Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on May 15, 1945 · Page 2
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 2

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 15, 1945
Page 2
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PAOS FOUR YOUR BEST LISTENING 1040 ON YOUR'DIAL 600 ATTEND YE SERVICES HELD AT SWEA CITY COUNTY,- ADVANCE, ALGONA Sun Sun 5:30— Oo the Mall ........... Daily 5:45 — Jerry Smith .......... Daily 6:00— Heaven and Home ...... Daily 6:15 — Farm Service .......... Mon Wed Fri Checkerboard Fun ..... TUJS Thu Sat • 6:30 — Farm New* ........... Daily ex Sun . 6:-t5— Jerry nnd 7elda... ..... Daily ex Sun j 7:00 — Alex Drcier ............ D«ily et Sue 7il5— Time to Shine ......... Doily ex Sun 7:30 — Bible Broadcaster ........... Sunday News ................. Unily ex Sun , 7:45— Cliff and Helen ........ Daily ex Sun 8:00 — World News Koumlup ........ Sunday Rambling Owhoys. . . .Mon Wed l : ri Reveille Roundup ...... Tuc T!»u S.it lilS — Story to Order .............. Sunday Songfcllows ........... Mon Wed Fri Second Cup o' Coffee ....... Tue Thu Allen Roth ............... Saturday 8:10— .NBC String Quartet ......... Sunday Ne«» ................ Mon thru Fri Encores .................. Saturday 8i4,0— Morning Mttrkct Report Mon thru Fri 8t45— Melody Madhouse ...... Mon thru Fri 9:04— Christian Science ........... Sunday News of the \Vnrld. .. .Mon thru Fri Victory Garden Parade ...... Saturday y.Jj — Prophecy in News ........... Sunday Lora Laulon .......... Mon thru Fri Bob Armstrong and Co ..... Saturday 9:JO — American Legion ........... Sunday Road, of Life .......... Mon thru Fri Music Room ...... . ........ Saturday 9 t4S— News ..................... Sunday Joyce Jordan .......... Man thru Fri Calling All Girls .......... Saturday 10:00 — America Hack to Cod ........ Sunday Happy Felton Show..., Mon thru Fri K-C Jamboree ............ Saturday 10 JO— News Highlights ............. Sunday . Soldier Who Came Home ........ .................... Mon thru Fri Smilin' Ed McConnell ...... Saturday 10:45— Salon Siring.. ............... Sunday; Davtd Harum ......... Mon thru Fri 11 :00— Church Services ............ Sunday Judy and Jane ........ Mon thru Fn Alex Dreier .............. Saturday 11:15— Perry Mason ..... .....Man thru Fri Bonk Reviews ............. Saturday 11:30— Edith Dunham Webber. .Mon thru Fri Atlantic Spotlight .......... Saturday 11 :45 — The Buckaroos ........ Mon thru Fri 11:55— Hymn for Today ...... Mon thru Fri AFTERNOON PROGRAMS 12:00— Old Fashioned Revival ....... Sunday Market* & Farm News. Mon thru Fri Corn Belt Hour ........... Saturday 12:15— Saddle Mt, Roundup. . .Mon Wed Fri Victim- Farmers ........... Tuc 1 hu 11:30— Herb Plambcck ............. Sunday News ................ Daily ex Sun 12:45— Santfft'llaws ....... Mon Wed Fri Sat Served With Song .......... Tuc Thu I :00 — The Ford Show .............. Sunday Guiding Light ......... Mon thru Fri MuMcanp .................. Saturday 1:15— Today's Children ...... Mon thru Fri 1:30— Wcs.tinfthouse Program ....... Sunday Woman in White ...... Mon thru Fri Veterans' Advisor ......... Saturday 1:45 — Hymns All Churches. .Mon thru Thu Betty CrncUcr .............. Friday Nqws About Religion ....... Saturday 2:00^-\Vorld Parade .............. Sunday A Woman of America.. Mon thru I ; ri Orchestras of the Nation. ,, -Saturday 2:15— Mo Perkins .......... Mon thru Fri 2:30 — Army Hour ... ............ .Sunday Pep Young's Family... Mon thru Fri 2:45— Right to Happiness. .. .Mon thru Fri 3:00 — Backstage Wife ........ Mon thru Fri Children's Uible Hour ...... Saturday 3:15— Stella Dallas .......... Mon thru Fri lr$0 — Iowa-Nebraska Quiz ........ Sunday Lorenzo Jones ....... Mon thru Fri Iowa Roundtabla * .......... Saturday 3:45 — Young Vv'idder Rrorrn..Mon thru Fri 4 :00 — NBC Symphony ............ Sunday When n Cl'irV Marries. .Mon thru Fri Grand Hotel ............. Saturday 4:15 — Portia Faces Life ..... Mon thru Fri 4:30 — Just Plnin Rill ........ Mon thru Fri John \V. Y'anderccmk ...... Siittirtlay 4:45 — Front Page Farrell. . . .Mon thru Fri Music of Manhattan ........ Suturday 5:00 — Rythm Roundup ............ Sunday News ............. ... Daily ex Sun 5:15 — News ...................... Sunday Caribbean Cruise ..... Mon Wed Fri Songs nt Twilight .......... Tue Thu Songfellows .............. .Saturday 5:30 — Great Gilderstecve .......... Sundcy Spotlight on Rhythm. . .Mon thru Fri Tommy Dorscy's Show ...... Saturday 5:45 — British Broadcasting. .Mon thru Fri 5:50 — \Vnr Commentary ...... Mon thru Fri EVENING PROGRAMS 6:00 — Jack Benny ................ Sunday Lucia Thome and Co.. .Mon thru Fri Cliff Carl & Co ............ Saturcay 6:15 — News of the World,... Mon thru Fri Tih Pan Alley ............. Saturday 6:30 — Fitch Bandwagon ............ Sunday News ................ Daily ex Sun fi;45— H. V. KaUenborn..Mun Wed Thu Fri Jimmy Fidkr ............. Tuesday Barn Dance Carnival. .... .Saturday 7:00 — Charlie McCarthy . ......... Sunday Cavalcade Theatre ........ ..Monday Johnny Presents . . . . . ..... Tuesday Me. &. Mrs. North ...... Wednesday Frank Morgan ........... Thursday Cities Service Highways ....... Friday Variety Hall .............. Saturday 7:30 — Eddie Bracken Story ......... Sunday Voice of Firestone ......... Monday A Uate with Judy ........ ..Tuesday Gay Mrs, Ft-iitherstone. ,. .Wednesday Dinah Shore ............ Thursday Duffy's Tavern ............ Friday Truth or Consequences. . . .Saturday liOO — Manhattan Merry-Go-Hnd ..... Sunday Telephone Hour .......... Monday Mystery Theatre .......... Tuesday Eddie Cantor .......... Wednesday Bind Crosby ....... , ..... Thursday Waltz Time ................ Fridcy National Barn Dance ...... Saturday 1:30— Album Familiar Music ....... Sunday Information Please ........ Monday Fibber McGec & Molly ... .Tuesday Mr. District Attorney. , . .Wednesday Bob Burns .............. Thursday People Are Funny.... ....... Friday Iowa Barn Dance Frolic. . . . Saturday 9;OQ — Hour of Charm. .... ....... Sunday Contented Progrum ........ Monday Bob Hope ........ , ........ Tuesday Kay Kyser'a College ...... Wednesday Abbott & Costcllo .......... Thursday Amos 'n' Andy .............. Friday 9:30— Comedy Theatre ......... . .Sunday Dr. I. Q .................. .Monday Hildugurde ................ Tuesday Rudy Vulleu ............. Thursday Hollywood Theatre ........ .Friday 10:00— Austin & Curtright .......... Sunday Chesterfield Sup. Cluh MOD thru Fri lOilS— N«wi .......... ............ DuiJy 10:30— War SLTV. H.U...Sun Mon Wed Thu Everything fur the Boys. . . .Tuesday Can You Top This .......... Friday Judy Cannvn Slmw ........ Saturday 10:4$— America United ........... . .Sunday Your Navy Presents.... ..... Monday Music hy Cugat .......... Wednesday Szotli-Myri Presents ,, ..... Thursday 11:00— News ......... Sun Mon Tut; Thu Sat Starlit Road ............ Wednesday Bill Stern ................. Friday 11 : 05 — Music ........ Sun Mon Tue Thu Sat 11:15 — Timely Topics ............... Friday 11:30— Old Fashioned Revival ....... Sunday London Column ............ Monday News ..... .......... Tuc 'thru Sat II :45— Music ................ Daily «x Sun 11:55— News ................. Dsiilv ex Sun 12:00— Midnight Rhythm Parade Mon Tue* Wed Fri Sky High ................ Tuuredey 1 Sustain the Wings. ....... Saturday All listings subjuct to change Swea City, May 14—VE day was quietly observed here after formal announcement by President Truman at 8 o'clock. Business places closed. School was dismissed at noon. At 3 p. m. a community service was held at the school auditorium and the following pro- I gram was given: Prelude, The sun Crusade (Bochtel), by the school Ledyard Youth In Detail Which Captures 23 Nazis Mr. and Mrs. John Lickteig, \Vesley, who live on Appletreat farm east of Sexton, have received a letter concerning their son Capt. Donovan Lickteig of which they are proud. The captain, who has been overseas three years, has of late been serving as a 'battalion commander in Luzon, the Philippines, and the letter, which came from headquarters of 'the 43rd infantry division and was signed by band; Star Spangled Banner, and Maj. Gen. Leonard F. Wing, fol- advance of the colors; color bear- lows: ers, Richard O'Green, Geo. rC. Nelson, Sam Hithershaw and Carl Sehroeder; Boy Scouts, John Tween and Yern Mortensen led the pledge to the flag; Superintendent A. H. Schuler read the president's proclamation. This was followed by the audiep.ee singing A Mighty Fortress is Our God, after which Mr. Schuter read a prayer of thanksgiving taken from an editorial in the Mason City Globe-Gazette. The Rev. C. O. Anderson read the scripture, using Psalms 107:1-9. The Rev. Wm. Boli substituted for Dr. N. J. W. Nelson with prayer, and led Litany, after the audience had sung Faith of Our Fathers. • Just before the address, which was given by Vh'e Rev. S. A. Andersen, the mixed chorus sang, God Bless Our Land, and at the close of- the .talk sang, Now 'the Day is Over. The final song, America, was sung by the congregation. The meeting closed with a benedic- 1 tion and the retirement of col- | ors. The band played the Chapel Shrine for the postlude. About 600 were present. By direction of the President I have had the privilege of awarding to your son Donovan a Bronze Star medal for heroic action against the enemy on 10 January 1945 in the Philippine Islands. I deem it an honor to serve in the same command with your son, who typifies the finest in the American army—a brave and gallant soldier. I join with you in the prayer for his safe return when this war is won. lowans Against Plan Of Loah for British Production Recovery Mr. and Mrs. Lickteig also have a son, Dennis, who has been serving in the hard-driving, spectacularly victorious Patton anny in Gennany and has been overseas two years. PETER ORIGER, OFWHITTEMORE, PASSES AT 60 •Peter Origer, Whittemore, died at his home there last week Monday of angina pect'oris. Mr. Origer was the son of the late Dominic and Mary Origer, and was born at Whittemore December 28, 1884. On September 10, 1918, he was married to Catherine Hess at Dyersville. Surviving are Mrs. Origer and four children: Mrs. Maurice Fickbohm, Rodman; Marie, Catherine, and Charles, at home. There are two grandchildren. Other survivors are two brothers: Tony, of Stuart, and John, Whittemore, and sisters, Mrs. Jos. Von Bank, Armstrong, and Mrs. Stephen Bauman, Whitlemore. Funeral services were held on Thursday at 9 o'clock at St. Michael's church, Whittemore, the Rev. Wm. Veit officiating, and pallbearers were James Geelan, Martin Duffy, Simon Weber, Peter Fuchsen, Edward Fickbohm, Joseph Fleming. Honorary P£lU bearers were Joseph Bescni' Milte B.esch, Mike Mergen, Earl Sheppard, George Fandel, Fred Kollasch. DINHER HONORS BURT FARM BOY AS LEAVE ENDS W. H. Riedel. southwest of Burt, and his son Lawrence, who had just finished basic army training, were Algona visitors yesterday. Lawrence is leaving today to report for a new duty after a 20-day furlough. A family dinner at'the Riedel home was served Sunday in the young man's honor, and attending were: Pastor Loesch, his wife and children, the Bert Olsons, the Howard Busch family, and Mr. and Mrs. Charles Geilenfeld, all of Algona; Mrs. Mary Zimmerman, her children, the Herman Zimmermans, Mr. and Mrs. Emil Zimmerman, and Donald Pollus, all of Charles City. The Ralph Riedels, Ringsted, the Carl Raths, Armstrong, the Cidney Paynes, Ledyard, the Clyde Andersons, Swea City, the James Longs and George Raths, Lone Rock; Wayne Campbell, Corwith; the Louis and Ernest Riedels, the Robert Sarchets, Mr. and Mrs. Peter Kollasch, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Tjaden, Kenneth Sarchet, August Schipull, son Lawrence, and Junior Schenck, all of Burt. FORT DODGE MAN FOR GRADUATION SPEAKER AT BURT Burt, May 7—The Burt schools will close next week. Next Sundby evening. The baccalaureate service wi'l be held at the schoolhouse, and the Rev. A. G. Heddle, local Methodist pastor, will deliver the sermon. Commencement day will 'be Thursdlay, May 17, and C. T. Feelhaver, principal of the Fort Dodge high school, will give the address.. This year a class of 31 will be graduated, largest in the history, of the school. Fifty years ago, in I to A Wait 1895, the first class was gradu-! _, ... ; __. ,. „ ated, with only four members: I Th e final PTA meeting of Over half of the lowans interviewed by field reporters of the Iowa Poll are against, a proposal to lend 5 billion dollars to Great Britain in order to help her civilian production recover from the war. Although 59 per cent are opposed, 25 per cent think the money should be lent, and 16 per cent offered no opinion. The majority of those. opposed to civilian lend lease explained that they feel Great Britain is using us to further her gains with no benefit to us, but over half of those in favor of'the measure feel that it is our duty to aid Britain. When asked by the Iowa Poll if they would still support this peacetime lend lease to Britain even if federal taxes increased, 71 per cent of the group of 25 per cent who were in favor of the proposal continued to think the measure worth an additional burden on the American taxpayer. (A tptcial reltaie jurnithrd to lavia newifafert ly the IOWA POLL of tin Uis Mom/; Rtguttr and Tribune.) Graduated IOWA T HIS PICTURE, wHch came direct from the public relations office at Selman Held, Monroe, La., is of Leonard 1). Lovstad, son of Mrs. Anna M. Lovstad, near Burt, and husband of the former Viola Serdahl the latter having recently joined him. Occasion for the picture was the young man's recent gradua tion as a (light officer, following which he was assigned to a flying camp at Amarillo, Tex., for fur ther training. He is ; graduate of the Burt high schocl and has been in service since 1942. * FOR RENT—SMALL 3-ROOM apartment, heated. Available June 1. P. O. Box 24. 12p36 WANTED—WOMEN TO WORK in reconditioning department. —Kent Motor Co. 8u3ltf KOSSUTH'S MARKET PLACE —biggest baigain-r-4000 copies of your *ant ad tegjfe&g *K only a few cenli. ADVANCE, it FOR SALE-SOME CHOICE numbers of Funks G. hybrid seed corn.,-Cecil Bjustrom, Whittemore, and Quinten Bjustrom Algona. FOR SALE — Uwd JayhaWK •tacket, U«s4 2 dayt. Uk* «*«• 5-ft. M-D mower, oil bath, u»«d very W«te. Hayes cp*n plantfr, UB *d ai »Mont. Mtey wUto plantar, 38-fc. We** SMuMch elevator yriih wagon hojIiJ, Pair of r.ear skeleton wheels lor Mqtal B John Deere. 2 No-. 9 " J O hn Deere corn; planttti. Undo Imp. Co.. Swea City, Iowa, Phone **« „ u36 FOR SALE — JOHN DEERE Model D tractor and nearly new 3-bottom plow, bo.th in good condition. -^ George Wolf, Lu Verne. 20p36 WANTED—SOMEONE for house cleaning and one or two hours per day.—Phone 500 or 71 after 5 o m—F. B. Timm, 210 E. Kennedy St. 36tf FOR SALE—HIGHLAND AND Manchu soy beans, germinate 90 or better, price $2.65— Phone in advance 2558 Lu Verne, Alvm L. Weber. 36-37 FOR SALE —'EAGLE WATER proof home insulation, "blown in." Expert inspection, estimating service.—Cowan Bldg. Supply Co.. phone 275. Algona. 17ul8tf PARADE OF STARS Jtf FIRST HON OF A Preparations as directed; FREE! If Excess Acid causes you pains of S compel Ulcers, Indigestiony filoating, Gas, Heartburn, Belching, l^ausea, get a /«v sample of UDGA ffld a Jree interesting pamphlet at Barker Drugstore. 29-47 TITONKIANS MOVE TO ALGONA HOME Mr. and Mrs. Ben U. Meyer, of Titonka, who sold their home re- cenetly and buoght the Claude A. Samson house on S. Jones here, m,oved last Wednesday. Mr. Meyer has the DX tank service out of Algona and had formerly managed an oil and gas station at Titonka'. He is a son of the late Henry Meyer, former Titonka real estate man. Mrs. Meyer, an accomplished musician who had a large class of piano pupils and was for years pipe-organist at Ramsay Reformed church, is a daughter of the late Rev. G. Hakens. Mr. and Mrs. Meyer have one daughter, Marjorie, a high school junior who remained in Titonka till the close of school. » Last PTA Meeting DRIVE STARTED IN SCHOOLS BY JR. RED CROSS One hundred 'International Friendship boxes' have been sent to rural schools in the county to be filled by Junior Red Cross members and returned for shipment to an export depot in New Jersey. Deputy County Supt. Fidelia Skow, county chairman, says this is the first venture of the kind here. There is a variety of articles from which to choose in filling the boxes, among which are lead pencils with rubber erasers, writing pads, calendars, wash cloths, soap, toothpaste, marbles, molding clay, felt pen wipers, needles, thread, and crayons. The boxes, with letters, are sent to children in foreign countries, and letters of appreciation are in turn returned to the children here. The idea is that thus a link of international friendship may be welded. Junior Red Cross activities are handled only through the schools, and recently Miss Skow attended an institute at Minneapolis at which there were 75 Red Cross officers from ^6 states,. New things learned at the institute, the work of other groups, and the wide scope of the work were presented by Miss Skow in a report at a recent county Red Cross executive committee meeting here. RADIO GRADUATE. Burt,. May 13 —Clans Daniels has received news that his son Donald, formerly S 2-c, was recently graduated from a navy radio school ut Memphis, Term., and now holds a first-class rating. He has been transferred tjo another point for further training. WHEN IN NEED OF STARTED or day old chicks call us collect n s we have them. They are| strong, healthy, and blood-tested. | —Hamilton Hatchery, Bancroft, | towa. 35tf WANTS FOR SALE—MANOHU land soybeans. — Hu ****** nd Rich- Raney. 8u36 WANTED—MARRIED MAN TO work on farm.—Steve gona. FOR SALE—ELECTRIC RADIO, cabinet Fenton. style. Ear Loss, Al- 10p34-36 Crouch, 9p36 FOR. SALE—JOHN DEERE corn planter.—J. E. McEnroe, Algona, phone 33F22. Sylvester McChesney, Mabel Peck-H&wkins,. Adelbert Angus, and Everett McDonald. » Lu Verne Soldier 111 in Philippines Lu Verne, May 14— Mrs. Emma Schmidt received word that her son, Pvt. John Schmidt, who is stationed in the Philippines, has been ill and has been in the hospital. Pvt. Schmidt arrived in the Philippine Islands March 25 and is in a military police battalion. John's address is: Pvt. John W. Schmidt A. S. N. 37771066, Company B, 738th M. P. Bn., A. P. O., 75 care postmaster, San Francisco, Calif. * Baptists Planning a Vacation School A daily vacation bible school will be held at the Baptist churph May 21 to June 1, 9 to 12, except Saturday. Teachers will be Mrs. Newton Heiter, Georgia Richardson, Betty Burkhart, Bonnie Snyder, Lavonne Telkamp, Mesdames John Lee Stephens, Fern Hines, Clark Orton, R. F. Kittrell, and the Rev. Mr. Kittrell. » ;— HAND IN WRINGER. Mrs. G. L. Vohs met with a painful accident Monday while doing her washing. Some of the MRS. F. L. TRIBON HAS FOR sale antique walnut secretary. 305 North Thorington. 12p36 FOR SALE—REGISTERED milking Shorthorn bulls, s age.—Robert Ringsdorf Ilp36 ;rviceable Woden. llp36-38 FOR SALE—TRAILED HOUSE 8x20. — Donald Eriokson, Algona. Phone 3315, Lone Rock. 18p3G FOR SALE—CHEVROLET truck wheels: 5/6-in. wheels, 2/5-in. wheels. — Glenn Ho aseholder, Lone Rock. 12u36 FLOOR SANDING AND REFlN- ishing. Heavy comtnercial. equipment'. Portable power plant; —Cowan Bldg. Supply Co., phone 275, Algona. Uuieti IT TAKES GUNS AJJD AMMtJ- nition to fight wars; it also takes a balanced ration to enable your brood sow to produce a strong healthy litter, Walnut Grove minerals, plus a little tankage or oil meat and your home-grown grain, will produce a healthy litter. Don't put it off, and be sorry later. Now is the time.—Write or call H> S/ Fain, phone 297-M., Humboldt. _ TUESDAY, MAY 15, IF YOU WANT TO SELL, to buy, wan! to trade—/ ADVANCE want ad—4000 of you* ad distributed for few c*nti. ADVANCE. "anil •use an only a if DANCES Legion Ballroom ^^ * Bancroft FRIDAY, MAY 1B-AL MENKrl TUESDAY, MAY 22-MALEK'll ACCORDION ft ^KSI FRIDAY, MAY 25—CARL BEAN I (formerly music director f ot l Frankie Masters and featutiml the voice of 13-year-old DarUnel ' Benson). 20tf-eow WORK PART TIME IN Algona Laundry and Dry Cleaners, Algona, Iowa, between 8 a. m. and 6 p. m. Full time if desired. Across street east from Court House. 25u36-38 ABERDEEN ANGUS BULLS of finest breeding and quality; also Shorthorn bulls, ready for service, and Ayrshire bulls 4 to 8 mos. old. Prices reasonable.— Ben G. Studer, Wesley, la. 29u20tf Offering for Sale The Fish Eslal* 240 acres improved farm in Section 8, Seneca township/ Kossuth counly, Ipwa. Located 3 miles northwest of Seneca, 4 miles E. and IVz north of Ringsted, and 7 miles north of Fenton. The land is clean, lays slighlly rolling and produces good crops, about 200 acres under cultivation and 40 acres pasture and grove. Has good 9-roojn house, good corn crib wilh overhead granary 6000 bu. capacity, good hog house, small hen house, tool house, two wells, windmill, large barn 60x64 that needs rebuilding, b.ul has a lot of very good building material in it. REA applied for. If interested look this farm over and send your bid to Walter G. Smith, P. O. Box 216, phone No. 7, Swea City, IH. We reserve the right to reject any and all bids but if a reasonable bid is offered' the farm will be sold, with abstract of title, and possession on Much 1, 1946. WALTER G. SMITH, Swea City, Iowa MY SINCERE THANKS TO ALL who so kindly remembered me with their visits, flowers, cards, 1 and gifts of many kinds both dur-1 ing my time spent at the hospital > and my period of convalescence at home.—Mrs. Jens Sorensen, 1 Burt. 38p36 THE KINDNESS AND sympathy of neighbors and friends in o.ur recent sorrow will always remain '• with us a precious memory. Our sincere thanks, and gratitude for all those comforting acts.—Mrs. Peter Origer and family, Mr. and Mrs. Maurice Fickbohm, Whittemore. 40p36 I Must Get a Man at once in this community to .work with our District Manager. Must have car and be over 25 .years of age. The work is essen- tui'l'to'the war efort and in line with the program advocated by the Department of Agriculture, Permanent work, good pay for man who has lived on farm.— Write c-o. this paper. 61u36 WANTED—TO SHARE RIDE to Algona summer school from Fenton or Whittemore this office. —Inquire 15p36 BABY CHICKS—ORDER today, while still available. — Kossuth County Hatchery, Algcna, Iowa, phone 800. 36-37 Whittemore FOR SALE—IMPROVED 80 A. and improved 120 A. Both farms close to Algona. — C. W. Nicoulin, Algona. 17u36-37 the year was to have been held last week Tuesday, which, however, was VE day, and because the school schedule for remaining days was so full it was decided to dispense with the meeting. Sometime in the summer, installation of officers will be held, with the retiring president, Mrs. Marie Lampright, in charge. Officers for next year are: President, Mrs. Jane Cowan; vice president, Mrs. Emily Griggs; Mrs. Clara Schaap, secretary-treasurer. AT GREAT LAKES. Great Lakes, 111., May 11—Russell James Pickett, 26, husband of Mrs. Wilma Marie Pickett, Algona, la., and James Harris Potter, 18, son of Mr. and Mrs. Loren R. Potter, also Algona, are now receiving initial naval indoctrination at the U. S. naval training center here. 4 Trailer Jars Building—Ice and a, short turn of the road combined to cause a freak accident at Shell Rock recerrtly when a semi- trailer truck, loaded with steel, failed to make the curve and phanged into the side of the building housing the Iowa Public Service Co. Though several hundred dollars damage was done to th.e building only slight damage resulted to the truck. Advertising Did Jt — Lost articles are not always returned to Whittemore, May 4 — Funeral services for lyirs. Michael Weir, 73, were held at St. Micheal's Catholic church Wednesday morning, the Rev. William Veit officiating. Mrs. Weir, who had been having a heart ailment more than a year, died last week Monday morning at the home of her daughter Mrs. Herman Kollasch. Mrs. Weir was born April 25, 1872, 1st Ashkum, 111., and w.as married to M. C. Weir in 1891 there. They had ten children, but three sons are dead. Surviving are: Mrs. George Dahlk, Rockwell City; Mrs. J. F. Nilliford, Decatur, 111.; Mrs. Channing Dailey, Algona; Mrs. W. J. Littleton, Casselton, N. D.; Thomas Weir, Ro?e- mont, Minn.; Mrs. L. Brender, Whiting; Mrs. Kollasch. A sister, Mrs. W. L. Blarey, lives at Rockwell City. Attending the last rites from out of town were Mr. land Mrs. at Weir, Mr. and Mrs. William Weir, Mr. and Mrs, John Akridge, Emmetsburg, Mr. and Mrs. James Weir, Thomas Quinn, Bancroft. Party Honors a Seaman— Mrs. Helen Seely entertained young people at her apartment last week Monday evening in honor of Yl-c and Mrs. Milton Espe, and Bunco was the entertainment. Lunch was served. Attending were: Mr. and Mrs. Donald Hulbert, Cresco, Pvt. and Mrs. George Frost, Mrs. Margaret Gingrich, Gertrude Meyer, Bertha Potra.tz, Wayne Bell, bnd Mrs. clothes got caught in the wringer i their owners but ration books and in trying to loosen them :{pr proved an exception when Mrs. right hand was drawn into the Harry Plendl, of LeMars, adver- wringer. Mrs. Vohs released the tjsed her loss of-14 such books switch, but not before her fingers contained in a holder, and the were drawn in as far a$ the finder returned them through a knuckles. , J local drug store. Ellsworth Bend. Heidenwith, West Two Arrive on Furloughs— SC 1-c. Howard Anderson arrived recently from Newport, R. L, to spend a furlough with his father, Chris Andersen. Jloward has been in the navy four years, and till recently was aboard ship. Adam EJbert arrived from Tex&s Friday on furlough. Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Heidenwith, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Schultz, Mrs, Ruth Sohultz, her children, and the J. J. Rosen- dahls called at Herman Voigt's last week Tuesday evening. FOR SALE—CEMENT] MIXER. Good rubber and goocjl IVa h. p. engine.—Godden Monument company, phone 293. 17u36 WANT ADS are .the biggest bargain in the world—4^)00 copies of your ad distributed for a few cents. ADVANCE. | tf FOR SALE—160 A. ur improved farm in Lu Verne twp. Lay? level, best soil in the county.—C. W. Nicoulin, Algona. QIGGEST BARGAIN—,4000 copies of your want ad distributed all over Kossuth count] cents.—ADVANCE. INLAID LINOLEUM, linowall, tile, laid by experts. Custom work.—Cowan Bldg. Supply Co., phone 275, Algona. 13ul8tf FOR SALE — POLLEp ford bulls, serviceab! farmers prices.—P. M. son, Lone Rock, la. WANT ADS BRING Bl YER and seller together; 4000 copies of y<?ur ad distributed for only a few cents. ADVANCE.] tf 19u36,-37 for a ew tf HERE- e age, at Christen- 12ul8tf Now Many Wear FALSE TEETH With More Comfort FASTEETH, * pleasant alkaline (nonacid) powder, holds false teeth more firmly. To eat and'tafk in more comfort, Just sprinkle a little FASTEETH on your plates. No gummy, gooey, pasty taste or feeling. Checks "plate odor' (denture breath). Gel; FAST13ETU at any drug store. RUPTUR€ SHIELD-EXPERT, H. L. HOFFMANN of Minneapolis, Minnesota will demonstrate, without charge, his "Rupture Shields" in Algona, at Hotel Algona, on Thursday. May 24th, from 10 a. m. to 4 p. m. Please come early. Evenings by appointment. I have been supplying my shields to rupture sufferers in this territory for ten years and longer. I have fitted thousands of cases in the United States during this time. There are many of my satisfied customers right here in your community. CAUTION: If neglected, rupture may cause weakness, backache, nervousness, stomach and gas pains. People having large ruptures, which have returned after surgical operations or injection treatments, are especially invited. "If you want it done right, don't experiment. See Hoff. inann." If unable to see him at this time address: HOFFMANN'S SURQICAL APPLIANCE CO. 315 Maspnic Temple Minneapolis, Minn, Coast-to-Coast Store MAY SPECIALS BUMPER JACKS, heavy duty $8,95 HEAVY DUTY TIRE PUMPS —— $2.7!) ALL-WEATHER FELT CAR MATS - f *2.8» AUTO COMPASS, Hulls stream-lined $3.-l!> AUTO AERIAL, extra long, complete $4.95 GENUINE CHEVROLET ELECTRIC PANEL CLOCK, '41V42 cars $0.95 G-VOLT ELECTRIC PANEL CLOCK ___ JR4.95 ELECTRIC FENCER, 6-volt __— *».»5 EVEREADY HOT SHOTS »8c Auto Seat Covers Complete stock to fit all cars. Drive in back of our store. No extra charge to have them put on. TRACTOR SEAT COVERS 5»c GREASE GUNS, lieavy duty $2.98 WING GUARDS, pre-war, (front or rear '41-42 Fords, pair :_>_ $3.10 SEALED BEAM HEAD LAMPS, pair »».0» TIRES—GRADE 1, PASSENGER and TRUCK. LOWEST PRICES AMBER GUN GREASE, 10-lb. pail 98« STEERING WHEEL SPINNERS, cars or trac-, tors ; 70o DRIVERS LICENSE HOLDERS, with springs __10« ELECTRIC PLATES, single $3.98 DOUBLE PLATE ELECTRIC STOYES *».»3 CHICK FEEDERS, »)1 metal 1_ 20fl Big assortment of enamelware Just received. Coa$t-to-Coo(t Store »*»*»*»»»»*»+«»«•«••»»•»»«»»»»»»+»»»»»»»»»»»*»« Wanted-Clean Cotton Bags-Advan m AN ALGONA MAN FELT LIKE SWOLLEN BALLOON; FULL OF STOMACH GAS Recently an Algona rr an stated that he used to feel like a swollen balloon alter every meal. He would bloat full of gas and spit up acidous liquids for hours after eating. Was terribiy constipated. This man is one of. the hundreds in this vicinity who now praise SYS-TOl(lE. Re states he was amazed i suits when he took this Now he eats what he w£ medicine. nts without gas or bloating an^l bowels a^e regular for the first time in years. He feels like a lew man. SYS-TONE contains 12 Great Herbs; they cleanse bowels, clear from stomach, act on sluggish, liyer and kidneys. Miserable people soon feel different all over. So don't go SYS-TONE! Drug Store. on suffering! Get Lusby t the re- i Giossi (SEND US YOUR DAMP WASH •SS I Only 7c per pound I Flat work all finished; hath towels and washrags 1 Just dried. | Free pickup and delivery service. Phone 267 | Algona Laundry and Dry Cleaners = Across the street east of courthouse

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