Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on January 16, 1945 · Page 4
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 4

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 16, 1945
Page 4
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PAGE EIGHT GEORGE EDEN, 76, A TITONKA Farmed Near Tito:aka During More Than Fifty Years. George Eden Sr.. 7f>. llufi" township farmer since he-fore- Titonka was founded died at Ids home Thursday. He h id Ken in failing health since ens.d .,!' cold weather, and last week '1'ue-d.iy night he suffered a liulit stroke. iiflcr which he invw s.e:u!il\ r weaker till dcatn. Funeral services \vere held Monday at 'he home at 1 :^0. and at the Methodist, church .1 'J o. m., the Rev. W. L. Palierson, |;;-,s- tor, in chart-1.: and burial \vas made in the Huffalo t..\vn-sh cemetery. Pallbearers were T< ko Siet.soma. '.Pom l.oat.s. Ben U. Meyer, A. M. Peh-rsen. J-'.-ed ila- gen, and Jerry Schutjer. Mr. Eden, MH- i !' C;. .-r.i ar.d l-'.t- tjc Eden, was i.i.r:>. on a i'ar:n . four miles sout'iia'.; oi' A' kl ->' Sept. 15. Kitif). anil li\-.'-d t'.i re till 1893, when the family moved to Kossuth asul •,-t:l-.--i . M a f-.r".i eight miles north ef Wesley, liv.i nearest '.own. and rv.> inii.-s south, two miles oa-d of the present Titonka lownsitc. Selilss and Marrior,. In 1899 Mr. Eden 'hou;.dil a ou'jrtor section -.icr'.-;s the mad from his father's place anil in April that year '-'.'as married to Ella, daughter of lier-r.:! 1 ! and Anna Tjarks early immigrant settlers in German township. They became \-.. rents of two children. Allen and. Elm. the latter employed at Brill. Mrs. Eden fli.-d in Si-jm-r,!) -r, 1904, and on June P.i). KXH!. iir. Eden and Louise Ho--iek were married. They becume parents of seven -.'•'nddren. A daii'.Ji'er Mary died in infancy. Mr-. Kden survives, also the iu!Ui\vin.:i cU'.i- drcn: PI'c. Gcoigo Kdc-n Jr.. in the A. A. F. in Franco; Erwin and Lester, Tiionka: ,'.i: -. i'b.- forcl MeGrc-.r.'or il.':'/), S-.ve-i City; Mrs. Ronald f'rtm.-u (M; ; ue.a- lone), Burt; Lula. at Titonka: Clla. i-''.;r Mr. Eden are also ; no, Clear Lak.". :md Mrs. Martlia. M'-icl Mrs. Etta F.'.ilir. M'..ry Brims, 'I'iioul-i Believed in Mr. Eden often s sution that he weal Hi of a L* •' and that with land worrked an\ r man could independent financial 1 e. ered by :.ill \vho l-::'n.-\\able '.:nd pn,';;n s.-i\. ;.-: .:. r. -a • trained his sons for agriculture and lived to s;-.- ihi.r.i farm.nj. 1 , land lie and soine of ins neighbors had worked. Allen farms the place his grandfather had: Li.sl: r is on tiie- home farm; ann Kr ii d . i : on a place formerly owned by Ch..rk-:; Heibsameri. ' Uul !, -u-..-.i ' .• 'e •. Eden some- yca.-s ago. The farms are so located that the brothers, can help each oilier with work when necessary. BUFFALO BILL 1 (COL. WILLIAM F. CODv) \M& A TONY EXPRESS" RIDEB OfiRY"* -. MAIL ON THE RELAYS BETWEEN ST.JOSEPH.MO.,AND SACBAMHflO, ' CAUF. HE BECAME KNOWN AS. '6UFfAK> BILL" WHEN HE CONTRACTED WITH THE KANSAS PACIFIC RAILWAy To FUfiNISH , ITS WOEKEtS WITH BUFFAIO MEAT WHILE THE LINE WAS BEING 6UIUT THROUGH THE WILDEBNESS, HE ALSO SERVED AS ARMY .SCOUT AMD NE6W5W LEOISLATOft BEfORE (OCM/VS HIS WILD WEST SHOW IN 1863. KOSSU.TH COUNTY ADVANCE, ALGONA, IOWA __.. WANTED. — Lusby & FLOOR SANDING AND REFIN : COOK Giossi. & "4ul9 WANTED TO RENT—AN ALTO E-flat saxophone by an experienced player.—Write Box 68 R. R. 2, Algona. 15ul9 WANTED TO BUY—A Muscovy Drake and 2 Rhode Island cockerels.—C. R. McVeigh, Algona, Rt. 1. FOR SALE—VACANT LOT ON Sample street, 82%x206>/4 feet. —Myrtle Turnbaugh,. Algona phone 419. 10pl9 FOR SALE—GOOD PUREBRED Hampshire spring boar.—Paul Blumer v Livermore, la., phone Lu Verne 2559. !Jpl9 FOR SALE—TWO FIRST grade Shorthorn bulls of serviceable age.—Joe Ferstl, Algona, phone St. Benedict. 14ul8-19 THE '.SEA 3EEP AN AMPHIBIOUS CAD, CARGIE4 EIGHT MEN ANyWHEK OH LAND OH WATEft .THIJ> SEAGOINS AUTO HAS 6CEN TESTED SUCCESS FUUV ON ROADS AND RWEBS-ANOTHEd PEMONSTCATION OF AMEBICAM INGENUITY will meet at the church for one o'clock lunch- Mr.:. H. R. Cowan entertained he O. N. O. club Friday evening. i' officers of the Ko.val Neighbors was held at the V. V. Y 1 .'. h-iil Thursday evening;: C)r.,:-i . \'e!-ni- Jeasen; Past Or-j i ;;• ie. A'li- i i'ir:l.'M'i:vc': vi'.'e or- ;,.vl". l:'Hi.l!:> Johannscn; chancellor, i'-.iyra Osiruni; receiver, Sel-.•••'. G.vfivdscn: recorder, Eva I''' Her: iiv.j'Miai. Bee Lynk. us -d ;:::'it. A:r,y Cleerin::: musician. Peai] Oregon: Hat; bearer. Elsie Hud..--r.-n. Juvenile- director, Pearl Overson: c.p'.iin de.vivo. staff, Bee i.yn'-': !na:::.;:er. Fcvii liardgrove: Inner svnlinel Berth;!. Spear, outer H.:i:::icl. L'.i'-!l". Dil'orhistc.'ir Ci; .ice.- 1 — 7aitii. !?•• .-nadine Allen l'->-'.-U'i--hne:-s. Ksilur Helbor? (':ier,;L!e. Medie V.".n .'Mi-'-n. K:i durance, /'elba Brown, Modesty l;e<- Baldwin. Tin instrd lino, r-ffir-r-r w s FeiT I-Iard;.;nn'e; marshal, Esther He! LI : '-'. 'j'iu- ha!! was decoraiec nd lunch \vas served presented the flower v the ,,1-ac-le. •'••.n llui'vaii \vorn ho'm.u ileld ill tl'K. k under direction ; K'.-lly, Ames nu- . Tly second nu- .; \)i in;; :>,;vovi ii .- ; t a.ll-day mod- planned dinner is Prairie and Irv:n et ;.l. Mrs. liar- Li. Urban Richter, 28, pilot of i B-29, son of Mr. and Mrs. John Richter, farmers two miles •e.uther.st of. Wesley, is reported •v.issing in action in the Asiatic •,var theater, according to official lotice received by his parents ?>?.turdf.y. Graduate of the Wesley high ciiool. he worked for Douglas 'ircr.:ft, Santa Monica, Calif., nlisterl from there Jan. 2, 1941, nd WHS sent to Ft. Ord. After, ""earl Harbor he transferred to' V;n Louis. Obispo, and on March. FOUND— BILLFOLD AT Smoke Shop. — Owner may have same by calling and paying for ad. identifying and 17ul9 WANTED—MARRIED MAN for farm work; house with watei and electricity. — Hugh Black, phone 8F24, Algona. !Gpl9 FOR RENT—SIX-ROOM DOWN- stairs apartment, partly modern. Unfurnished.—Otto Nelson. 605 West Nebraska St. 12pl!) INLAID LINOLEUM, lino-wall, tile, laid by experts. Custom work.—Cowan Blclg. Supply Co., phone 275, Algona. 13ul8tl FOR SALE — YOUNG Holstcin milk cows; also Mo-line 2-1C plow.—Jake Meyer, 1 mile west 1% mile S. of Wesley. 19(2) 19ti FOR SALE — POLLED HERE ford bulls, serviceable age, a farmers prices.—P.'M; Christen son, Lone Rock, ;Ia. ishing. Heavy commercial equipment. Portable power plant. —Cowan Blclg. Supply Co., phone 275, Algona. 14ul8tf I HAVE HAD A MEDICAL discharge from navy and would like to purchase tenant house to move io town.—James D. Adams, 231 W. McGregor. 22pl9 'WANTED BY FEB. 1, married man with farm experience. Feeding cattle and tractor work. No milking. Separate house with electricity.—Write or call M. T. McGuire, phone 2616 Bode. 27ul5tf FOR SALE — EAGLE WATER proof home insulation, "blown in." Expert inspection, estimating service.—Cowan Bldg. Supply Co., phone 275, Algona. 17ul8tf FOR SALE—TEXAS.SEEDLESS grapefruit, $2.29 per bu. Apples, extra fancy Winesaps, or Delicious, $4.29 per box; California oranges, $3.98 per bu. — Consumer's. u!9 LOST— WARD '17-INCH TIRE, lube, and wheel on l'/z mile stretch from turn four miles north of Four Corners. Reward. —Phone 3302 Lone Rock, Ronald Meyer, Algona, Rt. 2. 30pl9 FOR SALE—TO SETTLE ES- tate, Mary C. Kain brick house on 414 Moore St., 2 lots and double garage, newly painted outside, hardwod floors, 2 baths, $5500.—Mrs. C. L. Young, Titonka; la., phone Burt 6-94. 35pI8-19 FOR SALE — SIX HIGH PRO- ducing Jersey cows; 21 300-lb. brood sows; 180 hens; 90 pullets; 400 bu. corn; 200 bu. Boone seed oats; 4 tons hay; sulky plow; 8-ft. disc; 3-sec. harrow; 2-wheel trailer; electric motor and pump jack. Charles A. Fouhy, 60 rods north of Milwaukee depot. 53pl9 SEEDS CORN—State certified Hybrid No. 4316 $5.00 to $6.50 per bu. No corn better for machine pick- WANTED—MARRIED MAN TO ing) or yielding ability on good help on farm. Separate house, insulated, with basement, running water and electricity. Good wages.—F. L. Ryerson, Va mi. E., 2'/a mi. N. of Burt. 27pl9-20 KEEP THE RECORDS straight! The right form helps so much. We can prepare the kind you iced quickly and at small cost 'nnT! in and talk over youi -roMems.—Advance Pub. Co. soils. Early variety. SOYBEANS—Earlyana and Richland. Earlyana is a new bean yielding about 2'/a bu. more per acre on the average to thin soils and matures about a week carliei than the Richland. OATS — Tama, from, certified seed, free from bad weeds. M. A. SORLIEN 2 miles north of Bode, la. • 18-20 FOR HIRE—NEW J-B Portable mill for grinding; also two trucks and balers.—Ralph Hurlburt, Lonerock, phone 709. 18pl8-H FOR RENT—160 ACRES 1M- proved near Titonka. Elcctri city. Good land. Contact T. J . 1044, piloted his plane, with | McCarthy, Webster City, la ew, from Miami, to a new base luulJ The plnne was the first one to nd :t that base and its WANTED—MARRIED MAN TO work on farm. Separate house {;' with electricity. Year-.aroud job. W( r?™ —Joe Preston, Swea City, la. - otner ifinin-90 •U-.nes were sent there. i lotuj * u Urban has a sister, Lt. Ruth FO R SALE—TWO 1%-volt pow- Richter. in the air force er packs, with batteries; one J rd loaders KmmetsV.ur-.'. .I 1 tion Credit asser; their annual meet 2fi. nt the Kermer The meetiii", wi 111., and I!', c'ei-)'-:- d'>i;i. served for mi mber/ ,-. Wives. A l)l'.-.i:i: -- ;..- flection of ok-i r-'. v. ;!! Two din-dors for !'• terms will he elected. Pr rectors are: John lleiu dent, Kvcrlv: 11. .1. li-de J. H. Cumins. Untie EslhcrvilK.-. Lloyd O. Satre, : , urr-r of the- Kiiimi will review as/ir-i-- during HM-1. and a : of the product-:.n ( alion at Ore,:'; . v,-d This me.-;i:.. : wi'i er farmc-r .nen.!-ers term erodi; i-uop. Clay, Dick ; M.;-,;> i suth, and Pa)., Al-o d'-rs I'roT •nt.un town- h- •!• lio;:io Thursday; and a-hl German township '••id lino! v.-ith Mrs \Ii!k-i- Friday at Titonka a-lcnal Circles— re." at i"H;d Woman':circles will meet i'--•' P. i-.r.-T's for dessert lunch eo;i :,! i :', ?,. a:,.-••!--tin.'.; hostess, Lc -•' i ' i 7,<-\'.:\- r: th'j oth'.-r three cir- e!es ! '.>. :>, m.: No. 2 \vilh Mrs C. i?. LaBuiTo. hostess, Mrs. M !'. Weaver a.--.siiiin<>;: N.I. 3, with v > r--. i [il C'lvan. ii!;s!"ss. Mrs IJi.-k Co\\an assi.il'1:1:;; "No. 4 will ; -i- '!'. II. Ci.)•:-.•'•!,i'lles, Mrs. M. "7 l 'i vs-.^.-ay Ohsorved— . A :.-i:-:hday dinner \vn.s served ' • •.- • -h Sunday at Amor '•''re:i -, in i;o;ier t,'i nis f!7tii bii-lh- •'•.(.-:. which was Saturday, Jan. fi : : ' ea'LMin-i' M;,rv had as t^uesl: " '. i nd .',!!•-;. M. '.f. Streit,' iheil ; '•'••' .--'.s. -md C'e:inty Enginct-r i-d :.!IY. I-. ?.[. Smi'l:. M. J "'." 'i' i ' ;: •'.'!! of Anton, and Mrs :>:.•'! i! i., a d,:u:;!i!e-r. ROBERT STEVEN I TO LEAVE AND • ETBACKTOSillP. n. n. M. 2-f. r:.-i,, i-t st,--.-, i:, who has be-on ,-,n }<-.\-'- l-n-rn •.vil 1 '-. his wife ind hi- iv.r ( ..|| - ;\- r .,n,j Mrs. Robert H. Si, -. ,.;i. •• \\\ n - ; port tn his shin :-' r "- ".• Or! ••<-,-,! next Saturdav for lurdi;-i- i.rd.i r.-\ He has ho-.-'n in radar M r\ -,•-••. dur- in" the l:isi --i-^r. Mr. nnd Mr : ;. Hobr-rl !!. Sl'.-v:-n have five .'••ons in .--.orvi'-c. -'-T-\ only on<-- has ix-on \voundi d Lt. Raymond Stov-n. \-\n\\- • -|;,ti,.m'd • at P,rv-,n F;. 1,-i T.•-.-.. v.- s woundod in lirdv Mav Ml nil ids 24th air mission. PiV roc-ri\-(.'d tho pui'plo hejirl. on n-:-o\-i ]-y. \\'.i.; sent to an insirnclor-; school, .uid is nn,,. dvdiii'i" i/i, i : ,:•• l 1 •' :'All t'ivc- sons havi- KCI-U overseas service: S.-S.L>,t. Wil'oii!- S1-:-v- on, in Eni.'l;md: S;;l. l..ylc Sii.-'.\-n, also in England. ' ' Mrs. F. W. Ding'•' .':' ni". honoring Juno Laird. :•'- '>'-•:! 1 ho iii;irrii-d in the m.-ar iiiir.-. Hosti-'-sos \-,-i.-ro Htdf.-r »i-.'..!\-.y. Mrs. C. H. Deardslc-y nd d-audm-i- M.-u-^^rct Ann. Dos- r; I'.iiH-hi'on was .sc-i'vod. ;-'.:)• Jos7 for Three Gusr.is— •'•dr--, '!\ !-!. Cliriscldllcs <-ptor- •'••':<-<\ 12 f.'.u.-;,ts at. a buff'-t • id'.-.i- --iiiji '.-r l;i.-:j i-x-oniny, anr' • nori-o.-: won- Mrs. Arthur Fr-r- •.!-•'"!. K-oUid-:, Mrs. M-,ry Jan " l!| i Ch-'Tin;-. Dolrait. Mich, ud Air.-:. Pi-k- I'M-uyn. Algona. OTH^il SOCIETY NEWS. '!'•!' L'ii!t"d S!i">"ici- Woirer '•' 'hi-i-i at the liifdi schoo' :iii' : in.'..', Monrlav at fi i>. m., and • i jivoi'nin \vi!l lie in elvji'fie ol Irs U. I). Pa.xson. Women \vhr •""o :-''i!i--. husbands, or brother. 1 i .M-i-\'ico are welcome tri attellc 'iv niei.-'.iiis and become mem- W. of the P. R. O ill meet with Mrs tomorrow evening tin:; hostess, Alice Hulchins Wni. K. Ferguson in chargr 'o"r '!:-,. e Plum Creek F: rm Bureau hnv social Fri- o'clock at the Thi.-rc will l - ic do not bring "'HI -Jive i'. public: <\":\' i \'iMiins at i; ' (.,-.•-munilv rfio.n. ''irr'n for all whc bnves. I?.i-i''ha f'I'lllVc". Hi 1< n f'om- roi'l. ll:iMii- Wilson, ii'id Kstlu-1 <>ii!:'d>v inierl iiu-d i-ii lit <.ne;H for diiiin r at the Godfrey home i''i'irtav ni!;iit. flu- Dvi.imaii « . -ell i s' mvc-t^ today for nne ./clock hiiK-hivin wit! Mr.-.. M. (d. Noi-ion-. :i-si : :i in.- ho-;1 '-.s. s. Mr;. D. P. .Sn-.iih and Melh Aijnis. The Presbyterian •ursing service now awaiting ov- years; other 3. Completely over •rsc-as orders, Brothers and oth- j hauled.—Clarence' Nelson, :Wes r si-.tcrs are: Jack, farmer near i ev •"•• • 10pl9 Vt.-fley. Edward .-ond Francis at .. ' mine, Mrs. Neil Garry and Anna, "hiladelphia; Mrs. Hedwig Du•.old. Tacoma; Mrs. Edward Otis, Wesley. LEGISLATORS HOME. WANTED AT ONCE —Experi enced beauty operator.—Excel lent salary and working conditions.—Apply at Twin Co. Beauty Salon. 14ul9 DWELLINGS - HOUSEHOLD GOODS - FARM PROPERTY R. S. Blossom Insurance Agy. General Insurance Bonds LOW RATES AUTO - TRUCK INSURANCE Work Compensation — Health — Accident — Life sir SAL Thursday, leigh, 6 mi. gorta. Jan. 29—Cl red Schenck, mile east of i E DATES an. 18-4. J. Wad- ,'-4Vi'.ca$t..<>f'Al* sing out sale, Alfr 3 J /-z miles north, M. Vlgona. '•-.,.- Ivo. 5245 S),ate of low ss. In District army Term 1945. NOTICE Of PROBATE OF WILL To All Whom You are h«|reby, notified, that of writing^ pur : an instrumen porting to be Testament of ceased, dated having been the Iqst Will and William Rich, de- December 11, 1943, this day filed, LISTEN 3 for SOf Sen. Dunne E. Dewel and Rep.' GENTLEMAN WITH WIFE and v.lw. Capesius came home from small child wishes a house-: ho legislature for the weekend. keeping room or large sleeping ! Senator Dowel's committees are room. Leave phone numbnr all igriculture, appropriations, con- Advance. 19pl9l ;ervation, tanks and building! md loan, aeronautics, insurance, I ailroacls, and printing. Repre-' rome Se ice to Pu We nro now o<iuii>|)0(! to do tune |il> and %h( rc- i^ii!^ work, with our conipleto 2'1-lionr service. TUEtDAY JANUARY Kossuth county, Court, . Janu- It May Concern; opened and read, Saturday,] 3rd day,of February, 1945! H Xe »5 f °f he a r j n i Proof of at the Court House Jn Ali ipjva, before the District Cour said County, or the Clerk of p. 0 ""! »nd at ten d'clock a J ^M»y. al)0 V e .mentioned alft interested are hereby , fled and required to ap^bar show cause if any they why said instrument should be probated and allowed JST *e last Will and Of said deceased. (Seal) HELEIf .'••'.: Clerk of District ALMAPEJARSpK HUTCHISON &:.HurfcHisS Algona, Iowa; Attorneys, O USA SERGIO. ' NETWORK... IVERY MONDAY You may fir BOTANY; beauty preparations dry jkihj welcome'...because, being so much richer in lanolin, they do such an effective, smoothing, and softening job. In lovely flower-sprigged containers. Ghrischilles d theie It'tmi "Victory Pocked;'' but ths'^yollty remains uhehangsd. II mi. •entative Capesius had not •eceived his assignments. yet WEATHER High Low 'anujry 9 10 -9 'anuary 10 2'i G inuary 11 45 18 -.•.iiuary 12 35 24 anuary 13 38 22 'anuary 14 32 22 January 15 25 2?, IMTUHV STATMEKT SUMMARY OF PROCEEDINGS Coat Prices School D strict of Algona Independent, Township of County of K( ssuth, for the'quarter ending Doc. 31, 1944. Algl T?alance frorr . Received During This Quarter Warrants Balance at end of This Quarter Balance from Tieceived Duiing This Quarter ........... ' ' '' '""" : | "" 41 ..... ' ..... ""'"'"' "•'" Warrants D wn During This Quarter Balance at eiid of This Quarter ....:. :....!. !I'.\..";.;Z.C': 24,73 LIST 'OH SALE— GOOD WORK team I — Leonard Dittmcr, Burt. I 18pl8-l'Jj -'OR SALE— 30 YEARLING j ewes. — Art Dreycr, Lotls ! Ilpl9-20. A-ANTED—MARRIED MAN ON fcrm.—P. M. Christenson, Lone •ock. 7ul9tl ? r OR SALE—4 GUERNSEY milk cows, good producers. — W. J. 3arr, Alg.ina. llplO WANTED—GIRL OR WOMAN for drugstore work.—Lusby & Jios-si. 8ulO •'OR SALE—DE LUXE G. E. electric table top ironer, like low.—Phone 878. 12ul9 ?OR SALE — 22 REMINGTON automatic, a few shells.—A. L. 3aker, Lone Rock. Hpl9 The Chrischilles Store JUST LIK€ OLD TIMES 1 We are going to close out EVERY LAST WINTER GOAT IN 1 = THIS STORF.. if m-iVo «rlll A^ :*. i • i • p ., ss School House ments Iowa Des Moi ies Nat'l B. & T Advance Pub. Co. Chet B. Akeis __ Algona Crean.ery —S i Algona Ice Cream Fac- S I tory , Algona Ins. Agency, Algona Hardware .....;. THIS STORE, if price will do it inthe __ Algona L'aunjiry and judging from the re- S Algona Ske1 ^ days, WE ARE & i GOING TO DO IT. We have included every one of our fine 1 _ JTER COA' 1 REDUCTIONS. = QUALITY WINTER CO ATS in these SMASHING PRICE I ^ er iic an Tr P atf GENERAL FUND Previous.. Quarter During This Quarter ' ' . " 26,8 : .....;...;;•;../;:: .38,511 SCHOOL HOUSE FUND Previous Quarter^ OF WARRANTS OF PREVIOUS QUARTER Fund— Disburse- $• 78,75 Iowa State Bknk 5,577.50 Merchants Nat'l Bank 17,50 Security Stati Bank .... 8,75 E. A. Schem<H 200.00 $ 5,882.50 General Fu id—Disbursements $ 22.71 Algona Uppef Moines W. D. Allen ^Kg."Co.'"!!! American CJouncil on Education Co. ers Supply __. s: j lone Blancha R. S. Blosson s ,.,, ... . ''»"" "'" llc " (l VAITRESS WANTED. — Lusby & Giossi. 4ul9 ?OR SALE — 800 BALES OF wild hay. Phone 704, Lone -lock.—W. B. Murray. 12pl8-19 FOR SALE—HAY, 50c per bale, '.2 mile west, % mile north of Swea City.—Roy Peters. 15ul9-20 FOR SALE — REGISTERED Guernsey bulls; also few fresh cows.—W. H. Bosworth, Algona. 13pl9 UREBRED DUROC BOARS for sale.—M. J. Hewlett & Sons, 6 miles south and one mile east of 15u5tf FOR SALE—400 BALES OP straw; also team of horses.— Ernest Nuuman, 3 J /2 miles south "I'Burl. 16pl9-20 LKAV1NG FOR SERVICE, '37 Kurd for salo, in good shape.— Paul Kisch, phone 3169, Whit- Woman s temore. 15pl9 j= Hie = niatorials. ^I!-\Hsin. HONI ' : - SALI ' : U ' iS T"' J '" (l U ' at " lakeS tjM)HO roduc B of further scarcity of lahor am A »" '" "•« "'"" ..... '" «»"'» »"'«". »» »•<><>• This is the time to buy that winter coat for next winter. You S won t buy as good a coat then as you can now and ou c 1 y ° Ursel and you can to * 30 -0°- And how about that new fur coat? • Mu>krat CoaU in PLENTYnp,oc | PLENTY OF LARGE SIZES TOO. Come in and see them. | Every Coat [except fur Coats) | 1 Included I Botsford Lbr. Brodhead-Gai Bureau Denti Bureau Educj Campanile Gi Chrischllles S Co ; rett Co. .... 1 Hygiene Research rments .... City of Algopfa H. Coleman Collector of Revenue Helen Comfoit Consumers Gr Cowan Bldg. ocery ... Supply Bert Cronan ........... Des Moines Music House' Robert Devinje ' Dramatic Puty. E. P. Dutton Mrs - W. K. Carl Fisher . ..,... Foster Furniture Punk & Dein Mrs. John JJaggarcj "'.'.'.]'.'". Harcourt, Bra Harper & Br Hariiison Pub, Co. r J. Holdrei Hood's Grocery Huer Pub, C I, Leora tvict, do here Subscribe 3 A. D. 19*&. Des ;ore Internal fe Co. :«? k Cp, thers 169.32 1.26 12.25 47;14 : ,';3.1.49 " ,20.93 9.13 10.93 47.31 2.00 1.04 2.70 8.15 9.25 2.60 4.79 5.90 91.14 2.13 20.68 482,47 6,50 1,310.00 1641 7.49 4.76 14.07 26.61 19.75 3.82 3.Q4 64.80 4.52 95.30 45.43 9.4Q 1.25 1.20 267.41 1.00 1 13.77 3.U Huntington Lab. ........:.v. tnterna'l Business •Mac'hi P. R. Irons :.,..,..:Xv. lohnson Service . Co. ^,.1 C.' H. Klam'p'..:.•";.'.'.,'....'.„:•,' Kliptoi Loose-Leaf Co. ;-... Kohlh'aas Hardware ...,,.,. Kossuth Radio • •.,.:.:...,• David Laing ..„..,........,U^ Mrs. .O. B. LaingG..-:.*;.... Rathryn Alice Lau .v,'.; 1 ... Alopzo ikeach t-es Reed -Music Co: ....... Jii"B. LiRpincott '..,.„;..•;.,' Lloyd, vThpiirtas- Co. .:'..'...: 51 Loytts-fcf Campbell'.'..-.- II Liis'by & Giossi .,..: 2l Wacmillan Co. :;...;.. „... I Mahaffey Typewriter Co. U Manual Arts .Press •••••••, McCormick-Mathers •',-,.',:,:' }| Midland Chemical Co. ...V. Mid-West Service „.......:.. Miller-Bryant-Pierce ..., Alvina Mittliede ( r .:......;.:: Modern Dry Cleaners .... .Evelyn Moore ; ... N. W. Bell Telephone .... P. S. Nortop & Son ..,/.-. Norton Machine Works.. A, J. Nystrom :...'.. Alfred Peterson .'. Petty Cash .....v, H. W. Post Dray and Transfer .......,..;.i....» , Pratt E)ectric -.' ............ Chas. Redems'ke ..".•.:...:».Theo. B. Robertson ....;... Shumway & Kelly '........• 'I Silver BMrdette Co. ...;,.:. Siogren Grocery .....;.....,' Sloan Valve -Co. .....;..:../ Sorenson Grocery'...,.:. : ..,'::) Orin Spalding D. H. Spjrek .-,;...,..,-.....:../St. Paul Book Store :....... St»te Tax Commission .. Mrs. G. W. Stillman—.-v Strauss kock Co. .:........,.'! Thorpe Wood. & Iron Works W. M. Welch Mfg. Co. .-„, Willis Music Co. ...' . : ... T«tal Salaries Total Expenditures ,,....... by Secretary of the above named School! this report, pages 1 and 2; is 1 8worn to I-

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