Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on June 5, 1945 · Page 3
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 3

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 5, 1945
Page 3
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PAGE SIX_ Financial Report of the City of Algona For Fiscal Year Ending March i 31. 1945 .(From April 1, .1944 to March. 81, 1045.) - j ... RECEIPTS Municipal Other League 30.00 1,203.87 General Governments 27,318.05 Independent Division's '14 V- -- ----- 0490.69 Special^Assessments- 94.40 i .Total v—*•-•---S 33,903.74 Office Receipts: Business UcenseS-. .$' 462.50 Beer Pi»-mits 1.200.00' Cigarette Permits... 1,443.25 Dog Licenses '..' .Fines, Fees, and Forfeitures Other receipts Total - $ 3,765.28 .of Life .and Property: Police Department $ 8,325.95 Fire Department _. 2,435.37 72.00 28.0.00 32.00 Total -S 10,761.32 Sanitation and Waste Removal: Comfort Station --$ 706.12 Sewers 3,875.80 Refuse .and Garbage Disposal , ... 668.42 5,250.34 Thompson Store Building At Burt Has a New Owner DON MITCHELL PURCHASER FOR ELECTRIC SHOP C0WTY ADVANCE, AL-GONA, IOWA • Mrs. Bahne K. Bahnson's parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Peterson, Webster City, are staying with her .at present. Her neice Bonnie Schuldt, Emmetsburg, is also visiting ,at the Bahnson s. Mr. and Mrs. P. L. Pratt and their guests, Mrs. L. E. Town, cd last Tuesday from Santa Rosa, Qaitn, Minn., nd Mrs Will Fish, Calif., where her husband, AM- j wjiittemore, were dinner guests M2c2c, had been stationed. 'He! a W eek ,ago Sunday at the Wai- had been sent to Shoemaker, ter .Klamp home in Algona I Calif., and expected to be sent to sea from there -in the near future. Mrs. Schrader will spend a few days here .with his .mother, Mrs. C. H. Schrader, .and .then .Mrs JD. A. Chittenden and daughter Phebe, Wavefly, came Thursday for .a few days visit at the Dr R. H. Thompson home ' Total $ Sanitation and,.Waste Removal: •«•• Sewage Rentals —$ Street Department: Snow removal _—$ Conservation of Health Fire Maintainanee $ Municipal Enterprises: Libraries: .__. S Recreation: Swimming Pools _.S Trust or Agency Funds Deposits S 3,495.25 Total --.---$ Highways and Streets: General Expense .-.$ 363.98 Street Cleaning ... 19,025.04 Sidewalks and Crossings - 820.91 j ing. Burt, June4—Donald . Mitchell last week purchased the Thompson store building, which is now occupied by the L. R. Daniels harness and shoe repair shop. Mr. Mitchell is to got possession July 1, and will movfc his electric renair business in the build- He plan?, to do some re- went to camp at the They .are Mrs. Thompson's mother ,and sister. MarceUe ..and Sharon Putz returned to their home in Algona last Tuesday after spending a __ = 11 few days at the home of their *?«??• Carpi | gandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Her- .elvm Kuecfc, mfln putz .Mr. and Mrs. W. D. Moore and I plans to go to Minneapolis. Eight to Summer Camp— .Mary Jean, Stella and Helen Rachut, Gerald .and Leugenia £«£ £** r> „!!.,_ i_r „...-„ r>o».«i tew aays City Wednesday to, spend a few days at the home of her sister, Mrs. John Emmert. The Youth Fellowship met at the .Godfrey Geilenfeld home Sunday evening. A pot luck lunch was served. Mrs. Lawrence Schumacher, of and daughter Shirley spent Memorial day with relatives at Hardy, Renwick and CorWitn. Mr and Mrs. Si. F Hawcoit Q pent last week Sunday;*! 4he' home of a neice of Mrs. Hawcott. at Spirit ;Lake. Alfred WickWire, ,Des visited last " . *W<jdne!»- i Graham. W. J. Lockwood' Kossuth Chapter 201, O. 'I __ttJfiSDAY, JUKE 5, 1945. will meet Tuesday evening j uni> 19.. Thf>rp will K,. :'? . un e 12. There will be work. initiatory Diane Glasscook, Fort Dodeo spent a week ago Sunday and Monday at the Karl Anders™ home.. ' The U and I circle will meet next Tuesday with Mrs J u Sfihroeder. ' a> R. J. Mealy has purchased the Graham Implement building. Melvin Walther League the Okobojifc Friday, .. daughters Mary Lou and Nancy where they spent the weekend • L e « c d r RapidS| an d Roberta ,. _ ,1 n i4 n «xlnrl n T 1 1 f V\ «T»O M \A7-3 1 _ •*•**•*-» V •»**-.. (- , -T7>_.; 2,292.00 96.00 i I 1 310.25 20,210.53 Total $ Conservation of Health General Expenses Miscellaneous $ Municipal Enterprises: $ 312.50 i Recreation: i Parks $ 2,488.87 j S%vimming Pools „$ I Band — — . 1,375.00 j i Total $ 4,965.63 Grand Total of Re- I Debt Service: .ceiptS-WYeflr End-" j Bonds and Interest $ 2,400.00 , ing March 31, 1945 S 44,279.61; Trust or Agency Funds 1 Advance Deposit'_.$ 1,010.00 Total Fund.Transfers'$ 6,985.25 Miscellaneous: 1,819.35 4,114.67 1,606.64 2,187.38 1,171.61 EXPENDITURES General Government: City Officials — Salaries S 1,268.00 Legal Publications . o!)2.47 Audits 452.11 Elections 218.83 Bonds Purchased ..$ 4,810.00 Grand Total of Expenditures of Year Ending March 31, 1945 $ modeling, and will put in a complete line of electrical appliances as soon as goods arc available. The building is one of the largest and best business houses in town. It was built by the late A. N. S. Thompson for his harness and shoe business some years ago. Picnic at He T man Neitzel's— Mrs. Ellen Hmina and her daughter, Mrs. Bob Borrcson, and daughter, Minneapolis, left last •Thursday after visiting at the Herman N^itx.f-l hon.e and with other relatives.. and attended ?. Lutheran ther League convention Wal " Schmidt, Bode, visited from Fri-, ' day -to Sunday at Paul Moore's, j Clayton Johnson Jr, Fort Dod-j ge, spent Monday ;and Tuesday ' in On Siudunt Honor Roll— Betty J. Stewart, daughter of Mr. and, Mrs. Roscoe Stewart,' "j^"^ came "lor Memoriad day • ---'"- them. iviiMien lime. Hi i senior in the school of nursing at the university of Minnesota, j was on the cap and gown honors I list for having .maintained .an average of B in all studies taken up \o now, including not less Lincoln again socn than two quarters of attendance, j Thg Lutheran Aid society will the e ,. da ' from Lincoln, Neb., after y er ^ wee ks caring for her mo- She ex . ptcts to return to Roland L.avrenz/m U. S.— the United States and called'! ! met Thursday afternoon in .. church basemtn with Mrs. Emil De]bert Hanna Decoration day ™- f - ~ j parents -£ New Y prk the following were also guests - r. . • . • .. ,- _ the first He - w - as at a picnic dinner at the Neit- wjunded fn Europe'six titriea and .zel home: The Lemuel, Hugh " ... r . . _,., !•..-, and Del Marlow families, Mr.-?. John Newbrouht and two children, and the -Fred Smiths, all of Lone Rock: Mr. and Mrs. John- 59,107.121 athan Hulbert. Glidden; the j the Paul Olsens, Mrs. Richard 6,985.25 j Bristow, and rMrs. Lottie Isen' bcrger, Lakola. Total Fund Transfers $ REPORT OF UTILITIES j Light Plant Water Worifs i Visitors Honor a Birthday— Memorial day was Mr.r. S. M. Sale £f ".Water: and Electricity $1.23,271.82 $ 24,95.5.21 j Tuxes- .••-L J - 147.83 147.83 > Other Receipts 12.911.46 14,316.16; Total Receipts $136,331.11 EXPENDITURES: Salaries and V/ages § 27,799.64 . -Outlay—New Iinprovemtnts Other Outlay 48,148.78 Other Expenditures: Bonds; Purchased 74,000.00 Sales Tax 2,239.68 Miscellaneous 2,697.12 Peterson's birthday. Mrs. Gcrta Thompson and Mrs. Hcdwig Larsen spent the afternoon with expects to be sent to a 1 hospital before being sent. home. Spending Furlough Here— Corp. and Mrs. Tom Frank!, West Palm Beach, .Fla., ;are spending a 21-day furlough with Kosuth relatives. They were called home by the serious ill*ness of Mrs. Frankl's -. father Mr. Meyer, of Fenton. Veteran Back at Hospital— Pfc. Kenneth Hutzel left Friday | to re-enter Borden's General. as .hostesses. The Mariner's club met for a wiener roast at ,the .Verne. Ship- j ler home Thursday evening. Mr. i and Mrs. Cecil Godfredson were j guests. I The .Rev. and Mrs. A. G. Heel- j die visited Monday and Tuesday) in Fort Dodge. Mrs. Heddle did not return till Thurscby morn- ineY Helen Graham went to Mason UNITED DEPARTMENT OF THE INTERIOR SOLID FUELS AO/IINISTSRATIQN 'FOR WAJl WASHINGTON-25, D. .C. ;Itn-reply please refer to: 1-1 To Users of Western and Midwestern .Coals" Never before was "Get Your Coal While the Gettin's Good" such good advice lo coal users. : . . . ; ,. . . . S 39,419.20 • her. and Mr. and Mrs. Nuls Pet- hospital at Chickasha, Okla., af- S 4,750.90 10,986.37 18,500.00 456.90 34,694.23 erson and Margaret _Knudsen,jjf ter spending a 30-day furlough with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Hutzel. Party for a Birthday— . Twenty friends were entertained at -the Glenn Hutzel -home Wednesday evening iti /honor of Mr. Hulze'l's birthday. Blue Earth, Mrs. I.' W. Nelson, Lone Rock. Mr. and Mrs. Chris Knudsen and Mr. and Mrs. F. O. Stow spent the evening at the Peterson home in honor of the I event. The Nels Petersons have a greenhouse at Blue Earth. i May 24th's severe hail storm i broke about 80% of the glass in their greenhouse. Total Expenditures $154,885.22 CASH STATEMENT: Balance on hand—April 1, 1944 §114,120.89! . . .Total receipts for year Ending March 31, 1945 220,029.92 i Two Visiting in California— 1 3 I Mrs. Claude Whitehill, Omaha, • Total Ho account for §334,150.81 j who had been visiting her dau- _. ' 'Total Expenditures for Year Ending March 31, 1945 $248,686.57 ' ghters, Mrs. Harold^ Angus and spent the wee kend with her par-, Add—V/arants Outstanding April 1, 1944 5,867.46 " " ~ " " Oilier Burt ACAVS. Margaret Officer spent the weekend with Barbara Thompson at Dubuque. Barbara came home with her Thursday -and Total ; . _ 'I '- $254,554.03 I Wanda Deduct—Warrants Outstanding March 31, 1945 0,818.00 \ They were Total deduction from total to be accounted for ....$247,735.43 geles, where Wanda was to visit hor rrmsln Mr^ F.vlf I rvnn. and Mrs. Gerald Angus, left last week fc ' nts Mi\ and Mrs. H. A. Thomp- Monday night, accompanied by son ' jjer sister, Mrs. Frank La- Mann, lor California. tn rop and daughter Judy, Port- to visit in Los An- ] ana) Ore., went back with her. Balance on hand March 31, 1945 $ 86,415.38 REPORT OF MUNICIPAL INDEBTEDNESS: MARCH 31, 1945: General Bonds $ 8,000.00 Warrants Outstanding $ 2,544.59 Total $ 10,544.59 VALUATION OF PROPERTY SUBJECT TO TAXATION ON ASSESSMENT OF JANUARY 1, 1944: "Class of property. Real Property $ 20,140.19 Personal Property $ 3,420.40 Railroad Property $ 448.59 Telephone", Telegraph, and Express Companies $ 198.27 „ „,,.„. Lathrop and Judy will- her cousin, Mrs. Lyle Tryon, and spenc ) a few days in Cedar Ra- also at San Diego, where Mrs. pic ] s on t h e wa y back to Burt. ""-"-•- : " '-- 1 -- 1 - ind Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Heaney and s ^ e daughter came Tuesday evening and .spent the night at the home of Mrs. Heaney'.s father, J. P. Trunkhill. Mrs. Heaney and visiting the Karl Andersens. , ... , -. , They had lunch Friday at Mrs. | Church Women to Meet — J ' The Women's Council of the Presbyterian church meets Wed- neday aflernoon, June 6, in the church parlors, with Mrs. H. O. Buell, Mrs. W. T. Kennedy, Mrs. S. M. Peterson. Mrs Hugh Mc- Whitehill has a daughter, and where they expected to Mrs. Whitehills son .SM lie Claude Jr., who is to take .some special naval training at San Diego. ... . 'Donald, and Mrs. Will Uingsdorf Tfctal Except Mopies and Credits $ 24,207.45 j as hostesses. The ladies will Credits . $ 8,067.04 I servu a |5 C lunch to which '"','' '. ' • 'everyone is invited. Serving is Total Valuation of all Property — ...-$ 32,274.49 ' •Total Monies and Bahne K. Bahnson's, and spent Friday night at the W. W. Boettcher home. Dawna remained until Saturday. Mrs. Joe Beitz and two children, Bertha, Minn., and Mary Catherine and Lyle Allen, Clarissa, Minn;., came Thursday to visit at the L. R. Daniels home. Mary CatherineAllen will spend summer with her grandpar- NEW MACHINERY Hog Feeders and \Vaterers. Poultry Feeders and Waterers.••" Cypress slock tanks. DeLaval Cream Separators and Milkers. Electric Motors. Gaternian : Windrower for 7 ft; Mowers. Tractor Moun'lici) S.weep Rakes. Pick-up Attachments. Jayhawk Haystackers on New Rubber. Harrow Drawbars. Electric Pump Jacks. .Victor Endgate Seeders. Flare Type Wagon Boxes. Used Machinery Cream Separators, Mowers, Sweep Bakes, Wagon Boxes, Burr Mills, Hammermills, Speed Jack, Plow, Wagon Gears. Manure Spreaders. Steel Wheels for WC Tractor. Power Lift for Oiver 70. Wagon Hoist. Manure Loader for F-20. Cultivator for AC "B". Allis Chalmers Plow Bottoms, Slat. We have stock of Firestone Farm Tractor Tires. We are equipped to mount them and load them with liquid weight. Bring us your certificates for new tires. Let us pick up your worn tires for Firestone Factory Recapping. We have complete service and repairs for all machines in the Allis- ChalnVers, Oliver, New Idea and Massey-Harris lines. , . "Tractolube" : ' Oil BRADLEY BROS. Phone 714 Algona, Iowa , , , , , , . rn i LJlt; OW111J1JCA ** *!.»» *i\,» fat fc-.iM^v- to start at 4 o clock. Ihe org- enl Mr and Mrs . Wolf, in Al- amx.al.on cleared about $160 at and WQrk . the Modern the rummage and lood aale it ?>_.. ; a woekago>uturday. and Dry Cleaners. Sauerman and son Dinner Honors Arkansans- Jimmy, Sparta Wis., arrived ' Mrs. George White, Harrison, week ago Tuesday to spend the 'Ark,, her son S-Sgt. Kennel : summer with Mrs. Sauerman s .White his wife and two child- ' parents, Mr. and Mrs. Alber '• ren arrived •> week aiio Satur- Staehle. Mrs, P. F. Knethe and /day WsH^UhM^ White-slaughter. Eugenia, Owatonna i parents, Mr. and Mrs. Will Rings- ' Minn., visited from Wednesday jdorf. Sunday a family dinner', to Thursday at the Staehle s. in their honor was held at the ' M ''- and Mrs. G. C. G.ddmgs jRingsdorf home, at which the ^ent to Buffalo Center a weel W. B. Shiplers, the Roy and Don- ago Sunday to see a new grand laid Ringsdorf' families were also | daughter born to^Mr and Mrs guests. Sgt. White recently returned from Italy on furlough, Veteran Meets His Son— Mrs. Robert Voigt Jr. and son Robert arrived last week Monday from Salt Lake City, Utah, THE $64 QUESTIONS— WHEN WILL STALIN REACH BERLIN AND WHEN WILL THE MARINES TAKE TOKIO? Anojher question, and a vital one, is what kind of minerals lo feed the brood sow and her litter io supply our armies with food. The proof of the pudding is lo ask your neighbor aboui results irom my minerals. Also ask your railroad agent, and you will find lhal four out ot five bags of mineral shipped lo poinls in Kossuth and Hum- .boldt counties are the Walnui Grove Product. Do as the most successful hog men have done for years —feed Walnui Grove Minerals. H. S. FAIN Humboldt Phone 297-M. eow-lf Most toinniuniticE in Die -western lifllf of the' Nation Imd .ample .fuel lai-.t winter because they bought , largo quantities .last summer, AVheiv it could be readily supplied. ' .,"•" • •' -.•....; We now face another tough war winter. Even though -Gennattiy is defeated we still have .a Ip.ug, liurd job. to. beat .the .laps. .-Mines. and retail yards will still be short, of manpower, aiid : the' railroads .-heavily burdened by war demands. Those who order Western : or Midwestern now generally can got their full requirements. But the-.full' supply is subjeat to quick change* in time of war. -Pereona -who delay ordering coal now will risk having to take less than full requirements next winter, and niziy have difficulty in getting fuel, delivered on tlm»V. \Vi.:i coiv.^umc.rs v.'ill play wife and order their coal now while it is roadily nvaMiible. Awwpl whatc,vor.:uEE-Ule lund .or.sixe you" ...lealer rccomniends, and store it \vhen he can deliver it. That is the r/arest way lo stay warm next winter. , Sincerely yours, . ' ; (Signed j.-.C.'.J. POTTER, ^Deputy Solid Fuels Administrator F. S. Norton Algona, Iowa Phone 229 Your Dealer Has It... A BIG SUPPLY OF PATIENCE John VanHove May 24 at th Buffalo Center hospital. Mrs Lizzie; Palnnkuk taccompaniJec them to Titonka and visited relatives there. >.j The Tom Trenarys moved into their new home in Burt the to "meet her husband, Cpl. Rob-: first of the week. The Marshall; ert Voigt, who arrived Thursday , Torgesons, who were living in from more than two years ser- the house, have moved to Bode vice in Europe. He will spend for the summer. They will move a 30-day furlough here with his into Mrs. J. P. .Stow's house' parents, Mr. and Mrs. Robert' next fall seen his 18-monlhs-old son be-! Mrs. M. M. Chipman returned Voigt Sr. Corp. Voigt hadn't' to Marshalltown Tuesday after fore. He is a mechanic in the air j two or three days at home. Mrs. corps. Sailor to Go lo Sea— Mrs. Charles Schrader arriv- Chipman decided] to return! U> Marshalltown to make her mother, Mrs. Henry Ross, an extended visit. Let Cowan do the Complete Job PROTECT ROOFING SIDING EAGLE INSULATION WEATHERSTRIP Ask for Free Eslimalel You may buy on our convenient monthly payn^pnt plan if desired. Cowan Building Supply ALGONA. IA. All of us can thank the neighborhood business man for doing a whale of a wartime job. Short of help and with many empty shelves, he has striven to give each family its fair share. He has labored late and often over ration records and changes in regulations. He has been co-operative and uncomplaining. Remembering those away from the homes of the families he serves, he keeps on buying War Bonds—for keeps. Your dealer has had plenty of company in all walks of life... people who have pulled together in a great awakening of the .traditional American spirit. They have amazed themselves .and ithe world with their ingenuity. They have found security in self-reliance. They have vowed not to slacken their pace until complete victory . 13 ours. "'•'• ^ No less important, they are resolved to apply their new-found ability to the utmost when .peace comes to make ours an eyen better country for those who have defended it so gallantly. m .I*-1 Budweiser TRABC MARK HCC. U.S. PAT. Off. then for UuAweittr to America'* favorite beer—i<*> ,jv/l«n goad /r»«»di.g«* ••**' fitter, JSiwfow'wr A «.'/ that -needs no ANHEUSER-BUSCH . . ... $ A J H T I O U I 5

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