Cleveland Daily Leader from Cleveland, Ohio on September 1, 1864 · Page 4
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Cleveland Daily Leader from Cleveland, Ohio · Page 4

Cleveland, Ohio
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 1, 1864
Page 4
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r,m Siztrtlsmntt ""FOB PAL," "TO BEST," 'LOST' U AM'8," ','fOChD,M BOARDING, -UKR-i JCS," aad otb-'r short notices, nofrBeeeding ron .iit.Bertxi twa? in this col a mo fur . rents, r. rv time HH cit,four tim s rJ renM; jr ail oter rofja incas aud not eacoediijg kwbt lira, dbU nborw rwteax - - --- Bare Chance for Agents. - Cplssulid Larf8teel IarrTn, from Photograph by Brady, of Abrtbim Itncolnt GeiursX Grant and . Geo. B. ilctlellaa. , tat Circnlmr address, with (tamp, B. 9 GREEN, Rcoa 4, Anterican Building, over Leader onice, TV7ANTED WE ARE TYVQJJJ1AVE and true ffoldH-r who hare rv.ii tiir.e v.-r.r (tart throe mouth in l lit. valiant Tth Ohio, end now we itMta to rrprpint two Atv!i h in theati r-r r Mnt Wt.oHit.lHii Ws u-illdotol i n .(.ii- elJeautount Ajh1v waily at theOtv HuU 1 1" I' A L- AKGK TWO-STORYnFRAME Dwelling frf-whs tn roar of Wand Prowy-fct tr(tt. Eiwuireof it. BAlLK Y, No. 67 Bmwneal nt., Is aacliJ. aug.ii :im r OST BY A POOJt WOMAN, ON the Wtt Side, on Saturday, tho 2-th mutant, : aaU Teathr Piastm-., ooBtahuita n.iiv i IF Ti IXJLLAKS. A IiU-thI reward will l imid Id Sfcaou) If kit at C. A. REaD o. a lUi.knn: Ui flea. irt Superior Mroet. . iul lot L"02t SALE HOUSE AND LOT ON JL Forest street.- H-wine': l.t kilW i.v wit), mt, l,iit.ilnnra . lill- -111 tlh'-TV. ad troo.. frnli. choice ci lit-. aiiJ a 1jI u. 'i' liufl wf. LiMjuirv at tUlaoiboii. - aii3i-ki WANTED-SCBSTITCTES $4,000 II r.h in hand will mH f--r five Jful-titut Ho will also dhv s lame prcniitnn Huron,- v hn will e Sub-'titnte. t'ALMKK ami ft mil. Vy ANTED BY A YOUNG MAN 18 hniisc as ShiPl'in? hntrv i u-rk rtr iitltt-rc:itviritv. .l- rirelP.O. Bor 13, Cfevaland. O. auM L2UB8TITUTE8. TUOSK WISHING kJ Miliitirutpa hi.ulJ rail iiDtnliHrrlv t KusW Aoi'-al City Ihni, -wturt ttwj will tarniiud atbu:W - WILLIS J. MltltSK. UTOLEX, FROM THE SOBSCRIBEa on the nifflit or Anft ih.-iiwrf n -mi Hours' lundllo'ciu k. fn.m iu Ii nt ol tin- Hnvlit.-n II.. In Unv.klvn fl tt W MARK ntiiil tvc. lv.- Vi18 nl, m.trkt-d with m Ktar mi th f..i-tiftnl. ratla r thin i HiMh.audanuM Bu?n', with in xh-tn-t- : thf-hun mu wu crat-kutl: on tn tifT-w- van a alrt-i-plat Murnrw. WtioTWilt return -r uivr anv iiiiortu tloaof UieaamesbAU U-lit-rnl!v rr irh 1 aneflrlw M Bli-r -tiwl. A CHEAP BARGAIN FARM FOR SALE. Tlw Uii'ter-urm-U uiu r ursjii.-nis mrm, cvntaiuiui acivn .i uu.(u.ilil Malit, tarod, nlenfyof! frutt, ami ' II Miuatvd uu ull;n'i CornerF. Ruy.tltuii, Cuyitlma -.unty, nliiu. f'jonii iihmff tfihnr w1 find it touiHradTautay W ANTED AT NO. 1RI PITTSBURG atreet. aaood ow milk Cow. auK'J9:ltm B SALB. HOUSES AT PKICES to Bitjnurchaerii from to ,n. WANTED TO RENT A HOU6K within halfa milfof tlm r. P. and (V Jt nil road rflock, capable of accooimodatmir a ioH fmuilv.-Ajldrww, mating ixau and ljaiu, Hi-x lt".t, (, it-vr. and l.0. - . aiiib-Jti7 tX)RSALE IN EAST CLEVELAND, X- T icra on Euclid nfrpot. nnn miL fr-.rn Wi1I-kq Tenne, 11 rodafriint on Kurli.i tr.:i auii i' r-.ula .Jedar atrt-vt. lhre acrr rr-iTw". "i" other mail fruitp of chic v,im-tt. r'U.nir nX eootd lionae rat oi bciioui uoune. a.n-i STRAYED ob STOLEX FROM THE uiwriber, at Auburn Corwra, kua ooanty. an tmst l-.tii. nnehirht brindltj and whit? tux vi-r old Cow. Any wr)n rtturnii a;ud Cowt or givuiij in- lonnaiion wn'T" wit in.i) iuiia,ui i- uu- nuy FOR SALE' VERY CHEAP A PAIR of Hones aud a hcht N. Y. tiuul timifTi, nrw The Hnrwacan trot U-jifthcr a mill in thix-f iutuut4. Thar will heaoldrWpHratly or to.-tlier. K. K. KEYF.3, u22-165 Cor. Supertor ft. and PuMh K-juare, AN T E D ACTIVE BtllNESd Hni.vhocan make frtni alto lr ir month ry-Uinff the w F.nziand luirovM FhuhIv .S wins JUacuin. Ttni Machine na no iiv.ti ut iu is-win aiactarw worm. AHliouii iiuriii, nc rau.- ol w .rK is wiual to that ol any laree Mh- nin., an.i iia ir tin mull an in (tf SIm. Thmr wi-hinir ti-rrit-r t.i oim-vuIi In willapplr at once ti. IWT ri.t U-nr.U Atft-nir, BAD DK. WELLS APVEKT1SE M ENT in nnntbar column. "tlfANTED IMMEDIATELY FOR TT the Quartrmaatr IVpartnjpnt at Kaab villa, Tenneaaee, 3U Laborer, warea (to ier month and raliona; 3u Teamatera, wagea 94J per month and ration. To met capable of taking; charge of a Train aa Wagonmaeior, that will report with 25 men, $G0 per month witl begivuii. Afeutanu with fifteen men, $45 per mouth. Hon ni apply but abie-bodted met., willing toeogajfo kt aia month. TTiwrirrtiTl"n forniahed. i. WHKkWuoO, Airent of A. t. M., alA-BS - Commercial Unaa, riPToland, 0. M0jnfT"AI V AN C EX JuJU.VVV.' in anmato uii at tuechUiand and weUtnQwn WAoNaR b LOAN OiUCt, on tHeonrttiof of every kind, vis: Uuld and Olivet Vf atobec, Diamonds, Silver H are. Jewelry, Uuns, pictola, OlothinK, iiy Good. Piaaoa, Mt iodeoM, and all raonaf property and article of value, on the most eatlt factory term ButiBbB atrlotly pri-yf. Bstabiishad lhal. H. B.A variety ol unredeemed Watchaa, Jewelry. Gone, A:., for aale at mrfraina. Oot oorner of Water and Superior atreeta, orar Da via and Peixotto' Oiothing Btre. i n W. WA.ONSR. BUSINKE33 NOTICES. C. C. BRUCE & PRESTON, OcTemment Lioetiaed - Army t Navy War Claim A?ents, ClnTrlKBMt. Ohio, fcO. 1 LTV AK'A EUVTt, Near the t'onrt Honae. Wawriinrton, It. f. Ko. 44:i 1KTH StEXFT, Opp. Pwnsion C'ffire. Ovncw: . ITBMSa IBJE ABXT BERALD, AND COLLECT ' PKNEIONS, B0UJST1', BACK PAT, Plica Monoy, Pfarhnri-Fd and Resigned OfflceiV Pay, and all oth r War OTaim. "We pay particular attention to claims in which othor AUornpvhavaFAiLKD, or whit h have h--o CCSPENDkD - - - . aoldiM dtichartred for Wofxm Kr,rErvrn in Battl cat. obtain the (100 Bounty dna tbem IMMEDIATELY, by appliug to n in poriu or by ettar. Ot.e of oar firm being at ALL TTM.E3 in Watas nton, D. 0., the advantage wo orVr to onr ch-qs can bat be mamfoat to all. Fee low. 1 o charge nntll we hare acrompllahtd What w wndertake. maytS-Ba . D. w. CACE, HCEXSED WAR CLAIM AGENT, Collect Bount ( m . Pensions, Bark Pay, Prize Money and other w ar Claimi. MT'Perarmal attention if tflven to the proacntion Of Claim in the Department at Waehinton. 9df All pemon harinr laim ahoald apply in tenon, or Ly letter, at once, mod thy will receive oroxapt attennoa. Itirig and gollurs. B ikE SPRING TRADE! ISEBH A BRIT A L Of NKW COODS, Wbicb win be opened at once, and offered to tbr Trad at prtoea defying oompetitloa, namely: , - . S DOZE1I Silk, Woolen an4 Cotton CNDEKSHIRTS AND DRAWERS. Amtrieaa and Trench Fancy TlanneU for Oyr ehirta (Wegllgee.) ' 10O DOZES HOSIERY, otton, Linen aad Llale Thread, 75 PIECES LnfEX, Of crery quality, tor BOSOMS AND SHIRTS. '- M Don. Porkct Hanilk'rV Kaat India Silk aad Linen, Hemirtitched, Aa. '. 20 dm Pearl Bnttoaw, TTholeaeli and Be tail. : SHIRTS AXD COLLARS, fTECKTIES ajtd HANDKERCHIEFS CLOTEB in Kid' and other material. FIb Drt SLIrts Hade to Order. , iMtfiroau'' V ii ruJJfch 1 mr Booda Too numerous fo mention, always on haad beat style aad quality. S. BThe most Emnnro V Eosavnoj aloar amployad la taia astauiuhmeat. t . v .LA. KEl'rXFR, Aireal, .- Mo. 41 PARK BUILDING. Sttttated between the Court House an Stone Church, Public Square, Junif CT.FTlfLAKT. OHIO. FBE8H SALMON, AIACKEREL. Baliihut, f ea Baas, Lobetera, Clams and Oyster, and all kinds of Canned Fmit, Smelts aud Uratsr, leueiTed erery week, at ELWuOD S, No. 1U MS UHBuk street. Ipl-l TVK3- CLBVELAND BBiWiBl tlllMT, CXETIXASD, OoBiUntl j on hud tor Olty ud Kxpert Cm, II, XIX, Pale, Amber and Cream lie, Porter and Brown StonL fartlenlir tttontfon iB omll4 to my Mock of PRESENT TBI AND CREAM A LIS, a Bound tori reliable article of which can ftlwaya b round on band during tue warmen weather in ava Order addreaied to V il. Hlv.1 tw Af li will receive prompt attention. og-tt ENSIGN & IIANSCOM, CHOICE FA MILT GROCERIES, 106 msTli-Tla PUBLIC SQUARE. TRAVELER'S REGISTER. DEPAUTCBE8, . r. at, Atlantic J Grant Western M tin i.i r . V ., Mahoning Branch . :0 Lake on-re, Clereland and trie :46 Oonneaut A Krie Accommodation. Pittrimreh A Wheeling 8 ''"iTiinhna 6:86 Tilrdn 6:40 4:10 8:60 1 S3 2 26 2:16 4: Sandoeky Utitruit tkat-w. . 8:30 . . ARRIVALS, Atlantic A Great Western 4 .V) A. A U. W., Mahonlnn Br.nch.......Hi:20 6:l Lake Shore, Cleveland A a'rl...... 6: ml 1:60 Conneaut A Krie Ace.rfiinBodatkn...lO:lB Pittsburgh A Wheeling. 8:4 6-'W (V.lnml.n. ;S0 1:N d.6U T.J-in - ,., ,,, ,,.,, :a :4S S-M I: 16 ietroit UJSt d:uu sarOittBens wisfaityr conTryance to either of the aKTe Trains or Boatn, will be called for by Coaches ol Hterene Omnibus Line, by leaving their address at the Omnibus Orace, 147 Superior street, next door to tbe H eddell Uoose. GREAT BROAD GAUGE ROUTE t Atlantic aad Great Western Ballway. PaeaentrAr frolng Eaatward will remember that this la the only route running train that leave .jlorelanu on nuncay. Might Axpreaa lvea daily, Saturday! ficepted, at 10 P. M., arriving at Salamanca at 4:44 A. M., and Vtm York at 0-23 P. M dluoping Ooarbe attached, taav Si4 1 tinnier of lrta. AIOUNING LEADER TnrRSOAT MORS7NO. 19 KPT 1. NEW ADVERTISEMENTS. Academy of Mnnic Bavel Troupe. H. T. Co. Tor Chlcajto. Taylor, Oris wold A (. Ladl' Cloth. L. W. Ford Examioatlon of Teacher. Taylor, Grirwold A Co. Bepcllant. Prof. Fok FetiTal of Beauty. B. 8. Green Rare Chance for Asrent. Hbt Haina A Co. Fur Lake Sn potior. . Cnwla tft Co Seat Binfr. Palmer A Bobh Wanted. Iwin-ibarg Institute Twoal Notice. " f!nlfred Citiwtna Local Notiw. CITY NEWS. Examination of Teachers of Cuyohogi County. ' See advertisement. As Expected ABHrviL James Mc Henry, Eq., the distinguished contractor for tbe Atlantic A Great Western Railway, is ex pected to arrive in this city from Chicago to-day, end to remain until Friday. BtTTEHY E. Disbam did. We learn that Battery E, 1st Ohio Artillery, were to leaTe Bridgport on the evening of August 24th where they were to turn over their guns to Colonel Barnett. Forty-eight men whose time has expired will proceed immediately to Camp Chase, to be mustered out of the service. The remaining men will be die tributed among the different Ohio Batteries in that Department. Vissel Ashore. The bark Invincible while endeavoring to make Buffalo harbor on Saturday night, went ashore on the south end of the breakwater, in conse' qiicnce, it is said, of shortening sail too soon. She had on board 21,000 bushels o wheat, only about 1,600 bushels of which will be paved undamaged. She now lies with one gunwale under water. The wreckers are busy at work, and it is be lieved she will be got afloat. Examination for Perjury. A German named John Ossman had an examination yesterday morning before Commissioner White on charge of perjury. Ossman had made affidavit that he had never taken any steps toward naturalization, and thus had procured exemption. This was afterwards proven to be false, and the man was arrest ed. On hearing the case, Commissioner White became convinced that the man was so exceedingly Teutonic that he did know what he was swearing to, and he wae discharged. The Disasters in the Recent Gale. The Detroit Tribune contains some particu lars of the recent disasters on the lake. It says ! The steamer Cornelia, which it was stat ed had escaped uninjured from her collis ion witn me s J Hollv, arrived hereon Sunday, with her jib-boom aud bowsprit gunu, lesuiuug iruin too aoove aunir, Ane propeller Wisconsin, of the Northern Transportation Company, arrived down on Sunday with the loss of her mast, which was carried away during the storm onLake Huron. As it is used onlv on snecinl nnca- sions it did not necessarily detain her here lor repairs. The steamer Dart, whilocominz over the ot. t,iair nats on ounaay, with a tow, by some means came in collision with the schooner H. A. Richmond, which resulted in damaging her guard and wheelhouse on her larboard aide, nearly her entire length. The Richmond, by the disaster, had her small boat injured so as to be rendered use less. The propeller Chicago by getting ashore at Point au Barque on Thursday night for thr. safety of the steamer, threw over 800 barrels of flour, 300 kegs lard, 250 kegs bnt-t?r, 2.ifl green hides, liiu pieces of pig lead, and 40 rolls of leather, besides a large qnanty of scrap iron. A considerable quantity of the flour, biiUer and lard was driven upon the beach, vherejit was taken possession of by some nnprinoipled villains and afterwards secreted. The propeller Rocket arrived down on Sunday from Greeu Bay wilh no freight aboard, having been ashore in the above locality and necessarily obliged to liirhtcn her entire cargo. The nature or extent of her damages, it any, we did not ascertain. The damages sustained by the schooner Shook, which were ot a duplicate character, will amount to $2,000 or thereabouts. The schooner AHair sustained considerable dambge in connection with the last named disaster, but was enabled to proceed on her passage to Buffalo. Returned. Charles E. Wilson, Esq., the Recruiting Agent for the Eighteenth District in rebel States, returned from his Southern trip on Monday, and reports the endeavor to procure colored recruits a very hopeless one. He did not secure a single recruit. There are very few, if any, to be had at all, nearly all being already employed in the army, and officers and sol diers alike throwing obstacles in the way of recruiting officers. And what few were attainable were bought up by other recruit ing officers, who had three dollars to Mr. Wilson's one. The Miltonic Tableaux. This extraor dinary exhibition opens to-night at Brain. ard's Hall. Apart from illustrating the grandest subject in the world it is highly spoken of as a work of art. There will no doubt be a crowded house. It City Council. TUESDAY EVENING,August 30. President of the Council, Thomas Jones, Jr., in the Chair. All the members present except Messrs. Dangler and Presley. Reading of the minutes of last meeting PETITIONS. Of a Urge number of citicens praying for passage of an ordinance for the better regulation of the Markets, in relation to hucksters. - Committee on Markets. Of Michael Murpbey.claiming $:100 dam ages for injury to property, on Garden street, caused by the bad condition of the gutters ol said street. Hoard ot Uity liu yroTemente. O. N. P. Bowler and others, asking the passage of an ordinance for establishing the grade of sidowalka on both aides of Cedar street. Hoard of City Improvements. Of property owners on Cedar street, monstraling against paving sidewalks. REPORTS. City Improvements on communication from the Cuyahoga Steam i urnace Co., in relation to the condition ot the street in front of their premises. Filed. Of Superintendent ol Markets tor tne month of August, 1865. Filed. Ot tne City cierk- in relation to proposals forwood and coal tor soldiers lamiiies.. Time extended one week. 01 the City Civil Engineer, submitting estimates for building an iron and a wood tence around tne City frison lot. r tied Of Committee on Gas, recommending placing two lamp posts between Detroit am Washington streets, on Hanover street. COMMUNICATIONS. From the Health Officer in relation to tb filthy condition of Ontario street. Filed. From Acting Infirmary Director, submit tine s statement of cost of furnace and fix tnres for heating the City Crazy House. Committee on RESOLUTIONS. Rt Mr, Rogers, That the Street Commis sioners be directed to grade and gravel the sidowalks between Hudson and Terry streets, on Garden Street, at the expense of property ownors. Adopted. By Mr. Keating, That the Board of City Improvements are hereby authorized and requested to cause the catch basin at tb southwest corner of Lake and Seneca streets to he removed from its Drestint locution in tbe sidewalk, to tbe curb stone at thecorner of the two streets. Adopted. By Mr. Willard, Whereas, ACitv bounty of $100 has been authorized by resolution of thiB Council, to be paid to any citizen of Cleveland wno snail put a volunteer into the military or naval service of the United States as a substitute for himself before the draft ordered to take place on the 5th of September next, when the credit ot sai enlistment shall have been credited upon the quota ot Cleveland ; therelore. Kctolred, That the Finance Committee be and they are hereby authorized and direct ed to pay the City bounty of $100 to all men drafted from tho city under the call for 500,0110 men, ordered to take place, noptem ber 5tb, who may secure the enlistment of volunteers as substitutes for themselves. City Attorney. By Mr. Bond, That the City Council is hereby suthorized and requested to make a deed to Mrs. Colonel Oreighton of tbe west half of lot No. 43, section 14, in Woodland Cemetery ; also a deed to Mrs. Lieut. Col. Crane, of the east half of said lot, and present said deeds to Mrs. Creighton and Crane. Adopted. By Mr.' Crapser, That the Infirmary Board be instructed to purchase two profit able furnaces Culver's with fixtures, to beat tbe City Crazy House ; also one cook stove and furniture for kitchen for same building, the extra expense to be about $:i50. Adopted. By Mr. Russel, That Fire Engine Co. No. 10, disbanded by tbe Council April 20th, be restored to all their former rights and privileges, be again recognized as belonging to tne r ire Department, and under its direct ion and control. Committee on Fire and Water. By Mr. Bond, That the Board of City Im prrvements are hereby authorized to contract for building a wood and iron fence around the New City Prison lot, in accord ance with their estimates presented this evening to the council, carried. By Mr. Buhrer, That the Committee on Cabs and Drays be and they are hereby in structed to report a new rate of fare to be charged hereafter. Adopted. By Mr. Huntington, That the Board of City improvements tako the necessery stops for carrying out the report of the City Civil Engineer in relation to paving and sewering Detroit street, in front of the Cuyahoga Steam Furnace. Adopted. By Mr. Willard, That Michael Davis be allowed the same pay as street laborers for Keeping Monument far. Adopted. By Mr. Rogers, That the Committee on Parks and Public Grounds be and they are nereoy instructed to have the grass cut in Monument Park. Adopted. By Mr. Townsend. That the Committee on Fire and Water be authorized to contract on the best terms they can for sufficient ooal to supply the Fire Department until April, 1000. Adopted. By Mr. Willard, That the City Marshal be instructed to remove all melon waffons standing on the south side of the Square. Auopieu. . uy Mr. Bond, That the Board of City Im provements be reqnested to prepare an or- j: t i :i j: ' A. . . uiuhocu lor uuuuing a sewer on Bt. Clair at. to Murison, from the summit on St. Clair. between Seneca and Murison Streets Adopted. By Air. Sturges, That the City Civil En gineer be requested to obtain from the State Board of Public Works permission to erect a bridge across the Canal and River at tne toot ot beneoa street. Adopted. ORDINANCES. levy and sssesB special tax on Spruce street. Committee on Ordinances. To levy and assess tax on Elm street. Committee on Ordinances. To establish grade of alley running from Chaniplain to Michigan street. Passed. io estoonsn grade ot an alley runnine from Ontario to Seneca. Passed. To grade and improve Miami street be tween Ohio and Eagle street. Passed. 10 grade and improve Huron street. Laid on the tabla. The vote on the passage of an ordinance to vacate a portion of Superior street, pass ed August 23, was reconsidered, and the sr- ainance laid on tne table. ThePakoeaha of Paradise Lost. Brain- ard's Hall was crowded to excess last evening to witnoss this, the most beautiful panoramic exhibition which has ever visited our city. The fidelity of the artists to tho great poet's conception, though tbe illustrations are most elaborate, is very correct. From the beginning to the end the interest is kept up without a moment's dullness. The sssembling of the angels to worship, the feasting of angels, the revolt of Satan, provoke the great decree of eternal banishment. The battles of three days, in which Satan brings forth his infernal engines, by which hosven's hosts are for a time scattered; the final repulse of the arch-fiend, and his hosts, dashed into the yawning gulf, by the thunderbolts of heaven, are paintings truly wonderful. In the third section, the history of the fall of man, by the seductive Satan, is portrayed with an exactness and beauty that calls forth tho admiration of all. Go early to night, for the hall will no doubt be crowd ed. It Fay Finally Withdraws. The Rev. Mr. Dobbs yesterday received the following note from the impostor Fay : Akron, Aug. 30—5 P.M. Rev. Mb. Dobbs Sib : I v: f A vmi t li i . letter to let you know that I have concluded to quit tbe business entirely of exhibiting spiritual manifestations, and shall take up some other business in future. Ton can let your audience this evening ti. conclusions if you will. I feel it my duty to write you this, snd say you will hear of me no more as a public test medium. I ours respectfufly, . H. MELVILLE FAY. We wish Mr. Fay all success in any hon est vocation, just as heartily as we rejoice to see his fcilnre in his career of deception. TERRIBLE ACCIDENT. Explosion of a Still In Beimler & Explosion of a Still In Beimler & Smith's Oil Refinery---Three Persons Terribly Burned. On Tuesday evening, about nine o'clock, still in the oil refinery of Beimler.A Smith, on the Newburgh road, near the Cleveland & Mahoning railroad, exploded with great violence. It had not been working proper ly during the evening, and Mr. Smith was engaged in an effort to remedy its action when it exploded, throwing the burning fluid over his little boy, about thirteen years old, a workman In the refinery, and himself, terribly burning all of them. The boy is not expected to live, and Mr. Smith is himself very severely injured, and now lies in an unconscious state. The little fellow was formerly one of the Leader carrier boys. Draft Orders. An order has been re ceived at the office of the Provost Marshal, rescinding the order by which all men drafted in May and June were to be credited on the prosent draft. This very import ant order adds a largo number to the amount of our quota. The following important circular letter was yesterday received by Captain Nash : Office A. A. P. M. General for Ohio, J CoLi MBrs, 0., August 30, 1864. ) CIRCULAR LETTER. Captain. Volunteers will be counted on the quotas under the present call up to th last practicable momont before the drafted mon are accepted and sent to the general of Cot. J .H .POTTER. L. V. Bif.rce, Maj. and A. A. Geh'l. Capt. Lynch Still Alive. A note from U.T.Pierce, dated Marietta,-Ga., August 21st, says "Capt. Lynch, of the 27th O. V I., was wounded on the 22nd of July through the right shoulder, and has been reported dead. He is in hospital at this place, end is doing well." E. B. HALE, Canker, 111 fcnperler SL, TJ. 8. Bonds, Gold, Silver, kTJ. S. Cott- rotis and Canada M onsy,' Bought and Sold at beat rates. DEPOSITS RECEIVED " And Collections made at allaccesaible point. , t& Uncurrent Funds conTsrtedJsvt Lowest itttesj Revenue Stamps for Sale. ey Cleveland Institute. The Fall Term of this Institution will commence on Wednesday, the 31st instant. The hack will run as usual for the accom modation of day Students from the city. aug29:168 ' LOCAL NOTICES. The members of the Woman's Loyal League and Freedman's Relief Association are very earnestly reqnested to bo preaen st their next meeting on Thursday, Sep temper otn. airs. a. ii. l.ittle, rres Twinsbcroh Institute. The notice of donation visit at Twinaburgh Institute August 31, will be postponed until the draft anu tne excitement attending it is passed. Due notice of the time of its occurrence will be given. sepL.166 Colored Citizeks Attsntiok. There will be a meeting of the Colored Citizens at Metropolitan Hall, on Friday evening, September 2nd, to take into consideration the propriety of a National Convention to be held in the city of New York in October next. . A general turn out of the Colored Citizens is expected. By order of John Malvern. Sept. 1:1(1. Scbstttdtbs. A large lot just arrived ami can oe naa on reasonable terms. Ap piy iot-almer x JtoRB, City Hotel. aug32;l Second Ward. We want a few more men to fill our quota. Come to the meeting at Court Room No. 2, this evening, and subscribe to the recrniting fund, and soldiers can be had. Members of the Association are requested to bo on hand. aug.31:16d Dissolution. The partnership heretofore existing oetween W. . Carey and Morrison roster, under the style of W. F. Carev Co., was dissolved on the 25th instant, bv the death of W. F. Carey. The undersigned will hereafter carry on tu iruu anu nan ousiness in nts own name and respectfully aeks a continuance of th of the trade. patronage Morrison Foster. Cleveland, 0., Aug. 26, 1S64. ang. 30: 167. Wanted Servant Girls. One cook, two laundresses, one dining room girl, and two chambermaids. Apply immediately at Cleveland Institute, Uui versity Heights. aug 30:166 September and November Coupon Interest September 10-40 and November 5-20 coupons boughtat the highest rate of pre mium paid ior goiti. C. A. Reid e Co., Bankers. ang23:166 95 Superior St., Cleveland, O. One Hvndrrd Mrs Wanted. For the 190th ropiment. to be raised in thia Di. trict. Lieutenant Brown has opened a Re cruiting Oitice at No. 88 Superior street, rooms over George Cooper E Co's Hardware store, near tne loot ol (Superior Street. All men tnat are desirous ot going into this new regiment will come to No 88, Superior street, where they can enlist for one, two or three years, and they will get the high est ixiunues pain Dy me city or towns in the county. Military Committees of cities ancl towns are requested to bring tbe men here to enlist for the new regiment, that want tne creau oi tne men. . . aug 18 : 166 S. 8. Brown, Lieut. Spenzer's Vegetable Worm Confections are the only reliable worm remedy now snown. Dee testimonial. Mr. P. J. Spenzer I have now been sell ing your Worm Confections for several months, and find them to eive universal satisfaction. All who use tbem speak well oi tnem. rtespectiuiiy voutb. J.Beeman, M. D., Druggist, aug23:166 No. 169 Ontario street. Sewinq Machines for Sale. Four ' new Grover a Baker Sewing Machines for sale. Apply at tnis oitice. aug23:163 DLATED PICKLE STANDS, CAS- a. luiwj ana uiu naacou, at UUWLKS ; OO.'S, 137 Weddell Honae. OOD TEAS. GREEN AN D BLACK A selected with treat care for out retail trade. UU IWI EWIfJ fAS, EiUJBWl y I I'll m, uy UnUKUiilLLI BROTHER, ang 27 126 Ontario.St. GREASE SPOTS. OF ALL THE different sorts of Ben tine for removing frrease pore, liegeman' ' accidoaiy tbe Deal. "Hege- uan -t,onceniraeu irpnrme- ror aia tf ' CHUBCHILLA BHOTHEB, n' Out new location 12ft Ontario utrewt. ang27 3T.otiI.frj Gods. JADIES OF CLEVELAND, We are prepared to show 70a a superior WHITE FLANNEL. ALL-WOOL. SHEETING WIDTH. Also, a good assortment of KNITTING TABN, manufactured for city trade. . Balesroosa. 107 Bank street. ana CLEVELAND WOBSTTD CO. BILK GA.KMEVTS. A FEW DOZ BILk JtatlUikf, which will be sold at coat. Jj TATIiVm wWfcWOLD 00. riLEYfiLAND, COLUMBUS 6 CIK- J 0IN5ATI BAIL ROAD. 1664. SUMSTEB ABBANGEMKNT. 1864 t&e IvrnwtJ. If At. lOli VaaaMIOSsT Train will leave Ue. eland, as folluwa, bandars ex- oertei): . -.w.n.uu imt 'I rain :jo a. t;i hi nt pi a i nAriitwo Htopntngat u ration, weiiiiurton, liew licmuoa, btit'lby. On t lino, Ualion, Uilead, (Janlintftou, Ashler, Delaware, Lowia Ovular and Worthing- ton. 1 Train-t:2S P. M.-ACCOMMODATION. Stopa at all stations, and arrtvve in Coiumbns at 6:M 9. m . . I Uadn tuLi 2-..10 a. h. SdTralnB-7it P. M.-NIUHT HXPRaCSS-Stoppini at Berea,uranon, n tuiingbm, nw ijouuuu, ttbelbr. Creotliue, Ualin, Uilead, Cardiugton and lielawartt. Trains leave Oolumtras at 9:Sn and 10:20 A. S r. w. arrive at uieveian v :ai a. v., 2 au anu s r. w. f rrfNNk!(rriflNH Shelby 6andnshy, SUuoileld ft isewark BaUroad, to AC. inret mail. Koivat. LtDer handueky. ISt-ipilUtl, IJIIUE. van w avne. Ijhdoi-u. vaicaKu, -i vteei auti ia- fl.f MnHf.-l.L V , wis Mr. Maaaillon. - Grafton and Bfllfefontaiue Railroad Line, tor Marion, m .r1,ntiiiie. Hiiinnv. L'uion. aiuncie. louiau- apulU, Torre ilaute, Vincenues, jLvansTillo, I-nuiawill I 'alrn Mr ltiila Jtf.. rVlWirM writ h SnnntrftAlri Rranrll for SminsTfleld. Oolumbu Little Miami Columbus, and X-jla laAiiroan, lor Aonia, uayion, lnamnapuii-, Tcrre Haute, St. Louts. Morrow, Lovelanrt, aud Cincinnati, and with the Ohio and MitiMtp,H Vailri.1 at i inrinntlti for LoUlSVllLe. JnTaUB- ville, Cairo, Bt, Louis, and ail points on the Ohio Kiver. . . Columbus- Ontral Ohio Railroad Tor Newark, Zanea- diana ftatlrrtaH thr IM.irlA F!rhn. Ac "nv.r Ti. kfa tn all tHtinta a.nd inlunnatlon apply at luo ractUKr r-iauuu, iuu ut tJU V,,, v""v 147 Superior street. o- - Cleveiauil, aiay i, inm. oniaiiiuwuuMis riLSVKLAlND AUD PITTSBUKGH V; lUlLllllD. ISM. 8UMMKK ABUANUKMKNT. IK n. mfl.r MnnilnT- Mat lvth. Trains It AT. UlHtdanJ as follow!, tilr, (Sundars excep!l : i:MA. M. MAIL Arrive at Sw T..rk at 12:(lA.i 111. I I'rillaueipnia i : a. m., wihiuwit. , .... x M. : Bittsburiili 3:5(1 P. M.; wlielingS:2B P.M. IH P. M.KXPltlisS Arriyoaat Hew JorR U:S0 A. M.: Pittaburah S:"5 P. M. ; Vhtlwg l P. M-; lisw Philadelphia 7 :) P. M. Both trains ooenect at Uadson for Akron and Mil IcrsbfirslA. Moruiutt Train connect at Ravenna with A. A 0. W. BaUriad Train tor all poiuts on that HoeA. Cars run throush from Pitubnrgh to hew fork (via Allf-ntowni, without chaiiKe of cars, W Fare as low oh by any otlK-r line. t-aw- -i ht-nnffh TifJcnU ota u be arocnrid at the Onion Ticket Oitice, WediMi flonae, at the Depot, or ihe .acna eoa. y fi Baf,fc t. B. SlimlO.T. Asent. marls QLEV ELAND & EK1K RAILROAD DM. - bUattlKB ABIUNQkaiNT. 1x4. On and after Monday. Mar ISth, tW4, Paaapniow Iraina atU ran aa follows, Handayaazceaudi: ' LKAVK CLtVELASl': u a in my kxpiiesm tkain Stovnlni a Willouirhby, Paineaville, Geneva, Ashtabula. Gonni-ant and Oirard only, and arrfre at Krie at 1:16 . m .. liankirk J J p. m., BoiIkIo 5-06 r. m. IMF. M. ;rN01N"ATI KXPKlCStt-Stopping at Painnmue, Aantaonla ana uiram only, anaar rirea at Unci J! r. H., Iiunkirk 1 r. a., Buffalo v :.Vl F. M. .m r M -Mill, ivn A Omm MODATION Stopplnir at ail statAonaand airiro at Arte at 1:10P. M.-MOHT EXPRESS TKAIN-Stomlng at Painiwrllla, Aahtabnla and Ulrara onir, ana arrives at Krie at 12:42 a. Donklrk 1;U a. at., BudBlo l :il a. a. AJtAVH SB1B. 1: A. B.-NIQUT EXPRESS TB AIN-8toppIoj Ulrard. Aahubula and I'aiaasrule only, am .rrlv at I .'Weliilid at 5:J A. M. 8:0u A. M. MAIL AND ACCOMMODATION TKAIN 8toppinK at all Btatiuns a"ud atrlvo al i:lv.l.nd Kt 111:10 A. M. 9:t0 A. M. TOLEDO EX PKEao Dropping at all stations except a wan fine, midoui, union fine. Penry, Mentor and Wlckline, and arrltes at 1,ill at 1 -t P. M. 1:40 P. M.-OAY fciPltBSf) TBAIN-Stopnlng A uirard, Conneaut, AalttaDula, ana rainesviuc nnlv. and arrives in Cleveland at 6:20 F. M.' aEtiacond Class Oars are ran on all throngb Alfthe trains goina westward conoact at Cleveland with trains for Toledo, Chicago, Columbus, Cincin natl, Indianapolis, St. Lonia, Ac; and all through trains fioins etutward, connect at Dunkirk with ihe train nf Hie Kw York A Erie Bailroad. and at Bnf- fal frith those of the New York Central A Buffalo A hew York City Railroads for Mew York, Albany Boston. Niagara Falls. c., and at Brie with, trains on the Philadelphia a nauroaa. tjr Ik., EcnreiM. East and West, connects al Oirard with Trains on brie A Pittsburgh Bailroad for Linaif uld, Meadvuie, Jamestown, sc. fi. ilOTTlNdflAM.Biip't. OeTeland, May mm. ium QLKVKLAND AKD TOLKDO R. 1864. i SPRINQ ABBANOKMtNT. U On and after Monday, May ISth, IM4, Pasaenge Trains alii Imm. (JWvolaud aa follows (Sundays cepted : S:l A. M.-tlHieAQO XPR(CS8.-Stops at Berea - , Uratton, Uberliu, NorwaOc, Monroevilie, B-tle vne. C'U do, Fremont and Elmore, and arrive at Toledo at 10 :li6 a. a. and Ctiicalfo at 8 o p.a imp SI. U EXTERN MAIL. Stuns at all station. . oa Southern Division, and arrives at Toledo al edlr.l.; Chicago at 5:3li A. al. SOP. M. NORTHERN MAIL. Stops at all sta- tion. on tiortbejo invision, and arrives at naa-dnskyat7:10 P. M. IM p. M. NIGHT KXPRISg.-stona at Grafton. NorwaUc Monrosvllle, Clyde and Fremont, and arrives at Toledo at 11 :14 r. at. ; and Chicago at s: a. a. ' ; ' OONNKCTIONd. Connections are made at Monroeville with the Ban. dasky. Manstleld A Newark K. R. : at Clyde with the Banauaky. uayton A Cincinnati u. tt. ; at s ri-mout with the Fremont A fudiana R. ft.; and at Toledo with the Michigan Southern A Northern Indiana and Toledo A Wabash Railroads for Chicago, lletrutt, Jackson, Fo-lt Mayne, Loganaport, Lafafitte, Cairo, Alton, St. Louis, and all pouite West, Northwest aud Hnuthweat. e. Trains arrfve fn Clevefand from Toledo and the West at 6:20 A. a., 2:43 r. a., and 8-..H p. a. From Sandusky at 9:15 A. M. L. D. ROCK ICR, Snt't. Olevelaad, May 16. 18U. ATLANTIC and GREAT WESTERN RAILWAY. SUMMER ARRANGEMENT Two through Express Trains between Cleveland and Hew lora. lalee eneel July Al, liwt. New York Inrongh line. Leave Cleveland at - - 9:60 a a and 8:10 r a. Arrive Leavittsburgh 11:30 a. a. " 10:64 " Meatlvliu) . - - i:u r. a. " iau a. n. Oorry .... 3:HU " " 2:28 " Salamanca- - - 5:30 " - 4:50 New York - - - 10:21 a. a. " 8:23 f. a. BXTCBNING. Leave New York at - 7:00 a. and 6:00 f. a.f Arrive at Cleveland 4:50 a. m. and 6:20 " ttundayi excepted. fSaturdays excepted. MAIN LINK. lastward Leave Akron (Mail) at - 6:60 a. h. Arrive Meadvuie (MaU) al - 12:10 F. u. Arrive Salamanca at 7:30 Westward Leave Salamanca (Mail) at 6:00 a. a. Arrive ffieaavuie - as lu:iio Arrive Akron at 3:66 F. a. eastward Leave Gal lion (Accom) at . 8:30 a. m. Arrive nanaueid " at - lu:tio Arrive Akron " at - 4:30 f. a. Westward Leave Akron at - 10:36 a. a. Arrive Mansfield " at - 4:60 p. a. Arrive Galllon " at 6:05 " FRANKLIN BRANCH. Leave Meadvllle at - - 8 00 a. a. aud 2 46 r. . Arrive Franklin at .10:16 " ' 6:00 Leave Franklin at - '- 7 30 6-30 Arrive Meadvllle at - 9 65 " ' 7.46 " MAHONING DIVISION. Leave Cleveland at -Arrive Youngntown at - 6:46 A. a. and 4:10 F. - 8:66 " " 7:67 " - 6:46 " " 1:46 " - 10:20 " 6:20 H. F. 8WXF.T8KB. Leave xouugrttown st Arrive Cleveland at Oen' Sup't, MoavUla, Pa. T. H. GOODMAN, General Ticket Agent, Olevelaad, O. Jnly9-RS PennsTlTanla Central 1861 DOUBLE TRACK RAILROAD. (WITH ITS CtlNNBCTTONS), Is a First-Clafs Route, for Safety, Comfort - anH RnooH tn all Eariara tfiiiaa TRICK IS STONE BALLASTED t FREE FKOM DUST FOUR DAILY - TRAINS THROUGH PHILADELPHIA, Aad close connections at Harrisburgh for Baltimore . and Washington, . , ; ALSO, -- FB0M PITTSBURGH TO HVW TOBK. One train runs daily (438 mi las.) ria A lieu town. without change of Cars, arriving IN ADYAKCJ5 OF ALL OTHER ROUTES. .DAILT TBAINS FROM PEILADKLPfllA TO NEW YORK- isTlekoU for Bale to Boston tT Boat or Bail, aad BoatTlckots good on any of the Sound Line. Fare to all Points aa Low aa br anv othar aXJULe. 8LEKPTNO OABfl on Nttiht Traina to Pfailadnl. phia, Nw York and Baltimore. uajnrape t'DMlrvMi Throwpra tvava Trmmntimu Fraa. Ire stock carrf with despatch! at low sat ratpa CHA8. THOMSON. Paasenser Avent. M. H. HOT-WES. gKfH'H TRATK, Bup. LOTS FOB SALE. 135 FT. FRONT oa Superior street, eorner of M nirson street. Also, sub-Iota 16, 17 and 19. beinc 4e feet front each on Superior street, east of afuirson street. Also 16 feet front oa Spring street, running back to th railroad track, being land oa which a part of th wocd-ahed of the Cleveland, Colnmbns A Cincinna xatfroad stands. Also, 17 feet 6 inches front hamplaia street, nearly opposite tbe new 0 ort Hones. f or terms inquire of PAINE A WA DE, dec3R20 Attor neys. A TIP-TOP QUALITY OF ARMY Sbirrln Flannel, 6-4 wide, only twelve anil. liogi per yard. laiua, vaiesobir u w., abrt . - H7 8up.rt.r-et. COMMERCIAL. COMMERCIAL. CLEVELAND MARKET. MOSSING LSAIBS OPflOs!, 1 - Wednesday lyinaa, Ang. 31, 1864. J The ncefpts of Oratn by rail for th M hoars ending at half past one o'clock to-day are as folio wi : Wheat Cora Oats By Barley baa bos boa bos bus 0. 0. A 0. B. B, 4360 fl.IT. B. B. . S60 4UD Total.... 8350 850 " 40O ar It should be distinctly nndentood that all sales of Qratn made on this market are from store. This is according to the new regulations made by the Board of Trade. -. Tho receipts were small to-day, and tbe market all the forenoon was doll and Inactive. The news from New York, In the afternoon, snowing an ad vance In tiold and Produce, had oaly the euect to make the market a shade firmer. There was no de mand and no sales of Grain reported. alt has arrived more freely within a few days, and there fs now a liberal stock on the market. Other leading article, are anchanged and mostly nominal. Freight Unchanged aad firm at tbe following rates: La KB an Bail Flour to Albany and Troy II 00, to New York 1 10, to Boston 1 20. Wool to New York fl 65. to Boston 1 89. in Rail To New York, Flour f 1 20; Wool fl 8S. To Boston, Floor f 1 30; Wool 12 00. Float1 A shade firmer, but we have no change to note, gales 100 bbla Ohio white XX at fl" ; XX red held at 14 25 10 0. Wheat Ko sales. Held nominally at fl 06,3 1 08 for No. 11 lllal 12 for Ko. 1 Red. The de mand is very light. Corn Small demand for car loads ; round tots would not bring over f I 30(1 31 for .helled. Oata Nominal at T273e. Barley Nominal at 12 00ta2 10 for good to prime. Perk Steady and unchanged at 3 to 00 for heavy, and $38 UI for light mess. Lard Unchanged at d arm. Sales 00 fts at tc for tierces. Nntokcd Jlentsi Remain firm and steady at 26c for canvassed Hams; 18c for Shoulders; 22c for Bacon; 18c for Pried Beef. Batter Less active. Held at 42.g4.1c for Wes tern Reserve; 4041c for Central. JkMSWQulet bnrvnrhanged. Held at 18i0c for good to prime Western Reserve. . Fsra Selling at 16($17c, according to conditloa. Ivalaa Fali and firm. Now qnoted at the following fignres : White Fish fs 60; Trout 8 00-. Pickerel 7 26, Herring fS 75. ITls-tawlncs) Dnll and heavy. Held at ft 80. No sales reported. - Alcohol Held at 13 62 for 98 per cent; f 1 for Neutral Proof Spirits. Timothy Seed Firm at f 0 50. Dried Frail Apples firm and la request at 10c; Peaches 20c for anpeeled; 31c for peeled. Petroleum Dull and quiet; refiners not pressing sales. Held at &596c for Refined. Salt More plenty.. Selling at f3 CO for fine and f3 S5 for coarse. Hope) Ohio held at 2021c; New York 6Ute at a63oo. Malt Held firm at f2 50. Ala and Porter Market steady. We quote as follows : Present Use XX Ale $10; Stock XXX f Ufl2; Kaanatt fit ; Pale Cream fll i Porter HI. . NEW YORK MARKET—AUG. 31. [BY TELEGRAPH.] Cotton Steady. Sales at fl 80 for mid ling up lands. Flonr State and Western 15a25c better. at 9 910 05 extra State; f ID 9011 20 for common to good shipping brands extra ttonnd Hoop Ohio: fiu nmm w ior Trade uranas. jnar- det closinfir steadr. Wtaiwky Dull and declining. Sales at fl 82 for western: Including small lot at 51 aa' .,. Wheat 23c better. Hales at 92 34r2 36 for winter red western; $2 87f2 4o fro amber Michigan. Com Shade firmer. Sales at 91 68(l 69 for mixed western afloat; 91 i for do In store. Oata Dull and declining. Sales at 9lc for Can ada; 91c for State, and 92 for Western. ColFee-r-DuU at about previous quotations. Nafrar Quiet. Sales at iifV for forto Rico; lor CUDa. nolaMMea Dull and nnchansod. PotroleBUk Firm. Crude M('7).r.2Xc; Refined ia bond A2c; Kchned free quoted at N-g. Wool Quiet but held with more tirmnes. Pork -Firmer with good demand- t'alea at E37 5UYim3S 00 for met s: $ 00tXt 50 for new do. closing firm at tho latter price; f37 OO&.ia 00 for prime; 938 00r3tf 00 for prim mesa. Alto 15U0 bbls new mews for. September, bnyer's option, at $41 0042 00. Reef Quiet and very firm; 13(iBo tor country maaii; efcpoa for country prime; itMgL9C ior repacked mess; zaisatc ior extra mess. Prime Meas Beef Quiet and unchanged. Cat Meats Firm; l&lGc for Shonldera, 18c for Hams. Lard Firmer. Sales 2224c, latter price an extreme. Batter In good dematdat 43346c for Ohio; 47 66o for State. Cbeeao QtiM at ViSc. [BY TELEGRAPH.] N. Y. MONEY MARKET---Aug. 31. [BY TELEGRAPH.] NonfT Si ea1 t at 7 H oent. Hterlfnr Exchaii are Firmer and quiet at 10H for gold. jio!d More active and decidedly higher, open ing at M, advancing to Z-M, declining to tf aa-vancin9 to i3tyfa deoUiiiog to '-1, and closing at Steamer Kedar for LiTerpaol to-day, carried out 14,7 itt tn specie. NEW YORK STOCK MARKET. [BY TELEGRAPH.] NEW YORK,Aug. 31,1864. Ctovernmeiit Stocks Firm. tnltedSutes SixefoflMl coupons 1U0; do Five-Twenty coupons 110: Treasury Seven-Thirties 1113,;; United States Bixea on year certincates vs. Mtorits rirm. omo niss. certificates 47V;: N. Y. C. 128; Erie 1J8; Hukson 127; Reading scrip 127; Pittsburg 110; Northwestern 631; do preferred Bock Island 108V.; Ft. Wayne 110; lerre uauie oo; nicnigan oentrai ioi. CHICAGO MARKET—Aug. 31. [BY TELEGRAPH.] F14MII- Bull. Wheat Dull and 45c lower. Sales at $1 8da 1 0a for No. 1; $1 Miil u0 for No. 3. ( rn Dnll and declined 2c. Sales at SI 2a i i ior no. i, wfi iv ior rso. a. Oata Steady. Sales at 6.flf c for No. 1: r?a trC ior ilO. Freiirhts 8teady. ReewttlA 6 (too bbls flour; 01.000 bush wheat: 6'' tM bush Corn: -' 3.0uu oats. Nhfpmentis 4,out bbls flour. 4l.n0 bus wheat: iu.'fwuub coro; if.uuv dus oats. BUFFALO MARKET—Aug. 31. [BY TELEGRAPH.] Wbeat Kirmer. Salea lllitrois red winter at 92 20; No. 2 Chicago spring at fa MfifZ (IT.- rnrn "Malic, bttnr with srrinrl unnnfrv. R1m No. it at fl 403l 41 ; held firmly and closing at 1 OMtlfr Quiet at IvQtF.c. OttVr graius scares and nominal. Whisky-Nominal at fl &i. Canal Frelrht To New Fork Wheat 21e: Corn lo; Oats lx,c. laAke ImportH Flour 3.M8: wheat M.tei: oorn oo.ji., oats (uv. aanai tuKporm wumr 2,39; wheat So.ftiO: corn bu.odo; oats tn,iJO. 1 OSWEGO MARKET—Aug. 31. [BY TELEGRAPH.] Floor Unchanged. 1 Grain of sU kinds quiet; no sales. Freifrbt Unchanged. Rose & Prentiss' Provision Market Report. Mra. Haina flugar-enred prnrnlnm hams tt.. uanvassed name m it,.... nrleel Keef;anTaseed n. fstaoaldera Sorarurod fl ...16 Janvassad .. Baron Or Smoked Sides lb 1 Latta Prime leaf kettle-rndr'd In bbla ti lb.. 23 rnme leaf kettle-radr a In Em E..-il'4c Pork No. 1 meat V bbl sio uu Extra clear W bbl " No extra charge made for packages or cart. age to railroad depots or boat. A 11 articles are warranted strictly prime, and equal to anything in the state. Orders promptly filled. cured Hams and kettle-rendered Lard took the first preminmat the late Ohio State Fair. Julys-it . ROSE A PRENTISS. NEW GOODS, AT HO WE R & HICBEE'S. A splendid lineof superior BLACK DRESS SUES, Purchased very advantageously and marked to sen At Less than Market Prices. t Jnst received at 239 SUPERIOR STREET. SPECIFIC FILL. W 11SCHESTEB S SneciSc PtH. Price Ons Dollar. Sent by mat! on receipt oi prtc. .or m. oy ug27 126 Ontario-fit. I I gegal gotta. C GUARDIANS SAiE.-BI VIRTUE Tof an order of sale. IsaswiMl out 3f the Probate Court of Cuyahoga county, Ohio, on the 19th day of August, low, in me sun oi uonry v. kodtusow, Ourdlan, against KUsa T. BobtnSon, May A. &trb-itjoD aud Harriet T. Koblnson, rainaca, are defod- ants, 1 ah all sell at the aoor oi the iunty uourt House, In the city of Cirrelatd, Guyabotra county, Ohio, on tbe luth day of tVptember, !, at three clonk t. M . the louowing oacriDea reat mum. to wi4 : ' Situate in the township of Eart Cloreland, in tha eown.y of Onyahoga snd State of Ohio, and bounded aad described as follows: Beginning in the cen tre of the St. Clair road where It cros tne sasi lineof lot i7; thence South 69u West 1 cnama oo links to BiDiiham's ast Una; thenca North along Bingham's blast line 28 chains 75 links to a stone set in the around lor Aintcnam s norinrjaa curnvr, thence booth l!a West 4 chains 70 Unksto the centra between the two tiacka of the Uerelaml, PavinsMville A Ashtabula Railroad company; tneoce North Kast between said tracks d chains s links to a post; thence South iiast 18 chains links to th4 Eaet line of said lot; thence South West aloug said lot line chaius M links to the place of brnuing, containing i 30-lU acres nf Uml. botnt? the saiue land a Darted aud set off to sai'i minors by partition, approved by the Court of Common rlrae el unyauoga coumy. umo, wm November Term thereof, A. II. ioo. A nnrmued at i K ter acre. Terms One-half down, balanos'ln ana and two Tears, with interest pnyahie annually. II r k' Ti V j-i rirfilU3AII - Guardian o' said Minors. IiendanU. Backus Noble, Att'ys. Auituat aith, lr4. ' ang26.167 QHERIFF S SALE. IX OBEDIENCE to the command of a writ of Venditioni Kxpo- ut isHueU from the uourt oi uomruou rit ui Cnyahoem county. Ohio, aud to mtrecjeu, in tne mm wherein Ik-nry Hott Is Plafnnft' and Robert wYavllare ts ier-ndant. I stiall exaoa to sale at dud- Lic auction, at the door of the Uoft House ot caid county, on th5 lth day of 8ept-tubr, A. P. Itwi, Bt O ClOCta r M. Ol MIU uy, lUIIOWlUS irr- scrib! lands and tenowuit to wit: Situate it the Ti.wnthiu of Middl-bnrEh. iu the county of Cuyi hoga ana state oi unto, anu is auown as a part oi Section alxteea in said Township, and is bounded as follows: iteginning upon the Sonth line of said tc-tion in the centre of the Watson Rod. so called. thence Smith det. West atonthe south hue ol aid Section to tbe Southwest corner thereof, twen ty-nine and 2&-Hr0 chains, Uieoc North XA deg. kast along tnese Eton line iwent-y -six i-lwciaaiO' thence South 89 den. East thiity-nine a d 7-li chains to the Northwest corner of land owned by K. Walcome; thence South deg. Kast sU 63. ino chains; thence North fi deg. wt fourteen and 22-1 "0 chains to the centre of said road nineteen and 47-UO chains, to tbe place of beginning, containing 78 and 7a -loo acr.-s ol lanas . , Appraiaedat f.ull tSo. E. H. IKWTS.WteTirT. By U B. V aiTNKV, Deputy. LnKnf ParsTi-a. Pitt's Ait'y. , ClevelanL uhlo. Aug. 1 14. au20 1fi5 A 1) All IN 1ST K ATU it o JSALK UU LAND. In oursuanca of an order af sale Is sued from the Probate Court of Cuyahoga connty, Ohio, 1 "hall oner at public sale, at the door of the Court House in the city of Clefoland, on the lath day of September next, botwoen tbe hours of 11 o clock A M. and 1? o'clock M.; the following real estate, to wit: Situate In the township of Euclid i said countv. and bounded as follows: beginning in the centre of the Plank road, and 3 chains and ' 32 links westerly along the Flank road from A. Camp s southwest corner; tneoce a. at-g. w . i chem and el links; tbence S. 49 deg. W '. 46 links to the lot line; thence S. on lot line 1 chain 2S links; en ce N. tV deg. W. B chains and b links to tbe centre of tbe Euclid Plank road; thence North 48 deg. K. 9 chains aud U links to the place of beginning; ooataining 7 acres, subject to the life estate of tbe widow oi 0. E. Oriatt, deceased. Appraised at 44TO. -L. FRENTTSS; Administrator da bonia bob of the estate of 0 oriatt. deceased. Anr. 11. I. anll-i Citg gvdrcrti$gmrnt$e SEALED PROPOSAL for doing the Carpuntera Work of the School House about to be erected in the 4th Ward of this City, according to plan and specification in the possessicn of Mr. A. C. Potter, Architect, will be received by the undersigned at tha office of Tennis A Dangler, 137 Water street, up to Friday, the 2d September next. - V. A. 1 A J If ban, an4:1VI Chairman of Action! Cnmmittn. XTOTICE TO CONTRACTORS. Pronosa1 will he received at the office of the City Civil Engineer until 12 o'clock M., Monday, Sept. 5th, for building the supmatracture of a bridge to cross the Canal and River at the foot of Seneca street, in the city of Cleveland. Plana and specifications may be settn at said Kn-gtneer's odice, and more pai ticular information obtained, on and after the aHh inst." Plans aud proposals will alao baipetved at the same time for the superstructure of said bridge both la wood spd iron. - r The of City Improvements and Commis sioners for Cuyahoga county invite the submission of bids, reserving the right to accept or reject the .roe. By order of the Board of City ImDrorements and County Oommif sioners. " City Civil Engineer. Cleveland, Ang. 23d, 1814. an'24 11 LIiJCN JOKES, Wholesale and Retail Dealer in Strip Vein, ColBmbiana wiA Colppewi COALS. Omoe on 0. A P. B. B. Pier. Also, Office and Tard at Euclid street R. R. Crossing. Coal of an Excellent Quality for . STEAM. GAS. GRATES. STOTfcS. Office or Honse TJs. Also, ANTHRACITE COAL In large or small quantities. Orders respectfully solicited and promptly attend ed to. Coal for smithing kept constantly on hand. Terms cash. mayltRa aanferrs. FARMER & PAINTER, BANKERS, U5SCPl:BI0B.ST., CXEVEIANP, OHIO. Dealers a GOLD, SILYXR C01P0XS EXCHANGE. CANADA AND UNCURRENT MONET, Bny aad 3.11 all descrfptiona af GOVERNMENT BONDS. 7 3-10 Notes converted into Sixe of 1881. MF Subscriptions received for 10r4ITr,onds. frders by Mail or Express promptly tilled. Deposits received. Collections made at all aeces sible points. - J. FARM EE; J AS. FABWXB, j. t. faintfr, mayRal L. baldbmam ILVKH UHAin b AND SILVKR RINGS 'An unlimited stock, all styles and prices. Chain. from f 1.60 to fiii.uo. Rings, from a plain silver Kini at 1(1 cents, te an elaborately engraved Locket U, Iniaia with gold, at aiu we have tho ex-4uiie sale lor this city or au gnoiis nianulactured by A. I. UorT, ol Medina, bott su:ia gold ana stiver, and as tuey are niaue expres ly for our trade, we know they are pure coin. Ueaiers are requested to call and examine. Wholesale and Retail in any quantity. M. BURT, Clock aad Watchmaker, 144 Sriperior-t. wiayfitVRa Scots. JTEW BOOKS RECEIVED BY J. B. COBB & CO. Eaoea Akbeh, Ac, by Alfred Tennyson. Prtce.l 25 Tir Kari.t Dawk, 8ketches of Oiristtaaity la JLngiaod in theuiien lime, tr rice...... .i 7a STjk Araica, by W. Wlnwood Reed 3 M Tea Holr k or tub Nils, by Spke . 3 SO Captaih Rbaxd, of the Centipede i 00 Carlyle's Fekdkbick tbb Gbxat, 4tb voL (or in settsi per voi . t i o Joirnn's -"apolkok, 6 vols tll;..J25 00 Wax Flowxbs, how to make th"m 7...'.. .....9 00 Hafntko IT casts, by the author of the Lanlp- iign-r . ......a 76 Axabian. l.y Harriet E. Preaeott..MMM.M. 1 86 Tbs Caim-s or Awtiotii ,., ., ,.1 26 Stttmbltwq Blotkm, by Gail IJ ami I ton ...1 76 Maikk Woods, by Thorsaa .,...1 60 Man and Nature, by Geo. P. Msash M . 60 Lectures on the English Language, by doUHu 60 The English Language, by Craik. S Tola T U Pulpit Ministrations, by Gardiner Spring. S vols MmH..MM.....HmM6 00 P.O. Guide of the U. S 2 60 The National Almanac and Annual Record for 164 1 ISO History of the Romans, by Merrivale. 4 Vols. rerroi . History of the Doctrine of a Future Life, by aiger .....3 en The Illnatrated Bona Management, by Hay- Woodborn, a ""' , , , 60 Border and BastUei by "Coy Livingstone." 1 25 The Old Helmet, by author of 'Wide, Wide woria. vols s no The Schoenberg-Cotta Family ; J 73 Maurice Dering, by author of "liny Living- awae ...r . . - , u ., SO Denis Duval, by Thackeray .... ... 50 Barbara's History, by Amelia B. Edwards 50 Tbe Ladder of Life, by Amelia B. Edwards..... AO Cousin PhilHs . .. 8S Annie Warlttgh's Fortunes, by Holmes Lee CO Th Wife's Evidence, by Willis .. 50 John Karchment's Legacy, by M. E. Braddenl B0 J. B.COBB Co., aagl til Superior street. X amusrmfttis. . " - AMfSKIETS for Ihe PEOPLE ' ' at ... r, . .. . . BRAINARD'S HALL. VYfdnendaj and Thursday, Bept. J 1 8, . ; Will be presented PROF. FOX'S MtrsiCAX axd Patriotic Festival of Beauty! Bf KEAftLT , 300 loan? Ladles and Misses, All In appropriate Costumes of America aad Galaxy1 ol States, Vueeu of all tbe Powers, Spring and Summer Qtteena, Winter, Fairy Queen and hosts of Fai ries, uipsy yoeen ana ner lui.owers, xepbyrs. Flower Girls, Ac; all arranged TERRACE ABOVE TERRACE, Each performer in full view from any part of tha Hull. This festival embodteti a ctne of Loneliness, Mlrti and Patriotism TTnrivslled. At tha withdrawal of tbe curtain m ision of thrilling hfauty elevt rides the beholder. ADMISSION RESERVED SKATS ..Vf CENTS. :. ftO CENTS. Doors open at 7 o'clock, to commence at 8 o'clock. Tickets lor sale by the young of the School. sepl : 107 A CADEHY OF MUSIC. ' - JuHN ELLSLER, Jb., Makaqzb. RICHARD U. 6EARY Treasurer. " PRICES OF ADMISSION. Dress Circle and Parquette 50 cents; Secured Seats to Dress Circle, 76 cents; Family Circle, 5 cents; Gallery, 26 cents; Private Hoxee, 3, 6 aad 8 dollars; Entire Private Box, single seats, fl. Doors open at Curtain rises at 8 o'clock. LAST NIGHT BUT TWQ Of the engagement of the RAVEL KOW MARTIXETI & MARZETI TEOCPE Consl.tlnir of TWKTT-V017B LADISS AND GENTLK1IKS, all Aral class aniatea, aad a FULL CORPS DE BALLET. THURSDAY. EVENING, Soctembertst, 1S4, tb nerfornanc will commence with the SpectaaQlaA- PAntomime, called the VIVANDIERE. f which Hosdamrs Harzettl, Martfnettl and lis Desire, and Mnns. P. Marlinetti. sfettriaa, slaraiK-ti, Paul and Julian Maitinelti, Ac, ao.,will appear. To be followed bf the fine Gjmnaatic act, entitled ats Hommei de L'alr. By J. C. Franklin and Mona. J. Martin'ttl. To coaclndc with tho comic rantomim of MONS. DECHALUMEAU. Rncninet Mods. Philip M.rtinetti Hooa Decbainmeau ......Hons. J. Marsetti. Vona. Laronciere .. llGna. O. Lehnaa. M. Laronciere, his soa.. Mwna. C. alathica- Kinot... lions. Julian MartinettI Madame Laronciere M'me P. Martinettti M l e Laronciere M ile J alia Lehmaau Conrtelle ...M'lle Doairo- for Incidental Dances, Ac, see daily rftgrauaea.)i DRAIN ARDS HALU XJ FOR ONI Wli't, COMMENCING - WEDNESDAY EVENING, AUG. 31. Also Saturday Afternoon at 9 o'clock. The most iutert-stluK Panorama fa the World, painted upon nearly THREE MILES OF CAJIVASfa. r THE WONDER OF THE NINETEENTH CENTURY. The Great Hiltonian TaMeux of 1 - BADAniet? SASVS- r-ranrvwsaa a.wo B i THE GREAT REBELLION IN HEAVEN, : THE WAR OF ANOELS, 1 THE FALL OF SATAN; AND THE FALL 0V ELAN. As described by John MUton ta hi laanrarta' Poem of PARADISE LOST, It being a complete i. lustration of this Great Poem from beginning to- HtSAVEN, HELL, CHAOS A2TD PARADISE.. . , NOVEL, WOS DERFI L, BBILLIAJTT Tha Only Thing of ihe Kind in Existeace. THE GREAT MORAL EXHIBITION OF THE AGE- niuntratlnj tbe Orandest Bnbleet la th World. It d ti tbe power of the Imagination; kafBiM ail description. Doors opn at 7 o'clock. Commence at 8V. Admission 25 cents. Afternoon lOcts., Adults la aoj27:l7 , WILLIAM P. FOCC, IMPORTER OF China and Earthenware, And Dealer in TABLE CUTLER r, LOOKTTG-GLAS-SES, PLATED WARE, COAL OIL LAMPS ETN0 TOILET WARE, Tea Tray, Garters, Feather Dusters-, and a Great variesy oi HOUSE FURNISHING ARTICLES. COAL OIL CHANDELIERS, With S, 4, ana" lights, suitable for CHURCHES, HALLS, aad PBTVATa HOUSES Corner Superior and Seneca Streets, It rncrvELANT). orto. ar ti&rV . china maIcTT" ibjH f --d as .at .at IS Si ,HW l?i,ifJt.fl N5oa--. A lijKarltioistj. T7AGLE WORKS MUNAUFACTU- RIHQ COMPANY. DO YOU WAST 8TEAM ENGINES OS BOILESS, Patent Fin iTaporaton, PATENT SUGAR CANS HILLS. PATENT STEAM COIL EVAPORATORS, .. PATENT STAMP MILLS, roa Pike'a Prnlt r Lake Snprrtar, ' SEND FOR CIRCULARS, With Cute aad Deacrlptjona, Prices, An. ALSO, Saw Mills, Flonrln? Mllla, AND MACHINERY OF ALL DESCRIPTIONS atsr SEND FOB CIB CTJIiABS. C.hicaoo, Illinois. -, r. W. GATES. President' H. B. Agents wanted vreTTwbera. avaySTf-KS T3ISO S CURE FOR COSUMPTIOX A very celebrated Medrciiae. Gall aad sat a circular. Price one dollar per bottle. For aale A, JyxA CHURCHILL A BKOTHER, Drnffleta, ,

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