Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on January 23, 1945 · Page 1
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 23, 1945
Page 1
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PAGE.TWO .^ fa*. t KOSSUTH COUNTY ADVANCE, ALGONA, IOWA TOESflAY, JANUARY 23, 1945 I, Army Nurse, ierves in Philippines Lonr people of tin know noli l!ock. Jan. wlio tlitunlj ' December they were lures of Uoek army nurse whose unit after service in ->ie\v (Uiine.i had been transferred to the Philippines, presumably t t) Loyle. (She may be up on l.u/.'.'i now.) In a recent letter home Miss Gladstone 22 — Knssulh i mosquito net. There are no maul over cunics i ' ; ui:i mosquitoes here, but we still have to take atabrine. I'm covered with mosquito 'bites, and Life did , : ! V«""' m « T »*- i [ have an itchy rash on my face. scenes lai.nh'ir to a Lone' _ „._„._ ,tr^-,_ giv|_ .Marg-.irel. Gladstone, The surgery is in a room at one end of the church. Part of the roof fell in today. The surgeons do wonderful work. For example, they took n Jap bullet out of a man's spine, today. I "We're so busy that at night I At last. I'm in the Philippines! We landed a few days ago in an drop on my cot—hardly have enough ambition to put up my JOSH H1GG1NS'VOICE OF AGRICULTURE' WATERLOO, IOWA MORNINGS 6:25—News Mun. int. Fat. lf.30—llonil News Program. .Mnn. thr. S-.it. C:00—Neijihlioi-ly Circle... .Mon. Un. l''ri. Ncwstimu S;ilunl:iy G:0fi—Shnppcre (Juule Mnn-lilimo. S:u. 6:15—Neighbors News— HUK!I Mtmcv Murkcts, Fann News,Mon. thr. Sat. fi:30—Morning l)L>votiunab. Mmi. tlu. Sat. 7:00—Dr. Bacon-Am. Sd....Mon. Un. Sat. "Kcv. Pielsrh's Hour" Si:n<liiy 7 :10—Almanac of tiio Air Mon., W,i!.. Fi-i. Smith Chickcncs. .Tuiv., Thur., Sal. 7:1,1—Klccn Maid News....Mon. tin. Sit. 7 :30—Com«. Around Wavlil Mon. thr. 1'ri. United Nations News Review.. .Sal. 7:45—The Music Box Mon. thr. l-'ri. 8:00—The ItrraUtast dull..Mon. thr. Sat. World NCWH St:::<:ay 9:00—My True Story Mon. tin. i-ri. What's Cool;in? Saainiay >3a?.arenn Family Hour Sn:'.<lny 9:!!i—Aunt Jemima Show..Mon. thr. I'ri. 9:30—The HiKfins Hoys...Mon. tin. 1 rl. Land of the Lost Saturday The Southernaires Smniay 9:-15—One Woman'? Opinion MoMlay Tho Listening Post. .Tiles, tlir. I'll. ,10:00—Breakfast at Snrdi's. .Mon. thr. i^ri. Today's HomomaUer ^at.. Percy B. Crawford Siifiiij 10:15—lli-IO Clul) Sat. 30:20—(lit Martyn—News...Mon, thr. ill. This is Life Sur.ilay 10:45—Jack Berch Show Mon. thv. l-'i-i. Lois Lonff & 3 Suns S.it. It :00—fJlamour Manor Mon. thr. i-'n. Schools in the News Satun'ay Weekly 'War Journal K'anlay 11:30—Higgins' Farm Hour Mon. thr. Sat. Call of the Cross Sunday r"~ AFTERNOONS 12:00—Eath's Land O'Corn..Mon. thr. Sat. "Hasten the Day" , Sunday 12:15—H. R. Gross—News..Mon. thr. Sat. Georso Hicks Sunday 12:30—FinchviUo Farm Hour Mon. thv. S:-.t. Sammy Kayo's Serenade... .Sunday 12:45—Avn Johnson Mon. thr. Sat. 22:55—Sunday News Estra Sunday :- 1:00—John B. Kennedy... .Mon. thr. Fri. ['• r Metropolitan Opera Saturday • ' Lutheran Hour Sunday 1:15—Hi, Neighbor Mon. thv. Vi-i. 1:30—Let's Learn Spanish Monday Geopolitics Tuesday Questions & Opinions..."Wi-dnesday Adventures in Music Tluir-day liiuddy truck, I mosquito net Besides, we have alerts every night, and then can't have eveii a flashlight on. We and with our bedrolls were practically pulled through mud. Fill- .._..... ^ piiuis ca.Tiecl our stuff to the ! climb aboard a truck at 7, drive truck ( .n their heads. You should | home in the dark, jump out at Irtve he;ir:l the cheers from sol-1 our doorway, feel our way up the diei's and natives'. Little kids! steps. The Japs give us a little Ivan along the roadside grinning ! and hnldin; 1 ; up two fingers — V I'm 1 Victory. j Ru-koiv Home for Nurses. i it's even more muddy here | than in New Guinea---mud up to our shoe lops at i very step. But j it, ha> all heon a thrill for us— just to lie in n le.'.vn ;\;;ain. it you tan call it th' t. It's only a ruined j:nui|) of luiildinus. Our personal quarters! Well, I'ye never IK fore been in sueh a "rat-trap." 'rhirleen of us in one hit;' room, the rest in rooms. The floors are good. We were taken direct to our IOWANS DOUBTFUL ABOUT PROVIDING POSTWAR JOBS excitement almost every night. What Battle Nurses Do. We work ten hours a clay; I mean work! I've never before seen such miserable sights. Sometimes I don't know where to begin on a patient. Leg off, or in- sicles just shot to pieces so they drain, with an odor almost intolerable. Bui one has to pitch right in and clean it all up. Gunshot wounds through the brain, lifting patients, rubbing backs, changing dressings on hideous smaller ; looking wounds, changing clress- 1 ings on stumps—Oh, it's a mess! Some patients come in with long beards—say they've been in not too The Story Hour Friday National Vespers Sunday li'4B—Food for Thought Monday "Words and the War Tuesday Scientist Looks About Thursday 2 :00—Between the Lines... .Mon. thr, Fri.. Char. Greenwood Show Sunday 2:15—The Jubilee Singers. .Mon. thr. Fri. 2:30—15.10 Club Mon. Uir. Fri. Eth. Barrymorc as Miss Hattie Bun. 8:00—"Time" Views News Mon. thr, Fri. Darts for Dough tivir.day 8:15—Ozark Ramblers Mon. thr. Fn. 3:30—That's For Me Mon. thr. Fri. Tho Andrews Sisters Show... .Sun. 8:45—"Yanks in the Orient" Monday i Amer. Legion Drama Tut'siiay I .• Waterloo Public Schools Wednesday til Ship of Joy Club TJiim-iljiy t , Waterloo Schools l-'ri. Vy : '4 :00— Echoes of Congress Monday l'i 60 Years of Fiction Tuesday I i Home Safety Education. ."Wednesday [if Ask tho Scientist! Thursday f* Moaiuulz Friday r' Mary Small Revue Sunday ! 4:15— Oun Collecting TVa.-d:iy i Historic Hymns.........Wednesday Religion in the News ...Friday ! 4:30—Music By Mon. thr. 1'ri. Metropolitan Opera Present:-.. .Sun. 4:45—Hop Harrijjan Mon. thr. iri. Hello, Sweetheart Saturday 5:00—Terry and the Pirates Mon. thr. Fri. Musical Matinee Saturday Radio Hall of Fame Sun'.ny 6:15—Dick Trney Mon. thr. Fri. Sinsing Strings Saturday 8:30—Jack Armstrong Mon. thr. Fri. Edw. Tcmlinson—-News .. .Sa'.ur[!ay Labor—USA Saturday 8:45—The Country Editor. .Mon. thr. Fri. EVENINGS •»:00—Grain Belt Rangers Mon. Wed. Thurs. Fri. The Higgins Boys Tuesday Christian Science Church. .Saturday Drew Pearson Sunday 6:15—H. K. Gross—News. .Mon. thr. Sat. News—Don Gardiner Sunday '" ?:SO-rDid You Know? Mon. thr. Fri. Leland Stowe SaUuVay O/uiz Kids Sunday 6:35—Sport flashes...... .Man. tlu-. Fri. 6:45—Preferred Melodies... .Mon. thr. Fri Eye-Witness News Saturday 7:00—Ted Malono Mon.. Tucs., Vitd. Earl Godwin Thur-day "Stars of The Future" Fri. Early American Dance Music Sat. Greenfield Village Choir Sun.'.ay 7:15—Lum and Aboer...Mon, thr. Thurs. Dorothy Thompson 7:30—Blind Date Alan Young Show Counterspy America's Town Meeting One Foot in Heaven Boston Symphony Joe E. Brown 8:00—Ed Wynn (Iracie Fields Show Keep Up with the World Famous Jury TriuU Walter Wine-hell 8:15—Hollywood Mystery Time....Hum.ay 8:30—Spotlight Bands Mon 8 :-15—Jimmy Fidler 8:55—Coronet Storyteller. .Mun Curonet Quick Quiz '. fi:00—(Juy Lombardo. , Conct-rt Orchestra Hires' Icebox Follies. .. .W. Fred Wai-ins Tim Nownan Cordon Sirii,'.-; 1 Music From Hollywood. .. . S;i"' Life of Hil-y :•'• 9:15—Lazy Jim Day T" 9:3U—Transatlantic Quiz M< Hal Mclntyre Ti: National Assn. of Mfrs...Widn March of Time 'i'!i" Calling Card F Mar, Called X Sal' Variations by Van CU-ave...Ss 10:00—H. It. Crnsa—Nuv.-s..Mon. tin Sunday Ne\vs Digest -* : ' 10:16—Revival Hour K' 10:20—Sportlight Parade.. .Mon. thr. 10:80—Saludos Aniigos Mm.'ay Metropolitan Opera US A... Tin- Paul Hutchens 1 Hour.. ..W,-d.-u:-i':.y Orchestra Tim:', d-.y Doctors Talk It Over 1-Mday Meet Your Navy F.-.iu.dav JO-.45—Melodies of the Masters.. .Mon. I'ri. 31:00—Dance Music Mon. llu . ! ; .';t. 11:16—Rev. Pietsch'n Hour Daily 31:45—Dance Music Daily il :55—News Daily 12:00—Word of Life Hour Saturday All I'rofrnnn subject to chanuu new ivnne, and I wish you could the mountains, and were carried see it: we cuuldii'1 believe it was down on litters. They come in the r if.'lit nU'i'e. It's like some poor tenement house in a city. We wen I u» rickety sleps to "rooms" upstairs. The place be longs to a Filipino family, and they use a back room in the day-1 time. I don't know where they are at night. ! Kids G-cilhcr and Chatier. As soon ;-s we arrived, kids lined the stairway and chattered as fast as they could, some in broken Kn;;!i-h. They're so cute. They grub for gum. candy, etc., we boughl on the .ship. This morning they were on the stairs 'saying. "Gimme! gimme!" They always say "Thank you." They i roam the streets barefoot, wading the mud. but somehow they keep their clothes clean, most of them. ; The women wear what look ! like wooden shoes, only fancier. i They carry bundles on their ; heads, and there isn't anything they won't do for- us. j Hc-isi.al in Theater. i You've probably heard that we : are oper.iiinu in a beautiful old ( .'thedral. The pictures should : .be in the Life or other magazines, j'ior ' reporters and photographers j cluttered the place at first. We i have paLionls on litters clear up j to the ai:ar: they insisted on be; ing 'here. But if you see any nurse.-; iii the pictures, they are not our girls hut field nurses who i L'ol here first, and, since their hospital wasn't operating, were usintf ours. They've moved out now. The church re-.illy is beautiful. : lhou«h uvjr 200 years old and battered -iu. There is still mass every morning' while we're giv- - in;-: baths, hypos, blood, elc. Women come with long black veils and a kind of stiff blouse | with shvves that puff way out. They lake them off when they're : through .ni'.ss anil work with us. i 1 don't know wluil we would do I \\ithoul '/hem. Tho yirls are so j williiu',; ;.hev HO riu'ht ahead to I'.ive h.'ths. feed patients, etc. | 'They're ir.iitl by the K 1 •vt.'i'nment. j Filipinos Helpful. i Old men and boys hang around i the church: empty trash boxes, fill, walere.ius, moi) the floor, lift patients, iieiu out oil casts—any r of thiiK.'.s. works in personnel, all vk:y—and is she good! ml In take her along when >ve. Some of the women i but they look for work;] •ss S'i.ne i/f them tire hungry. most of our help tiro young Returning servicemen and men and women released Ironi war in- : dustries will have trouble Jnjfmd- ing employment in their' 'home towns, most lowans feel;' • ', Iowa Poll findings show'i that over GO per cent of lowhns dd'not believe that their communities can absorb all of the veterans and returning workers, although 31 'per cent do say that work could be found for some of them. Thirty-three per cent of those interviewed by field reporters for the Iowa Poll, expressed the belief that all returning servicemen and released war-workers will be able to find adequate work in their communities, but these people are largely those living in big cities. Insufficient industries to provide the numerous jobs needed was given as their reason by over half of those who do not think that their communities will be able to provide jobs for those needing them. . . .' ]• (A fjiffinl rclrnse /wwj/nlif'- ftj '/yol-a aru-ifut'rrs by Ihe lOll'A 1'OI.L a! llie Di-s Muini's Register unit Tnbtiitc.) bloody and dirty. Some are paralyzed from shots—I had one this morning, paralyzed on one side, drainage running out of his wound; only half-conscious; wont to surgery for a brain operation. We don't keep such palienls long; we evacuate them by plane or boat as soon as they're able to go. Telk of Home. We talk about the snow back home, the Christmas atmosphere nice winter clothes, etc. One girl left today on return to the Slales. There was a wedding al Ihe church altar early this morning; while gown, veil, and all. The Filipinos slill have some prelly clothes—they hid them when the Japs were here. But il looks queer lo see women in black garb kneeling, with bare feel showing back of them. The people are small' in size. No Social Life; Jusi Work. Some Filipinos came in the church this afternoon, and put on a show for the patients. Cute lil- lle girls sang and danced. Then Ihe next minute mass up in front. -Soldiers drop in lo attend mass, kneeling with'"guns, mud, r front Soldiers drop in to attend to take pictures and look around. There's no social life at all— jusl work and go to bed; but there's satisfaction comes in knowing one has done something MISSING NAVY YOUTH'S SHIP UPSET AT SEA former Good Hope Pastor Tells of Journey by Air Santa Barbara, .Calif., Jan. 20— Regular Marine air transports-, tion service is maintained between our Marine .air station .here and San Diego. Several .days ago I had occasion to go to San Diego; to interview the senior chaplain and see a new chapel. We left .at 9 a. m. .in one of our, two motor transport planes, :and after gaining an altitude of 10,000 feet flew over 'the ocean above a blanket of fog .that looked like a 5,000-ft. fall of fresh snow. When By Chaplain M. M. Schaper. The slory Jells of B landing at El Cenlro. Since then Mr. Schaper has been transferred to that station. Except for his training period, Mr. Schaper has apparently been 1 in California ever since he left Kossuih. we approached the Los Angeles area holes appeared in the .clouds. We circled an air field and when we landed we found it to be the Marine ail' station at Santa Ana. Two More Stops. Word was passed that we were not going direct to San Diego, but ly clear, and we got a wonderful view of the great metropolis of Los Angeles andjts suburbs. HIGH PRAISE FOR UNIT OF ANALGONIAN Peninsular Base Headquarters, Italy, (Undated)—T.-5 Howard J. Redemske, 'Route 2, Algona, la., is a member of an engineer boat regiment -recently inactivated in the -Italian theater, .but which prior to disbanding achieved a superb record which won it the following commendation from the commanding officer of this base section, which is the vital supply and services organization lor -the Fifth Army: "The splendid record achieved and the traditions and esprit built in the 28 months of the organization's existence are an example to all in this united effort to defeat our enemies. "The Regiment has-operated in 25 .ports in the British Isles, Africa, or on the European continent and its islands. The task the welding of ;tho esprit and pride of organization which ev-; ery man of 'the regiment pos-; seses. "The .personnel of this command will go .forward 'to join other units and carry on new missions, but they may all know that their former unit stands out among combat and service regiments alike as having -performed an exceptionally .meritorious service to its country and the Allied cause. PORTLAND U. S. W| MEETING. Portland Twj>,, Jan. '22 —The Portland Service club will meet this week Thursday with Mrs.; Charles Scott, be in charge. New officers .will Baptists Planning Improvements Fund ?Ehe Algona Baptists have voted to establish a church building fund, and. ofrerings will b f > received on designated Sunday< The offerings will be in addition to the usual offerings of members and friends. It is hoped to accumulate a fund of some thousands for use wheVithe time is ripe. HOUSE IS SOLD. Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Cook :have bought n house on north Garfielcl street owned-, by the Lavrenz -estate. Mr. Cook Is employed at the Sorensen grocery. The Cooks get possession Mat. 1, nui. ^v"i*b v* **•**•* v w •— -— cj - i -- - - - — — t , were making stoiDS al various Ma-1 under such conditions ot dis- rine air stations.'After taking off persal has been exceptionally dif- Last week it was announce: thai Mrs. Herbert Zielske, Led- yarcl, had been informed that hei son John Frederick Matzener was reported missing after his destroyer the USS Monaghan was lost in a Philippines typhoon. Here is what the magazine' Newsweek dated yesterday had lo say about the disaster: "The importance of the operational situation was such,that the operations in hand could. J?iol be suspended or allercd because of conditions. .That was Navy Department' last week explained the loss of three destroyers in a 100-knot typhoon.- weather how the constructive, gery is all in Some of the sur- vain, but.at least an attempt is made to maintain life. It's surprising how most of the patients come through o. k. In a civilian hospital the same cases would probably never recover; but somehow, here where there's much less equipment, cleanliness, etc., we seem lo learn things from necessity. But this will make awfully good nurses out of us or awfully poor ones. again we flew over rugged, mountainous country for an hour, and landed at an air field on the desert. It ,was the Marine air stalion at Mojave. There was a brisk chilly wind blowing there. The plane was loaded to capacity here: 21 men and several hundred Dounds of express. Our next hop was for IVa hours, and we scaled tops of higest mountains of the flight. At last we flew over a broad level area and landed at a Marine air stalion at El Centro. View of the Fleet. This was only a few miles from the Mexican border. The sun was shining brightly. In spite of the fact that it was late fall, the temperature was 90 degrees in the shade. One, two, and four-motor planes were taking off from the long runway. Soon we were in the air.again, the next stop to be San Diego. As we came in over the harbor we "With fuel tanks almost ex- got a birdseye view of a comple- hausted, the top-heavy ships I ment of our fleet at maneuvers, were high in the water and en-1 and it was a'thrilling sight. We deavoring to re fuel 1 from-tankers- arrived at 4 p. m., after a zig-zag 800-mile flight. San Diego was bustling with activity, the streets were swarming with Navy and Marine personnel. <'. .1- 'Flying Through -Fog. • The 'chaplain at the Marine corps air depot showed me through the new chapel. It is a standard Navy Chapel, will seat 500 people, and has a revolving altar .with Protestant, Catholic, and Jewish sections. There are also two small chapel rooms .and offices for the chaplains. The next day I flew back to Santa Barbara. The .field at San Diego was engulfed in fog, and we were obliged to take off by instruments. As we bored pur way through the fog, with visibility zero, I had the only anxious moments of the whole trip. But soon we were out in the sunshine, following the coastline. We flew between Long Beach anc Los Angeles. It now was entire- ficult operationally administratively, particularly in regard to OUTDOOR 1TPE Pepsi-Cola Company, Long Island 'City, N. K FKANCUISED BOTTLER : p e psl-Cola BoltMg Co. of, Fbrt.Dodge PIIIIIIIIIIIIHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIW i FOR SALE m m I Reg. Gasoline 16 1 10 Ethyl Gasoline 17 1/10 I -otHfcr s OVERWORKED EYES * NEED J HELP . . w. Fimunson OPTOmCTRlST TCUA36 RLGOHfl when the great gale 'hit' them, Jnder the sullen sk^' mountainous waves smashed against : the Spence. Hull, and Monaghah and ta'sfc"-v force;' which presumably 'was' 'engaged in operations around' the'-Pliilip- pines. The Ihree destroyers heeled over and then lurned' bol- loms up in the raging -sea. ... "Only 84 officers and,men..were picked no'when, the stdrira-.sub- sided. Eleven men were washed overboard from other vessels .and two died of Iho inlense h'0al in a destroyer's engine room when waves knocked out the. ventilating system." : ' Club in Portland Hears a Program looking. They just v.'lieii ve ask them to They look only 13 or me, but I guess most of iiv it; to 20. hunch-backed man round our ward and clous !;> ; . the ward man does- :nv for. lie speaks good ..'l(l be interprets tor me n'l uniiersland Filipino AT FIRST SION OF A ko!'.-= nnc i Curfew. blackouts, and last I almost all night. guards all around us, lave to KO in trucks to the hospital. We're not nil after 7 p. m. We cots only six inches e:-'.-; Di-ivaey tlrm we've --wil'n the side ol' the Vivet all windows. >i'i;u:..,hi In us in 5- V/e wash both i'n'.-:ei\vs in our hel- e .vash only our un- I'ne women do our shirts (ironed too), •rr; Palienis! u'thopodic ward. To- L!,ees of peneillin, i ('oiiule of men, all d.iy. The floor ; ; r i on the feet, mui'.ier.'ihlo ward lent•: Mio'.ir.d the i-hureh. We have nni's of meii on detached service, \'~.n this is a big establishment. : Our unit feeds almost everyone lai'u'ind. 'I'liere is :i row of gri.'ves ;ib:hl in Iront of our mess hall— ! or tenl. Facilities in the hospital 1 a.re very unhandy. We blithe pa- Mient.-; (jut el' helmets and just throw the used water outside. It's MISSING IS FALSE Mrs. Arthur Gaines, the formei Alice Zeigler, born and rearac here, but now living in St. Louis recently wrote her father, Fred Zeigler, Algona, that she had been officially notified thai her husband was missing in action, but :i week later she received a letter from him saying he was c ] o [ safe, well, and back with his ' company. A member of Patton's third army engaged in heavy fighting in Ihe Runsledl breakthrough, Gaines and fellow soldiers found thai the rest of their battalion had disappeared, so till they found il the Gaines group were listed as missing. Mr. Gaines was inducted into service Jasl summer, and is in the infantry. His wife and Ihe children, Allen Dean, 5, Ina Jean, 3, remain al St. Louis, where the family owns a home. I In civil life Mr. Gaines was en-1 gaged in the furnace and other healing equipment business. Portland Twp., Jan. 22 — The Progress club met Thursday with Mrs. Clifford Wallman, 25 women attending. Assisting hostesses were Mesdames Earl Shipler, Hcrmean Leek, and A. L. Ras- mussed. The group sang two songs, with Mary Janice Mc- Whorler at the piano, and an article on Japanese wo.rnen ' was read by Mrs. Donald "Rin'gsdorf. | Airplane Tires/ Tubes and m | Rims I H Six and eight-ply rayon cord tires. Will fit .any car or pickup = | No Certificate Necessary H On hand at all times H 1 Montgomery Ward Tires, Batteries | | Grease and Oil | I SCHULTZ BROS. ( H Phone 975 Algona g illlllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllilllllllllllilllM ™ Hw llllllllll!l![|||lll!l(l!llllllllllllllllllll!!IIH DO FALSE TEETH Rock, Slide or Slip? FASTEETH, an improved powder to be ^prinlUed on upper or lower platea, Mrs Drone rivoqenlpr] n fnnrl nrn i holds false tee 'h more firmly in place. MIS. jjionc pic.sc.nted a loocl pio- : Do not slk , Bi allp or rock _ No gu^y .led lesson, and a conlesl was! cooey, pasty taste or feeling. PAS- conducted by Mesdames Charles TEETH ls alkaline (non-acid). Doesnot Scott and Russell Shipler, n nrivp I ? our -,. . c !l et ! k €. ."_PlfttS._odor" (denture going to Lavina Jandl. prize breath). Get PASTBETH"at anV'drug store. FOIL 0 F STOMACH GAS Recently VMI Alifon.i man stated that he used 1u feel like a .swollen balloon after every meal. He | would bJoat lull of gas and .spill up aciclcius liquids for hours af- ' ter eating. Was terribly constipated. This nv.:n is one of the hundreds in this vicinity who now praise SYS-TONE. He slates he was anr.i/ed at the results when he took this medicine. Now he eats what lie wants without Has or bloating and bowels are regular for the first time in years. He feels like a new man. SYS-TONE contains 12 Great Herbs; they cleanse bowels, clear Has from stomach, act on sluggish liver and kidneys. Miserably peo- all .-0 new to us, so different, yet pie soon feel different iiiterestnu?. I It's almost 11 p. m. I'm writing this by flashlight under my So don't go SYS-TONE! Drug Store. on suffering! Gel Lusby & Giossi Ware U'<! \vcre t'orliinnto in •!;;!ntclv,arc, \vliicli Koruriiig; u wo list Jiere- large quantity of Percolators tt-K'iil. Straight siilo Kettle TuakHth'S Cnmlmiets Pails Kioo Boilers Small Sauce Pans Butter Dishes C.ol't'eo Boilers Wash Basins Dish Pans Cookie Sheets Another shipment of 10 • K a 1 1 o n poultry Founts Jias arrived. This is the final allotment for us this winter. See us for your General Electric Light Bulbs If you are in need of Galvanised Pig Pans for those spring litters it will he well for you to get them now. We have a good quantity of them at present. -'Later they will be very scarce. \Ve have some new lines of Glassware, Tea Pots, Vases, Casseroles, and many other new items 'that have just arrived and are on display. S RULES' THK NORTH SIDE HARDWARE Maintain an Even, \ Fuel Saving \ Temperature ( j With proper insulation your home can always be comfortable, | i| without extravagant use of fuel and with minimum "regulat- | | ing." This is the time of year to have essential repairs done = for your own well being and economy—as well as to assure vi- § s tal fuel conservation in line with the war effort. t I Cowan Building Supply Co. j Algona * . Phone 275 iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiH

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