Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on December 21, 1944 · Page 5
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 21, 1944
Page 5
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SECTION MFOBBT .ISWIFEOF 4 IN THE NAVY a young woman, going me name of Mrs. Forrest was arrested by the sher- er FBI orders for having rL.r sailors one after the five years without i freed by death of hem and without troubl- jlf with regard to divorce InHJhe Forest City Summit IS press last week the •omari was still held m W ere while FBI investigation Rtof completed. The fed- Ijovernment was interested 'she had been receiving shins service allowance , She confessed her big- 'and it appeared that at 's times she had gone under -arried names. She claimed |a native of Canada. b first marriage took place in [but she heard later that her d's parents had had it an„ Jan. 1, 1940, she married fBradley, and she had two which she claims he in. Next, a year ago last mber, she married Benson, rest Cityan. Lastly, in No• 1943, she married one „,.,' who on return from a .""submarine voyage, drew Id back pay, hunted around fills "wife," traced her to Iowa, I in touch with Benson rela- , and by them was brought forest City. me children are a boy and a I, but the boy is said to be i his maternal grandparents British Columbia. The girl, a ly, was at last accounts being d for by Benson's mother, but i to be sent to California or ihington relatives. i woman had been, drawing . a month allowance from idley's pay and $100 a month i Benson's. —-~M—*MM. Fenton Grade Present Two IMHMTMMl Fenton, Dee. 20 once,a little girl called Dorothy who didn't believe in Christmas, but when she found that oilier children were too busy and too happy to play with her at Christmas time, and when the merchants association asked her to leave town, she repented in tears, was forgiven, and thereafter was happy herself. At any rale, that's the story that was told in an operetta given by the public school grad-s at the gymnasium this week Tuesday night, and taking parts as Dorothy, elves, clown dancer dolls, storybook people, j.jfj.s' windup toys, candles, jumping jacks, housewives, and merchants were: Children in Cast. Virginia Mueller, Mark Finnestad, Robert Speth, Shirley Dewall, Vcncla Eimc-rs, Yvonne A,-- - .„-,«,.;, bogast, Marilyn Jent/, Lois' 1 ' 11 ' son of Mr anil Voight, Gary Zumach, Carol Jane ' Weber, here. Bicrstedt, Donald Priebe, Betty! Jean Cody, Sandra Kay Thee.s-1 Pcst p lsns Military Fc-d- field, Barbara Speth, Lyle Han-i Seely-W,,],h p,, S | j',,.,.,, , vjl son, Sharon Lee Eigler. Alvina i h ' IV1 ' '^ ^'<:'>nd annual' mili|-,r Mueller, Charlotte Holklorf. | f'-H Tu-s>!.',v. j,,,, ;, - lt , ,,' Janice Wallace. Audra Straley,; Academy hall. Tiiere'-iil h,i •, Arils Holklorf, Yvonne Stigman •'-."••''!;'r ur! irnel, other <••<•','• Kathleen Bellinger, Ntjrma Jean '•' li '-' v '"i' (VMIV..>,],.,. ]!,,,,'., Bleckwenn, Jack Thompson, D:,-.'Schvi.iaelier invite'.- UK ' " ' vid Householder, Ivan Weis'ho Donald Hainzing tenson, Larry Ga field, Duane Dreyer, "Maurice Krause, Clarence Bierstcdt j ' ""'•'•''•'• '-'' : ^'^-^:i'- '-.ai-j-,-. T/i Marlene Stigman, Doris Jeanu , W: '% s '" 11111 UU UUUUUUU UU V[ usl I ( ' um)s ; Mortenson, Delores Haack Doro- ' ::( '" v(;tl thy Desart, Rosemary Fuhr. Lynn ! T i u . Ruske, Arthur Boyken, Gordon ! <?,....,,.,. Stigman, Russcl Boyken, Billy: bndiii'. Stoeber, Dcloes Mansagor, Kayo' Ruske, Carole Jane Dcwall, j'u- anita Mac Straloy (the last five, instrumental music). Then, following the operetta grades 6-7-8 presented The First December 21,1944 ur|)rise Thompson's, Mrs. Dave Weber assisting. Auxiliary Has Card Parly— P0rty Was !" g i Mrs- Chris Shaser, the Albert Shasers, Mr. and Mrs. R H Ortman, and Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Ortman, Burt, the Ralph Thomp«- b r«!,;± "~$°s : ir*--«™ STS, „„. fif^ss•?.*?-•*.»" " n «s r ^ u a,,?i"" e ;rs nn was j"«n lor men, Lawrence Ncw- I'rough low. Mrs. Lawrence , , -, M ? ',"• «ji.i. jjawrcnce Jast; Nc;wbrough won door. Mrs. Jas. i'|i;:.. / ("iiMirr .,i ;.', Tl AIT ,' ''•"'•" UU K'» won cioor. Mrs. Jas. •;;7-:-:.--.t' ^ '^^l^^^ ^ ~- ™ r , '., ,' lll:; ' '"'' '"ii<' Lease lo-' - ' , Mes- j Sunday Christmas Party— , S u , A Christmas parly w« s given ," lp> l I ;U Calvm Huscholdor's Sunday <> ; to Terminal Island, San Pedro, Calif., for naval orders. He and his family spent Thursday and Friday at G. E. Householder's.. Mrs. Merle Jogensen, Ledyard, and her little girl are spending the week with the former's moth- , I<rL>d ;; ' m were the Claude ' . Mrs. Emi! Kraft, Mr and r i - ' -•-..-.. iji 11 n i^iciii,, ivii (inn M.-n McMa-'.Ms. M. E. Blanchard, the Henry ;"!";s..n. ' At, Gettmans. the Ray Bierstedts, Mi» . <! rs ( r.t.., and Mrs. Fred Genrich, Freeman '"I" A'llS. I' lillg \Volfr> 7\ .1 .. . t \ i . i ' at their son Arthur's Mrs. Eric Seegebarlh wett: cu, , r , ra , , Wm. Droyer's for dinner; supper rho Ra] Ph Thompsons spent at Eric's mother, Mrs. John See-' i? sl weok Wednesday with Mrs. goharth, Algona, and Mrs Dreyer j om ' pson ' s mother, Mrs. Richard' went with them. Long, Bancroft. Mr. and Mrs. Dean Jorgenson, The M. O. Richards family Algona, were last Thursday sup-1 spent Sunday at Mrs. Richards' per guests at the home of the lat- brother Maurice Bilsborough's ters parents, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Titnnka Flaig. Mrs. Flaig spent Sunday at he sister Mrs. C. W. Heerdt's, Algona. Wm. Householder has returned Mr. and Mrs. Jens Jensen, of Rmgsted, spent Sunday at their daughter Mrs. Amey Cherland's. The Raymond Dackens, Sexton, were Sunday dinner guests at Hiram Ackarman's. Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Howe, of Emmetsburg, spent Sunday at George Pettit's. Mr. and Mrs. Walter Dacken, of Algona, spent Friday at Ralph Bierstcdt's. Mn. Sdiroedur! Weber, b;,]] gunner n a B.;M [;,i^ •' "i. lias I,'-en auHiori/eo' lo v-t-ar the di.4in!Uii;:lirr| i,')ii l«>'-lKc: ;ni,l one bronxe ch,,|„,.'... mom!,,'!- of a vetenm"" 'l..\v. Given— 1 '•'•'ice has been me |jn<:-ic|:..ni f,, r ,, formance of duty nTconliicr v-'j'i \\ ine enetriv. Serr'i..in( \y ; Coming From the Aleutians— , A few days ago Mr. and Mrs. | win. Nelson received a long-dis- A .)0n,:n,i >,;,., i v V.M.: h<M at i } ancc ca]1 from their son Cpl. '-"lull Jji-nitedf:: Friday evening, ! Raymond, who had been in the -Mr and Mrs. ,; lcllllans more than two years, •*' r i'-vin M;-> ;•,-.- J'Vle M-irl'.-.v. ': in , Me,,d-inie.-- Ill-Inn ; . Wee-:,.], f. W. r,Y|. ; '•'•''I.-., and ;,lr. ai n<-lir.'ii'|s. V.'innit Ki.-l:--o.i, hi;-;, f,,,. . . Mr. and Mrs.! Christmas. , he would be home for I r Messrs. and | Mill-low. Ervin *'). Ornie Piehr-' T n ~ -»—...v. — "I Mrs ~Siob ! - Luclla Blcr!e has been spcnd- •4 urn-os- I \V ; ™" hvo wocks at the parental men.' Merwin M f 5 ' v' lcc Bicrlc ' s - She has boon • Krvin Wet/el ;il [ endln « Wie Mankato business t:ohrends hi«h ™ h ° o1 and wil1 be homc lil1 after i ' <=' . Christmas. ' Titonka. Everett Householder returned Saturday from Cedar Rapids, where he look cattle for P. Christenson. ECKFOR$268 WASTE PAPER Central Fiber Products ., Tama, has mailed a check of "8,21 toAnlone Johnson, chcir- jiere, as the total^ amount . - ms ;of: scrap'' 'paper' { rally collected in the waste foe Algona portion of the total tant.is $95.55 for five tons col- M here, and payment has made to Campfire Girls, ' »and Scouts who worked ap- ' Jximately 00 hours. Allotment |«ch case was determined by llime the group worked ! 7«mittance s made to other 'groups in the county in* Burt, $34.86; Lonorock, X West Bend, §49.02; Fcn- \ 523.70; Whittemore, '$1092- icW S f ch ° o1 ' $ 7 - n : and 'schools, $6.88. Total ex^amounted to $27.75. i "'""" m was patterned ! 1 used in Spencer . l "S to those A in charge. E" WAR 'BONDS * * ' jour chance to be fi- " well after the war. .* [WAKE UP "CRT AS COLLAR an't help «»undlyi nsuch '•able beds! 'HOTEI. r •-,., IRKWOOD ' li i N N M (j ANCES at " croft -, — ,. * i i.y i 11 j>., i j i i, iyii~ «• i i • i . i i.-, .-. LIU plltJl iholdcr, Ivan Weisimd. ' r , , „, ainzinger, Ronald Mor-: T:' ^ Cholr Has Parly— rry Gade, H.rry Thfos- ! S " . '"'' s t-i'lu'ran choir, ane Dreyer, Maurice ! )n "' tl( ' ( - M'>nc!;,y nif.t.t. h-.-\ >' at t-irds -jnd C",-iri.:1'r,:i-; ifier which hmch \vi..; . J. K'osondahls returni-d r-voning from Fort v.-hcre they :-.penl the '" <"],,!• Mfr.«c j Amended Grandson's Funeral— - ; .n ., rieoi.— | M] ._ and Mrs> W(TL Ndgon at _ ' ' •' •••'<•' clu : , met at Mrs. tended the funeral Monday of; ••''>;>'' .';•;"" s last Thurs- their grandson, Robert Lee, son! - M. \v. noi.snn assisting, of Mr. and Mrs. Alton Hurlburt, i ' .'!!<;!-.'.'n.--;i(-iil consisted .Alf^ona. in which wore — >-|v.-. Blanchard, Odu-r Lone Kdck. O^-'m, and Mrs.. A birthday dinner for Mrs. L51- Uie next meet-. lie Thompson was served Sundav T\ /.',.,. TTT.. 1 t i TTTI. »*. r t Mrs. V/alter'st Walter Thompsons Christmas, and taking part •I. J. v.-as called to DCS" Moire's tor -.in annual checkup at the veterans hri.-nil;:] Thursflay. Mr.s. Milton Espc, with her K\-- tei-.s fliiseUa and Ewlvn Vo ; fl were: spent the v/oekvivl at' ti All .. ental Herman Voigt's. (•IP lie •,„.,! .,1 ,),,_. c f ,.j r UH)ll:::<.:. L. W. Swansnn was at Km- metsbuig iVioiulcy aflernoon. He Kayc Ruske, Layton Behne, Donald Desart, Gerald Holklorf, James Mienke, Carole Jane Dewall. Delores Mansnger, Jack Gerhart, Ray Cornelius, Ward t'.'oi.- hi-; •:<,u\\'\ ^--i,-n t r S^trale 1 ? L {ncb ^ • Ju!iniui M " lh "^ 1 ^"^. -h-a';„:;; Mae btraley, Lavon Hninzinfiur, servicr. was lield PnS« linger ' ROS ° M " ry: Mrs -K<--nncihIfol C ombl,asrr- T n H wir T ' C(;ivi:(l v -'" rd thil1 '"-•'• Hu.s!,:,nd ,v- Lorclta Williams, Jymos Holl- wnlly arrived in Italy In :• M- KS«P n1» S ^- iCnk °' A'' nCld l(:r hf; W"** inud «"d"i:od Jxrause, Billy Stigman; George '.veaihvr. osa giiy fli;iii YuleLid" sciiHons of tin bcc-juiKo of liiiK icrrilili! v.'iir, yi, t s iinisi. (.urry on in the (radiiion of ('In islinas !ir;':iL';s !o us friojiil.s, of hojii!-, and ;i.ll mid l;<!Hl dl' lii'o ii'id l);i)ij) jt makes us tliijik of those wo .serve i:nd of others we m<>e,t. on the street with ;i. nheery good mornim;;, also of the hrave hoys overseas. We hope and pray thai next Christinas they will be home to fill the many vacant, chairs that, are placed around Die Christmas dinners of this year. Jimmie Neville KC.7TKWS5TERN BEU TELEPHONE COMPANY THIS IS NORTH WESTERN'S HIS FIGHTIK3 SONS ARE ALL "i!Oi!TH WESTERN" MEN, TOO! ^.i a 5 ! /2-mile stretch of double track, just outside of Norv-.-i-,-, lows, Section Foreman Arthur M. (Pal) Holland '."Dp:-; himself and his crew mighty busy. Theirs is one >f ?he important jobs of railroading. For this piece of naiti line, like all other "ISforth Western" track, must ;o hcpt in perfect condition. Significantly, "Pal" Holland has five sons who went into .-crvicc,' all five former "N6rth Western" employes. And a ;;rand lot they are! There's Cyril, in the Field Artillery, •low in the Southwest Pacific. And Sergeants Leon and Arthur, both fighting in France — Leon with the Engineers, Arthur in a Gun Battalion. Creighton, too, is in .7rance, with the Infantry. .Jlr.ally, there's Elaine, who enlisted in the Navy. A medical discharge brought him back to Norway, so once again he's a member of the "North Western" family, working as a section laborer. * * * When a "North Western" man steps out of his working clothes and into Uncle Sam's uniform, we admire him for it. But when five of them, all from the same family, don fighting garb, it's a story well worth telling. Naturally, we're proud of the Hollands. They're typical of legions of Americans, each fighting in his wav to speed the day of total victory. SERVING AMERi NORTH WESTERN SYSTEM I Y/AR AND PEACE FOR ALMOST A CENTURY GOOD CHEER TO THE WORLD As we wish each other Merry Christmas this year, we are thinking of our neighbors and loved ones across the seas, hoping the holiday season brings them new faith and greater promise of bright days to come. BOTSFORD LUMBER CO. 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MORNING PROGRAMS 5:30—Cnllnhnn Brother! ....Mon thru Sat 6:45—Jerry Smith Daily ex Sun 6:00—Heaven and Home Daily ex Sun 6:15—Farm Service Mon Wed Frl Ken, Hal, Maty Lee...Tue Thu Sat 6:30—Farm News Dally ex Sun 6:45—Jerry and Zelda Daily ex Sun 7:00—News, Alex Dreier ....Daily ex Sun 7:15—Time to Shine Dally ex Sun 7:30—Bible Broadcaster Sunday . , News Daily ex Sun 7:45—Uncle Stan & Ken Daily ex Sun 8:00—Ken and Hal Sunday The Hadcn Family... .Mon Wed Fri Reveille Roundup Tue Thu Sot 8:15—Ben Adams Family Sunday Songfollown Mon Wed Fri Second Cup o' Coffee.... -. .Tue Thu Allen Roth ;.'. .Saturday 8:30—String Quartet Sunday News Mon thru Fri Adventures of Omar Saturday 8:45—Melody Madhouse Mon thru Fri 3:00—Christian Science Sunday Lora Lav/ton Mon thru Frl Grantland Rice Sport Stories.. .Sn. 9:15—Prophecy in the News Sundi.> News of the World....Mon thru 1'i'c 9:30—American Legion Sun;!./ Finders Keepers Mon thru F.-i Jerry and Zclda Saturday 9:45—News Sunday CallniB All Girls Saturday 10:00—Stradivari Orchestra Sunday Road of Life Mon thru Fri K-C Jamboree Saturday 10 :lf>—Rosemary Mon thru Fri 10:30—America Back to God Sunday Star Playhouse Mon thru Fri Smilins Ed McDonnell... .Saturday 10:15—Dnvld Harum Mon thru Fri 11:00—Church Services Sunday Judy and Jane Mon thru Frf Alex Dreier Saturday 11 :la—Perry Mason Mon thru Fri Gov. Hicltenloopcr Saturday 11:30—Edith D. Webber Mon Wed Fri Ranch House Jim Tue Thu Sat 11:45—Buckarnos Mon thru Fri A?VC;;.:CC;J PROGRAMS 12:00—Old Fashioned Revival Sunday Ma-fceSa and News Mon thru Fri Corn Belt Farm Hour Saturday 12:15—Feed All Three Mon Wed Fri Victory Farmers Tue Thu 12:30—Univ. of Chi. Roundtable Sunday News Dally ex Sun 12:45—Songfcllows Mon Wed Fri Sat Served With a Song Tue Thu 1:00—Thosa We Love Sunday Guiding LiRht Mon thru Fri Man on the Farm Saturday 1:15—Today's Children Mon thru Fri 1:30—Westinghouse Procraai Sunday Woman in White Mon thru Fri Muaicana .....",' .Saturday 1:45—Hymns All Churches. .Mon thru Thn Dotty Crocker Friday News and Views About Religion Saturday 2:00—World Parade Sunday Woman of America.... Mon thru Fri Orchestras of the Nation..Saturday 2:15— Ma Perkins Mon thru Fri 2:30—Army Hour Sunday Pepper Younc's Fmly..Mon thru Fri 2:45—Right to Happiness Mon thru Fri 3:00—Backstage Wife Mon thru Fri Children's Bible Hour Saturday 3:15—Stella Dallas Mon thru Fri 3:30—Iowa-Nebraska Quiz Sunday Lorenzo Jones Mon thru Fri The Iowa Roundtable Saturday 3.-J5—Young Widder Brown. .Mon thru Frl 4:00—Symphony of the Air Sunday When a Girl Marries..Mon thru Fri Grand Hotel Saturday 4:15—Portia Faces Life Mon thru Fri 4:30—Just Plain Bill Mon thru Fri John W, Vnndercook..... .Saturday 4:45—Front Pace Farrell Mon thru Fri Music Room Saturday 5:00—The Mastersingera Sunday News Daily ex Sunday 5:15—News Sunday Songs at Twilisht Mon Wed Fri Time Out for Listening... .Tue Thu Songfellows Saturday 5:30—Great Gilderslecvc ....Sunday Austin & C»rtrisht...Mon Wed Fri Curt Mass;y & Co.... Saturday 5:45—British Bdcstf. Co Mon thru Fri Austin and Cartright Saturday 5:50—War News and Sports. .Mon thru Fri EVENING PROGRAMS 6:00—Jack Benny Sunday Cliff and Helen Mon thru Fri Cliff Carl and Company.. .Saturday 6:15—News of the World Mon thru Fri Smilin' Ed McConnell Saturday 6:30—Fitch Bandwagon Sunday News Daily ex Sun 6:45—H. V. Kaltcnborn Mon Wed Thu Fri Jimmy Fidler Tuesday Barn Dance Carnival Saturday 7:00—Charlie McCarthy Sunday Cavalcade of America Monday Johnny Presents Tuesday Mr. and Mrs. North Wednesday Maxwell House Coffee Thursday Highways in Melody Friday Gaslight Gaieties Saturday 7:30—One Man's Family Sunday Voice of Firestone Monday A Date with Judy Tuesday Carton of Cheer Wednesday Dinah Shore Thursday Duffy's Tavern Friday Truth or Consequences... .Saturday 8:00—Manhattan Merry-Go-Rnd...Sunday Telephone Hour .Monday Mystery Theatre Tuesday Eddie Cantor Show Wednesday Bing Crosby ...Thursday Waltz Time , Friday National Barn Dance......Saturday 8:30—Album Familiar Music Sunday Information Please Monday Fibber McGee & Molly Tuesday Mr. District Attorney... .Wednesday Bob Burns Thursday People Are Funny Friday „ „„ I" w » Barn Danc«Frolic..,.Saturday 9:00—Hour of Charm Sunday Contented Program Monday Bob Hope Tuesday Kay Kyser'a College Wednesday Abbott and Coatello Thursday Amos V Andy .......Friday 9:30—Comedy Theatre Sunday Dr. I. Q Monday Hildegarde Tuesday Rudy Vallee Program Thursday Hollywood Theatre Friday 10:00—Austin and Cartrigbt f'mday Chesterfield Supper • .. ., ,., Club ....MontoruFrl 10:15—New« Daily 10:80—War Service Billboard Sun Mou Wed* Thu Everything for the Boy«... .Tuetday Can You Top This I Friday ,„ ., Barry Wood-P»t»y Kelly..Saturday 10:45—Ted Steele'a Novatonw......Sunday Something for the Girl*.... ,Mt>od»r Spotlight on Rhythm....Wednesday ., .. fzath-Myri Presents Thursday 11:00—Nem... ..Mon Tue Thu Sat Starlit Road Wednesday Bill Stern ........Friday 11:05—Casino Gardens Orchestra.. .Sunday St. Louis Serenade ...'Monday aSaS*'* 0 * i-™"*' 11:15—TimelA-alk, U J«-01d F»sJiion»d JReyj«I. ..Friday . .... .SurlSay London Column ...........Monday .. .,, N«w» ,.,.......,,... .Tue thru Bat 11:45— Uuiie . ............... Daily ex Sun 11 :55-Newa ....... .. .".,,, .Daily " ISn 12:00— Mirth & Madnew..... .Mon All Liituig. aubjtct to chan*« WHO Bwn Pance BACH SATURDAY " Sorin Adults He Cet 'HI "11 f nl ij c 'Pi •fel Ii f !• fc-i ; & ': ft I

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