Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on January 16, 1945 · Page 1
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 16, 1945
Page 1
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KOSSUTH COUNTY ADVANCE, ALGONA, IOWA B. 1945 LUVERNE YOUTH RESCUED FROM DROP INTO SEA JOSH HRIGGINS VOICE OF AGRICULTUE WATERLOO, IOWA MORNINGS 8:25—News Mon. tnr. Sat. 5:30— CJood News Program. .Mon. thr. S:it. 6:OO^Neichborly Circle... .Mon. thr. l-'ri. Ncwatlme Sntimlny G:05—Shoppers Guide Mnrchtime. ..Sat. 6 :lfr—Neighbors News—Hugh Muncy Markets, Fnfm News. Mon. thr. Sat 6:80—Morning Devotionnls. Mon. thr Sat. 7:00—Dr. Bncon-Ajii. Sci...Mon. thr. S:u. "Ifev. Pietsch's Hour" Smnjiiy 7:10*—Almanac of the Air Mon.. I-'ri- Smith Chickeries Tliea.. Thurs. NothinR But the Truth. .Weilin.-ilay 7:15—Klcen Maid News....Mon. thr. Sat. 7 :30—Corres. Around World Mon. tlir. Fri. United Nations News Hev Sat. 7:45—The Music Box Mon. thr. l-'ri. 8:00—The Dronkfaat Club. .Mon. thr. Sat. World News Sunday 9:00—My True Story Mon. thr. Fri. What's Cookin? Saturday Naznrene Family Hour Suaita.v 9:25—Aunt Jemima Show..Mon. thr. Fri. 9:30—The Hietfins Boys...Mon. thr. Fri. Land of the Lost Saturday The Southcrnalres Sunday 9:45—One Woman's Opinion Monday The Listenins Post. .Tues. tllr. Fri. 10:00—Breakfun at Sardi'si .Mon. thr. Fri. Today's Homemakcr Sat. Lu Verne, Jan. 15—S.-Sgt. and Mrs. Robert Knuclson, the latter the former Betty B'jrlis, were visiting friends nnd relatives here a short time last. week. Robert I had a 21-clav furlough, and he spent most of it with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Reuben Knuclson, on two sisters on a farm near Armstrong.' The young man has been decorated for gallantry in the European theater of operations. He was a t iil gunner on a B-17 Flying Forlivss and was forced down in the English channel, where the whole crew floated 11 hours before beinjj picked up l#y British air-sea rescue patrol. All werfe saved. Knudsnn was awarded the distinguished flying cross, and he also received the air medal, with four U.-k Leaf clusters. The sergeant leaves this week Monday lor Miami, Fla., for reassignment, and Mrs. Knuclson, who had been living with her I mother. Airs. [-Catherine Burlis, | Kansas City, will accompany Tuesday Club Has Program— | Mrs. Paul Biumer and Florence j Ihif entertained the Tuesday club I at the 1::tier's last week Tuesday, If! members and l\vo guests, Mrs. Harold Trauger and Esther Merkle. all.'Mding. Hulclu Fritzemeier reviewt-.l a late book, Christ of the American Read, also told of a stop at the Piney VV-.iods Negro her little son to Nevada Wednesday on the first lap of their journey back to San Antonio, Tex. She had received word from her husband that he would still be there for some time, so she went back. The son stays with his paternal grandparents at Nevada. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Hanselman, Luverne, recently received from their son, Cpl. Charles Hanselman Jr., a box of Christmas gifts which he had obtained in England, France, and Belgium. He has been overseas 16 months and serves in ia. quartermaster's truck' company. Heler Christ risen, student cadet nurse at the Methodist hospital, Des Moines, spent Sunday with her parents, the Harry Christensens, and the Irvin Fridays, Renwick, were dinner guests there Sunday. Mrs. Win. Hardcopy wishes to thank many friends who sent her cards after her accident. The cards \yore much enjoyed and greatly appreciated, and they are being kept in a memory scrapbook. The Rev. Robert Phillips returned Friday from Iowa City, where he had been with his father, who recently had an operation there. The United Service Women will meet each Tuesday afternoon at 2 o'clock at the Community hall to sew articles for veterans' hospitals. Alvin Hanselman, Foxholm, Minn., is here for a visit at his mother Mrs. Anna Hanselman's. 10:30—Oil Martyn—News...Mon. thr. Fri. This Is Life Sunday 10:45—Jack Berth Show Mon. thr. Fri. Lois IxmK & 3 Suns S:it. 11:00—Glamour Manor Mon. thr. Fri Schools in the News Saturday Weekly War Journal Sunda> 11:SO—HiKKina' Farm Hour Mon. thr. Sa' Coll of the Cross Sunda: • AFTERNOONS 1S:00—Ruth's Land O'Corn..Mon. thr. Sat. "Hasten the Day" Sunday 12:15—H. R. Oroaa—Nows. .Mon. thr. Sat. GcqrKc Hicks Sunday 12:30—Finchvi.llu Farm Hour Mon. thr. Sat. Sammy Kaye's Serenade... .Sunday 12:45—Ava Johnson Mon. thr. Sat. 12:55—Sunday News Extra Sunday 1:00—John B. Kennedy... .Mon. thr. Fri. Metropolitan Opera Saturday Lutheran Hour Sunday 1:15—Hi, Neighbor Mon. thr. I-'ri. 1:30—Let's Learn Spanish Monday Geopolitics Tuesday Questions £ Opinions.. .Wednesday Adventures In Music Thursday The Story Hour Friday National Vespers Sunday 1:45—Food for Thought Monday Words and the War Tuc.-day Scientist Looks About Thursday 2:00—BaWeen the Lines Mon. thr. Fri. Char. Grcenvrood Show Sunday 2:15—THe Juhilc* Singers. .Mon. thr. Fri. 2:30—1540 Club Mon. thr. Fri. - Eth. Barrymorc as Miss Hattie Sun. 3:00—"Time" Views News Mon. thr. Fri. Darts for Dough Sunday 3:15—Ozurk Ramblers Mon. thr. l-'ri 3:30—That's . Far 'Me Mon., Tues., Wed., Fri. March of Dimes Thursday Tha Andrews Sistera Show....Sun. 3:45— Yanks in the Orient" Monday Amer. Legion Drama Tuesday Waterloo Public Schools Wednesday Shop of Joy Club Thursdav Waterloo Schools Friday 4:00—Campus Neitfhbors Munday 50 Years of Fiction Tuesday Children 3 to S Wednesday Ask the Scientist! Thursday Musicjuiz Friday Mary Small Revui? Sunday 4:15—Student In War Survicu... .Tuesday Historic Hymns Wednesday Relittion In the News Friday 4:30—Music BJ- Mon. thr. Fri. Metropolitan Opera Presents.. .Sun. 4:45—Hop HardKan Mon. thr. l-'ri. Hello, Sweetheart Saturday t:00—Terry and the Pirates Mon. thr. Fri. Musical Matinee Saturday Radio Hall of Fame Sunday 5':15—Dick Tracy Mon. thfr. Fri. 6:30—Jack Armstronu Mon. thr. Fri. Edw. Tendinson—News ...Saturday Labor—USA Saturday . t:45—The Country Editor..Mon. thr. I-'ri. EVENINGS 6:00—Grain Belt Rangers Mon. Wed. Thurs. Fri. The Hip-Kins Uoys Tuesday Christian Science Church. .Saturday Drew Pearson. Sunday 0:15—H. U. Gros»—News. .Mon. thr. Hat. News—Don Cardiner Sunday 1:30—Did You Know? Mon. thr. Fri. Leland Stowe Satui.':iy Qurz KKIs... • <:&B—Six>rt Fl'asltes Mon. thr 411. »:46i-Preferred Melodies....Mon. thr Fri Eye-Witneaa News Saturday 7:00—Ted Maloiie Mon., Tues.. Wi-d. Earl Godwin Thursday "Siars of The Future" Fri. Ewly American Dunce Music Sat. Ol-ccnfield Village Choir... Sumlay 7:15—Lura and Abner...Mou. thr. Thurs. Dorothy Thompson Sunday 7:3.0—Blind Date Munday Alan YounK Show Tuesday Counterspy Wwlacsday America's Town Meeting. .Thurralay One Foot in HeavtMi Friday Boston Symphony Saturday Joe E. Brown Sunday 8:00—Eel Wynn Monday Gracie Fields Show TurMlay Keep Up with the World \Vc-d. Famous Jury Trials Friday Walter Wiiu-hcll .Sunday S:15—Hollywood Mystery Time... .Sunday 8:30—SpotliKht Maud.- Mon. thr. Sat. 8:45— Jimmy Fidler Sunday 8:55—Coronet Storyteller. .Mo«. thr. Fri. Coronet Quick Quiz b'utunlay 9:00—Guy Lombardo .Monday Concert Orchestra 'i'ut,-,ii:.y Kiiye's Canteen Wi-dmr-day Fred Waring Thursday Norman Cordon Slurs I- i-iday Music From Hollywood S-Uurdav Ufa of Uiloy Simil-i'y 9:15—Lazy Jim Day '.Tuerday Bob and Ilcne...'. Wt-d. Fri. 9:30—Horace Heidt Monday Hal Mclntyre Tui-silay Scramby Amby Wc-dnf-da.v March of Time Thursday To Be Announced Friday Man Called X Saturday ,„ „ X ar i ations by Vn " Cleave... Sunday 10:00—H. R. Gross—News. .Mon. thr. Sat Sunday News Digest Suadav 10:15—Revival Hour .Sunday 10:2(1—Snartlicht Parade.. .Mon. thr. Sat. 10:30— Saludos Amlnos Monday Metropolitan Opera USA .. .Tm--i!av Paul Hun-hens' Hour W.-dn,--,da'v Orchestra Thur-d-i'y Doctors Talk It Over Kiidny Meet Your Navy Saluidav 10:45—Melodies of the Masters. ..Mon. Fri 11:00—Dance Mush- M on . thr. Sal. 11:15—Rev. PictM-h'a Hour li.-iily 11:45—Dunc« Music liaily H :55—New t I,.,; l v 12:00-Word of (.ife Hour Saturday 41) Program* subject to cliua^t- I which she visited recently. i The hunk views the Kingdom ! of God as the one solid rejlity j amid the shaking nations of the j world, and challenges the people i of today to dedicate themselves land ox ores* in .action—now!—the j ind of Christ. U has been called j the most .significant book of our j times. j Philip Biumer sang the Venetian boat song and Without .a Sung, accompanied by Mrs. P. H. Beekman. i Cemeiei'y Association Elects— i Tile Cemetery association held I its annual meeting and election Thursday, with a large attendance :ind Mesdames Wilson Leg- It; r. H. H. Lichty, ond Fred Zwei- t'el in clvtrge. Officers are: president, Mrs. Erwin Barton; vice, Florence Hof: secretary, Mrs. William Ellis; treasurer, Mrs. H. E. Peitzke. The program included two readings by Mrs. Baker and a musical number by Mrs. Alice' Greenway, Mrs. Lichty, i Mrs. Mary Espelund, and Doris Dehnert. Hostesses for the next ; meeting are Mrs. Elizabeth Too- i hey, Mrs. Jasper Vaughn, and ; Hulda Frilzemeior. Mrs. Albert Neuroth entertained her 500 club Thursday, and Mrs. George Kemper won high. Mrs. Oliver Young was low, and Mrs. Lcm GQUie>won travel. Mrs. Young will be hostess this week Thursday. The Legion Auxiliary met last week Monday evening, Mrs. R. C. Bauer hostess. Mrs. Leo Bleich, legislative chairman, read a paper on present legislation concerning Legion and Auxiliary. LEDYARDERSTO BE HOSTS AT A SUB-DIST. MEET Ledyard ,Jan. 15—The Methodist Youth Fellowship met at E. V. Koestler'S last week Sunday part of Robert's furlough at his i evening, and a devotional meet- wife's parental Mrs. Eunice Nel-' inK was followed by a social sonj. jj^MwuBnta the^ormer ^ plans were Wd ^ a ^ ed by the Be'li Telephone Co. at district meeting here Sunday af- Spartanburg. The couple, also ternoon and evening, Jan. 28, at visited Robert's parents at West which Dr. Earl Roadman, presi- Bend. He is at Camp Croft, dent of Mormngside college, "Bud" Nelson, Britt, lately spent, Sioux City, will be speaker, a fow hours here Friday with his ' ' " WESLEY U. S. W. HAS QUILTS & LAPROBESDONE Wesley. Jan. 15 — The United Service Women have nine quilts and two laprobes ready to be sent away. Plans were discussecl__for making drapes and spreaders for the Shick hospital, ClintonY also for the purchase of three men's bathing trunks in the recreational program. Mrs. Alf Studer, Mrs. R. C. Bauer, Mrs. Paul Erdman, and Mrs. George Hanig were on the refreshments committee. P.obt. Mwnscm Visits Here— Pi'c. Robert Monson and his wife, Spartanburg, S. C., spent a mother, Mrs. Nelson, and the Monsons. "Bud" drives a semi- stock truck for Harley Hansen, Daughter for McNerney*— Dr. and Mrs. J. R. McNerney, now of Des Moines, are the -par- going to Chicago every Saturday j ents of a daughter born Dec. 24— n i{ih t almost a Christmas baby. She has '• »• T Mrs. Reporls on B. B. FENTON WOMAN'S CLUB MEETS FOR PROGRAM JAN. Fenton, Jan. 15—The Woman's j club had a January meeting last j week Tuesday at the home of' Mrs. J. A. Schwartz. Mrs. Arlo j Ranney served for Mrs. E. C. Weisbrod, who was to be assistant hostess, and 14 members at-! tended. The meeting was opened with the Pledge of Allegiance, and the j collect was read by Mrs. W. E. ! L/aage. A new member, Mrs. j Paul Eigler, was welcomed. Roll j call was on "a foreign dish I have ! enjoyed." The program theme was | Scandinavia, Mrs. O. H. Stoeber! reviewing A Story of Ancient; Sweden, L i 11 i e Crona's home,; and Mrs. Melvin Mansager re- j viewing, Modern Norway. The | "surprise" was conducted by Mrs. I Donald Weisbrod. I Club guests were Mrs. Clayton Ditsworth, Mrs. Howard Rabey, and Mrs. H. E. Reimers. February hostesses will be Mrs. E. W. Ruske and Mrs. W. E. Laage, and program number will be given by Mrs. A. H. Meyers and Mrs. F. P. Newel. I been named Mary Louise. _ r _. |iV I McNerney is the daughter of Mr. The local basketball quintet de-1 and Mrs. Jack McDonald here, feated the Goldfielcl girls-46 ; -36 in and Doctor McNerney practiced a game here last week-'.Tuesday.1 here for some years before going lost, 36-26. This week.. Friday the Whiltemoro boys come here. to Des Moines. evening, but the Wesley.''boys were defeated. Thurkd'rfyi evening the local girls w.eni-.'debated Service Men's Letters Head- by Crystal Lake, 44-40 : ,UH !a! feame I Last Thursday Mesdames E. A. there, and the local boys ; . also' and D. A. Carpenter were hostesses to the Methodist W. S. C. S. at Mrs. E. A.'s. Letters were read from service men and women to whom Christmas boxes had been sent. The next meeting will be held in two weeks with the same hostess at Mrs. D. A. Carpenter's. Thompson Son Comes Home— M. M. 3-c Milton Thompson, of Sioux City, attending a naval Fifth Son- for Cinks— : A boy was born to','Mr. and Mrs. Edw. Cink, Woderi;'--at the Kossuth hospital last week Tuesday. Mrs. Cink is the former Gladys Haverly, daughter of Henry Haverly here, and the Cinks now have five only one daughter. sons but mine school at Yorktown, Va., his wife, and three children, also Mrs. Kenneth Thompson spent Thurs- Soldier Back to Camp— LcRoy Ricke left on return to j day to Saturday at the parental Camp Bowie, Tex., last week George Thompson's. Milton was Presbyterian Women Meat— Marjorie Riley l^jcl devotions at ; a Presbyterian Woman':; Assn. meeting Wednesday and Mrs. Dimler read an article f om a missionary magazine. The army chaplain corps has won more dis- jl.'N-Ton in proportion to numbers j thi.n any comba'. unit, including the air forces, the article said, ' and this record should make the ! clergy of America proud, also j comfort the mothers of America. j A tr.iy lunch was served, end a free will offering amounted to Neighb-sv Club Elects— Tlie Friendly Neighbor club, a group o!' farm women, east of town, met last week Monday at Mrs. Floyd Lowmiller's, 12 members und a guest ultending. This was the annual meeting, and officers were elected: President, Mrs. ttulph Stohl; vice, Mrs. Ch..rles Brown; secretary, Mrs. Krnest Madia; treasurer, Mrs. Marion Morgan; reporter, Mrs. Elmer Kubly. Mrs. Curtis Morgan conducu.-d entertainment. Band Mothers Plan Banquet— The Band Mothers club met at the school gym last Wednesday evening, Airs. William Hedrick, Mrs. Phil Henderson, and Mrs. Clarence Krau.se hostesses, Mrs. Hugh Shirk and Mrs. Bernard Wolf in charge of entertainment. Guessing games were played. A j benefit card parly is planned to raise funds for the band, and Wednesday. Jan. 24, is the date, to bo iield al the gym. Two Birthdays Celebrated— : The Birthday club met last week Tu ,'sday at Mrs. Arthur Diinler's lor one o'clock dessert luncheon, after which there were three tables of bridge. Mrs. Hugh Shirk won first, Mrs. C. W. Cote second, and the birthdays of Mrs. Adam /CuvilV] MK! Mrs. S. R. Baker wen; observed, each receiving a gift. Mi's. Toohey's Daughter Wee's— Mrs. r'.li/.aheth Toohey announces the marriage of her daughter Marjorie, Des Moines, to Frank Cornplon, Des Moines, at Des Moines Wednesday, Jan. (J. Mrs. Compton has often vis-j ited here and has many Luverne I friends. Dauqhter for Farm Family— Mr. and Mrs. Erwin Barton, west of town farmers, are parents of a daughi'-jr, born at their! | home last week Sunday morn' ing. ' Vfsiior Comes From Oklahoma— Mrs. John Boevers, El Reno, Okla., arrived Thursday for a visit with her son Harry Haase and his family, also with other relatives here. Prior to coming to Fenton she had visited Mrs. Carrie Haase, Algona, and the other son Leonard at Fort Madison, where he is supervisor of schools. She also made the acquaintance there of Mary Ann, born to Mr. and Mrs. Donald Haase, Dec. 18. Ruptured Appendix Removed— Alvin Zumach, who was taken to Kossuth hospital, Algona, last week Sunday, had appendectomy there. The appendix was ruptured, but he was reported doing well last weekend. Other V on ton NCAVS. Mrs. Ray Tietz and Mrs. A. H. Speth entertained at four tables of bridge last week Monday afternoon at the Tietz home, and high score honors went to Mrs. H. E. Reimers, second to Mrs. Raymond Stoeber, low to Mrs. Lawrence Alt. The Evening Bridge club met al Fred Newel's Thursday evening and Fern Carlson and Nan Hewitt, with Mr. and Mrs. H. E. Reimers, were guest players. The high prizes were won by Mr. and Mrs. Reimers. Elizabeth Manus, grade teacher here, went to her home at Northwood Wednesday night for a visit till over the weekend, and Mrs. Clayton Ditsworth meanwhile substituted at school here. Clarence Garland left Friday for Racine, Wis., after a visit since late November at Dr. J. A. Mueller's. He is a brother of Mrs. Mueller. Mrs. Clara Mueller, who had spent 2'/2 weeks at her son Dr. J. A. Mueller's, returned to her home at Earlville last week Tuesday. H, W, POST J)EA¥ AND TRANSFER Storage of All Kinds Luug Distance Hauling Ev^ry load insured agfiinst loss and damage of all kinds. Equipped to do all kinds of hauling and draying. PHONE 299 Algona. Ia. He me From West Coast— Doris Di'lincrl is at home, after a your al Seattle, Wash., where she was stenographer in a quar- \ termasler corps. I Circle 1 -,f the W. S. C. S. will; meet this week Wednesday at I Mr.-\ C. W. Colo's; 2, at Mrs. Earl Neal'r,; H, at S. II. Baker's. i Other Lu Verne Ne\vs. Guy 'Pi-auger look his daughter, Mrs. Robert Bierman, and INSULATE NOW! FOR A Eagle-Pitch@r 'Water-Proof Hlouii Home Insulation 11st in i ale Call 275 S years experience Thousands of satisfied users Cowan Building Supply Co. Monday. He came home on emergency furlough to attend the funeral of his brother Walter, who was killed in an autp accident. Leroy was later granted a seven-day extension. '•"' Navy Girl Gels Transfer!—,. t . ., ... Alvina Oppedal, • : phtmraCisS'' 2-c., was transferred lately to the Board of Trade 'building at Chicago, and works there under Commander Gillespie,- a; - doctor. This is the headquarters ,for 12 naval medical statioris|i|!!li^: .: Club Hears Cancer Talk—, ; The Study dub met Thursday', with Mrs. RoyTCIeinpet'i^.- who gave a lesson on cancer. T'he.next meeting will be with MrsfKraus, who will give a lesson orrrayon. Former Wesleyan at Hospital— It was recently learned here that C. W. Goslin, Woden, former Wesleyan, was at a Fort 'Dodge hospital for leg treatment;-' having a 17-day furlough. Seaman in Visit Here— S. 1-c. Carl Noyes, Austin, Minn., and his family spent a week ago Friday and Saturday at D. A. Carpenter's. Mrs. Noyes is a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Carpenter. Mr. Noyes left last week Sunday for San Bruno, Calif., where he is stationed. Gordon Matzener Has Furlough— C. 'C. 2-c Melvin Gordon Matzener arrived Thursday on 30-day :furlough with 'his mother, Mrs. lerbert Zielske'. He finished *Ehree years*'in'-the^naviy Jan. •&, (Mhor W«sle The C. D. of A.'s will nieet this week Wednesday evening; the Catholic missionary society in the afternoon. Mrs. Ntek Weber will entertain her bridge club Thursday. Eugene Weig was brought home Frid-ay from a hospital where he had spent three weeks. Puul Lorenz has returned to his army camp in Florida, following a week's furlough at his parental Julius Lorenz home. Tom Nelson, his daughter, and the house-keeper, Clear Lake, were last week Sunday guests of Tom's mother, Mrs. Eunice Nelson. Mrs. Lucille Kirkpatrick and her son Robert went to Des Moines Friday to visit relatives over the weekend. • Give fresh, new effects to your suits, sweaters, dresses! Full- length back and front, adjustable waist. In white, ._ new colors and ;- patterned fabrics. A$|oo I Kresensky's apd had long been serving in the 1 Pacific. Ptrif |or VUlJlaf Qltl-« ^ft, Wilson fcracfcs entertained at a birthday party a week ago Saturday afternoon honoring her small niece, Betty Lewis, of West Branch, who had visited here over the holidays. Birthday Party for Girl- Mrs, Henry Hardt entertained a group of boys and girls at a party Wednesday evening in honor of her daughter Natalie's ninth' birthday. U+uientnt at Front Again— Lt. Glenn E. Dyer, who, had been in a hospital in Italy, recuperating from wounds in battle, ia again.at the front, but now in France. Other Ledyard News. Supt. and Mrs. Richard Brauer and Mrs. F. McCay were at Al- gonaThursday evening, attending a county Schoolmaster 3 club meeting and a county council meeting. Mrs. Virgil Lewis and her daughter Betty left last week Monday for home at West Branch, after three weeks with the Lewises and Bracks here. Mr. and Mrs. N. A. Pingel went to Swea City Friday, and Mrs. Pingel remained there over the weekend with her mother, Mrs. Margaret Looft. Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Welfare entertained the Ralph Johnsons and the Chris Gelhaus family at dinner last week Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Ray Wentworth and Mr. and Mrs. D. B. Mayer were business callers at Algona Wednesday. Mr. and Mrs. Albert Brandt and 'Mrs. Wiese were at Minneapolis last week on. a business mission. Earl Moore, Emmetsburg, spent a few days last week at her sister Mrs. H. M. Dyer's. » Luverne Farmer to Hold Sale Jan. 24 Geo. W. Hobscheidt, 5 miles south, ten miles east, and 1% miles south of Algona, announces a closing out sale for next week Wednesday, when he will offer 42 cattle, 27 hogs, 4 horses, farm machinery, etc., beginning at 11 a. m., with Brummond as auctioneer and a-clerk from the Luverne bank. The cattle include a dairy herd. It is reported that Mr. Hobscheidt, who came here from Nebraska, plans to return to tha tstate. BACK FROM OVERSEAS. Wesley, Jan. 15—Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Kraus received a telegram Friday from their son Don saying he had landed in the States. He had been in the European war zone some three years, and this is his first furlough. 1945 Coats off and buckle into it. I have resolved not to be any 'better or any worse than I was in 1944. The same old Jimmie Neville. Always ready to sell a pair of shoes, take a drink or take a second look at a pretty girl. Born from a poor fairly honest, hard-working family, I was taught. to believe that one man is just as good as another, if not a little bit better. So I treat everybody just alike. St. Peter has me charged up with a lot of faults and sins. I can not find much to offer on the credit side of the ledger. My life before coming to Algona was mostly spent in just having a good time. Like many other young men I wasted my time day-dreaming. Later on I found I would have to begin at' the bottom if I was ever going to get anywhere. Since coming to Algona 40 years ago I have put a few things on the credit side of the ledger. The first gravel put on p, county road in Kossuth was the mile and one-half I put on from Yankee Ridge to the railroad track. I put alfalfa on the map. They said it would not grow in this country, but they are all raising it now. In a voting contest I gave Union township a bran new alfalfa drill. I had yearly purebred pig gales; also raised purebred Shorthorn cattle. In town I built three new homes, a new store building, and fixed up several run-down places. In all, I put in eight furnuces in Algona. With me it is Algona first and Jimmie Neville second. Algona, Mason City, and Fort Dodge form a triangle. We have the best trading territory and more of it than either of the others. More dinner pails is what we want. I would like to see a canning factory and a cotton work glove factory come to SEXTON It is the common people that make a town. They spend their money. They buy groceries, shoes, and clothing. They have to have a home in which to raise their families. They are the cogs in the wheel of prosperity. Jimmie Neville THE .SHOE The Glenn Gabrielsons were iast week Sunday evening supper guests at Oscar Hammond's. The home project women met at Mrs. Martin Mimbach's last week Tuesday iahd made scuffles. The next meeting will be with Mrs. Alfred Opheim Feb. 13. Alfred Opheim is confined to iome with sciatica and complications, and is under a doctor's care. Mr. and Mrs. John Voss Sr., of Lu Verne, were Thursday afternoon guests of Mrs. Sarah Wise. Mrs. Perry Lowman and her AVO little daughters have returned from Oregon, where they went ?arly in December to visit Mrs. Lawman's parents. Fred Laymon, of Burlington, came last week Tuesday for a visit till Thursday at his claugh- ;er Mrs. Glenn Gabrielson's. Mrs. Nealie Hastings, Salina, VIo., visited last week iat her sister Mrs. Martha Grubb's. Cpl. George Beukema, who had spent a short furlough with his mother, Mrs. Pearl Beukema, left on the "flyer" last week Monday evening. . Mr. Robert Kirschbaum,' Garner, and her children were last week Sunday visitors at Aupnsi Kirschbaum's, • Get This Wonderful New 40-Page Recipe Book-Free! Now—absolutely free—you can get over 7-0 tested, easy baking recipes in Fleischmann's .big new book, "The Bread Basket"] Dozens of grand ideas for breads,, rolls, sweet broads, made better with Fleischmann's famous Yellow Label 'Yeast. Remember, Fleiscli- mann's is the only fresh yeast with extra, vitamins —contains added amounts of Vitamins A and D as well as the Vitamin E Complex! For your free copy, send letter or postcard today to: Fleischmann's Yeast, Room 515- D, 480 Lexington Avenue, New York 17, N. Y. "Admiration" when y6u wear these misty-sheer, leg-hugging lovelies. In shades as flattering as candlelight. Kresensky's 1945 Wa from $3.99 A fashion-fresh collection of 1945 washables. Softly tailored, they're young, feminine — with news in tucks, crisp trims. So fresh for indoors now-choose. from seersuckers, chambrays, piques. Gingham and Navy Rayon Fabrics—12 to 44. • Pastel Gaberdine 5.95 • Striped seersucker 4.95 Kresensky's

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