Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on July 10, 1945 · Page 3
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 3

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 10, 1945
Page 3
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PAGE SIX Wesley Legion Auxiliary are Installed Wesley, July 9 — Twelve members attended the regular meeting of the Legion Auxiliary on Thursday evening. Mrs. Leo Bleich, a past president, installed new officvers: Mrs. Minnie Studer, president; Mrs. Myrtle Lease, vice; Mrs. Edna Flom, sec.; Mrs. Clara Erdman, treas.; Mrs. J. Meurer, historian ; Mrs. Helen Johnson, sgt. at arms; and the executive board members, Mrs. Clara Bauer. Mrs. Selma Alne. and Mrs. Neurolh. Mrs. Studer appointed the following chairmen: Americanism, Myrtle Lease; Poppy, Viola Studer; child welfare, Helen Johnson; rehabilitation, Josephine VANISHING TEA FOR WOMEN OF LEDYARD'S USW Ledyard, July 9— One of the follow-up USWA vanishing tea was held at Mrs. George Thomp- Meurer, national Bleich; publicity, and Viola Studer defense, Marie Lease son Friday afternon. Sixteen women attended and the eight members who attended the tea will have follow-up teas. The afternoon was spent socially and a lovely lunch was served by the hostess. The table %vas decorated wit hgarden flowers and nut Myrtle Lease cups shaped like a rose. war activities, | The free will collection was Selma Alne; education of war $5.50. The USWA made the first orphans, Helen bership, Clara Hazel Gcrdes; radio, Josephine lek-n Johnson; mem-1 shipment of the new year to lara Erdman. music, i veteran's hospital at Oskol 250,000 HATCH TURKEY POULTS , AT SWEA CITY By Mrs. W. G. Smith. Swea City, July 9—Remember the old song we used to sing in school—There's a Big Fat Turkey Down on Grandpa's Farm? Little did some of us realize KOSSUTH COUNTY ADVANCE, ALGONA, IOWA Lt. Cecil Srtyder Here on Furlough HEROISM OF AH AL60NIAN WINS COVETED MEDAL Mrs. Frances Parrish here has received a copy of the citation for the bronze star awarded to her husband- as follows: "Captain Edward L. Parrish,\ 987th Field Artillery Battalion, U. S. Army. For meritorious service in connection with military an armed en- 2ud. Lieut. Cecil Snyder. son of Mr. and Mrs. C. H'. Snyder here, got home Wednesday from the European theater. He was in the 12th air force, and had completed 67 missions from bases in Corsica and Italy. Several times he had an opportunity to visit his brother, Sgt. parry 1 Snyder, stationed at Corsica, and had seen him just before he returned t 0 the States. Lt. Snyder came here from Jefferson Barracks, and will report of an understatement | emy from June 6, 1944 to May 8, 1945, in France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany and Czechoslovakia. "As commanding officer of bat- ary A, Captain Parrish fulfilled his duties with initiative, aggressiveness, and intelligence. Without instruction from higher headquarters he landed his entire how that would be for farms of north Iowa in future years! Nowadays is isn't one big fat turkey, but one thousand, five thousand, or even ten thousand on many a farm in this region. Every spring the Swea City hatchery turns out a quarter of a million of the finest young turkey poults developed from the! loss of men or equipment. best strains. The local farmers! put the birds through a summer of scientific care, SCHOOL BUSSES MUST BE STEEL A new law passed by the re- legislature and effective on LVESTBR ERPELDING, FRANCES ERPELDING, CATHERINE ERPELDING BEHONICK, DELORES ERPELDING AND WILLIAM ERPELDING, NICK THILGES, JOHN THILGES, WILLIAM THILGES. J. M. THILGES, LEO THILGES, JOSEPH BESCH,, MIKE BESCH, .LEO MERGEN, JOSEPH MERGEN, JAMES MERGENi ELIZABETH REDING, SUSIE REDING, pORO- THY MERGEN, JOHN BESCH, LUCILLE BESCH GARDNER, THERESA BESCH ; tlNGLE, ROSE BESCH JENSEN) ,ANt) fO ALL P.ERSONS INTERESTED IN THE ESTATE OF WILLIAM LINK, DECEASED. Defendants. To Katherine Zeller, THeresa Fuhrmann. Charles Marso, Casper Marso, Marie Best, Christine Klepper, Edward J. Blasen, Dolores Marso, Irene Marso, Viola Lindner, Iva Lou Marso, Arlene Marso Carman, Paul Fiihr- the 1 ifan's crew at Meurer, community service Myrtle Kouba; legislation, Clara Aidrich; citations, trophies, and awards, Bernice Vit7.thum. It was voted to sponsor the War chest drive in the fall. Gifts had ben sent to two hospitalized service men, Zeno Neurolh, and John Bauer. Two 50c gifts had also been sent to the Snick hospital at Clinton. hospital follows: 22 bed Oskoloosa pillowcases, 11 bed pillows, 12 pillow covers, 27 wash clothes, 67 handkerchiefs, one swim trunk, one T shirt, 2 lap robes, 2 wool bed quilts, one crochet afghan. The next work meeting will be this Friday at Mrs. Herbert Ziclske's. assault party on D-day without ^1 1^7^^ bearing on alV mahhtjohn Erpelding, John Pe*?«£ men ?£ ! qu !P m £ nt> 1Q ,, ! schools where pupils are trans- ter Erpelding, John B. Erpelding, When on 18 September 1944. ; ed , bug • \Katie Erpelding, Anna Erpelding, '-*•• - ••••— a . ^ermnn anti-tank gun started,' N } a il stel busses that' Sylvester Erpelding, Frances Er- arc, and Jeff Han- firing direct at Captain Parnsh's . ™ a ° £ ra \ e ctfmpar tment for priding, Catherine Erpelding Be- L A^" c , a lP_ r ? d _ u ° e L^rJ^^T^ ^LJSJ; the driver will be approved, ace- honick, Dolores Erpelding and _ -. t ( . plant processes carload after car-1 round, 4U *,*!.* u!*«««.if LUG Ui ivei will uu aujjiuvuu» w^-v,- nuniurv, j_»\.aw. v, a *-- r*••.*•----& — . , • t t . . th ?. Slght hlmtsel£ . ord i n g to Paul B. Norris, rural i William Erpelding, Nick Thilges, load of examples of "what the and put the hostile gun out of ° u °* isor f the depart ment of. John Thilges, William Thilges. ,.,r.ll _ .Ipm.c.i-.rl fluvL-nw /-lr»r»cnH npfinn HlR POmmpnnflmf* Ser- ^.. .... ~ »«- rm.tt~- _ T A ~ rr*UM>*^r. Tn_ Shower for a Bride— Mrs. Don Hamilton, the mer Gcraldine Scofell, was hon- Twelve lo Bible Camp— Attending the meeting of the t Youth Bible Camp at the Oko- i bojis lasf week were the Rer. E. for-i p. Nuss,'Merrit Ploger, Patricia Matzener, Jane Smidl, Doris ing in the Methodist parlors. Following a church ored at a shower Thursday even- Surber, and Carolyn Ploeger. A number of Ledyard people also program refreshments wore: served. The new bride received many lovely" gifts. Her husband is in the navy, and she is staying at the parental Fred Scefelt home. musical ! drove there to spend the Fourth including Mr. and Mrs. Fred well - dressed turkey doesn't wear", and the govermcnt buyers get turkeys fit for a king— or for the guy that outranks the king—GI Joe. 120.000 for Farms! Aboul 120,000 of this year's hatch were sold in the community, and trucks will start out next week lo bring the birds lo Ihe local plant Turkeys from all over northern Iowa, southern Minnesota, and occasionally from eastern South Dakota, are brought here to be killed, picked, dressed and frozen. Remodeling and enlargement Vei*a Fdirburger, A Wesley Ntirse & Algonian Wed inciuamK ivir -mu ivirs r reu of'the Forest City Produce Co.'s Wesley, July 9—Vera R.N.. Ploeecr and Ruth Mrs Edwar I local plant has increased the cap-| second daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Floegci ancl KUUl, Mrs. Jiawara ' n ^. nnntnr i *„ mnm Tmn Fnrhnrppr. was marred to vice during the ento; P-jod re-1 ^^^steel bus cannot | ^ ST Mi£ Sff & fl ^ll^ a V:^ UP ,°" h ' m ff,L be obtained a one-year non-re- Mergen, Joseph Mergen, James Captain Parrish has received other citations and awards during his army career, among the distinguished service cross which he was awarded on Jan. 20, 1945. . He has .been in service since October, 1940, and overseas since March, 1944. 4 I rtewable cerlificale will be iss-' Mergen, Elizabeth Reding, Susie t ?"lT ued, and after the year is up the' Reding, Dorothy Mergen, John bus requirements must be met. Besch, Lucille Besch Gardner, Kossuth schools that have pur- ( Theresa Besch Lingle, Rose chased busses this spring are Besch Jensen, and to all persons Buffalo consolidated, which has I interested in the estate of Will- three new all steel, and one each at Swea City, Ledyard, and Lakota. NOTICE TO BIDDERS iam Link, deceased: You and each of you are here- bv notified that there is now on file in the Office of the Clerk of Ihe District Court of Kossuth of '• :' -•• ,; . ..' TUESDAY. JULY 1 0 , BUDGET ESTIMATE AND RECORD OF FIliNf •'" TOWN ANO CiTY ESTIMATE ' ' NOTICE—The Town Cbuhoii df LuVerne of Humholdt- Counties', Iowa, Will, meet July 23, 1945, at .8 p. m., at City Taxpayers will be heard for or 1 against Ihe following L expenditures for the yedr beginning April 1, 1946. A ment of receipts and disbursements both past and a be available at the heaving. n. H Hl ii, i ,i 1. . ,-. 2 . Expenditures for Year" s. FUNDS r. -3 * I Consolidated Funds General 1,353 Grading 770 Snow removal 5 Water or Waterworks 1,094 Light 622 Total Consoldated 3,843 Fire Maint. 100 Fire Equip. 196 City Hall 234 Band Park • 9:0 Cemetery 102 Totals 4,566 Taxable valuation, 1944 Moneys and credits Luvcrne Incorp. Lands 1,558 883 15 1,136 581 4,173 142 27 286 100 217 •1,945 Ill If 1,500 850 30 1,150 601) 4,130 220 110 300 100 100 115 5,075 "g^g ; (, O ft '.-t' %K M .. •« r. y, 7 K s o*| r-H tu .-. a .^ &'3*t (150 3,2!) Iliiinbdldl Nuss, and Smidt. Mr. and Mrs. Jasper They Had Fourth Picnic— Ralph Jarvis went to Columbia, Kans., Friday, from where he will leave for the army. He visited his parents a few days before leaving. His wife, the former ulin Ann Sluder, and the young son Stanley, will stay ht:re at her parental Alf Studer home, ! Oldlimers in Visit Here— Mr. and Mrs. Henry Anderson of Radcliff, visited a week ago acity and is excpcled lo more Tom Forburger was married lo, t . District No 7 double Ihe output. Working in Alphonse Erpelding, son of Mr. 10 * Diamagc District JNO i assembly-line lechnique Ihe crew and Mrs. John Erpelding, of Alof SO unload, kill, rough, pin, | gona, Wednesday morning, June cold-shock, grade, pack, refrig-j 27, .in St. Edward's Catholic WUTIUK TU mjjjjiuts . , county. Iowa, the Petition Sealed bids will bo received the , aintiff above named> which at the office of the County Aud- j Petition allcges in substance as itor Garner. Iowa, until 10:30 A. M. July 16, 1945, for the cleanout of the main open ditch Budget Estimate and Record of Filing Town and City Estimate NOTICE—The City council of Algona of Kossutli Cnunly ii will meet July 26, 1945, at 7:30 P. 'M., at City Hall. ' Taxpayers will 'be heard for or against the following ret i male ( expenditures for the year beginning April 1, 1940. A ilc[;iik'<| S |, n |j. menl of receipts and disbursements, both past and nr.ticlpMu.I erate and load for shipment the Sunday and Monday at the Chris hundreds of turkeys with trucked to the plant and with Downs. her sister, Mrs. Ed. Gelhaus home, and also many olher old friends, are former residenls here. They Daughter for Frank Nilzes— Mr. and Mrs. Frank Nitz are the parents of a daughter born on the Fourth of July. Otlinr LfMlynrd News. Mrs. Keneth Busch's neph- that are each day. The season begins the middle of July and continues till after New Year's. Four Score Corloads. Last year's output was 44 cars. This year, i£ present plans mature, the Rock Island will haul 70 to 90 carloads from the local plant to eastern markets. Army cws and three friends who visit- i inspectors are on the job most od here last week on their way of the time to check standards on to the Okobojis on a fishing trip '.he finished birds. Certain spcc- - Girl for Urban Lickieigs— A 9-lb. fiivl was born to Mr. and Mrs. Urban Lickteig al their home a week ago Monday after- lo me UKODOJIS on a iisinns u-qj . ;•••.- •• . noon. They now have a family stopped again on the way home | ificalions of weight, grade, con- of throe girls and a boy. Mrs. Sunday. Roger Colcthurst is of'druon, etc. must be met. No bud Lickteig is Ihe former Agnes' Ainsworlh, and Richard Loonan Meuhe. Mrs. Irene Studer is'is of Hudson. • , . • - , , caring for them. The baby was 1 Mr. and Mrs. _ Lyle _ Johnson j eight percent ^of^ last years pack named Donna Jean. church at Jacksonville, Fla. Vera was graduated from the local parochial and publis school and took nurses training in the Mercy hospital at Mason City, and was employed till last winter in the Kossuth hospital at Algona. Her husband farmed with his father before going into service. He was stationed at camps in Texas and Florida before going to Alaska, where he spent 27 months. , . i whose dressed wieght is .undoi Julius Lorenz a Patient— i and Mrs. Lee John, of Minneap- went to the army oli.s, visited a-week ago Sunday', The number O C birds that can Wesley Youth Is New Midshipman Wesley, July 9—Mr. and Mrs. |.ll pounds is accepted. Ninety-j A1{ studer spent from Friday to Sunday at Chicago with the son Gerald (Bud), who Thursday Kossuth County and No. 120 Hancock County, Iowa, as per profile and specifications of Wm. Henschen, Engineer. \>II,t) V».lJH-*^» i'. »»i_»_.i». w^,»J K-"-'"*"*^! . t .• , .. , __ • •• f-f and Monday at the Francis Walsh ' be put mt n a car vanes;- the 'Tom m 'an was graduated in the midsl)ip- iWnn I'-JiiiiWi 11 wince '-'rvt 1 ' '' Julius Loren/. entered Morcy' ond Mrs. Alice Garry homesJ turkeys taking about twice as | Now y or k hospital at Mason City last wee' for a major operation. Otlior ">Vosl«y News. Mrs. Jim Silbaugh went Ralston lasl parents and enls a week before returnin i Mrs. Johnson is the former Kathleen Walsh. The regular monthly meeting to much space as the hens. On the average it takes 1500 turkeys lo' fill one freight car. "class City, and for of the Women's Guild of the E-. Multiply 80 freight cars by „.. -.vangelical and Reformed church i 1508 turkeys, then multiply that Monday to visit her was postponed to this week Wed- | figure by two, and you get all of her husband's par- n0 sday. Hostesses will be Mrs. 240,000—and brother, that's a lot • • • ' - - ' - - - -- -- " 'of drumsticks in anybody's language. Guam Veteran Is Married to Girl from Wisconsin S-lgt. Harold Feltcr, son of Mrs.'Edward Ditsworth here, a longer visit here. A week ago Sunday she with Mr. and Mrs. Ed. Hildmnn and Mr. and Mrs. George Vit/thum visited the Alvin Busch and Mrs. Kenneth Busch. Mrs. D. A. Carpenter's daughter, Mrs. Carl Noyes, and Sharon, of Austin, Minn., came last week former's relatives at Lost Island I f Or a v j s jt. The other daughter : , r:_,.:..,, Carol has been here with Mrs. and Carpenter for a week. Lois Etler, of Gushing, visited several days last week at the and enjoyed some fishing. Mrs. Fred (Mono) Bonn son Pat went to Mason City last week Tuesday lo visit her sister Mrs. Larry (Lillian) Dalgetty, and the ladies' brother, Max, and the latter two families. The Bohns will then go to St. Paul to visit relatives before returning to their home at San Francisco. Calif. Mr. and Mrs. Howard Carey and daughter Joan, of Buffalo, N. Y., wore guests at the Dr. H. „ H. Raney home several days lastJH. M. Dver home on the Fourth. Orvick home, Thursday she was a guest at the Mayer h°me. Connie Garry and Stroud left last week night D. B. Phyllis for DCS missioned an ensign. 'CdluVvbia, was corn- He had a Bids will be received, on the following items: 1. Main open ditch clean- out, 9256 cu. yd. excavation. 2. Clearing ditch bank of trees. A certified check on an Iowa Bank in the amount of 10 per cent of the bid, made payable to the County Auditor of, Hancock County, Iowa, shall be filed with each bid, which in the case of the bidder receiving the a-1 ward, should he fail to execute a contract and file a bond within 10 days after acceptance of his bid, shall be retained by the counties as liquidated damages. The successful bidder will be required to file a bond for 75 per cent of the contract sum as security for the construction and four-day leave, after which returned to New York. Mae Studer, who had been employed in Miami. Fla., met her folks in Chicago Saturday home with them. and returned completion of •• the- 1 work-'in ordance with plans, specifications and contract as required he ! in Section 7618, Code of Iowa, 1939 and laws amendatory thereto. Plans and specifications may be seen at the above office or at follows: That Katherine Zeller is entitled to an undivided one-sixth (1-6) interesl in the Estate of William Link., Theresa Fuhrmann, an undiv- ed one-thirtieth (1-30) interest, Charles Marso, an undivided one-thirtieth (1-30) interest. Casper Marso, an undivided one-thirtieth (1-30) interest. Christine Klepper, an undivided one-thirtieth (1-30) interest. Marie Best, an undivided one-thirtieth (1-30) interest. Sylvester Fuhrmann, an un-| divided one-sixth (1-6) interest. John Erpelding, an undivided one-thirtieth (1-30) interest, John Peter Erpelding, an undivided one-thirtieth (1-30) interest. John B. Erpelding, an undivided one-thirtieth (1-30) interest. Katie Erpelding, an undivided one-thirtieth (1-30) interesl, Anna Erpelding, an undivided one-thirtieth (1-30) interest, Nick Thilges, an undivided one-thirtieth (1-30) interest. available at the FUNDS hearing. 1 2 Expenditures for Ynni- -f in CO ^ *44 ""^ S 3 3 S *-T »— < r-T CO ,-T f In' C fj !H' O jjj <tj S *3 A I ADA?I CARLSON, 3 4 1 3 S ' £ f-j CJ QJ ^ C (i) X rt C . c •** ^|t- £ r | 2 ^ tfi en ^j ^-* |~ 'Q r-t n3 f*< a> CD .^3 Qj 'C J-^ *"* ca ^fl OJ ^ (1) 3 •-< W f *<1 Cii.y c:i 5 CJ 5 ' ^ y i- r- rt -1* --• c '1 ^ j ,G * 1< j- -*- 1 Cl P •„" •" V r- \f .C", Q W c •;: r'l'k. C , f« 2 a %*~ g*s S 2 •*-* H z c .. c 3 , •« ^ o Z E ^i <i£S Consolidated Funds: General ....$ 22,104 $ 34,062 o i n o .4 K $ 37,250 Qnn $ K'l.non Injured Wesleyan Let Out of Army Wesley. July 9—Zeno Neurath received a medical discharge from the army, and returned. to his parental Albert Neurath's a week ago Sunday. He was in the mechanized cavalry, and Moines where tpey are working at the Pioneer plant for the summer. Mr. and Mrs. Mark Fredericks of Cylinder, were guests at the has been home on a 30-day fur- went overseas in January, 1944, lough, and Thursday, June 19,! serving in England, Normandy,' was married to Marge Edwards, j France, and Germany. He receiv- Grading Improvement Road Dragging .... Snow Removal .... 490 Garbage Disposal .... Tola! Consolidated $ 22,094 Fire Mainl 2,250 Fire Equip ' Sewer C43 Library 3,598 Library Bldg. 65 John Thilges, an undivided I Band >... 1,214 the office of the County Engineer. Garner, Iowa. The counties reserve the right to waive lechnicalilies and to reject any or all bids. Work must be commenced by August 15, 1945, and must -be completed by December 1, 1945, A. D. Dated at Garner, Iowa, this week. The ladies sisters. Other guests at the Rancy home She.is Mrs. Dyer's niece. The Methodist women's soc- on the Fourth were Mr. and Mrs. I j e ty will meet in the church Jim Sutherland and daughter basment Thursday with Mrs. D, Judy Ann, of Lake City. ~ " ' --*- — Mr. and Mrs. Tom McMahon wenl lo Wyoming Wednesday to get their and Mary tw 0 daughters, Pally Lou. who have visit- two weeks with their paternal grandparents, Ihe Thos. McMahons. They got home Friday. Picnickers at the Alf Studer home the Fourth included Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Haverly, Mrs. Bud Hauptman, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Haverly and family, Mr. and Mrs. Tom Forburger and Tommy, and Mrs. Viola Studer. Mrs. Jeancttc Hopkins, who is housekeeper at a Presbyterian parsonage at Livermore, was a houseguost at Ihe Ihno Gerdes home several days last week. Mr. and Mrs. Ed. Hildman spent the holiday at, Spiril Lnke with the Robert Kain family, who have a collage there for a week or so. Ruth Ann Mousel, of Bancroft spent last week at the home of her maternal f/randparents, Mr. and Mrs. Ben G. Studer. j served by Picnickers at the Will' Locbig B ur t an( j home were the J. M. Kunz. Tom ' McMahon. Frank Bk>ich and Carl Froelich families. Clara Richtsmeier. of Fort Dodge visited Emma Sluder on Ihe Fourth. B. Mayer as hostess. There will be a work meeting of the USW Friday at 2 o'clock at Mrs. Herbert Zielske's. Patty McDonald is in Des Moines visiling at her sister Mrs. J. R. McNerney's. Mr. and Mrs. Albert (Barnes visited relatives at Baxter over the Fourth. SENECA'S USW WOMEN HOLD WORK SESSION Seneca, July 9—The Seneca United Service Women held a of Walworth, Wis. The young couple left Thursday for Walworth to spend some time with her relatives there. Sgt. Felter returned to the U. S. from Guam afler 51 months in the southwest Pacific. He had enlisted gcfore Pearl Harbor, and was at that place when the Japs atlacked. At the end of his furlough he will report to Santa Ana, Calif.. July 16 for reassignment or possible discharge on the points system. Ex-Algona Teacher Mother of New Son Swea Cily, July 9—Word has been received of Ihe birlh of a son, Charles Ellsworth, lo Mr. and Mrs. Ellsworth Miller, at ed a back injury and was hospitalized in England and Belgium • before his return to Spokane, Wash., where he was a patient in the Baxter hospital till a week ago. 26th. day of June 1945, A. D. Published by joint order of the Boards of Supervisors of Hancock County and Kossuth County, Iowa. FRED C. MISSAL Hancock County Auditor. LF,O J. IMMERFALL Kossuth County Auditor. 43-44 Algona Girl and Burt Sailor Wed Burt, July 9—Ensign Wallace Officer Jr., son of Mr. and Mrs. W. B. Officer, and Roberta Carney, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ed. Carney, of Algona, wore married June 23 at Boston, Mass., where the ensign attends a communications school at Harvard. He was graduated from the Burt high .school in 1943, after which, he entered V-12 navy training. His bride is with him in Boston. work meeting at the Morris Berk ness home Friday evening, and worke on pillow slips, feathc-r pillows, wheel chair slips, and handkerchiefs. Following Ihe work meeling refreshments were Mesdames Robert Alfred Godfredson. Present were Mesdames Chris Larsen, W. D. Ofenstein, Alfred Peterson, Alfred Godfredson, Robert Burt, and Sheldon Merrill. The Seneca unit of the USW held a business meeting at the Seneca school last week Tuesday afternoon, with a very good al- fendance. The women have been very busy as shown by Ihe report of articles sent in to headquarters. Tlio June shipment included 13 wash cloths, 75 handkerchiefs, 26 wheel phair pillows, 2 fracture pillows, 31 bed pillows, and 31 pillow .slips, 4 children's sun suits, a baby dress, 2 child's panties, 41 pair of scuffies, and one woolen lap robe. Following the meeting refresh- Combat Badge for Ex-Swea City Boy Swea City, July 9—Pvt. Robert E. Struss, son of former Swea farmers, Mr. and Mrs. John E. Struss, of Elmore, has been awarded the combat infantryman badge for exemplary record in combat. In the service since October, 1944, Robert holds the Asiatic-Pacific ribbon and the Philippine liberation medal. He is at present stationed with the 32nd infantry in northern Luzon in the Philippines. an Elclora hospital. Mrs. Miller will be remembered in Algona as Genevieve Miller, who taught history in Ihe high school during j f Ihe 1943-44 school year and a'" part of the 1944-45 .term. Her . husband, who coached al Pella prior lo entering the navy, is a BAD WIND STORM. Lakola, July 9—This vicinily suffered a severe wind; rain hail slorm last day night, and several windmills and small buildings were blown down. A barn near Buffalo Cen- baby are making their home at her parents at Radcliffe. « Max Bartholomew Operation Success Lt. Max Bartholomew, who was operated upon a week ago Thursday at Ihe Schick hospital, Clinton, for open reduction of a fracture of the right ankle, is recovering rapidly, though he had considerable pain for a few days following the operation. Both his legs were broken when his plane was hit by flak over Dresden, Germany, and he had to bail out. IN THE DISTRICT COURT OF IOWA, IN AND FOR KOSS- SUTH COUNTY. JOHN B. ERPELDING, as executor of the Estate of WILLIAM LINK, Deceased Plaintiff, vs. KATHERINE ZELLER, THERESA FUHRMANN, CHARLES MARSO, CASPER MARSO, one-thirlieth (1-30) inlerest. William Thilges. an undivided one-thirtieth (1-30) interest. J. M. Thilges, an undivided one-thirtieth (1-30) interest. Leo Thilges, an undivided one-thirtieth (1-30) interest. Joseph Besch, an undivided one-twelfth (1-12) interest, Mike Besch, an undivided one-twelfth (1-12) interest. That all of the other defendants named herein have no interest in said property under and by virtue of the Last Will and Testament of said decedent. That said Last Will and Testament devises the estate to a class and only those of the class that survived the testator are entitled to share therein. That certain of the defendants, not members of the class, have asserled and claimed an interest in the Estate of said decedent by virtue of the fact they are the child of a deceased niece or nephew of the decedent. That the plaintiff prays for a construction of the Will and a Decree confirming the interests of the respective parties as set forth herein. ' For further particulars see Petition on file. And you and each of you are further notified to appear before the above named Court at the {Park 1,530 Comfort Station 330 Swimming Pool Bond 2,480 Electric Light Plant 144,047 Emergency .. Slorm Sewer Water Works 23,768 Airport Levies : CHRISTINE KLEPPER, MARIE BEST, EDWARD J. BLASEN, DOLORES MARSO, IRENE MARSO, VIOLA LINDNER, IVA LOU MARSO, ARLENE MARSO CARMAN, PAUL FUHRMANN, LAWRENCE P. FUHRMANN, SYLVESTER FUHRMANN, JOHN ERPELDING, JOHN PETER ERPELDING, JOHN B. ERPELDING, KATIE ERPELDING, ANNA ERPELDING, SY- 363 591 799 $ 36,160 2,281 1,996 3,875 4,211 32 1,171 1,606 270 2,400 157,616 34,694 3,800 350 600 500 $ 42,800 5,000 3,200 7,800 6,200 2,350 1,500 2,000 300 2,440 160,000 3,000 3,300 44,000 3,750 300 2,000 4,000 •100 $ i.'i.onn 212 40,000 115,000 20,000 20,000 Totals $202,819 $246,31,2 $287,640 $66,400 $153,CG2 Estimated Taxes per $1,000.00 of assessed value $20.90. Taxable valuation (1944) Dist. No. 1 $2,363,851; Dist. No. 2 $55,944.1 Moneys and credits (1944) Dist. No. 1 $302,634; Dist. No. 2 $4,070. Agric. Lands Val. $760. Court House in Algona, Kossuth County, Iowa, within twenty (20) days from and after service of this Original Notice upon you and that unless you so appear your default will be entered and judgment or decree rendered against you for the relief demanded in the Petition. E. C. McMAHON, Attorney for Plaintiff Barry Building, Algona, Iowa. 42-44 QUARANTINE LIFTED. Mrs. Arthur Schweppe and her son Richard, who live in an apartment in the Heise house, were released from scarlet fever quarantine Sunday. While Richard was sick his sister Alvera and Ruth stayed in the Rochleau apartment on E. McGregor. Their ments were served by Mesdames' father is in the Seabees, and has Ray and Caleb Hartshorn. been overseas two years. , occurred the previous week. AN ALGONA HAN FELT LIKE SWOLLEN BALLOON; FULL OF STOMACH GAS Recently an Algona man stated that he used to feel like a swollen balloon after every meal. He would bloat full of gas and spit up acidous liquids for hours after eating. Was terribly constipated. This man is one of the hundreds in this vicinity who now praise SYS-TONE. He states he was amazed at the results when he took this medicine. Now he eats what he wants without gas or bloating and bowels are regular for the first time in years. He feels like a new man. SYS-TONE contains 12 Great Herbs; they cleanse bowels, clear gas from stomach, act on sluggish liver and kidneys. Miserable people soon feel different all over. So don't go SYS-TONE! Drug Store. on suffering! Get Lusby & Giossi FARMCRS, Attention! It is getting about the time of your to think about putting up your alfalfa as well as other hay, and then harvest. Use the latest Automatic Juylmwk sweep rake anil stackers. Pacemaker "R" tractor sweep rake Tower all-steel sweep rake See, write us, or call 2001 at Renwick, Iowa. S. H. KLASSIE, Distributor Or our associate dealers, Taylor Implement Co. : Algona Rengstorf Hras. Eagle Grove L, M. Jlellaiur Helmoiid Treiuiry implement Co. Luurens and S. H. Klassie HumbolcU and Renwick 38-39 42-43 HONEVMEAD MEEL Put FAST, LOW-COST GAINS OH your Get LARGE, STURDY * LITTERS from PlOf I SOWS HONEYMEAD Mill M with com li a balanced pl« ratio* . . . that Includtt 9604 qval? Ity protein, *l»*rali and vitamin laurcti. Pig* M«4 th»(« HutrUit* to put en fast, leW'ceit flolm—to h«lp 9*t w«ll'«Nlibt<i doff roatfy for th« beit.payUq Miirktt, Today — ordtr your tkpply of HONEVMIAO Mill fr.m your HoNtymoad d«al»r. HONEYMEAD MEEL furnish*' ouentlal nutrients »»»•'' ka«p your sows In good fesi Old thrifty eonditlon Jirou»k *•• aeration, farrow n<| ••« lactation periods. » .«'«• helprio** develop v 1 grow, and gain. V.i.r Hanoymtad i deolir U MiAD MfEL from th Modern Howymead pl«»PRODUCTS CO HONEVMEAD Algona Flour & Feed Co. Next to North-Western Freight Depot on 1 ' '--»T 7 w •*• •^•w-jf-w'Y^e^ w.^ Tv*rww^"* ^ ~* * " * ^ ^ « Wanted-Clean CettoH Rags-Adv.

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