Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on July 3, 1945 · Page 1
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 3, 1945
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PAGE TWO .KQSSUTH COUNTY ADVANCE, ALGONA,. IOWA . ^TUESDAY, JULY BUSINESS DIRECTORY LAWYERS W. B. Quartoti H. W. Miller QUARTON & MILLER Law Offices County Attorney Phones: Office 427, Residence 700 Algona, Iowa LINNAN & LYNCH Attorney s-at-Law Office over Kossuth Mut. Ins. Bldg. Algona, Iowa Phone 261 J. D. LOWE Attbrney-at-Law Phone 287 VAN HESS b BRUNSON Lawyers Office in new Heise block Phone 213 Algona, Iowa G. D. Shumway E. D. Kelly H. F. Fristedt SHUMWAY, KELLY & FRISTEDT Attorneys-at-Law Hutchison building Methodist Church at Burt Improved and Rededieited •-•••- • • • ,• -.•••• • •• .-,..- ' JL • . • t : :—;— Phone 58 Algona, Iowa LAURENCE A. WINKEL Altorney-at-Law Hutchison Building Phone 180 Algona A. HUTCHISON (deceased) DONALD C. HUTCHISON THEODORE C. HUTCHISON Attorneys-at-Law Security State Bank bide. DOCTORS C. H. CRETZMEYER, M. D. Surgeon and Physician Office John Galbraith block Phones 44Q-31Q Algona, Iowa IMPROVEMENTS PAID FOR AND BALANCE LEFT Burt, July 2 — Hedudication | services were held at the Methodist church a \yo=k ago Sunday following completion of a number of improvements. Dur- ' ing the past few months a hew heating plant has been installed, j the walls of the main room have ' been covered with nu-wood, ihe | floor has been sanded, and other repairs made. At the morning service Dr. L. D. Havighurst. superintendent of j the Fort-Dodge district, deliver-j ed the sermon. Special music in-1 rluHed a'duet by Lorena Rieb-1 hoff and . Donna Jean Dutton, and an anthem by the choir. A pot luck dinner was served in the church parlors following the morning service. At the afternoon service Dr. F. E. Burgess conducted the rededication service, and delivered the sermon. Other- numbers on. the program included a solo, Bless-This House, by John Riebhoff; ;History of the Church, by Lurena Wessel. Miss-Wessel, who was; qhairman of the' redecorating committee, also made a 'report, in'iwhich she stated that all improvements ,had been paid for, with a nice balance remaining. Former members had been invited, and a number attended. Arthur Marble. Hermistoh, Ore., whose, father was a trustee of Stepping Stone to Tokyo Official U. S. Navy Photo A mile front the shoreline, over a flat plain, Katena airfield stretches out its full 4,000 feet of coral landing strip. This field is 3 miles from Naha, "metropolis" of Okinawa. The Mighty Seventh War Loan offers you the opportunity to do your share In this "March to Tokyo" by purchasing mars :uid more War Bonds. "•'•'. , From U. S. Treasury ing, expects to start a new one soon. Veteran-Patient a Visitor—• Pfc. Roland Chafee, who is a ble, had a general store many years ago. nere MELVIN G. BOURNE Physician and Surgeon Phones: Office, 197; residence, 194 DEM'ISTS the church -in early days,:: was;patient at the Shick hospital at present. The father,' George Mar- Clinton- came home for the weekend of a week ago. Girl Breaks an Arm— Margaret Mary Kramer, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Matt Kramer, fell and broke her right arm a week ago Friday. Other Burfc News. Mrs. Tessie Ringsdorf, who Buys Lot for Shop— L. ,R. Daniels has bought the ot south of Smith's store, on which the Stainbrook Mattress shop is located. The mattress shop will be moved .off. Mr. Daniels has bought part of a ten- KARL R. HOFFMAN Dentist Office in new Heise bldg. Phones: Office, 44; res., 116 A. J. EASON Dentist Office over James Drug Store Phone: Office, 59 ERVIH J. ANDERSON Dentist , , Office in the McEnroe Bldg. Phones: Office 572; res., 525W INSURANCE KOSSUTH COUNTY MUTUAL INSURANCE ASSOCIATION Over $29,000,00 worth insurance in force. A home company Safe, secure. D. D. Paxson', Sec'y ant house from Harold Fisher, ] had spent several weeks at the which he will move onto the lot. He will build 3 new part, and will use the building for his narness and repair shop. The other part of the house, was purchased by Donald Kienitz. The Kienitzes will live in it. Family Reunion-at Rash'e— The R. W. Rashes have had all their daughters at home the last week'or two. Mrs. William home of her daughter, Mrs. Wyott Stott, returned home a week ago Sunday. She had been a visitor since Friday at the home of her daughter, Mrs. G. E. Brace, near Luverne. The Braces brought her home ,and attended the services at the Methodist church. Mrs. E. C Schwietert took her nephew, Billie Baum, Ames, who had spent a week with her, ErnsU Chicago^ and Mrs. James I to Lakota last week Tuesday to F. Harring, Washington, D. O,, visit other relatives. Mrs. L. E. Phillips were dinner • /'guests Thursday evening at the G. P. Hawcott home. L. P. Trunkhill, Hettinger, N. D., came Thursday for a visit with his brother J. P. Trunkhill, and his sister, Mrs. Fred Lavrenz CHINESE THINK 'YANKS' QUEER Burt, July 2—A recent letter from the Rev. Perry O. Hanson Jr., who is liaison officer in Leonard Warner "'and" Mrs.' G^i china ' told of some of the diff " don Sigsbee are new members. I iculties encountered .m bnng- SM2c Joe Graham, Melvin and ing understanding between the and families. The USWA held* a monthly meeting Thursday evening. Mrs. SCARCE SUGAR TOCUT'COKF SUPPLIES NOW The supply of Coca Cola in Algona definitely will be affect- hv the further curtailment of ' of ni July the production and distribution -of sugar occasioned by the war" Mr. Bellbws said Thursday In a, visit to the Advance office. "Sugar is absolutely necessary in the manufacture of Coca tiolal We can't and will not,use swee-t ening substitutes, and .therefore will noV compromise with the in : tegrity of Coca Cola. Therefore sugar is short, there must! it .,seek' it another day h Pf we-will keep our distrib up on a regular basis aj Swea City Gets a New Well f 0 a Fire R at the new well at the town water gan last week. Bert Scha Mason City, heads the Mr Whb'put down the "well noTn!! by the town about ten VP w!l at that a "My company is committed to tht the same water vein J™ ' " u "'"• government, be struck. This is necessatvlll ,nns ,n hoth , ca u se Q f the presenl ^Jf "' ening system. With two VV/ i v. ^-" *^*-.-^ • - —j ,-••', -, , , . „ • _1_I l_ .. « »J * A w> niM_ ' ' * V .t' " * v'fw Mineral Springs Coca i quality eoe ne Cola Bottling Co, of Humboldt. | tain an equitable .distribution sys- cola .uquiing uo., 01 --^-.' customers and ; a deep water turbin ^ „ . . ,.,, the town feels safe against i .„.. to serve all our customers ibility of a serious fire The equally, and that we will do. o f the new system,'$2000 <(**r_ '_i!11-l__.*n-n »*»rt»» 4jv-ttrt»i fiTTvl *}"_* . p * 1- • i i ' , "We still have a war to- win and' met from the town's water at comes first, but we will at- | _____ _________ - - The OP A recently announced that the allotment of sugar to industrial users would be cut tb 50% of the sugar used in the that third quarter of 1D45, effective g-JPt *U ^ - ^^ an , "I am informed that this su- what we have win'toe available gar shortage .is world-wide and to aU. I only ask haV * gar sorae - . not merely national and is direct- i dealer does not have Coca Cola nil nf fho all of the KEEP THE RECORDS strata! The right form helps so muJ We can prepare the kind need quickly and at small Come in and talk over to tte «nf^jV%yalU,bje. on the .day you ask for problem-Advance Pub. tf Helen Graham went to Trenton, Neb., the first of last week to 1 visit a sister there. The George Schroeders, Ames, came Thursday for a visit with Mr. Schroeder's parents- Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Schroeder. The Friendly Birthday club Chinese and Americans. The Chinese have hitherto known Americans only through missionaries for the most part, and expect to find the same courtesy and understanding from the sol- bewildered when they fail to receive it. 'It. is also hard for them to understand the American ideas of e- are met with Mrs. Henry Kueck) d j er ^ tK ^ e £ Friday afternoon to celebrate Mrs. Kueck's birthday. Dr. Arthur Marble left Thurs-, ^ , .. , , day for his home at Hermiston, j W^?^ ^ arm ,l ™ d ,, ea ^J. m ?? • Ore., after a weeks -visit with old Burt friends. Mrs. Charles Olson, Tacoma, carrying his own load. He said, ."We refer constantly to the fact ;that General Stillwell carried J.»ii tJ. ^SIIUJ. A 4-^) V^iOVJH) .LUlfUJiJCA, '. , . _. ry,. Wash., was a supper guest last * 1S own P?<* > n Burma They .-- . . .. ~ „ , „. ! ova nm n-7/^rl Tnnt <n cf TnorQ I en nil In .week,! ago Friday. Flo-1 Riebhoff and daughter Lurena • Patricia Higgins, West Bend, ish> • Muskegon -'-Heighs/ 'accompanied them to'LalcotaTaha came Fritla'S' for a'vis'lt 'with her" came a ence Rash Mich., and Mrs. O. O. White Jr. and son, Nashville, Term'., came Mrs. Riebhoff's mother. previously. Another daughter,' John R. Johnson. week Monday at Stewart's. Mrs Eddie are amazec ' that a gtneral should ' do such a thing." spent the day at the home of i sister, Mrs. Donald Hammer- LOA3S AM) Your Money's Worth in BEAL ESTATE LOANS AND INSURANCE JOEL M. HERBST' Office over la. State Bk. Mrs. C. L. Webb, her husband and son Garry Lee, Algona, pent Sunday at the Rash home. 'resbyterian Women Meet— The Woman's Council of the NOTICE TO BIDDERS Mrs. strom. | Sealed bids will be received The C. & N. W. railroad is \ at the office of the County Aud- Phone 93 Algona, Iowa LOANS TO FARMERS AND STOCKMEN with a sound basis io credit Rate 4%% Emmelsburg Production Credit Association ' Part time office, Friday 1 to 4 p. m. at Bphannon Insurance Ag'cy, above' S. & L. Store, Algona See D. D. PAXSON for Town Dwelling, Household Goods and Automobile Insurance. COOKED A FINE DINNER; THEN THREW IT TO DOG One lady recently stated that she used to throw her own di ner to the dog most of the time. It made fyer sick just to look at any thing, to eat. She was swollen with gas, full of bloat, had headaches, felt worn out and was btidly constipated. Finally she got SYS-TONE and says she now eats everything in sight anc digests it perfectly. Bowels are regular and normal. She is enjoying lif£ once more and feels like "some other woman" since taking thvs New Compound. SYS-TONE contains 12 Grea Herbs; they cleanse bowels, clear gas from stom'ach, act on sluggish liver and kidneys. Miserable people soon feel different all over. So don't go on suffering! Get SYS-TONE. Lusby & Giossi Drug Store. Mrs. W. W. Huston, Eagle Grove, came Wednesday for a visit with Mrs. M. L. Vinaas and other old friends. The Hustons lived in Burt some years ago. J.11C >T uumji :> wuujiuii UJ. uiu ••* -. . -. - YT . . Presbyterian church will meet 1 M . rs -:HuBton, Mrs. Vmaas and son Lloyd were dinner guests Friday at Mrs. P. L. Dremmel's. completing a new water tank j itor, Garner. Iowa, until 10:30 here. The old one will be torn i A. M. July 16, 1945, for the down. I cleanout of the main open ditch The Mariners club had a pic-1 of Drainage District No 1 Koss- nic dinner at the Presbyterian j uth County and No. 120 Han- church after services a. week ago a cock County, Iowa, as per pro- Wednesday, July 11. Hostesses are Mrs. Albert Staehle. Mrs. lee Bullock, Mrs. Alvin draesen, Mrs. K. J. Smith, and Mrs. J. P. Trunkhill. Mrs. Nels J. Nelson will have charge of the devotions, and Mrs. Henry Smith will give a jpapejr on China. Mrs. Hawcolt Has Stroke— Mrs. Rt F. Hawcott w.as taken .o the Kosputh hospital last week Monday. She suffered a slight stroke Saturday, evening before, Ah- Albert Manus and daughter Helen returned to their home in Milwaukee, Wis., Thursday after spending nearly a week at the home of Albert's parents, Mr. and Mrs. H. W. Manus. Katherine Manus accompanied them home for a visit. Mr. and Mrs. Ed. Tuttle, Titonka, visited from Tuesday to Friday at the home of their niece Mrs. G. C. Giddings. Mr. and Sunday. vfile and specifications of Wm. Mrs. E. C. Schwictert enter- ! Henschcn, Engineer. tained the Bid or Bye club a week ago Friday evening. Betty Mitchell had her tonsils removed last week Tuesday at the Kossuth hospital. Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Miller spent a few days last week at the Okobojis. The Birthday Circle will moot Friday afternoon with Mrs. F. O. Stow. which ^affected^her T throat. ^Her| Mrs . Giddings and the Tuttles were supper guests Thursday ev- ' sister-in-law, Mrs. Louise Madden returned to her home at Marshall, Minn., Wednesday after a few days visit at the Hawcott home. Visitors Return to Texai— Mr. and Mrs. Russell' Chipman and son left Tuesday for Ames, where they visited till Thursday at the Myron Chipman home. They left from there for their home at Lufkin, Tex. They visited Russell's parents, Mr. and Mrs.' C. -B f . Chipman here. Capiein Siewari Horn*— Capt. .".jdv. Stewart arrived on Thursday' to spent a 30-day fur- luogh with his wife and son and other, relatives. He recently returned from overseas. He had been in - Europe since February, serving fn Czechoslovakia and Germany; Marine is New Dad— A; baby, Ramona Jean, was born, to Mr. and Mrs. Robert i' .Friday night at the THE 564 QUESTIONS— WHEN WILL STAHN REACH BERLIN AND WHEN WILL THE MARINES TAKE TOKIO* Another question, and a vital one, is what kind of minerals to feed ihe brood sow and her litter to supply our arm* ies with food. The proof of the pudding it to ask your neighbor' about results from my minerals. Also ask your railroad agent, and you will find that four out ot five bags of mineral shipped to points in Kossuth and Hum* boldt counties are the Walnut Grove Product. Do as the most successful hog men have done for years —feed Walnut Grove Minerals. H. S. FAIN Huraboldt Phone 297-M. epw-11 ening at the Will Ringsdorf's. Lt. Roland Lavrenz and Cpl. Richard Lavrenz went to Chica- p Friday evening to visit their sister, Mrs. Hans Weber Jr., and their brother Sgt. Ernest Lavrenz, who is now stationed at Washington Park, Chicago. The Wm. Stewarts, Waterloo, came Friday for a visit with Mr. Bids will be received on the following items: 1. Main open ditch clean- out, 9256 cu. yd. excavation. 2. Clearing ditch bank of trees. A certified check on 'an Iowa Bank .in the amount of 10 per cent .of the bid, made payable to the County Auditor of Hancock County, Iowa, shall be filed with each bid, which in the case of the- bidder receiving the a- warcl, should he fail to execute a contract and file a bond with-' in 10 days after acceptance of his bid, shall be retained by the, counties as liquidated damages. The successful bidder will be required to file a bond for 75 ,. per cent of the contract sum as Seneca, July 2—The Senoca ' security for the construction and Progressive Farmers 4-H club S^wil? ^Tlpe^ held its annual club tour Sunday tions and contract as required FOUR-H BOYS IN SENECA HAVE A SUNDAY TOUR Stewart's father, D. M. Stewart, 1 afternoon. The group met at in Section 7618, Code of Iowa, and other relatives. They and the home of Jack and Dick Looft 1939 and laws amendatory there- the Donald Ringsdorfs spent from j to see the boys' market litter of to, Wednesday to Thursday fishing hogs. From there they drove to Plans and specifications may the home of Kenneth Campbell, be seen at the'above office or at . Kosswth'.hospital. The father is a marine and at present is stationed in California. Mrs. Keables, was formerly Bernadine Ollom, Plans Move to California— Mrs. Ada Mann's household goods were sold at a sale held by Mrs. F;' : L. Tribon, Saturday afternoon. Mrs. Mann plans to sell her" two houses here, and will go tp Van Nuys. Calif., soon to liye /hear her son Frank. J. H. Zanke House Sold— The Harry Sankeys have purchased the Joe Zanke house, in which the Donald Kienitzes are Jiving and will move into it as soon as the Kienitzes move into their new home. can Car HiU a Store— S. M. Peterson suffered three broken ribs a week ago Saturday when his car failed to stop and he ran into the Smith store as he was trying to park west of the store. Wrecking Oldtime Building— The old Graham " implement building is being wrecked. R. J. Nealy, who bought the build- at Spirit Lake. Mrs. R. M. Elvidge entertained Mrs. Frank Lathrop, Portland, Ore., Mrs. Harold Nelson, Waterloo and Helen Schwietert at dinner a week ago Monday evening. The ladies were classmates in school. Mrs. Clarence Larson and Mrs. Harold Nelson, Waterloo, are visiting their parents. Mr. and Mrs. S. M. Peterson. Mrs. Nelson's husband has gone to the Hawaiian islands to work. Mrs. Will Grover is confined to her bed by illness. Her daughter, Mrs. Verald Smith, and two children, Milwaukee, Wis., recently arrived for a visit at the Grover home. R. C. Dremmel and Dean Kien- nitz went to Dubuque a week ago Friday and brought home Mr. Dremmel's son Donald, who had been attending Dubuque University. Mrs. Bahne K, Ba,hnson spent j last week at the Methodist camp at the Okobojis with a group of Emmetsburg young people who were attending Camp Quest. Mrs. Leonard Loysta'd, who has been with her husband at a Texas camp came Thursday for a visit at the home of her mother ,Mrs. Fred Howard. Mr. and Mrs. Quinn Allbright visited, at the C. C. Smith Home from Friday to Sa.turday on the wav fro.m Dakota tp their home in Des Moines. John Fiebhoff, who, is a student at Morningside college, at Sioux City, spent the weekend with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. L.'K Riebhoff. Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Phillips, Algona, and their son Lt. John whose, project is Poland China the office of the County Engin% purebred hogs. eer. Garner, Iowa. Erroll Peterson had sold his ! The counties reserve the right heavy cockerels, but the boys to waive technicalities and to re- saw Perry's dairy heifer, a Hoi-'; jert any or all bids, stein. From Peterson's they I Work must be commenced by drove to the Sheldon Merril August 15, 1945, and must be home, where Donald displayed completed by December 1, 1945, A. D. Dated at purebred Poland China hogs. Billy and Bobby Moore had the market litters of Poland Chins, and Paul Lynch showed a Black Angus calf. From Lynch's they drove to the home of their leader, Ray ' County. Iowa. Garner, Iowa, this 26th. day of June 1945, A. D. Published by joint order of the Boards of Supervisors of Hancock County and Kossuth Osborn, whose son Lloyd had a Poland China hog. The tour terminated wiener roast followed cream. FRED C. MISSAL Hancock County Auditor. LEO J. IMMERFALL Kossuth County Auditor. 43-44 Fniuh'ttl Bottler: Pepsi-Cola Bottling Co. of Fort Dodge Beautifulr?I)ujable*f Practical Advance Fall Fashions From ;$98 to $325 ADD FEDERAL TAX Buy on easy lay-^way plan. The pick of next season's, qrop is here! Rich pelts', wonderful styles, amazing values. You'll Uke especially the new saddle shoulder and balloon sleeves, the deep luxurious cuffs, the casual tuxedo fronts. Fall furs are ready for yb,u now. •. • • ,.&. JULY ENDS THE All bonds iwj&t fee not later than July 7th. Be sure ypii have done your share. ' Kossuth War Finance Committee

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