Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on April 24, 1945 · Page 3
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 3

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 24, 1945
Page 3
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PAGE FOUR WEDDING ANNOUNCEMENTS —You'll be pleased with the quality and appearance of our work. Printed or engraved announcements of distinction. Many styles to select from.—Ad vanco Pub. Co. Legion Ballroom Bancroft FRIDAY, APRIL CHARLES TUESDAY, MAY 27 — HENRY ANOTHER SLOT MACHINE CASE FROM LEDYARD On information filed by John Nieburg, a state agent, Harley Merrill, Pocahontas, was arrested by Sheriff Cogley last week Tuesday and brought before Justice Delia Welter here on a charge of illegal possession of a slot machine. Miss Welter held him to the grand jury and sent the record to the district court clerk. Merrill pleaded guilty before Judge Stillman the same day and was fined $300 plus $16.75 costs. It appeared that Merrill owns and conducts an electrical shop at 1 — SCANDI-1 Pocahontas, and as part of his NAVIAN ACCORDION BAND i electrical business owned and Story of a Wesley Youth Whose Plane Fell at Sea KOSSUTH COUNTY ADVANOB, ALGONA. IOWA ALGONA YOUTH FRIDAY, MAY 4—PAT BOFFMAN, PUS TRUMPET AND HIS ORCHESTRA THE SWING'S TO THE NEW RADIONIC HEARING AID Zenith gives you "per- somil - focus" fingertip tone-control. You adjuH to different sound condi* tion.s and surroundings as easily as focusing binoculars. READY TO WEAR, complete with radi- onic tubes, crystal microphone, Neutral- Color Earphone and Cord, and batteries. Oie* and battery carrying case. Mode! A2A Also nvailahlr — Ntu liitne Conduction and hone-Air /.milks for file few it'nose physicians rrrommen'l these types. ILacn (inly 510 more, complete. serviced a slot machine in the Frey pool hall at Ledyard. Prey and his father, the latter conducting a Ledyard restaurant, were both recently in court for harboring slot machines. Merrill is considered a respectable and responsible business man at Pocahontas, and Kossuth officials concerned in the case agreed that he is not of the criminal type, but had to be dealt j with according to law. Ho is a ' former army tank man who was discharged for injuries suffered : when his tank broke through a bridge. room Livermore, la. Thursday, April 26 Jimniie Smith Thursday, May 3 Ding Ellis Wesley, Apr. 24—Mr. and Mrs. John Richter, whose son, Lt. Urban Richter was reported missing^in-action Jan. 6, later received government official information that his plane, with others, made their target at Omura, city in Japan, and were 40 miles on the return trip when his ship went down. A week or so ago the Richters received a letter from a member of a crew of one of the accompanying ships -npw home on furlough. Two engines on the plane which Urban piloted, the writer said, were knocked out, .and the plane therefore lost altitude. After it got below clouds accompanying planes could no longer see it, but .they still had two-way radio conversation with members of the crew. The men were cool and collected, and said they thought they would be able to make a safe landing in the water, and in touch by radio all of the time, they later reported they had landed safely in the Yellow sea. It was first reported in the government message that the men had parachuted, but this was error, because the parachutes were all found in the plane. It was not yet kno.wn whether the crew were taken prisoners by the Japs, or whether they got away in their rubber boats. The lad who wrote the Richters said that after the planes had made their target, they were attacked by 80 to 100 Jap fighters, and it was in this melee that Urban's plane went down. Lieutenant Richter has a sister, Lt. Ruth Richter, in service as an army nurse at the McCloskey General hospital, Temple, Tex. Urban was graduated from the Wesley high' school, and had been in service since January 1941, overseas since March 1944. He was unmarried. The parents live on a farm two mlics cast of Wesley. TUESDAY. APRIL 24, 1SULATE NOW! FOR A Eag!e-Pitcher Water-Proof Blown Home Insulation Installed Estimate Call 275 S years experience Thousands of satisfied users Cowan Building Supply Co. Gopher Ordnance Works Rosemount, Minn. Needs CONSTRUCTION LABORERS i oc per hour—54 hours per week, Time ;md one-half over 40 hours Also INSTRUMENT MEN AND RODMEN Transportation Advanced Company will help locate lodging and transportation to job. Company representative will interview and hire at WAR MANPOWER COMMISSION UNITED STATES EMPLOYMENT SERVICE l'/2 East State Street Algona, Iowa April 30 thru Miay 5 and May 14 thru May 19 Mail coupon to above address Please contact me at the address below about work at the Gopher Ordnance Works. WESLEYAN IN VETERAN PLAN UNIT IN ITALY 15th AAF in Italy—The 98th Bombardment Group, a Liberator unit of the 15th Air Force, recently completed its 400th combat mission when it struck rail communications at Vienna, Austria. Cpl. Donald H. Kraus, son of Merchant and Mrs. Charles Kraus, Wesley, la., is an original member of this unit. The group was initiated into combat Aug. 1, 1942, with smashing attack on Rommel's tank repair installations at Mcrsi Matruh, Egypt. This was only the beginning of a record that includes bombing of every import ant target in north Italy, south | eren France, southern Germany Austria, and the Balkans. The group has moved uhcac with every major Allied advance comprising the Egyptian-Libyan, Tunisian, Sicilian, and Italian campaigns. Members wear the Distinguished Unit Badge with i cluster symbolizing two citations, i the first for a low-level attack on | the Romanian oil fields at Plocsli Aug. 1, 1943, the other for air | support of the British Eighth Army from August, 1942, till the Axis capitulation in Sicily. 'STAN' MUCKEY BACK FROM WAR AS AIR i Miami Beach, Fla., Apr. 19 S.-Sg,t. Stanley H. Muckcy, 27, of i Shakopee, Minn., has arrived at 1 army air forces redistribution ' station No. 2 here for reassignment proceedings, after completing a tour of duty outside the continental United States. Medical examinations and classification interviews at this post, pioneer of several redistribution stations operated by the AAF personnel distribution command for AAF returnee officers and enlisted men, will determine his new assignment. He will remain at the redistribution station about two weeks, much of which will be devoted to rest and recreation. Sergeant Muckey flew 51 missions as a B-17 gunner in the Mediterranean theater, winning the air medal. He is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Muckey, Al- Rona, la., and his wife, Dorothy E. Muckey, resides in the Commander Apts. at Shukopce. BURT YOUTH IS GRADUATED AS A FLIGHT OFFICER ETTER FROM A LEDYARD YOUTH WAR AREA Ledyard, Apr. 23—The George Thompsons lately received word that their son 1st Lt. Kenneth Thompson, who is overseas, had been moved. In a recent letter he said: "I have-finished an assignment with the motor department in Soldier's Widow, Son to New Home Mrs. Margaret Herr, who 'had been here with her husband's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Harry L. Herr, since October, when Lieutenant Herr was ordered to overseas duty, left Sunday with her infant son David for Creston, where they will live. The lieutenant, a liaison pilot in the field artillery, was killed in action Dec. 4. He flew an observation plane over enemy territory to di- HOME; CANAL ZONE 3 YEARS John Ferguson, pharmacist's mate second class, youngest son of Mrs. Wm. K. Ferguson here, arrived April 12 from the Canal Zone, where he had spent the last 3 years. He left Panama April 9, and flew to Miami, Fla., coming thence by train to Des Moines, where he arrived Wednesday night. John had only a 16-day leave, after which he will leave for the University of Pensylvania, where he will take a six months course in officer training. His wife will remain in the Canal Zone, where she has a good position, till he finishes his course at the university. John went overseas as a civilian landscape construction supervisor, and served as such for two years, after which he joined the navy. , John gave some interesting facts about the Canal Zone. Temperatures range from 70 to 90 de- frees, and if there is a drop as low as only 66, the people shiver and the newspapers comment on the "cold weather." There are two seasons, wet and dry. The wet season lasts eight months, the dry season only four. The annual rainfall is 132 inches The soil is of red clay, and the chief crops are sugar cane, cocoanuts, bananas, and papavas. There are no war service women of any kind in the Zone, because of inadequate living quarters. ALGONIAN IN A UNIT BOMBING BRENNER PASS With a 12th AAF B-25 Group WALUCE ADAMS GRADUATE FROM A NAVY SCHOOL Great Lakes, 111., Apr. 20—Wallace F. Adams, son of Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Adams, 812 South Moore, Algona, la., was graduated recently from the naval iur technical training center at Norman, Okla. He studied the aviation specialty field for which his recruit training aptitude tests showed he was best suited, and is now eligible to earn a petty officer rate. The newly graduated man is now awaiting further duty orders either to sea or to a naval aase. which I had charge of a group of rect artillery fire. The' Harry r: ~ ' ' white and part Herrs moved from Creston to Al- five boys, part colored. gona a year ago last July, and "I am glad to get back to the Mr. Herr is in Algona Hardware type of work I was trained for in employ. the U. S.—contracting and buying. I am now in a large office, and the work here is more specific than in the States. I should be through jumping around for i a while. "I am well, and my mail coming through .regularly." is Name Address .'Viephone If now employed in essential in- d us try or agriculture do not apply Surprise for Mrs. Barnes — Neighbors took Mrs. Albert Barnes by surprise last week Monday and helped her celebrate a. birthday. There was a card nd handkerchief - shower and TITONKA YOUTH IN SHOW CAST TOURING ITALY Cpl. Charles Beed, son of Mr and Mrs. Harry Beed, Titonka m ,,.., Twelf th , .- . . merchants, air command in the Seymour Invaded— Five hundred sailors invaded the toWrr of Seymour for 30 minutes one day ast week. A wreck on the Milwaukee railroad delayed the train .on - which the boys were passengers. -Malted milks, cook- ies, comic magazines, and other items were the nn n purchases of thn sailors. N w .dl, to say, .Seymour rcsidcr • dered what was happenii 500 sailors descended train, won- in the Mediterranean Theater (Undated)—When B-25 Mitchell bombers of this group hit Brix- lec, Austria, 45 miles southeast of Munich, farther north than any other Mediterranean-based bombers had flown, one of the combat crew members was 2nd Lf Cecil H. Snyder, 20, whose parents, Mr. and Mrs. Hallard C. Snyder, live at 312 South Hale, Algona, la. Snyder is now flying as bombardier on a 12th air force B-25 Mitchell bomber. This unit has twice been awarded the War Department distinguished unit citation. Currently it is engaged in cutting off the German stream of supplies to Kesselring's forces by lunch provided by the callers was crew ln ItE ? lv , ls now a member of „ _______ i . A i j _____ i ;•_ __ I •»«• _ -.1 ^ .. ! _•; i3 SPTV1PP Rtnnw tTrMi-no --- , 4 ,. ... A , ground (systematic cutting of northern • -' sc.ryo.d.,. T . •' it JT " •'''•-,•"• "*''" "*"••--i»*^aiaTir*».'»< John Manthei, Aubrey a service show troupe. "".'Folks' J •"'•' ' 'kne'w' the Italy bridges and by sealing off ; the -Brenner pass rail line, i'ij Sb : efficient 'have- 12th air 1 force units been at attacking the Bren- WWLILL J.,1.^ Lll,lLl_l, fHALULVZy YY^ltCi- 1 . • . , - . house Harry Schroeder L C ' cor P° rai through his school days 0 —• Strand George Thompson Hat- say he Possesses unusual talent i n er line that continuous traffic tic Sprank, Charles Bashara Rel-| for Portraying the happy side of has been closed in that artery ative's lately surprised Mrs. Ken-! ^ and that ^ anyone can help —"" * u J ~ '"" I - ncth Busch by calling in honor of i the ot . he . E fellow keep ohin .off _ 1_ • j l_ _1 On Oof it It? /"^.Vi "l*»1«e' BATTLE BADGE FOR ALGONIAN IN9THARMY Pvt, Howard A. Forsberg, son of Mr. and Mrs. Albert Forsberg 612 East Elm, Algona, has been awarded the combat infantryman badge for campaigns in which he has participated in the Battle o: Germany. The information was released by the public relations section of the army. The youth, who is 21, entered service only last August and in January 1945 was ordered overseas. He embarked from an Atlantic coast point, and in the first letter to his parents after making port he said he was in Holland but had been through Scotland, England, France, and Belgium. Mr. and Mrs. Forsberg's last letter from their son was received two weeks ago. He is a rifleman in the infantry with the Ninth army, and his parents have been able to follow the movements of his division by scanning war maps in the daily papers. Saturday a week ago he was at Dortmund. ARLOWE HANSON, SEN EC A SOLDIER, AT CAMP IN N. C. Camp Davis, N. C., (Undated) —Pvt. Arlowe K. Hanson, son of Mr. and Mrs. Peter N. Hanson, Fenton, la., postoffice, has been assigned to Camp Davis, N. C., as a classification clerk. Camp Davis is an installation of the army air forces personnel distribution command and functions as a redsitribution station and convalescent hospital. Private Hanson is a graduate of the Seneca consolidated high school, and prior to entry into service _ in. February, 1944, was 'farming."''" .• •'" ' Furnaces This" Is the time to have your furnace chocked, if your old fiirmico is beyond repair you can (my n Ilnv furnace. « IV c linvo both st«el and cast Iron furnaces in slock. We arc also able to obtain a limited number of sink. ers. P. R. Irons HEATING AM) PLUMBING 812 K. McGregor St. I'll a birthday. Church to Plan Decoration— Next Sunday the Methodists will have a potluck dinner at the church following the morning service. In the afternoon a congregational business meeting will be held on plans for improving the interior of the church. It is hoped that every family will be present for the fellowship and to help lay plans. Shower for a Bride— Mrs. Ritmcyer and Mrs. Shipler were hostesses Thursday at a miscellaneous shower in the E. & R. church basement honoring Mrs. Earl Kvamsdale.' Some 100 women attended, and the bride received many gifts. The afternoon was spent at games and contests, and lunch was served. Mrs. W. E. Wiemer Hostess— Mrs. W. E. Wiemer entertained Thursday evening, and guests were Mesdames Haglund, Bravender, Mitchell, Vaux, and Blomster, ;ill of Swea City, and Mesdames Tice Brack, Wilson Brack, Leo Anderson, Edw. Knoner, Edw. Loofl, Charles Bashara, L. W. Wiemer, D. B. Mayer. Methodist Study Class Meets— The Methodist W. S. C. S. study class met at Mrs. D. B. Mayer's Wednesday evening. Mrs. Edward Cass led devotions, using as her theme Why I Am a Christian. A lesson on The Indian in American Life was presented by Mrs. Selman Field, Monroe, La. (Un-1 Mayer. dated)—Representatives of 38 states and the District of Colum- Calls ° n Hospital Patients— bia received wings and commissions as aerial navigators here Saturday, April 21, when the AAF training command graduat- Mrs. L. C. Strand, Mrs. Jerry Sullivan, Mrs. Hattie Sprank, Mrs. Albert Barnes, and Mrs. George Thompson called on Mrs. ed Class 45-11 in ceremonies ati Glen . n Burrows at a Blue Earth the post theater. In the class was Flight Officer Leonard E. Lovstad. son of Mrs. Lovstad. Ri'd. 1, and of Viola Serdahl Lovstad, both of Burt, la. Completing an intensive course of all kinds of aerial navigation, the graduates, trained directly hospital Thursday. nn T^ » »' p « ing command direction, will i shortly be putting their knowl-j edge to use in every theater of j the war. | *— Relatives took Ardella Pineel by surprise at her parental Willis Pingel home Friday by calling to honor her 20th Birthday. Son for the Ray Gordons— Mr. 'and Mrs. Ray Gordon are parents of a son born las day at a Blue Earth hospital. Other Ledyard News. ! Mrs. H. M. Dyer, daughter i Irene, and Mr. and Mrs. George Thompson were at Blue Earth last week Sunday. Mrs. W. E. Shower Honors a Swea City Bride FJ - vlln was there" Thursday ajid „ _,.. ,, „ 'Piilied on Mrs. Ray Gordon at a Swea City, Mar. 23 — Mrs. , hospital. Claude Haag, nee Bernieccj Mrs. Clayton Roseboro and Smith, was honoree at a post- Mrs. N. A. Pingel were at Swea nuptial shower m the; MellmdUt i City Wednesday afternoon. Mrs. basement a week ago Friday Pingel's sister Mrs. Orville An- njght Hostesses were Mrs. Gil 1 - derson, Des Moines, was there, lord Smith. Mrs. Harold Evans, I visiting their mother, Mrs. Mar- Mrs. Fred Seylar, and Mrs. Har-1 garet Looft. old Kranz. After games, lunch Barbara and Pepgy Mayer ac- was served, and the table dec-ora- tions were pink and yellow. Mrs. Haag received many gifts. cornpanierl Bertha Solbe'rg to her home at Ringsted Friday evening for the weekend. chest it is Charles. The show opened at Naples April 10 and after touring the larger cities of Italy may-be sent to France. It presents a 'musical comedy show similar to "Hellza- poppin," and young Beed has the part of nurse besides small parts. Corporal Beed has been in service since Sept. 1942, .and has been overseas since Aug. 1943, serving in North Africa and Italy. His wife, the former Jean Tryon, and the small son Gary are living for the duratiori'with the younger Mrs. Seed's mother Corporal Beed has at Titonka. earned the bronze star and the good conduct medal. EX-TITONKIAN PRIZE-WINNER Paulus Mueller, Titorika resident many years when his father was pastor of the Good Hope Lutheran church there, now employed by .the Beatrice Creamery company at Des Moines, recently won four prizes offered by the company for improvement suggestions by employes. • ' After leaving Titonka, the young man's first job was with the Klemme creamery, for'-which he was buttermaker 22 years. He has now bought a home at Des Moines, and will move the family there after school closes. The son Herbert will be graduated from the Klemme high school in May. Other children in the Rev. Mr. Mueller family are Waldemar, in the employ of the South Dakota insurance commission; Arthur, 'barber in South Dakota; Magdalene, graduate nurse who has 'been caring for her father since the mother's death three years ago; and Berthold, farmer near Winthrop, Minn. more than one and a half months. The Brixlec attack cut .the most important of the three channels of traffic leading into the Brenner route. SEXTON ALGONA YOUTH IN5THARMYIS COMING HOME With the Fifth Army, Italy, (Undated)—Pvt. 1-c. Wallace Winkle, Algona, la., is returning from the Fifth army front in Italy, after 37 month overseas. Winkie, lineman in the 34th Signal company, a unit of the veteran 34th "Red Bull" infantry division, is returning to the States on rotation, after participating in .the Tunisian and Italian campaigns. Member of the Iowa National Guard at Mason City prior to federal mobilization February 10, 1941, Winkie went to Camp Claiborne, La., with Co. H, 133rd Infantry Regiment, and was transferred there to the 67th brigade. When the division was reorganized prior .to shipment overseas, he became a member of the 34th Signal company and sailed with that unit in February, 1942. Winkle's mother, Mrs. Ida Winkie, resides at Algona, and she has another son, Sayre, in the South Pacific. Swea Cityan Now Serves in Texas Swea City, Apr. 16—Lieutenant Robert Berggren, son of Mr and Mrs. C, F. Berggren, is now at an army air force training command school at Perrin Field Sherman, Tex. Bobbie spent a furlough at spring, after home early this having completed missions in combat duty in Europe. He received the distinguished flying cross and the air medal with oakleaf clusters. He flew on a fighter plane over France. -*LAKOTA SPEAKERS. Lakota, Apr. 23—Elmer Engelbarts and Albin Nelson were hosts to the Lutheran Brotherhood at the church Thursday evening. Chaplain T. K. Herbener and Corporal Norris, of the Algona Prisoner of War camp, were speakers. BONNIE BONAR A 2ND LIEUTENANT IN NURSE CORPS Omaha, Neb., Apr. 20 —Major General C. H. Danielson, commanding general of the Seventh Service Command with headquarters in Omaha, today releas- ede information that Bonnie Lee Bonar, Algona, Iowa, has been appointed second lieutenant in the army nurse corps and will report for duty at Camp Carson, Colo., on or about May 1 to begin the necessary period of army training. Following the training period, Lieutenant Bonar will be assigned to an installation or unit now experiencing a critical shortage of nurses. Lieutenant Bonar is a daughter of Mrs. Rhoda Bonar, employed at the Kresensky store, Algona, and of the late Jesse L. Bonar, for many years an Algona lawyer. HOSPITAL TRANSFER. Cpl. Richard J. Halpin, son of Mr. and Mrs. T. J. Halpin, .Algona, has been transferred from the Winter general hospital, Topeka, Kans., to a. convalescent hospital at Camp Carson, Colo. He is recuperating from wounds t received^overseas last October.- ^SlLore v ,. Algona High School Senior Class Play "Lost Horizon" HIGH SCHOOL AUDITORIUM, 8 P. M. Tuesday, May i Reservations at High School Ticket Office April and May 1 Admission, Adult 42c plus 8c, students 2!)c plus (!<: See story elsewhere in this paper »»»»•»»»»»»»<»»»»•»»»»«»»»»»»+»»»+»+»<>»«»*»»<•».»«.«» I Mrs. Edith Greenfield^Heldt and her father, A. L. Greenfield, Irvington, were Friday callers here. Mrs. Heldt is visiting her parents, after having been with her husband at Camp Robinson, Ark., where he is a staff sergeant. Mr. and Mrs. John Jennings received word Thursday that they were grandparents twofold, a boy and a girl, twins, having been born to Mr. and Mrs. Leo Sabin. Mrs. Sabin was reported in serious condition. She is the former Dorothy Jennings. Mrs. Alfred Opheim will be hostess to the W. S. C. S. this week Thursday. Mrs. Mary Phillips, Woden, son Warren, and daughter Mrs. Ellen Bird, the latter o f Hutchins, were Wednesday evening callers on Mrs. Sarah Wise. Mr, and Mrs. Clarence Swedin, east of Sexton, are parents of a girl born a week ago Saturday at the Kossuth hospital. The Swed- ins now have three girls. LEDYARD Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Busch entertained Sgt, and Mrs. Claude Haag at dinner last week Monday evening. The Rev. and Mrs. Edward Cass called on Mrs. Burrows at a Blue Earth hospital Wednesday. Peggy Mayer entertained nine little friends in honor of her 9th birthday Wednesday evening Mrs. Albert Barnes will' be hostess to the Methodist W. S. C. S. at the chujrch Thursday. Mr. .and Mrs. N. A. PJngel were Elmore callers Thursday. Let Cowan do the Complete Job ROOFING SIDING EAGLE INSULATION WEATHERSTRIP Ask for Free Esiimais! PROTECT m* HO AM You may buy on our convenient monthly payim-nt plan if desired. Cowan Building 1 Supply ALGONA, IA. LADY'S STOMACH WAS LIKE A GAS FACTORY, MEALS TURNED TO GAS One lady said recently that her stomach used to toe like a "gas factory!" That is, when she ate a meal it seemed to turn right into gas. She was always bloated, had awful stomach gas pains daily headaches and constant irregular bowel action. Now, however, this lady says she is FREE of STOMACH GAS and she says the change is due to taking SYS- TONE. Her meals agree with her No gas or bloat after eating. Headaches and: constipation are gone. "Oh! what relief!" states this lady. "Why don't other gas and constipation sufferers Sys-Tone?" get SYS-TONE contains 12 Great Herbs; they cleanse bowels, clear gas from stomach, ,act on sluggish liver and kidneys. Miserable people soon feel different all over So don't go on suffering! Get SYS-TONE. Lusby & GioJi Drug RT rvr*(i ^ No. 3, No. 6, No. 8 Cast Skillets No. 8 Cast Dutch Ovens Glass and Pitcher Set* Single Mantle Gas Lanterns We have a good stock of Chicken Netting in 1 inch and 2 inch mesh Chicken and Broiler Type Feeders Garden Seeds and Garden Tools Kohlhaas Hardware

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