Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on May 15, 1945 · Page 3
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 3

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 15, 1945
Page 3
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TUESDAY, MAY 15, 1945 BRYANT PUPILS PRESENT FOUR NURSERY PLAYS KOSSUTH COUNTlY ADVAN'CSJ, ALGONA, IOWA -PAGE | Cresco M. & D. Guest Day— An annual finest clay meeting of the Cresco Mothers and Daughters club was held Wednesday at the home of Mrs. W. H. Major General Commends Record of Wesley Youth With the 2nd Armored Division, European War Theater, (Undated)—Seven men from the in- Today Set Aside for Mothers Day Party and Program. Final school activities were by group singing of Star Spangled Banner. America the Beautiful, held last week and are containing and Battle Hymn of the Republic through the first davs of this with Mrs. H. R. Clayton at the week. Thursday at the Bryant piano. school the two divisions of the In the absence of other offi- fifth grade taught by Kathcrine cers Mrs. Clayton presided. Roll Van Ness and Evelyn Woodke' call was answered by recounting had a program of four plays, things taught by mother, and Snow White and the Seven each member gave a poem honor- Bosworth and instead of the us- tclligence • and reconnaissance ual refreshments a covered dish j g^"^^ 1 ?, "^ £ luncheon was served. The home man ou tpost of Jerries at Horster- was decorated with bouquets of Schelsen on thp morning of woodland flowers March 1, and the "snatch" had The program vas oncned I left the way open for lhe 82rd me program \.as opened reconnaissance battalion to enter in force and dig out 150 Germans. Two peeps, and two motorcycles were breaking ground for a task force in a dny's sweep across plains to the Rhine, and among the seven was Pfc. Carl Z.elske, of Lcdyard, la. It was strictly a spur of the moment job. As the miniature convoy moved into Horstcr-Schelscn, a cor- lowed and Dwarfs, Rumpclstiltskin, Jack ' ing a mother. and the Beanstalk, and Cinder-1 Mrs. James Devine read inter- ella. i esting exerpts from thc life of The children used the nursery Anna Jarvis, founder of Mother's! ^h'c lieutenant looked ancl saw rhyme characters, hut had writ- day. Mrs. A. D. Lehman had i'Nazis in small buildings on each ten original lines in a modern charge of thc program and she s j c ] c o f ^ c s t rcc t, version. They also were rcspon-, conducted a furniture quiz and a I Taking a long shot, thc lieutcn- siblc for directing and presenting ' radio sponsor quiz. | an t roared, "Come to hell out of the plays. In thc cast and m3n- i Guests included: Mcsdamcs < there! ' SENECA GROUPS OBSERVE VE DAY WITH PROGRAMS Seneca, May 14—The Seneca] RITES FOR MRS. VINAAS, 79'OF OTTOSEN, HELD Ottosen, May 7—Funeral services were held at the Bode Lutheran church Friday afternoon for Mrs. Jens Vinaas, 79, who died last week Tuesday. The Rev. O. B. Anderson, pastor of the Humboldt Lutheran church, conducted the rites. Mrs. Vinaas was 'buried in the Farm Bureau held its regular i Union cemetery near pttosen, meeting at the Seneca school last' ySsTan^^ Pallbearers 0 were week Tuesday evening. A special Qsca r Op^pcdahl, Jens Anderson, VE day program opened with j Ivan Evanson, Jos. Longseth, group singing of Faith of Our Fathers, followed by a Prayer for Peace by Mrs. Henry Looft. The group again joined in singing The Battle Hymn of the Re- this country. At Emmctsburg public, after which the Seneca and West Bend • three years she (Leona), Humboldt; Ronald, sergeant in the army air forces n A son Anton died in France. 1935. A sister, Mrs. Marie Hansen, lives here; brothers Lars Malde, at Seattle, and a brother Rasmus at Poulsho, Mash. There are 17 grandchildren, and , four great- grandchildren. Raymond Wehrspann, and Theodore Bakke. Mrs. Vinaas was born in Norway March >28, 1866, and in 1894, when she was 28, emigrated to NEWLYWEDS IN VISIT AT ST. JOE St. Joe, May 14—Tech. Sgt. and Mrs. Clement Efta, newlyweds, arrived here Tuesday on their wedding trip. Mrs. Efta, the former Rita Marso, youngest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Mike Marso, here, and Tech. Sgt. Efta were married April 27 in St. James Cathedral, Seattle, Wash. Tech. Sgt. Efta has been in service four years and just recently And the; stage were: Patricia Lloyd Stcbbins, Mike Loss Jr., Van Buron, Norma Jean Clem- : Sar;h Douglas, Edw. Green, Rol- ons. Joanne Graham, Larry Fras-' and Berncau, Donald Hurlburt, er, Phyllis Schohv, Dennis Orton, ; and August. Brown. Mrs. Vcr- Max Sewick, Norma Johnson.' onica Roethler became a club Marilyn Hovey, Janice Walker, j member. j j n an John Norton. Dick Stone, Edward' Next meeting of the club will| ca i c h. corne to ,-t ThT, i *3 Corm rlnwn *hn mnH *5n P ensod with to P ic discussions, 23 Germans down the road to, ., ..* , T V- Lk« g h m rrt" i * Stars 4-H club presented Thc 4-H was employed, then on June 26,' returned to the. States from Alas- Way to Victory. Dclores Wil- 1897, was married at Emmets- ' ka. On completion of his fur- berg played two piano selections, burg. Mr. Vinaas lived at Otto- lough ho reports to banta Ana, after which Mrs. Otto Wilbcrg sen. j Calif., a rest camp. Mrs. Efta read a poem. i Prior to death, Mrs. Vinaas had j will accompany him to Califor- Mrs. Al Hewitt sang Trees, af- been in failing health for some i nia. They left Monday. Before tcr which the program closed years. She became much worse coming here to visit Mrs. Efta s " am April 11 on. i relatives they had visited m Mon- Mr. Vinaas and seven children tana with his relatives and Former Lakotans' Son is Liberate Lakota, May 14 — L iout neth Furst, son of Mr. and iviarceiiH i'iiug«:a 10 avvcuum s iu Herbert Furst, formerly f the household duties at Paul Er-j kota, who was reported m' ^..Uinn'a -'•••• I JTaminrv 1fi tun* r , m « fant daughter, Lois Marie, came home a Week ago Sunday from St. Joseph's Mercy hospital, Fort Dodge; The, baby was born April 25. Mr. and Mrs. Erpelding now have two daughters and a son. Mafcella Thilges Is'attending to peldihg's. . ' January 16, was found . . . . . „ ... S Mrs. 'Nick Thilges left Friday , some of the liberated prLl ° morning 'for Watertown, Minn., to. Germany and had both fro » visit her parents, the Jake Zel- en. Kenneth, who was a lers. Mr* Zeller, who is 84, has gator in the air cofps. i s nn \« been in poor health {Wo months, j der American care. Knii «,,» 4w, „ ' with groun singing of "America from April 11 on. hell OUt they , th n.,-,,..»:>,,, e , Mr. Vinnns am ! the Beautiful. It being VE day thc group dis- .survive: John, Arthur. Mclvin, all friends. Before her marriage Mrs. Thompson, Calvin Curtis, Jerry , be with Mrs. James Devine, Mrs. Beamish. Dianne Schaap, George: Ray Hfiugen assisting, June 13. German burp guns and rifles immediately began to spray the Helmcrs, Ray Walker, Chuck'Roll call will be giving some in-!' aron but thc Jerries were safely Holmes, Mary Lou Clawson, An-1 {cresting information. i marched to a prisoner of war pen dy Fenny, ancl Tommy Monlgom- | , TWO FARM BOYS FROM KOSSUTH INM. cry. i Molher-Daughler Banquet— Eugene Nelson. Jesse Shore. ; A mother and daughter ban- Dale Johnson, Anna Msc Me- quet will be held Friday at thc Grcgor. Philip McVciph, Naomi Baptist church here at 7 p. m. Scott. Madonna McGuirc, Vir- Dinner will be prepared by thc Einia Thompson, Carole Finn, women of Cricle No. 2 and it will Rut'n Ann Cook, Beverly Hoi-. be served hy men waiters, mers, Sherry Spear. Kenneth Pet- Mrs. R . "F. Kittrcll will be cr.son, Jim Sparks, Madonna Me- toastmistress and after the guests Guiro. Marleno S'.. John, June have assembled there will be P.Hshorouch. Chloris Skogstrom, group singing led by Mrs. Ronald Nickie Reding, Jerry Samp, Rog- Jenkins. Mrs. A. R. Moulds will er Anderson. Patricia Ward, and give the welcome which will be M''xinc Gibson. This morning there was a r rdson and in charge of devotions , . school nssr-mblv at Bryant in hon- will be Mrs. Newton Hietcr. station nr of '.he .school traffic boys. All The theme of the program is • of Ottosen; Mrs. Donald Larson Efta had been employed in de- was (Cora) Bode; Mrs. Everette Nash fense work in Seattle. Earl (Alma), and Mrs. Charles Daniel] Mrs. Paul Erpelding and in- Martin Wilbcrgs, and The the Crouchs, o _, August Bierstedts. : I The food committee was really put to a test. The rolls and cakes previously ordered from the bakeries did not arrive, due to trucks not going out on VE day. Thence I thc women proceeded to bake I bread ancl cake which was thor- ] oughly enjoyed as • refreshments I ttvt evening. j Those on the refreshments com• mittce were Messrs, and Mcs- dames OHo R. Jensen, Jens Peter, sen, Clarence Madsen, and Dett- boys in the fifth and -,ixth grades The Rainbow, a Symbol of Moth- ^ cn , , ls hnvc served in the squad, and c r and talks will be by Mrs. Sam thc Y hclnod i man Nielsen.* A U. S. Fighter Command Sta-; The Seneca .school faculty a ho tnn, Belgium, (Undated) — Sgt. presented a very fine program Howard Koppen, Lakota, la., and the afternoon of VE day. i responded to bv Georgia Rich- Cpl. Paul C. Egel, Lu Verne, la., Thc program opened with'Rev- '"••" been moved from a fighter il ce ' played by Gertrude McKcan, in Fnglsnd to a post followed with the singing of a somewhere in Belgium, whore hymn by the audience and a this ^Lrpalch was typed, prnyor by Su.pt. Gowan. Ui press the air war The group again joined in sing- re have been no accidents at Mcclin on crocn. the Svmbol of c ' t; l i ." SL . ^iinany. j n sch spring. W? the 5-YurloriY" council.'' " ''Mrs 'irvi'ng'urch "reo\'The^Sym-. Continuous low level attacks o f the wor in Europe. This afternoon the third grade,' bol of Sacrifice; Mrs. L. E. Steph- ' w - 1It:n unaltered enemy transport Betty Eggerth read a poem, Glendorn Burbank teacher, is C nn, violet, A Symbol of Hope,' nc ! onier^mihtary targets before which closed with the Lord's having a Mothers d-;y program and Mrs. Get and party at 2:4o. A'play. Betty' a Symbol of Spiritual ^.^. ~ u .. .. .. ... ... ,, . , ----- -- - ----- ----^ Bouquet, will be presented, and eluding the program will be a lls '"-'uvitios witn me advance ot program closed with 'taps' played there will be a puppet show. ' solo, My Mother's Prayer, sung by f'™ unrt forces, by Gertrude McKcan. The story is one taken trom the Mrs Ron-Id Jenkins ', , r £ eant Kc W n ' son nC Mr - All of the faculty and school school reader, and the children' I ancl Jf rs - °' to Koppen, Lakota, children, together with many have made their own puppets. Af-i Plum Crock Guesi Day— attend the Lakotu high school, p-rents and friends were present tur the program they will serve! The Plum Creek Woman's club! " nd boforo entering the ormy was and observed VE day in this lie Rose .nd other military targets before which" i\ oyiiiu».ii ui ij.'.'i^w, . f , „ . ^ . »vniv_i* orge'McMahon, blue,' and after D-day wn.-, moved clos- Prayer in unison. The Star Span- Spiritual Life. Con or •'' -? c . ? ront . hncs {r> harmomxd glod Banner was sung and the koolade and cookies to the guests, i observed an annual Guest day la rnimg. He is a member of a a one o'clock i mlhta !'.- v P° llc f 4unlt at , • air H.^nri work done by the pupils; Wednesday with e. u..u u UI..V..Y , . ... .-. . ,. ,,•••• was to be on display in Ihe class | luncheon 'at the Congregational! fo . rcc lighter station and has serv- ™ church. The tables were decor- j cri overseas 3J months. , ated wilh miniature May poles! Corporal F,gel is the son of Mr. ; from which .streamers radiated to , t^Mrs Charles Egel near Lu *-r 16 SENIORS AT BUFFALO CONS. ARE GRADUATED Tilonka, May 14—Graduation exercises were held in the high school auditorium here Friday night for 16 seniors of the Buffalo consolidated school. The commencement address was deliv- THE OLD YEOMAN SOCIETY IS NOW BIG MUTUAL CO. IU cl|J U1U I J JUSSUll tS. l f!T'll""t-*P The invocation was The Amcr-' f-? rd ' En «^ nd - Before entering Copies of the 48th annual re- Verne, and he attended the Lu I Verne high school. While he was! stationed in England he was mar-j ried to ?. young woman at Wat-1 Keith and marimba solo by Patricia Scneff, Britt. Audrey Slagle gave a reading and Mrs. D. D. Monlux, national president of United Service Women, gave a ereri by W. R. Hamilton, presi- talk which was illustrated with dent of Hamilton's business col- specimens of various insects and May basket nut cups at each cover. Room decorations were large bouquets of flowering almonds and apple blossoms. The invocation was Thc Amcr-' u „ , „ . - —i— ~- — «-* -lean Prayer and musical numbers' thc , T"^ C r>. L E 6 cl wr ' s a farmer, port of the American Mutual Life were piano solos by Jeanne Lo.ss ' and ho to ° ,'. s ' n member of the Ins. Co.'s 48th annual report have and Jane Keitn, piano and violin i , n ? lhla , ry ,. nollcc unlt assi Sned to been received by Kossuth policy- duet Jeanette Weaver and Clara ; lnis statlon - , holders. » I This company's record is of U/UITTEklADC DAV i s °mewhak special interest in this TTlllllLMUnC BUY Irounly, because it was formerly ' the Yeom.sn fraternal insurance CHOT'i organixation, and was organized lego, Mason City. Members of • the class arc Ernestine Ad-imson, Erwin and Evelyn Bcenkcn, Donald Budlong, Norman Bruns, Hans DeVries, Carl Giosking Jr., Drusilla Hansen, Gladys Henken, Donna Krominga, Leola Krominga, Stanley Moore, lola Rippentrop, Elsie Stroebcl, Marjorie Tjadcn and Deloris Welhousen. Five former members of the class left school and arc now in service: Howard Batt, Herbert Callics, Stanley Tryon, Everett Ubben, ancl Elton Huisman. The class also had two pairs of twins although Gerd Menken left school and will not graduate. Faculty members are Supt. M. F. Checver, T. A. Dunmire, Virgini:i Wagner. Mrs. Fay Callics, Orpha Allen and Deloris Lady. Other commcncoment activities were class night Thursday, ancl at that time athletic and music awards were made, and Sunday night the baccalaureate services wore held in the Methodist church with the Rev. W. L. Pat-' terson in charge. MEMORIAL HELD FOR BURT MARINE WHO DIED ON IWO JIMA Burt. Mav 14 — Memorial soi- vices were held a week ago Sunday at the St. John's Lutheran church for Pfc. Joel Carter, of the small reptiles sent to her by a son in New Guinea. at Bancroft. Sgt. Hugo E. Potratz, Whittle- more, is chief o an artillery sec-, tion which recently fired "the A few years ago it an "° ld Hnc " some force The company now has ----- ---- LIU 11 wuiuii itJ^-CULiv liluu lilt; &r\A cnn r\r\n • • There were 05 guests at the C j r0 am shot of all artillervmen " 5 94 ' 500 ' 000 msui"ncc in luncheon and the program was in "cTion ?with [the marinr-s who ed in battle Feb- concluded by the group singing God Bless America. Special O. E. S. Meeting— A special meeting of O. E. S. will be hold at the Masonic Hall Tuesday evening. This will be Friendship Night, and members of the Burt Chapter will be guests. Mrs. 'Lcora St. John will be installed as treasurer, .and Mrs. Oneita Didriksen, chaplain. The Congregational Men's Forum will meet Wednesday evening at the church. Dinner will be served by Mrs. W. P. French's Circle. Program chairman is R. H. Miller. Mr. and Mrs. A. E. Krcsensky entertained the store force at dinner lust night. They were served at the Algona hotel and went to the Kresensky home to spend the evening. Indoor Picnic for Seaman— An indoor picnic was held Sunday at the L. H. Hansen home near Whittemore in honor of Milton Espe, Yeoman 2-c. who is, home on a 30-day leave from the navy. Guests were Mr. and Mrs. Herman Voigt and family, Mr. and Mrs. Percy Watnem, of Ottosen, and Mr. Watnem's mother, Mr. and Mrs. Spot Nessen, West Bend, Wanda Hansen, Mason City. Milton PJspe made his home with the Hansons after the death of his mother. He married Eleanora Voigt, who is deputy county recorder. he >2 ' 000 ' 000 - Morc , is invested in ^vernment, county, municipal, with more than in southwest Germany, army pub- s ?\ s ,' ° r morc U>an_$l. lie relations stated in a dispatch ".,' , ° received by the Fort Dodge Mes-, = ur P' senger. The army gave the fol- ! lowing account of the incident: , , U i- 1-1-. c • i "An aerial observer located a \ and P ubllc utlht y bonds ' lone enemy tank and called for! ••••••i fire from their 8-inch howitzer. I The crew fired one round and waited for a message on thc re- j suit. i " 'Cease firing: mission j completed,' came back the I startling message from the ] observer. With one round i the crew hud knocked out the i lone tank—many miles away and out of sight." Members of the gun crew had previously participated in the Naples-Foggia, Rome-Arno, southern France, and German campaigns. Sgt. Potratz is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Albert Potratz, i vvnitlemore. i -*- H by Lanchere SPECIAL FOR A LIMITED TIME AT •CREAMS LOTIONS lot. Joz. Hot. •SHAMPOOS •SPECIALTIES • BATH PREPARATIONS •FACE POWDER • ROUGE . •LIPSTICK? T!K'.H<> I5LUK HOSE Toiletries are the small on".; :-:ol<I exclusively by this store (and Jiiushall Field & t'ompauy, Chicago) for i;iii«v years i'.ust at $!.(»«. Thru mass production, prices have been decreased and we !wicv<! (his is the greatest value in toiletries today. All articles are now 2Uc. For limited time only. » •^ 6*1 pi TZ-57 Tea <^ ^ ^ • i!. Jc-jL J&4 • ^ v Cnrischill es • 7or desk or date, for boss or beau, this Dorrtll "fly-fronter" is tlje answer. Jnipeccably tailored ' of "Central Park" "Rayon Print it wakes fashion .news with its broad, softly draped sbouldws Sizes 10 to .20. 'WOK ALL is (he name of u brand new nationally advertised line of tailored sport dreseses which .will foe featured exclusively at the store from now on. We have been '..'very successful with DOKALL dresses this Spring and you will find them in thc Fall and Winter line, liiglit now we are specializing on a line of exclusive prints and fine gaberdines and the prices are only $11.7') and $12.!)3. Where could you buy finer dresses thail this at such a low price? t *»r» 1.11 Cnrischill |llll!l!lfi!!illlllliilll!lliiiill!!i;!M 1101 <;IIT ABOUT A ortage Next Winter? ruary 20 on Iwo Jima. The Rev. j ' Ferdinand Reith conducted the | Homemakers Meetings — service. The American Legion assisted in the service. Leugenia Riedel sang, "Be- Still, My Soul," and the choir also sang a special number. J. L. Miller, commander of the American Legion, presented a U. S. flag to Mrs. Carter, and Mrs. W. R. Chafee, president of the U. S. W. A. pinned a gold star on the service flag. Joel's parents, Mr. and Mrs. A. F. Carter, their daughters Mrs. Will Flood, Mrs. Stanley Shipler, Mrs. Fletcher Burwash, and Lynna Jean, all of Otlumwa, and son, John, who was at home on furlough, all attended the service Important information every homemaker needs for food preservation in the coming year has been collected and compiled by the Al-gor.a public schools, the local O. P. A., and Helen Comfort, A. H. S. economics teacher, to be given in the school homemaking Whittemore Church Has Called Pastor Whittemore, May 14—In a special meeting Sunday afternoon in the auditorium of the St. Paul Lutheran school, the voting members of the congregation extended a call to the Rev. S. W. Nothnagel, who is with the Lutheran Service Center in Oklahoma. The Rev. W. H. DLscher gave his farewell sermon Sunday and will leave for Clarinda this week. WEATHER High May 1 (.50 in. r. f.).._52 M.ay 2 (.06 in. r. f.)-._46 May 3 59 department, next week. Every I May 4 60 May 5 ..70 homemaker is invited to attend scheduled meetings next Monday at 3 o'clock or 7 o'clock, and next week Wednesday at 8 o'clock. DON'T LAY DOWN YOUH Advance or U. D. M. subscription statement and forget it. The pa- and snent (he weekend with Burt I pers are stopped now if not paid friends and Titonka relatives. in advance. May 6 May 7 74 May 8 54 May 9 (.23 in. r. f.) 44 May 10 54 May 11 (.14 in. r. f. — .55 May 12 58 May 13 (.48 in. r. f.) ..54 May 14 (.53 in. r. i.) __4I Low 38 37 3(5 38 38 54 S 43 31 27 30 40 41 37 35! 5 Your home may be cold this com- and so that more fuel may be de- mg wmter! Many Government livered to vital war factories, officials say the possibility of a Your home won't he cold if you fuel shortage is great. They urge prepare for winter now - th« C onservat,on ... both for your sum mer - with an E le Certi . personal protection and comfort, fied Insulation Job vastly i^oving Complete insulation is the effective way of preparin An Eagle Certified Insulation Job—th£ wun , es . fllft , v , =±^E±zsi";Vu ri^?^ss. irst will virtually eltoiuau 4r.fu dui to E£im, l S£ U 'T"-' """ ^ Home up to 15 cooler m summer. Cowan Building Supply Company Alrtr»t10 T/-VMTO TV* * Phone 275 Algona, Iowa 111

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