Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on June 19, 1945 · Page 2
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 2

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 19, 1945
Page 2
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PAGE FOUR SERVICES SET TOMORROW FOR LAFE GRIFFIN KOSSUTH COUNTY ADVANCE, ALGONA, IOWA TUESDAY, JUNE 19, Algonian for a Long Period of Life Is Dead at 83. 5:30-0n the Mall Daily « Sun 5:41)—Nowi Itort WHO Daily «x Sun 5:45—Jerry Smith Daily ex Sun 6:00— Henvcn nnd Home Doily ex Sim 6:15—Farm Service Mon Wed Fri Checkerboard Fun Tucn Tim S«t fiiJO—Farm Newj from WHO..Daily ex Sun 6:45—Jerry and Zclda Daily ex Sun 7:00—News (mm NBC Daily ex Sun 7:15— Time to Shine Doily ex Sun 7:30—Bible Broadcaster Sunday News Irom WHO Daily ex Sun 7:45—Cliff and Helen Daily ex Sun 8:00—World No»« Roundup Sunday •• Rambling Cotvboym .. .Mon Wed l-ri Revoill" Roundup Tue Tliu Rat 8:15^Story to Order....' Sunday '.i SooSlellows Mon Wed IT! • Second Clip o'/Coffee Tuc Thu Allen Roth .'. Saturday 8JO— NF!C String Ouarlct Sunday 1 / News .(;om WHO Min thru Pri .Encores Saturday 8:40— Mnrflmj! Market Report Mon thru Fri 8:45—Melnrly Madhotuc '.Mon thru Fri " 'Victory G-.rdcn I'nraiic Sntnr 'ay V:00— Christian Sc'cnco Siiml.iv f News of the World....Mon thru Fri Adventures of Archie Andrews.. .Sat 9:lS—rPnirtlwcy in Ncwn. .. Sunday l'Ora v Lawtnn Mon thru Fri 9:30—A.-icriean T.ejjion Surv'ny •'.;-",.Rliiid* 1 »f .tltr. Mon Iliru Fri '• Trcf.sury Sjlute Srur ly i-Ncfr^ ffom WHO P-r '-v ' Joyc'e Jordan Mon thru Fri 'Calling All Girls Saturday America liack tn God Sunday PRED WARING SHOW.... MON tHRU FKI K-C 'Jamboree Saturday JO:3!>-rNo«v<, [JilMijAtJ Sundny Soldier Who Came Homo '' '. Mon thru Fri ' • Srnilin' Ed McConncll Saturday 30:15—Yrcav.irv Saltiic b'tirt'lny David Hariim. Mon thni Fri ..1:00—Chltrcli Services Sunday Judy and .lane Mon thru Fri News from NDC Sntur'av 11:15—Perry Muson ...Mon thru' Fri Qnv. Rolirrt D. pin- Sifr'ay 11:30—Edith Dunham Webber. .Mon thru Fri Atlantic Spotliflht ..........Saturday 31:45—The Mucknrooi Mon thru Fri 11:55—Hymn' for Today Mon thru Fri AF7E3NOON PROGRAMS 12:00—Old Fashioned Revival Sunday Markets & Farm News.Mon thru Fri Corn Rclt Hour Saturday 12 :15— Saddle Mt. Roundup.. .Mon Wed Fri Victory Farmers Tue Thu 12:30—Ul of Cii. Ho-.-] Tnhl? Sunday News Irnm WHO Daily ei; Sun 12:15— Sonjjfclloivs Mon Wed Fri Sat Served With Sons Tue Thu 1 -.00—The Ford Show Sunday Guiding Liflht Mon thru Fri Musicana Saturday 1:15—Today's Children Mon thru Fri 1:30—WcsiiaShouse Program Sunday Woman in White Mon thru Fri Veterans' Advisor Saturday 1:45—Hymns All Churches. .Mon thru Thti ' Betty Crocker Fridiy News About Religion Saturday 2:00—World Parade Sunday A Woman of America..Mon thru Fri Min.i:rcl Melodies Saturday 2:15—Ma Perkins .'. Mon thru Fri 2:30—Army Hour Sunday Pep Young's Family,, .Mon thru Fri Mu-,ic on Display Saturday 2:45—Right to Happiness... .Mon thru Fri 3:00— P.nckstailo Wile Mon thru Fri Children's Bible Hour Saturday 3:15—Stella Dallas Mon thru Fri 3:30— Iowa-Nebraska Quir, Sunday Lorenzo Jones .... ..Mon thru Fri Iowa Roundtable Saturday 3:45—Young Vv'idder Brnwn..Mon thru Fri 4:00—NBC Symphony ............Sunday When a Girl Marriej. .Mon thru Fri Grand Hotel Saturday 4:15—Portia Faces Life Mon thru Fri 4:30—Just Plain Bill Mon thru Fri News Irom NBC Saturday 4:45—Front Page Farrell. .. .Mon thru Fri Music '"fir Millions S^'ur^ay 5:00—Rythm Roundup Sunday '^News from WHO Daily er; Sun 5:15— v «!wi :lrom WHO Si-i- '-v Caribbean Cruise Mon Wed Fri Songs r.t Twilight Tun Vhn Siniifellnws Saturday 5:30—Great Gildersleeve Sundny Spotlight on Rhythm Mini Wed Thu Fri Music for Million-' ....Tu-sdny Tommy Hrirsey's Slrr.v ^nturdoy S^ST^BritiBh Brocdccsting. .Mon thru Fri 5:5GV^War Commentary Mon thru Fri > EVININ4 PROGRAMS Wayne King and Orch Sunday . Lucia Thome and Co...Mon thru Fri . -Cliff Carl & Co.. Saturday 6:15—News of the World....Mon thru Fri Tin Pan Alley Saturday 6:30—Fitch; Mysteries Sunday •News Ir.om WHO... .'..Daily >x. Sun 6:45—News .Irom NBC.. Mon Wed Thu Fri JJoimy Fidler Tuesday , , Burn Dance Carnival Saturday 7lOO-^praijtBB Langlqrd Sunday Cavalcade Theatre Monday Johnny Presents Tuesday Mr. & Mrs. North Wednesday Roy Shield & Co .Thursday Cities" Service Highways.. Friday Variety Hall Saturday 7:30—Tommy Dorscy & Co Sunday .Voice of Firestone Monday AvDnte with Judy Tuesday Gay Mrs. Fcalherstonc... .Wednesday Adventures of Topper Thursday Correction Please Friday Truth or Consequences... .Saturday 8:00—Manhattan Merry-Go-Rnd Sunday Telephone Hour Monday Mystery Theatre Tuesday Eddie Cantor Wednesday ,Bing Crosby Thursday Waltz Time Friday National Barn Dance Saturday 8:30— Album Familiar Muaic Sunday Information Please Monday Fibber McGee & Molly Tuesday Mr. District Attorney... .Wednesday • Bob Burns Thursday People Arc Funny Friday Ion-a Barn Dance Frolic... .Saturday f:DO—Hour of Charm Sunday Contented Program Monday . .The Man .Called X Tuesday Kay Kyser's College Wednesday Abbott & Costello Thursday Dunnin<!er, The Mcntaliit... .Friday 9:30— Meet Me At Parky's Sunday Dr. I. 0 Monday Sigmund Komberg Tuesday Rudy-Vallee . : Thursday Hollywood ' Theatre Friday 10:00—Austin and Scofield Sunday Chesterfield Sun. Club Mon thru Fri 10:15—News from WHO .Daily 10:30™>Var Scrv. B.B...Sun Mon Wed Thu V .uyt'tythinilflor the Boyt... .Tuesday Cjn You Top This Friday Judy Canova Show Saturday 10:45—America United Sunday Your Navy' Present! Monday Music for Millions Wednesday Treasury Sjlute Thursday 11:00—News from NBC Sun Mon Tin Thu Sat Starlit Road Wednesday Bill Stern Friday 11:05—Music Sun Mon Tue Thu Sat 11:15—Timely Topics Friday 11:30—Old Fashioned Revival Sunday London Column Monday Newi from WHO Tues thru Fri San Francisco Conference.. .SaturHav 11:45—Music Mon thru Fri 11:55—News from NBC Daily ex Sun 12:00-Jvlidniiht Rhythm Parade..Mon thru Fri I- Sustain th« Wings Saturday All listings subject tn change LI; THE BEST 'ON THE AIR Figuero Ballroom « . LIV-EHMORE, IOWA .Inno" '21_fnrl Mean's June 2S_Jimmio Smith Funeral services were announced at the Presbyterian church, Algona, at 1:30 tomorrow afternoon for L. T. Griffin, who died Sunday of old age infirmaties at Dodge Center, Minn., after a short illness. Burial is to be made in the Irvington cemetery, where his deceased wife, an infant daughter- and his son Faye are buried. Another daughter, Mrs. F. G. Urch, is buried at Concord, Minn. Officiating minister at the church and for the burial will be the Rev. A. English. Pallbearers will be Fred Geigel, L. W. Keith, A. L. Long, D. L. Leffert, D. 'D. Monlux, and W. E. McDonald. Mr. Griffin, who was born in Kentucky April 12, 1862, was past 83 at death. He spent his boyhood in Kentucky and Missouri, but in young manhood settled near Irvington. Some 35 years ago he came to Algona, where he lived till nine years ago, since which he has lived at West Concord and Dodge Center. Mr. Griffin was married to Alice Sammers. Algona, some 58 years ago. All of his sisters and brothers are dead. Mr. Griffin served many years as a local constable. He was a Mason, a member of the Eastern Stars, and a member of the local Presbyterian church. To many friends he was familiarly known as 'Lafe.'. ALGONIAN TO A CONFERENCE OF TELEGRAPH MEN George Scobee, local Milwaukee station agent, went to Chicago Sunday to attend a tri-annual meeting of Milwaukee telegraphers. Mr. Scobee, delegate from the I The Rev. Robert -F. Kittrell, Iowa-South Dakota district is a' local pastor, gave a talk on member of the general committ- home visitation evangelism, a ee on which he has served 15 particularly successful project years. The committee is to be here, through which 34 mem- in session about two weeks, and bers Have been added to the its work consists of determining church roll, working conditions, wages, hours Because of the outstanding re- ALGONA GROUP TO A NO. IOWA BAPTIST MEET Thirteen delegates from the Baptist church here atended an annual north Iowa -association meeting at Fort Dodge Wednes- I day. and other matters pertaining, to efficient functioning. The association is part of an international organization the suits obtained locally 'in home visitation, Rev. Jos. Hansen, of the American Baptist Publishing Society, Philadelphia, asked the next grand convention of which' Rev. Mr. Kittrell to write an art- will be held at St. Louis, the ] icle on the subject for Baptist time depending on travel condi- j publications. This will, be written tions. It was to have been held early in July. H. A. Haines, agent at Hobarton, is relief operator here while Mr. Scobee is at Chicago, and meanwhile the Hobarton station is closed. Lakotan Fighting With Luzon Yanks NORTHERN LUZON, With the 32nd Division, (Undated)—Pvt. Benjamin F. Farrow, son of Mr. and Mrs. John Farrow, Lakota, has been assigned to headquarters company, 1st battalion of the 32nd (Red Arrow) division's crack 126th infantry. He entered the army in October, 1944, and came overseas in April, 1945. He is now fighting with the veteran division in northern Luzon among mile high ridges of the Caraballo mountains. * Algonian in Navy Wins a Promotion Mrs. Fred Wcgcncr, Algona, has been informed her son Gordon, who has been in the navy since last October, has been promoted from F2c to Flc. He formerly received mail via New York City, but some weeks ago was changed to San Francisco, and with others he transferred by ship through the Panama canal. He wrote recently that he had met Dick Schroeder, of Swea City. * Youth from Fenton Let Out on Points Pfc. Marold Schlci, Fenton, infantryman in the famous 34th Red Ball division, got home from Italy Wednesday, after 4 years and two months in service, 40 mos. of it overseas. He was in the first group of selectees in training prior to Pearl Harbor, and served in Scotland. England, Africa and Italy. He had 103 points, and his plans are to help his father- on the home farm. Ti tonka Youth on Guadalcanal Isle soon and will appear in the National Baptist Sunday School workers magazine. -*FAMILY TWICE HIT Seneca, June 18—Mr. and Mrs. terest In all or any part of the following described real estate, to wit: The Southeast Quarter (SE- J /4) of Section Nine (9) ''in Township Ninety-five (95) North. Range Twenty-Nine (29) West of the 5th P. M., Kossuth County, Iowa. YOU AND EACH OF YOU ARE HEREBY NOTIFIED, That the City of Algona, Kossuth County, Iowa, desires and has filed Application for the condemnation of all the lands and parts thereof, the consolidated description of which is as follows: The Southeast Quarter (SE- Vi) of Section Nine (9) in Township Ninety-five (95) North, Range Twenty-nine (29) West of the 5th P. M., Kossuth County, Iowa. That said condemnation is being sought by the City of Algona, Kossuth county, Iowa, for the purpose of acquiring a Municipal Airport site for the City of Algona, Iowa, and for the purpose of establishing, erecting, and maintaining thereon a Municipal Airport. That a Condemnation Commission has been appointed by the Sheriff of Kosauth County, Iowa, EASY WAY TO PAINT WALLS AND WALLPAPER! Pete Hanson received word Fri-1 a s provided by law, for the pur- day that their son Cpl. DaryliPosc of appraising and assessing' Hanson was missing in action j'l-h e damages which will bo sus- on Okinawa. He wa.s with the i taincd by the owners, lien hold- 1st marine division- They also' ers ar "d persons interested in, Lewis P Opsfnrrpirhpr Qnn nf received word last week that I said land, which will be caused; MrsMnrv OPS P-ro rhnr THnn ! thdr son Pvt. Arnold Hanson, by said condemnation and the ka IvSecr? promoted^ thc 43rd infantr y divisio " ?PP ro P™ tion ° f *^ real estate Kd, nas uccn promoieci to j. J m-ic.' T „,_„ ,„„„ u^ t ,,,: t oi:,«,i ,.,uu for said IISP. He has been in service two years, and for 16 months was in the south Pacific. For nine months he was in charge of hospital psychopathic ward. Re cently he wrote his mother that i he had been permitted to choose on Luzon, was hospitalized with a broken leg. ;el i fj City : f :l and County for said use. AND YOU ARE NOTIFIED that thc said Commissioners will meet at the office of A. J. Cogley, Sheriff of Kossuth County, Iowa, in 'the Court House at Algona, Iowa, on the 7th- day of Alia Wilmarth, faculty mem-! July, 1945, at 9:00 o'clock A. M., betwecn^two locations, and had ber of the branch summer school j at which time said Commission- ihcre, suffered a recent • fall in • ers will qualify and immediately i I which ligaments in her right thereafter view said premises I elbow were torn. The arm was and .proceed to appraise nnd ! put in a cast, and she resumed assess thc damages to be sus- tcachdng. • | tainod by the owners and lien Cpl. Alex E. Burghart got j S-Sgt. Stanley Muckey, tail- | holders thereof and at which time ' before said reference to said matter, Dated at Algona, Iowa, 2nd day of June. 1045. .CITY OF ALGONA, KOSSUTH COUNTY, IOWA. By J. D. LOWE, City Attorney, Al'gonn, Iowa. 39-42AU23-26 chosen Guadalcanal. Soldier on Leave Meets Infant Son „ , S-Sgt. Stanley Muckey, ._.. homo recently from overseas on gunner on a B-17 overseas who vou ma y appear a 30-day furlough with his wife recently returned to the states, | Commissioners with and children, it was the first will come from Liberal. Kans., ~" iA ™"""" time he had seen his son James, sometime this week o n'a 15-day now 18 months old. The corpor- furlough, with his parents, Mr. al was in a ground crew of the and Mrs. Lloyd Muckey, and his 15th air force in Italy 17 months, wife, who is staying with her At the end of his furlough he parents, Mr. and Mrs. Julius will report back to Jefferson Blinkman, Shakopee, Minn. Barracks for reassignment. Doryce and Bette, daughters of Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Mertz, of West Bend, have written home of interesting; work with thc Pacific overseas air technical coin- Mrs. Jennings Peterson, the mand, Oakland, Calif. Attend| former Eleanor Kain, has pur-. ing a USO dance recently they chased from her sisters, Mary,' were surprised to meet Pfc W. Ann, Elgina, Mildred, and Isabel H. Kohlhaas, of St. Joe, station: their shares in the house of the e d at Camp Knight, Oakland. ?' late Mary Kain, which all inherited on thc death of their aunt. Mrs. Peterson intends to Kain Daughter to Live.in Old Home move here and live here. Mr. and Mrs. Ray McMahon, who now livein the house, will give possession July 1, and have rented Myrtle Turnbaugh's house in -the east part of town. ;•• »"•' •"• . DIVORCE SOUGHT The former Burdine Townc has filed suit for divorce in district court here from Lewis Claire Burnham, to whom she was married in October. 1937. She asks custody of a 4-year-old daughter. Mrs. Burnham's attorney is her uncle, Burr C. Towne, Waterloo lawyer. NOTICE OF APPRAISEMENT AND ASSESSMENT BY CONDEMNATION COMMISSION'! TO: William H. Gilbride, sin,- glc, William H. Gilbride, Trustee; Helen Bestenlehner, Single; Dorothy Duffy and Lewis Duf-. • fy, wife and husband; 'Thomas I ' Bestenlehndr, ••> 'Single; '"Ru^jh.* Sigsbee and Gordon Sigsbee". wife and husband;' Marrita Bestenlehner, Single; John Bestenlehner and Lillian Best- enlehner, husband' and wife; William Bestonlehner, Single; James R. Vipond and Gather-/ ine Vipond, husband and wife, And to all othec persons, firm.! or corporations jVavihg any iiv- Calvin Sarchet a Casualty of Japs Marine : Corp. Calvin Sarchet grandson of Mr. and Mrs. Presley Sarchet here, was recently seriously wounded in head and neck in Okinawa combat, his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Vern Sarchet, Laramie, Wyo., were noli- j fied in mid-May. The Vern Sar-' chets formerly lived here, and Mrs. Sarchet is the former Grace Phillips. JAY TAYLOR DIES Mrs. R. L. Reid received word yesterday morning of the death of her uncle, Jay D. Taylor, Elmore. This was thc third death in the Taylor family in seven months. Polo Shirts Former price 85c ea. [CUT TO 65c ea. BOY'S SLACK . SUITS $1.81 ea. BLEACHED CHEESECLOTH 10 yds 43c BLEACHED SUGAR SACKING, 34x34 5 for $1.15 PHONE Used Tractor F-12 on Rubber with Cultivator Also used 229 Cultivator for F-20 New Machines Grain tank wagon boxes. Elevator wagon jack. Pickup baler. Farmers Friend and hydraulic manure loaders. - : ; Attachments, Etc. Tractor wheel weights. Standardized II Farmall power take-off attachment. Tractor hitches for two-row International corn planter. Tractor paint. Magnetos. Cream separators. Hammermill belts. Fire extinguishers. Milking machines. Original equipment Auto-Lite batteries for Farmall tractors. Refisg soys We have ' a good selection of' Bibles, a few Scoiield's. Also' agency for Ihe new Thompson Chain Reference Bible. Testa menl?... Greeting Cards, Plaques. Orders for books and other items given prompt attention. Mrs. John M. Jordan. Call 42W DRIES IN Alt HOUR hang pictures, us« *room the same day. no delay; ONE COAT COVERS wallpaper, old painted walls, plaster, brick, rough tilej ASK FOR SPEED-EASY... ITS NAME TELLS THE STORY GOES ON EASY for truly profession: ^.results, painter toda* with either brush or handy roller, solid hiding, quickly, easily j THINS WITH WATER p»r gallon—makes up to gallons—enough for walla •ad ceiling of average JTOOBU .,....««„ ;*••«••...•.-...-<••»•*! MAKES UP TO GALLONS one gallon of Speed-Easy makes up to \Yz gallons of paint; When you add water il is like getting aa extra half-gallon frew Buy Your Binder Repairs NOW! Cargill Feeds FarmrOyI Lubricants Firestone Tractor Tires and Tubes Pontiac Parts and Service Algona Implement Co. McCormick Deering Sales and Service Phone 52 state and Jones Office Hours: 24 Hours a Day Your doctor, who is the first to detect a need for rest in others, has driven himself without mercy in wartime. He serves his own patients as well as those of absent physicians, yet finds time to keep abreast of medicine's many wartime discoveries. Most people were quick to appreciate the doctor's sacrifices and looked for ways to encourage him. They attended his First Aid classes and learned to call him only when absolutely necessary. They volunteered to assist overtaxed nurses in crowded hospitals ... and turned his dream of a national blood bank into a magnificent reality. Today the word, "cooperation", has a fuller meaning in America. The threat to our freedom has rekindled an intense national spirit... revealed amazing capacities on the part of our people to help themselves and their tellow countrymen until victory is complete. They are strengthened for the road ahead. They should go far indeed, in aiding our gallant younger generation get the reward it has earned and will go on earning—progress in a world at peace. iRAoe MARK mm. u.s. FAT. orr. AB566 © 1945 A N H E U S I R - B U S C H • -/,- * When a product maintains the character that people r«/J««. they are quick to demand it- Generations ago, the makers of Budweiser set a standard—distinctive in taste, pure, good and distinguiihed for its uniform quality. That's why people everywhere have agreed lliat Budweiser is ''something more than beer .'..a tradition". Ao wonder it is the most popular . beer in history. 5 A I NT .1 O U I S

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