Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on June 26, 1945 · Page 5
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 26, 1945
Page 5
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?AOE SIX BUSINESS DIRECTORY LAWYERS W. B. Quarton H. W. Miller QUARTON & MILLER Law Offices County Attorney Phones: Office 427, Residence 700 Algona, Iowa LINNAN & LYNCH Attorneys-at-Law Office over Kossuth Mut. Ins. Bldg. Algona, Iowa Phone 261 J. D. LOWE Attorncy-at-Law Phone 237 HODGEPODGE Webster—A stew _ of various ingredients, a mixture. 1 »T CUAI1C t. OCWtl 1 He never liked that blasted cat anyway. It was one of the Persian variety, with long hair that shed and came out in the soup, on the butter and evetywhere else. He just didn't like cats anyhow. Dogs were his dish. But this cat was his wife's pet, and hence by the very nature of things marital was also his cat and his cross to bear willingly and quietly. So he and the cat got along, each going its own way, and ignoring completely the other, especially the cat, who was several hundred ignores up on him. VAN HESS & BRUNSON Lawyers Office in new Hcise block Phone 213 Algona, Iowa G. D. Shumway E. D. Kelly H. F. Fristodt SHUMWAY, KELLY & FRISTEDT Attorneys-at-Law Hutchison building Phone 58 Algona, Iowa LAURENCE A. WINKEL Atlorney-at-Law Hutchison Building Phone 180 Algona A. HUTCHISON (deceased) DONALD C. HUTCHISON THEODORE C. HUTCHISON Attorneys-at-Law Security State Bank bldg. Seneca, June 25 — Friends and neighbors gathered at Leo Crowley's farm early Munday morning, and with 22 tractors cultivated approximately 10Q acres .KOSSUTH COUNTY ADVANCE, ALGONA, IOWA Seneca Brothers Meet by Chance in Borneo Port Seneca, June 25—Lt. James Helmer left this last week for Sampson, N. Y., after spending his Neighbors Culfivate Corn for a Seneca Twp. Farmer of corn for erating from, an Leo is recup- operation for appendicitis which he had a week ago Monday. Taking part in the good neighbor act Were Floyd Treat, Milfred Sampson, Bobby Moore, Herman Gable, Albert Johnson, Larson, Godden, Verle Smith, Harley Hoeck, Edward Kennedy, Francis Mart, George Johnson- Earl Walter Smith, Jay It irked him-no end when the| Dona i d Kennedy, Arthur Kracht, STORY OF A LITTLE GIRL AND A KITTY a three weeks leave with parents, the J. R. Hclmers.. He has been in the south Pacific for 2% years, and is now commander of the 1st battalion of the 4th regiment at the Naval Training Center at Sampson. James was on a flag ship and enroute home he met his brother, Lt. John F. Helmer, by a It was dark and gloomy, _and I mere chance, at a port in Born- on top of everything, cold tain ' e o. They just happened to be in fell most of the day. She could- the same port at the same time n't play outside, so Judy. 4, sat | and ran into each other. by a window and stared into the street. The she saw a neighbor's cat stalking a .bird, and that set an | idea ire motion. It would be nice ! IN THE DISTRICT COURT OF . John has been on active duty for 17 months. He is in the medical corps. danged thing got cream in its dish and he had to be content with milk on his cereal. And he nearly blew his top when he found the cat one day lunching on a part of a steak,when he was rationed by the family because they were short on points, and the cat grew fat and lazy Cage, and Ralph Campbell. C. O. Bailey treated the men to pop. and Mrs. Crowley prepared and served dinner to the men. The Crowleys greatly ap- preaciated the kindness. USW Has Work Meeting— The Seneca United Service C. H. CRETZMEYER, M. D. Surgeon and Physician Office John Galbraith block Phones 440-310 Algona, Iowa and slept on his bed so he could | Women of thc north Seneca area get cat hair in his mouth to give , held a work meeting at t he Mo- him sweet dreams of stewed rris Berkness home Friday af- cat, fried cat, baked cat, etc. ternoon. Women present includ- But one day he began to sus- - pect that the cat had gone too far. • He noticed his crop of baby chicks seemed a little on the short side, and he checked—17 short! He hadn't found any bodies, so he nosed around in the bushes and in the grove and was not greatly surprised when he found some feathers and stubs of chicks that had been destined for the frying pan instead of the inside of a cat. He watched day and night at the brooder house, and was re- ed Mesdames Eugene Peterson, Carl Burg, Reuben Knudsen, Alfred Petersen, Robert Burt, and Alfred ^Godfredson. The group worked on bed pillows,, wheel chair pillows, pillow slips, wash clothes, and handkerchiefs. All monthly business meetings of the organization will be held at the Veneca school, while work meetings will be held in homes. Riies for Fenton Woman— Funeral services were held at . . . . ;, , , . , . the Depew Lutheran church warded by seeing the blasted cat, Thursday afternoon for Mrs. B. come up over a stump that was H Benson, of Fenton, who was used as one of the posts for the Mrs Sam oleson - s oldest sister . MELVIN G. BOURNE Physician and Surgeon Office, 197; residence, 194 fence, sit there, and then jump %£. Isenso^died aT*her "home ' ! outside the fence, carrying a limp DENTISTS KARL R. HOFFMAN Dentist Office in new Hcise bldg. Phones: Office, 44; res., 116 __ j baby chick! What to do? The wife would not believe it, and blamed rats. A. J. EASON Dentist Office over James Drug Store Phone: Office, 59 at Fenton following sereval weeks illness. Shd would have reached her 85th birthday in September. Other Fenton, rel- The chickens come fall would be at £ es who attended the fu ' neral worth plenty-plus the eggs jt Mr and Mrs Q1 pcd . It he shot the cat, as tempted, little woman would talk baby I j oe Crowley, Lawrence Hantle-1 to get the cat and have it lo talk to the blamed thing. And j man< Erro i Peterson, Sheldon play with. he fumed in private when the Merrill, Alfred Godfredson, Glen I She said to her grandmother that the cat was cold and wet and would get sick, but "Grammy" told her cats were used lo all kinds of wealehr, and a little rain wouldn't make any difference. "But," said Judy, "this one's 'feathers' are all wet, and I had better bring him in where it is warm." About thai time an aunt happened in the room and reassured the little girl that the cat would be warm, because it had a fur coat! Nevertheless Judy wouldn't be shaken in -her conviction the cat had "feathers," | to prove her point the aunt brought the pel into the house to show its "fur" coat. But Judy only sniffed. "That's feathers! If it's a fur coal show me the buttons!" : But, after all, her technique had won her an interesting playmate for the afternoon', for the cat stayed. I BURT WOMAN'S HUSBAND SAVED IN SEA CRASH IOWA, IN AND FOR KOSS- SUTH COUNTY. JOHN B. ERPELDING, as executor of the Estate of WILLIAM LINK, Deceased Plaintiff, vs. KATHERINE ZELLER. THERESA FUHRMANN, CHARLES MARSO, CASPER MARSO, CHRISTINE KiLEPPER, MARIE BEST, EDWARD J. BLASEN, DOLORES MARSO, IRENE MARSO, VIOLA LINDNER, IVA LOU MARSO, AR- iLENE MARSO CARMAN, PAUL FUHRMANN, LAWRENCE P. FUHRMANN, SYLVESTER FUHRMANN. JOHN ERPELDING, ERPELDING, PELDING, KATIE ERPELD- That katherine Zeller is entitl-1 and tha t unless you so appear ed to an undivided one-sixth I your default will foe entered-and (1-6) interest in the Estate of judgment or decree rendered a JOHN ' PETER JOHN B. ER- William Link., Theresa Fuhrmann, an undiv- ed one-thirtieth (1-30) interest, Charles Marso, an undivided one-thirtieth d-30) interest. | Casper Mario, an undivided one-thirtieth (1-30) interest. i Christine Klepper, an undivided one-thirtieth (1-30) interest. Marie Best, an undivided one-thirtieth (1-30) interest. i Sylvester Fuhrmann, an undivided one-sixth (1-6) interest.' John Erpelding, an undivided one-thirtieth (1-30) interest, >. John Peter Erpelding, an un-j divided one-thirtieth (1-30) interest. John B. Erpelding, an undivided one-thirtieth (1-30) interest. 1 Katie Erpelding, an undivid-, ed one-thirtieth (1-30) interest,' Anna Erpelding, an undivid-j ed one-thirtieth (1-30) interest, • Nick Thilges, an undivided one-thirtieth (1-30) interest. I John Thilges, an undivided one-thirtieth (1-30) interest. | William Thilges. an undivided 1 one-thirtieth (1-30) interest. | J. M. Thilges, an undivided, one-thirtieth (1-30) interest. I Leo Thilges, an undivided I one-thirtieth (1-30) interest. | Joseph Besch, an undivided one-twelfth (1-12) interest, Mike Besch, an undivided one-twelfth (1-12) interest. That all of the other defendants named herein have no interest in said property under and by" virtue of the Last Will and Testament of said decedent. That said Last Will and Testament devises the estate to a class and only those of the class are gainst you for the relief demanded in the Petition. .TVESDAY, JUNE 28 ,, •E. C. McMAHON Attorney f or p f' Barry Buikli nE " Algona, Iowa. Let Cowan do the Complete Job MOItCI m*ttOttt ROOFING SIDING • \ EAGLE INSULATION 1 WEATHERSTRIP Ask for Free Estimate! $ You may buy on our en venient monthly p aymc nj plan if desired. Cowan Building Supply ALGONA, IA. ING, ANNA ERPELDING, SY- that survived the testator LVESTER ERPELDING, FRA- j entitled to share therein. NCES ERPELDING, CATH-1 That certain of the defendants, ERINE ERPELDING BEHON- not members of the class, have ICK,' DELORES ERPELDING asserted and claimed an interest AND WILLIAM ERPELDING, in the Estate of said decedent NICK THILGES, JOHN THIL- by virtue o f the fact they are the | GES, WILLIAM THILGES. J. child of a deceased niece or; M. THILGES, LEO THILGES,' nephew of the decedent. i JOSEPH BESCH, MIKEi That the plaintiff prays for a BESCH, LEO MERGEN, JO-' construction-of the Will .and a SEPH MERGEN, JAMES Decree confirming the interests MERGEN, ELIZABETH RED-, of the respective parties as set ERVIH J. ANDERSON Dentist Office in the McEnroe Bldg. Phones: Office 572; res., 525W INSURANCE ^bLStorT'mfnkTnt^and | *»• Norman Thompson, anyway someone in the family i would hear the shot and investigate. and i Falher's Day Observed— That afternoon there were Jens Halverson 'Was honored intu aiicrnuuii uimu wt - 1L f a (hpi-'<: rtnv whori all nf strange doings in the barn. He ^ t ?"^ y 'v^n LH° £ had gone to the field and brought in the electric fencer. He worked through the day, and at dusk fitted a grill of para- a week ago Sunday evening on the Halverson children and their families enjoyed a pot-luck supper and the evening together. Present were the Jess Halver- KOSSUTH COUNTY MUTUAL I UM ^i", V toe ton of the old sons ' Fentolv Jcrrold Halversons, INSURANCE ASSOCIATION s tum^ that held the? fence around i Cylinder, the Louis Jensen fam- vnr S29.nnO.OO worth insur- ^ um P ™ at held , tne * enc _ e arou "'* I ilv. the Ronald Carevs. and Al" Over $29,000,00 worth insur . uvcr $<i»,UUU,uu worm insur- th phinlr i/arri and ran wirpts "'• "' K riunaiu v^ajeya, anu.ni- ; ance in force. A home company.! the ch ' nk J*^ ™ f^cer fnd ' bert Ullestads, all of "Ringsted, •' O n «_ „„„,...„ T-l T1 T3n,,^«« C~n',, *><-<• I" ""<- BJUt- OI II1U It-IlLCl .flllU , f\i, -ItrilU,,,,,,,, __J T1«1,U,, ' Safe, secure. D. D. Paxson, Sec'y "LOAXS ANi) i> 7 suKAyc¥' Your Money's Worth in REAL ESTATE LOANS AND INSURANCE JOEL M. HERBST Office over la. State Bk. 'Phone 93 Algona, Iowa LOANS TO FARMERS AND STOCKMEN with a sound basis fo credit Rate 4 J /2% Emmetsburg Production Credit Association Part time office, Friday 1 to 4 p. m. at Bohannon Insurance Ag'cy, above S. & L. Store, Algona se to one side of the fencer, the other to the negative pole. He went back, tested, and went whistling about his chores. :He went to the house and let the cat out. and took up a pos- the Otto Wilbergs. Ullestad. and Bobby Burt, June 25—Mrs. Glenn o£ Mr. and] put in some anxious hours a week ago Satr urday, after a friend had called and told her. that her husband's ING, SUSIE REDING, DOROTHY MERGEN, JOHN BESCH, LUCILLE BESCH GARDNER, THERESA BESCH LINGLE, ROSE BESCH JENSEN. AND forth herein. For further particulars see Pe-' tition on file. And you and each of you are further notified to appear before plane had crashed off the Mar- Fuhrmann. Charles Marso Gas- r _ _ _ - _ _ r-i£ii» ft/I or*cr/-\ iVi-fii-tin/i \f lrti-ir\r»t» TO ALL PERSONS INTER- 1 the above'named Court at the ESTED IN THE ESTATE OF i Court House in Algona, Kossuth WILLIAM LINK, DECEASED.' County, Iowa, within twenty Defendants. j (20) days from and after service To Katharine Zcller, THeresa. of this Original Notice upon you ' We Will Be CLOS July 4 to 14 Inclusive Open Again July CLEANERS •AND- FURRIERS shall islands. per Marso, Christine Klepper, notified that her husband missing, Double Event Celebrated— The A. E. Nelson home was the scene of a family gathering ion of vantage to watch. The' a . week ago Sunday afternoon, moon came up and to.his dark-! observing not only fathers day. the chicken but also Mr. and_ Mrs. Nelsons for See D. D. PAXSON Town Dwelling, Household Goods and Automobile Insurance. MAN HAD BRICK IN HIS STOMACH FOR 10 YEARS accustomed eyes yard was as bright as day. He watched the stump. Up and over came the cat like a flash! Darn. It had gone over without getting a shock. A few seconds later he saw it come back—with a chick in its mouth, and climb up the side of thc stump. It reached the top and landed. The puss jumped straight up in the air—let out a yowerrellll that set the hair on the back of his neck. Midair the cat lammed out with all four feet—claws extended to clip what had nipped it, and was still swinging when it came down on the stump spraddled out, chin first. all Mrs. Ken- 15th wedding anniversary. Present were the Joe Neuman family, Bancroft, the Leo Leininger family, Algona; the Herman Gi- lenfeldt family, Mr. and Henry Wilberg, and Mrs. neth Halverson and children. Surgery Patient Home— Mrs. Victor Streucker returned home Wednesday following an appendectomy at the General hospital at Algona a week ago. She is reported recuperating satisfactorily. The friend, whose husband Marie Best, Edward J. Blasen, was pilot of the plane, had been Dolores Marso, Irene Marso, Vi- - - was ola Lindner, Iva Lou Marso, Ar- Icne Marso Carman, Paul Fuhr- laolllg. : -r , T-. 11. T 1 T-k When the mail arrived Mrs. mann ' Joh .n Erpelding, John Pe- Gregory got a letter from her tor Erpelding, John B. Erpelding, husband, in which he told of the Katie Erpelding Anna Erpelding, accident. He was one of 11 crew Sylvester Erpelding, Frances Er- .members who was picked up. •-. peldmg, Catherine Erpelding Be- He had been burned on the honick, Delores Erpelding -and stomach, and was in the hospital William Erpelding, Nick Thilgns, r few days. The plane was on J °hn Thilges, William Thilges, ts way home from Saipan after \ J. M. Thilges, Leo Thilges, Jo- completing 30 missions. Sgt. ; seph Besch, Mike Besch, Leo Gregory was tail gunner on the Mergen, Joseph Mergen, James B-29, which crashed. The acci- Mergen, Elizabeth Reding, Susie dent occurred June 6, and three i Reding, Dorothy Mergen, John of the wives received notice i Besch, Lucille Besch Gardner, on June 13. Mrs. Gregory, who! Theresa Besch Lingle, Rose knew all the crew and several: Bosch Jensen, and to all persons of their wives, expects her hits- j interested in the estate of William Link, deceased: You and each of you are hereby notified that there is now on j file in the Office of the Clerk Two Have Tonsils Out — LaVonne Thompson and Da- One man recently stated that! Then it got a second jolt, and for 10 years he felt like he had a yowelrlrlrled in the voice of the brick in his stomach. This feel- damned, and scrambled, getting ing was due to the lump of undi- a third shot just as it took off. vid O.sbourn are recovering from j tonsillectomir,s Thursday morning at Dr. J, A. Mueller's hospital at Fenton. gested food he always had inside of him. He w.as weak, worn out, :It lit running, fur all extended, stretching its back paws clear in headachy, swollen with gas and! front of its ears and scratching terribly constipated. Recently he .started taking SYS-TONE and says thc feeling like a brick in his stomach disappeared the second day. Bowels are regular now, gas and headaches are gone and I he feels like a new man. SYS-TONE contains 12 Great Herbs; they cleanse bowels, clear gas from stomach, act on sluggish gravel down the lane as tight as it could run. It was a full day before the cat returned, hair matted and generally in a disreputable condition. It gave the chicken yard a wide berth. But he had to come to town to laugh, and perhaps people were of the opinion he was nuts or at liver and kidneys. Miserable peo- h east on a laughing jag, when he pie soon ifcel different all over. So don't go on suffering! Get SYSTONE. Drug Store. Lusby & Giossi RADIO MODELS evepywom WARWICK MANUFACTURING CORP. 4640 W. Harrison Street, Chicago 44, Illinoil Buy More War Bonds the booth with a cold bottle, and snickered and roared with laughter as he saw again | Charles City. Other Seneca > T ews. Ralph Prahl, of Rock Rapids, visited Sunday at the C. O. Bailey home. He was en route to Depew, where he was meeting his wife and family, who were visiting at the Depew and Emmetsburg vicinity. The Seneca. Saddle club held a business meeting at' the Lester Jensen home Thursday evening. The meeting was well at- for future activities of the club Pvt. Lyle Osborn, of Camp Barkley, Tex., is en route home for a furlough. At present he is visiting a brother, Neal, a YEARS OF PROVED PERFORMANCE that cat on top the stump fanning the air with a look of utter surprise and alarm on its ugly face. Anyway, believe it or not. it's the story told in confidence at one of the local bistros not so recently that it can be checked and used against him. * SUCH A TO-DO about who who will succeed Truman if he should happen,not to live to fulfill the remainder of the Roosevelt term. Shucks, just let the republicans name the next one. It's their turn aindit? • IT'S CERTAINLY nice to see some of those old familiar faces again as they return from the far countries with a yesterday and a tomorrow look mixed in their eyes. And you think of those who won't come back more often than they would have believed you would. * * * -A- THERE'S A GROWING suspicion that all is far from well in the administration of the food problem from the national standpoint. The long-haired super planners may have an alibi, jbut it is still an alibi. people get too hungry Mr, and Mrs. Alfred Ennes of Ames, arrived Thursday a the Jens Halverson home for ; visit while on a two weeks vacation. Mr. and Mrs. Roy Osborn spent Thursday evening at the Lawrence Saxton home near Fairmont. Dorothy ^treucker ^spent the weekend visiting her sisters Marie and Lucille %t Mason City Mrs. J. W. Bollig was hostess to the Jolly Joker club at her home Thursday afternoon. Algona-Lone Rock Phone Line Split Union twp., June 25—A telephone meeting was held at Lone Rock, and line 19, which had ben served by both Lone Rock and Algona centrals is being divided. The separation will be by the Ed. Hackbarth farm. Patrons on the line to the south will continue with an Algona phone, and those on the north will have Lone Rock as their central station. When can pop in a hurry, and the pol- things itical axe will swing. band home soon. NEW UNION BABY Union twp.. June 18—Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Teeters, on the W. ] of the District Court of Kossuth J. Bourne farm, are parents of i County. Iowa, the -Petition of their first child, born June 9 at the plaintiff above named, which the Kossuth hospital, wgt. 7 Ibs. 11 oz., named Gwenneth Mae. Petition alleges in substance as follows: UP TO FOR YOUR OLD INNER TUBES ON NEW CREST SUPER QUALITY TUBES $220 *"• PLUS TAX 600x16 Item* for Farm Use During the Summer Ney and Meyers ,and Lowden carriers. We also handle hay track for all popular makes. Desert water bags ___98c 5 bushel, 10 bushel and 20 bushel rotary hog feeders Leather and wire nose baskets One or two-mantel gasoline lanterns Steel Kitchen Stools __$2.98 Kohlliaas Hardware Ceiling Sire .Price 625-650x16 $4.30 600 z 16 $3.65 525-550x17 $3.30 and 525-550x18' 475-500x19 $2.95 440-450x21 $2.80 30 x m $2.60 Allowance Our For Reg. Your Low Old You Price Tube Pay $3.55 $1.00 $2.55 Plus Tax $2.95 .75 $2.20 Plus Tax $2.75 ' .75 $2.00 Plus Tax $2.45 .50 $1.95 Plus Tax $2.25 .50 $1.75 Plus Tax $1.99 .50 $1.49 Plus Tax CREST DELUXE TIRES 440-450 x 21 ...... $10.80 475-500 x 19 $10.84 525-550x17 $12.80 525-550 x 18 ....'.. $11.65 600x16 $13.95 625-650 x 16 $16.95 30x3^ . , $ 9.65 700x15 $18.75 700 x 16 $19.20 Above pfieca (fo not include to*. W«W tin* may 60 purchased on our fhfifty fayment P&W "THE FRIENDLY STORE"

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