Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on May 15, 1945 · Page 4
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 4

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 15, 1945
Page 4
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TWO KOSSUTH COUNTY ADVANCE, ALGONA, IOWA KOSSUTH COUNTY ADVANCE A Weekly Newspaper. Entered as SECOND CLASS MATTER DECEMBER 31, 1908, at the postoffice at Algona, Iowa, under the Act of March 8, 1879. SHIPPING TAGS ADVANCE. AT THE 1:15 7:00 7:13 7:30 EVENING PROGRAMS H. H. flruss — News... Mon. thr. Sat Ted Malone ...... Mon.. T»?«.. Wed. Earl (ioclwin ............. Thurwlfly Raymond PniKt-'a Orchestra. .Friday Early Americrm Danre Mu^ic .Snt. nrw-nfic-ld Choir ............ Sunday Uim and Abner . . .Mon., thr. Thiir". lilind Pate ................ Monday Alnn Young Show ......... Tiinsilny America's Town Mc-etinK. .Thursday Thin Ti Your FBI Friday liu-ton Rymphnny SatTirday .I.-rry V.'»yne Shfr.v Sunilay 8:00— Famous Jury Trin'p Frirlay \Vnlt». r Winchell Sumlav S:iO—Hollywnwl Myitorv Time Sunday S:3f!~S t ,ntlizht Band* ....Mon. thu. ?at. 0:00—fiuv Lomiiardo Monday Niip« & PrimMe NV'-'Ineodnv Fri-d \Varint' Tliuraiiav ?amniv KH"».'B Varictiep Friday Life r.f P.il'v Sur.lay 30—H.I.. Man's Family Tue-day March of Tim**. Th'ir-H-ty Ilnctor.. Tnll: I' Over Friday in 00—H. R. Gro=i-;,V,.f..M.in. thr. ?*t. \'i Vl— Mrr-t Your Navv Saturdav SUNDAY AFTERNCOtl LU VERNE HIGH WILL GRADUATE 20 THIS WEEK Lu Verne, May 14—As the school year draws to a close there are many activities for the senior class and the entire school. The seniors spent their last day in school April 27,. when the final tests were given. Class day oxercises will be held in the gymnasium Wednesday afternoon May 16. The presentation of diplomas to the eighth grade, presentation of athletic, music, perfect attendance, typing, scholastic, and citizenship awards and the program given by the senior class will will take place. The baccalaureate services were held Sunday evening, With the Rev. Robert Phillips pf the Meth-1 odist church delivering the ser-1 mon, subject, The Price of Leadership. ! Wednesday evening at 8:15 in the high school gym the high school graduation exercises will be held. W. R. Hamilton, president of the Hamilton School of Commerce, will deliver the commencement address. His subject i j will be, How Can We Build a I Better World. The Rev. Mr. Wit- j tenburg will deliver the invoca- . tion and benediction. I Friday an all-school and com- j ! munity picnic will be held in the i city park. All parents and friends of the students are invit- Iwo Takes its Toll TEA GIVEN FOR MOTHER'S DAY BY UNION CLUB Union Twp., May 14—The Mothers Day Tea of the Busy Bee club was held at the home of Mrs. Dean Andrews Friday after- Each member brought a noon. en with her sister and parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Helmke, here. Her sister, Mrs. Frank Greer, San Francisco, Calif., is visiting here with relatives for two weeks. Mrs. D. T. Vincent, BeVorly Hills, Calif., is visiting at her ' ^TUESDAY, MAY 15, service, the first of ers to return from udivo -, overseas, hns boon linncn-.-ihiy , charged because of illni••; ITo enlorod service was at Schofic.'ld '345 •Hid Official U. S. Marine Corps Photo First .aid stations, behind the sand baff shoUsr-s. have been set un among the debris of wrecked and blasted amlracs, landing barges, jeeps and trucks. T.l:'.s picture was ialr^n on the atternodn of D-Day at Iwo Jiuut* Start saving now to replace this -wrecked mctcvial through greater purchases of War Bonds in the Mighty 7th War Loan openinj May 14. From U.S. Tieasury Roll call was answered by giving | esses. a housecleaning hint. Sixteen I 31— Ethel Biurymore • ,, ., , »-i 111 . d tiuuacuLtrciiiiue. 11111 L, vJi.VLtrcn \ • -. , ed to attend. A baseball game is members and one guesli Mrs . Ir . Gir i fol . Rev . Nelsons— <- ' . I pl l n , ned fc T th ^ a" 6 ™ 00 ."- vin Hof, were present. Mrs. Edw. The Rev. and Mrs. Harvey Nel| The Kranuating^class is: Erna Hof read an anide on A BeUer son are parents o £ a girl born ! Eustace, Urace Christenseri, Ar- America After the War. A'short; May 8 in the Holy Familyi hos- inold Fereande, Kenneth witten- p i ay was given bv Mrs. John Voss ! pital in Estherville. The-'ibaby burg Irvm Mertz, Betty Miler, 5 r .; M rs. Berald'Brace, and Mrs.! has been named JeannerLouisa. ter Stoddard He wi Ruth Ann uronbach, He en Wolf. Albert Gmrich . Lunch was serv .; There is one son Byron in. the ^mn i'n= Tennessee Janet Miller, Helen Staffacher, ed b th hostess t ^ close oC f „ The R M J N , . cainp .in Tennessee i Donna Sanford, Gerald Schipull, ^ Afternoon. This-was the last former pastor in the Methodist ll0 ^ ^ »'P ™ugh. ;Dale Bray ton, - Norma Hansel- ^ tin f , lh church ^ ere but al pl . esealtt , is at George Merkle an i man, Earl Barton, Clem Stripling, _,_ Terril i- |1<4 ' '• ter Eslh,er arrived hi _j^.^ •• —_JJ_-JLJIUJL-J ' Dale Brayton, • Norma Hansel- meet j n£t O f , t he vear ,„.,„ tr^^i -Do^t^^ rMorv, c4T.; n iinn ""!i.img oi nit yeji. Get Home Comfort that Lasts a HcL'selime with an CERTIFIED INSULATION JOB Phone us today CowanBldgSupplyCo, LMiono 275 ALGONA, KP.VA i man, Earl Barton, Clem Stripling, 1 Joyce Bockes, Eugene Casey, 4 . H club to Hike . Clarence Casey and James Blumer. iiuvsii< ,*«•»•»•»• - ft i guest, some mother or menu. The meeting opened with Bertha Sarchet presiding. Community singing was enjoyed. Songs sung were Song of Home, America the Beautiful, What Did Delaware, parody. The ladies, however, changed some of the words to fit the occasion, causing much merriment. . Mrs. Rudy Kitterman paid trib- ule to mother by recalling many scenes which have been enacted in most every home. She referred to and read poems which fitted the occasion. Mrs. Jessie Miller gave two piano numbers. Mrs. Alice Weisbrod sang Little Old Lady, playing her own accompaniment Contest games led by Mary Long closed the meeting, Alice Weisbrod and Martha Tjaden winning prizes. Tea and coffee were served, Mrs. Jessie Dugan and Mrs. Robert Sarchet pouring. Lunch was served from a long table in the dining room covered with a white linen cloth and centered with an assorted 'bouquet of , . . . ,. , tulips and spring flowers, for Mrs. S. B. Hefti, 8G, who died , Committees in charge were as the result o£ a broken hip. Ser-' merm Ada Hofius, Esther Wil- vices were held in -the Evangeli- ij ams> and Marie O'Brien; pro- oal church. gram, Bertha Sarchet and Alice PvtilHbward Stoddard is spend- Weisbrod. About 50 ladies at- ing a .21-day 1 furlough at the home tended. of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Ches-; * ter Stodd'ard. He will report to a _ . .^—.. —/m fkinvimiu in Tennessee upon comple PARTY FOR BIRTHDAY of his, furlough. George" Merkle and his daugh- AC WU|TTFM A RF MAN ter Esther arrived home Wednes- VF !f ml I tnUFli. PIMI1 £ > L e ^ i "5, 1 ^ n L! 3 iM,r 11 ,?^ Whittemore, May 14-A num- Hills, uaiu., is VISIUH« ui MV.I W as in sjcncniom han-ir-!- • t brother L. H. Peril's Mrs. Vin-j lhe j bombed p,^* ;' fonf i<! the former Theresa Peru.! •' -"" M.H-I,. j drove'" 0 was scnl lo in-raw,-). suffered stomach ulc^vi ;, n ,i then returned to the U s •Monte is married. 'li^im, a ...! 11. t* T _ ' i 'nf* to Ames Friday to spend several days visiting with friends. - « DISCHARGED AFTER uULimrtui.!/ HI JR.U . St. Benedict, May 14 -r- Sgt. Monte A. Scobba, 42 months in Art 1!,.: During his absence live at Bisbee, N. D. other brothers in service marine, two arc in th three in the army. Of . ,no ;„ " a ' Poppy Day is Dated— , — The Lu Verne Lively Lassies i Circles in Meeting— J« nd s Pf"J se X xe , r£ ! daA f Xi s " ber of relatives and friends gath- , J . he , V u ven ? e > lvel > ,V ass , 1( = s l The Methodist W. S. C. S. met ltln § Mr ' and Mrs ' Walter Merkle ' ered at Archie Voight's home last 4-H club met last week Monday evening at the country home of Wednesday .afternoon: Circle 1, at Marilyn Miller. Nine members,! Mrs. P. C. Lichty's; No. 2, at the Today as in 1917 our men are two ] eaders anc j three guests: country home of Mrs. John Voss again fighting overseas, giving were present The members ans-! Jr.; No. 3, at Mrs. S. P. Soren- their lives that we may be safe^ were d ro \\ ca n by giving the \ son's. The general meeting of These boys are our relatives, our name Qf a farnous woman . A hike j the W. S. C. S. will be held May , neighbors, our friends and it is was discussed and a committee 23 in the city hall. I pneVO Vi';u 0 U l l » at 1 y mUSt S !i wa « chosen to plan the hike. Af; er. Who better knows the ter the business meeting songs Boy for Arnold Hjelles. , amount or suttering they must were sun g anc i g am es were play-1 Mr. and Mrs. J. Arnold Hjelle Sanforcl homes. er; Mrs. Milton Espe jnd Rosella I endure than the veterans of this ec j Lunch was served by the are parents of an 8-lb. boy born i Erna Eustace returned recent- Voigt, Alpona; Edward Tietz and I war and the last war. We on the hostess at the close of the even- j last Wednesday at the Lutheran | j y fronl the Lutheran hospital in ?"n Ortwin, Fenton. The even- Mr, and Mrs. Paul Phillips and wee k one evening to celebrate h:s Mrs. Harold Phillips spent Thurs- birthday. Present were Mr. and day in Fort Dodge with itheir Mrs. Frank Schumacher, Mr. and mother Mrs. Jennie Phillips, who Mrs. Theodore Bicrsted, Mr. and is in the hospital there. Mrs. Herman Voigt and daugh- Sgt. and Mrs. Wayne Sanford ter Evelvn, and son Raymond, left Tuesday for Kingman, Ariz., Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Bell, Mr. and after a furlough at the parental Mrs. Henry Lauck, and Mr. and Fred Baumgartner and Frank Mrs. Chris Meyer and son Walt- ( home front wish to show that 1 they remember, and revere those mg. I who died in both wars. To do Miss ionary Group Meets— this let us all wear a poppy, the __ .... . . . r ., little red flower that expresses The Missionary society of the, foi us feelKthat are too d^lp Evangelical church met recently, 1 to put into words. .-This is one % ihe ™? niry • ^°?!, e ^ ' — »•- — "-»• — - — way of telling the heroic dead Henry Marty, with Mrs Emma; waukee are spendin g sevo ral ,, , ___ _ -i, ?. . .._ ,_ - . A r Schmidt as assistant hostess. Mrs. .-, .,:~.-4:»,, TV/I:— T^I_« i.j~r H. W. POST I)RAY AND TRANSFER Storage of All Kinds Long 1 Distance Hauling Every load insured against loss and damage of all kinds. Equipped to do all kinds of hauling and draying. PHONE 298 Algona, la. hospital in Fort Dodge. The baby has been named Craig Anthony. There is .another son, John Allen in the family. jnuy , Moving lo Seattle- home of Mrs. j Mr and Mrs lrvm Hof) o£ Mil . that we will do our best up the good fight. The the Ernest Merkle Post No the Legion Auxiliary will be. oh the streets of Lu Verne Saturday, OI " IlnaT ™ ouu > ? nu Ule V J^' U ?** */!•„„ OP _i^^,-r,^ »!,;„ i;»+i« *i«;,,x~ Indian Life. Florence Hof had Fort Dodge, where she had un- ing was spent playing cards and dergone an appendectomy. i lunch was served later. Mrs. Cecil Wermerson, Fort " Dodge,' spent several days visit- Other "WllHteinorc \ftWS. ing her daughter and 'family, Mr. | The Lutheran Aid held its reg- and Mrs. John Ramus • ular mee ting in the auditorium of Mr. and Mrs. Jack La Warne the Lutheran school Thursday af- and son John, Fort Dodge, spent ternoon. Hostesses were Mrs. ; to keep .acnmmi as assiswm nosiess. ivirs. i -, v i sitin g M iss Florence Hof "" u s , u " uu '. "' £ uil - ^" u ^' atl ^ ternoon. Hostesses were Mrs. ladies of Henry Miller led devotions. Mrs. i an ^ wilh Bolher relalives and Tuesday with her parents, Mr. Fred Heinrich, Mrs. Henry Jo. 664 of Lewl .?, Merkle sang a solo "My friends . Mr . and M rs. Hof will an ^l Mrs ; H ' E ' rpR °8 ers - Kuecker, Mrs. Henry Lauck, and •" ,-:.._•• Task." The lesson was in charge ] eavo soon £ ur ln eir new homo in s ' James Causer snent the A/T^O -n-^,,,o^i i\/r^^<- Anna Woito, and the topic was ; Seattle Wash ! for sale, made by the^ dteabled-: ? har « e of the business meeting. Undergoes Operation- i veterans. The people of this com-, Lunch was, fie rved by the^hostess Mrs Jennie Phillips underwent . • i munity should be eager to wear the little symbol of sacrifice. Martv at Great Lakes— Melvin D. Marty, 22, at the close of the afternoon. a major operation in the Mercy hospital, Fort Dodge, Thursday. Band Mothers Meet— It is reported that she is getting The Band Mothers club met' along very well at this time. Mrs. „_ , - . , . Mrs. James frauger spent the M rs. Edward Maahs." weekend.. in Chicago visiting her. M r. ; and Mrs.: Herman Voigt husband,' who "is stationed there ind' daughter, Evelyn, Mr. and in the navy. M rs. Milton Espe, and Mrs. J. J. Mrs. John Nelson spent several R ose ndahl and sons Ralph and days in the Lutheran hospital in Danny spent Thursday evening Fort Dodge receiving a medical wilh Mr> and Mrs . Arthur Hei- check-up. denwith. son of I Mr. and Mrs. William A. Marty, of Lu Verne, is receiving his ini- Wednesday evening at the school, Phillips was taken to the hospital Minn., was a guest Thursday Mrs. G. A. Hanna, of Fairmont, E]sie Helmke spent the week- house. Election of officers .vas; Sunday. held and new officers elected OVERWORKED EYES • NtED, ME'LP W. qmunson OPTOmCTRIST TCL.436 tial naval indoctrination at the i are: President, Mrs. Frank Gron- U. S. Naval Training Center at' bach; vice, Mrs. Harold Sorenson; | Other TJH Vorim Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Stribley Great Lakes, 111. His recruit train- secretary-treasurer, Mrs. William : daughter Sandra spent several ing consists of instruction in sea-' Moeding. It was decided at the | days visiting at the home of Mr. manship, military ' drill and gen-! meeting to continue- the meetings , and Mrs. J. Arnold Hjelle. Mr. eral naval procedure. During this throughout the summer. Lunch', Stribley, former superintendent period a series of aptitude tests j was served by the hostesses at! of the Lu Verne high school, is will be taken by the recruit to de-1 the close of the^evcning. ' " " '-" termine whether he will be as-, signed to a naval service school, Cemetery Asq'n Meets— now in the navy and stationed in Maryland. Mrs. Carl Lang and .son Gary It must give the right support nmssHoam or Cfiaris won't let ! to a shore station, or to immedi-' The Cemetery association mat Curl arrived Thursday from Colo- ate duty at sea. When his recruit Thursday afternoon in the city rado Springs, Colo., to visit her training is completed the seaman hall with nearly 30 ladies in at-1 father, Fred Fritxemeier, and sis.,. " . " i _ _„ Ij i TT i JT ii _r . j.— TT._i_t_ TJ_ T_ ,?__i_j; _i i will receive a period of leave. I Cl"b Year is Closed— tendance. Hostesses for the af- j ter Hulda. Lt. Lang is stationed ternoon were Mrs. Fred Lenz, • at Camp Carson, Colo., but is Mrs. Fred Hintz Jr.. and Mrs. Wil-: now .taking special training at The Tuesday club met Tuesday Ham Klawitter. The next meet- Lexington, Va. afternoon at the country home of ing will be June 14 with Mrs.! Mr. and Mrs. Henry Kubly at- evening at Mrs. Peter Thomp- visiting relatives and friends, son's: ' Mrs. Edna Larimer spent a few Mr. and Mrs. Charles Wolf, of days in Des Moines visiting Mrs. Fort Dodge, spent Friday here Alice Newland. MRS. TOEITHA WILSON 803 S. Dodge Phone 48-J L.XTREMELY durable and water- pioof, long-oil "61" Spar Vamisli protects front doors, porch ceilings, boats, spars and all exterior wood surfaces from the effects of weather and moisture. Ideal for kitchens, bathrooms or any surface subjected to fresh or salt water. It has great elasticity, exceptional body and luster — it withstands severe climatic changes. Cowan Bldg Supply Co, Phone 275 ALGOJNA, IOWA Lewis Merkle with Mrs. Fred Merkle as assistant hostess. Lloyd Smith, Mrs. Archie Sanford tended the funeral services and Mrs. Fred Schneider as host-; Thursday afternoon at Renwick THE OLD JUDGE SAYS... GEORGE: "Yes, 1 certainly would like tp hear why you call that an old fashioned idea, Judge." OLD JUDGE: "Glad to tell you. George. Until recently, a person known as an alcoholic was generally treated as a socia,! outcast. Little if anything was done 19 understand him or help him. But, during thp past few years, medical research and study has developed that alcoholics are really siclf: people ... that there is usually a deep- rooted physical, social or emotional reasoi 1 i behind their behavior. That's why today so much is being done to help them by finding out and correcting the condition that leads them to excess." GEORGE: "How many folks are there like that, Judge?" OLD JUDGE: "Well, according to scientific research, 95% of the people who drink, drink sensibly. 5% do so unwisely, at times. Included in that 5% is the small percentage of the sick people I'm talking about." GEORGE: "That certainly gives me a clearer picture. It's the most sensible approach I've ever heard on the subject." Thif adttrtiitmtnt iptHiimtd t>y Canjeitnct af Akoktilie Beceiafe Imtvilric}. 1m. Our Midsummer Book Is the Place to Find Big Values for Yourself, Family, Home, Car For tig .values, shop at our Catalog Order Office! Check through our new Midsummer Book. It contains many timely offerings at unusual savings . . . merchandise from our general catalog at reduced prices and clearance items bargain priced. You'll get quality merchandise backed by Sears famous guarantee. 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