, TWO rnarried. i\ .•'•. '. '•.' : ;A '<•• '!;., /; " . !I ..N •''sizes,X-at iKc'ADVANCES' * . The Chrischilles Store The good old "corn days" are here—and we should be able to stand the heat when it means so much to all of us in increased crpps. But you might as well be comfortable. In our cool, pleasant, air-conditioned store you will find real COMFORT. We invite you to do your summer shopping here, and if y° tt ca,n't find the merchandise you want, you'll still be welcome to sit down and "cool off/? Remember, the temperature is* 1 ' w*\ys from ten to fifteen degrees COOLER than the street, IEIICUII f| III i«fiitu in

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