Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on July 3, 1945 · Page 3
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 3

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 3, 1945
Page 3
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PAGE SIX Ottosen Youth Wounded as Gun Goes Off in Accident ...KOSSUtfH COUNTY ADVANCE, ALGONA, IOWA Tt 5:30—On the Mall. SHU—News Ir.iia V> 5:45—Jerry Smith 6:00—Heaven anil I 6:15—Win Service. Checkerboard 6:30—Farm New, I, 6:45—Jerry nml /el 7:00—News Irnm N 7:15—Time to Shin 7JO—Hible Broaden News Iruni \ 7:45—ClilT nnJ Helen 8:00—WorlJ Neivi I! Itamlilinj '•" Ucvcillt; Iluun<j 1:15—Story to Ordci Sonjlelloivs. . . Second Cup o* , Daily ex Sun l)ai!y ex Sun Daily ex Sun Ihily ex Sun Mon'V.'cd Fri un Ti:ci Tim Sal \VH()..naily ex Sun Daily ex Sun Drilv ex Sun Daily ex Sun Sundav () Daily ex Sun Dailv i-i Son Allen Ruth 8:30—r4BC String C Array Air For 8:40— Morn-ii! Markc SMS—Melody Madhn Victory Garde 9:00— Chriitinn Scien Nev.s nl the V Adventure* of 9:15—Prophrcy in N Lori I.awton. . 9:30—American l.ciji Road ol Life. . Doc, UviV.fi and »t45—News Irom W uiidup Sunday m M(,n V.cJ l-ri ip Tuc T-u Sat Sunday Mon \Vcd Fri "Tofice Tuc Thu . .Saturday ...Sunday -liru Fri 'ay uartet. (mm WKJ M-'n cs Hand . . . . Report Mon thru Fri sc ...... Mon thru Fri I'aradc ..... S.nurc'ay c ........... Sunday ,,rld ____ Mon thru Fri Archie Andrews ,. .Sat Ottosen, July 2—In a letter/ received Thursday by Mr. and ( Mrs. Samuel Kropf, from their . ' son, Pfc. Duane Kropf. he tells j | of being seriously wounded on i June 8. He is on duty in Germany, and I was driving a jeep on patrol duty, and about 2:30 became sleepy so a buddy riding with him took over, and Duane crawled in the back seat. The jeep evidently hit a bump : A ,,_,,. , n- i or something went wrong with tea - 1'eld last week Tuesday ey- the small gun that was in the , e . n . 1 . n S' . . jeep, and it went off, the bullet Wilberg as hostesses. entering Duane's leg, and going through an intestine. It left his back about four inches above his hip. He .said ten minutes after the accident he was in a hospital at Aachen, and was receiving the best of care. He wrote his folks not to worry as he was coming . . .Mon thru Fri Sun.Uy ...Mon ihru Fri I The Otiunci. . S.iturJay 1U Sim '-w Joyce Jordan.. Mon thru Fri Calling All Girls Saturday 10:00—America Back !ln C-nd Sunday FltED WAUI-.TJ SHOW.... ...MON THRU FIU K-C Jamboree Saturday I0l30—New. Hi(hli«hS.l Sunday Soldier Who Game Home I Mon thru Fri Smilin' F.d McConnell Saturday 10:45—Salon Strings | Sunday David Harum.L Mon thru I'ri 11:00—Church Services Sunday Judy and JaneL Mnn thru Fri Newj trim N1J1C Sr.iirJay 11:15—Perry Mason..i Mon thru Fri Rrttrr r.L'-OnesI Tn-csu S'.liri'-w 11:30—Edith Dunham V.'chhcr. .Mon thru Fri SENECA GIRLS CLUB HOSTESS FOR MOTHERS Seneca, July 2 — The Seneca Stars 4-H club entertained their mothers at an annual mother's Id last week Tuesday ey- wilh Jeanne and Doris ______ as hostesses. The program opened with welcome to the mothers and guests by the president of tile club, AMERICAS MERCHANT SEAMEN Atlantic Spot!! 11:45—The lluckarnos 11:55—Hymn lor loC ....... p. . .Mon V>'cd Fri 12:00—Old Fc'lh-m:J Markets ti I-r-.r Corn Htlt Hour 12:15—Saddle Ml. I!nn-_. Victory Farm;is Tuc Ihu 12:30—U. ,,I C!-.i. I'.clir.d Table Sunday News !.-,.m V.'HO IVi'.y c:; Sun 12:-15— SomSlclIow-s. . . j. . .Men \VeJ Fri Sat Served V.'ith S inj 1 uc 1 liu 1:00—The Ford S!mv| Sunday l',v:',dln^ Li.'ht. Mon thru Fn Mu-icara .!...! Saturday 1:15—Today's Gulden Mon thru Fri 1:30—Wcsnnjhousc Program Sunday Woman in SVlue Mon thru Fri Vstsran-.' A-lv snr Saturday 1-.45—Hymn-, .ila!l (.'.lurches Mon tliru Ihnrs Ik-.-.y Crocker ' Friday Neus About Itcliiion Saturday t :00—World 1'arade : ; Sun . J . a y A \Voma:i „( America. .Mon thru I-rl Mins-.r^-l Mcloiies Saturday 2:15—Ma 1'crliins Mt.n thru Fri i ; 30_(jne Man's Family Sunday I'cp Vounii's family...Mon thru Fri Mir.ic on Dispjay Saturday > ; .1S—Rijht to Happiness. .. .Mon thru 1-ri 3:00—Armv Hour .1 ; Sun '|. a '! B"c'-stai!e V/ii): Mon thru t-rl Children's I'.i(,le Hour Saturday 1:15—Stella Dallas.).... Mon thru Fri S ' ~ LorVn*', j'oncB '..Mon tiiru 1-ri Iowa Romidt l.le Saturday J;4S—Young Widdcj llrov.-n. .Mon tliru I-rl 4-.00—N11C Symphohy : Sun ° a V When r. GirlLMsrrics. .Mon thru I-ri Grand Holel Saturday 4-15—Portia Faces Lilc Mon thru Fri 4:30—Just Plain Hill Mon thru Fn News Irom M!C Saturday 4:45—Front Puic Fl.irroll Mon thru Fri Music ol M-;ilin:tan Saturday 5:00—liythm Roumjup Sunday News Irom M'HO Daily ex Sun 5,15—News Irt.u, WHO S--n,!av Caribbean Cruise Mon wed Fri Songs nt Twilight :Tu« Ihu S'lnftfcllowa J Saturday 5:30—Men at Sea.I Sunday Spo'liilht nn nhyilim..Mon thru Fri '' Tommy Dnrsk's Shnvv Saturday 5:50—Wa'r^Comm'enJtary..?...Mon thru Fri KYENIKG IJROGRAMS 6:00— Wayne Kim 1 , and O-cli Si:nd«y Lucia Th'irml and Co...Mon thru Fri Cliff Curl & C Sr.turc.ay 6:15—News ol the! World, Mun thru I-rl Tin Pun Alley Saturday 6:30—Bandwagon Mysteries Sunday •News Irom 1VHO Daill- ex Sun -News from NBC..Mon V.'eJ Thu Fri Jimmy FidlJr Tuesday Barn l)ance| Carnival Saturday 7:00—Frances along fine. He entered service a year ago last April, and took his basic training in the field artillery at Camp Rucker, Ala. He went overseas in February of this year i and has been on patrol duty in j France and Germany. He was 1 with the 759th battalion. The Kropfs have two other sons in the service, S-Sgt. Lowell Kropf, in the ground crew of the air forces at a camp in Florida, and S-Sgt. Harold, also with a ground crew of the air forces, stationed in England. Lutheran Aid Has Meeting— The Lutheran Aid met Wednesday afternoon in the church parlors with Mrs - R alP h Rich- Mon thru Fri j ards and Mrs. Clara Solberg as hostesses. Mrs. Oliver Kinseth, president, presided over the meeting. Mrs. S. H. Kropf and Mrs. Rasmus Olson had charge of the program: vocal solo, Marilyn Long; vocal solo, Mrs. Rasmus Olson's daughter; vocal solo, Charlotte Jacobson; reading Mrs. Melvin Ellingson; reading, | Mrs. Ralph Richards. The next meting will be in three weeks at the church parlors. ges, after which Margery Moore gave, The Country Girl's Creed. The girls joined in singing Dreaming, after which Mary Patterson read a poem, The Twelve of Us. Mrs. Henry Looft briefly explained next year's club project, and introduced Donna Moore and Wanda Olsen, who demonstated flower arrangement. The girls then regular business conducted a ** .Mf* erranean, merchant seamen are greeted by other surviving shipmates as they land at the Urmed Seamen's Service residential club at Algiers, North Africa, Here rest, relaxation and good cheer await them, after their harrowing experience, The club, one of 125 such units located on the six continents, has sleeping quarters, dining-room, snack bar and recreation room. Swea Cityans Chase a Deer Swimming in Spirit Lake Mrs. George Pommer, of Wo-j horn home. They are cousins, den. accompanie'd by her dau-| Mr. and Mrs. Orville Miller ghler and grandson, Mrs. John and family, of Swea City, were ,ht Saturday Mon thru I : ri ' •RAMS P^-vivc! ....... Sunday 3 Men thru l ; ri ,. - . £,1 1 HJi Ul III £,1 Ml 1UOVA1) ' A»Al«3t If WI ill lllJU J-CI1 1 H 1J ] \J L V^ W CCl \-r 1 tfjf I " V-«• V. rn 9 otln f' ° n ^|! Kahl and George, of Des Moines, a week ago Sunday afternoon voted to contribute SO to the 4-H I were last week Tuesday guests callers at Lester Osborn's. fund^which jcpes^ towards help-! Qt the Hem .y L ooft home. Mrs.| Mr. and Mrs. Torvald Peter- Kahl, who is Henry's sister, Jo- sen and family, of Ringsted, hnette, will leave the first part: were a week ago Sunday guests of July for Cheyenne, Wyo., j at Jens Peterson's. ing Chinese girls learn about 4-H work. The meeting closed with the Swea City, July 2—Chasing wild game by motprboat while equipped with nothing'but fishing tackle was the unusual experience of John Drew and a party of riends at Spirit Lake one day last week. As they sat fishing some distance from shore they saw a big buck deer come out of the woods on a nearby point of. land. Persons on shore noticed the animal at about the same time, and the deer, alarmed by the excitement. began to look around for; a way t o escape. Seeing his way; cut of by land, he took to the! water, and began to swim across' Ihe lake, his head and fine set! of antlers rising above the waves. The Drew group of fishermen, anxious to start in pursuit, were at ihnt time very close to the deer, but the motor of their boat | refused to start at first. They, did eventually follow him by j boat a nd found that he was swimming at a good rate of speed. About three quarters of a mile from the point at which he started the deer made fori shore- and once on dry ground i fairly flew into cover of the woods. . j Deer are becoming common in t rural areas, but it is unusual to If EXCCIJ Acid .C(iqiiM yoju paint qf $t0Jp«?l '.'Ulcers, Indigestion, Bleating, Gas, Heartburn, Belching, Nausea, .get &Jree .sample of. UDGA and a free interesting pamphlet at Figueroa B July 4»h-)-Kal Meyers July 12--S;n Thursday bell. Thursdav 4-H pledge after which dainty refreshments were served. Guests included Mesdames Oscar Patterson, Albert Cody, Curtis Olsen, Norman Thompson, where her husband is employed by the Burlington Trailways. Donna Jean and Lorraine Foley are spending two weeks vis- Mrs. Flynn Hunt and her dau- iting relatives at Chicago and ** .. . . T*V I _^1_ 1 Til Bernadine, and Mrs. Charles Reaper, Norma Estle, of Ledyard, is We no\v have the largest stoc fixtures in :the state of .Iowa. you had the opportunity to sele from such an 'outstanding.assorti . * ' Over 200 of them are wired our store so that you can see ther REPLACE OLD LIGHT FIX ATTRACTIVE NEW MOD find them so near quented by people. places fre-! However a an as e , , . Virgil Moore, Trvm Classen, R°y ! A]g t Rochester, Minn., on helping at the Roy Hartshorn's which were small a Osborn, Charles Osborn, and t Wednesday to visit the latter's for several weeks during the layed in a pasture n Jens Halverson. Modern Mixers Club Elect — , Mrs. Art Paulsen and Ruby j recently Wednesday ._ daughter Berniece, who sub- j early summer. i mitted to ?. major operation there Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Campbell were a week ago Sunday callers were hostesses to the Modern! Mrs. Hattie Turner, of Water- club Wednesday after- loo, is visiting at the home of her New officers were elect- i brother, Wm. Osborn. She ar- Girl Suffers Broken Arm — Barbara Enockson, 8, Jhad Mixer ed: Presidc'nl^Mrs." Jens P~eter-' rived Friday accompanied by, sen; vice, Mrs. Henry Looft; sec.- Pvt. Lyle Osborn, who is on fur- treas., Mrs. Cecil Baldwin. Per- lough and en route home visit-, feet attendance awards for be- ed at Neal Osborn's at Charles | ng neither absent nor tardy at City. j meetings during the past year, | Mrs. Wittman, of Kanawha, were awarded to Mrs. Art Paul- 1 visited Sunday at the home of sen and Ruby, Mrs. Cecil Bald- her daughter, Mrs Marvin Mill- Arm, Mrs. Roy Hartshorn, and er. Other guests were Mrs. Mill- the misfortune to break her arm a week ago Sunday afternoon in the Oppedahl cafe. She was sitting on a stool and leaning over O n the counter when she slipped and fell on her ai'm, breaking jt between the elbow and I shoulder. Tuesday night a blood 1 clot formed, and she was taken 1 to the hospital in Fort Dodge. She returned "Wednesday even- better. She is the youngest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. >Roy Enockson. at the Alfred Godfredson home. Mr. and Mrs. Art Paulsen spent a week ago Sunday at the home of their son Glen, near Grant. Current Cut Off for New Work on Rural High-Line Swea City, July2—The severe electrical storm that struck here last week Tuesday evening did group of workmen at Fairmont saw two deer as they were working on a street construction project near the southeast edge of : that town recently. The deer,' and young, not far from : he workmen. When frighten- i d they ran across yards <and ardens, and dissappeared among he trees near Calvary cemetery. Free Estimates on ng Come in and tell us about your wiring proh- llro EHMORE, IOWA ..July in-c.-. cures of electric vcr before have t your fixtures ent. nd on display in lighted. URES \VITII iRN ONES Mrs. Caleb Hartshorn. Follow- or's brother and family, the Ho- j'"" ™ * da m a ee to trees ing the business meeting Mrs. I ward Wittmans, and the Melvin' consumable damage to trees, A 1 : _ T-» _i__ 1 1 „!.,,,,,-»,-, _C TT..»_J. ./*„. 11.» _ £ T"^,-.! 11..»« . . i UOtJl Amelia Petersen had charge of Hunt family of Dolliver. in town and in the coiin- recreation. Refreshments were enjoyed late in the afternoon. Party for Four-year-old— Richard • Petersen was the guest of honor at a birthday Burl's sister and family, the i try. There was no wind but the Mr. and Mrs. Robert Burt en-] lightning was the most violent tertained the latter s brother and continuous seen here in sev- and family, the Ralph Fleirs, of eral years anc ] the storm lasted Haifa, at dinner a week ago Sun- unusua ]i y ] o , lg . Many trees and day. Other guests were Mrs.' telephone lines were struck and j Bryant Family to Algona— ! Mr. and Mrs. Evered Bryant and family have moved to Alcona, where Mr. Bryant will be employed in the Brown dairy party given for him by his par- L CO Gucrdetts. ents and grandmother, the Clar-, Mr _ and M AMn ence and Emma Petersens last Thursday evening. Richard observed his fourth birthday. Present to help him observe the event were the maternal grand- farmers report damage to elec- I trical equipment and phones. Nelson, .Will Johns, who lives south- Mrs. Kenneth Halverson and | west of town, lost two horses pnd,Mr. and Mrs. ^Hen r j by 'lightning. - •g attended the Halver- * son family picnic at Crawford J Both Parents of a ry park at Fort Dodge a week ago parents the Herman Madsens, g— " * — Swea Cifc Man Die 5Sh RinSted 1 VTnd Mrs"! f^ a " d ^ f me7s . ~^< - Swea City, July 2 - Charles wens, mngsieu, ivit. ana ivir^ Qnd DeQn and Arden Zle]ske) o£ Sshemmel ]f)cal restaurant own . Marvin Ledyard,. were ^a week ago Sun-j er> who had jusl re turned from Mr. Bryant has been manager of, ™ s "nd CRiymond Peter-' ^ dinner and supper &*!* at ' the burial of his mo her at New tho lnn.nl prpnmprv. As vet. no MllleiS, and me Jtaymona rcLLl-.,, p n1 _ h TJTnrtohnrn hnmp Thpvlrr: __n_.-, -, ,. i_ n.-^ the local creamery. As yet no one has been hired to replace him. Other Ottosen > T ew Mr. and Mrs. Chester Alne and daughter Shirley were last week Tuesday evening callers at the Eugene Hofius home. Mrs. Knut Oppedahl and son sens ,of Haifa. Dinners for Ames Guests— Wednesday evening dinner were Mr. and Mrs. ness, of Ames, and Alfred En- Mrs. Jens Halverson. Thursday evening the Ennesses were honored at the Jerrold Halverson's, near | the Caleb Hartshorn home, xney | Vienna, was called back to that spent the night fishing for cat-.| p]ace Friday by news that his fish- . ... father, Frank Schemmel,, had Mr. and Mrs. Curtis Olsen had died> The elder Mr S chem- home of i old for ]T)any years was an auc Jclnmy Pri Mr. & Mr Roy Shield Cities Servic Medal ol Honor. .Mon n ts Tut-adty North Wednesday Co Thursday Highways Friday ^VLI.O. AVIIMI, v^|.n_«m.* ***.« ..—.-, LJJ^J uunuju inuivui ouii ^, ncai Knut Jr., returned home last Cylinder. Other guests were the Sunday | wee i c Monday evening after a | j ens anc i Robert Halversons, the evening their daughter and son-in-law, | tioner in Bancroft. Of late the the Howard Prestons. It was couplc has made their home a the latter s birthday a Dubuque home for the aged. Last week Monday dinner guests at the Charles Osborn 8:00- To be ur.noinccd Saturday 7:30—Tommy DorJcy £ Ci Sunday Voice .,( Tr^tone ^" n ^ A Date will Judy lucsiiay Gay Mrs. F:rthcrs(one... .Wednesday Adventures |,l Topper 'llinriday Correctiim I'lcase l-'ri,lay To be unnojinccd Srturday 0—ManliuUan Merry-Go Und.. 1. .Sunday Telephonu lour Monday Mystery Theatre TUCM ay Wednesday I'.'ith You Wednesday Him! Crosby Thursday Waif/. Time; F"day National Blrn Dance boturday 8:30—Album Fain liar Music Sunday Rise Slevcnji Sho'-v Mor.dcy Victor Hurfii! Show Tu-Jsuay Mr. Distric Attorney Wednesday Bob Hums Th " rll .° a '' People A re , Funny !• ruioy Iowa Barn Hance Frolic Saturday 9:00—Hour oi Chnrm Sunday Contented Ifro'ram Mnnuay The Man falldl X Tuesday Collciiu ol Musical Knowledge with Phil Hr.rris Wednesday Abbott & Olstello Thursday Uunninj'er, The M'jntalist... .FrinYy 9:JO— Meet Mi At Parky'j Sunday Dr. 1. U.. Monday Sismund R,mberi! Tuesday We Came This \Vuy Thursday Hollywood The;itrc , 1'rii'ay 10:00-Austin & Scott ; Su "'l»y Chesterfield Sun. Club Mon thru Fri 10:15-New. from V.'HO............. .Da-ly 10:30—War Sfrv. !.B...Sun Mon Wed Thu F.vcrylhini! lor the Hoys... .Tuesday Can You Tnp This .hnday To be annolinccd Srturday 10:15—America limited .Sunday Your Navv Presents Monday Waldorf flo el Orch Wednesday Szath-Myri 'resents ll.u.sduy N;w« from > BC Sun Mon Tue Km Sat weekend at the home of the former's grandmother, Bacon, in Algona. Mrs. Cora ll:00-N Speak l.'p Bill Stern . 11:05—Music 11-.IS—Starlit Rna! Timely Top 11:30— Old Fashioi London Col News from 11-.45—Mu.ic 11:55—Nowi from I Sustain ti All listings r Americanism ....Wed .... Friday '.'.'.San Mon Tu" Thu Sat WcJncsday cs Friday cd Revival Sunday imn Mon'lnv WHO Tucs thru Sit Daily PX Sunday Dailv ex Suu 11 .33 i>li*v» n uin i n» *• • • • i -- 12:00—Midnight Dliytlim I'arude..Mon tlmi e Winds ........ Saturday subject to change H. W I)HAY AMI Storage cf All Kinds Long 1 J)is( Every loud nice Hauling' insured against Equipped to hauling and c raying. PHONE 298 POST T KANSK Kit loss and damage, of all kinds. do all kinds of Algona, la. SWEA CTIYANS GREET LT. COL. R. M. MINKEL Swea City July 2—Lt. Col and Mrs. R. M. Minkel returned to Fort Dodge Tuesday after a few day with friends at Swea City and Bancroft. Col. Minkel, former Swea City physician,, has just returned from 42 months overseqs as medical officer for the "Red Bull" '(34th) division. He was with the first group of American soldiers to land in Ireland, went through the African and Italian campaigns, and was on the field as medical officer with the boys in actual combat in Tunisia. Cassino, the Po valley, and most o f l ne other actions of that theater of war. Two Kossuth men were in the company of which he was in command. The are Bernard Burtis, of Bancroft, and Elmer Cook, of Algona. His battalion received the distinguished unit citation from the war department for their service at Cassino, and Dr. Minkel received the bronze star for service in support of combat operations. Col. Minkel refused to make an estimate of the number of American boys he had treated, because, of military restrictions, but. did say that he believed the number exceeded fifty thousand. At present he is on a 30-day furlough, having been flown to Miami, Fla., from Italy, then by train to Fort Dodge. Mrs. Minkel joined him at Chicago to accompany him home. He will report at a Miami rest camp early in July. When asked what change was the most noticeable after nearly four year's absence, Dr. Minkel said, "Our daughter." The little girl referred to is Susan, who was a baby of two years when her father went overseas, and is now a sejf-relant young miss of school age. Otto Wilbergs, and Jensens, Albert Ullestads, and Ronuld and the ton. •r.rsims in.- home were Mrs ' Hattie Turner,! the Linus ^Waterloo, and Wm Osborn,! and Mrs. Eula Williamson. Mr. and Mrs. Jens Peterson Picnic and Skate Party— Mary Patterson was hostess at a picnic supper at her home a week ago Monday evening. The guests were her classmates, and Cpl. Wayne Nyman and Kenneth Campbell. Following the picnic the group went to Armstrong to spend the evening roller skating. Jensen Uncle Dies— Mr. and Mrs. Otto R. Jensen attended the funeral a week ago Tuesday afternoon at the Meth-1 odist church at Armstrong, for t an uncle, Henry Mausehaume. j Hurlburt Farm Sold— Hans Thompson recently purchased the Mrs. Hurlburt farm north of Seneca. The Crosly family lives there now. Other Sonoca IVows. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Looft and David were Sunday evening dinner guests at the home of the former's uncle_and aunt, Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Schutter, at West Bend. Other guests were Mrs. John Kahl and son George, of Des Moines, Mr. and Mrs. George Pommer. Woden, Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Munsen and sons of West Bend, and Mrs. John Schutter and son, whose husband and father is in the medical corps on one of the Philippine islands. Mrs. Peterson's brother, the Paul Saxtons, near Fenton. Shirley Metzgar, daughter of the Clarence Metzgars, Algona, Get Home Comfort that Lull • Houietime with an EAGLE CERTIFIED INSULATION JOB Phone us today CowanBlrtgSupplyCo. Phone 275 ALGONA, IOWA HAIL JON'T LAY DOWN YOUR Advance or U. D. M. subscription laiement and forget it. The pa- ers are slopped now if not paid n advance. OVERWORKED EYES - L NEED .HELP „ n. w, nmunson OPTOmCTRIST lems. We are equipped to do the ly if it is-necessary. Our wiring inspections. . work immediate- passes all safetv Keep In Touch With Him Your electric dealer is a good friend, ..ttc'll tell you how to get the most out of the appliances you already own. He'll repair them when neccs sary. He may from time to time you badly need—so keep .in touc will be glad you did. V\ore Comfort Wearing FALSE TEETH Here Is a pleaaant way to overcome loose plate discomfort. FASTEETH, an mproved powder, sprinkled on upper and .lowart.plavas holds them.firmer so that they feel more comfortable. No I summy. poocy, pasty taste or feellne. j It's alkaline (non-acid). Doea not sour. • Checks "plate odor" (denture breath). Get FASTEETH today at any drug store. JRut Your Name On Our Waiting Lisi For All Electric Appliances £s They Trickle In. No Obligation Because We^Can't Promts PHONE 170 lave merchandise i with him. You ; Delivery. THIS YEAR'S GERMIHAPON EXCEEDED HIGHEST E. STATE* spent the last three weeks at the home of her grandparents, the J. W. Bolligs. Mrs. Hans Madsen is at present staying at the home of her son Clarence. She has not been enjoying the best of health this spring. Mrs. Jens Petersen attended a ' Sunday schol teachers' meeting last Tuesday afternoon at Mar, ius Hendricksen's, near Ringsted. Everett and John Hartshorn, of Ledyard, were a week ago Sunday guests at the Roy Harts- INSURANCE See L. S. Bohannon .Over S. & L. Dept. Store BUDGET ESTIMATE SCHOOL DISTRICT NOTICE — The board of directors of Algona Independent School District, Algona township, Kossuth county, Iowa, will meet July 20. 1945, at 8:00 P. M., at the High School. Taxpayers will be heard for or against the following estimate of expenditures for the year beginning July 1, 1945, and ending June 30, 1946. A detailed statement of receipts and disbursements, both past and anticipated will be available at the hearing. LEORA K. ST. JOHN District Secretary 1,2 " Expenditures for Year C3J O3 2! O5 FUNDS • H -^ 3 rH _ 1 g c £• c ^1=9 £ •? General 90,520 100,864 Total General Fund 90,520 100,864 Bonds and Interest 12,513 12,521 Total All Purposes 103,033 113,385 Secretary's balance July !• 1945. 1. General fund 1 2 Less unpaid bills 3 Less Balance reserved Net unincumbered balance (G. F School House Fund Number of persons of school ag Taxable valuation, 1944 Moneys and credits, 1944 E M £ £ Proposed Expendi- S S £ Sture Estimated " - S S § §1945-1946 Estimated unen- cumbered Bal- ^ ance to Apply Upon This Budget w 51 51 Estimated In- g K gjcome Other o o oTh an Taxation i S w S § Amount Neces- » M "w "io "in w sary to 'be Raised g g g § § by Taxation $1,320 .. $54,988 $56,308 .) _„ 00,000 — - $27,195 e _- — 1412 ___$2,929,420 „ 1$84R,084, sports cfs ted person ^ith tall " BIGGER EARS! '(N THE FAll

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