Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on May 1, 1945 · Page 3
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 3

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 1, 1945
Page 3
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«tJ&&Bft STAMPS AT I .thiMoll H«iv(fl •»? Home. .firm S«r,viM- : .' ._• • ace ktfnoorJ Fun.' ewi ilei Drcicr .Time l« Shln«...• _Bibl« •Broadca.eler '.'N«;»-••.•;.••."•" .F-ROSRAMS ...Daily >x Sun ...Daily>tx .Sun ....Dally «x Sun .. .Mon Wed Fr! ,..Tue» Thu 'Sot ...Daily «x Sun Dally e* Sun .'...Dally «x Sun ...Daily « San . . .1 Sunday ., .'Dally ex Sun ... .Dally ex Sun l^'.o .Order. ........SunJn '..,.'...Man Wod I'ri Burt Woman's Club Meets at Algona Member's Home KOSSUTH COtlNTY ADVANCE, ALGONA, IOWA SESSION HERE ATMRS.C.W. PATTERSON' Burt,'Apr. 30 — The Woman's Boettcher. Wednefiday evening with Mrs. E. I .' Fredrickson, and Mrs. J. D elcrs, who was a .guest, won high score prize, Mrs. R. J. Nealy second. Marilyn Boettdher, who has boen working in Waterloo, came home Wednesday for ,a visit with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. W Mr. n ncl Mrs. Nels J. Nelson at- a Pl 'esbytery at Esthcr- club met Inst week Monday evening at the new Algona (formeri ., .,.„,, „„ ^,,,. i Quarton) home of Mrs. C. W.' V|J1 ° Wednesday. Mr. Kelson and Patterson, with Mrs. G. J. F. Vo- * r - A - Thompson attended Thurs- Mrs.'john Long and the children have returned to their home at Avon, I]]., after spending a month at Mrs. .Ronald Elvidce's. Mrs. L. R. Daniels and her daughter Mrs. Clifford Holding spent .Fridny with another daughter. MM. Elmer Kienitz, Lakti'j. The Lutheran Aid gel as assisting hostess. day. The program consisted of a panel .discussion on the topic, "Should there be compulsory military training after the war is over?" Mrs. H. E. Rachut was chairman. Mrs. R. J. Nealy and Mrs. R. C. Dremmel presented the arguments .in favor of compulsory training, and Mrs. James Christensen ,?.nd Mrs. Rachul presented the negative side. ' Mrs. R. H. Thompson appointed eel to the park and its beauty and usefulness increase. FOR DRUNK. T. J. Fisher, farmer, pleaded guilty to a drunkenness charge in the Mayor Kohlhaas court Friday and was fined $5 plus costs. FENTON BUSINESSMEN, FENTON, DRESS UP PARK TREES Fenton, Apr. 30—Last Thursday evening a special meeting of Fenton business men was held at' the city park for a work session attended by some 25 men. A few boys starting careers as public spirited citizens also attended. The session's objective was to clean up the park for season. Some of the men, reverting to alleged prehistoric activities, clambered among tree-tops like . , ., , . •! " -~~'* J »»m a\Af*J f Ullla lnJ.SLC^Sfa monkeys, while others stuck to j will be Mesdames Wilfred Stoe- ladders. All used s-iws. and by | ber, Ernest Ruske, Paul Cornel- the time the sun was going down, ius, Clarence Osbo-rn, Earl and the moon was corning up, j .Crouch, and Robert Goetch. practically every tree in the park Charles Newel, Ello Rahn, W had heen trimmed and the cast- 35. Laage, and Herman Dreyer atoll .branches either prepared for .tended the funeral of Ben Soren- Mr. and Mrs. Emil Bierstedt called on the latter's brother Edwin Gade, West Bend, at the Lutheran hospital, Fort Dodge, Thursday. The Methodist W. S. C. S. will hold a monthly meeting this week Thursday, and hostesses lion physical. Mrs. Straley, Rita Wise, and Fern Carlson attended a class play at Haifa Thursday evening in which Mildred, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Flier, took part. Mrs. Alfred McNamor and her children have been visiting at the parental Paul Cornelius home. The McNamaras returned recently from Wyoming and are now living west of Ringsled. The U-Deal-M clu]> week Tuesday evening Larry Alt's, and three bridge were in play erett Dreyer won higi Paul Eigler was secon " firewood or burned as 'brush. son at Burt Wednesday, and will meet A hot supper wa.s served to the | Messrs. Newel, Rahn, and W. E. workers, Alvin Zumsch and Fred I Laage were pallbearers. Thursday at Emil Elmers the and ./Jfig^BSBSaSi; •^'^K:.l^«r ,.--N«1tl • • ' •-' ' ' * ' . . • .' ,' .C,.4itrifAV en '(Parad......; .Saiurday IrSve. Jordan Mon thru Frl .QIIiM.AIl Glfla.'.. Saturday O-Vneri" B»ck »•> God....... .Sun.hy •Him Fclton Show....Monithru Fn • frC Jamboree :... .Saturday A^v.iM'M*''" ' Sundoy ' Soldier .Who Came Home......... '.;•.,.•. j .Mon .thru;Frl Smilin' Ed McConnfll......Saturday -Sllon Siring '. ; Sund "l! •Divid llnrum Mon thru Fri -Cagfch Scrvicca ... ...%.... .Sunday JMy nnd Jane Mon thru Frr '"' AVx. Droicr .'.. .Saturday J-Pcrry,Matnn......"..... .'Mon thru I'ri ' lltilcr Busini9« 'flureau.:,. ; Saturday -Edilh Dunham 'Webber. .Mon thru Frl '. Ailfntlc.Spotlight .-.'........Saturday -•The Buckorooi....... /Mon thru 'Krl -Hvrnn lor Today .Mon thru Frl PROGRAMS ^.Ofj'Fiihloncd Revival. Sunday Mirleti * 'I'arm Newa.Mon thru :l r ri • OwnMlclt .Hoar Saturday Middle Ml. RounJup.. .Mon Wed .Fri 'Vic|nrv;Fnrmer>. '. • ..Ti-i Tim llrb Plambcck Sunday vltiri...., ....Daily ex Sun ,Son<lcll6wi....... Mon Wed <Hri ;Sat ! J«rv«J With S.°n<. .Tue Thu l-Tlie Ford Show .Sunday GMint Li|!ht....i....Mon thru Fri : Muiitini ................:..Saturday l-Toiijy'i Children...'..iMon .thru F.ri kVtillh(houie Pro«ram : .Sunday .. toman'In-White Mon ttiru-l-ri ,- • Veteram' Advisor (....... .Saturday (-H(mhi All Churches. .Mon thru Thu .• Bitty Crocker ,: .'..Friday. ••''tint About Religion.......Saturday " lo'rld Parade ..... ',........ .'.Sunday l,\Vo'mi.n ol America,'.Moo thru Ijrl .Jfdicitrjs ol ; the .Notion...'Saturday. .Ma Perkim' ;-.V.Mon thru Fri iHtmy Hour ..Sunday '" i-Youn'l'a Family...Mon thru Frl tit to Happineii... .Moil thru'Frl (Wile ,Mon tlir.u .Fri C'.Oildren'i Bible Hour .Saturday |Jj-Sttl|i Dallaa; Mon ; th r u -Fri IMofti.Ncbraska >Quix ... .... .Sunday ' v , Lortiiin Jones Mon thru'Fn ')««, Rouniltable .Saturday junj! Widdcr Brown. .Man thru Rri «C Symphony Sunday When a Girl Marriea. .Mon thru Fri 'Qrind Hold '.:.......;.. .Saturlay |fl!-Portii Facci Life Mon thru Fri ^-JllH Plain •Hill.... Mon thru Fri ;r. John ' W. ; VandercooU Saturday '-Front Pa<e Porrall. ...Mon thru .'Fri Mmic .o( Manhattan.....'.. .Saturday -Rylhm Roundup ......Sunday *. Nfivi j, .Daily ex Sun -Newi ..: .....Su--'iy fi, Giribbtun Cruise Mon Wed Frl Sohji «t Twlliiht .Tue« Thuri Sonjlellnnj , Saturday -fircnt Gildcrfilecve ............Suiiday ,' "C hi nnnouncsd Mon thru,Frl j,, : Mijile America Lnyta Hcst. .Satur'iy 7jriii>h Bniadtistini!. .Mon thru Frl -War Commentary......Man thru'Fri ' .'.IVININO.PROGRAMS " '•' |l*-Jielc Benny Sunday Lu«j« Thorno and Co.,.Mon thru Prl In, 9.' B c "! * Co Saturday IM^NiHi ol the World....Mon thru Pri liiLr"L P 'n" A U «V • • • -Sato/day IM-Filta Bandwajon., Sunday I,;, N«»' • • Daily ax Sun IW-H...V. Kaltenborn,.Moii W«d Thu Frl I Jtomy Fidler ..Tueaday lli-pfii'.l™ Carniyal Saturday IW-Ctirlle McCarthy .Sunday • ' Uvaleade Thaitr .Monday Jebnny Prcient Tutaday fe,* ,¥"• N'"'" Wedneiday this week church, Mrs. „.„ Mrs. A.' H. Hannn as hostesses. -.... _ r ., ~.r, Mr ' and Mrs - K - J - Smith, Mrs. the following committees for next j Robert Murray, and P.auline Hess year: .refreshments, Luki Haw-', wcre Wednesday evening dinner .... „ ' guests at Supt. W. B. Officer's. Mrs. Roy Enerson, Ruthven, visited last week Monday and Tuesday at the Fred. Davis and Walter Campney homes. Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Holding and Mr. and -Mrs. J. P. Tnmkhill cott. Mrs. H. O. Buell. Mrs. H. E. Rachut, Mrs. R. J. Nealy, Mrs. Karl Andersen; entertainment, Mrs. A. H. Meinzer. Mrs. L. E. Rie'bhoff, Mrs. W. J. Lockwood, Mrs. W. W. Boettcher. The final meeting of this club year will be held at Mrs. Chris- j w.ere business visitors last week tensen's next Monday evening j Monday^at Waterloo. • " " Smith .attended with Mrs. Andersen as assisting hostess. Roland Chafee at Shick— Pfc. Roland Chafee, who recently returned to this ,, country from service 1 in the Pacific, is now at the Schick hospital at Clinton. He -called his parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. R. Chafee, Sunday even- I K» J Mrs. -C. C. smitn .attended a county Red Cross meeting at Algona Friday. She is county secretary. 'Mrs. Hiram Ward and her son Gene spent Thursday at S. E. Straley's, Fenton, visiting Mrs. W. E. Brace. Mrs. Frank Rilev and Mrs. Yir- ing, after having just arrived there, and Friday the parents received a letter stating that he had come down with malarial fever. Esthervillo, spent last ' ' ' ' R. J. Newel performing as cooks. j The Auxiliary sewing circle - . «. J .^ . . ._ -tKUJllJlul.^ UV,>Vlllg \_ll\_JV; The Fenton Community club lately met with Mrs. Henry Tie- takes pride in the way. members man, and carpet rags were sewed turn out for work sessions now, when it is impossible to hire the work done. Every year more and more people's attention is direct- for veteran hospitals. Merwin Widdel .got home last week Tuesday from Fort Snelling, where he had a pre-induc- v.;eek Tuesday with" Mrs. Nealy. Mrs. E. C. Bierstedt has been spending a few days' with her mother Mrs. Wegener at Algona. Circle C of the Presbyterian Woman's Council met Thursday with Mrs. Lewis Larsen. Mrs. R. J..-Hair>merstrom enter- Bolies Back ai Farming— The Chris Bolies moved from their home in Burt last week to the L. E. Fairbanks farm east of 'tamed a group at a vanishing lea Burt. They are farming that Wednesday evening. O. H. Graham was confined to his home with the (flu several davs last week. Friiik M. p.''?,'.u S '"J," HiYhwayaV |',j. C.yeYl. |?*-Edd,, Bracken Story... ...Thuridoy .....Friday ,...Saturday • • : \r~." """.»»H oigry.,...,..,'Sunday I '-'.'.»£' "' P'reaton Monday I,;. A.Pat..with Judy. .Tuaaday Sl'M" 1 " Show ..Wedn.iday Dinah Short Thuradiy W« Tavern .Friday -MSI i. 0 '' Cp»"«.""««»....Saturday »'««» Marry.Co.Rnd.... .ISiiod.y •'•Uphone Hour. ., .Monday H}J' er y Thcalw .......... Tu.iday li.,1 p 0 *!'" •••.......WedntWay W* "irae" " " Th p t '|3* T WliwalT.r'n'bVn'e.'.'.V'.'.iSaiurdSy t ' ~l7° 1 •.-^» I «» Muali...... .SunjUy Ivv'.-fe""^ PUaa. ...;,...Monday n, M ? G " * Molly....Ta«d.y Dinrict Attorney.., .W.dn.id.y farm, also their own farm near there, and have rented their house .here to Mrs. Edw. Stewart, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. R. F. Elvidge, whose husband, Captain Stewart, is overseas. Contain Clapsaddle Home— Capt. Dean Clapsaddle arrived Wednesday to spend a month's overseas furlough with his fam- [ ily at Algona and his parents, Dr. and Mrs. J. G. Clapsaddle. He had been in the Fitzsimmons General hospital at Denver, Colo., for several months. New Teacher in H. S.— Mrs. Robert Murray, Graeltin- ger, came last week Monday to teach in .high school here. She is filling the vacancy caused by the resignation of Miss Dale, who resigned to marry Lt. Wayne Bolie. •Mrs. Murray's husband is in the Pacific. Cotjdill Grandson Wounded— The R. L. Cogdills recently received, word that their grandson, Sgt. Charles Christensen, of New Castle, Neb., was in a hospital in England. He was wounded some months ago, and had feet and hands badly frozen last winter. Ensign lo Harvard 'U'— Ensign Wallace -B. Officer Jr. left Thursday for Cambridge, Mass,, where he is taking special training at Harvard university. He had spent a two and a half weeks furlough with his parents, Supt. and Mrs. Officer. Girls Eniertain Molhers— The Freshmen girls entertained their mothers at a tea at the schoolhouse Thursday afternoon, and presented a short program. Other Burt Sews. M.-Sgt. B. L. Thompson spent from a week ago Friday to Thurs- Mrs. E. J. Murtagh, Algona, spent Thursday evening at the H. O. Buell home. , f»Pli' Ara Funny .Friday ' B " Dmc. Ffolli'.aturda Reynolds, Des Moines, . there from Friday to Tuesday. Last week Sunday Mr. and Mrs. T M. Wells, Pomeroy, and the George Odens, Palmer, were also Sunday dinner guests at Camp«..« Herman Leeck lefTFriday for home at Arnegard, N. D., after four or five weeks with Burt relatives. Mrs. Leeck is a sister of Mrs. Floyd Duncan. Mrs. Tom Trenary, Mrs. Emil Person, and Henry Smith. A family dinner was served at the Dun' -•- their honor -last Jill's R '°" li .Wadnotday n Sun . » Sul MOB TUM THE BEST ON THE AIR |Excew Acid I yo\i MU of .. u *' Heanbura, day at his ampney's. sister Mrs. Walter His friend, Helen was also ney's. Mr. and Mrs. can home in week Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Tom with their guests, Mr. Trenary, Mrs. WJk.Il t*»WJ* B —— ——l - _ .p. Gottlieb Leeck, Arnegard, N. V., were supper guests last week Tuesday evening at K. .A. Bleich's, and Wednesday evening were supper guests at Will Rmgs- °Some 45 persons attended the Fellowship supper at the Methodist church Sunday evening in honor of ^new members. Sickness end a thunderstorm prevented a number from .attending. The -Woman's Council of the (Presbyterian-church meets this .week Wednesday afternoon attne church, with Mrs. J. P-TrunkhUl, Mrs. M. L, Vinaas, and Mrs. W. •H Vosel <as hostesses. . The Fortnightly club met Friday ,at Mrs. Ben Bahlmg's. The Birthday Circle met with Mrs S. M. Peterson Thursday. The Busy Bee club .met Friday at Mrs. i^l_ „„- «.«* Mrs. Walter Ruger, Lu Verne, were last week Sunday Ser.guests at A. G and George Volentine's. Mrs. Ruger is daughter of Mr. and Mrs. A. ' .89-47 The Double N Bridge club met SENIOR CLASS, LU VERNE, IN A CLASS PLAY Lu Verne, Apr. 30—The high school seniors presented .the play One Mad Night before a large audience last week Tuesday evening in the school auditorium and Supt. J. Arnold Hjelle was director. In the ,play Clem Stripling was a young playwriter, ' and his Chinese valet was played by Irvin Mertz. The two go into -the hills to finish a play in peace and quiet, only to find that the house where they are ;to stay is occupied by refusees from an insane asylum. Eugene Casey, who imagined he was Mr. Hyde, stole the show with antics. Norma Hanselman, who imagined she -was Priscilla, and Clarence Casey, who imagined he was John Alden, added much to the humor of the play with oldtime costumes. Grace Christensen, who .played colored maid, was constantly trying to keep out of the clutches of Donna Sanford, who imagined she was Lady Macbeth. All of the lunatics were under care of Doctor Bunn, portrayed .by James Blumer. Also in the house was Erna Eustace, rich young heiress, with n tale of persecution and intrigue. Joyce Bockes played Mrs. Kluck, nurse; Gerald Schipull portrayed a scheming lawyer. A fiarfbee from New York was played by Ruth Gronbach, and her mother was played toy Helen Wolf. Kenneth Wittenburg played escaped murderer. Janet Miller served as business manager for the 'class; Betty M}1- ler as property manager; Helen Stauffacher as assistant; Dale Brayton as stage manager; Earl Barton and Arnold Pergande as assistants. Special music between acts was a flute trio, Three Blind Mice, by Phyllis Swanson, Marilyn Hefti, and Marilyn Miller, and a boys' quartette—Maynard Henderson, James Blumer, Kenneth Wittenburg, Wayne Sorensen, sang two selections, accompanied toy Stephanie Cowling at the piano. SENIOR CLASS AT BUfiT TO PRESENT MARK TWAIN PLAY Burt, Apr. 30—The senior class play, Huckleberry Finn, will toe presented in the h|gh school auditorium this week Tuesday evening. Bill Boettcher takes -the part of Huckleberry! with John iRiebhofr as his pa}, Tom Sawyer. Others jn the cast include Lois Weber as Aunt Polly; :Betty Olson, as Ruth Watson; 'Betty Mann as Mary Jane; Gene Geilenfeld as Fred Raymond; La Vonne Greise as colored maid,; Evelyn Meyer and Clarice Riebhoff as Clara and and Amy Wojjpinger; Charles Officer as John Finn, Huck's father. Friday evening the annual school Junior-Senior banquet will be served j»t "tbe s*OQlhouge by the Junior mothers, • VOJTII STORE" Summer MESH CURTAINS Lustrous rayon mesh with wide hem for even draping. Each 'panel 34"x81". Beautiful open weave Eggshell only ( 49 EACH ;voun RATION FREE WHEREVER you WALK... "Jester" . . . whitf, red, blue, wHcat. "Confetti" .. white, red, blue. At work . . at play . .. S&L's casuals take you everywhere in comfort snd style! (Perfect for graduation and confirmation in frost- .. white.) Two ilylei 'pictured . .Other* from 1.98 to 3.89 YOUIl LOOK STOItE PLEASE! 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