Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on January 16, 1945 · Page 3
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 3

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 16, 1945
Page 3
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PAGE SIX KOSSUTH COUNTY ADVANCE, ALGONA, IOWA TUESOAY, OnlyYesterday Adyan,ces of Doc. 12-19, 1929. Eva W. Streit was the Advance's society editor. (What did .the 'W' stand for'.') Ask County Engineer Smith who she is now. Does Mrs. H. W. Pletch (Helen Falkenhainer) still go to-ound lo bridge parties and win all Hie first prizes. (She had done it twice at parties in the same week in early December If) years ago.) ;|(. Trade Holtzbauer, whom you see now at the Buchanan abstract office, didn't live here then. She knows about California's "unusual weather," for she was a stenographer at Los Angeles. Sunday movies had been shown here for the first time, and the Call was crowded with the unrighteous. —#— Can Mary Jane Hofius still do j her half of that dance she and Evelyn All did at a Union No. 4 school's Christmas program Friday evening, Dec. 29, 1929.? (She ; is Mrs. Knut Oppedahl, Ottosen, < now, and her husband's hospital; unit may have had to pick up in \ a hurry and move p. d. q. when the Nazis recently busted buck into Belgium.) —«— Even then—back in 1929—C. R. LaBarre and Chas. Nicoulin were on speaking terms. They had made a trip to Freeport, 111., together. ,t£ Do any of the GeUmans still live up in northwest Kossuth? And is John Gettman still around? John was saying goodnight to a girl up there, and it took longer than his horse thought was necessary, so lie (the horse) went home, drawing the vacant buggy behind him, and John got plenty of exercise in a UNION M.&D. HAS MEETING AT WILL HOM Nvirse Aid Ciap for a Luverne Woman Lu Verne, Jan. 15—Mrs. Anna j Union Twp., Jan. 15 The Mothers and Daughters club met with Dora Will Thursday, 35 womermin attendance, Hazel Rob- Section 1. That the following sums are hereby appropriated to be paid to the persons hereiflafter named. Hanselman, volunteer nurse aid ! Electric Fund at Mercy hospital, Fort Dodge, | U Bellock, Salary $ 84.40 lately completed 80 hours prepar-1 F. Dailey, Salary 93.00 ation for hospital service, :ind | T. Halpin, Salary 87.00 was one of a class of nine to re-j W. Gorman, Salary ceive a cap, also the only mem- i <-'•• Wright, Salary ber of the class outside Fort j VVm. Ludwig, Salary 89.GO 62.40 85.00 Dodge. The ceremony took place i Alvis Hill, Salary 64.40 Wednesday evening, and this was I K- Rutledge, Salary 71.40 • '• ft. Slephenson, Salary "" nn inson assisting hostess. The club j the fifth class in Webster c,unty j «• Slephenson Salary 87.00 'to complete mslruclion during <-•• Webb, Ssalaiy 77.00 song wos sung as the opening number, and a hostess number was read by Mrs. Will, Grace, For This Day, by Margaret Lee Runbeck. Minutes of the last three meetings were read and approved, this being the first regular meeting since October. Afler business Cora Bacon read a paper on History and Use of New Drugs, and Bertha Godfredson gave two humorous readings. Katherine Leason had charge of games. Mrs. j a guessing the war emergency. 'Joe Dunn, Salary 58.67 AID BUYS BONDS. Luverne, Jan. 15—The Presby- I Frank Oslrum, Salary j H. S. Roth, Salary 9.10 89.60 C. Pollard, Salary 109.60 terian Woman's association met . tra Kohl, Salary 5.2.00 Wednesday at Mrs. F. G. Hagisl's, I A . Carlson, Salary 86.40 with ,a. large attendance, and in a' M- Passmore, Salary 58.98 business meeting the association voted to bonds. invest $300 in war UNION FARM SOLD. Union Twp., Jan. 15—It is re- Iowa State Bank, Tax 79.92 Diesel Service, Mdse 967.03 C. M. St. P. & P. Ry., Frt. 715.92 Soc. Vac. Oil, Mdse 6.41 Globe MacH. & Sup. Co., Mdse 9.11 ported thai Clarence Reighoff has j Norton Mach. Wks., Labor 36.40 Robert Sarchet won game. A tray lunch was served, with , red and blue nut cups as favors. m °ve. Guests were Mrs. O. A. Campney, -—— daughter Clarice, and Mrs. Chas. I Geilenfeldt. j The next meeting will be a potluck 7 o'clock supper at Mr. and ] Mrs. Floyd Gardner's Feb. 8, and I the program commiltee will be I Mr. ,?rid Mrs. Glen Jenkinson and Jos. Ricker; menu committee, Mi', and Mrs. Frank Hofius and Mr. and Mrs. Clair Winkie. Families are urged to arrive as near seven as possible, so the committee can purchased the Peter Burl 240- j Algona Ldry., Service acre farm in Union. The family, ! Funk & Deim, Labor however, does not intend to! West Elec._Sup., Mdse. 9.S5 5.16 12.2R- jMall. Iron Range, Mdse 189.09 SWEA-EAGLE Kos. Motor Co., Repairs .... Win. C. Dau Gar., Repairs Dutch's Super Serv., Repairs C & M Super Serv., Gas .... Alyona Coop. Cry., Gas .... F. S. Norton & 'Son, Mdse. 6.27 12.19 2.60 39.14 2.89 11.12 3.21 29.36 Mrs W: M. Mather, who left ^hlh^s' Hdvve.Mde.: recently for medical examination ! NW BeU Tel ^ erv . ^ in the Mayo-clinic, had a stomach !p ratt E lec., Mdse. .'...Z": SG.n operation last week Tuesday and R . S . B arton, et al, Chauf. is recovering at a Rochester hospital. Mr. and Mrs. Spencely Mather begin" serVing'a's'soon'as" possible; I f ° Pf 11 " 0 " 1 , 5 ° f , a son ' bo ™ Fl ' [ ^' \ Frank'(Mrum? Salar i Jan. 5. They have another child, R s Bni-trin S-ilnr Joint Wedding Observance— also a son. Mother -.incl baby are j oe rjunn S^aHrv IH n Mr. and Mrs. Robert Sarchet! at Ihe Forbes hospital, Svvea City. I r Pol nrrl ^ nrv ^n'nn . . . . __ , . i _ _ __ ,. ' . , i ^*-* i^uiiclltl. OtllcHV ,. oU.UU were most and hostess Friday at Mrs. Vergil Jenson received | j ra K on ] Salary 2500 7 o'clock dinner in honor of their ] word last week Sunday that her | L Mitchell 'salary C9'20 brother, Cpl. Roy Jacobson, had i c,'. Palmer, Salary ....ZZZ 7.'76 been seriously wounded in action ' Iowa State Bank, Tax 2274 Licenses ............. . .............. 4.00 Water Fund H. Barton. Salary 9050 ' " 71.80 S-ilnrv K9 dn ........ 2nth wedding anniversary. It also honored Ihe anniversary of Mr. and Mrs. Louis Bode, married the same clay, and two couples have been observing the celebration alternately for the lasl several years. Though Ihe children have long walk. (Bui it wasn't 15 \ become scattered during the war, years ago. The Twenty Years Ago column in the Advance of Dec. 19, 1929, told about it.) 'Wes' Dutlon has quit worrying j aboul his Ford coupe which wasr stolen from its parking spot beside the Methodist church. (Walking home, he found it where joy-! riders had left it.) I —. ft: — You may have forgotten that. in mid-December, 1929, Betty! Murtagh was Pocahontas, Bob LaBarre was Powhatan, Jean Murtagh was a fairy, Eleanor Thorpe was a sleeping beauty, and Geneva Scharlach was an angel. Anyway that's what they were in school and church Christmas entertainments. (Geneva has quit being an angel and sells you poslage slamps now.) —*— Parl of L. E. Linnun's forgoticn past is the fact that in 192') he was national president of his Phi Kappa college fraternity. The Advance for Dec. 19, 1929, boasted that it was the largest issue—20 pages—of an Algona newspaper ever printed without some kind of promotion campaign. (But it wasn't the largest ever printed WITH a promotion campaign; thai one was back in the halcyon inflation days of the first World War when every other farmer was a purebred cutlle or hog man, and the Advance featured their and other ads in a 60-page edition.) —«— What's this—or was the report- fir full of prunes or something stronger? Anyhow the Advance of Dec. 12, 1929, said 'Josh' Blossom had spent a day fishing .at Spirit Lake. Gilbert Knudson (ditch the 'K'), of the Emmetsburg Demo- cral, is hereby put wise that in an emergency he can make his foreman, 'Ev' Finnell, help fill up the paper. In December, 1929, 'Ev' edited an Algona high school column in the Advance, and darned if it wasn't a very good one. —*— Well, in five years more Joe Bloom and W. A. Vigars can qualify for membership in the Kiwanis Twenty-Year club — if the Kiwanians have one as the Rotarians do. The local club had just initiated them. the observance is kept up just the same. Other guests al the dinner and for the evening were Mr. and Mrs. Roy Sarchet, son Richard, Mr. and Mrs. Clair Winkie, son Ward, .and Jessie Sarchet. Cards were played after dinner, and served. late lunch was Shower for a Bride— A miscellaneous shower, a postnuptial courtesy, was given Mildred Elmore Boeckholdt at Ihe Community Room at Good Hope one day lasl week. Hostesses were Myrtle Sorenson, Marguerite Gardner, Myrtle Rutledge, Ruth Harlan, Esther Rath, Evelyn McNeil, Dorothy Vigdal, Ida Reicl, and Miss Walker. Fifly-five women attended. Games" and guessing contests took up Ihe afternoon till the bride unwrapped her gifts. Lunch was served in a pink and white color scheme, which W'jrc the bride's chosen colors at her wedding. Schenck io Hold Sale— Alfred Schenck had a closing out sale scheduled for Jan. 29. He plans to discontinue farming and move lo Algona. Roy Adams, who has Ihe farm rented for nexl year, is farming Ihis year in Plum Creek township. Farmer is Laid Up— Leonard Cruikshank has not been feeling his best lately. He has been bothered with heart trouble. in Germany on Dec. 20. He is a j Wallace & Tiernan Corp" son of Mrs. Alma Jacobson, Win-j Mdse. 1554 nebago, Minn., and he h.-s been Iowa Mach" & Sup" Co" Mdse 250.30 38.64 21.50 4.00 10.38 overseas nearly two years. Maye Lane. Abiline, Tex., who ' Leighton Sup. Co., Mdse. '.".'.' spent the holidays with friends Cull. Zeolite Co., Mdse at Ames and Marshalltown, came Norton Mach. Wks. Repairs last week Sunday to visit her C & M Super Serv., Gas .... twin sister. Mrs. Ellis Jongberg, .... who lives with her husband's parents, Mr. i?.nd Mrs. John Jongberg, i Mrs. Clifford McGregor was at ; the bedside of her father during j his lost illness. He was George Eden, Titonka, and he died Friday, after an illness of several months. The William Petersons, of Ban- Now Many Wear ETEETH With More Comfort I PASTEETH. a pleasant alkaline (non- 1 acid) powder, holds false teeth more i firmly. To eat and talk in more com- 1 fort, just sprinkle a little KASTEETH N. C. Rice was fixing up that old frame building next north of the Call (the original Call) us a waiting room for movie patrons when the auditorium was filled to capacity. Fearful of fire in the theater, he had also arranged to have an employe make an inspection round of the building frequently while shows were in progress. But the fire that eventually did the business occurred when there was no show. —•"— Doesn't seem thai long, but it's 15 years since Doctor Temple sold his Burl dental practice and with his wife moved to California, where he was still practicing and having all he could do, al last repor*s. (They have taken the Advance ever si'nce they left.) —*— Gordon Dewel, present address somewhere in France (if the Krauts haven't chased him out), had a "by-line" in the Dec. 19, 1929, Advance over a story about his Iowa City Alpha Sigma Phi chapter's 175-lb. dog Rex, and the dog's picture appeared in the next column. He (Rex) was the successor of a Duane E. Dewel rat terrier which Bob Harrington and Charles Akre had taken to Jowa City the year before, but which emerged second best in collision with an automobile. (Rex, in a tailored uniform, be- esame the S. U. I. football mascot.) croft, Thursday dinner guests at Waller C. Peterson's. Mr. and Airs. Win. Thompson ]., drove to Algona last week Tues-1 day night io meet their daughter- i in-la\v, Mrs. Wayne Thompson,! who came homa -after throe i weeks with her husband at an army air base at Norman, Okla. The Holgar Petersons, Kansas j City, arrived last week Sunday j for a week with Mrs. Peterson's ' on your plates. No gummy, Booey, pasty tasto or feeling. Cheeks "plate odor" (denture breath). Get PASTEETH at any drug store. Looks Like O'seas Soon— Pvt. Frank Jenkinson is now at Fort Meacle, Md.—perhaps gelling ready for embarkation. Other Union News. Mrs. Mart Elmoi'c entertained the: Good Hope W. S. C. S. at her a regular meeting, but had been home last Wednesday. This v/as a regular meeting, but had been postponed. Both Mrs. Frank Hofius and her mother have been sick. The grandchildren of Mr. and Mrs. Walter Geilenfeldt have been having intestinal flu. The Ray Keefes, Osage, were recent guests of the Robert Lea- sons. FURTHER FACTS ON PASSING OF HARRY F. BERLS A letter from Mrs. Marjorie Bowyer Berls renewing her Algona newspaper subscriptions gives some further facls concerning the death of her husband last October 9. Doath at 59 was caused by a final heart attack, after a first attack last May while he and Mrs. Berls were at Chicago, wjiere Mr. Berls. formerly of Chicago, still had interests. He was hospitalized there seven weeks, and the couple were there seven months altogether before return to Hollywood, Calif. During his last six months he seemed well. Mr. Berls h-id two sisters who ! had lived with him and Mrs. Berels since 1937, when Mr. and Mrs. Berls moved to California. Though he had never lived here, i he had frequently visited Algona 1 and had come to be interested in the people here enough lo read both Algona papers carefully every week. At his desire Mr. Berls' body was cremated after dealh, and the ashes are to be interred in the Bowyer family lot in Riverview cemetery, but Ihis has been delayed owing lo war travel conditions. DIES AT HUMBOLDT. The Jan. 5 Humboldt Republican announced the death Tuesday night, Jan. 2. of Mrs. Jamr>s ] Geen, 62, formerly of Whitte• more. Her husband survives. parents, Mr. ah'd Mrs'; A.'G'.B.e'fg". Expected home this weekend are Mrs. Peterson's sisters, Lucille Berg, teacher at Webster City, and Mrs. Geneva Finlayson, teacher at Newton. COUNCIL !»ES December 23, 1914 Council met in regular session. Mayor Kohlhaas was present, also Hutchins, Huenhokl, Hawcott, Bohannon and Harris. Fox was absent. Insurance policy with the- [owa Mutual Ins. Co. was approved. Building permit for H. ,T. Sherman was granted. App. Orel. No. 035 was passed. Appropriating Ordinance No. 635 An Ordinance appropriating monies to certain persons therein named. Be it Ordained by the Citv Council of Ihe City of Algona, [owa: $30 $50 $100 $200 OR MORE To buy licenses, winter fuel and clolhing, lo make home and car repairs, pay laxes or to purchase livestock or machinery. Loans on furniture, livestock, etc. autos. SPECIAL FARM PLAN PHIL J. KOHLHAAS Phone 22, Algona Gen'l Ins. Agency K. Frankl Sta., Gas Malt Parrott Co., Mdse R. Express Agcy., Frt R. S. B.artoh, et al, Chauf. Licenses 4 -°° Consolidated Fund A. R. Moulds, Salary 80.80 Tim O'Brien, Salary 73- 40 C. McGinnis, Salary 76.00 A. Weishaar, Salary NW Bell Tel Co., Serv Win. ,C. Dau, Gar., Rep Kos. Motor Co., Repairs .... Chrome Service, Repairs .... Kos. Oil Co., Gas ..:. Cities Serv. Co., Gas .75 |F. D. Ryther, Labor . 19.45 c. A. Heard, Repairs 1.2? ' •'-"-' 70.62 4.5 7.3 4.28 1.00 18.13 2.62 Mike's DX, Gas ...: 16.15 Blanchard's Serv., Gas 17.98, K. 'Frankl, Gas 12.00, 3. Lashbrook, Salary 90.50 E. Skilling, Salary 91.48 C. Harvey, Salary 55.00 F. Minard, Salary 58.98 J. Balir, Salary 58.98 W- Frombach, Salary 58.98 Clyde Behse, Salary 58.98 H. Brown Co., Mdse 2.44 J. I. Holcomb Co., Mdse 27.20 Norl. Mach. Wks., Repairs 107.36 F. S. Norton & Son, Mdse. Algona Imp. Co., Repairs .... Kent Molor, Repairs Arnold Molor Sup., Mdse. Bradley Bros., Repairs Eercival Molors, Repairs.. 69.88 4.59 .61 1.04 30.48 7.83 IN MEMORIAM In loving, memory of our wife and mother, and to friends, neighbors, and the Catholic Ladies Aid for their kindnesses. One year has passecl thai sad day since .The one we loved was called away; God look her home; il was his will, But in our hearts she livelh still. E. J. WIDEN and the children Corwith, Iowa Dutch's Serv., Gas KJamp's Service Sta., Gas 2.50 33,30 10.56 14.29 14.05 C &"M Super Serv., Gas .... 3.5.00 1,50 10.40 22.6? 16.37 Lyle Matlj.es, Latopr Iowa Mut. <?as. Co.. Ins. town $tate frank, Tax ... Harms Oil Co., Gas Koh'lijaas'Jidwie., )Mdse. .... 24.45 Laing & Muckey, Repairs 26.26 .G. Wallace," Salary 59.24 M. Jones, Salary .........,;„..* 35.00 Dr. F. -J5. Sawyer^ ttent....... 25.00 Theo. B. Kobjert8j?n Prga. ' Goi, Mdse."':.....::.....; 18.97 Brady Trans. Co., Fr v t. ........ 1.03 My. -Publish. Go., Serv. .'... 9,80 •w. W. Sulli'yan, R M., fiox Rent ....:......... 75 Deposit Fti|id < , C. Bunkofski, et nl, pe- funds ,...,....,..... 3.Q.OO Fire HJalirtwpnce F|f)M Algona Fire'Cp., Lal^r •••• »»J?.00 Hooker Sup. Co., Mdse. Kos, Oil Co., Repairs 2.60 8.0 ;rvi «r* . "» **-v,t*«no Kiln Elk Cleaners, Labor 5 «„ S & L'pp., Mdse ' 14™ $& ; M S J# e . r Serv., Gas'"..:'. 2 '.oo. Wks., Rep. G.Bi .'ei. C.o., Serv 4 34 Sewer Fund C. U. Pollard, Salary 2000 Passed and approved this 28th day of December, 1944, -u.. . : Adah Carlson, City Clerk. COTTON'S 1945 Straight Run PulleU Males White Leghorns _ ____,__,_, White Rpclw $12.90 $23.90 $ 2.95 $17.50 $14.50 CROSS BRED CHICKS A W stra Whites (Improved Type) _-__-- $12.90 $23,9Q $ 6.00 fed Rpcks .......... 1 -•—- - - - - $12.90 $17.50 $14.50 STARTED CHICKS—$4.0Q per JQQ per week, $6.00 for 10^ days Early Order Discount— All orders received before March 1st} 50c per 100 off for delivery any tirne dprj^g tlie season. 3 r /° off for cash with order. - AH Chicks Are From Rigidly Culled a^d Pqllprum Tested Flocks Chicks Ready Tuesdays and Fridays Cotton's Hatchery Phone 12 P. O, Box 32 Lone Rock, Iowa CLOSING- As I am quitting farming and moving to town I will hold a closing out farm sale at my farm located 6 miles south, 42 miles east of Algona, 5 miles north, miles west of Luverne, and 1 mile east of Galbraith, on THURSDAY, JANUARY 18th I SALE STARTS AT NOON LUNCH WAGON ON THE GROUNDS = SWIFTS BABY CHICKS Meat shortages have resulted in an ever-growing need for more poultry and eggs. So increase the size of your flock—with Swift's A fay. and June Chicks—and increase your 1943 poultry income. Swift's May and June Chicks are especially hardy—the kind that are vigorous and lively all the time. And there is a good reason why Swift's May and June Chicks are so exceptionally sturdy—disease resistant. They're bred from selected flocks only. These flocks are picked for good health, egg- produeing ability. Then they are re-culled, again pullorum-tcsted. To be accepted, flocks must have loss than 2 per cent reactors. You'll get fine eggs and lots of them from Swift's Chicks, and fine, marketable meat, too! Order them today. SWIFT & COMPANY HATCHERY Cowan Building Supply Co. • ft /l-Ktl-WJl...* •• • ALGOSA, IOWA PHONE 275 Head of Horses 3 I Well-matched team of bay mares 8 and 9 yrs. old, wt. 3500 lb*.; Chestnut sorrel _-, .... mare 9 yrs, old, wt, 1800 Ibs. 1 25 Head of Cattle 25 1 55 8 cows, freshened in last 3 months, part of which are nursing calves as follows: = Sg 2 JJ-yr.-old Shorthorn cows; 2 3-yr.-old white-1'acc cows, good milkers; 2 red Shorthorn milk cows in == S good production; 1 ShortHorpi roan cow nursing 2 calves, has been milked; 1 old Shorthorn cow = as nursing 2 calves. All have been rebred. S g 7 long yearling heifers, grade white-face, all bred to white-face bull; 1 Short- = j= horn heifer calf, 9 mos. old; 9 white-face calves from, the above milk cows. || | 10 * Head of Hogs > - 10 H Good-size cross-bred Duroc-PoJand China gilts, bred to extra good Duroc boars, H to farrow April 1. (Six to farrow on the same day,) 1 250 """"~~ CHICKENS 250 H White Rock Pullets, well developed birds, to have been pur hatchery flock. j| HAY—15 tons baled hay, mostly alfalfa, some timothy and clover. 1 MACHINERY 5 i>lojv, 2 S walking jar shape; ] •••• . , . ~ ' " ,.-..- »•.•&<«. 7 .t.M.< v ,^ v» mm^fk^jm. V7r-,p«« MAfLUU* « If • Jf» 'tftfO HUl"J5t3™ !••• = J rtt .» Jl Vi anter » ne » rl y » cw » with truck, 160 rods of wire, beau drill attachment* yjctor endgftte seeder, low 3 = leed, with grass attachment; 2 single.row cultivators, one a John I^ere; 8 wjde,iire wagons, with good S j= triple boxes, »84in.; high-wheeled wagon, with triple box. nw?««s, mm goou g = Wide iron-wheel running gear and good solid racjf with rejiiovabjle; sides M4 ends; J. D. hand corn 1 ^ sheljer, good; pun,,) jack; tractor tire-pump for Model A tractor; feeigrjuder? i£xll brooder house, 3 s used oue year, double floor, on skids; oil brooder stove; chicken waters and' feedeirs: 12x18 tenant 3 = J1OWS ^' Wfl " insulated, newly papered and painted, »x!2 linoleum rug on %pr. eliimney on outeiae, dou- S s: file iloor; ,j siiig'le A-shaned hot? IIOHKAK. nr<>rm<nii<>i--TknAnt.. ra ,,i«,.t..i,. .. ;.„ '''_:.___ii'-*-» T : » v. " .' !S $-gal. gasoline 2 hoy heating stove, KH?,«l5«H»"aSrS««?a ~v~gyK!&'&-Af, .'fcisiriwyS'S&S." 51 ' ~' * TjjUMS-CaB, or make arrangements with your ba^er, to i»BW**4 new iu s JOSEPH J. WADLEIGH s COLWELL BROS* Aust* , BANK, CJf rk

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