The Pantagraph from Bloomington, Illinois on October 31, 2004 · Page 88
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The Pantagraph from Bloomington, Illinois · Page 88

Bloomington, Illinois
Issue Date:
Sunday, October 31, 2004
Page 88
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u " Colonial celebration start of Thanksgiving holiday "A; re we going to have turkey for Thanksgiving dinner, Fat Cat?" Porky . asked. "We always do, don't we? Why would this year be any different?" Fat Cat said. "And are we going to have pumpkin pie?" Rocky, the raccoon, inquired. "Is that all you two think about is your stomachs?" Fat Cat said tartly. "No, but Thanksgiving is a special time when we have special things we don't have' during the rest of the year. Just checking," Porky responded. "That's right. Thanksgiving is a special time and we should be thinking about the meaning of the day, though I will admit Thanksgiving really was and still is about food," Pegasus said, putting down the newspaper he was reading. "During the early Thanksgiving days in New England, the Pilgrims had festivals to celebrate the bountiful quantities of plentiful crops they had just harvested. Actually the first Thanksgiving was a religious time, with no feasting at all." "It was on Dec. 4, 1619, at a place called The Plantation on the James River in Virginia, where 38 English settlers celebrated the first Thanksgiving," Pegasos explained. "However, the Thanksgiving we are familiar with was the one celebrated in 1620, at Plymouth, Mass., in New England. And it was because of that celebration that the tradition of Thanksgiving has continued in the fall each year after all the crops have been harvested." "The colonists had endured an extremely cold and hard winter, but they were free and their hopes continued when they again planted seeds in the spring in anticipation of another bountiful harvest, which, indeed, there was." "Because of that, Gov. William Bradford declared that a day be set aside as the first American Thanksgiving for a harvest festival to thank God for all the progress the colonists had made since they came to the new world. The festival lasted three days. Turkey and a dessert made of mashed pumpkin stewed in maple syrup from the maple trees was served, thus, turkey and pumpkin pie has become a tradition for Thanksgiving," Pegasus continued. "Because the Indians had taught the colonists how to grow corn and other crops, about 90 Indians were invited to participate in the first festivities. Later, other states began to observe Thanksgiving, but there was no set date until New York officially had a Thanksgiving Day and that was followed by other states." "Sarah Josepha Hale, editor of Godey's Lady's Book, worked for 30 years for a national Thanksgiving Day. Finally, in 1863, President Abraham Lincoln proclaimed the last -Thursday in November to be "a day of thanksgiving and praise for our beneficent Father." In 1941, Congress officially ruled that the last Thursday in November would be observed as Thanksgiving Day and that it would be a legal holiday," Pegasus concluded. "So almost 400 years later we will be observing a special tradition that was started by Pilgrims sitting down to turkey and pumpkin pie. Incredible," Porky said thoughtfully. Send drawings, writings and poems about: Thanksgiving. CONTEST Subject: Thanksgiving Deadline: 5 p.m. Friday, Nov. 5 Publication: Sunday, Nov. 21 Categories: Kindergarten to second grade I Drawing First-second grade I Writing Third-fourth grade Drawing I Writing Fifth-sixth grade I Drawing Writing Special education I Drawing Writing Entries should be sent to The Flying Horse, The Pantagraph, 301 W. Washington St., Bloomington, IL 61702-2907. Entries aren't returnable. Winners will receive a certificate of recognition. 'Tim week's winners Subject: Halloween Lindsey Peoples, Grade 4, Grove Elementary I Elizabeth Madison, Grade 2, St. Mary's School POWER RANGER Halloween is fun. My mom's birthday is on Halloween. We wear our costumes and go trick-or-treating. I like Halloween because it is my mom's birthday. This Halloween I'm going to be a Power Ranger. Suneil Bhaskara Grade 1, Washington Elementary SANDWICH TIME Some people celebrate Halloween but I don't. I stay at home and eat Blimpie or Subway. I watch TV and sit in the basement. When the kids ring the doorbell my mom doesn't answer it. The best part about Halloween is when you get candy and dress up as anything you want to be. Janecia Staten . Grade 3, Stevenson Elementary SO EXCITED Halloween is a fun holiday because my family and I go trick-or-treating. I get candy with my aunt and uncle. I get lots of candy. Then when I eat it I get excited. I love Halloween! Kassie Bergmann Grade 2, Lowpoint-Washburn Elementary HARVEST FESTIVAL I do not celebrate Halloween. Instead I go to a harvest festival. There are fun games, hair spraying and face painting. There is a lot of candy Sometimes you get stuffed animals. One time my friend didn't get a stuffed animal so my dad gave her an extra one. It's a lot of fun. Amber Kamlnski Grade 4, Calvary Baptist Academy - GOOD MANNERS Halloween is fun for kids but for their parents, who knows? Kids love saying "trick or treat, give me something good to eat." I am different from other kids because I say please and thank you. Some things can be very scary on Halloween. Some people can be a mummy, a vampire or even the headless horseman. Courtney Longstreth Grade 2, Lexington Elementary CARTER BROTHERS Carter Brothers is a scary hayrack ride. They take you through the forest. Sometimes they have haunted houses. The haufnted houses are scary There are skeletons and other scary things. At the end they hand out candy. I really like to go to Carter Brothers. Halloween is a scary time of the year! Brandon Nelson Grade 4, New Holland-Middletown Elementary NINJA I'm going to be a dead ninja for Halloween. I am going to be a dead ninja because I don't want to be an original ninja. Brock Lynn Grade 1, Grove Elementary ENJOY IT ' Halloween is a night to celebrate something that scares you, something that makes you mad. The reason I like Halloween is because I love to see all of the different costumes. So enjoy Halloween. It only comes around once a year! Lindsey Jacobsen Grade 5, Colene Hoose Elementary CHEERLEADER I like Halloween. I am going to be a cheerleader. I like Halloween because you can go trick-or-treating. This year I get to go trick-or-treating with my dad. Halloween is my favorite night. Jessica Sigler Grade 2, Fairview Elementary ROYAL FAMILY I am going to be a princess for Halloween. My sister and I are going to have on pink. We will have our hair done. My oldest sister will be a queen. She will take us out trick-or-treating. Pauletta Rials Grade 5, Irving Elementary FRONT YARD We like to carve pumpkins and light them. We put them in our front yard. Katlyn Woodbury Grade 4, Northpoint Elementary GROWING OLDER I want to be a scary monster for Halloween. Halloween is when you go and trick or treat and get candy. I like going and getting candy but this year, since I'm older, I decided to give candy out to little people. Jordan Knight Grade 5, Pepper Ridge Elementary SHARE THE WEALTH . I'm going to be a cheetah. I'm going to go house to house with a bucket for candy. Then I'm going to watch scary movies. I'll share my candy with my mom. Deandre Williams Grade 4, Irving Elementary PUMPKINS To celebrate Halloween early, I brought a pumpkin for every person in my class. We raised these on my farm. Everyone brought a pumpkin home for Halloween. Jessica Wenger Grade 4, Meadowbrook Elementary CANDY MOTHER LODE I will be a cheerleader angel for Halloween. On Halloween I will go trick-or-treating and I will get all the candy in the . world! The best thing about Halloween is that we all get to dress up and we all get to share our candy. Jessica Baker Grade 2, Chatsworth Elementary SHY One of my least favorite holidays is Halloween. I don't like it because you dress up. I think I don't like to dress up because I'm shy. My favorite candy is Reese's. There is a house in my neighborhood that gives away soda! Jakolyn Moore Grade 5, Pepper Ridge Elementary TRUNK OR TREAT On the 29th we go to our school and you open your trunk up. You eat dinner there and when it is 7 p.m. you go to every car around the parking lot and say, "trunk or treat!" When they hear you they will give you candy. I love trunk or treat! Anna Trevarthan Grade 3, Holy Trinity Elementary HALLOWEEN TIPS There are some things you might want to do on Halloween. First, make sure your costume is real looking. Second, make sure you get lots of candy. Third, never go alone, and when you get scared, go home. Then you can enjoy your candy and watch scary movies with your family. Brian Hendricks Grade 5, Brigham Elementary COMPETITION Ask your friends if they are going trick-or-treating. If they are not going, annoy them until they say yes. Also, you should pick out a costume that is way cooler than your friends'. If you can't find a good costume, try and put pieces of other costumes together. Chris Thankan Grade 5, Brigham Elementary Other winners PARTY TIME When you go trick-or-treating you will get candy and it will be fun. People will scare you and they will get scared too. Also, you can have a Halloween party at your house and invite a lot of people. I am going trick-or-treating at night. Halloween is very fun. Fatima Davis Grade 4, Fairview Elementary FIRST PRIZE My family's new Halloween tradition is to go to my Aunt Sandy's house. Last year, we played games and got prizes. We had a contest and I won for scariest costume. It was fun. I was the Grim Reaper. I had a sword. Bryce Bounds Grade 3, Hudson Elementary HIPPIE On Halloween night all the kids dress up in costumes and go trick-or-treating. This year I am going to probably be a hippie girl. People used to celebrate Halloween because they believed that people who died came back alive. Margaret Stolfa Grade 2, St. Mary's School NO TOILET PAPER Halloween is cool because you get candy. I might do the haunted house or go trick-or-treating. I hope I can do both. I didn't toilet paper the park this year. Somebody toilet papered my own tree. My mom didn't like it. Clay Wright Grade 2, Lexington Elementary Calvary Baptist Academy McKale McClintic, Grade 4, essay Central School Matthew Freer, Grade 4, essay; Taylor Araujo, Grade 4, essay Chatsworth Elementary Jaylyn Brauman, Grade 2, essay Chester East Lincoln Fox Harris, Grade 2, essay Colene Hoose Elementary Sarah Valentine, Grade 3, essay Epiphany Elementary Kellie Nolan, Grade 4, art Fox Creek Elementary Bailey Homerding, Grade 4, art Grove Elementary Carly Pederson, Grade 4, art; Casey Lebre, Grade 3, essay Holy Trinity Elementary Maggie Duncan, Grade 4, essay; Jacob Knoll, Grade 4, art; Corey Wilder, Grade 4, art LeRoy Elementary Molly Marcum, Grade 5, art and essay; Rachel Bruning, Grade 6, art Lowpoint-Washburn Elementary Heather Nunnally, Grade 4, essay Meadowbrook Elementary Brianne Edelman, Grade 4, art Northpoint Elementary Andrea Brown, Grade 2, art; Skyler Cox, Kindergarten, art Oakdale Elementary Jacob Bacon, Grade 3, essay Oakland Elementary Anne Brown, Grade 5, art; Andrea Dillman, Grade 4, art Pepper Ridge Elementary Kelsie Hammitt, Grade 5, essay Prairieland Elementary James Collins, Grade 5, essay Stevenson Elementary Adriaunna King, Grade 3, essay; Jordan Simon, Grade 1, art; Demi Stevens, Grade 6, art St. Mary's School Leah Mason, Grade 3, essay; Ally Jaspers, Grade 5, art St. Mary's School, Pontiac Maddie Jacobs, Grade 4, essay Sugar Creek Elementary John Bae, Grade 3, art Creating a weather symbol You will need a white, unlined sheet of letter-sized paper, The Pantagraph and crayons or markers. Check out the weather symbols on The Pantagraph's weather page. They are a quick way of showing the predicted weather. Notice that symbols do not show trees or people or pets or buildings. Here's how to draw a symbol that might be printed in The Pantagraph: I Draw a symbol to show one of the following weather conditions: cloudy, mostly cloudy, showers, thunderstorms, partly cloudy, mostly sunny. partly sunny, partly sunny with showers, snow, light snow or cold. Be creative! I Draw your symbol horizontally on your paper. Make sure to color heavily. I Neatly PRINT your name, grade, school and town on the back of the paper. Do NOT fold your paper. Only those following all directions can be considered for publication. I Send your symbol to Jeff Zwadlo, The Pantagraph, P.O. Box 2907,. Bloomington, IL 61702. Watch for the new Flying Horse display at 0 EASTL D MALL aPASSlONforshopping Entries from our popular writing and drawing contest for kindergarten through sixth grade students will be on display in the Eastland Mall Food Court. Be sure to visit Eastland Mall to see if your picture or essay is hanging on the wall. Newspaper in Education Partners in Learning tNIUIANCI National City Bank t Kathryn Beich, A Division of Nestle I Nicor Gas t FedEx Kinko's 1 i

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