Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on July 24, 1945 · Page 2
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 2

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 24, 1945
Page 2
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PAGE FOUR BRONZE STAR FOR HUSBAND OFL.R.GIRL K OSS VTt Col. O. S. Reiley Again Attending State Guard Camp Lt. Col. O. S. Rcilcy, former Chamber of Commerce secretary GRATEFUL FOR PARTING GIFT AD.,VANCE f ,,,A.LGONA, IOWA TT , , . , „ ._, .V." dcr dato of Frlda y- Neighboring Bays Meet in Hospital •Pfc. Clarence Penning, son of Mr. and Mrs. B. Penning, and A. Pvt. Frank Risius, son of Mrs. FOR -SALpV—125 ft. 7-inch can' vas "\hreshcr belt. W. H. Meyer Algona, Phone 3302, Lone Rock. WANTED—ICEBOX. Call 27F3, Algona. 6p46 15p46 LOST—THREE BILLS between t Qoddcn Monument Wprks and FOR SALE—Purebred Black Creamery Thursday afternoon. Angus bulls at John McGuire One has been returned. Reward here who left'Algona to be Mar- PhH»ps. former secretary cf the Jos. Risius, who used to live 2V& | farmT^ "miks"soulneast"of Al- To "finder of other two. Leave at, Tnlv 90 Mr* THQ shalltown secretary, and is now Chamber of Commerce here, now miles apart in German township, cona . 14o44-46 Advance office. 25p46 JUiy <2U Mrs. JaS. ennrol Qi-tr ot 13,,..I ,„„»„„ :- :„ cr-orotnt-,, ^f r\t».,_...., ..i.,~»_ »u_ m r,» i n o V. n . n U n l ~~ T _...- :T faO'ld. Itpit 4U | nu Vdlllt. unite. r n , -secretary at Burlington, is in secretary at Ottumwa, Wrote the met in a hospital on .Leyte is- Kelly; who resides here with her command of the 1st regiment following letter for publication land July 8. Clarence had leara-, FARMERS parents,.-Mr. and Mrs. Jess Du-, battalion of the state guard at m the Advance: • ed a week previous that Frank] gdh, lately received word that 1 *- 06 regiment's annual summer "To say the least, gentlemen was in a hospital, and hunted , -.....»*_•. .-.._.. „ . camp which opened Sunday at of Algona, I was certainly sur- Camp Dodge, DCS Moines. The prised when President John her-'-Titisband, Tech. Sgt., army Medical Detachment, had been cited and awarded the Bronze Star. The sergeant for five years operated, a Jewel Tea route out The 1 ;'! citation, which said the him up. The boys', Jn letters j home, said they had- a Sunday pairing improves. Rock. -No more pump ro- lill the tire ' situation H. L. Walsh, Lone i KEEP THE RECORDS straight' The right form helps so much We can prepare the kind you 13p46' need quickly and at small cost Come in and talk over youi Sunday D. M. Register said: Kohlhaas handed me the envoi- afternoon together. Both are in BACK IN TOWN ready to repair i problnns.—Advance Pub. Co. "Previously Colonel Reiley ope with lots of .money in it. the infantry. Frank'is. \ in the all "kinds'-of. sewing machines, had been transferred to the in- "We plan to buy some home hospital with an attack .of ycl- H. E. Miner 116% W North SI active list by Col. Gerald Caugh- item, so as to have a daily re-! low jaundice.- ' '''- i ., • • • .- .2 lin, Council Bluffs, commanding minder of your gift. Algona. 17p46-47 scfgcEiththad "distinguished"him-1 officer of the 1st regiment. I "We experienced many kind- self""{n'"military operations Aug-1 "Brig. Gen. Charles H. Grahl, nesses like this when we were .,„.. ^ „,,,„,.. v,v«v.- list -1944-May 1945, went on to ] general^ of the state guard, an- m Algona ; and recall often the uation hospital veteran . : of the African, Sicilian, Italian, French FOR SALE—f6o acres 2 miles south of Burt. Small set of , .. .buildings, land lays level and is HOME FROM ^UROPE. ! WANTED"— CUSTOM baling.'best of soil. This farm is offered Sfit. John Hopkins,, ,11th' evac-! Ralph Parsons, 2 ','2 milcs east at $145 for a short time. C. W. say: • r • "Technician Kelly performed his duties in an exemplary manner. -. Through his sound judgment and initiative he maintained a,highly organized and efficiently operated dispensary ser- vicp'-in keeping with the high traditions of the military sei> vice." 'Tjio..pome-ant entered military service December 28, 1942. In the 11.1th nounced Saturday that the order kind words of comfort and en- putting Colonel Reiley on the in- couragcmcnt exlcncd to the wife active list had been rescinded and me at tKc time 'missing in action.' of John's . I "Thanks, and with the kindest regards and best ' personal wishes." Annual Meeting Burl's Elevator. Held July 13th Seven from Algona Burt, July 23—About 50 share- ~, , , elevator attended the annual I to l*amp at Lakes holders of the Burt cooperative' Leaving from the Prosbytor- whorc his' unit stopped crossing the Rhine. Serpcii4t Kelly bank in t.he states within . Whorter and F. G. Ringsdorf. I Mary Jean McKim a"er: A patronage dividend for first,' Louise Wadleigh will accom- „,.,, t^ ! ^ re ? y ? ars was dcclarcd - Aftcr pany the group, and will ho S cc- expeciea the business session Don Edison, rotary for the Rev C C Rich- two two month!-,. He has a brother, Capt. Bucll Kelly, who was also in the army in Oermanv, and they mut recently or the, first time in two years and spent a week together. . * • Whittemore Boy to Serve in the Navy Clet'us Henry Koppen, son of Mr. and Mrs. Mike Koppcn; of Whittemore, recently was graduated from a naval training center at Norman, Okla. His training was to prepare him for secretary of the Farmers' Grain I ardson, who is dean of the camp. Dealers Assn., of Fort Dodge, | The group will remain a week gave a talk on the value of co-1 and junior high people from operatives in marketing. ' • • • • _., . , , - i churches in northwest Iowa and Ihe board met after the gen- southwest Minnesota will attend. eral meeting and rcclccted John Bahling president, Tom Trcnary, vice president, and Arie Di JM mer, secretary. . » Laboratory S. S. School Opened at Methodist Church Was Hit by a Jap Suicide Pilot Swea City, July 23—Sic Harold Appelquist is home on 30-day leave with his wife and daugh- ler, and his parents, Mr. and Mrs. C. J. Appelquist. His ship was hit. by a Jap suicide plane dur- "nndinps on Okinawa May . . ._ One.of three Methodist labora-' int ! - —_„ specialized navy job in the Paci-. toi 'y schools in the state opened ; 13. Forty-two men were killed fie war. He is now eligible to here'Monday morning with Mrs.' and missing after the ship was . a. pet.ty officer rating and W. M.' Hubtoard, Clear Lake, as aiting duty orders eitlher director. There arc 100 children earn is awaiting to sea or a naval base. hit amidships. Towed to a base 70 miles away it . was repaired BUSINESS DIRECTORY . in the school, which will contin- sufficiently to cross the Pacific ue through this week. From the ' under its own powor to receive Algona church 18 teachers were in attendance Monday. Communities represented by further repairs in the states. * <-. SPEAKS AT ROTARY. delegations outside of Kossuth' Richard Post, cpmmonly called are • Emmetsburg, Klemme, Ma-; "Dick", was introduced by F. B. son City, Clear Lake, Sioux CHy,' Timm as Rotary speaker at Mon- Alden, and Esthervillc. day noon's luncheon. He gave Thursday will be visitors day,' lllc club some account of his cx- and persons interested in Sun- pericnccs in Scotland, England, day school administration and France, etc., and was vigorously teaching methods are invited to applauded, particularly when he LA WY K11S W. B. Quarton. H. W. Miller QUARTON 8t MILLER Law Offices .Counly Ailorney be present. Algonian Owner of Purebred Bull Calf | Brattleboro, .,wu«**j j-fcAAw* *•*; j | «**» w*v*-"-'4. v, Wj-'^*»'W Ul,y t. M»*OJ j rtii . Phon«s:"Office 427, Residence 700 From a foundation of loss 'than' Iliursc ' a y night, sang a few verses of a song popular among service men. SPEEDING FINE. Mayor Kohlhaas fined Howarc Wayne Stcphc.nson $2 and costs on a chargcv of speeding '• las and German' campaign?,: son of Mr. and Mrs. Edw.',, Hopkins, Plum Creek, got home Monday. A Miami, Fla., army,' bulletin announces that Sgt. Wajlace B. Mosscfin, -Algona, is- also a. returnee. and 1 mile north of Irvinglon, Nicoulin, Algona. Phone 27F11 15p46-47 U46-47 WANT ;ADS are the biggest bargain in .the world—4000 copies FOR SALE—JOHN DEERE tcn- ft. power binder, used two seasons, original canvasses like new. of your ad distributed for a few | Also team good horses, Cyril '*" "" "'J. Miller, 6 miles SW Bancroft, cents. ADVANCE. tf CROWD FOR MUSICAL. A crowd of several. hundred j INLAID" LINOLEUM, linowall, tile, laid by experts. Custom work. — Cowan Bldg. Supply Co., phone 275, Algona. 13ul8tf 4 miles NE Lons Rock. 32p46 ABERDEEN ANGUS BULLS ol finest breeding and quality; also Shorthorn bulls, ready persons attended the musical by, FOR SALE-Filling station, a quartet from the state teachers college Thursday evening. After the program the group and the :ummcr school faculty were en- tentaincd at a Maudc ; Moore's apartment. Miss Moore is physical education instructor. W A N TS grounds and station complete, i at St. Benedict, $2000. Sue J. M.' Heriisl, R. E. and Ins. -,„,, , -no I110 ' ° Ul foi to ' 1UL Algona, Iowa <-:i!NNAN & LYNCH - -v (Attorneys-at-Law OificeV.oyer Kossuth Mut. Ins. " Bldg. Algona, Iowa Phone 261 ..'"•liai.k. '•'.-. J- P- LOWE ; >: •*'',' Attorney-at-Law Phone 287 8,000 imported from 1861 to 1905, 3,500,000 Holstein-Friesian animals now have been, registered on the books of the H-F association, and 930,950 are males, 2,569,050 females. Among owners of the purebred j aniiXials is Floyd T. Bode, Route I 2, Algonat Mr. Bode's bull calf was born Sept. 24, 1944. Mr. Bode E. J. VAN NESS Law Offices J. Van Ness — Delia Welter Office in .new Heise block Algona, Iowa y.' .;, -A .-I • : .- ,•-,.. . -. was a junior member of the asociation from June 1, 1936, to May 19,1938, and became a member Dec. 9, 1943. Fenton 4-H Girls Meet at Leader's LADY NEARLY CHOKED WHILE LYING DUHQ STOMACH GAS One lady said a few days ago that she used to be afraid to go to bed at night. She was swollen: with -stomach gas, which always got worse when sn'e went- to bed, ijf c . and the gas would rise lip in her throat after she lay down and would nearly choke her. She couldn't lie flat. Had to prop herself Up on pillows. Recently this G. D. snumway E. D. Kelly j Meet at Leader's Iady K0t • SYS - TONE an ? now H F Fristedt I - w- "? ccl ttl *-Cttuer » says gas JS g0 nc, s t oma ch feels SHUMWAY, KELLY i tenton . Ju 'y 23—The Fenton ; fine, bowels are regular and she & FRISTEDT Forwards.4-H club met Friday | can go to bed and sleep soundly. '• Attorneys-at Law l in the Methodi st church base-1 SYS-TONE contains 12 Great "'"jlutchison building UT,?, 1 ?*',,^ th ,° clul ? loadcr ' Mrs. | Herbs; ihe ? clca , nsc bowels, clear Phone- 58 <vw • Algona, Iowa LAURENCE A. WINKEL t Attorney-at-Law Hutchison Building Rhone L80 Algona Will Weisbrod, as hostess. Roll i Eas from stomach, act on sluggish call on -"What I did the Fourth" j liver and kidneys. Miserable peo- was answered by six members P'C soon feel diferent all over. So and one guest, Christiana Freid- don't go on suffering! Get SYS- A. HUTCHISON (deceased) DONALD c. HUTCHISON THEODORE C. HUTCHISON Attornoys-at-Law Security State Bank bldg. ericks. Roll call on bonds showed $28.25 invested. A demonstration on flower arrangement was given by Dclores Mueller and Anna Rae Weisbrod. TONE. Store-. Lusby & Giossi Drug TJOCTOHS C. H. CRETZMEYER. M. D. Surgeon and Physician Office John Galbraith block Phones 440-310 Algona, Iowa LAURITZEN SPEAKS. .^. . County Supt. A. E. Laurit/.en --—-_-= ] talked on the problems of a rural | teacher at a special assembly »(, the branch summer school this morning. Sjxty teachers arc attending the 'second six weeks session. MEL iN G. BOURNE and Surgeon Phones: 194 ! LIONS PLAQUE. j The Lions have added their club nlanue to the Rotary Kiwan- ! I is, Wa-Tan-Ye, and Sornpt.oinist plaques over the Algona hotel's I registration desk. I MAKE ICE CREAM At homo —Any flavor— Delicloui — Smooth — No ice crystals — No cooking —No re* whipping —No scorched flavor — Easy — \i*> pLiuive— 20 recipes H each 154 pkg. Plt^it- ;cnd Hut ad for free full-ilit torn- pie offer, or buy from your grocer. LOtltiOflDEfiRif Brand Homemade Ice Cream STABILIZCR lONOONOIHUt- 835 HOWARD. 1>H FMMCIiCO 3, MIIF. ^ R. HOFFMAN . Dentist Office' in- new Heise bldg. Office, 44; res., 116 A: J. EASON -^ *. •' Deqtist Office over James DrUg Store •,-Phone: Office, 59 J. ANDERSON :.- < Dentist Office in the McEnroe Bids. Phones: Office 572; res., 525W )i N S Ul ? A X (; K r ^ ^" " KOSSUTH COUNTY MUTUAL INSURANCE ASSOCIATION Over $29,000,00 worth insur- >m?p jn-force. A home company Si fe.'-secure. D. D. Paxson, Sec'y LOAN'S AM) INSUUANCK .Your Money's Worth in :. - "FAt. ESTATE LO^ffi' AND INSURANCE \rtJOEL.M. HERBST Office over la. Stole Bk. Phone 93 Algona, Iowa ' See i •D. D. PAXSON ! A>r Town Dwelling, Household I Goods and Automobile Insurance, i • Twin-Co Beauty Salon NOW IN NEW LOCATION OVER BORCHARDT'S DRUG STORE (Formerly in Krcsensky's) We have added new equipment and are new ready to serve you in our new location. You will enjoy our large, airy shop. Phone 5 For Appointments Open Tuesday and Thursday evenings by appointment. Operators, Ruby Daniels and Doris Voiding June McMahon, Manager KUk SALK — i'OLLKD HERE- ford bulls, serviceable nge, at farmers prices.—P. M. Cha.sten- son, Lone Rock, la. 12ul8tf FOR SALE—THRESHING mach- Ben G. Studcr, Wesley, In. 29u2nt, FOR SALE— 500 watt electric 32 volt wind charter complete with set of. 21 plate batteries, motor, radio. 175 feet manila barn rope, almost new. Alphons Bertc, Bode. ine ( Red River special, 28x46.1 of St. Joe. A-l shape. Frank Youngwirth, 15p46 miles northeast 34p46 Kp, Keith, Burt. Phone 4,,on PROPERTY, LOW INTEREST LOANS, FHA AND WANT'ADS BRING BUYER and VETERANS "GI" LOANS TO seller together; 4000 copies of, P^HASE REMODEL, RE- ad attributed for only a FINANCE HOMES - Algona 9u46 w centS- ADVANCE. tf OR SALE—8 ft. Dcering grain binder. Arthur G.aclc,''Algona . FOR -SALE—Choice 320 a 160 acres, 80 at $200; Federal Savings & Loan, Algona, Iowa. 2Bti46tf WANTD—Gravel truck'' driver. bee Skclly oil man,'Algona. ' u> FOR SALE—One of Algona's ^'] best new bungalows, well built M.""petcrson~ Titon'ka! 'lbp45-4G' anc } arranged, excellent location and close in, oil heat, paved, for sale only for short lime. $7500. F.OR SALE - Galloway jack or elevator. .• -Ellsworth iiranctow. • KOSSUTH'S MARKET : _-—biggest bargain—4000 copies _ _ of your want ad distributed lor , | only a few cents. ADVANCE, tf FOR SALE -V-8 Ford, 1935, : ° ld ' FO R SALE gus Two Aberdeen An- j ghl and 10 Sec Joe! M.. and Ins. Herbst, Real Estate 35u46 Lawic nce Diltrner, 5 wles Clean, in good condition. Call 75R2, Swca City. . 13u4fi j ( , fl southeast Algona. Phone 27F2 17p4G GOOD 10-FT. TRACTOR binder ' F ° R SA LE' — Partly modern for sale. Kossuth Co. mcnt Store. Implc- I ll"p4G' WANTED TO 'RENT—5 • or ..:6 room house, Call at 430 N ; { Jones, Algona. G-room house in Livcrmorc. Reasonably priced. See J. F. Hamm, Phone 2011, Livermorc. 16p46 SHICK ELECTRIC RAZOR OWNERS—We are dealers in FOR SALE—Set now harness,-' Algona for Schick electric raz- never been used. Mclvin Han-' ors and 1-e P air s- Huxtable Fire- sen, Whittemore. Ilp46 Elon ? siore.. 18u40tf FOR SALE— Good 1941 Dodge j NOTICE— I HAVE taken over Ralh Hurlburt' f truck motor and clutch. Ralph Hurlburt's food mill, . .. -12p45-46. anci am equipped to do any kind : -------- :.'! n f trrinriinff. P.nrl Winnnr Rnrt Wolfe, Fenton. . ,_,.._ „. —-'j of grinding. FOR,- SALE—32-inch --AltmatmPhone 173, I Taylor threshing machine'"' Carl Wiener, Burt. p42-51 Tim"," r Eu"vcr^''"- T! ''TTp^ FLOOR' SA'N DING'AND iREFIN- •—: telling. Hc-avy commercial WANTED — Beauty operator, j equipment. Portable power plant, salary and commission. Irene's —Cowan Bldg. Supply Co., phone Beauty Shop, Algona. H0p461275, Algona. 14u!8tf WHITE ONION SKIN, thin pa 7 . FOR SALE— 1936 4-door Chev- pcr, cockle finish, S'/nxH, just' rolel, 32-ft. all- steel elevator; ' "John Deere G.P. tractor; John Deere 8-ft. grain elevator. Har- received.— ADVANCE:' ANTED—RIGHT hand ' binder i cy Hanson, Algona. 23p46-47 or wmdrower.l'B. Pening, "BufrV)-- i — ....— falo Center, Phone 9F67 12p4S ' FOR SALE—2 saddle horses, one ^^ __ •—: : I bay mare 6, one brown horse nun T?9 TT 6 a ? r ?? 1 ? or | 7 . wgt. 1C|0 pounds, very stylish, 1046. References. Have full line! lady broke, sound, priced right. of equipment. Ask Advance. 16p44-46 Los Stevenson, in Britt 2Gul6 r ^ m . LOST— Put in trunk- of ' FOR SALE — EAGLE WATER proof home insulation, "blown wrong car, a new shag rug. Saturday : in." Expert inspection, cstimat- p. m. ' Please call Colwclls 445. I ing service. — Cowan Bldg Supply 17p46 Co., phone 275, Algona. 17ul8tf FOR SALE — An exceptional good 120- acre farm in Martin county, has evergreen grove, electricity off high line, well-tiled, gentle rolling land, automatic soft water system, house in-- sulatod, built-in cupboards, inlaid linoleum, milk cooling system, good soil, full set of buildings, good roads, an ideal farm home. Write Joe S. Peterson or Edw. Slonekcr, Fairmont, Minn. 57u46-47 IT TAKES GUNS AND AMMU- nition to fight wars; it also takes a balanced ration to enable your brood sow to produce a strong healthy litter. Wakiut Grove minerals, plus a little tankage or oil meat and your home-grown grain, will produce a healthy litter. Don't put it off, and bo sorry later. Now is the time.—Write or-'call H. S. Fain, phone 297-M., Humboldt. 20tf-eow says.. New cars will be scarce when they do come out. What's more, the government will ration the first production of new cars to essential users. So don't_take chances with the car you're 5rw>w driving. It may have to lust you a long time yet. There's probably plenty of mileage left in your car if you're careful of .it. Have your car checked up frequently by expert mechanics. That helps stop trouble before it gets serious. Our Studebaker More Mileage Service is real insurance of continued transportation. YAHNKE GARAGE KIRK AUTO CO. Studehaker . - . Peacetime builder of fine cars and trucks $7.95 Kvory young Miss uith a liking for smart styles will find ihis jumper is just right to start her fall wardrobe. Self tie belt, convertible , collar and gentle waist'fullness. Kresensky's OpEN ItAWLEIGM routes are scarce,, but In so ; vast 'art''Org- anization expansion creates new opportunities. If ambitious willing t« start with good earnings. and ittdrea'sc rapidly write for; full information. We supply; sales, advertising literature, all j you need. Rawleigh's, Dcpt. IAGJ 10-118, Frecport, 111. 45p46 . JULY 24)1 fie t -cost-In .' BEST FARM LOANS are from borrowers' own lending agency. Stock ownership entitles borrowers to dividends. or savings and advantages that have in the past and will in the future make Federal Land BanH loans -- 'borrower's nuccis duccd or incrcasctl- tectlve features to > conditions. N n commi^ fees. Investigate T>' buy or refinance) A J2"> able increased now (.„ p?,. mal agricultural vul,, c „'* loan. Algona Na ij, in " Loan Assn. Scrvim. . , uth county, lio So! iC. Algo.na, Iowa. H E, H, .Hutchins, S Bargains in Our] July Cleara Good desirable merchandise on sale at reduced prices. Small lots and broken size ranges. ANKLETS ,Siies 8 io 10>/ 2 Fine eollon anklets, assort- Anklets at 39c. odd colored colors. Second quality u colot »' only. I5c 20c SKIRTS JACKETS Some all wool. mostly size 24. waist. All wool. red with white piq- ing. Sizes 12 io 16. Dresses on rack Values from 7.9S io 10.95. COATS - SUITS All Spring Coals, Suits, regularly sold from 18.95 io 39.50, ' reduced to $10 $15 BLOUSES Sweaters SLACKS SummU Slightly shop worn— Sleeveless and short sleeve — 32 to 40 HATS All Spring and Summer Hats GLOVES Fabric Gloves, sizes 6 and B'/z only $land$2 69c Dresses, $8 and $10 Nice dresses—Values to 19.95, on rack Children's Coats 25"j, off All wool garments—sizes 3 to 14 Yours? ; This is our own version of *. good conduct award, Most telephone "party-liners" should have one. And really, it's easy to qualify for one. All you do is observe a. few simple rules in using your party ' line. Such as .'.,.' •; Allowing a. generous interval between calls. Hanging up quietly if you find others are talking. Making sure your receiver is "on the hook" Keeping your calls short. • And... oh yes, being patient and courteous.;: always. , • Nq«THWl$THN MIL TIIEFHONE COMPANV -...r£-:..7.3£K753r

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