Saturday Morning Visitor from Warsaw, Missouri on July 8, 1848 · Page 2
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Saturday Morning Visitor from Warsaw, Missouri · Page 2

Warsaw, Missouri
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 8, 1848
Page 2
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.1 t I :l i : MORNING VISITOR. f3Ttn $2 r kniiDM, Casn.. SATURDAY MORNING, JULY 8 - PREACHING. The following SDDoinlments were mad fnr the supply of the PiiIdII In this place at the fetent meeting of the Presbytery vf July 23G.A. M. Renshaw, . DEMOCRATIC TICXT. . 1 FOR PRESIDENT, CEIUEM'IS tm. Vf Michigan,' ,, FOR VICE-PRESIDENT, m. WH O. BUTLER, Of Kentucky. ,V . ... , rOU COtERNOft, AUSTIN A. KING, of Ray. ' ".' " ro tltUT. COVERKOB, THOS. L, PRICE, of Cote. Electori for President and Vice President. Jet Disl. J. C. WELBORN of Pike. 2nd : A. McKINNEY, of Randolph. 3.1 4 th 5th 5th ?th E.B. EWING, of Ray. (3. D. HALL, of Lafayette. " -B. F. M ASSEY, of Lawrence. ' JYH. RELFE, of Washington. "c TRUSTEN POLK, St. Louis. whig ticket. for president, Gen .If .! TiYI,OR, TOR VICE PRESIDENT, 10H OOVERKoB, J A S; S. ROLLINS, of Boone. ; . 10R LrEOT. OOVER.NOR. L. HENDRICK, of Grcem to. it-.. -- i Electors for President and Vict President. 1st Dit. TJ U ANDERSON.of Marion 2nd " A, LEONARD1, of Howard. 3d A. W.DONIPHAN, of Clay. 4th " .!. C. RICHARDSON, of Cooper 5th' ' CI! AS. N; HANDV, of Benton. 6th " A LVIN COOK, of C. Gii'aiMeau. 7th " IR1EL.WRIGHT, of Si. Louis. C$-B. F. M ASSEY, Esq., Democrat-io Elector for thia Electoral district, will address the people of Benton county at the Court-house on FRIDAY NEXT, the 14t!linsl. Kentucky U. S. Senator The Governor of Kentucky has appointed the Hon. 1 ho-mas Metcalle to fill the vacancy in the U. Slates Senate occasioned by the resignation of the Hon. Jno. J, Crittenden. The seat was offered to ML Clay, who declined' the appointment. H"Maj. C. F. Jackson, (dem.) has been put in nomination for State- Senator, from the counties (if Howard and Chariton. Gen. John B. Clark is the Whig candidate. This will doubtless be an interesting canvass, as they are both ingenious and able men, and the master spirits of their respective parties in that Senatorial district. 0The Metropolitan of the 4th says : There will be a special session of' the Circuit Court of the-United States for (he District of Missouri, held al Jefferson City on be 28th of August next, for the trial of Abel: Atfmstronsvotat Johw Jones and James Smith, who are charged with the murder of James Baldwin, on the road1 leading from Independence to Santa Fe, in March 1847. . 27The St. Louis Weekly Union appears araong-our exchanges this week, in an entire-new dress, "msnufaclured to or-der'-' by A. Pi Lade w & Co., "St. Louis, by which the Union, always a handsome paper, will compare favorably in point of general appearance and mechanieal execution, with the best paper of the dayi The price of the Weekly to' shigle subscribers is $5 00-to clubs of ten, it will be forwarded Io any. prt of the country nt $2 00'a yaar." The Campaign Union, from IhSs time-until the close of the Presidential campaign, will be sent to clubs of ten for the low price of fifty cents. Send , on your bits, and get four' times their worth in a choice variety f valuable reading matter, together with the ocial vote of alt the State, to be given 'in the last No., Which will of itself la worth the subscription price, . . Tb Hons. W. P. Hall and Ju: S. Qreen'h'sie our thabkt for pubir- docu-l3rils Jorsvarded to jhis office. . Striped Pigs. Our facetious friend of) the Glasgow News, after noticing the nomination of Cats and Butler by the Baltimore Convention, Taylor and Fillmore by the Philadelphia Convention, and Van Buren and Dodge by the Utica Convention, and after mlng some pretty sharp stricture! upon the rottenness "of parties, and the trickery of parly leaders and wire puller, proposes the name of Henry Clay for President, and Thomas Cor win for V. President, and then winds up by saying, as we are an independent neutral, and our office is somewhat divided in cnti- tnehl, we will announce Us vole. " M e, are of course neutral, and shall hold the balance of power, our foreman w ill vole for Cas and Fi'hfrore, our first luff for Van Buren and Taylor, and our "devil" for Tom Corwin! Who'll be President?" S3 We should say that our friend Fos ter's establishment was very striped, nevertheless we are bound to gie in our humble belief to his assertion "that thou sands of the 'sovereigns' in voting for the 'regular nominee' of the party, support a man, the half of whese principles, (if he has any at all,)" they know nolhing of. We don t guy Hits of one party, bul of all parties. But as we, loo, are independent neutrals, we may be accused by some, of assuming forbidden ground unlike cur friend of the News, however, we have io new candidate to brim desiring to see n fair nice, with men of nil sorts of principles, in the field," or perhaps more correctly speaking with no principles at all, if the people so w ill it, et us have a sweepstake race of H, and the foremost man lake the spofls. By this means all old party distinctions will be done away, and we can lliuii "open a new set of books," and begin unew. The Fourth. The recent anniversary of our National Independence was permitted to pass by almost unnoticed by our citizens. We believe there were a bar. bacue or Iwo go feffup al different points in ihe county, which were attended by a number of persons Irom town. The ihoi ppfopriate way of celebrating this day that- w e ha e heard of, was done by a couple of our young friends over the river, y plighting their troth and swearing c- ternal constancy to each other at the altar of Hymen. This is the niost rational and sensible mode of celebrating a greut day, and hope there may be olhers of our acquaintance who i Uen ed it in like muiiMr. Another Rkkviond. Ex-l'residcnt Van Buren of New York, has been nominated by vt'lkt is termed the Barn-b imei s, a faction of the New York democracy, and a lew "impraclicaules" from some half doz en other States, for the Presidency, and has accepted the nomination making a third set of candidates for the highest and most honorable office in (he w orld; Hon. Henry Dodge, of Wisconsin, was nomin ated for Ihe Vice Presidency on the licket with Mr. V an Buren. JVeu Posiojjiccs. Two new post offi ces have been established on the route between this place and Buffalo one ber-ing the name of Turkey Creek, and Jos. Hooper appointed Postmaster. The other is called Mount View, and Robert B. Tucker appointed Postmaster. Shot. We haye it by rumor (hat a MrHorrell, a lawyer of Wayncsville, iti Pulaski county, shot a Dr. Dellinger, soiwe'len or'twelve days ago, the shot proving fatal almost instantly. W'e could learn none of ihe'parliculars, further than that o ladyn concerned in Ihe matter; ' LATER FROM CHINA. The New York Evening Post has received Ihe "Friend of China," dated March 23'; from w hich the follow ing items sre extracted t The new Governor, Mr. B'onham, had arrived al Canton on the previous Monday, and was received by'Sir John Davis and hi officers whh the usual honors. Much good, it is hoped, will' result frohr (his rule. Ort the 8th of-March, an attac!r was made on three Missionaries, Messrs. Med-burst, L'ot kheart and Muirhead, by a number of Ctiintse-fairbri, (junk men,) who knocked the' mis'sionaries down, antrbeat them in a most 'barbardus manner. The Chinese authorities promised to punitfh the assailants. These junk-men are a portion of a class who have, by a recent change in the mode of transporting the tribute grain to Pekin, been thrown out of employment ; and they have resorted Io plunder to sustain themselves, as well as to intimidate the government. : i Tha Brituh Consul at Shanghae, ha (akenrnn the matter officially, and wy . ve.tigtriUhprgiighly. . . ,t SATURDAY MORNING VISITOR. Mcrdeb. The St. Joseph Gazelle, of Hie XJd in !t., say 1 On Monday night hist between the hours of 10 add 1 1 o'clock, a man bv the name of Gibson went to the residence of Dr. Jones, at the Roekhouse Prairie in this county, and made fise of very offensive and abusive language t6 the, Doctor and his lady, whereupon he was desired to quit the premises. Gibson refusing, the Doctor followed him on the porch, when Gibson caught him by the collar and inflicted a mortal wound across the abdomen, ning. The Doctor was a good physician, m' very much respected in this county. yhh;ii itrruiuiuieu in ueam me next eve- The murderer is still at large, bul the persons in pursuit are so numerous, that we earnestly hope he is by this lime arrested. A reward of $100 for the arrest of the murderer, is offered by Mr. Kobt. Jesse, "adminisralor of the estate of Samuel L. Jonls, dee'd. FM1I JIEXlC The arrital at an tally liour Thursday morning, of'the steamer Magnolia, places us in pos-sessin of files of New Orleans papers of the 23d inst. From the Pica tine of that date, we cut the following, as containing , ' ".j -. me jaie m;hi oi war. M. loius 1 t .. A . P - C. W Or- gdll. "The steamship Palmetto, Capt. .Smith, arrived at an tar- ly liour this morninjr from Vera I w1eIWB.rd mn 1,11,1 " Pre"y 'r- fVnv l,o,.;rn;i I ,i lCl., j ed that it would spread over Western Eu-Lni, hav lllg sailed on the ISth ro)e, a8 in 832, and then cross to the U. j Slates. A kind Provfdence has averted All the troops were expect- j 'he calamity, and the prospect is lhal w hated at Jalapa Oil the 21st Dll r -' fVer rf m,,ins '' llie disease in Russia, will ... r .i iii i spend itself there. For this we cannot be .c paagu uj uieraimeuo.lnHfficiemiy grntefuI.Journ of lour men, belonging to the 1st Wee. Michigan Volunteers, died, and one was lost overboard. Mr. .Sevier was expected at Vera Cruz on the 19th inst. Upon lus arrival, the Custom House at Vera Cruz . . " ! would he delivered Up to the Mexican au- j thorities. Our Commissioner, 3 It tier left t rhnital n tr. ' ;r left the ca for vera Cruz. , ,j . J.l Ceil. Arista took the oath of i office as Secretary of W'av nn i Ihe Nth inst. at MixcW. j 'Twas no, mentioned who were the vie J I we may rely upon the Mex- j tcm. hut if Soulonque has been vanquish-ican papers, the several arrests ed '"8 P0" is t an end. Capt. S. re announc ed in our paper of Wed-' porl8 8,1 ki,K'8 "f bl,u,e,,s dl111-ncstlay- morning grew out of an riV' m Sctaws actual conspiracy in t lie cilvof . .,fj f-,ot.n .., Mexico, to overthrow the gov-1 ernment. II tl-'i l i.fAiri.iL. ... ' time, and the ....o ..imurciui iii rinjrleailers were arrested before their plans were consummated. The minisfry of Pena y Pena and the deputies and Senators who voted for the peace, were -1 me intended victims of the con spiracy The plans of the conspirators in Mexico hlnl ramifications in San Louis and Agnas Calien-les, and even Zacatecas. Guana juato, Jalisco and 31ichoacan. Tlic late attempts of Paretics and Jarauta, already mentioned by us, are recognized as a part of the revolutionary scheme. Roth Houses of the Alexican Congress suspended their session on the l'2th inst., and the members expected to reach the city of Mexico shortly thereaf-ter.' almdst rh a body. The desperate attempt of father Jarauta was corfsiJered as entirely thwarted, but he has been working under the patronage of Paredes, and may yet share his good fortune, though the sentiment of the country appears to pronounce against him. regiment of the line was about to mpveJ towards lluejut-la to put down the Indian disturbances in that section of the country. ' President IJerrera, was in Mixcoiac on the 9th instant, ami apparently in very good health. Our cbVrespondence by, this arrival ha.- not yet come to hand,: and we have had but a few moments to glance at our Mexican' files. In oir next we will givtV the whole body of the news re-ccjvcd if 'there be any. MS COLONIZATION. Our attention has been dra tvn to a letter in the last Colonization Herald, written to .Jiiioit Cresson, Esq., of Philadelphia, by Marlin F. Tupper, of England, under date ol JiUth April last. Alter some remarks, personal and complimentary to Mr. Cresson, the writer adds" the following: Organ. With respect Io slavcrv and its cure, it seems to me. unless 1 am deceived by fair appearances, that your sbciety has "hit the blot." We. with the best intentions, have utterly blundered the whole business ) we have ruined our We Indies by unprepared emancipation, and waste millions annually on the absurdity of attempting to blockade a continent; moreover, through our ill-judged efforts, the horrors of '.he passage are increased ten-fold, and poof Africa groans under the additional burdens laid on her by the dull zeal of her would-be liberator of England. The idea of re-establishing the ransomed slave in his own country undef a free self-government. ani6ars to me to combine all the requirements of probable success. May America, our child, succeed where her parent's effort U a failure. Importations. Out importatiousBre increasing, even upon those of last year when they were known to have been large. i ne value oi merchandise brought loINew York during the first nine days of June- exclusive ol tnose warehoused, is SiZ.OOO, ii - i .i ... . compared with last veHr. and an ex, of $321,015 compared with ll ic vea I previous. ! The 'cukm . montl.7aco, the A'"1'0 Cholera had reached Kussia in its Coin- A Cake of twin e silver, dug from a vein belonging to the Lake Superior Company, Eagle river, has jiift been assayed at the U. S. Mint. The weioht of 'the Icake was u" lbs. 10' oz", avordupois. and it ielded 118 57. hard monev. ' Later from Port au Prince -Caplaiii Seal les, on llid briif Allen King, arrived at New York on Sunday night, in 13 days ",,m 1 orl ' "nee, reports lhal Ihe H.y I)el)g were gl) htl . renort was I received Irom 1'ort asi Prince i, rev inns to !- leaving that purl, that a batile had been '""ght, anda large number of slain onbolh independent State in our Un- 1 .. ion. Acrnri inir to the Rev. Mr. Treat's report of his late visit among them at a monthly missionary meeting in Boston, on Sunday evening they bid fair to become at. least quite jas worthy bf the fellowship as some who now enjoy it. The former are now expending $30,-000 annually from their national funds, on boarding schools, and their churches number 800 rht'mbers. Nor are the latter much behind in the progress of civilization. They have a well administered government, orderly chutches.two high-schools and other means of social and moral improvement. .Yew Orleans Mnt. The coinage al Ihe Mint in New Orlean, to the month end-rmj May 31, was $7,500 in gold, and $60,000 in silver; THE FLOWER OF LIFE. There is nothing In which a mother can have more interest in which the feelings are more deeply imbued, than in the smile and prattle of the cherub-cheeked infant. The beauties of nature are more than surpassed in the angelic smile of 'he sleeping babe. It is Innocence and Peace, blended and personified. Who, then, would not risk all yes, loose all, to preserve the health: and save the life of the "Father's pride the Mother's joy The sickness of a child increases beyond all other causes, the eai'es and anxieties of parents : the death of the Infant rends the heart of the mother for what love is like that of a mother's love ? In nine cases out of ten, the diseases of children are directly or remotely produced by Worms. Dr. J. M. Martieu has proved himself the child's friend and the mother's benefactor, in the preparation of his never-failing Worm-Powders. Countless numbers of innocent children might be saved yearly, to be a blessing to their' parents and the woild, by a timely use of this id valuable medicine. They are a certain remedy, to expel worms, cure cough, eroup, whoop-ingcough, measles'," infantile fever 6f every grade. dirifS of the lungs lit ehil, dren and adults, palpitation of the heart, bowel complaints and many other diseases with which childhood is afflicted. Do not permit your incredulity to lose your child. - - r t ' Thus bound iu love ch! may they live A golden summer life - And ne'er regret the solemn vows, That made them man and wife. May blended love and Joy divine, Flow free from Hymen's throne,' And sweetly shed its genial beam, O'er these th vedded oe. May rays of hope and tranquil peace E'er guide their wandering feet And solace give, that they make I heir untrod Journey sweet. Married, Iu the Shawnee Bend, in this county, on Tuesday evening last, 4th inst., by Rev. Mr. Smith, Mr. JWim.iam Browder to Xfis.1 Sarah Elizabeth only daughter of Mr. James M. Heddltston, all of this county , M "The Cake received, and the bloom-ing bride will acoe pt our thanks for her kind remembranceuof the printer. May she and the chosen one of her heart live to enjoy many returns' of a two-fold anni-versary the 4th of July' and their wedding day. L,i st of Letters REMAINING iii'the Po.-,t Office in War-saw, Mo. on Ihe' 1st day of JuJy, 14S. A-B ' Allison Burch Acock Jas D Anglen Aden Anderson Saml Berry Aug. E Bailey Gabriel Breshears Win C 2 Brow n Jane Mrs Bazzill John Black Robert Bowman Lindtey R akemore L T Con Arch'd Clanton Benj Cock Geo C Cam pi in Stephen or Mr Dillenhmn Cariiran Claiborn Crtinpbcll N. Carico Jainei Curd R S Cox EJward D Dawson Jre Dobkins Hugh Dentist Ciithberrv Douglass II C Dane C C F-G Fllei:stiiie C I) Fisher 11 C Foster U D Gunn Joel B Ford James Feastcr Levi Foster Win P Gatewood or Mrs Lepetu Harper W" A Harris W m Gentry Seweil II Hoper Geo Hase Nathan Henderson Mary Hdrt Ambrose J Jordou Lemuel JolniKon John K-L Lee Nancy Mrs M Miller Henry Morrow Kobt 2 May John F M.nioiifjli M -O-P-R Osborn Stephen Rose veil A S Smith Christian Smith J B Shepherd Joel Hiirris Giles Hicks Mr Johnson W P Johnson John II Kimmil Martin Lauber Andreas Morgan Levi Mc-Rronm W'm Mcl'arland A B Moon M E N Neal Thus Parker Hez Smith J E Smith Geo R Sluarl P Y -V Thurman Jas F Vaughan Wm L V Wright Sampson 5 West Inaiah Webber M A Miss Waddell W Watson R J & Co Walls Wm II. LEONARD, P. M. jul8-81L 13Persons calling for anv of Ihe above Sold by Brown Jt Dunn, Warsaw, letters, will please say "advertised." Candidates' Ileparliucnt. FOR CONGRESS. We are authorized to announce JAMES WINSTON, Esq., of Benton county, as a eandidate for Congress iu this Congressional District. iuay6 FOB BtPRtStNTAHVE. We are authorized to announce Col. JOHN MOORE as a candidate for Representative of Benton county, at the ensuing August election, may 13 We are authorized to announce BURR H. EMERSON as a candidate for Representative of Benton county at the ensuing August election. mail 8 CIRCUIT ATTORNEY. We are authorized to announee MARK L. MEANS, Esq., as a candidate for Circuit Attorney for itne 7th Judicial district, composed of the counties of Benton, Hickory, Dallas, Polk', Cedar, St. Clair and Henry. , inay27 . roa'smairf. We are authorized to announce JAS. M. BLAKEY, Jr., as a candidate for the office of Sheriff of Benton county, at the ensuinir August e!rl1nnJ-iilil-l in K decision of the whole people at the polls.". We are authorized to'announee HENRY F. BURNS as a candidate for the of-(lice of Sheriff ol Benton county, at the ensuing August election,' kpl29-td We are authorized to announce A-BRAHAM SALLEY, as a candidate for the office of Sheriff of Benton county, at the ensuring August elecfloo. ' apriUS ' W are authorized to announce Col. JOHN; HOLLOW AY as a candidate for the offlbe of Sheriff of Benton county, at tDe ensuing August election. marl ' "w5 "r "thoriaed to enoounca the M"n!AAJiuS- HAWKINS as a candidate for Sheriff of Benton countr.U the ensuing August elect ion. t- roa co8Tit. ,J-jVe are authorised to announee tfit-liam H. Kea as a candidate for Constable of Llidsey Township t the tntZg Tl gust election. ar26 Dr. Brtigg's Pitli TVhmphmf Further Evidence Great Excitement and fame amonysl thtCalomeJ Voctori-Di)-astrou consequences of thsxtse of Mineral Medicines Timely intervention of Indian Queen Vegetable Sugdr Coated Pills to save a whole neighborhood from the awful ravages of that fell destroyer, Disease, in the form's of Ague, Bilious, Congestive and Typhus Fevers R,ad and be convinced I . : ;j ,..' Va.i Bubejc, Art, April 15, 1348.!, Dr. Bragg-Dear Sir: During ibVp&st summer and fall, the various forma of Ml, ious Fever were very prevalent antfpiW; v fatal in this section of country. Our' worv thy none-such physicians, puffed up witli, pride and vain ronceit, persisted in their antiquated practice with that universal panacea, calomel, with such' unbounded success, that one or two. nnli......,v ' scampered off and lefi their Dalient. wltK nature an. I her ineffectual efforts to repair" the mischief they had .I,)c. ln one m. ilv, four case;; resulted in death, in the' short spare of four days ; in some case , three or four days after th vhlh,x e. j calomel, great prostration, tympanitic eon-: ditiou of the abdomen, and perforation of- me ooweis were me result or this heroic treatment, and to prove it so to their weeping friends, a post mortem examination' would reveal the fact. After flndina; their practice altogether inoffoctual, they came to the wise conclusion to give noWdicine' at all, but continue to visit their patients, and order flaxseed tta a auVink. .n,l j poultice of the same applied (tfthe bowels :; "-urn nun .men, wun siffe look, and little lailh. .t hearts full of noprchension, they ' would confess to their l i ii. iid's their full confidence in the nnnlication ..f hi;. tor. r I head to foot you mav !nie ti In this dilemma and uni versal constema-. Hon, one of jour travelling airents passed thmueh our neighborhood, and marie lib-" tNnld.-pri of your vegetable medicines,' anddi-itributed pamphlets, and the "Sun," to shed a ppnial and benigna-t light upon this benighted, and . apparently devoted land. The nmniia rnt to the Children ol Israel, in the w iderne. was not hailed w ith more hearty thanks than were your health-restoi ins; Pills in this awful crisis. The people were prepared to receive, them, or any thing that promised them relief finm their apparently impending fiite. I have wnti hed their progress, and the effects the v produced in hundreds or eases and nm happv to give my, feeble testimony to their entire nnd triumphant Win-Bey, in i-esforiinr health in a few days,-in ercry instance, wnen thev have been taken in time, and in strict accordance to directions. Snrne of our physicians, whose love of truth and philanthropy triumphed over prejudices and preconceived theories, have cheerfully abandoned their calomel and lancet, and recommended your pills in all cases of bilious, intermit tent, remittent, c-mgfxtive and vphu fevers; fipd they freely acknowledge that they are almost a specific in all these diseases. Your travelling agmt in anxiously looked again, as many of your a-gents arc out or pills, and the sickly lesson is approaching. With best wishes for your success, I am truly votir. I). CUNNINGHAM. For sale, wholesale and retail, at th MISSOURI COLLEGE OF HEALTH, No. fll , North 3d street, Louis. for sale by BR O H'.YSr D UJV.Y, Warsaw. ' "Also, by G. W Rives and J W Bird, J Kenton County; A C Moore, J V Filler A. I.eachinan. Jiolivar; J Price, John-Jones, W Montgomery, Williams A Peak and Reed Bennett, Buffalo; S R Robert., Erie; Waldo A McCulloch, Oseola; R Patterson, Dallas P (.; C Humes, Pleasant ". Prairie; Daniel Darby, Pittsburgh. First and Last Call! ' tl.L those having notes or aeeoitnts with us due prior to the first day of January '. last, are hereby notified that unless immediate payment is made, such notes and accounts will be placed in the hands of the proper officer lor collection. We mean just what we say we want money and must have it. junc2i BROWN A DUNN. ' STATL1vH?SOURr,' ; CoCSTY Or BOSTON. ) In the Circuit Court, March term, 1848. James M. White, ChaSe'.rlW White' of , w. vt rate, Attachment W'illlam P. Smith. J i NOW at this day come the said plaintiff , by their attorney, and it appearing 1 from'thc bherilT's return on the writ issu-' ed ill this case, that the said defendant cannot be summoned, and that his property has been attached. Therefore it is or-' dered that the said defendant be notified, thaf the said plaintiffs have commenced an : actitin of assumpsit against him for the -sum of Four hundred and fifty-dollars and '' twenty-five cents, ($454 25,) that his pro-.! fierty has been attached; and that unless le be and appear before this court at tha ' I next term, lobe begun and held at the Court-house in the City of Warsaw, in i .v..wm , v.. inn .cuuim muaumT in iO . 1 A. . 1 . .. orpiemoer nexi, nnu pieau to 10 action.) oi aiu jiaiuiiiiB miiiiii me nrsiinree days of said nxt te-m, a judgment will be ren- '; dered against him, and his property sold to satisfy the same. , , And it is further ordered, that a aopy of. this order be published in some newspaper " printed in thia State, for four weeks sue-eesive!y, the last publication thereof to be at least four weeks before said next term. A true copy: ...... ' THOS. J.: BISHOP, CIV "' junt24-t-21 ' , ' .r '.a ..l A" ...:.Lr.. .i ... .

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