Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on July 3, 1945 · Page 4
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 4

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 3, 1945
Page 4
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f AGE EIGHT KOSSUT& ADVANCE, ALGONA, JOWA TUESDAY. ^$mm^~~-*s»«?* ;•«?-.'. - V>. . . •. . ' ' The Good Old Days No. 4 Heinu; 11 series of old-time pictures showing scenes of Algona and this store, ami used in connection ivith our present Diamond Jubilee year celebration. This fine picture of the CHRISCHILLES STOKE was'taken just 1? years after the one shown in No. 1 of 1 his series. this may well l»e the beginning of the so-called "modern era" because it shows (nont right, with arms folded) the present owner, T. H. I. hrischiUus, siud (center, standing with hands in pockets, II. 31. Hiiuherg, for over 40 years associated with this business. The first saleslady, left, is Xiss Sadie Morris, and opposite her, standing, is another saleslady, Miss Caroline Frankl. Seated in foreground is a customer identified as Mrs. Harry McMurray. Others in the background are not identified. Of interest in comparison with photo taken just S years previously is the fact thai the store shows remarkable improvement by addition of modern glass show cases. Cash carriers have been added, and baskets, or bins, have replaced merchandise piled on the floor. The ledges too, show improvement. No goods are piled on them, and they are neatly decorated presumably by Mr. Hauberg. In these few years the CURISnilLLKS STOKK shows the effects of pro-, gressive up-to-Uate merchandising methods which June been the watchword for three quarters of a renlnrv. Let Cowan ROOFING SIDING KAGLK INSULATION WEATHERSTRIP Ask for Free F.stimaisl Cowan Building Supply ALGONA, IA. HODGEPODGE Webster—A »tew el rarlout • 'JSJ ta ±.V l "±^_ Alr,n. Oirt .WMh--|«Uto- it THE GIRLS WHO worry too Enid-Elaine, daughter of Mr. much about the unfair com- and Mrs. W. J. Fuller here- was petitipn of the German girls married May 14 to Li Robert who are enticing American sol- M., son of Herman F. Coons, At- diers, according to news reports, j lanta, Ida., and Mrs. Mone Coors can be assurred that the bojrs Ithaca; N. Y. would much rather be at horrie, I The marriage was solemnized but they are not And there is at St. Paul's Episcopal church, the additional "sour grapes" an- i Calcutta, India, at 7 p. m.,'% the gle for those chief mourners— Rev. Mr. Elliot, who ,used the the boys who marry the German double ring ceremony. Palms Algonian Bride in India girls probably would not have made good husbands anyway fbr an American girl. * * * 9 But it is equally true that the German girls are in a much better position than are the American girls, otherwise undoubted- the bri-' lined the 'center aisle 'of church through which the dal. party passed,- arid ; the altar was lined with flowers. | There was a prelude of nuptial music played softly -whtlel more than 100 guests assembled and as the chords of Lohengrin's ly the American boys would go wedding march; were struck the for the American girl as one to bride entered the church on the whom he had become accustom- arm o f American Consul Kenneth Yearns, who in the absence of her father, gave the bride in marriage. The bride more an ivory taffeta gown with long fitted sleeves and round neckline. A full leng- ed. * * * if It is also unwise of the American girl to discount the wiles for there are many many of German ancestry right here L H . lle u w&g neld { , £ ^u^^^^'u^l^L^,;! with : -orange blossoms, and ? she initely are not to be counted out in any local competition. • It is a sad fact that more man 15 million prospective and actual husbands have been removed by war casualties as far as the world "market", is con- i cerned. This means a real short! age of male animals of th,e hu- I man variety, and many a girl | will be forced by the lack : of i material to be a maiden for life.-' What this can mean will be carried an arm bouquet of tropical lillies, lotus blossoms, and roses.' For ."something old" she a Pictured is Enid Elaine Fuller, whose wedding is reported in the society columns, as she arrived at the church in Calcutta, India, for the ceremony. She is a daughter of the W. J. Fullers, here. Donald Gardners, Minnesota, the his brother's Floyd Gardners, Chester Baileys, C. W. Pattersons, Hugh Ra- r, •„» !„„ K „ i ne y s . Russell Walkers, Lyle Ra•*;„», t,^ „ £1 f ^' neys, Mrs. Sherwood Potter, Al- ;f s r± S= t-RE.'ssvKf 35 X SS5 w^,r ss SSrWSJ-'S^K *ffi: .'rgog'.nd° ;-•"•"•'• """""•• Coon Family Picnic Here— picnic held at the Ambrose A. .. Follow - ing the wedding there was a re-' ( ^ ^°°, n ception af the .-home, of Consul MRS. SIMPSON, OF BURT, DIES IN 87TH YEAR Burl. July 2—Mrs. Lilla Simpson 8(5, who on March 31, 1944, suffered a stroke from which was she never recovered and since state * asl November had been a pat- ucnt at tiie Forbes hospital, problem"that" wiVrhave'to be ahd'Mrs. Yearns, after-'which a Park Sunday and m attendance wcek faced. There is danger of a mor- dinner 'was- served for members wero Mrs - John Coon ' Mr - and .,•„„...«.,.. „.—:„„ al breakdown because Ihe comp- Of the.'bridal party. /-.tifi^v. fnv Uiic.Ko«^c> .it-rtrtvirt 4h\'o I "MVc fnnrc whn Tjirnc ornHun- 1'Cn were Mrs. Mrs. John Mrs. Paul six child- Blume, Seneca, Funeral services were conduct- euuon lor nusoanos among uie ' girls will be "something." It is always dangerous to have . a shortage in manpower, because whether we'll admit it or not.. the morals of the world are in the keeping of the women — not the men. And if the competition for husbands becomes too itLto. v^uyia, wnu was. giauua- ted from -the Algona high school in 1938, later attended Pomona college, then went to AIB, Des Moines, tor a business course from which she ; was graduated, and slie worked there' in the internal : revenue collector's office two- yars.- • ••'.- 111., and a son, Mrs. Paul Klink, Maxwell, five children, Mr. and Mrs. Myron, Hill, Fort Dodgr» and Mrs. Bert Coon, Mason City,. two children. Mrs. Hill is a sister of Mrs. Coon, and the other women Coon daughters and a daughter-in-law. _ intense it brings an inevitable From . there she was sent to ,.-.., _, breakdown of the morals of the Washington, D. ; C., :' where she Post ««P'ial Shower- women in the "shortage" area., was trained- for fpeign service, and' ater was assigned to the Mrs. Howard Funncmark was honoree at a miscellaneous sho- Friday was in Evergreen cemetery, j Mrs. Simpson was born March' 8, 1850. at Patriot, Ind., where! sue lived tijl married to Charles T. Simpson. They settled in Texas. Two daughters and a son, • Rasman, were born. The hus- * *• •• emu* ctici w«xo . aaoigiii:u nj LUC iiunuii-e cifc ci imo^tiiaiti-vjuo aiiw- ]-,,.* tfm Qnn \vith i • And unfortunately it will American-consulate-at Calcutta, wer given recently by the Pris- _ h ji r i,. on fnT ! m !„.,,. probably be the girls who wait-* ' Lfc .Coors .is an engineering cilia-Phoebe society of the Wes- ; Mr- cimr»I-,,-, wL » mr-mhor 1 e ±? ai ™to..t° r ^*.£ ?l l er ad ,H ate frphY Cornell universi-. ley Congregational church ,. A' ^ S^MeUiodist "hSh, 1 attend the because of ties of old age. fro- t h the over, and who incidentally are ty,- Ithaca, N. Y., and he entered program of music and readings ?*, ? /v" now four years older, who will service'.in the army air. force on in the church auditorium was ° a suffer the most, for in those competion of his course in 1942. followed by a social hour and four years there have been four • There was no wedding trip, lunch in the basement. annual "crops" of girls come but the young couple are living from the high schools and the a t 8 . King Edward Court, Cal- Eirlhday Is Celebrated— colleges, and the durnfool male cutta;. -. -• . | Mr. and Mrs. Sam Smith, Mrs. always puts too great a premium . " . -I'Mary Laing, and Mr. and Mrs. on youth. Taint fair, but it may Lone Rock Girl Marries— | F. L. Pratt, the later oiBuri.at- be. . ' j. Marian Esther, daughter of Mr. tended a birthday dinner at Spe- , T n* t* * vir Aitr and- Mrs. Ernest -M. Jensen, of ncer Sunday in honor of F, E. Wesley, July 2—Lt and Mrs.' u i.Tnnt^mnn^ihi^tnflnrt' fiSSp Lone Rock ' '."cently became the Rosenkrantz. Mr. and Mrs. Ro- David Williams were honored at u is not impossioie 10 lino, some b ^ide pf Edgar A. Wald, son of enkrantz formerly lived here, a reception at the B. J. Schrauth Wesley Reception for Officer, Wife examples of what the war can Mfs Mwy c. W*W «nd the latxi mean to the future-not m terms Dr O . .E. Wald, o f:Los Angeles. ' of peace treaty stuff, put in .the The marriage took plac * Junc clown to earth reality of just j ? in front ; of a flowcr banked Legion Women to InsJaU _ •but now have at Spencer. plain living. firbplace in the home of) the a grocery store home, a week ago Sundey afternoon, and 46 guests attended. The lieutenant and bride left Tuesday for Walla Walla, Wash., • But the prospects are not as bridegroom's sister, Mrs. dark here as they are in the city, Migeot, Los Angeles. Loufc; The Legion Auxiliary will meet where the lieutenant is station-; next Monday at 8 p. m. in the e d. He is first pilot on a B-24, Vlllllk 1 H_i -L, WU H1\»J u*x, ttt L.11V, w» VJ ) • ^™_' , . j '\ • jAl for here is where there has nor- , The bride chose a softly Legion hall, and installation of and expects to be sent overseas tai- officers will be held. Mrs. Vera S oon. mally been a male surplus, and lored turquoise -suit, and wore Ellsworth, bmrnetsburg, dis- Cadet' Nurse Thelma Lillie, during the war there has been a .corsage of white orchids The president, will be speaker. Mrs. Hillside, N. J., was a guest of an unusual exodus of girls to mald °f honor,. Marjone Hoag, Marc Moore s division will be in the Schrauths last week. She city jobs who would otherwise ^ as attired'in a pastel suit, and charge o f refreshments. is a n i ece of Mrs. Schrauth. •Live stayed at home and marr- her corsagcr was gardenias Eu- -, ~~~" ~™ i * ied one of the local boys. So, it gen Wald, brother o t the bride- . OTHER SOCIETY. ! . is just probable that girls here S r ° om < was his attendant. Thc July meting of the W.C. iFVington DOy to will have the best chance to V F ?V? wl P^•*; short honeymoon T .uj. w m b)e wit.h Mjrs. Belle Serve OH Warship •Fleet Distribution Center. July 2—George H. Marshall, 20,F- You may buy on our co .- vcniunt monthly payment plan if dcsirud. pick out and bring up properly a a \ ^ dke . Arrowhead in the San p urv j s Thunday at 2:30. Mrs. Bernardino..mountains the cou- Leo Best will have devotions- .pie are-at home in Los Angeles. anc j Mrs. Frank Geigel will be strip tease "The bride' attended the Mus- pr ogam leader. The St. good man. * * .* if And as for that ^ .^.. u u ., *«. .,....„ w». Tr r -— — - - J.Flwp,cllll 4\.UU^1. ,. j . , . _. stuff—it'll take some fancy strip- jcatme junior college and the state The St Thomas Episcopal A. ""vmgton, arrived at the na- ping to get ahead of the Ameri- teachers college, and has been Guild will meet at 2-30 Thurs- , training station, Norfolk, can eirl, come summer, .and if employed' as"-, air 'hostess for day at Mrs Mabel Tjaden's ' y 20> to under 8o train- the German girls do any more ,T&W- air lines. The bridegroom —' « ' ing for duties aboard a new des- Rock Boy Now strpping than be seen " almost is a graduate of the university any hot day—well, they just of California, . and member of ought to be tried for atrocity, the army air forces enlisted res- by gosh! erve, and is employed as a TWA 1 co-pilot. , Fenton Girl a Bride— • JUDGING BY the news reports there is a brand new | it might be proper t o display and Donald) SO n o f Mr. and Mrs.! rived at this world's largest na- such wild Japs as may be caught c M> GrosS| Lone Rock wcre val receivin g sta tion. unit of the in tnc circuses HKe trie former —:_j ^_* i _rA_- _x TTC" „«—i * :_: , jj-i_M..- troyer of the Atlantic fleet. He had completed a period of in. ., «. struction at Great Lakes. Son of at a INavy Station Mrs. Ellen Marshall, he has two brothers in tine armed forces! Shoemaker, Calif., July 2— Lewis, 22 private in the army FARM6RS, Attention! -. •••^•MffUWMMMMMH^MBWHHMHBI •••••••••••••MMBNBMHMMMMMU ft is yetting about the time 01 year to think tiliout putting 1 up your alfalfa us well us other hay, and then liiirvest. l,'se (lie- lalcst Automatic Jayluuvk sweep rake anil stackers. Pacemaker "R" tractor sweep rake Tower all-steel sweep rake See, write us, or call 20(>1 at IJenwick, Iowa. S. H. KLASSIE, Distributor Or our associate dealers. Taylor Implement Co. Algona Heiigstorf Bros. Eagle (»rove L. M. Helland Helmond Trenary Implement Co. Laurens and S. H, Klassle Humboldt and Henwick 38-39 42-43 so-called wild men. * * * i Clarence Kraft, 24, motor mach- Robert. 21, machinist's mate 3c, Shirley Mae, daughter of Mr. inists mate Ic, USNR, son of in the navy, George attended Mrs. Harry Hasse, Fenton.; Emil Kraft, Lone Rock, has ar- high school in Algona. A NEW LANDLORD G. L. Conklin, Superior, Wis., .1 • ».» , i . x^. 1YX. VJi UOO| iJ \JilU J.VUUI\. WL.I t: v "J- i *-v,yi-y aijg oi-ai/iuil' uilib \JL Li 1C m the circuses like the former married Saturday afternoon at US naval training and distribu- 2 o'clock at the Methodist par- ion center, for reclassification is new manager Q t the Algona sonage,' the Rev. N. A. Price off-|ar>H further assignment. hotel. He arrived Sunday, and if THERE DOESN'T seem to be iciating in a double ring cere- The seaman has seen service W. W. Kerr, former manager, is much opposition to the San mony. ' i in the Tunisian and Sicilian cam- to remain a week to help him, Francisco charter. Like the con-' The bride wore a two-piece) paipns, and on the beachheads after which the Kerrs will go to stitution of the United States it street length dress of aqua-blue of Salerno, and also particpated Fort Dodge for a visit, then to will depend on interpretation to crepe trimmed with colored se- in the' Normandy landing. | Des Moines, where they plan to determine just what it means, quins and white accessories. Her He wears the American area there is where the danger corsage was of pink roses and and the European-African.Midd- babybreath. She was attended le Eastern area ribbons, by Lorraine Willrett, who wore i a coral dress with white access- . ories. The bridegroom was attended; by Sgt. Eugene Radig, Great! Bend, Kan, in dress uniform. | Following the ceremony dinner was served to the bridal party at the Haase home. Mrs. Haase lics. * * • THERE'S QUITE a to-d o in Des Moines over gambling with raids shutting the biggest places. Chances are that the zeal of those who pledge to keep the places shut will wane when the publicity dies down. * * * locate. S'/zxll TYPWG~PAPER. 59c 500 sheets at the ADVANCE. •k WHY IN THE world (as well as another place) don't the daytime radio "weeper" pro- is a graduate O f the Fenton high school, and Mr. Gross is a discharged veteran of the navy. Brother of Algonian Saw Hot Service in the Navy Mr. and Mrs. R. H, Guderian The young man had as gueste Monday and Tues- part in the first grams take ,a summer vacation — j F. B. Timm and Wave Wed — o r better— a pemaneqt vacation? F. B. Timm, manager '• of the i day Mrs~ Guaerian's mother, Mrs. plane" attack "o"n Those bawlers are enough to give any woman a deep suspi- ion the old man is a dirty two- ' Friday morning at the Christian ' just reurned from overseas and invaders timer, so he is. AND the radio church parsonage at Hampton, 1 ' ~ ..... ' ' ' ' " also took' based the local telephone company, was Bert urness, Sheffield, and the '.battle of 'Iwa Jima where the married to Y2c Cleo M; Cronan j latter's son Richard, who had fleet was acting as 'cover for the ' mush-mouth says the scenes portray an "average" American family. Aw, nuts! • THE BRITISH will vote this former home of the Timms. The single ring ceremony was used and the ceremony was performed by the Rev. Mr. Nichols. Attndants were Dean V. Purcell whether ™<U^ C. H. Atkinspn, stay in! OI both is on a 30-day furlough en route j - March 26, five days before the from San Francisco to . Ports- invasion of Okinawa the task mouth, Va., where he will attend force, with other naval units a naval school. | started preparations for the in- Richard envsted in the 'navy vasion of that island Richard in August, 1941, at the age of 17 remained with his ship till Mav and took his boot training at 10. when he was relieved and Great Lakes, 111. He was then started on his return to the U S • . s ? 4nt *? Porismoutti, where jhe . Then on May 18 the Longshaw * Bt Present ; attended a hospital training, was sunk, hit by ghore installa- - week Friday pn Churchill's party will oiqj «», mt, c -j ,,, ,_ , power. The election speeches'. The * nde ' a Wave - ha s been could very well be copied from m semce two years, at present auenaea a nospuai training, was t those used in this country a year stationed at Washington, D. C. -school, after which he served in tions. ago in support of Roosevelt Mr ' a c d ^ Timm came to Al-1 a national naval medical center; Richard, who returned to San s w *^« gona Sunday, to join the Timm a t Bethesda. Me., In September rancisco, after travelinp 17000 •k SUICIDE PLANES mean an- daughter- Mary Ann. Mrs. Timm 1943, he was given sea duty, a-1 miles on the Pacific, will reoort other dead Jap, but too of ten' w '" return to duty in Washing- ^•-"•^ *v>° T^nocViour. or,^ ,-ont T,,I.. m *— _j , . . . f some of our boys are carried with | ton in a few days, him. But even the Japs must ». eventually run out of guys who G«Jfdner» Hold Reunion— don't like living, and prefer not' A Gardner family reunion was - held .Sunday ,at D. C. Gardner's in Union township- where a pic- to die for their emporer. * # _ FUR COATS would noj have' nic dinner was served at the been too out of place over house as it was too cold to eat board the Longshaw. and sent July 12 for advanced training at to the Pacific. a school fo r pharmacist's mates The Longshaw was a destroy- j at Portsmouth. He wears a er, part of a task force which Philippine .campaign bar, with took part in the battles and m-,four stars representing the four vasions of the Marshall islands,..invasions his ship took part in the Marianas, the Philippines, in the Philippine theater of war and a raid on the China sea to He also wears a national defense Canton, Hong Kong, and For-1 bar given those in service nrior wii-ic-a i rl r*not»rtVi f\f 4-Vi n T Q1-1 f 1/in+ +.-1 T^_« U 1 ' TT ' 1_ _ .. 4** *WX the weekend. Such weatjier! out doors. Attending were the mosa in search of the Jap x fleet, to Pearl Harbor. Yes, we are introducing a new note! ... ' A stunningly made summer linen in dark and light contrast for that very spocial occasion. It's in a junior size too, cfnd bears the inimitable annie £anrie touch. 'Made of Kawella, a lABTTEJi fabric laboratory tested. Sizes 9 to 17. * -irsa Cnri rsc The Congregational Parsonage •Located at No. 321 So. Mocrc St., in Algona By decision of the Board of Directors of the church, is offered I for sale. 'I And I .am authorized by ths Board to call for bids from ,.l any ol the public interested. All bids should be tendered ij'i I writinE?; and the bid accepted will be by approval of tfit'l congregation at a meeting called for the -purpo^o. It is cx-!| peeled that the highest bid will be accepted; but the right':I is reserved to reject any bid; and it should be understood il that a reasonable time is to be allowed to give "notice" to I present tenant, before new owner may take possession. Only 3 Blocks From Algeria's . Business Section ': . " The house has five good-sized rooms and largo front porch, and enclosed rear porch, below; fireplace; 4 large rpoms and bathroom arid deck-roof nn 2nd slory; roomy attic. The basement under main part of the hou'^c has 3 good- | sized rooms, furnace equipped with stoker. The sizeable barn at the rear of the lots is also available for purchase. ' IF INTERESTED In buying call on or write to me and I will arrange for you , tq inspect the property and supply full additional details, H. D. Hutchins, Realtor 110 So. Dodge St., Alffona, Iowa W»'U treqd . . . IOT« with •>QT put lor tbouiand* of •stra, cede wil» § . LOANER TIR« FREEI DUTCH'S Super-Service Algona Phone 33

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