Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on December 21, 1944 · Page 1
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 21, 1944
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Victory Buy Bonds Volume 44 ' ALGONA, IOWA, THURSDAY EVENING, DECEMBER 21, 1944 10 Pages 80 Columns •^^•^k ^^M ^^M ^^» " """ """ ----._- ° —*»-»*»»***« A^ UUUJCJL X J OUNTY OVER 6TH WAR LOAN TOP Ed_WeiskeJ?ormerBwrt(Creamery Employe, Kills Himself IHOOTS SELF IN HOME AT FOREST OITY LCt Believed Result of Long Spell of Poor Health. I 'Ed', Weiske, formerly Burt, but por some time Forest City, com- hitted suicide by shooting him- elf in the stomach at his home uesday afternoon while his wife i down town. A 16-year-old who came from high school after 4 p. m. found his fath- dcad body in the house. Mr. Weiske had worked at the ireamery at Burt till a year ago, i went to work in the cream- at Forest City, moving his family there 'last May. Several Impnths ago he had to quit work [because of. trouble with his back, and it is presumed 'that ill health anxiety was responsible for his fatal act. Mr, Weiske'was'a veteran of Vorld War I, and three of his ons, Richard, Harold, and Hert are now in service. There are :, other children, the youngest i girl four years old. Mr. Weiske was-in- his early [fifties and his wife is a daughter of Mr., and Mrs. James Ollom, of ',, who went to Forest City to Three Algona Church Schools Plan Christmas Programs C HIL D R E N TO Prisoners Build Nativity Scene at Camp BE AIDED BY THE CHOIRS -v- r .. 'of the tragedy. Funeral' arrangements have not ifcen made, pending word from ons; in the service. .GONA YOUTH ON HOT FRONT One Program Sunday Afternoon, Two in the Evening. .A Congregatioal Sunday school Christmas program is announced for next Sunday afternoon at 4:30 at the church, and Methodist and Presbyterian 7:30 Christmas eve programs are planned. After an organ prelude and prayer by Pastor Martin, the 16- membcr junior choir will sing on the Congregational program, and under direction of Mesdames G. W. Stillman, M. G. Bourne, and J. C. Mawdsley a primary department of songs, recitations, and exercises will be given. The intermediate department will follow with a program featuring Christmas in other lands. There will be a Christmas treat for every child in the church. ;.. • Presbyterian Concert. The Presbyterian program will open, with. -an- organ concert and a candlelight processinal in which the junior, intermediate, and senior choirs will take part. The primary children will then give a worship program. Each of the choirs will give an i anthem, and junior worship will 1 follow featuring the history of Christmas carols. There will be nine numbers on this program. Closings numbers will be a candlelight recessional and "Silent Night." Meihodisi Program. A Christmas festival of music and story will be presented at the pro- Mr. and Ms. D. D. Monlux have iceived the following letter un~;'date of Nov. 26, written in >rthwestern France" by their ;Bpb: "This is Sunday, a quiet peace- Methodist church, and the 1 day thus far, but who knows Sam will include a dramatization 'soon it will suddenly change °^ the Christmas story in costume the worse. I've seen combat bv the entire primary depart- some time now, and thus far nient. A girls sextette will sing, «ve been lucky to be not even and there will be a solo by Leona ratched. i McMurray. '!The first day in combat was! The junior, intermediate, and senior departments will give "On the Boughs of the Christmas Tree," a service to -enrich the spirit of "good will toward men," OF THE MOST striking GUERILLAS SAVE EX-ALGOKA BOY WHO BALES OUT This week's Upper Des Moines carried a story saying that Sgt. I Rollin Thornton, Livermore, had i been missing in a bomber flight 'since Nov. 27. It is now learned j that tht» young man parachuted to • safety after his B-24 bomber had been .shot up, and was found by j Chinese guerrillas and with their j aid returned to his base after eight days, arriving on his birth- Mining Mr. and Mrs. John Kohlhaas received notice this morning lhat their son Tom is missing in action over Germany. He has been missing since Nov. 30. BUSY DAYSroT~ KOSSUTH'S TWO LIQUOR STORES BONDS QUOTA MET IN CASH 100 PERCENT Remaining Purchases To Put County Far Over Quota. By Eugene Murlagh, Counly War Bond Chairman. Kossuth eounty people have purchased their quota of •$!;278,000 in the 6th War, Loan drive, according to reports from the Federal Reserve bank. Our county was the fourth in the state actually to have the money in Chicago for its quota. ' When the drive ends December 'day. 1 The youth is the son of Mrs. November liquor sales at the I Judd Berryhill, Livermore, the 1 - local store went U P a notch over 6l ° ur county should have a /ery ) former Mrs. Seward Thornton, i October sales, and bond sales substantial margin over its quota. i whose husband was killed in. an' made an amazing jump, but " all pledges are carried put.. It accident some years ago. Rollin! there was need of it, for the Oc- ls estimated that nine out of ten | is a nephew of Arthur Riley Lu- ! tober bond record was amazin»- People had made their bond pur- verne, and Douglas Riley, Al. gona. He left the states for overseas duty in October, and was engineer-gunner on a Liberator. ly low. .chases by last Saturday. . Bond The figures show liquor sales sale s are continuing at a fairly of $17,473.74 in November Sood rate this week, and by' the against $16,797.21 in October, and year-end it is hoped that every- out his When the Thorntons were in J j bond sale s aggregating $33,850 in one will have carried I C. Mawdsley employ near Irving- November against only $2,755 in Promise to buy bonds. . ton, some years ago, Rollin at- October. - I Some neighborhoods have only tended the Algona high school' Tne Bancroft store reported a narrow margin over their quota' two years. Later he was gradu-' liquor sales of $10,618.86 in No-' m the pledge campaign, and ev- ated from the Livermore high vember, and sales at the two ery pledge must be caried out if school stores in the county totaled $28,- these communities actually meet a day and I must admit I scared; everyone was, to iar the shells so close at hand. nee then I have learned how to -«- =•— — .--• (Ke it and now it doesn't bother' anc * to show how the Christmas pince tree has grown in significance through the years. "Gifts for Christ at Christmas" will be laid under the Christmas tree. Teller of the story will be Rose Marie Hutton; herald will be ,.»-,., o,,,^ CB , B ,,u-Mary Douglas; and tree decora- Gee, it hit the spot! Hot tors will be pupils of the Junior i. after a cold diet of K ra-1 department. The committee in charge is Mesdames Roy Hutzell, W. A. Foster, N. A. Price, Paul Bell, and A. E. Lauritzen, with Donald Miller, » — 1 so much. f"We celebrated Thanksgiving fyeral days late, but neverthe- 'n good style. We had 1'^ is of turkey per man, pota- peas, apple sauce, 'bread, coffee, gum, smokes, and examples of wood carving in or near Algona is a natirity scene completed recently by PWs at the camp west of Algona. Some of the prisoners were wood carvers in civilian life, and they put their skills to work some weeks ago. The scene is approximately 12 feet wide. The main figures are some 18 inches high, with well carved features. In the picture on the left is the manger, complete with Madonna and Infant, king, while I use hemp being used extensively two other kings bearing gifts ap- for the trees, with cotton added preach the manger. The three wise men are in the foreground, and the shepherds have left their sheep. At the upper right of the picture is.the angel who spoke to for bulk. The figures were carved, from icrap wood, as were the sheep. The backgrund is blue display cardboard with silver stars. Spec- the shepherds, and above the | tacular lighting effects have been manger . is the star that guided achieved. On the manger scene the worshippers. The background shows the gate to Jerusalem, outside of which was the Inn. The trees, manger. Inn, and other components of the scene were made mostly from waste materials, ref- a golden light plays. The 'angel in the upper right is brilliantly white lighted. The main light over the background is blue, and a floodlight gives softer illumination for the foreground figures and scene. or none at all!" c - E. WOLCOTT NEW WORTHY MASTER OF THE LOCAL MASONS Masonic BhiR lodge elected Monday night: L. E. W. M.; O. B. Laing, S. ;*i.u , ' "OUcirCl, Jr. YV.J JL. vv. nmu ucu'i'iui' uuv ui .11 vn*§tuii, aim ;VJ'. treasurer; D. L. Leffert,' has been on the job ever since. RFD CARRIER SENDS A CARD TO PATRONS When G. C. Giddings entered the navy a year or two ago his wife took over his duties as rural mail carrier out of Irvington, and ALGONA COUPLE ARE NOW 86-89 Union Twp., Dec. 20—Mr. and Mrs. Ben H. Winkie, 409 W. McGregor, will reach their 63rd wedding anniversary Christmas day. Because of their advanced ages, 86 and 89, there will be no special observance. . Mrs. Winkie came to Kossuth from Mendota, 111., in 1869, and Mr. Winkie came 'from Dodge ii.t . . -••**-», ju». AJ. xjcixci c, Jiaa Demi uii unc juu evtri MUI;C. ivir. vvuitvit: vauic . xium j-'vjw&w fftary. Mr. Leffert is complet-1 She and her children live at Lu county, Wis., in 1876. They'were i-_ «• — — • •w-.i.t.v* j, if) i;uj £» .years as secretary. Max '. Verne. A few days ago Mrs. Gida member of the Tern-1 dings received a micro-filmed card from her husband, who is at Pearl Harbor, and this was intended as a greeting for the patrons on his route. The card shows a wreath, with Season's board ers for Prudence ater are: Paul Royal Wille, Max P. Paxson, treasur- ffiwi len 9 >ft 1 ^ Ue k chapter , Norton, secretary; E. J. board. and the Royal h ave a publio in i " . i ajso be a school of in. ' e to " e announced. u re on the wav the third, degree. Here Bag. Wild Silver Bt» 1 made to the commission lately Greetings, and a view inside the wreath of a Pacific isle. Mrs. Giddings plans to put up the card in the Irvington postoffice for in- married in Algona on the same day that the late W. E. Naudain and Mrs. Naudain were married, and have lived their entire married life in the county. Their first home was on the farm now owned by Charlie Klamp. The Winkies lived four years on that place, then moved to Algona, where Mr. Winkie operated a dray line till 1905. They then spection by patrons of the route. ! moved to Union township, but * *. ' • . * i . _ •__ •« /\rtrt mU. — Former Burt Yoqth Killed in Germany Pvt. James E. Sage, former Burt boy, said to be missing in actjon in Germany November 20, has now been reported killed in action, in a telegram received Tuesday by his wife. He is a retired to Algona in 1909- The Winkie have a son Claire who works at the Vjkjng oil station here. Retired Irvington Pastor U Honored The Rev. Alexander English' was honored last week Thursday near . Webster brother of Mrs. B. L. Ackerman, by members of the Irvington Aid -' • ...-.-- . - -•-•__ -.-— r. s oc i e ty on the occasion of his had shot a silver Burt. He entered service March hunting pheasants 31/1944, took basic training at The com- Camp Hood, Tex., was sent over- rarely seas, and arrived in France last of Algona. said silver " 72nd birthday. The meeting was held at Mrs. L, E. Colwell's, where he received a shower of . w|ld , tjn.is one had fox farm artd re- September. His wife and six home canned fruit and vegetables — -*•-•- and preserves enough to last him a year. Mr. English was the Irvington pastor W i years. old son live at Clear Lake, where he operated an auto re- before entering service. Savings and Loan Party is Tonight Officers, directors, employes, and a few friends of the Algona Federal Savings and Loan association will have an annual Christmas party at the company's offices this evening. LEGION AUXILIARY SENDING GIFTS TO VETERAN HOSPITAL Participating in a plan to make There will i a Christmas gift available to ev- toe a Christmas tree and exchange ; ery service man in a government of gifts, and a turkey dinner will i hospital, the local Legion AuxiJ- be served by the Mathes cafe, j lary some week ago asked all The board of directors consists of i persons willing to "Give a Gift to Judge G, W. Stillman, M. G. Nor- j Those Who Gave" to leave the ton, H. R. Cowan, W. A. Foster, | same at the Spilles hardware, H. M. Hauberg, Frank Kohlhaas, The quota assessed the Algona M. P. Weaver, and C. R. LaBarre. j unit was ten packages. Employes are Elizabeth Nugent, j Mrs. G. D. Brundage, Auxil- Jessie Smith, T. T. Herbst, and C. W. Nicoulin. Wednesday on a charge of drunkenness, but later was taken before the insanity commission and committed to Cherokee as an inebriate. Delivery to the hospital was made Thursday. Members of the commission are: Dr. C. H. Cretzmeyer, chairman, T. C. Hutchison, and Mrs. Helen White, court clerk. GETS PURPLE HEART Cpl. George Boekelman, son of Heyo Boekelman, German towm ship, has. received the purple heart for wounds- received in combat, but is now back on duty. He is with General Hodges' first army in Germany, and has .been overseas a year, pant of the'time in Holland. • • : iary president, now reports 25 packages le*ft at the store, and these will be sent this week to [ the veterans hospital at Knoxville. The Auxiliary made six 11 pounds of home made candy for effort to provide one pound of such candy for each veteran. At the last Auxiliary meeting the unit,bought a $5 t. to. bond, also a $100 "F" war bond- Inebriate is Sent to State Hospital the hospital, cooperating in an Frank King, inmate of the county home, was brought before Mayor Kohlhaas last week , Sergeant Newel, of Fenton, Discharged After 3V4 years in the army, S.-Sgt. Eugene I.. Newel, son of Mr. and Mrs. Geo. W. Newel, Fento.n, has 'been honorably discharged for poor health. He took basic training at Fort Bragg, N. C-., and for more than two years was a field artillery instructor there. He was also entrusted with other responsible duties. What, he will do now has not been "decided. He is married, and his wife is the former Kathryn Berschman, Lakota. There are no children. ALGONA GIRL'S HUSBAND GETS BRAVERY MEDAL With the Sixth Army in the Philippines (Undated) — First Lieutenant Howard L. Patton, Algona, la., has been awarded the Soldier's Medal for heroism in Dutch New Guinea. Lieutenant Palton is presently serving in a Coast Artillery unit in the Sixth Army in liberation of the Philippines. The lieutenant led a group of enlisted men who volunteered to extinguish a roaring blaze in a bomb dump containing 3,400 tons of high explosives. "Regardless of the great danger," read the citation of the officer and men, "they removed bombs to clear a break, evacuated and gave aid to men who had been wounded by explosions and ultimately brought the fire under control. "By their courageous persever- verance," continued the citation, "they prevented great loss of life and vital material;" Lieutenant Patton is the husband of Mrs. Magaret L. Patton, 411 North Garfield, Algona. WAYNE ZEIGLER ON A BOMBING FLIGHT OVER THE GERMANS An Eighth Air Force Bomber Station, England, (Undated)—2d Lt. Wayne G. Zeigler, 20, co-pilot of an eighth air force B-17- Flying Fortress, entered the aerial offensive against Germany recently in a heavy bombing attack upon the oil refineries of Merseburg, vital source of fuel for the Nazi mechanized armies. Zeigler is a member of the 385th bmbardment group commanded by Lt. Col. George Y. Jumper, Natoma, Calif. Son of Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur J. Zeigler, route 2, northeast of Algona, la., Zeigler was farming prior to entering the army air forces in October, 1942. He received his wings at Stockton Field, Calif., las^t April. $100 Library Gift From Mrs. Cowles The city library 'board is grateful to Mrs. Gardner Cowles Sr., Des Moines, for another of her $100 Christmas gifts for the purchase of books. The library also spends for books, the yearly income from the $5000 Florence Call Cowles gift of some years ago from Mr. Cowles. It is now more than 40 years since Mrs- Cowles was an active member of the no longer existing W. L. A. S.—Woman's Library Aid Society—but her interest in the library's fortunes has never lagged. .......'..... their share of the county total'; There remain only two days : tp purchase war bonds for Christ- f 092.60, believed to be a new 'high' for Kossuth. It was more than a dollar for every man, woman, and child in the. county;, mas Sifts- For .those .who. w,il Bancroft reported only $175 ceive extra money for Christmas,,bond sales for October, but in an investment in war bonds is'-a November came across with sa ^ e place to keep it for future • $18,675. ,use. t - , ; , ;: : ' The store at Livemore sold An excellent answer to" the sold $9611 worth of liquors in German counter-attack now go- November and $2100 in bonds. i n .S on is for us to counter-attack"West Bend's November sales of wit h our dollars. There is still liquor totaled $6379, but that long and bitter war in prospect', highly patriotic bond town actu- j both in Europe and the Pacific, ally beat Algona with $33,877 in bonds. WILBURTA JUTTE IS BRIDE OF A FARMER and. every spare dollar is heeded to continue the fight. •' V'•,' VAN NESS GETS HISTORIC CANE E. J. Van . Ness recently re- pnH TS T? 6 "? M U ; ceived a cane wi th considerable and_ Everett, son of Mr.. histnrinai ,w prps t f™ m a TO i a *,-,«, Luverne, Dec. 18 — Wilburta, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Jutte, Des Moines, formerly Luverne, and Everett, son of Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Nicholson, Des Moines, were married at Highland Park Presbyterian church there Sunday, Dec. 3, in a double ring ceremony. Attendants were the bride's sister, Mrs. Arthur Dillenbak, and her cousin, George Tiede, formerly Luverne. Following the ceremony a reception was held at the bride's historical interest from a relative at Harlan. It was made frc-jri wood shredded from a tree.'by cannon fire in the Ciyil War battle of Champlin Hills, but where Champlin Hills is or was located Mr. Van Ness doesn't know, Mr. Van Ness's father, a veterr an of the Civil War, had the cane" made and mounted with a ster,- wfr •.«,!?£ ling silver head bearing the jn- 3g3 rthe^D^MS £*&„ ^"^ K FSS£^%S£S^ home. was employed the cuple are now living on the farm. Free Phone Talks for Service Boys A weekly innovation originated by the program committee of the U. S. O., Mrs. Don D. Alt chairman, was inaugurated Saturday evening, when a service man was presented with a free three-minute long distance telephone call to any place in the United States. One Sergeant Moore was selected, and he tried to call his wife, a defense plant employe, but could not contact her, so he talked with his mother at Pueblo, Colo. One such free call will be presented each Saturday night to a chosen service man till further notice. Former Bancroft Boy Among Killed 'Swea City, Dec. 20-r-Mrs. Olof Pearson received word last week that her nephew, son of Mr. and Mrs. Wilfred Johnson. California, was killed in action Sept. 8. The young man, a flyer, was first reV ported missing in action. His last letter home was written Sept. 5. The Johnsons were once resir dents of Bancroft for several years, and Mr. Johnson was a son of J. B. Johnson, Kossuth pioneer. Mrs. Johnson is the former Trude Brigham. PACIFIC SOUVENIRS. Lone Rock, Dec. 10 -— Grass skirts and native bracelets and rings were received Thursday by ________ ,. ... T , Mf ^ Mr. and Mrs. Walter Thompson man fcasees occupying from their youngest son, Warren will 'be held at 'J};80 ' soldier in the same war. An uncle of Mr. Van Ness who had charge of family keepsakes, died last August, and the cane . was later sent to the • nephew here. Mr. Van Ness also has received an old family Bible, a polyglot edition printed in 1834, in which there are dated entries for 1790. ALGONIAN AT ARMY HOSPITAL A GUEST AT H(S HOME HEW: S.-Sgt. Sigwel Woo4 got home Friday on 20-day leave from th'? Schick hospital, Clinton. Son'pf' Mrs. Joe Bestenlehner, he 'ha.S been overseas three years and carries shrapnel in his right win- received in Italian fighting, H| and Pfc. Wm. Bestenlehner were together till May. JV- is • foyr years since William 'has been ;RJrs. Bestenlehiv.'? nncl Ser». geant Wood left for St..|>«»»l,»ri* Erahajn, Minn., Saturday to. visit relatives, and returned last night, At the expiration of his fur* lough the young man, wiU return to pie hospital for further ' ment. . Memorial Planned for Virgil Lewif Lakota, Dec. 20 — A memorial service for Lt Col. Virgil"" Lewis, who was killed north Rome, Italy, last June 2$ " in command of an S. 1-c, Seabee in the South Pa- cjfie, - : , • • • - .'--:-. ternpon, Bee, 31, at- „ , , „,„. terian chufcb-berf.--" -* '""

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