Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on July 10, 1945 · Page 1
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 10, 1945
Page 1
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PAGE TWO KOSSUTH COUNTY A'DVANCE, ALG'tiNA, IOWA Former Burt Doctor in Hawaii Molds Family Phone .TUESDAY, JULY '".IS! DON'T LAY DOWN YOUn vance or tl. D. M <M,U '. siafement and forg e i ""%* ra are s onnorf „,*... i{ ^ t meting has been postponed from July 12 to July 19. The meeting will be at Mrs. G. J. F. Vogel's, Mrs. Robert Harvey recently • with, George Frost, Bertha Pot- ] n ADTI A lilt DAV returned from Rochester, Minn.,! ra'tz, Bert Seeley, Louis Braatz, | f \}j\ | LAfvIr DU I where she had a major opera- 1 j and Mrs. Ellsworth. Heidenwith, | with Mrs. B. H. Marlow as assisting hostess. the tion several weeks ga.o West. Bend. Lunch was served PARLEY OF TEN i MINUTES WITH WIFE & OTHERS • , T , of Mr .and Mrs. Koscoe Stewart, "«•. arm mrs. wno i^uisuii, m. l"f"""' ""' •"" "-••«•••""•-;. Burt, July 9—Dr. Balrne K. f B t graduated from the Britt, were a week ago Monday , TMlc, Broklyn, the Arthur Voi- i 1_ .. 1 ' _ „_ ,. _];_„! ^.fT ' -JO t . . * . . . i. . *.T _ 1 . T TIT.. 1 ' r*\* 4» Unvrcn nv> "Wrini-14-t* ^PV* nnrl it HA Graduated as Nurse— Margaret Richman, Ormsby, 'following cards. Minn., visited last week at Mary , V -Jean Rachut's and with other '. Gathering for the Fourth- Betty Jane Stewart, daughter Burt friends. Mr. and^Mrs. Polomott Durant, of. Mr .and Mrs. Roscoe Stewart, Mr. and Mrs. Otto Larson, of ' Algona Kerr.v.i Schumacher, BATHES IN AN ITALIAN GULF Sgt. Maurice Graham, son of broken up and there are only seven of the,original company that landed in Africa still with the remainder of the group. The country where he is now located is hilly, but farming is carried on in the valleys and on the slopes. The main crops are wheat, vegetables, and all kinds of fruit,, also olives, and higher I • _ it uJll™ ««« »v*nntr nnrlr * " . ,., l_»i AJ 111 L. H^U^ f,l L11.4L4C1 b^TV.4 11 »JI 11 ill*, -~7 — -j - t» - f ; .t . »y •• » 11 rnU. J ' "O •" *--- — »»-..-*-, — , _ - - |OJ. Al 111 It) «**3Q U 1 * » ^-"1 «••*- . Bahnson, who is a medical off- , 11edical schoo i of the university dinner guests at the Nels J. Nel- ghts, Herman Vaudts, Theodore; M Carr i e Gra..am, Portland j U p in the hills are many icer in the Hawaiian islands, of Minnesota j une 16 as a grad-. son home. I •R,«r e »«Ht« nm» nnl. :-Ri.tiPQ« T, n t*.,. , f called his wife from there on his uate birthday, June 20. He has a twin brother John, living at Inwood, whom he wished to greet; The Geesman cafe is, being re-' Algona. Bierstedts, and Cpl. -Ernest Tietz, n nome ierses, an p. .rnes iez,< • , , ,. i «__., The Charles Bristows and the ' Whittetnore, and Mrs. Herman township, who has 1 been stati. an- j trete s. ' - Cafe pi ans N ew Bar _ so arrangements had been made c lecoratod. Mr. Geesman is plan- ! The Bert Goddens took Mrs.! ! Charles Lappes spent the Fourth ' Schumacher, Algona; >p£t"^-^i^taly^c^ being transf£j ^ ™«^**S£ t ST fi cently been moved to five miles ; war it w,as a beautiful city of e —~ A—,,„ ...!,;„!, ;„ ««!«• !i 7nn nnn. Of course now m all at the Mern Bristow home at Fourth aehers. , with the Frank Schum- for a conference call KO that, he, were on the line at the =ame time. His brother' Dr. Royce Bahnson, Terril. rind his sister, Mrs. Arthur Schuldt. Emmets- ning 1 o ving ba is done. install a horseshoe ser- Charles Olson t o East Chain, • when the redecorating Minn., Wednesday to visit re- i latives. Two Service Men Coming— , Word has been received that Elevator Annual Meeting— The annual meeting of the ora and Beverly Bussie as host- burg, had come to-, Burt for the stockholders of the Burt co-op-. esses. call and pll talked-lo him as well c . r; ,tive elevator will be held j Fvt. Harvey Godden is stationed at Camp Hbwzie, Tex., since his recent furlough at home. 0<li«:r Hurl N«\vs. j Wantalee Runchey, Algona, Mrs. George Ackert, St. Paul,'spent and daughter, Mis. Kenneth ^ ^ Qn their home 'met Friday evening with Rhod* overseas in France and Germany. as his parents and brother at In- lhis wec> k p r iday evening, wood. They were permitted to talk about ten minutes. Veteran Back to Job— Overseas Veteran Home— Pfc. Ralph Keene returned! from ,overseas .Friday morning. He was wounded twice in combat in Germany. from Ancona, which is only a'200,000. Of course now j five minute hike from the Adria-' the dock areas it is pretty well 1 tic beach. The trip, he wrote.! bombed out from the air as well was by G.I. truck through the : as shelled from the sea by our ; city of Rome. ! navy. However down in the He .is in the quartermaster rueart of the town there is little corps, and under the streamlined, damage and things are very conversion plan the 1038th was nice." at ... . , anU UUUUII LL'l , iVli b. AVCIIllCLtl Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Mi er IOOK Aufitin and her threo ciaU g htL>I . s> their son Lawrence Miller and his wile tu Ames hunuay. Tney had spent a week at the Miller home. Mrs. Lawrence Miller came back to Burt with them, but returned to Ames Tuesday to spend a few hours with her husband who was being sent to Detroit, Mich., came a week ago Dodge, visited Sunday to spend a couple of Fourth, weeks with Mrs. Ackert's mother, Mrs. Belie Reynolds. Mrs. R. J. Nealy returned a'Carman. a few days last week the G. P. Hawcott home. - i The Clayton Johnsons, Fort : 0tlier WliHteiiioro News. Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Walker VALUE Burt friends the and Shari Ann and Gary Allen, ! Oelwein, returned home Thursr The Fortnightly club'will'meet"clay afternoon after two weeks the west coast early Wednesday and Mn _ Nca] visited over lhe morning. She returned to Burt J - - - •• Wednesday, but Thursday went back to Des Moines where she is employed, been taking afiQ Sunc i ay f rom Lincoln, 1 The Donald Kienitzes moved Neb., where she had spent sev-, Thursday into their .new home, eral weeks with her mother. Mr. i * ~~ Her husband had into active duty in thc navy. He is a radioman. Coffins Meet New Daughter— j Mr. and Mrs. Curtis Holding and Mr. and Mrs. Charles Col I'm, Milwaukee, came a week ago Saturday to visit Burt relatives. The Holdings visited her sister, Mrs. W. R. Chafee. and with his relatives. The Coffins visited FRIENDS HONOR WOMAN OF 77 AT Fourth with the Frank Rileys at Estherville. • j Mrs. and Mrs. H. A. Thomp. , , . son took their daughter, Mrs, t - some special tain- Frank LalhroD and tw children 1 ing at Ames, but now goes back to Ameg Tuesday , where they j look the train for their home inj Portland, Ore. They had spent a number of weeks here. Mrs. E. C. Sperry, Alexandria, Minn., and her sister, Mrs. F. S. Aarris, Pueblo. Colo., visited from Thursday to Sunday at*thc | was a 6 o'clock Jawn supper/and R. C. Dremmel home. Mrs. Sper-. all , brought baskets filled for the occasion. Present were the Hen- v anrl Edwin Wichtendahls, of ry is Mrs Dremmel's mother. Mr. and Mrs. H. O. Buell : and the Mrs. Friday afternoon with Mrs. Wm. at the parental Arthur Heeiden- with's, and with Mrs: J. .E. Walker, and other reUativesin this vicinity. Mr. .Walker is assistant manager of a Montgomery Ward store at lOelwein. Dorothy Braatz and Ruth Ann j Bell are attending the ^Lutheran I Teachers college at •'Jtrvfef ;For-1 esi, '111., and were'>adeiahip'anied j by Mrs. George T?-rost£;iyi>ho will' visit. . /Chicago friends , severa'l weeks'. ••.v'J^'y The'Arno ! Hahns ; ;'Denver, Golo,. n _ . ,. Bernard Hahns, 3Dlkader, Paul 9—-Relatives ••jj ahnSi Des Mo i ne s, Pvt. .Henry Hahn, -Camp ^Stow.man, Cailif., and Dolph .MisbaciUs, ./Fairmont, 1 visited the F. "O. .llahits Wednesday. • •''"•'-• . Mrs. Theodore .Bass, S tor den, Min,, and :her sister, Mrs. -Roger returned :from Whittemore, July neighbors and friends of Mrs. Emilie Siems, surprised her -on her 77th birthday last week. It Brighten Up Porch and Outdoor Furniture first Charier,' parents, Mr. C. S. Coffin. It time the C. S. their daughter-in-law. The Coffins returned to their home last week Wednesday night, but the Holdings remained till Monday. The Holding son James is now Ls the navy, and stationed at Shoemaker, Calif., at present. T, . , , • , spent the Fourth at the home of w t B d th Noah ,R e i sne r & Mrs. Buell's brother, Will Lacy,! * l " Wednesday .after visiting . their! in returned visited t Thc , , . uocker famUira of Mr« E J Murtauh T f; V? i £ v lamlll es, ^ .brdthers, T Carl and William Mey- mr... r,. j. muiLati T_, o tt s Creek, the Herman Haacks nomo Wlt h _ ... ,. 3 eth ° dlst Cam P them and evening. ! family and Mrs. Roland Lavrenz i :> Fourth at Wm. Otto's' in Algona. The Rev. and Mrs. j L. Richman and family, Ormsby, \ Minn., were also there. I Mrs. -Frank Lathop and Bar-' ™ , r bara Thompson spent Friday at Mrs. W J. LOCKWOOO and Mrs. Emmctsburg with theil . fr i e nd, Clifford Holding accarnpanied a Mrg> Bruce Elmore, the former group of Methodist yuung people Margart!t Morness, who was vis- 1 0 the Okobojis Sunday and are iti a 6ister lhere _ spending the week with them at Camp Methodji. In the group Mrs Ronald Ron returned M . Elvidge and Thursday from are Mary Lee Parsons Shirley Worlhingtoni Minn whe re they of Fenton the Carl Becks, Hil-, The Bal h W£ilk ers,T-J. J. R 0 ------- ?rt Biersteds, Jair- . sendahlSi . L i oyd Walkers, and •Balgemans, Cylm- Arthur Heidenwiths picnicked at High Lake a week ago' Sunday. .Mrs. /Herman Behnke, daughter Marjorie, ; -left for Great Lakes to /visit the iformers thusbana< Herman Behnke. The Arthur Heidenwiths and | l;loyd Walkers were at the Ross "Vauxes at 'West Bend Wednes- Voipt day n ight. " :j at their home last ,jji r , an( i Mrs. Herman Voigt and t •Mrs. Bell, -and Erwin Sierns. Ice cream and fresh stawberries and cake were served at midnight. Leaves io Join 'Husband— Mr. and Mrs. Herman entertained at their Lockwood, Lavina and Kathleen Officer, Joyce hom( . Geilenfeld, Jack Kaye Holding. McMullen and of Mrs. a week at thej Tex -; Monday Elvidge's sister, 6and ' stationed Mrs. Earl Nesler. A week ago Sunday the G. H. Wednesday evening in honor of ant j Evelyn, visited at Herman their daughter, Mrs. Milton ;Es- Meyer's-Friday evening. ;| ~° who left for Corpus Christ! August Vaudt Sr : is ill ,in 1 - y ' 1 -.^V'f •esenf Mrs. 0' pe were . there. Mrs. George Frost, Bert Seeley, the J. J. :Rosendahls, Family Joins Veteran— Mrs. Glen Gregory and baby left Thursday ..evening for Walcl- Ml . s ; Peterson is M r. McMullen's McMullens attended the 25th I Arthur Heidenwiths .Henry Sch- wedding anniversary of Mr. and ^ Mrs. Ruth Schultz Mrs. C. H. Peterson at Paton. . ren, Ind., where she was to meet her husband, who had arrived Mrs Axel Anderson and two in California and was going there daugn ters, Dike, came last week to visit his parents. S-Sgt. Gro- Monday to visit with Mrs. Alvina gory was returning from Saipan. Pov , ers jyr rs p ow ers will Several weeks ago he crashed turn with them for a visit the William Meyers Sr., Lorenz Hansens, Herman Meyers, .John F. Basses, Fred and Donald McWherter, Luella Frisby, the Simon Webers, Vern Mathahs, and Rosella Voigt, .Algona; the Percy re" i Watmans, Mrs. Merrill ;Faulk, .of Ottosen; and the Edward Niss- off the Marshall islands on the way to the U. S. whilc William Carman Discharged— Bill Garman Jr. recently returned from Longview, Tex., after having received a medical discharge from the army. He was wounded and had been in the hospital a number of months before receiving his discharge. He stopped at Chikosha, Okla., to visit Pfc. Kenneth Hut'/.el on ills way home. Navy Girl Visits Parents— S2c Maxinc Simpson of the Coast Guard, stationed in San Francisco, visited from a week ago Saturday till Tuesday with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. R. I. Simpson. She came to attend the funeral of her grandmother, Mrs. Lilla Simpson, but arrived too late as the service was held Friday. Eight Guests at Ledyard— Dinner guests at the Brink Shipler home near Ledyard last Thursday afternoon were Mes- darnes Will Ringsdorf, Carrie j Larson, Glee Bullock, Cliff Walt- | man, G. U. Fairbanks, Paul Macauley, and Marie Grover, and Mrs. R. M. Wallace, Algona. Auxiliary Installation— The Legion and Auxiliary met last week Tuesday evening at the Legion hall. Mrs. O. H. Graham installed the new officers for the Auxiliary. The Auxiliary sewing meeting will be on Wednesday afternoon at Mrs. C. C. Smith's. Tiie G. II. McMullens spent Sunday at the Okobojis. Mr. McMullen's sister, Mrs. W. H. O'Donnell and two sons, returned with them for a visit. Mrs. Charles Henderson and ens, West Bend. Bunco was played and lunch served late in the evening. daughter Jane, of Marshall, Minn., recently spent two or three days at the H. A. Thompson home. Lorraine Soderbcrg had a week vacation from her duties at the Burt Savings bank. She spent it attending Bible camp at Clear Lake. Mr. -md Mrs. Walter Sorenson visited r>vor the Fourth with the I. W. Hansens at Shell Rock. They also visited in Waterloo. Mrs. Anna Ambrose, Des Moines, visited from last week Tuesday to Saturday at the home of her 'sister, Mrs. Fred Lavrenz. The WSCS Mission study class will he held at Mrs. G. H. Wcss- el's Wednesday afternoon. A new study will be started. KOSSUTH COUNTY ADVANCE A Weekly Newspaper. Entered as SECOND CLASS MATTER DECEMBER 31, 1908, at the postoffice at Algona, Iowa, under the Act of March », 1879. Birthday Party for Two— A birthday party honoring Mrs. Clyde Gingerich and Mrs. J. J. Rosendahl, was given Friday evening. Present were Mesdames Wilbur . Roeber, Arthur Heiden- Home Comfort that LaiU .• Hous crime with «n CERTIFIED INSULATION JOB Phone ui today CowanBldgSupplyCo. •ALGONA, IOWA me you want may be over Japan tonight The big fellows that are bombing Japan, the B-29's —each carries a ton of telephone and other electronic •equipment. Raids using hundreds of B-29's are common. That adds up! Yet you can multiply those tons by almost any figure you wish... you'll still probably miss by a mile the total of telephone equipment in the war. And until Japan is defeated,' telephones,, wire, switchboards and communications equipment of all kinds must go to the Pacific in great amounts. That's why there just isn't enough to go around. •Even when that happy day comes and our enemies are finally beaten, we won't be able to tell you how soon we can take care of the people waiting for service. All we can say is, it will be done as soon as possible. All we can ask is, please be patient—which you are, thanks! NORTHWESTERN BELL TELEPHONE COMPANY RAPID DRYING ENAMEL Wide Rang of Beautlfi Colors PINT For spick and span furniture brush on one coat of Rapid Drying Enamel. Goes on so • smoothly . . . dries in 4 to 6 hours. Glossy finish. Long- Wearing — Efficient Reversible DUST MOP Fluffy, twisted, dyed cotton yarn. It's forked for easy cleaning around furniture. 48-in. handle. Strong, Sturdy I Pastor's Birthday Observed— \ Th.e Lutheran Aid met in the j church basement last Thursday j afternoon with Mrs. Bertha Koe- I stler and Mrs. Lydia Koestler as . hostesses. It was the Rev. For- j dinand Keith's birthday, so a cake was prepared for the occasion. Shower for Mrs. Miller— Mrs. Lawrence Miller was honor guest at a shower given at Mrs. Glee Bullock's a week ago Monday evenine. The women employes at McMullen's. Mrs, Mt-Mullcn and Mrs. C. S. Reynolds were guests. House for a School Head— The house on the former Floyd Duncan farm north of town ha" been bought by the Lone Rock school board and i^ being moved to Lone Rock for the use of the school superintendent. M. & D. Postponement— . . The Mothers & Daughters club PRINTED Air-Mail Stationery 100 sheets $| .00 50 envelopes, box ••• *Hag Content Paper. 'Each sheet and envelope printed with name and address. "Choice of three lovely colors. PHONE *e/* 763 Une perm' a Paris...Have a Coca-Cola j_ (PARIS LEAVE) ... Yank friendliness at Eiffel Tower It's natural for a Yank soldier to share bis home ways. The invitation Have a Coke is a symbol of his friendliness. It says We wish you well ia a way as American as baseball. Wherever you bear Hunt <t Coke, you bear the voice of America... inviting you to the pause that rcjreshes,— a symbol of good will everywhere. • OTTIED UNDER AUTHOtlTY OF THE COCA-COIA COMPANY 8* MINERAL SPRING'S COCA-COLA BOTTLING .COMPANY Humboldt, Iowa naturally hear Coca-Cola [called by its friendly abbreviation . Both mean the quality prod' uct of The Coca-Cola Company, .©WSTho C-CCg.. 4.95 Carpenter's TOOL BOX Has hip roof lid with piano hinges. Lift-out tote tray. Maroon ripple finish. ^:,-^^-7^v^i/,-^., ""~~~ "~ 'iWi* For Summer Health and Comfort! Smart, Bench Style Bath Hamper 4.95 A woven fiber covers the sturdy frame. Smooth Interior. Enamel finish. For Jars or Bottle: CANNING FUNNEL "It's easy to fill jars or tot- ties with this plastic funnel. Eliminates spilling. Strong and durable! Frozen Food Kit 4.98 Everything you need foih'tl freezing precious food! Instruction folder explains how to do it. For Home or Carl Oil-Tanned CHAMOIS 98* Fine quality, soft absorbent akin of medium weight. Will give good service. HOME: Oovernment-approved, easy install, water-repellent, resistant. Free estimate. terms. VI CLEANING UM TRACTION Tiwtoit* FACTORY-METHOP RETREADING for Tractor Tire* O«t the famous Firestone •tripto-Brw wl Tread Design for positive cleaning an maximum traction. Factory trained experto will do * Job. No ration certificate OPEN A CHARGL ACCOUNT OR IF VOU PK USE OUR CONVENIENT BUDGET PLAN Huxtable's Hrestone S

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