Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on July 10, 1945 · Page 2
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 2

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 10, 1945
Page 2
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PACE FOUR KOSSUTH COUNTY ADVANOE, ALQONA, IOWA -^TUESDAY, JULY , ID VERNE RITES FOR A VETERAN WHO GAVE LIFE Portland Boy on Luzon Wins High KOSSUTH FARM PraUe for Help BOYS MEMBERS OF 265 CLUBS JUST .RECEIVED — Steel stock tank. Koiilhaas Hardware. 7u44 Hurt, July 9 — Pfc. Gordon Graham, who is now on Luzon, recently wrote his parents. Mr. and Mrs. O. H. Graham, of rhoet- ing Pfc. David Guthrie, who FOR SALE—Saddle Martcngalc. John Wallace, R,2, Fen ton, phone FOR SALE—Electric fan, 16 in. Huxtable Firestone store. 8u44 FOR SALE — EAGLE WATER proof home insulation, "blown in." Expert inspection, cstimat Club projects now listed in the had the part of "Homer" on the county extension office number _. , Henry Aldrich radio show, and 265, an increase over last year. Church Memorial for the-' P artT , of "D'zzy" i" the screen As usual lne beef Cf ,i vcs out . Orvin Ristau, Dead two of Wounds. movies: A few days number other ^ ccls ' thcre bc ' later the Grahams had a letter 140 on feed. Next in popu- from Guthrie expressing appre- larity are pig projects, 47 of cialion of the help Gordon had them, given him. He said he had nev- The total number of pigs leprcsentcd, sinse these projects Your Sioi3se wiill STAY W^STE if painted with DU PONT HOUSE I.uvcrnc, July 9 — Memorial cr met anyone more honest or . i services in charge of the Rev. straightforward. The boys had ar %^ ^.'J^.?™," „„,„„ Louis Wittenberg were held Sun- evidently become Very good 357. WANT ADS BRING BUYER and seller- together; 4000 copies of 10p44 I ing service.—Cowan Bldg. Supply Co.. phone 275. Algona. 17ui8tl HATCHERY FLOCKS WANTED your ad distributed for Tonly a! —for 1946 season. Heavy f«w cents ADVANCE. tf: breeds and White Lcgnors for 1 Cross-breeding .Write or phono. KOR SALE — POLLED HERE-lSwea City Hatchery, Swca City, ford bulls, serviceable age, aljlowa. Phone 35 farmers prices.— f, M. Chntten-i son, Lone Hock, la. 25u42-45 Next arc dairy calves, 36 en- i-.'imo TT i i.njn u\.:i t; *\ u-i t_- jiui\.4 OUII- U'VUIWUHV uc<-*-MlnJ VCI^ ftunu .. , . , " , . ' . if.*, c« A T ~ day in the Lutheran church for friends, and he asked the Gra- rollod ' NV1 !, «?u l dal1 ? breeds T. 11 Pvt. Orvin Ristau. who died hams 1 0 write t o him. . r F presc " ted ' fOtuhc .^ Projects are newer bi Feb. 10, 1945, in a German prison ^o CCp wl- : o ' poultry t- j2 ; ra bbits 2. SALE—Modern well arr- . . anged home, five rooms and INLAID LINOLEUM, linowall, bath, oil furnace, glassed-in tile, laid by experts. Custom) porch, paved. At 822 Kast Call work.—Cowan Blug. -Supply Co., ; gt. '$6500. See Joel M. Herbst, phone 1175, Algona. UulUU jj ea i Estate ad Insurance. 30u44 in camp from wounds received combat. Orvin, youngest son of Mr. and Mrs. Henrv Ristau. was born on a farm ne?r Luverne Nov. 24. Thfs paint is mat'c with the xvh'fo'l of white pigments— tifr.nium dioxide. Thai's why it v/ill make j'our house glisten wh.'tcr tlian you've ever thought possible. Yes, auJ it s\ill stay that way, too. It's ceJ7~c::sn;:T3 Ask us how tliis c' - ."n:ir^I p -r.ri"i 'takes place on b'ir.cs in t!:is ciir.ir.tr anil ncighborbcoJ. Guards tise cur'r.co Du Pont Hoiuc Pain; f-jrms a beautiful, durable coating thot protects agaibst rust, rot and decay. It hoiJj its good looks for years. In tight cosors, tco Also available in light colors. Du Pont Iloure Paint costs no nvora than other good paints. We'll be glacl to recommend a reliable painting contractor. Du Pont House Paint Bot&iord Lumber SILVER AWARD FOR A KOSSUTH BOY Gallanlry in Action of Fenton Youth Recognized. S-S-J.I. Marvin H. LueiUk", 28, son f. f Mr. end Mrs. Herman LueriiKo. I'Ynton, iias boon awarded the :;ilvor star by order • i •;. '•;.•:]. ! logo, r: imraatidcr of tho 4tli armoied division. The cjitfiSioi! reads in pr.ri: "The silver star medal is a- idp-i V : SI>'. Marvin H. Luedtke, Co. A., 51st armored infnn- try bn., for gallantry in action r"ainst the enemy on March 18. During June the Burt, Prairic- Luvcrno, Fenton, WhiUcmore, Seneca, Greenwood, and Garfield cluhs held local tours. On tours the members have a chance to see what other members have and make comparisons on how veil projects compare with each Most projects will be exhibited at the county fair, August" 2!! and 29, am! calves will again be sold at the close of the fair. v, A ™ MeCormick; ABERDEEN ANGUS BULLS ol power bmdei; 32 ft, steel el-J finest breeding and quality; foi 4 to Prices reasonable.— cvalor, speed jack and hoist Al-j a] shortnorn bulls, ready '• J -gI l ._ J . onnso "' Bancroft - 1!J P 44 ; service, and Ayrshire bulls K-nRSitTM's" MARKET Pi.zvcFiiS mos. old. Prices reasonab -._. KOSSUTI-VS" MARKET PLACE i 8 , , , r ..—biggest bargain—4000 copiasjDen G. Stucler, Wesley, la. of your went ad distributed ior: only a/ew cenis. ADVANCE. If 29u20ti FOR SALE—Modern house, six rooms and bath, insulated, oil i TRUCKS FOR SALE —Ceiling prices. 1937 Ford LWB with grain box. 1U38 Chevrolet LWB burner garage."on pavement, "at w 'th combination box. These are 202 E. College. See D. D. Monlux S ood ' outflts road y l ° work ' W 20p43-44 E - Lc y< Lakola. We pay top cash prices for used cars, trucks u44 i r OH SALE—regular tractor on and pick-ups. rubber, just overhauled. Also plow and cultivator. Mrs. Louise WORDS CAN NOT adequately Peter, Phone 7FJ2, Algona. ' express our deep appreciation ISp'i'i for ihe many kind and sympath I | SH1CK ELECTRIC RAZOR Wesley. . » V n .. . v . . ; ors and repairs. ->— Perfection kerosene sione s'.cre. IIUUU.T. O. £,, IVIUICO, I ' j OWNERS—Wn i.re dealers in <,, n ' nnct brother. Pvt. Orvin Ris- jAlgcna for Sr.-h.-ck elccti-ic ra.-s- ; mi ._Mr. and Mrs. Henry Ris- Huxtiible Fire- 13u40Jf tnu anc! 34p4 i Oil SALU — One truck wagon and box. Imp. Store. NOTICE—1 HAVE taken Ralph Huiibu.-l'r, feed ,,,.,.,,' . , : ; used im a am equippe-.l to do any kind - Carl \Viuncr, Burt. cl SALE—for purpose of set over n;,- p .; 0 ;,, n Mo.-,bach • Estate mill, nff<r for sale, improved GO ad Summer Pleasantries and ,, c OH!.f ilK ,„ you flatter in poriorls all Ui roug | the warm woa days. Phone 173. town nf \Vhitt"!Tiorp. un- 8 0 in sec. 18, Whittc- 4* •»'»?'• 1924, attended grade school, Uler high school; being graduated in 1942. : In December following Orvin 1945 , vhcn ,, section of his mach . entered service, and had basic . training at Camp Custer, Mich. i He was ordered overseas- last ; November, and January 17 was i reported missing : Surviving besides Ihe parents • are a ia-ui.ier, Cpl. Hcroid Ris! ifiu, now in the Marianas, and i sislcrs, Mrs. Albert Kielson, Mrs. FOIl SALE— 1936 4-doo jjodge, heater, $450. J Sauin, P—-51 mere township, unimproved f.O in =ec. P, Whillcmore township. C. M::Mahon. Alj'ona. low.' 1 "lip44 ! spot!'collar' and"iiccnVo"tas" Paiii Attorney for Estate ' 39u44-45 •Kichirdson, Phone 945-W. Re- . IT "f A KSS C-UNS AND AMMLI- Tr. [l.OST 1-eHvoen Sextan und V/u-s- ley, small v/hif« tevrio:'. brrnvn 49jl8ii SM^Mi^ti I At the service Sunday thcre J:m roi)lj v '' a s a large "V made of red, white and blue flowers mounlcd on an easel in front, of Ihe altar, and in which a picture of Orvin was placed. Paslor Wittenberg used as his sermon 2 Kims 4. 28, "Beloved, it is well.'" Following the memorial address there wa.s music fol- lf>'orl hv n men's quartel, after which Walter Engcl, for the Legion, and Mrs. Irvin Chapman tui- the Auxiliary gave short talks. Herman Meyer presented a ine gun squad was pinned down flag to Mrs. Ristau, and taps 'by direct enemy fire, S-Sgt; Lue- were sounded by Eugene Baess- dtks disregarded the danger to ler. Honorary pall-bearers were make repeated contacts between T-Sgt. Erwin Chapman, Sgt Wm. the two sections of his squad. Hof, Cpl. Howard Smith, Sst. " When members of his squad Robert Miller, 1st. Lt. John Blu- were wounded he brought in a mer, and Sgt. James Bowman, medical aid man and helped him More than $100 was received carc for and evacuate the wound- fo/ memorial gifts, and as a °d while still under fire. The memorial the family will pur- extreme courage and devolion chase an electric bulletin board to duty displayed by S-Sgt. Luc- 20p44 FOR SALE—Two good Guernsey cows. Frank .Cink, Algonn' wdlu ' ^upi*; n \\\ nn to fight wars; it Phone 30F13 Ilp44 i FI OOR SANDING AND REFIM-' tnko - s 3 h -"''-' l nccd ration to enable bhinjj. Hor-vv commerci.-il | ^' ollr brood sow to produce a -' henUhy litter. Walnut minerals, plus a little or oil meat and your j i , • nr.]->r-?ro>vn grnin, will produce I WHITE ONION SKIN thin p;i-! FOR SALE—15-30 McCormir-k ; a hcaUhy litter. Don't put it off. per, cockle finish, ti'/jxM, just; Dccring traclor. Chevrolet cha-: Hncl ho snrr y ^ lcr - Now is Ihe ,-V» ?Vvi '' -, f ^"'--M^orrrnck Deer- equipment. Portn-lr power riant ; ' trnnR *^VM r, mg , f"' blndcr ' 80od sha P c -' -COW.TI Bklg. Supply Co.. phone Grwe t^lst;,;; naiuld bramlovv - . l&^-l i-75. .Manna ' 14u!8tf. ank3 f i.—nDVA:\'CE. sis with 732-C tires. Bny saddle H"-ie—W-ite or call H. S. Fain, L'OK SALE-l%h:p; MeCormick T:u rC W j th "?""? mlt ^° l Hu ': ph ° nc 297 - M " Humt °Wt. for the church. Relatives from dike reflect great credit on him- a distance at £e ^ and the armed forces of the croft. HIGH SCHOOL housework for next school year. Phone 869W,' Algona. 15,3441 16p44 i i GIRL wants i | summer and the riles were Mrs. Viola Emery, Uniled Stales." Do's ; Mainos; Mr. and Mrs. Conrad He is a .member of ihe only ar- Rfstau.'Nora Springs, and a son; mored division to receive a pres- Mr. and Mrs John Gramcnx., of idcntial citalion. He joined the Fenton; Mr. and Mrs. Edwin 4th in France July 28, 1944, and Kuehnast, Humboldt; Mr. and participaled in the division's Mrs. Bud Dawson, Mr. and Mrs. race across France. to beseiged Wm. Stpil. Mason Cily; Elnora Baslogne when the division Ristau, Hampton; Clarence Ris- drove GO miles in 53 hours, and tau, Thornton; Mr. and Mrs. Ar- later in the thrust through Gernold Meyer, Mrs. Bertha Klatt, many lo Czechoslovakia. They Mr. and Mrs Ray Funk, all of were sinking in loward Prague LOST IN ALGONA— Green lei Deering gas engine. L. II. Han- ' son, Whiltcmorc. Ilp4-l! 1' OK SALE—»Two milking goats ' and two female kids. W. ;? L. [ Martin, Phone 193-W 12p44 j FOUND—Bunch keys. Owner! may have by identifying. Jack' Craig, 1 K McGregor bt. Ii>p..i4i tchins, 1 mile cast of Algona 20tf-cow WANTED—Hired man. to do farm work. Single. Phone24- j F12, Algona. F. H. Froehlieh ' I8p43- : iS4 l WANT to''RENT''JGO acres' 'fiiri 1946. References. Have full line' of equipment. Ask Advance. ' | 16p44-40: FOR SALE—Purebred Black ' Angus bulls at John McGuirc farm 5V 2 miles southeast of Al-'j gona. 14p44-46 ! I an d FOR SALE—Five Holstcin co-ws' Fresh from 2 to 3 months. Wai-' | tor Elsbcckcr, Phone 4589, Ban- 1 and all sizes WANT ADS are the biggest bar-1 gain in the world—4000 copies! of your ad distributed for a few i A ru 74 Mr 1 IT r ' enls - ADVAJNCK t! tf Algona. YOUNG TWISTK STRIKES FARM ATSWEACiTY ironi the south when ihe war, thor billfo ] d> rcw avd. Mabel C ' I TJ-' i u 11 .u • r , Sorcnscn. Leave al Sorcnscn's He also holds the infantry Grocery, Algona. 13u44 eon-mat badge, and his division had been commended for super-j KKliP THE RECORDS sTraightl inr performance by Gen. Patlon, j The right form helps so much special commendation for! W e can prepare the kind you d SHIELD-EXPERT, H. L. HOFFMANN of Minneapolis, Minnesota ! will demonsirale, without charge, his "Rupture Shields" in Algona, is called "supermen'', and it was the first t o cross the Saar river. (-,„„ r .-, t 7 i n A n • Luedtke went into service on Swca City July 9-A smal Nov . 2 3. 1942, und overseas in twister evidently accompanied i Ju]y ,04.1 Hi- i^i r.,Ji7,,,~v. u p the Bastofine action. The division need quickly and at small cost 151 f'M I Ifr! .mi npvmnn ' nnH if \wau /-i ___ • _ . ___ i , 1 1 •'•>J>iris -J.os •Sliorls LVJ. »loiisc,s _ r.'.ir, I.),-, Gai]yv printed : skirt _____ 3.98 Navy shorts, Avhite. trim ______ 2.25 Bros. East of Fairgrounds Com" in and talk over youi problems.—Advance Pub. Co. the wind and rain storm that His last furlough home was ihe previous January. age was done at only one farm, and this 1 is somewhat unusual. ! What made it even more unusual ! July 19ih, from 10 a. m, _io 4 p. m. Please come early. Evenings by appointment. I have been supplying my. was lho r act that the particular .shields '.o rupture sufferers in this; family the storm chose to strike tc-rrrtory.for ton years and long-. was ono tha had bccR ono of tho er. 'I h..yo filled thousands of worst suffci . ers in tho Terrace c--.so.s ; m lne United States during Pa ,. k storrn that a ma tli.s lnn r Marvin Ackarman, Wesley. Fellowship Group at Camp Methodji re-: The Rev and Mrs. Nelson A. i Price arc chaperoning a "senior live youth fellowship group from the on the old John Hoeek farm in local church'at Camp Methodji, north Senesa township lost all the Okobojis, this week. Inclucl- thcir farm buildings find most of ed in the group arc Barbara their possessions when their; Plait, Frances Bunting, Muriel .c-,, ,mv l .-, U tu.,, U u« i - i P lnc V a 'n n°rth of Hand's Park , Burgess, Loi.s Barnard Don Pot- oDeration« or iniee- Wf!S lovqllcd ln tno Ktor m 01 Ap-1 ter, Roger Burgess, Nelson Price, upLiiJUdii.. ui injLi- •, o n mQR ,.,u:,.i, „ „, ....... u f,...;,, c,.«i«.. n:..u. , -iir_u..< ' ,.,, • ' f ~ *>•!»* ObV'llll LilCll. ""LlUC'I'I tlli Inere are many of my • gion ninc easterners right here ml Thc Kc , Kennr . dyS) wl)0 your '•ornmunily. ••CAUTION: If neglected, nip- ttire- ir.ay cnuso weakness, back- aelv> 4 ., nervousness, stomach and R-:i« pajris. People having large ruptures, which have returned af- ify.'f. '• • •• i'^J T- ' • - " ** u uvi «HUJ LI Ui. Jiijuu- ' .1 OA . r\nr* i • i HnhWments, are especially in- r >i 30 1936, which swept yitert.-'"K you want it. done right, {|', om '\T th ot Milford 'doir't e.-roorirnont. See Hoff. : W f, l: '< ^mn. I his Inursday HOFFMANN'S SURC'CAl. APPLIANCE CO. 3'S M^sonir: Temple • Mi.ineapolis. Minn. path near r ft. .W. POST I)i:.\V AVI* THANSFKI Storage c! All Kinds ! oh:.' l>is-(:iiici' Hiiiilinir Every load insured . >ss ,iiid d'-iina;;.o' of ;ill kinds '•Viiii'iprd lo do ;ill kinds of hauling and drayini;. FHONK 298 Algona. If. YEI.LOV/ SECOND SHEETS. pu"^!iei or plai.-^, at Ihe AD- mcrnin;; the Kennedys were not al home, lait their throe- children and an aunlj who is visiting the home, \veix''; lliyre in bed sound asleep when' t.hn it.orro approached. They awoke as the wind struck, but did not have time to seek ihc collu; 1 . W.hen the storm had pa=.:-erl 'hey iound the Jar,'e corn crib •'<nd the brooder hou-c l-lo\vn down. onc> side nf ihf barn i'l'-«.v;i in, trees uprooted ;md broker., windows in tne house s;nasl;ccl, nnd live wires from the HKA pr«'«r line strewn ahoul the yard. A little hail is said to have fallen ?outh of IOWP, ;md numerous places had trees blown down in the storm. Joe Hylor, who lives near Burl's lake, hart a barn hliu'n down bv « straight wind, but the tornado cloud, observed hv .~e*'eral families, seems to have hit on.'y the Kennedy farm. C'r;.ig Seeiey, Ricl'.ard Webster, Donald Rieken, Roger Didriksen, and Fred Hut/ell. Mr. Price will lelirr: for the usual church scr- vifCi; Sunduv. It Costs Nothing to find out why over 1,400 car owners have placed their car insurance through this office. Slop in above the S. & L. Dopt. Store or call 103 and let us explain this better way to insure your car. L. S. BOHANNON V/c:ll !-nown trvss expert to demonstrate new truss. No under trap.- in fnukl. no knobs to enlarge opening. Has flat pad;; t'osigned to hold like the hands. It's sanitary. Can be washed. Do you wear a truss that don't hold you imd don't play in place while working and is letting you gradually get v/or'K-V Protect your health. If you can't be helped you will be told so frankly. CAUTION: If neglected, rupture may cause pains or nervousness. Plea.se corne early. Wives invited. Evenings by appointment. See thi.s. No charge. No obligation. No treatment. C. D. SMITH WILL BE AT ALGONA ' TUESDAY, JULY 17 ALGONA HOTEL Hours. 3 D. m. to 6. very Wednesday • l^^l «B • at Whittemore July 11 --------------- Frank Jonas July 18 _________ Cook's Rhythm Club July 25 _________________ "Ding" Ellis August 1 ---------------- Earl Hunt August 15 ---------------- Lynn Kerns Sponsored by Whittemore AthleticClub HARD OF Improved Hearing Instrument Sets Postwar Standards In a new post war. development being demonstrated for the hard of hearing and available specially today, Maico engineers, twice awarded the Army-Navy "E" for supplying hearing test instruments to the armed services, have employed new molded rubber "noise eliminators." The effect of these tiny shock absorbers is to give new quietness and l freedom from extraneous noise to the hearing aid user. Hearing Free from Mechanical Noise i Persons using inferior hearing aids are subjected to mech- j ynical noise and static inherent in the design and material of the instrument. The new tiny MAICO, an electonic cngin-1 eering jewel in midget size, is as different in principle and design as a 1942 luxury automobile from its 1915 "tin lizzie" predecessor. The new MAICO "Precisioneer" model fea- j tures smoothness and quiet operation, achieved by floating mountings. Hearing o n the Run Hard of hearing persons testing out the new post war MAICO state that they can hear easily while moving about and are not disturbed by mechanical or extraneous noise. | The new tiny rubber "noise eliminators" plus new plasW developments are responsible. The latest postwar MAIIU can now be seen on special demonstration. HOTEL ALGONA ALGONA, IOWA Tuesday, July 17 Hours: 9:00 a. m.—5:00 p. m. If unable to attend demonstration, write for free booklet j end information. Maico of Des Moines, 630 Des Moines Building Paul Grout, Manager, Des Moines, owa Lei Cowan do the Complete Job ROOFING SIDING :„.. S EAGLE INSULATION WEATHERSTRIP Ask for Free You may buy on oui <•'•• venicnt monthly lc plan if desired. Cowan Building Supply ALGONA, IA.

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