Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on June 19, 1945 · Page 4
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 4

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 19, 1945
Page 4
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PAGE EIGHT JOHN HEELING PASSES AT 68; ! RITES MONDAY I Heart Ailment Fatal ! for a Well Known • Oldtimer. BIBLE SCHOOL AT GOOD HOPE IS A SUCCESS _ . A community Bible school ' ^he took her training at Iowa with an enrollment of 71, second i ~ lty> Ca ™P Carson, Colo., and to be held since the Good Hope ' Cam P Crowder, Mo., left last church was organized almost 50 mol y h for overseas, and is now years ago, closed last week, and on Luzon. She wrote that the weat KOSSUTH COUNTY ADVANCE, ALGONA, IOWA of tractor tire chains, berg Auto Supply. shipment FOR SALE-John Deere hay Green-1 loader. W. H. Bosworth, phone Algona Nurse Says It's Hot on Luzon Mr. and Mrs. Frank Cruik- ~ — • •—— — ~ shank, wh o farm north of Algo-1 F ° R SAL&-1938 V-8 Deluxe tu-' WHITE ONION SKIN thin pa- na, received a letter from their!. dor sedan newly painted and per, cockle finish, 8%xl4, just riail»Kf«f O«J T t. «..*,- *-. f. tn tfrtrtrt nnrtAHif\*\ /">«11 *— _-_ . . i _,. . 1_ it,**.*.^ JMOV 11U41 7F22, Algona. 12p41 ' ---- • daughter, . Lt. Ruth Cruik- . shank, of the army nurse corus. years ago, cose ast week, and . e wro Sunday there was an all-day weather »s very hot, and meetin gat the church. i ram y season now on, but that At the morning worship ser- 1 sho was enjoying the work. ice there was a childrpn'c rinv ' * — L vice there was a children's day program combined with Bible 1 school demonstrations, which in- MUMPS FOR SEAMAN in good condition. Call Leo McEnroe. 30F21 or see received.—ADVANCE. 19p41 FLOOR SANDING AND REFIN- tehin «- Hoav y commercial Pi?^ 1 n 1 ^A"D~"c«^T/-iT > ^r. i "" t ",'' ««"»S' neavy commercial RED CEDAR SHINGLES and' equipment. Portable power plant, prices. Blue Earth Lumber Co.,' —Cowan Bldg. Supply Co., phone Blue Earth, Minn. • 16u40-42 275, Algona. 14ut8tf Russell Pickett completed his!FOR SALE—1927 «« LADYS LIME green wool jersey FOR SALE—High-grade short- tolouse delivered by mistake.- horn bulls, ready for service. Please return to Elk Cleaners No. 10 John Deere Hammermill, and receive reward. 17u41 good condition.. Carl Froelich, Phone 3174, Wesley 19p41 ^uviiuian iiuajjiLtu 31 ron uoage story dramatizations. There >ast WCCK lucsday, and the next [Thursday following a tw o weeks was als ° baptism of infants. At day was taken to a hospital suf- jillness with a heart condition noon thel ' c was a baske ' dinner fering with the mumps. His 1 5 ir,,« n ^i and the after n°°n was given o- i wife, the former Wilma Kapp, «• " UnCial SG t*" l.TlT* 4 f~\ 1 n r\ »-»-»*%-. t i «-. i 4-.. *«.:„_:_ . j_! i.l_ n V ttnfttn l-i 1 *s^. l» n_ _ A.l_ • i . John J Neeline fia rlinrf -,t m. TT", ue " l °" sl -rauons, wnicn in- XVUBBcu ficKett completed his IFOR SALE—1927 Willis Kniffht jonn j. iNeoiing, G8, died at the eluded songs, recitations and boottrainingatGreatLakes.il].! sedan les* than 94 nnn m foe • ^ ~ ~ Lutheran hospital at Fort Dodge story dramatizations. There last week Tuesday, and the next' good rubber motor in eonH rin' FOR SALE-STANDARD bred - * ^+« A4. Hnv uma +ab. AM *_ « i :i_» _._* *?.,. „ .'. . ."* I1J " s^uu tun- race horse stallion, eligible for dition. Call Advance. and rnmnlirnHrtt-ie- TP,.«. i —" "***" «*»"-* »iwi* wa^ given u- i "-**-» vu^ AW* nici vv iiiiiu rvapD. Vkes u3n h H M F , Une ^T ' ver to a community picnic with expects him home this weekend vices were held Monday at 2 o 1 - games and athletic sports. clock at the McCullough chapel, | °n display in the church base- ithe Rev. Nelson A. Price in menl was a children's altar built! jcharge, and burial was in River- I b ^- Bible sch ° o1 scents .view. J Pallbearers were 'KOSSUTH'S MARKET PLACE 2. 1 -— G Frank and Two a WANTS I »»•»•••»< Gordon Hess. Former Swift Employe. Ruth Weisbrod. Spe'cimins o"f more, of handicrafts the children stud- -— biggect bargain— 4000 i a\,ir U\JL a{ 18im j registration. Will be two years. | old in August. Call 2F4, C. A. jeilenfeld, Algona. 22p38-41 S FOR SALE -EAGLE WATER proof home insulation, "blown LINOLEUM, linowall, | j n -" Expert inspection, estimat- - ~ INLAID tile, laid by experts. Custom . work.— Cowan Bldg. Supply Co., phone 275, Algona. 13ul8tf ... .. . u- Except for five years in Cal- ied included "splatter" painting, WANT weaving. . ...WU J.T U iV*i i^Vt; J (JCllO 111 WCll" • ••^•-WVAX.W dfornia Mr. Neeling lived his en- ; °" painting a ;tire life in Iowa. For the last! ^ ne -^ ev - R- u - filter-man was •three years he had been in de- superintendent of the school jfense work at Sacremento, but with Mrs - Quentin Bjustrom, (during the last year had not Mrs - Ki <-terman, Helena Wcis- TO RENT— hay land! Robert Black, Algona. Phone 8F111 10 p41- 42 WANT ADS BRING BUYER and --*- seller together; 4000 copies of UP 1 * 1 your ad distributed for only a i few cents. ADVANCE. tf| ing service.—Cowan Bldg. Supply Co.. phone 275. Algona. 17ul8tf i LOST SATURDAY in Algona son'Tone ' new pair ladies white shoes ' SALE ford bulls, serviceable age, at farmers prices.—P. M. Christen- ABERDEEN ANGUS BULLS of finest breeding and quality; also Shorthorn bulls, ready for service, and Ayrshire bulls 4 to 8 mos. old. Prices reasonable.— Ben G. Studer, Wesley, la. 29u20tf UNUSUAL OPPORTUNITY— Well known manufacturer has excellent opening for responsible man of firm with farm or live i " — -»»w w ,7 v-ui ilclLA I1U L ' - - — -— t - —. ^..j • • 11 * bv. Oil V CO ... - - L- ci — -~- -•— — £-—•-. — ••*- — ibeen in good health. An effort brod ' Lois Gardner, and Hazel Inquire Advance. Reward. 12p41 FOR SALE— McCormick-Deer man of firm with farm or live ~ jwas made to find easier work Jenkinson as teachers, assisted by —: , ing milker double unit Also stock back g ro "nd and sales ex- ;ior him at the plant, but he prc- Bctt y Sarchet, Clarice Rcibhoff, WRIST WATCH found. Owner David Bradley corn feheller p . erioacc ' to distribute complete fcrrnrl tn rot,,,-,, +„ T TT _ kachnol WnKhrnri nn,i Rm,, !„„_ nave finder's address on pay- Quintcn Fangman Bancroft ', line feeds and supplements in /,o ft ,/^ m „ ,„ mcnt O f this advertiscment.llu411 ' ''no4l' this and nearb y territory. Ex- :-•", ' — ..; ______r_ elusive franchise will net from which above described property WANTED—woman or girl to do w f^OW WANTS housekeeping $ 5000 l o $10,000 yearly. Give will.be sold free and clear of all general housework on farm in modern adult home, perm- complete past experience.- All i' ens a " d encumbrances except •• -- v <s,n _u~,.~_ _« i T i-nniioo Kniri r.r,~r i^n«f;ni AT- :„ tne mortgage no\v held by Bank ni, out ne prc- -"'-'•'v ucn.i.in.t, v^iunuu nuiunoii, to Iowa. He ^achael Wci.sbrod, and Billy Jen- buy a small kinspn. . ,*•"•• *<»i»i u V tli(J IJ jferred to return ;had intended to —, a BIIli .u -----acreage here, but illness proven- Attendance came area ton miles from , In Algona before going west on a share the ride plan ;Mr. Neeling worked 25 vears "*" e " * h " 0^1,^1 _. lor Swift & Co. j Born on a farm near Boone;ville, March 18, 1877, t o William was used - cind Sarah Neeling he was the youngest boy of ten children. When he was only eight • months old the father died and the widow and children moved to a farm in Kossuth. John attended a rural school dnci April 14, 1906, was married at Algona to Myrtle Carpenter. from an the church Be- H. F. Helmke, deceased, will seh at public auction at the front door of the Courthouse in Algona, Kossuth County, Iowa, ort the 27th day of June, A. D., 1945, at 10:00 o'clock A. M., of said day, All that part of the Southeast Quarter of Section Eight, Township Ninety-five North, Range Thirty, West of the Fifth P. M., which lies South and West of the Palo v Alto- Kossuth County Joint Drain • No. 1, as now located; and also all that part of the East Half of the Southwest Quarter of Section Eight, Town ship Ninety-five North, Range Thirty, West of the Fifth P. M., which lies South and West of said Palo Alto-Kossuth County Joint Drain No. 1, as now located, except the following described portion thereof, to-wit: Beginning at the Southeast Corner of said South-west Quarter and running thence North Forty-two Rods, thence West Twelve Rods, thence South Forty-two Rods, thence East Twelve Rods to place of beginning; and also All that part of the South- cast Quarter of the' Northwest Quarter of Section Eight,, Township Ninety-five North, Range Thirty. West of » the Fifth P. M., which lies South ' and West of the said Palo Alto-Kossuth County Joint Drain No. 1, as now located, and South of the Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Paul and Pacific Railroad Right of Way, containing in all One Hundred Thirty and one-half acres (130%) more or less, lure me riae plan. BO- general nousework on farm. In m oaern aauit nome, pcuu- j • -...-....^..^v. ^^^^ the school was operated Call Mrs. Art Hagg, 7F2 Algona ancnt i full charge of home In- replies held confidential. No in- -•- ":;• v °"»" •""' "-•" "•> "»••"- :ommuitv basis nn intor. i6 D 4i quire at Upper Des -Moines Off- vestment required. Write Sales e1 ?. u t - om P an 3' °/ Des Moines, P ice 1 6P 41 Manager, International SUgar wh ,f h mortgage the purchaser brins -_ 'Feed Comnanv. 340L. Hiawatha wl11 assu - m ? and a .S ree to . P a y as on a commuity basis, an intercourse of study ,-,„_ „""— — , ^ UK bAL,E—Strawberries, bring | containers. „„„ . man, Luvcrne, Phone 4591 lawuunifs, onng _.; — — 'Feed Company, 3401« Hiawatha T"V«r "^— "~• *"" * "j Gottlieb Hansel- FOR RENT—Nice unfurnished 3 Ave., Minneapolis 6, Minn. a , P i° f th f P"/ 1 : 113 ;* 1 P r ?ce, and 11 .,-„, mnrr, n ^,,.,t 1 ...lii. „..; _,_ ' also the real estate described as: Lots One, Two, Three, Four, room apartment with private 10p41 batn and entrance. Mrs. Henry J-VL/Ti -w-» »f». -.mwv-, *'J.A,J, J. J.C1 Jl Y —— 1— Johansen, 517 East Lucas St., Al- IN THR DISTRICT COURT OF' 19u41 Women of G.O.P. Name Lone Rocker FOR SALE-IOSO ChevroieTT gona At a meeting of Kossuth rep-' door. Good condition, excellent ~- ublican women last week Mon- tires. Do n Haverly, Wesley * WISH day at the Algona library, offi- 12p40-41 cers were elected: President, ' • — — 0 —^ ..,_..^ ^ ic ^ C ivcu wnne ai Mrs. W. J. Cotton, Lone Rock, ^OK SALE—2-16 Oliver Radex Rochester. Mrs. John Von Bank, 141u41 TO THANK all my friends for all the cards and good wishes I received while at in 1903, but-surviving, with ElberV,"WhittemoVe. It'was voted ...» mother, is a son William, to hold quarterly JDOCtings Mrs s™«o, ^ ^^ ^ s ^ m ^ c!or ^ frm : and Mrs. Donald Dow, Sacra- * mento. i AnM RROK-FM rpi . i Axtra JDrlUKljN broth > 1S h° n ?- grands ° n - also a Dickie, son of Mr. Neb. "The son wTlliam is^tS ^T^pSy^' Merchant marines. ' - y _, v --j*-*-- ^aijyv.-uiui. ivus. w. j. motion, i^one nock ^n.^^ —^-J.D unver uao:ex iney became the parents of four vice, Mrs. G. J. F. Vogel, Burt- , P lovv > used one season, in per- Irvington. cmjdren A daughter Mildred secretary-treasurer, Mrs. Be'-t fect condition. Ed. Otis, Wesley. — — • ciiea in l9Ud. but'survivinp \uiih vi,hm-t •wv,i*t nm ^^« T* ...i.j ' 15p41-42 "ANTED—Soldier's wife to do general housework for room, Hampshire board and wages on farm near AI .__, ™,r Apply *••' **tiu 1|JOI 1 IJ.t; «rfUL*AVA UilVA W dgCO Ull It sows, farrow first part of Sep- Algona and PW camp, tember. Bruno Bruns, Phone 8F UDM office. 13, Bancroft. 15P41 ' 4 - SHICK ELECTRIC OWNERS— We -are dealers in WANT ADS are the biggest bar- _ -.„... , gain in the world—4000 copies Algona for Schick electric boys re- ; of your ad distributed for a few ors and repairs. Huxtable Fire(cents. ADVANCE. tf ; stone store. 18U40tf SCORE Smart plaid. Convert i b I e collar. Patch pockets. Cool short sleeves. Convertible collar. Breast pockets. $2 to $6.50 IOWA, IN AND FOR KOSSUTH COUNTY. j IN THE -MATTER OF THIS i SSTATE OF H. F. HELMKF, i IN PROBATE NO. 5014. i NOTICE OF ' i ADMINISTRATRICES' SALE, j Notice is hereby given that by| virtue of an Order entered in the District Court o!' Kossuth Cnunlv • iowa, on the 15th day of May, '945, the undersigned Alvina Helmke and Sophia Heimkc, as Administratrices of the estate of Five, Six and Seven, except that portion which is described a." follows, : to-wit: Beginning at the Southwest Corner of Lot Seven, thence Southeast One iiimdrcd Feet, thence Northeast parallel with the West 1 ne One Hundred Feet, thence Northwest parallel wilh the Souih line One Hundred Feel, thence Southwest One Hundred Feet to place of beginning,, all: ; in Block Nine, Whittemore, Iowa. Out Lot One (1) of Whittemore, Iowa, iexcepl the West Eight (fi) Rods thereof, vertiblo collar. Patch pocket. Leisure Hour Partners For A Sporting Good Time Men, here are the kind of shirts you can't have too many of-shirts for ev CrV hour Of tV»*» rlfl\7 i-itrkt frUv^i U ¥ —«J v»» aim IB itir CV- i., uay ngiii inrougn summer. Long sleeves or short sleeves pin; : r e ^t-r tri ^ tailored body, a convenient convertible collar and handy patch " i^ool, smart comfort if «*»"— -— — —— - p -• *- HUB Clothiers Leuthold - Williams Company Feather-Weight Straws in popular and becoming styles Once those "scorchers" set in you'll thank your lucky stars that you took our advice and got one of our head-cooling straws. Wide narrow and medium brims in a selection of weaves. Black and colored bands in all widths. $2.00 to $6.00 SWING INTO SUMMER AT Clothiers LEUTHOLD.WILLUM8 COMPANY which, property will be sold free and clear of all Hens and en- cuntbrahces,' that said real estate is being sold for the purpose of paying obligations of the estate. The terms are One Thousand 'Dol- Jars ($1,000.00) down and balance as soon as Abstract of Title has toeen approved. 1945 lease will be assigned to the purchaser upon TUESDAY, JUNE 19, full settlement. 1BUl duy of ALVINA HELMKF , SOPHIA .Administratr ,ni 40.1 SLJ™WMyijnt The Good Old Days No. 2 Ilefng a scries of old-timo pfclureH Hliowini; sco of Al&onn niul -tlilH store, nnil used in <-oi,iH'ri ivIHi our present IHaniond Jultilco year -o,iH'riim I Tins r'hotogs-sii'li shows Hie CHKISCHTLLES STOKE in its iircscnt location about the year l!)0:j, which V.MS just eight years after the Boston block mis com- I>fe(c(l, JUKI (Jraiidiaiker ( lirischilles moved from (lie rrcscnt'CoHNt-to-Coast locution to Ills new one"." YOB! will rocognixc the steel ceiling' and the sky-light which,'besides f!io JHi.'coiiy ijj Hie rear, are almii! the j y tilings that haven't been clmntrcd. that ; «here 'are no easli carriers and (In- slnir-l n«y to the bnlcony runs along Hie cast wall insload', of (lie west as i( is at present. Koto largo stuck in'Ied up on shelving _old-'fas]iioncd fixtures for I showing handkerchiefs -,» big bolts of pJccicgoodi along floor on left. In light of present'rntiniiini; of j»5cce goods the stock in 100,'} would make a 19J5 dressmaker's mouth fairly "water". i:\en 12 years ago, however, the genera! awwnrnnft ' of THE C1IKI8CIIILLKS STOKE was spie and span .-things look in good order and customers are numerous. '*<S. IMUICIN Kanawha Sales Pavilion Weekly Sales Will Be Held during June, July and August on Friday evenings at 7 o'clock. First sale was held June 1st. Good Market for Livestock. Lei Co wan do the i • Complete Job ROOFING SIDING EAGLE INSULATION WEATHERSTRIP Ask fc* Free Eslimalel You may buy on our convenient monthly payment plan if desired. ,Cowan Building Supply ALGONA. IA.

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