Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on December 28, 1944 · Page 7
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 28, 1944
Page 7
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ARMS C. H. ailed noi i are a id •.looking Dec. IS at John.Gif- ["doing. John said he was l Sd with the ^ayh 1S -re- went. The cows all Kobd' prices. John aerv- World War I, and: he can febterestihg stories about He once saw a captain. cut off by Shrapnel', , on ]y a few rods away, "•t get hurt. " VB *'* * „. arrived at Geo. Vf. 0uthwest of Bancroft, Tflnd he was reading 1 a ' r He sends the Ada son overseas; and the _iays looks forward to get[The Advance has a whole |awerful:0f address plates- lers, sailors, Waves, Wacs, ,rs who get the paper all: world, and though „„ it doesn't get through, i or three months it is' al- tclcome. | :;: * * Lc. 19 we stopped briefly h. Mechler's, southeast of a, and found Mr;, and Mrs. happy because their ler is home for the holi- fShe works in the Farm i office at Hampton. The son is in service. E. A. „,„. farmer. The people | Titonka call him 'Shorty,' • says he doesn't care, for If the work is on or in' the 1 anyway. ,i, j, .1* we called last week •y on R. H. Ortman, north on No. 169, 'he was at laione, and explained that |fe and son were, away for •y, This farm is owned'by llruse, of Monona, formerly JBecker, and many north- |f Burt folks remember her. ote us a letter recently, fid she was reading the Ad- regularly. Mr. Ortman [the paper to her, and she fted thai he is a fine 'tenant. * * * bid Kollasch, southwest of pft, had been doing a lot of ecenlly at putting in run- ^ater, but this cold .weal-hired it up.' Mr. and Mrs. Kollasch have four girls, and two couple, is past 91, but at that 1 w.ilks up town now and then He says he is ready to go anytime, lor he has lived long enough. But he still enjoys reading the Dos Monies Tribune, which he has road as long as it has been been printed, * * It: 13. W. Reilly, south of Lone Rock, does not get out much now, but seemed to be feeling about as usual when we saw him last week Monday. His youngest boy K098TJTH COUNTY ADVANCE. ALOONA. IOWA sent. Huenhold. Sohannon was ab- j C. U. Pollard, salary .. The Public Liability Insurance ' J ra £ oh , 1 ' ,? lar r Policy with the employees Mutual Company was renewed. Beer permit for R. L. Robinnull was renewed. Motion was carried to invest $00,310.00 in War Bonds. Appropriating Ordinance No. PAGE SEVfit* of them attend school. * * :|: George Wiegand, east of Ti-jfiood job. The cribs there are Wnka, is one of the oldtimcrs in full of fine corn. does the farm work, and docs a that neighborhood. He can tell all about talJ slough grass andj * * * We stopped last week Tuesday how his part of the county final- at Evert Post's, northeast of Tily developed into one of the good Iowa. farming communities of * * tonka, but Mr. and Mrs. Post wore at Algona. Two of the boys were tit homo, and they had just finished grinding a load of feed. At A.. G. Volcntine's, northwest I These boys are always busy when of Buft, Mrs. Volentine was just; w c rail there. We usuall have - _ justi coming to the house from look- j ing after her chickens when we drove in. The son does all the farming, and the young folks had gone to town to do some Christmas shopping. * * * John W, Wibben, on one of the _ usually have a visit with Mr. Post. He served overseas in War I, and can tell some interesting tales. Albin C. Menke, southwest of his neighbor Lean- Lakotu, and der Vaskc 033 was passed. ADAH CARLSON, City Clerk. L. Mitchell, salary Neptune Motor, mdse.__ Globe Supply Co., mdse. Loighlon Sup. Co., mdse. Iowa Mach. & Sup. Co., md.se. West. Simply Co., mdse. Norton Mach. Works, mdse. 30.00 Auditor of State, exam._ 25.00 , H. R. Green Co., services (ici on! Matt Parrott & Sons, i mdse ^HJlP- J ' KohlhaasTservlcel (l? "57|C. L. McVay, labor Advance Pub. Co., printing — A. L. Fisher, labor FIRE MAINT. FUND Ira Kohl, labor 7.13 3.45 3.45 APPROPRIATING ORDINANCE ' Brady "Trims'fer'Trc'ighll NO. G33 ELECTRIC FUND L, Bellock, salary. „,..,„ F. Dailey, salary 62/J5 Tom Halpin, salary ... 51.15 2.10 3.07 7.73 2.80 W. Gorman, salary C. C. Wright, saalry ... W. Ludwig, salary „ Alvin Hill, salary 04/10 87.00 89.00 62>! 0 85.00 452.11 Fire Dept., fires 90.00 C91.88 o. L. Brown, repairs __. 30.00 Telephone Co., service.. 4.34 Kohlhaas Hdw., mdse... 3.42 Kossuth Oil Co., labor.. ''.00 F. S. Norton & Son, mdse. 0.3G Ed's DX Sla., gas 3.»3 SEWER FUND C. U. Pollard, salary.._ 20.00 .77 75.00 57.00 26.18 190.00 17.25 m F. S. Norton & Son, mdse. 93.24 DEPOSIT FUND Dr. Olson et al. refunds- 150.00 H. L. Gilmore, bonds _. 4,810.00 Passed and approved this 30th day of November, 1944. FRANK KOHLHAAS, Mayor. Attest: ADAH CARLSON, City Clerk. K. Rulledge, salary H. Slephenson, salary _ Chel Webb, salary Joe Dunn, salary __ H. S. Roth, salary C. U. Pollird, salary ... .. , — 0 — It y hxpress, express .. Ed's DX Station, gas _. 84.40 I Frankl's Station, gas ... Eotsford Lumber Co., mdse. 4.3Q Funk & Deim, repairs.- 1.49i Electric Dept., mdse. .. 25.86 ! II. L. Gilmore, Treas., bonds 18,500.00 GENERAL FUND A. Moulds, salary Cecil McGinnis, salary-Tim O'Brien, salary A. Weishaar, sal.iry 70.70 87.00 77.00 53.G8 89.00 109.00 were doing some pa_ . .... j per-hanging at the Menke home Wm. Quinn farms southwest of j one day last midweek, and the Lakota, was insulating his barn I boys were really doing a fine last week Wednesday. The : ~'~ he did it was: he put slat Cribbing up on the inside within Six inches of the outside walls, way corn job. * * Last week Tuesday when we arrived at Siemen Smidt's north then filled in with straw. This) of the German Valley store, he helps a lot to keep the barn warm. was feeding his cows a hay mixture. First the hay i through a mill that cuts _ ., ~ . - .fine, then soybeans are UHACU Lone Rock, was doing chores | with it, and the cows do well on Alfred Jorgensen, northwest of is run it up mixed when we arrived one day last : week, and the two boys had just! ' ; come home from high school in •town. Mrs; Jorgensen said she was expecting her father and mother, the Win. Altweggs, Austin, Minn., for' Christmas. * * * Arnold Brandt, west of Ti- tonga, has .been farming only two years for himself, but he already has a nice lot of stock. Last week Wednesday he showed us six fine young cattle of his own raising in a feed lot. * * # Martin Krapp, southwest of Bancroft, had gone to bring home his boy from school when we stopped.at his place on the 22nd and Mr. and Mrs. Krapp now have three boys, No. 3 a new baby, born this fall, and already a fine lad. The boys' mother said she is going to.teach them to help her. . • " - * »i* jV jt* We had a visit a week ago with W. W. Miller, who lives at the east edge of Titonka. The Millers bought this farm and moved there last spring. They said they .like Titonka. Mr. Miller's father, who lives with the Ira Kohl, salary .^ 52.00 A. Carlson, salary 80.40 H, Passmore, salary ... 53.98 Diesel Serv., fuel 323.81 Milwaukee R'y, freight 240.f!5 Am. Salt Corp., mdse.-- 42.25 Northland Elec., mdse. - 125.21 Mall. Iron Range Co., mdse. 431.40 West. Elec. Sup. IT. W. Becker, mdse. it. Siemen has a herd of high grade roan shorthorns, and he always buys a purebred registered bull for head of the herd. * * * When we slopped at Clifford Ringsdorfs, southwest of Titonka, the other day Mrs. Ringsdorf said Clifford had gone to town. In this family there are four girls and two boys, and four of the children attend school. :|: V '•' When we arrived at the John Holmers farm northeast of Titonka on Dec. 19 the folks were getiing ready to go to Titonka. Their neighbor Alrek Boeckholt had just come to lake them. Mr. Graybar Elec., mdse. __ Norton Mach. Works, repairs Algona Laundry, service Ed's DX Station, gas ._ Dau Garage, repairs ._ H. W. Post, freight Funk & Deim, mdse Kohlhaas Hdw., mdse.._ Botsford Lmbr. Co., mdse. Cowan Bldg. Supply, mdse. i Keufel & Esser, rndse... Burroughs Repair Serv., repairs Matt Parrott & Sons, mdse. N. W. Bell Tel., service W. Sullivan, mdse. 3.07 j 47.84 13.72 21.04 105.43 7.29 7.80 3.98 4.09 2.63 61.22 301.41 24.74 20.47 3.00 40.1!) H. L. Gilmore, bonds __ 37,000.00 R. A. Knapp, mdse. N. W. Bell Tel, service Kossulh Molor, repairs, E. Moo, gas Kohlhaas Hdw., mdse. . Je.s.s Lashbrook, salary.. E. SkillinR, salary C. Harvey, salary i F. Minnard, salary | John Bahr, salary I W. Frambach, salary __ i Clyde Behse, salary I Al Smith, gravel • H. M. Brown Co., mdse. j Norton Mach. Wks., ] mdse. 28.15 Botsford Lmbr. Co., mdse. 535.73 F. S. Norton & Son, mdse. 155.94 80.80 70.00 73.40 70.62 2.75 10.50 4.90 4.71 15.02 114.23 90.50 91.48 55.00 58.98 58.98 40.56 58.98 80.50 2,806.20 KOSSUTH COUNTY MUTUAL FIRE INSURANCE ASSOCIATION Secretary and Treasurer's ANNUAL REPORT Annual Meeting To Be Held at the Courthouse on January 9, 1945, at 10 A. M. Secretary's and Treasurer's Reporl from Dec. 1, 1943, io Nov. 30,1944 inclusive RECEIPTS Assets December 1, 1943 $118,755.39 1944 Assessment collection $ 38,157.11 Inteest- on bonds.._ 876.25 Rent received 1,086.00 Policy fees, contingent fees, etc., new and renewed business.. 3,668.27 Total Receipts 43,787.63 $162,543.02 P. M., DISBURSEMENTS 166 claims paid $ 27,618.89 Adjusting and inspecting 264.20 Director's meetings 108.06 Reinsurance paid 6,679.79 Secretary, assistant secretary and extra help 3 ( 26~1.57 Ernst Thiel, salary WATER FUND H. Barton, salary Helmers said his own car needed j F. Ostrum, salary repairs, but the mechanics in I R. Barton,' salary town were loo busy to dp it right away and he was awaiting his turn. COUNCIL MINUTES November 30, 1944. The City Council met in regular session. Mayor Kohlhaas wag present, also Councilmen Haw- colt, Harris, Hulchins, Fox, and F. Dailey, salary K. Rulledge, salary Joe Dunn, salary 90.50 80.40 02.40 30.05 10.40 23.32 Laing & Muckey, mdse. .95 Kossulh Imp. Store, mclse. 30.76 Frank Cook, mdse. 4.20 Percival Motors, repairs 5.86 Kent Motor, repairs 4.57 C. A. Heard, repairs 12.25 j Conoco Oil Sta., gas ... 21.12! Clements Stalion, gas_. 10.00 ! E. W. Hansen, repairs— 643.98 Dr. Sawyer, renl 25.00 Minnie C. Jones, salary. 35.00 Geo. Wallace, salary — 46.42 State and National fees and Farm Bureau- Return assessments Secretary and assistant secretary bonds. Bond insurance Return checks Bank charges Social Security and withholding tax Advertising and printing Telephone and postage Taxes on home office Building expense, including coal Fire calls 72.00 40.15 35.00 27.00 85.81 26.24 382.22 298.45 415.00 456.96 714.91 216.00 Total Disbursements $ 39,702.25 PERflttllEnT fr U1AVEKIT * Complete with Permanent oKir Wave Solution, curlers, Bhampoo nnd wave set — nothing «be to buy. Jtcquirca no heat, electricity or machines Safe for every type of hair. Over B million sold. Money back guarantee. Get a Charm- Kurl Kit today. . BARKER DRUG STORE • • > -• ». .-. .. f -\ -•>•< v".". ;^j •** rfw« UB ^ i*/tf tMH v- • *Mto»rf»w NG-OUTSALE As I am quitting farming and movmg to town, I will hold a closing out farm sale at my farm located 1 mile south, 1 £ west of Hobarton; 3 miles west, 1 mile south, £ mile west of Algona, on •.. ..... • ;;•>, \-X A N ^ x \^^^^v^^^ Tuesday, January 9th W.POST DHAY A>'T> TKANSFEtt Storage oi All Kinds Long- Distance Hauling' Eve'fyx load insured against loss and damage of all kinds. Equipped to do all kinds of hauling and draying. PHONE 298 Algona, la. LEDGER ASSETS Book value of real estate $ 19,000.00 Book value of U. S. Bonds 80,100.00 Cash in banks 23,850.22 Total ledger assets Checks outstanding, numbes 4393, 4418, 4428, and 4429 Net resources November 30, 1944 $122,950.22 109.45 $122,840.77 $162,543.02 We, the undersigned auditing committee, have this 12lh day of December, 1944, examined the Secretary's and Treasurer's accounts for 1944 and find them correct. KASPER L. KOHLHAAS, GEORGE HAGGE LOLA SCUFFHAM SALE STARTS AT NOON LUNCH WAGON ON GROUNDS 15 Head of Cattle 15 Nine milch cows, young; White face bull, papers can be had; 5 grade calves. 2 . 5 . Head of Horses SOWS, Open 2 - 5 |l||iI!!lll!!llilllllll!llllillllllllllllllllW I FARM AUCTION I == '"* I will hold a closing out sale at my farm located 6 miles south and \ mile s H west of Algona, known as the O'Rourke farm, on S m ' ^SS • ^^*>* — • sss 1 Tuesday, January 2nd J SALE STARTS AT 12:30 104 Head of Livestock 104 33 Head of Cattle 33 MACHINERY, ETC. J. D. grain elevator, 42-ft., complete with lifting jack and power jack; wagon with rack; wagon witji water tank; fanning mill; J. D. corn planter with 200 rods wire; endgate seeder; John Deere gas engine, H h. p.; John Deere 5-ft. mower; windrower, 5 ft;,; McCprmick-Deering cream separator; tank heater; electric fencer; grindstone; sickle grindr; cooling tank; bob sled; I. H. C. man- ur e spreader; 2 wagon* with box; John Deere Model A tractor, 1939; Wallis tractor 20-30; 3-bottom plow, 16-in.; 2-bottom plow, 16-in.; clover hay, baled; 21-ft John Deere tractor disc; hog waterer; brooder stove, new; threshing ma- clli ne, in good shape. 150—CHICKENS—150 rage, fOxlS; hog house. 14x18. . TERMS—Cash or make arrangeme nts with banker. 29 head Wisconsin 2-year-old Holstein heifers, fresh and heavy springers; one registered Holstein bull, 2 yrs. old; one coming 2-year-old springing Jersey heifer; 2 heifer calves. 70 Head Stock Hogs, wt. 150 Ibs. MACHINERY—14-in. Int. tractor plow; AC 14-in. tractor plow; 14-ft. Int. tractor disc; 4-section John Deere harrow with folding steel evener; 8-ft. John Deere Van Brunt with power lift; New Idea manure spreader; 4-row Int. corn planter with 160 rods wire; Int. 10-ft. power binder, one man control; Int. hay- loader; 6-ft. Int. mower; Int. seeder; dump rake; new hay rack; triple box with steel running gears; 2 steel Rotary hog feeders; grapple hay fork; 2 Maytag gas motors; one double unit DeLaval pipeline milking machine with 1-horse electric motor; 4-pen hog house, nearly new; 6 10-gal. milk cans; Hudson 70-gal, hog-waterer, complete with lamps; McCormick-Deering cream separator; other articles too numerous to mention. 200 LAYING HENS, WHITE ROCK AND LEGHORNS 1000 BU THRESHED CONTROL OATS 700 BALES BRIGHT STRAW 80 BALES ALFALFA HAY .. 60 TONS CORN ENSILAGE TERMS—Cash, no property to be removed until settled for. -c S. L. BLACKSTONE , A*ict. IOWA STATE BANK, Clerk MATERN, Auctioneer IOWA STATE BANK, Clerk 11III1IIIIIIIUI1I •00. yi) W. ni \m ud •ott -tv? ">•«* 3V.' '& • it' 103 r hit .uu v.n in! .01 »!•» (O oi oi PJ3. t 93 •Jvr DM UStt pcs 11 H JiD lint ml of •mf, C stif fad ' .no :wo lo'tt iuc Us

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