Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on January 9, 1945 · Page 3
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 3

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 9, 1945
Page 3
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IBM IPO SERVICE HAS RETIRED Spongberg Tells 34 Year* a§ An Clerk L. 34 years as clerk in the T nnstal Service, Albm Jay rAiBona, retired Jan. K missing a day because II he had accumulated feof sick leave which he f i'gberg was heVer in an k'he served SaKp! 'fillf because of Match I damp snows whlch the Linwo could not overcome. ,r so long in the effort to Apiece of mail to its des- L in the shortest possible h began to feel somewhat •Mr Spongberg explained CALS » l ,*L th A,* i6Md *? r * the dini "S room of the Algona hotel was renovated with paint, etc. Mr. rind Mrs^ Alox Dormancl spent last week Sunday, Monday and Tuesday with friends at Mason City. Mrs. Ann Fdehner spent Thursday at Port Dodge, where she bought goods for her women's store. . Relatives ahd others from a distance attending the LeRoy McWhorter funeral here Friday included: Judge Slillman convened court i m u u day for Cn >cago, where she will be on general staff duty -:tt the Chicago University lying^ in hospital. She is a Rochester graduate, and has already had experience in Chicago hbsjpilals. Edw Thaves, district agent in Kos.suHi for the Bankers Life, attended company school at Masori City Ihursday, Friday, ahd Sat' unlay. It was held at the Han- lord hotel, and on Saturday evening Mr. Thaves, who had the program, talked oh "My Contacts with Young People." Mrs. Edris Greltie, of Chicago, spent the Ne\v Year's- weekend i her parents, Mr. knd Mrs i. Vohs, and Mrs. Vohs Served eporter. "This was one of [West things I ever had to Into account. •hen the levities and jokes of lounger members of one's Jno longer seem funny, ahd I, as B. P. Richardson, who |'d Nov. 1, says, even the j in the papers lose appeal, no longer be denied that is growing old. •Always at Home Here. Ihave been most fortunate }ese years, for I have never leave Algona, which had ,' always been my home. j 1900 I was appointed a sub- je under the Dubuque office, Vtcr subbing two years I re- Id an appointment on the Western between Des [cs and Kansas City, with nuartcrs .at Kansas City. Jvcr, the chief clerk at Du- lold me not to move, for was soon to be a vacancy Ben Muona and Dubuque, lie would see that I got it. Ifter only lliree months on fansas City run, I was trans- ' to the Dubuque-Algoha R. and continued living at Al- Ihen the run was changed, pll clerks here were ordered libuaue, I transferred to the lia-Chamberlain R. P. O., Je I have been ever since. •don't know how many miles f e traveled on duty, but I do TI have never missed a day's I in these 34 years. Some Reminscences. Jie railway mail service has •ways been as good a job as In the early days our sal- were low and expenses high—with no expense ac- Jt. .In order to get by, all of |med a sack of bedding and I m mail cars, and I, like j others, also carried a basin food, enough to last a *! trip. Jremember working with E. lough and frying eggs and Iocs about Ruthven, then J near Mitchell, S. D., as we • trough to Rapid City. We |to have a room at Chamber"U the only thing wrong was bed bugs! But they _ t have been so bad if 'Ed' I1 ft them all stirred up ev- |« with his bedbug spray of ye^ars Rich- latMitchelC where wThacTa Li T ardson did our cook - •aiol was the 'maid,' wash- aisnes and keeping the fc n \" e ?Jl M Possible. Rich- C by , the way, was an ex- iW' l sha11 alwa y s «- |wr those years as the best >» mail service. . K><d Free's Poems. fi S ?rT ked with *e late fge B. w™ When , he went lil I'miT™"?? nad a tablet and |iunder his pillow, and 1 »ho— e nearly all of his I m T° hours whe " he tons lee P- Every morning •ad«J3?f!!J ud Sn«rt on — * who had been keeping house for Mrs. Emmn Cosgrove, went to New Hampton Sunday for a visit at a brother's. Mf. and Mrs. John Schueler Sr,, Bahcrbft, and their daughter Frances were guests Thursday at Verhon Casler's here. Mrt. Stella Rarneri returned to her horhe at Webster City Monday, after a month with hnr daughter, Mrs. Alcy Dermand. Mr. ahd Mrs. R. O. Bjustro-n spent a few days at Chicago lust week This was a buying trip for the Bjustrom furniture store. Frances Bone, former Algona teacher, whose home is at Mon- j licello, visited friends here last j .w£ek. She now teaches at: Boone. Bfail Wright, manager of Graham's, left Sunday for St. Louis to attend a Graham stores buying convention and order goods' for the local store. . Mts. C. W. Taylor, of Austin, Minh., and her son Charles spent the holidays with the former's •father, A. L. Long, going home last week Monday. D. D. Monlux, state high priest, installed the Royal Arch council | goes to Waterloo next Thursday! for a like purpose. Mts. Wm. Clemens, wife of the meat cutter at the Council Oak grocery, slipped on ice last week Tuesday, and has since been laid up with wrenched back muscle. Mrs. Betty Murtagh-Kruse left Wednesday for Vinton to visit her husband's parents. She returns to Fiaribault, Minn., this weekend to- resume teaching. Mrs. Ralph Hunsley left Saturday for home at Prince Rupert, Canada, after three weeks here with the Mrs. Maudie Hunsleys and the Linus Stalzers, Union township. Margaret Ann Beardsley spent from Thursday to Monday ,at Des Moines, where she visited Mrs. Betty Kurtz, the former Betty Laird, daughter of the late W. E. Laird and Mrs. Laird. S.-Sgt. Walter Boeckholt, Buffalo Center, who. was married last week Tuesday evening to Mildred' Elmore, of Union township, left Friday evening for Richmond, Va., where he is stationed, ers move to Washington, D; C. ' Mr. and Mrs. D. H. Goeders, their daughter Mrs. Jeanettc Goeders-Falkenhainer, and the latter's daughter Linda spent part of the holidays here. Mr. and Mrs. Dale Carr, Oskaloosa, are parents of their first child, a daughter, 'born Thursday, named Barbara June. Mrs. Carr is the former June Adele Overmyer, Algona. Mr. Dale is a grocer. Mrs. Thomas Kain went to Mason City a week ago last Thursday and had operations for removal of cataracts on both eyes. She is a patient iat Mercy hospital, and reports of her present condition are favorable. Betty Jane LaBarre left Sunday for St. Charles, Mo., where she is a student at Lindenwood college. She had spent a three' and a half weeks holiday vacation with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. C. R. LaBarre. • Boyd Thompson, Los Angeles v spent Sunday to Tuesday last week at the G. L. Vohs home. Mr. Thompson, a nephew of Mrs. Vohs, is an athletic school coach who taught at Carroll six years and at Cresco 14 years. Bob LaBarre, who entered the navy March 29 'and was sent to California in April, took training at Catalina Island, was tnanferred to the east coast last October, and was sent to sea last month. Bob is second cook on a ship. Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Michel, Dalton, Neb., were guests of Ambrose A. Call State Park Custodian ahd Mrs. Paul Wille last week, and also visited Mrs. Michel's parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Graham, Burt. Mr. Michel is a farther. * Nurse Kathleen Evans, daughter of Dr. ahd Mrs. R. A. Evans, e here is a re& Go. Mrs. L. S. Bohantibn, her two children, and Mrs. C. D. Schaap, also with two children, left Wednesday evening for Hot Springs, N. M., where they will snnnrl flin rest of iVl" • •>! — * — »#_* KOSSUTH COUNTY ADVANCE, ALGONA, IOWA PAGE THHKB Jamesjs in the ait corps, station- Mrs. Rny McWhortnr, Burt, ed at San Diego. | daughter Mary Janice; Mr. and Mri. Harm Kettwick, German 'Vlrs. C. Ci. .I,i K hter, Theron Light- township, patient at the Kossulh ';''' ani1 !VIl '- s - 'lamus Pool, Ocheye- hoSpital tWo weeks, had a m.ij bpefatioh laSt - hef condition is now repor._ , isfastory, following a critical I ^ rs - Arnold Bnrth, all of Have- peTiod. A daughter, Johanna,' I(K:1 ' : ' lVlr - all(l M ''--i- J. Lulher Mil- liip, patient at the Kossulh ''''- an(l !VIl '- s . .laine.s Pool, Ocheye- al tWo weeks, had a m.ijor ] ( - l!in ; Ml '- and Mrs, E. Gill, Mrs. ioh laSt week Tuesday, zind ( -' ( ' r "'J! ( - Grow, Terrill; Mrs. S. H. ndition is now reported sat- ( ''"' Mrs. .1. C. Barth, Mr. and called on her two weeks complained of not feeling wi.:ll| ahd next day was herself brought to the hospital as a patient, but is at home now. | Or. ahd Mrs. F. Earl Burgess, | with the son Roger, got home I yesterday from Nashville, Tenn., | where Doctor Burgess had attended a national Methodist conference on Christian Education. The Rev. N. A. Price, locnl pastor, also attended, but got home , Friday. Doctor Burgess had to | leave at once for Des Moine.s to! attend a conference of district superintendents. ler, Hurt; Mrs. Klbert Green .Waterloo; ami Mr. and Mrs. Marion Gilmore, Clear Lake. DIES Mr:;. C Tolino .Kelly, 67, died nst v/ct'k Wednesday at the Bo! Jin hdsiiital, Manchester, follow; Mrs. Joseph Cosgrove fell last!'"?,'' 1 b( ' ; "' t aUnck Thursday on an icy sidewalk in 1 "' K "" 10 lon y years prior to s are now ^ M . „„,„„ Schaap is still a naval dentistTn California. Mrs. Paul Lindholm left last week Tuesday by train for Joplin, Mo., for a visit at her parental home. A brother was there on leave from overseas, and • it was more than a year since Mrs.' Lindholm had seen him. In a letter received by Mr. Lindholm, she said she had to stand most' of the way to Joplin. The youth center, "Dry .Dock," will be closed February 1, when the building, owned toy Dr. A. L. Rist, will be occupied by F. L. Huxlable under the title Home and Auto Supply Co. Mr. and Mrs. Huxtable are already here and are living in the upper apartment in the Mrs. H. W. Pletc'h house on North Thorington. Mr. and Mrs. E. C. Wilkins will leave in mid-January for the South, where they will spend two months on vacation. Mrs. Wilkins, the former-Alice Miller, recently bought the Morrison Beauty shop, which she has managed for several years, and Mr. Wilkins is the Sonotone , hearing device representative in this territory. Mrs. L. G. Baker went to Kanawha for the weekend at her sister Mrs. Stewart's. Mrs. Stewart's husband is a doctor. Mrs. Baker was to go from Kanawha to Iowa City for a visit wuh other relatives, and thence was to leave for Tucson, Ariz., where she will spend the rest of the winter. She was at Tucson a year ago. Mr. and Mrs. Ivan Kollasch, pf Battle Creek, Mich., are parents of a daughter, Pamela Ann, born December 24. Mr. Kollasch : is employed in a defense plant, and Mrs. Kollasch is the former Ann McNeill, daughter of Ed. McNeil] here. Mrs. Paul Nellis, sister of Mrs. Kollasch, got home Monday from a few days with the Kollasches. Mr. and-Mrs. Sam Medin have a new granddaughter, born 1 -to their son Russell and his wife December 17 at Klemme. The baby has been named Jacqueline kay, and she has a brother. Howard two years old. The elder Medins now have seven grandchildren, three girls and four boys. Russell is buttermaker for a farmers creamery at Klemme. Pauline Zender left Tuesday on return to Los Angejes, after three weeks vacation with her father, F. C. Zender. She was accompanied by Mrs. -Eleanor LaBarre-Mowers, who had been bookkeeper at the Christerisen store. Mrs. Mowers' husband is in the Dutch East Indies, where he pilots a C-47. Miss Zender is employed at Los Angeles. J. B. Johnston Jr., employed by the Allen Motor company here till two years ago, when he moved to Phoenix, Ariz., where he is now employed as a rubber .welder, has written his father. Justice Johnston, here that he how has two sons in the service. J. B, Johnston III is in the navy somewhere in the Pacific, and the son A.iM^Liuujr uu «ii i*-y ajuewc.uiv 1:1 i .. _ H T _ ,. front of the Brown suburban gro-! hvcL ' vTf '. ;ii ' K : [ 1 ' 0 -. Mr: J- Kc l lv llvcd eery, and was taken to the Kos- ' Tlom ^<'r husband, who was suth hospital for examination for ^'^ /' • Kt ' llv ' wns Hobarton ihiuries. It was found 1h.-,l «ho i Milwaukee ar.;ent prior to his injuries. It was found that she had suffered a 'broken pelvic ' bone. Her daughter Mrs. W. R. Laird, Sioux Falls, came down. Myrtle St. John, who was house-1 keeper for Mrs. Cosgrove, lias ' closed the house for the present, i Mrs. R. S. Cowan left last! rlonlli in November 1!)40. Three years a;;r, Mrs. Kelly moved to KarlvilU 1 , which had since been her home. She was a member of the C';i!ii;r,v.;ational church and of Funeral .services were conduct- Thursday for Camp Chafeej Ark.", 1 " 1 ^'""''I'lv "! Eurlville, also at for a few days with her husband, ; | Iurt ! ' y ;, vvhr:1 ' ( ' lan ; ui ,l w; !5 madc private in armored infantry, i i.1 '' v' n ' V(: "' N]r - Is -t'l!y. 'Dick' received training at Camp i Mrs - ^"Hy, whose maiden 'Roberts, Calif., and was trans-i sur , n; " 11( ' VV ' IS Nippon, was born ierred to Camp Chafee some : " nd "p' w uo ld Dubuque. On months-ago. Mrs. Cowan is the ; .J? cc - *':, 900 ' she _ was married. former Jane Hemphill, and with i f. our ' ;<llll( " 1 ''" t ; n survive: Mrs Penher two daughters lives with her •'«\^"'"" J.oke: Cpl. Buell Kel- parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. P. !Ty ' in ;'F,Y ICC . m 1<ral ? c e; Cpl. Hemphill. Mr. Hemphill is in W.i; ? urn ''\, K! ' 1 >'• '" :l "laical corps A. Murray employ at Bancroft, i " n H'-'H«nd; S.-Sgt. Kyle Kelly, Dr. and Mrs. W. R. Laird, of^ ort L "« : 'n- Colo. Kyle recent- Sioux Falls, have gone to Coro-! ly j; cU ' r 'l' ;d , rrom service in Italy, riiado, Calif., to say goodbye to' Mr *- Kollv lq n1sn *"™ n ' pr1 hv their son, Lt. Com. W. R. Laird Jr., who is, or was, about to leave for overseas service. The reservations of the Lairds had , 1 M P' I>-clly_ is also survived by daughter-in-law, Mrs. James ^ living with her parents, and r ' TTl ' s - Jesse Dugan farm- rsm;nL ° nc Rock ' while her BASKET QUINT LOSES A GAME TO LAKE BOYS The A. H. S. first team basket- eers took a 34-25 trimming from the Clear Lake firsts here Friday evening, but the local seconds trounced the Lake seconds in a 27-18 game. There was a good-sized audience, but it was thrilled with no spectacular plays on either side. The game was just plain basketball all around from start to fin-! ish. This week brings visiting quints from two other high schools. Emmetsburg comes to- J night; Clarion Friday night. The Clear Lake-Algona box scores 1 follow: Clear Lake. F.G. F.T. Total Smith, forward .—5 1 11 Garth, forward __-l2 0 4 Otl, center 3 0 6 Tarr, guard 4 2 10 Moffett, guard __.0 0 0 Johnston, guard —1 1 3 I Totals 15 4 34 : . Scores at half—Clear Lake, 20; Algona, 11. Algona F.G. F.T. Total Sankey, forward __0 0 0 Devine, forward __1 3 5 Phillips, forward __2 0 4 Lash brook, forw'd-0 0 0 Holmes, center 1 0 2 Butts, center 1 0 2 Allen, guard 5 0 10 Kuhn, guard 1 0 2 Totals 11 3 25 by his wife. He pleaded guilty commission for examination as and was sentenced to five days an inebriate. That hearing was in jail, also was assessed the costs | held at 11 a. m., and he was pa-< of the action and ordered to ap-1 roled to Sheriff Cogley during pear before the county insanity good behavior. •* i.:e'n;i* H TI'ES., JA>. !)" Mnf. 2 P. M. llHT 111* 1 }' COIHflKM'tHl (lie Fii<lire! already been made when Mrs. hushand is in service. Before he Laird, as reported elsewhere, received news of her mother's accident here. She came at once to entered the service Mr. Kelly had the Jevvol Tea route here. Mrs. Kelly also left two grand- v»--«iixiJLi.i_. »_/»lV, V.t»llll_itCJl/UlH_kJ lAJi I'll i 1 • i t • i Algona, but the doctors told her j children, a boy and a girl, chil- there was nothing she could do, drcn ° r Mrs - p cntict). so she and Doctor Laird proceeded on their trip. Ward McWhorter, only son, of PAPER DISCONTINUED. , Editor W. F. Miller, 83, has Rogers, Ark.; the only daughter, • discontinued his Livermore Ga- Mrs. Frank Ryerson, Burt, her, zetle, it is reported. During the husband, and daughter Joyce; R. j last few months he has been in C. Demaray, Joplin, Mo.; Mr. and ! poor health. incidents I ores ea who I are with of the 34 . would be T -— j to railway postal i snail miss vt ; Delations with to appear the most * elerk esVer known " n mv were - -—•—»»». ^^b* y wehnnr ? nd J love Algoha, J here/' ays to make our and S--AH a over '•-Advance Pub. Co. +»»»*»»»»»+»»++»»«»»«»•.« •T-....... Q ..<•••• • v Congregational Women's. Association Mill sponsor a RUMMAGE & BAKE SALE SATURDAY, JANUARY 13 at the Allen Motor Co. Sale Starts at 9 A. M. «»»»»»*»*+»»»»»»•»•*»•»» Commercial Fertilizer To lie sure of obtaining your supply of Commercial Fertilizer Place Your Orders Now Transportation difficulties and limited supply may make it Impossible to get later In the season. Sargent & Company ^^^ . _ _ .. ^ n * PHONE 860 18-lf TUES., WED., JAN. i)-l() Paramount PraMntf • ' »o%!!*.~ Co-Hit AMHtKWS SISTERS in III ——— Cactus THJJRS., FRL, SAT. January 11-12-151 SUN'., 3FON., TUES., WED. January M-^15-10-17 ! mm i, ITAYLOR *•' MARGARET LINDSAY IOHN CARRADINE DEAN IAGGER Algonian Held on Inebriacy Charge Arthur Ristau, Algona, was haled into the Mayor Kohlhaas court yesterday, charged with drunkenness on information filed INSULATE NOW! Wi;i>., T1IUK8., JAN. 10-11 Daily M«t. 2 P. M. GALE SONDERGAARD JUNE VINCENT THOMAS GOMEZ' GEORGE DOLENZ ' JANE FARRAR LUDWIG STOSSEL FOR A Eagle-Pitcher Water-Proof lilown Home Insulation Estimate Call 275 S years experience Thousands of satisfied users Cowan Building Supply Co. THI'ltS., Fill., SAT., JANUARY 12-18-/I4 Daily Matin^o JOX HALL LOUISE ALLWIUTTOX KIMY. EVERETT HORTON in "SAN IHJiGO I LOVE YOU" Added Attraction "MARCH OK TIME" (SPECIAL) Fun for the Family Saturday SUNDAY, MONDAY, JANUARY 15-18 News — Cartoon e Co-Hit ARHIDA and E. BBEKDEL —in— "MACHINE GUJV MAMMA" Serial "Tiger Woman" Co-Hit JANE DARNELL „.„-,-! "M j "SHE'S A SWEETHEART" Slum's G. I. Doings on •Week-End Leave. Christensen's January Clearance Entire STOCK of COATS COATS Over 50 to select from. Kurls - "Sterling" fur-trimmed and untrimmed Buy now—Select from Christensen's quality Coats at genuine savings. Every Coat at Clearance prices. All sizes, 9 to 17, 10 to 46, 29 to 51. "Sterling," "Alpagora," "Leeds," "Paramount" Complete Closing-Out PUBLIC SALE •, As we are dissolving partnership we will sell the f ollow- ik»9 described properly at Public Auction on the farm located 1 >/4 miles east of Rodman, 4 miles north and 3 west of West Bend, and one mile west. 3 miles south, and 3 west of Whifl- temore, on • Thursday, Jan. Nth AT 1 P. M. 40—HEAD OF LIVESTOCK—40 96—HEAD OF CATTLE—Including 18 dairy cows. A full line of good farm machinery. That includes a 15-30 McCormick-Deering tractor on steel, completely overhauled. Milk tools and usual terms. . ARCHIE DIETRICH and MRS. NICK MERSCH COLWELL BROS., Auctioneers IOWA TRUST AND SAVINGS BANK, Emmetsburg, Clerk DRESSES One large rack—choice Just Received-New Bed Spread* Mattress Pads, Sheets 100 per cent Wool Blankets Christensen's "Algona's Style Center"

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