Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on January 9, 1945 · Page 10
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 10

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 9, 1945
Page 10
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PAGE SIX KOSSUTH COUNTY ADVANCE, ALGONA. IOWA. TUESDAY, JANUARY t., 194s WOfUDf REAmr SHOW 1540 WW>R DIAL SO.OOOWATTS J9SH HIGGINS "VOICE OF AGRICULTURE" ' WATERLOO. IOWA MORNINGS 5:25—NOWRJ Mon. tnr. Fat. 6:30—flood News Program.. Mon. thr. Snt. 6:00—NciKhlxirly Circle... .Mon. ihr. Kri. Nij-.vslinio Saturday 6:05—Shopilora (luide Man'htime 1 . .. .Sat. 6:15—NciKhhors Mown—Hugh Muncy MarkMf, Farm News. Mon. thr. Sat. 6:30—Morning Dovotionals, Mon. thr. Sat. 7:00—Dr. llarnii-Aiii. Sri...Mon. thr. Sat. "Rev. Piotach'a Hour" Sunday 7:10—Almnhnc of tlio Air Mon., r'ri. NolhihR Hut the Truth.. Wodno«dny 7:13—Klcen Mn'ul News Mon. thr. Snt. 7 lilO—Corn's. Arnuiiil World Mon. thr. Fri. Unitcil Nations News Uw Snt. 7:45—The Music IJox Mon. thr. Fri. 8:00—The Breakfast Club..Mon. thr. S;it. World News Sunday 9:00—My Trno Story Mon. thr. Kri. What's Civ.kin? Saturday Nazui'eno Family Hour Sunday 9:25—Aunt Jemima Shn\v..Mon. thr. Fri. 9:30—The UiRi;ins Liuys.. .Mon. thr. Fri. To !><• iimimin<'i;d Saturday The Southornaire- Sunday 9:45—One Woman's Opinion Monday The Ustoninpr rost..Tnes. thr. Fri. 10:00—nrc'iikfnst lit Sardi'a. .Mon. thr. Fri. Today's llnmemakpr Sat. Percy B. Crawford Sunday 10:15—15.10 Club Sat. 10:30—Oil Mnrtyn— News...Mon. thr. Kri. This is Ufc Sunday 10:45—Jnck licrrh Show Mon. thr. Kri. Lois Lontf & 3 Suns Sat. 11:00—Glamour Manor Mon. thr. Kri. Schools in the Newa Saturday Weekly War Journal Sunday ,11:30—Hipsins' Fr.rm Hour Mon. thr. Sat. Call of the Cross Sundar AFTERNOONS 12:00—Itath's Land O'Corn..Mon. thr. Sat. "Ilastsn the Day" Sunday 12:15—H. R. Ornss—News. .Mon. thr. Sat. George) Hicks Sunday J2:30—Finrhvillo Farm Hour Mon. thr. Sat. Sammv Knye'a Serenade... .Sunday 12:45—Ava Johnson Mon. thr. Sat. 12:55—Sunday News Extra Sunday • 1:00—Kiernan'a News Cor. Mon. tin 1 . Fri. Metropolitan Opera Saturday Lutheran Hour Sunday 1:15—Hi, Ncishhor Men. thr. Fri. 1:30—Let's Learn Spanish Monday Geopolitics Tuesday Questions & Opinions.. .Wednesday Adventures in Music Thursday The Story Hour Friday National Vespers Sunday 1:45—Food for 'Fhoupht Monday Words and the War Tuesday Scientist Looks About Thursday 2:00—Between the Lines... .Mon. thr. Fri. Char. Greenwood Show Sunday 2:15—The Jubileo Sinners. .Mon. thr. Fri. 2:30—1',40 Club Mon. thr. Fri. Kth. Flanrvmoro as Mir-s Hattie Sun. 8:00—"Time" Views News Mon. thr. Fri. Darts for Polish Sunday 3:15—Ozark l!am!>lers Mon. thr. Fri. 3 :30—That's For Me Mon. thr. Kri. Tho Andrews Sisters Show....Sun. 8:45—"Yanks in the Orient" Monday Amer. Lesion Drama Tuesday Waterloo Public Schools Wednesday Shop nf Joy Club Thursday Waterloo Schools Friday 4:00—Wave:* on tlT? Air Monday f.O Years of Fiction Tuesday Current Health Interests Wed. Ask the Scientist I Thursday Musiquiz Friday Mary Small Revue Sunday 4:15-I.yrie.< from Life Monday Library Airs Its Hooks Tucs. Historic Hymns. Wednesday Religion in the News Friday 4:30-Music By Mon. thr. Fri. Metropolitan Opera Presents.. .Sun. 4:45—Hop TInrrlHan Mon. thr. Fri. Hello. Sweetheart Saturday 6:00—Terry anil the Pirates Mon. thr. Fri. Musical Matinee Saturday Radio Hall of Fame Sunday B:15—Dick Tracy Mon. thr. Fri. 5:30—Jack Armstrong Mon. thr. Fri. Soldiers with Wings Saturday 6:45—The Country Editor..Mon. thr. Fri. EVENINGS i:00— Grain Belt Uansers Mon. Wed. Thurs. Fri. Tho HiKKins Boys... Tuesday Christian Science Church. .Saturday Drew Pearson Sunday 6-1B—H, K Gross—News. .Mon. thr. Sat. News—Don Gardiner Sunday 1:30—Did You Know? Mon. thr. Fri. Lelaml Stowe Saturday Quiz Kida Sunday 6:35—Sport Flashes Mon. thr. Fri. • :45—Preferred Melodies... .Mon. thr. Fri Eye-Witness News Saturday T:00—Ted tyalone Mon., Tues., Wed. Earl Godwin Thursday "Starii of Tho Future" ...Fri. Early American Dance Music Sat. Greenfield Village Choir Sunday TllS—Lum find Abner...Mon. thr. Thurs. Dorothy Thompson Sunday t :30—Blind Date; Monday Alan YOUIIK Show Tuesday My Best Girls Wednesday , America's Town Meeting..Thursday ift Famous Jury Trials rriday Boston Symphony Saturday Joe t). Crown Sunday E:00—Counterspy Monday Graciit Fields Show Tuesday Keep Up with the World \\'cd. Gan«l|usters Friday Walter Winchcll Sunday 8:15—Hollyivood Mystery Time.. ..Sunday 8:30—Spotlight Bands Mon. thr. Sat. 8:45—Jimmy Fidler Sunday 8:55—Coronet Storyteller. .Mon. thr. Fri. Coronet Quick Quiz Saturday 9:00—Guy Lombardo Monday Concert Orchestra Tuesday To Br> Announced Wednesday !•• Fred WuriiiR Thursday [, To liq Announced Friday Man Culled X Saturday Life of Riley Sunday »:15—Lazy Jim Day Tuesday Bob and llcne Wed., Fri. 9:30—Horune Heidt Monday Hal |>lclntyro Tuesday Seraniby Amby Wednesday March of Time Thursday ' Ed Wynn Friday To Be Announced Saturday To btf announced Sunday UlOO—H. R, (irosa—News.,Mon. thr. Sat. Sunday Newa Digest Sunday 10:15—Revival Hour Sunday 10:20—Sportjight Parade.. .Mon. thr. Sat. Hf'^3—Saludos Amigos Monday Metropolitan Opera USA.. .Tuesday Paul Hutchens' Hour... .Wednesday To Be Announced Thursday Doctors Talk It Over Friday Meet Your Navy Saturday 10:45—Mdoiliea of the Masters. ..Mon. Fri. 11:00—Dance Music Mon. thr. Sat. 11:15—Rev. Pietsch'» Hour Daily 11:45—Dane? Music Daily 11:55—Nevjq Daily 12:00—Wore] of Lifa Hour Saturday All P toe r ami tubject to chongt INSTALLATION FOR OFFICERS FENTON WOMEN Fenton, Jan. 8—The Methodist women met Thursday in the church basement, and officers were installed by Pastor Preul: President, Mrs. Fred Brown; vice, Mrs. Earl Crouch; recording secretary, Mrs. Clarence Osborn; cor. sec., Mrs. Wilfred Stoeber; treasurer, Mrs. Dale Weisbrod. Sec. of Christian Social Relations and Local Church Activities, Mrs. Carrie Voigt; sec. mis-, sionary education, Mrs. John Light; Chr. Spiritual Life, Mrs. F. C. Preul; Chr. Status of Women, Mrs. Lester Weisbrod; Sec. Student Work, Mrs. Oliver Stoeber; sec. Young People's Work, Mrs. Howard Fuller; Sec. Children's Work, Mrs. Donald Weisbrod; Sec. Literature and Publications, Mrs. Alfred Meyer; Sec. Supplies, Mrs. E. C. Weisbrod. Mrs. John Tieman had devotions, assisted by Mrs. Dale Weisbrod, Mrs. Arlo Ranney, and Mrs. Al Hewitt, and Mrs. Clarence Osborn was piano accompanist, before thee an open door," was A less on "Behold, I have set before thee an open door," was presented by Mesdames Brown, Preul, Earl Crouch, Wilbert Holldorf, Elmer Weisbrod, Robert Goetsch, nnd John Munch, Betty Holldorf, and Joan Myer. A solo was given by Mrs. Emil Sulek. In a business meeting a new service Honor Roll purchased by i the society was displayed. I Hostesses at the meeting were j Mesdames Frank McFall, Oliver i Stoeber. Le Roy Sprout, C. C. i Voigt, J. T. Waite, and H. R. Wil' Hams. February hostesses will be Mesdames Wilbert Holldorf, Clarence Underwood, Reinhbld Laabs, Clarence Menz, Jacob Zwiefel, and Raymond Zwiefel. Walther League Has Meeting— St. John's Walther League met Thursday evening in the church basement, and Pastor Otto led a discussion on Your Reading, Lawrence Mueller, vice president, presided at a business meeting. The League collected more than $80 for Christinas Seals, the proceeds going to the Wheat Ridge Sanitarium, Colorado. Delores Mueller was appointed reporter for the zone paper. The League plans a church flag. Hosts were Dick Theesfield and Franklin Mueller. LUVERNE YOUTH PRAISES BRAVE JAP-AMERICANS Among American-born Japs deported from the west coast to' concentration camps or other U. S. sections after Pearl Harbor were some from Hood River, Ore, There has been nothing to indicate that they were not loyal. Last fall the Hood River Le^ gion post advertised in newspapers to say that the return of these Americans of Jap ancestry was not wanted. At the same time such Japs in in the army were bravely fighting in Italy, and many of them Weisbrods Great-Grandparents— Edith Laage and Florence Weisbrod, Des Moincs teachers, returned to Des Moines Wednesday, after two weeks here al their respective parental homes They were accompanied back by Mr. and Mrs. Will Weisbrod, who were to visit there and at Green Mountain, la. Their granddaughter, Mrs. Harvey Thomas, has a new daughter, first great-grandchild of the Weisbrods. ALGONIAN ENLISTS TO SERVE IN THE MERCHANT MARINE Minneapolis, Jan. 6—Harold J. E. Peter, 20, Algona, la., joined the Maritime Service, Thursday at the regional enrolling office at the Federal courthouse here. He has been assigned to a training station at Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn, N. Y., and after training will begin service on ships of the Merchant Marine, which is now largest in the world. Harold is the son of Mr; and Mrs. Louise Peter, Algona. He attended grade school and was employed on a : 'farm before enrolling. He has a brother, Sergeant Elmer, with the army somewhere in North Africa. ...••' GRAND & PETIT JURORS PICKED FOR '45 TERM Albert Krosch, —Elmore Sarnie Larson Armstrong P. H. McNertney Bancroft Helen Pletch _. Algona John Radmaker Titonka Francis Rowe Wesley E! J. Schillington Bancroft Fred Schmidt Lone Rock Fern Smith Bancroft G. D. Stokes— -Algona Oswald H. Thilges Lu Verne Helena Trauger Lu Verne Philip Wander _. Fenton Farmer Nick Lights Leave for Winter— Mr. and Mrs. John Light left Wednesday for Iowa Falls for a brief visit with the daughter Mrs. Clyde Brooks and her family, and from there were to accompany Mr. and Mrs. Harry Fain, Humboldt, formerly Emmetsburg, to Hot Springs, Ark., where the two couples will spend the remainder of the winter. Waite Son Visits Parents— John R. Waite, of Manhattan, Ksns., recently visited his parents, Dr. and Mrs. J. T. Waite. His wife and son Jerry were unable to come because they were quarantined for scarlet fever, Jerry being the victim. Other Fenton News. St. John's Aid met Wednesday in the church basement, and hostesses were Mrs. Carl Priebe and Mrs. Roy Priebe. Guests were Mrs. Harry Haase, Mrs. Ben Luedtke, Mrs. Edw. Meyer, Geo- eia Gerhai t, Kathryn Bleckwenn, Mrs. Lyle Bassett, and Edna Hantelman. The latter, dietitian in a Syra, Pa., hospital, is here for a month with her mother, Mrs. Dan Hantelman. The Fairville Aid met Thursday in the church basement, Mrs. Fred Frink and Mrs. Gerhard Hantelman hostesses, Mrs. Ernest Vottcler in charge of the entertainment. Mrs. Hilbert Bierstedt won a prize. Visitors were Mesdames Carrie Hartman, Carl Priebe, Eldon Hantelman, Ivan Gushing, and Mrs. Dan Hantelman, also the letter's daughter Edna. The Merle Davidsons and Roger Gibbons, Clintonville, Wis., came for a visit from last Thursday to this week Tuesday at the Fred Kluss home. Melinda Hantelman, Belle Plaine teacher, and Salina Hantelman, Waterloo teacher, spent the holidays with their mother, Mrs. Dan Hantelman. Ruby Hantelman, San Francisco, is visiting her mother, Mrs. Frank Humphrey. * Former Burt Youth Weds at Milwaukee accompanied the Patch army to, France,where they showed themselves the bravest of American soldiers. Some weeks ago the Germans had a group of Americans surrounded in the Vosges mountains. The group became known as "the lost battalion," and it was six days before it was relieved and descued—toy .the American Japs! About that time news of the action of the Hood River Legionnaires reached that section of the front. Gordon Gammack, Register writer, found the Americans there seething with indignation, and sent home to the Des Moines Register a column of the hottest kind of comment. ;' Among the soldiers who, expressed themselves bitterly was Lester Hinz, son of Mr., and Mrs. Chas. Hinz, Luverne, and his pic : ture accompanies 'this story. Hinz, who was as bitter as. any of the rest, but expressed himself more restrainedly, was quoted as saying: "That's a shame, a dirty shame! If it were not for them (the Japanese-American rescuers) a lot of us would not be alive today. They're real men, those Japs!" : Ellen Meyer, cousin of Lester, is employed at the local ration offices. . . WEDDING CAKE TO A PATIENT James Elmore, son of Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Elmore, Union township, was unable to attend his sister Mildred's wedding (see. Society page) last week Tuesday evening at the Good Hope church.because he is a patient in a hospital at Hot Springs; Ark.,, with malaria. • . . James joined the army three I years ago January 3, and was seriously injured in combat ;overseas December 19, 1942, when he eceived shrapnel in his back, one shoulder, and the arm. But James got to eat a' big piece of the wedding cake anyway, for his mother sent him Xhe whole top >tier, and at last reports there was no evidence that it made his malaria any worse. Cburt Clerk Helen White, Auditor Immerfall, and Recorder Clara Walker have drawn the grand jury list for 1945 and the petit panel for the January term of court," which is to open Monday, Jan...22. The grand jurors are. to report at the courthouse at 9 a. m. Tuesday, Jan. 23, but the petit jurbrs are not to report till the. same hour Tuesday, Jan. 30. Judge Hudson, Pocahontas, is to preside. The grand jurors, no two of whom, may be from the same toxvnship,- are .all men: > Irvjn. Bathe, Eagle, Armstrong. R. C. Baum, Hebron, Elmore. Julius Harisen.-We'sley, 'Wesley. Henry Kuecker, '. Whittemore, Whjttemore. '. . .;••,:..„ •Ben-G.' Luedtke;' Fenton, Fenton.' : '• '/;' ' • •• ; ' ; '<"';•'•' . Leonard 'Maasdam, Algona, Algona. " •'• . : . '•• •Max Nitz, Ledyard, Ledyard. E. C."Peterson, Harrison, Swea City.' ••••• ; • ;'.'. ." : Oilman Schwietert, Portland, Burt. Peter Ubben, German, Titonka. •R. W. Will, Union; Algona. ' John Zeller,' Riverdale, Bode. '•• .The .list', of 36. petit' jurors, of whom ten are women,' follows: H. F. Andere'gg '__C_I_West Bend Margaret Barger -'.-..Swea City Anton Becker Bode Gladys Bell . ...Algona Owen Berhow . Elmore Roland Bernau __• Whittemore Henry Blocker ;_Bancroft John Brink '. Bancroft Frank Cook —... Algona Mrs. Glen Cowing. .-Bancroft Addie DeBolt — Algona Nick Fisch . Ottosen Frederika Frandle ^_ :_ . .-—.—^ Buffalo Center ,W. P. French-,-..-. Algona John Furst. _. Lakota Lon Gbu,je Wesley E. A. Guderian ^...Lu Verne .Geo. E. Harner-.-.-.-Swea City Ed. Hildman— .....Wesley Oran Hudson Algona Martin Jerv.en Algona Collette Kockler i.-.-Bancroft Erwin Krause Fenton Nick Maharas, who began devoting full time to farming last spring, after 18 years in the shoe repair business here, reports an extra good yield of corn on a four-acre plot where he farms at the east edge of town. On that small field he raised 100 bushels to the acre. Altogether he had 32 acres in corn, .1 Maharas had done some farming as a side line at the same location for years. This last season he raised the best pigs he ever had; at seven months they averaged 230 pounds, and he sold 24 of them. Mr. and Mrs. Maharas have two sons in service, William and Arast, The parents had come to be very anxious about S. 2-c. William, because it had been six months since they had had word from him, but last week Wednesday they received a letter, and he was well when it was written, Arast is in the Merchant. Marines, .and there is also a son-in- law in service. Nick himself is a veteran of World War I, and at times since the present war began he has had a lively itch to get into it. He bears the scars of World War I wounds. ' , LOANS $30 $50 $100 $200 OR MORE To buy licenses, winter fuel and clothing, to make home and car repairs, bay taxes or lo purchase livestock or machinery. .:•••:. Loans on furniture, autos, livestock, etc. • SPECIAL FARM PLAN PHIL J. KOHLHAAS Phone 22, Algona Gen'l Ins, Agency SHOPPER TO BE DISCONTINUED TEMPORARILY Up to a few months ago weekly newspapers, unlike the dailies, were not effectively rationed on print (the kind of paper used for newspapers), but last fall the paper shortage became so acute that weeklies also were rationed—for iho fircl time in U. S. history. Figures compiled at the end of the last quarter of 1944 revealed that the Advance had exceeded its quota and compelled plans for reduction in the present quarter. This in turn has compelled • discontinuance of the Saturday Shopper till spring at least. It may also become necessary to decline new Advance subscriptions, as many publications are already doing, or it may even be necessary to deny some renewals, but for the present it is hoped to get by without such action. Lewi* Eller Witti Army Bronze Medal Lewis D. Eller, technician 5th grade, son of Mr. and Mrs. John Eller, Algona, and nephew of Mrs. Sam Medin, also Algona, has been awarded a bronze star and rtiedal for meritorious service in connection with military operations Against the enemy in France November 3, 1944. He has been in service two years, and overseas since last summer. HEW KIWANIAN. Bob McConnell, who is associ ated with W. P. French in °1 county,ration offices, is a new member of the Kiwanis club. Mr French is a member of the R 0 ' tary club. Cold Preparation* at directed "CRETZ" INSTALLED. , Di\ C. H. Cretzmeyer was installed as new president of the Kiwanis club at last Thursday's luncheon. Past President. C. B. Murtagh was installing officer. The retiring president was County Engineer H. M. Smith. INCOME Tax Returns should 1)0 filed before January 15th Itymuiiy— particular;} 1 ;>y farmers who have not made the estimates quarterly. V. A. Loncrgan has an office in the McEnroe bldg. and you may call for information nnd assistance in your particular case. REPORT OF CONDITION OF Farmers State Bank .organized under lh« law* of Iowa, located at Luverne, Ko». suth County, at the close of business December 30th, 1944. RESOURCES Cash, due from banks, and cash item in,process of collection — $216,886.82 United Stales Government obligations, direct and guaranteed -'- -—— . 483,340.00 Loans and Discounts—.-— -_..___--. .-. 147,485.65 Overdrafts :- —— - — 33.47 Banking House __:..:_— 3,843.07 Furniture and Fixtures _...._— 779.58 Other assets—Premium paid bonds- . 472.50 TOTAL RESOURCES —... — $852,841.09 LIABILITIES , Deposits subject to check...—___—.; L ^.$573,986.73 Savings deposits _.-'_...^.1 -_-._. 88,243.23 Time certificates of deposit.'...' -^ ^_—_ ..33,877.60 Other deposits (certified.and cashier's checks, etc.) 2,171.72 Total Deposits __ :„:.—$804,813.02 CAPITAL ACCOUNTS . Capital • Common Stock ...'-. $ 25,000.00 25,000.00 Surplus fund __'_——_ .'12,500.00 Undivided profits (after deducting expenses)'. 10.528.Q7 Total Capital Accounts $48,028.07 TOTAL LIABILITIES and CAPITAL ACCOUNTS $852,841:09 STATE OF IOWA, Kossuth County, ss. . We, J. A. Nelson, President; D. M. Lindebak, Cashier'; of the bank aibove named, do solemnly swear that the foregoing statement is full,: true and correct, to the. best of our knowledge and belief. • . ' : J. A. NELSON, President (Bank Seal) " ' D. M. LINDEBAK, Cashier Sworn to and subscribed before me by J. A. Nelson 1 , and D. M. Lindebak; this 3rd day of January, 1945. . J. E. LYNCH, .,, •Notary Public, in and for Kossuth County. ATTESTED BY G. S.' BUCHANAN, HAROLD P. SORENSEN, . LAWRENCE MILLER, A. A. SCHIPULL, Directors. 1 (Notary Seal) DANCES H. W. POST J)RAY AM) TUANSFEH Storage of All Kinds Long Distance Hauling Every (oad insured against Iocs ancjl damage of all kinds. Equipped to do all kinds of hauling and draying. PHONE 298 Algona, I?. L • - I WANT ADS ARE YOUR MARKET PLACE at Bancroft Friday, Jim. 12—Al Menkc Tuesday, Jan. 1<J — Scandinavian Accordion Friday, Jan. 19—Lynn Kerns Burt, Jan. 8—Charles Coffin, son of Mr. and Mrs. Clark Coffin here, was married to Alice Hiuks, Milwaukee, Saturday, Dec. 30. The ceremony was performed at Methodist church in the city. Charles, who has for some years been employed at Milwaukee, is a nephew of Mrs. W. E. McDonald and Mrs. Harry McMurray, Algona. B-29 INSTRUCTOR. Fenton, Jan. 8—Cpl. F. C. Fau- j erby, son of Mr. and Mrs. E. C. I Fauerby now stationed at the ! Fairmont army air field at Gen' eva, Neb., has been made an instructor oo B-29's, FARM AUCTION Having decided to quit farming I will sell at Public Auction on the farm known as the Ed. Chambers farm located 1 mile west, 1 mile south, 1£ miles west of Corwith, on Wednesday, Jan, 17th SALE TO COMMENCE AT 1 O'CLOCK 4 Head of Horses Team of Spotted horses, 10-12 yrs. old, wt. 2700 Ibs.; brown horse 12 yrs. old, wt. 1600 Ibs.; bay mare 4 yrs. old, wt. 1400 Ibs. 8 Head of Cattle 8 Two good dairy cows; 6 Shorthorn steer calves, wt. 400 Ibs. each. Farm Machinery, Etc. j^cssc&sacaa^ar^^ Marshall & Swift, Inc. FUR SALE of Fine Fur Coats Jan. 9-10 Buy your fur coat at this January Sale and save. Furs—Furs for glamour and loveliness . . . for warmth and wear. An alluring group of varied furs in new smart models on sale at reasonable prices. We urge that you take advantage of present values. ELITE | H. BRUMMOND, Aijct. FARMERS STATE BANK, Lnverne, Clerk :*'^. ''.^^ Model C. C. Case factor, new piston assembly last spring, with 2-row cultivator; Case 2- liottom Iti-in. tractor plow; Oliver 2-jbottom 14- in. plow with extra slat bottoms; 14-ft. Case tractor disc; 15-ft. Western laud roller; 11-ft. Covar spring tooth; 24-i't. lever harrow; John Deere endgatc seeder, with wagon; John Deere >O. 9i)9 corn planter, with tongue truck; 160 rods corn planter wire; Sew Idea side delivery rake; Minn. (J-t't. mower; 10-\t't. Minn, dump rake; single-row cultivator; 14-in. walking plow; Sandwich 42-ft. grain elevator, with 10- it. of spouting wide hoist. Speed Jack and 5-liorse I. H. C, engine; I. U. C. 8-,ft. grain binder; New Idea manure spreader; 2 Mew Idea roller bearing wagons; large tank wagon box; triple wagon box; hay rack; 12x18 Cozy brooder house, with double floor; large size McComb oil brooder; several chicken feeders and waterers; Kew Idea Jian«r corn shelter; Fairbanks-Morris electric pump jack, almost new; 2 sets hack 1^-in, pad liar- ness; a number of horse collars; 2 sets fly nets; .'i hay slings. Four Pride of the Farm rotary hog feeders; Utility 45-lm. hog feeder; 2 70.gal. Trine of the Farm hog waterers; Utility hog caterer; (J 5-ft. heavy steel hog troughs; 8x8x2 steel water tank; 80 rods of 824in. heavy woven wire, nearly new; some chicken netting; tank heater; 350-gal. heavy steel gas tank, with new hose and nosj/le; 80.ft. l^-In. new steel pipe; Fairbanks-Morris platform scale; small heating stove; lawn mower. . This machinery in excellent condition. Lots of other articles too numerous to mention. j£ TERMS—Cash, no property to be removed until settled for. OTTO WILLE, Owner

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