The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 14, 1949 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, March 14, 1949
Page 2
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t AGE TWO 'ARK.) COUHIEH NEWS THE NATION TODAY C/V/7 kights Advocates Suffer Severe Blow in Senate Decision Overriding Decision by Barkley - By James Marloir V WASHINGTON, March 14. </p>—Negroes, 1 Uilnk, have suffered i disastrous blow lo any hope thai Congress will pass any part or Presl- cjeut Truman's civil rights program for tlicm In llic foreseeable future. ; The Senate dealt Ihwn tlie Wow Friday night as the climax to a two-weeks' filibuster by Southern Democrats not only lo block (lie program but to prevent the Senate's even considering it. ' It was also a stunning defeat jor4* • • . Mr. Truman and his Democratic Party since both had promised tlie Negroes a civil rights program. It *ns a victory for the Southern Democrats. "no." This left the TrmniuiUui whore they were two H'eeks Bgo: Their motion—lo bring up a bill that would allow two-thirds of the ,. _ , .senate to stop n filibuster on a mo- Mr. Truman still csti try lo snatch j ([ 0 ,,_ s mi | s uncling iclory out of defrat-nnrl that „„„ . _.'.„. _. will explained here—but If he rtoes I think It will jncnn the longest, most bitter and most exhausting struggle the Senate has ever seen. The strangest part of whut's happened in the pn,st two iveoks Is that no civil rights bill was being discussed at all. Civil Rights Suffer Hloiv ; The Trumanites don't have a civil rient.5 bill readv yet to offer con- t'he Which means: There's sttll no rule to limit a filibuster on a mo- Don lo bring up a toil), even a bill to limit a filibuster on a motion to bring up a bill. So the Trumanltcs can do one of two things: 1. Drop the whole thing. It (hey do, that seems to be tlie end of Hie civil rtghU program. Why? Because any time In the future that they try to bring up a civil hill Ion to Ihnl is, ninke a. mot- It tip—the southerners gross. But—in the Semite. ^ n _, ..^ _____ „.,,„., before a bill can be debated and | can MarV'a 'filibuster" whiclTVan't voted upon, someone must make a be stopped. motion lo bring it up for (ielralc. 2. Or. RO right on now. letting And endless debate,-the filibuster.! (he Southerners continue their can start right there: on tlie motion j filibuster agnlr the pending motto bring it up for debate: | on to bring up the bill to end a • 1. There's a Senate rule vvhtch says a filibuster—on a Dill ituclf— can be stopped If two-ljirds of (he Senate vole for stopping it. Senate IK llelple** [f the Trumaniles try No. 2. the Southerners will be free to 2. There's no rule for stopping filibuster endlessly with the Sena filibuster on a motion to bring ate helpless lo stop them. Where. up a bill for debate—by two-thirds vote or anything else. So the Senate can never get around to debating a bill if some that might end, no one knows. Unless they all dronped of exhaustion, they could filibuster for weeks and He no all other work group, like the Southern Democrats. | oi the Senate. Suppose they did filibuster o}\ the motion to bring i drop. '.' "P- I The senators remaining on thcr Therefore, bringing rights bill nt some up future date would be useless unless a filibuster on a motion to bring H up could be blocked. The Trumanites cooked up a new rule, one which would penult n two-thirds vote to end a filibuster on a motion. Then they made n rjiolton lo bring up a bill to lay down such a rule. Immediately, tlie Southerners filibustered' against the motion to bring vip this bill, which If ever passed, would destroy their filibuster. This went on for I wo weeks. It couldn't, continue forever. So, with tliis bill sllll being lili- buslerrd against. Ihe Trumaniles tried something else. Barkley Ruling Kevrrscrt ; They asked Vice President Bark- Icy, presiding over the Senate, to give his opinion on whether two- thirds of the Senate could end a ..filibuster against a motion to bring •lap » bill. He ~ (ect could approve (he motion and debate on the bill would start. Then the senators roujtl filibuster all over again ogalnst the bill to permit an end to a filibuster motion. Suppose then two-thirds of the Semite stopped (his filibuster on the bill itself. WVml then? If months from now the Trn- manitcK make n motion to bring up a civil rlffhts bill. Ihe Southerners cnn filibuster on the motion. If thai filibuster Is slopped by n (wo-lhlrds vote, then they'll [II- ibuster against the bill Itself. It'll lake still another two-thirds rate to slop them. Pioneer AFL Organizer Is Dead at Age of 89 WASHINGTON. March 14. (IPi— The funeral of Frank Mossison. pioneer APL organizer and longtime 7T - •• i * '\ *' -•-"« "» u "i 6«»iiLf.ti HUH IVJIlKlUlltl j This wB&n t final. Then the whole official, has been nrrnngcd for Senate had to vole on whether it J Wednesday. thought Barkley was right. It voted - Protests Ouster y\ v ^*$ '"',• i "\ ' Road Block x';r««*rJH£/ji ..*"*r".:;.,' • • . . Eg Part of a creeping wall of lee which blew off Saglnaw, Mich., crossed the.Rlcoma heacli road, blocking ofl lhe dend-end road. The Ice damnged three homes and threjucned dozens of others. (AP Wirephoto:) Arkansas' Tax Bill Hiked But No New General Taxes Levied Morrison. 09. died at his home hei> Salmdady. He. has been ill for two months. ' As secretary for 43 yenrs he wnlcheri th; American Federation of Labor gro\v from 250.000 members to its present 4.000,000. He retired 'n 1939. Womcrn 'Bookie' Held LITTLE ROCK. Ark.. March 14 tjTi—A woman has been arrested here on a charge of conducting a horse race handbook. She wns listed as Mrs. Beatrice BJackstouc. Earlier, police nabbed » mnn listed as H. J. Baxter and charged him with being a runner for bookkeepers. Flight Instructor Dies MEMPHIS. March 14— <,TV- W. M. 'Blln Faihon, veteran chief flight instructor at Bowcn Field In West Memphis, Ark., died Saturday ni liantlst Hospital. He was •15. He suffered a hcnrt attack Friday while dusting crops from Hie air. Louis Brosseau (above.n 38. has decared his dismissal from a library I posiiiun with lhe Navy Electronics i laboratory in San Diego, caiif.. was! unjust. Capt. R. Bennett, director > o' the laboratory, said that Bros-) Etau was dismissed because "he was [ considered a |x»r security risk for | reasons of personality... TAP Wire- photo. Now ycx> Ma »av« rp *>60%'ol your pr.iMit ic. cam . . . and lr«ei« th. watte", fineit ICO rieM oo ypwr own pferSi.i 'm a>rpW l.ppty at oil Hm.t. AUTOMATIC ICE MAKER "loot fwtk. Cub. wirf rhe NoJe~ MACHINE £$&*' . , •~* 10% M- ••r*tloK»*. ; Coll for fwrth«r factt City Electric Co. RCA AT" ictor Records is You Desire Me—Vnughn Moiu-oe io In Love—Tommy Dorscy 'owrtcr Your Face Wllh Sunshine—Sammy Kaye Solitude—Duke Ellington VhUtling in the D«rk—Larry Green South—Bennte Motcn Anticipation Withoul Renliia- tion—Louis PriiriR x>ve for Sale—David Rose ilmdustan—The Three Suns Dig These Blues—The Cals and the Fiddle In Ihc Mood—Glrnn Miller A Hearl Full ol Love-Eddy Ar nold My Dandy Is Only a Piclurc- Eddy Arnold There's Not a Thing—Eddy Ar nold Southern Special—Cecil Cnmp Over the Waves—Bill Bovd Csntty KisErs—Ellon BrlU "st a Faded Petal from a Bpati tllul Boiiouet-Hank, the Singing Ranger' Adams Appliance Co. Inc. J. W, ADAMS. Miv. 200-08 w. Main f \nnt 2071 Ely .flin Thomasson LITTLE ROCK, !V re H. M>) —Although by Governor McMath's own figures, the 1049 legislature Increased Ihe Arkansas tax bill by $3.500.000 annually, the 51th General Assembly actually levied no new ln\e.*. But Inxes were Increased principally by Ihe truck license fee revision, elimination of credit for federal income tax payments to state income tux payers, and '.n- tcnsion.s of the two per cent sales tax to alcholic beverages. The nearest thing lo a new tax was enactment of Ihe use lax, but as finally passoci. it applies to little more (hrut retail sales which heretofore have escaped the .sales tax by being made through .nail order houses. The higher truck license fees are expected lo produce an additional $:!.000.000 annually, which goes Into (lie highway fund. To ,\rl .\illlci! $2,500,000 It is estimated that Ihe Income tax revision will bring in an additional $2,500.000 annually and the sales tax on liquor, wine and beer another 51,000.000.000 a year. That money will i-o luto the general revenue fund, which sunports the majority of Ihe stale's primary operations. The general revenue fund also will get the use ins revenue, which sponsors say probably will not be more than S200.000 a year, and collections from the wholesale cxftort tax. While new, the wholesale liriuor export tax actually is a fee of 3i crnls a case on liquor sold nt wholesale for export to another stale, probably dry Mississippi and Oklahoma. The author of the measure. Rep. Lou Chnstain of Sebastnin County, said he had no Idea how much revenue It would produce. Another new liquor tnx was enacted, but It applies only lo wholesale liquor dealers and cannot be pn.sscrt on lo Ihc retailer or consumer. To prevent the tnx from being pas.i'vl nn. t»T measure also fixes the markup which cnn be added lo cost by both the wholesale and retail denier. Estimated revenue of $125.000 annually from the tax of Jo cents a case was appropriated to employ 20 llriuor Investigators for the Stale Rercr.uc Department. Tax Collections Tightened Bills lo increase sales anil income tax collections also were passed, but Ihey provided for more efficient collection rather than a tax increase. On the other side of the Icdccr, the legislature granted a $1,000,000 annual tax reduction by cl.n- ping two cents a packnse from the cigarette tax, and authorized refuticis of S2.SOO.OOO a year in the tax on eiisoline used in farming. Tlie actual tax on such gasoline was reduced to two cents a gallon. Several major lax Increases were rejected by the legislature. A bill to increase the sales tax to three J percent was defeated, niul one j levy nn adclitiinal 25 cents a gal| Ion lax on liquor died on "the House calendar. The state also increased its income throw!) an net to require I Onklawn Park to give the state sill I of the breaks, or odd pennies left latter winning bets are figurcil. I In past yenrs, there has been no .•ilalijatorv disposition nl t!mt ; money, amounting to noproxlm- | aicly $100,000 a yenr. and bv agree- I rncnt it has been snlit between the track and the state. Funeral Services Held for Son of Sen. McClellan i MALVERN. Ark.. March 14 I/TV- I For lh e second time in four days, j Senator McCJeilan of Arkansas at- tende,! funeral .services for a son Services for John L. McClellan, Jr., where to be held here at 2:30 p.m. today. Last Friday, he was In Sheridan. Ark., for (he reburinl of Pvt. Max E. McClcllnn. who died In North Africa In 1043. John. Jr., 23-year-old Unversity of Arkansas liuv student died at Fayettevillc Saturday. He was Injured in an automobile accident earlier in the week. The Arkansas Congressional delegation, headed by Sen, J. W. Pul- brjght and Governor McMatli were to attend the services. MONTUY, MARCH 14, 1949 ; Legislature Adds 52 Memberships To State Boards LITTLE ROCK, March H. M>j— There are 52 more memberships on stale boards and commissions as a result of legislation passed by the 51th General Assembly. e assembly created five new commissions and increased the number of members on five other boards or commissions during Its 60-day session which ended Thursday. To partly offset this increase, the legislature reduced membership on the Arkansas Legislative Council by eight. In the net Increase, the legislature gave the governor authority to name 27 additional appointees. These new boards and commissions are: College Survey Commission, Water Pollution Commission, Arkansas Tax commission, State Claims Commission, Loan Commission for Medical School Students. The latter group may never function; an appropriation to carry out the purpose for which it was created was defeated. Members were added to State Police ' and State Plant Boards, the Stale Health Bonrd. the Racing Commission and Highway Com- ission. In the Probate Court for the I hlrk.saHba Dlilrlcl or MlwiMlp County, Arkansas, ... Ill the Matter of the iv'a't'e' 'of ' Joe Polk, Deceased. Lula Polk Hosklns, Administratrix NOTICE OP ADMINISTRATION ' Notice Is hereby given that let- tors of Administration were granted to Lula Polk Hoskins on the estate of Joe Polk, Deceased, on lhe 2nd day of February, A. D. 1949. All persons having claims against said estate are required to exhibit the same to said Administratrix, properly authenticated, wltltlzi six- months from the dale of the first publication of Ihls notice, which Is March 14th, 1949, or they shall be barred forever. Witness my hand this I2th day of March, A. D., 1949. Lula Polk Hoskins, Administratrix of the Estate of Joe Polk, Deceased. Uoute No. 3, Box 149, Blythevllle, Arkansas. Attorneys for Administratrix: H. Q. Partlow & G. E, Keck 3[H-2l-s CHANGE of LIFE? HYDW E. piNKHMi's By 1920. when the canstitutfoii was amended to give women! the vote, they had been enfranchised by 30 stale governments! '•'<<. ' MIGHTY FAST RELIEF in RHEUMATIC ACHES-PAINS Read Courier News Want Ads. Out complete whet!, hrike inj rhjui "r.kc Iccps (rucks in jhip. for ».fe, A r-tudatilt » n d cisy opetition. Come ton for i* uis check-up, DELTA Implements, Inc. 312 So. 2nd .INTERNATIONAL Trucks What are we waiting for?" ISow that you're so close to the price of (his I9-<9 Packani— teh) "01 otru one.' No other car can match the proud distinction of Packard s'yl'i'S • . . because Packard has never shared its beauty with any other car of lesser name. No oilier ovr has duplicated Packard's turbine-smooth, amazingly thrifty, "free-breathing" {•ou-tr . . . because Packard h.ij had a hnuilcr range of pmvcr- huilding experience than any other single manufacturer. 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