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The Daily Free Press from Kinston, North Carolina · Page 1

Kinston, North Carolina
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Tuesday, April 6, 1920
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fm DAILY FREE PR "Bead It Flnr'to The Free Press J rr4r's New' Todr, , Vol.,23. No. 1 SECOND EDITION KINSTON, N. C, TUESDAY EVENING, APRIL 6, 1920, SIX PAGES TODAY ' PRICE TWO CENTS l' wench toot G Occupy 1 laSe vei CharglnVThat,Br,lin.Governmeiit sallies, Paris )rdor$ Degoutte Tke Publication, of Newspapers Stopped AH Communications in French Hands. " -.,1 ,. - .,.' . . t h ' Delivery of Firearms Demanded Strike Gatherings Forbidden "Not Con- querors"-rN Fighting if 'Absolute Order isMaintained America Awaits Word From Italy and, -Britain. . ' . ' " ''"'.' (Br the United 'Tress) '.,,'" Paris, April 6. -French troops have entered. Frankfort and Darmstadt, it wa stated officially here today.'' V' . . " V The troops "entered the two German cities Simultaneously at 5 a. m. They "fodnd. only' the local ' police,' who "offered no resistance. V-',' The French will occupy Hamburg, Haeaa and Disburg, it was stated. General Degontte issued v a proclamation declaring the, "troops were not conqueror and that" there will' be no fighting provided vabsolute 'order is maintained, ' 1 ' r ' The operation of the German public service will continue under. French rMitrol. Strike-gatherings of more than "five persons are forbidden. The newspapers are not permitted to publish Telegraphs, telephones and mail have been placed, under military censorship. The proclamation declares all weapons must be delivered Immediately to the tity hall- except those 0 the regular police. ,'.''". 1 "- ' The French occupation of the German cities followed a Ionic controversy between the French and German governments jn which France charged that Germany was repeatedly attempting to evade , the terms of the treaty of Versailles. The foreign office announced at 1:30 p. tin. that the German reichswehr garrisons had surrendered to the French occupation army. The army of occupation consists of two' divisions, totalling 15,000 men. mostly cavalry. ' - Berlin, April 6. The French embassy here today confirmed the report that French troops occupied Frankfort this morning. " U. S. Waits. Washington, April 6. The United States will await - indications of the attitude of Great Britain and Italy before taking any action in connection with the advance of French troops into German territory, it was said officially today. This country probably vill then concur in any stand taken by those two powers, it was added. . Voters Have Thirty Days More in Which Oppose City's Move The City Council Monday night by a vote "of seven to three, Aldermen George O. Brown, Joseph Kennedy and t Joseph May voting negatively, finally adopted the ordinance for the reconstruction of the municipal elee-trie plant a a cost of $250,000 or $300,000 with the proviso that it shall tie tauieu another 30 days for the pre sentation of any petitions that citi zens majr desire to offer for submi sion of the question, to a vote of the people. 1 According to authorities three fifths of the qualified voters would have to sign such a petition.' , ' Engineer W. C. Olsen was instructed to proceed to advertise for bids. Olsen returned to his present honio at jSumter, S.v C Tuesday, ; stating that he expects to locate here to su-pervise the - work unless something prevents the construction. " , . There was no largo delegation, of citizens present and ; the ' discussion was tame. ICE CREAM, DEMANDS JUROR, MORNING, NOON" AND AT DUSK . BY M. D. TRACY t ; (United Press Staff Correspondent.) Tombstone, Ariz., April '6. "I gotta have another of them cornucopias," impatiently remarked an elderly gentleman to the keeper of Tombstone's only soda fountain, hich is located in Tombstone's combination drug store, , cabaret,, concert hall, news stand and cigar' emporium. "If that old fellow don't quit chas-- 'ng me over here after cornucopias he's goin', to founder hisself," the elderly gentleman went on- Jt was a bailiff carrying out the court's instructionawith regard to the care of the Bisbee "deportation" jury. - ; ' - "You gentlemen are to see that every want of these jurors " is filled," was what Judge gain Pattee Jiad told the three bailiffs the night he ordered the' cowboy jury locked up for the remainder of , the J historic trial in" which it is , sitting. , .? : , . i , . ' Those orders were a signal for ev-7 jurpr to satisfy the least whim ti' V.. Eranldort INT: Hs, Repeatedly, Violated" Terms of Ver Number .of Important Municipslities Johnson Has Good Lead Over Wood. in Michigan Primary s(By the -United Presa) Detroit, April 6'. Straggling returns from upstate districts today-showed that Maj.-Gen.4 Leonard Wood was . cutting into Senator Hiram Johnson's lead. in the 'Michigan presidential . preference . primary, s Unofficial figures at 10 a. tii. gave Johnson 107,132, Wood 64,410. In Detroit suburbs Johnson piled up a lead of ' 50,000, but this is being cut into as returns filter in from the rural districts. ' Keal Test. Says. New York, kpril. 6. It's the first big test of popular. sentiment," Senator vliiram Johnson said today in reference to the Michigan Republican primary. ' '"Heretofore ' we've. . had North '' Dakota, which ' I won, and South5-Dakota.' which Wood won, anil Minnesota, with its trick fraud primary, which nevertheless I won. Michigan is the first great test. The ballot, there "was simple with just the names of. the candidates, on it". MULE RIG BACKS OFF i- 'BRIDGE INTO NEUSE; ? ' HOG ONLY CASUALTY. . Two mules drawing a wagon loaded with hogs' took' fright at a motorcycle at ' the west ' end " of Caswell Street Bridge Tuesday and backed the wagon overboard on the north side. One hog was killed. It was immedi ately:-butchered.'; The other porkers, Which wcre-r consigned to a slaughter house,-, it' is understood, were saved for their preordained fate. The tlriv- er and, mules escaped injury, but the I wagon, was smashed. The. outfit be longed to Neal Wallace of Dover. he had developed in long, dreary months of riding ranges, and facing the wind, sun and sand of the desert With the 6neman the chief demand has been for- talcum after a shave. Another is forcing the county to fur nish' him with a luxurious handsoap which contains olive oil as a relief from the t brand ' purchasable at the crossroads ' grocery. But with one-juror the demand is for iee. cream, cones. W'ho the dissipating member of the jury is, no one can tell, but that does not alter the fact, that all; Tombstone knows his failing for vanilla ice cream. r ' Just before eourt convenes in the morning a bailiff makes a hurry call at the soda fountain. ''One of them yanilla cornucopias," hie. says.---: . . '-- . '..' "At noon he appears again. And twice in the evening before and after the movie show it's "k cream cones for one" and the bailiff disapV pears behind the swinging doors of the courtroom, , aiid Will rl Pi it 1 Grand Duchess Olga W,v;:..y-::f:? wmm 4 .-Ji; , C&YP'CiilT KLVoTCWS VIEW CO, NLW OHK Urand lwn. a1k. st;r of th It) til Czar Mr i tolas, of ICushui. hu bi I'll lomtit hv Amrriran Kcd I'l'o;; workers I'.vtna: in a hoie car. in SyntJn J'.nwin. H!i' vvrw .dlKC0vere4 loiimK' . j.'"ni ; i '.uevs-f rem llio ler-' Vitcry 'j-cconi :v ronquered b .-the . V, )! .iiiv'M. ,r hiirti itM.-tnnce ;ia si. i) roulil. ttlthoiitjh'.lierself clad In. raw iind jjriKi-t ul lop any food -and" 'mlnns she could And. Irish Pickets in Front of British Embassy; Placards (By the United Press) Washington, April 6. Defying the police, two Irish pickets appeared before the British embassy today and walked up and down displaying pigns denouncing Britain's course in Ireland and charging that a massacre of the Irish was in progress. "The police' yesterday broke up picketing by arresting two women, who were later released. A ' short time after the women took up their; places the police appeared on the scene and took the pickets into custody. COTTON Futuics quotations ' Tuesday were: .Open. f 'lose, ! 31.03 ! January . ... , . .', ; May , . . July - 37.62 October .. . 34.80 December 34.08 Local receipts to ,3 o'clock were about 25 bales, the high, pce 30 1-2. "HZ TRv WIRELESS CONTROLLED TORPEDO DEMONSTRATED BY.INVENTOR. -r.-V wireless control for torpedoes, has been invented by E. F.;Xilarin of , New, York who demonstrated the workings of . his device in NewvYork today using a moder on wheebi for t the demonstration. ' By means of wireless Mr. Clavin seated at a table directed the course of -the Model over ; floor "of the armory,-, The invent-or claims that by using his device it will be possible to direct the course l torpedoes Tire at sea, ', Immense Crowds at Dublin Threaten to Precipitate Combat (By the United Press) : Dublin, April 6. Tension in Dublin had increased today following clashes between soldiers and crowds in the streets last night. ' The troops raided a building on which the Sinn Fein flag was flying. They arrested four men. I , In attempting to removt the prisoners in. a military? truck the troops encountered huge crowds which blocked the streets in all directions. The soldiers fixed their 'bayonets and the truck proceeded slowly. As, the crowds pressed forward an armored automobile following the truck suddenly opened fire with a niachinegun, firing into the air. The mob' scattered in all directions. Minor outbreaks continued today in many parts of the country. : Henry Cabot Lodge is FJeal -Republican Candidate, Asserts (By the United Press) Washington, April 6. '"There are only three candidates for president on the Republican ticket.; One is Johnson, another Hoover, all the rest arc Henry Cabot" Lodge," was the comment today on' the Michigan -primaries .of Homer Cummings, chairman of the Democratic National Committee. Cummuigs admitted his ; statement was cryptic but . refused to analyze it. AS INDEPENDENT NATION OLD CAROLINA A FINE DEMOCRACY ' From the spring of 17?a until No- vember 21 of that year North Caro- lina, a sovereign power with: a minis-j ter en route to FVance and a chargo i d'affaires at the United States capi-Jtho tal, was doing some scrapping-over certain- reservations aud amundments to a league Covenant just as the Unit ed States Senate has been carrying-on, for' the. past! year: or two, according to Dr. James M. 'Parrott, of this city, who declares comparatively few North Carolinians know, about it. A long time ago Dr. I'arrott, deeply interested in the state's history, collect ed data dealing with the common wealth's early experiments in self- government. Hr has recently found substantiation for a part of his data ! .. .. ' Jf fct ....1. !.- 1 111 a new nisutiy 01 ngrut vsioinia. The 11 iilsboio convention Was one of the most interesting ever held anywhere, according iu-Dr. Parrott." There the Carolina statesman discussed the Federal Constitution pro and con, did a lot of votjng and finally ratified it by a vote of 193 to 75. This state and Rhode Isluiul, tho last two to ratify, as most- every school boy knows, forced some amendments of tremendous import auce to be adopted. North Carolina v as 1 a stiekler for 40.30 ! freedom-of speech and of the press 38.07 and for religious freedom. .35.17 Some Tarheel opponents of the fed-34.38 oration seemed to think North Caro- lina would remain a separate nation, (That it 'was 'considered so for some Henry Ford . ' t'Q, OPVIllUTKtSiJONCJltWiCO,HfWAyl A new photograph of Henry Ford, the flivver king. SALE OF HARVEY HOUSE , FOR NEARLY $20,000. The home of the ate Mrs. Kate A. Harvey was purchused at - administrator's sale Tuesday by A. D. Hub-good. The consideration was $10,100 cash, and bidding started at abput $15,"boo. The residence is located in Northwest Kjnstoti and is an uttraet- ivi idni't Th, Hiilit miiKr rumnin ontin ) 20 days for1 confirmation of court. month.- by. Jl&. aoxa'i,)aCl,."Iqk.J United States is evidenced by the fact that the federal judiciary act did not apply in the Commonwealth,' while representative of "this govcni'J .ment" at Philadelphia actually pur-I sued the duties of a charge d'affaires of one govt) nmuut in the , tenitnry j of another.- The minister plenipotentiary of North Carolina to- Franco was actually on thjfi high seas when ratification took place. - The representative at Philadelphia was instructed to' learn what North Carolina's uota of the revolutionary - war debt was in order 'that it might be paid regardless of what course the - state should take as to adding its star to the- federal constellation. It is nc of the proudest facts in the state's history that it demanded to be permitted to pay its part of this indebt edness whether it remained out of .or should join the-union, Dr. Parrott de clares. Rhode Island, Maryland and North Carolina have always been of tiimilar tendencies in many respects, according to the local "historian, because t the migration of brainy Rhode Islanders to, Maryland and this state. Those who came here tnrried a while in Maryland.' Illinois completes the quartet of tho "most similar-states in America." One finds thousands of people there .who think, look "and a-t like.North Carolinians, Their anccs- tors, were Tarheols. 3.5 r Pi I " v4til! ' t . i Loss in Last Fiscal Year Small; Lihters Big Item The.fii loss in this town of 10,000 or 12,000 population during the past fical year ending March 1, according to the report of Fire Chief Moseley, made to City Council Monday night, was only $34,850, and $23,000 of this was incurred in two blazes which consumed quantities of cotton ' lintcrs. The' loss on buildings was only $7,-1J5, on contents $27,675, and there were only nine fires at which proper-ty was destroyed. The value of the buildings at risk was $24,600, and of their contents $34,500, or a total of $5l),000. A' large part of the damage was incurred in u single fire which destroyed or damaged several dwellings and their contents. Though the reconstruction building boom has only recently started here, permits were- issued during the year for 42 new dwellings' und a number of business buildings, the total to cost $222,320, Repairs and alterations added $ltf,426 to this sum.- FIRE BELL TOWER TO GO. Kinstou's locally famous "leaning tower" is doomed. The city will have it razed;' The tower houses, the fire bell and the "calaboose,"; the ancient municipal jail. ' The fire: bell is re-' garded as a useless thing,, anyway, and the lock-up is an institution abhorred by the- police- and criminals 1 alike, though for different . reasons. The npex of the tuwer s some 70 or 75 feet in the air. For months it has hud a list' of five or 10 degrees to- jward the Lenoir County jail. Were it to fall there iwould be consideible damage done. Some ' weeks ago the' city officials .considered having the tuwer braced up.' The county officials, declaring they own the ground on which it stands and have had difficulty in getting the city authorities to recall the day in years gone fey-whctr-elir-ii tnptiwura'WM, 1 ""Utmuu'-ed it," refused, ,to permit repairs to be made on the tower. FAMOUS CHARACTERS IN , . COMING GRAND DILL The farcical comedy,,. "Business De-fore rieaburc," comes to the Grand Theatre ' for ail engagement of one night on Friday, April 9i Its leading roles are acted by two characters widely known to the- theatre-going public, Potash1 and Perlmuttrr. The story deals with the cloak and suit merchants' invasion of the motion picture business. -: These two characters appear during' the entire performance, and they have in store an unlimited amount of laughs. ENGLAND HAS A " CLEVER BLIND GOLFER. Ijondou, April 6. Perhaps tho most remarkable triumph . over blindness yet "achieved is that of a vV. C. officer fwho can still play golf. He goes on the course accompanied by his -wife, and his ball is teed for aim by a caddy. His wife' assists him to get his feet into exactly the right position. The caddy then rings a tiny bell over the ball te as to indicate to the player's acute tiRarfng the exact spot at which he must aim.. On the green he relies also upon touch . NEW IORK SPORTS DACKING THE GIANTS, New York; April 6.- Sporting men on Broadway are backing the Giants heavily to beat the champion Reds out of the National League pennant. They seem to think that the Reds will be overconfident and - that Mc- Grnw's reconstructed infield will de liver the goods. For American League honors the Clevclands are in much favor among betting men, who predict ' that the rumiers' up will lie the Tigers and Yankees. JAZZ LINED FACE IRONED . OUT BY BEAUTY DOCTORS Loudon, April 6. la Paris' they call it the "tired tango face," but in I-ondon,' If is the "jazz lined ' face." During the war the ' beauty doctors were' rushed ' by attending to - many tired ' women workers. Long 'hours in the canteens gave" their" eyes' and faces' a weary look. Now many of the clients of 'the beauty ootors' come to have massaged out fatigue lines Caus ed by' dancing Into the early hours of the morning. Even young girls have lines around the eyes and mouth from too many hours spent in dance halls. ' ARNOLD 'CON VICT ED. ,E. R. Arnold,' who last winter took cash orders for apples here;wh?ch .were not delivered, -was convicted in SuperionCourt'Tuesday, . Judge Kerr ! sentenced him to one year. V ' ' Fire Man With a Bottle ) in Courtroom; Two Accused Mansla'ter The grand jury returned a true bill charging manslaughter against Ed Goff and George Jones, ' two young hite men, whose cara were in a collision at the intersection of West LeV noir and College streets a few weeks ago. The accident resulted in the death of an elderly woman, Mr. Jas, Bari'ow, and injury to other occupants of the cars. Bottle In Courtroom. ( Frank Taylor, of Iron Bridge notoriety, had ; difficulty ! in" keeping a quart bottle, which according to rep utable-witnesses who saw him supposedly was filied with contraband liquor, under cover while looking on at ; the proceedings in Superior Court Tuesday morning. Tayldr gave evidence, of having "looked on tho nip ' while it was red," but according, to the same witnesses, was when in the ' -court room, not' so much under: its influence as to be unable to "navigate," Later when he was seen on the street, he was manifestly intoxicated. - Tho presence in the court room of the bottle escaped the notice of the officers but not those who were sitting in the vicinity of Taylor. No witnesses were found who would state that Taylor- actually partook of the bottle while in the temple of justice, but in some way it got out of his pocktf1 and it was tho evident truu- ble that he hud in returning it to a fibice of cover thnt nt.t'wted the attention of thohe nearby.' It is re- portecl that friends saw 'the dilemma In which Taylor .was placed and sue-. reeded in getting him out of the court,'. room befori his bottle's presence was discovered by the officers. , 7 M- . ... -u . . , , MICHIGAN VOTES ON ' PRESIDENT! AU CHOICES. " , (By tho United Press) fflinslufr," Mtch.f''Atfirtl"n.--i-M1r1iigan' voter are to signify their choices for the presidential - nominations in - statewide ' preference primary to day. , " " Air' of the important Republican candidates for the domination except Senator Warren G. Harding of Ohio ' qualified for places on the ballot. . ' Wood and Lowdcn have both been conducting active campaigns in . the state. The ' Democratic candidates arc: William'.' Jennings Bryan, Nebraska; Edward I. Edwards, New Jersey; .A. Mitchell Palmer, New York; William Gibbs "McAdoo, New York; Herbert C. ' Hoover, California. Eugene V. Debs is the only So cialist - candidate.. - LUCKY DOG. (By the United Press) , ' London; April 6. "That he must be kept really nice aud clean, and sleep in someone's bed" was a condition at-, taching to a bequest of a pet dog, plus $250 and $100 a year for the animal's kcept. -Four daughters of the testator had the option. BRASS BANDS, ETC., FOR PROFITEERS IN WALES. s (Bjr the United Press) Cardiff, April- 0. Avon Valley miners are going " to take - drastic steps ' against ' profiteers. - The miners have pledged themselves not to pay more than "reasonable" prices for foodstuffs, and retailers refusing to -tell are to be reported to a specuil union committee which will arrange demonstrations, headed by brass bands, to "serenade" offenders. DIVORCE FROM NOISY HUSBAND FOR WOMAN, (By the United fit) London, April C Novel "cruelty grounds were advanced in a separation suit at -Willesden, when a woman declared that her husban's voice watt a torture to her. "He is a big, strong man, with a powerful voice, and I. have to be carried to bed in a state of collapse when he starts shouting," -she said; Separation. ' ' : J CAPTAIN McNEIL HERfct ;Ciipt. James D. McNeill, fof many-years president of the State Tire-men's Association, was here 'Tues-day in the -interest of that organisation." Captain "McNeill is a former -mayor of Fayetteil!e, where he' .',--'. NAPOLEON'S' YACHT SOLD. ' ? (By the United Press) Pari; Apr if " 6. The J-ach tw of tho ex-Emperor r.Napolwn;' III has ' let sold tit 'Marseilles for $2ti,000. J-

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