Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on December 14, 1944 · Page 11
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 11

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 14, 1944
Page 11
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m r. DEC. 14, 1944. ICHURCH WOMEN ATBURTKAME NEW OFFICERS Hurt Dec. 12—The W. S. C. S. " t last week Wednesday after- K It the Methodist church, K»* IVterv Steward, Mrs. Lillian • M --T-and Mrs. Jake Smith, ua .es. " The Rev. Mr. Heddlc | ['charge of devotions; Mrs. Jay | lirtrtv of program. Election of , cr s was held. Mrs. Reibhoff, j •Vent' Mr? Jay Graham, vice j 5 • Mrs. J. L. Miller, recording « et retary; Mrs. Walter Campney, Inrrespondini? secretary; Mrs. I Howard McMullen, treasurer; orcna Wessel, activities secre- \T Mrs. Karl Anderson, Mis.„.„,,' secretary; Mrs. Clifford •Holding, Young People's secre- Kary-Mrs. A. G. Heddlc, child-, Ircn's secretary; Mrs. A. G. Val-j lentinc, spiritual life secretary;! •Mrs. F. L. Ryerson, secretary of I literature and publications. •Two Christmas Parlies— I The U and I Circle met at Mrs., Iflaymond Westling's last week \ •Tuesday. This was a Christmas •party with an exchange of gifts, life. Frank Bahling will enter- tain the Busy Boc club at her home west of town Friday. This will also tap a Christmas party, and gifts will be exchanged. Mrs. Whilehill Unwell- Mrs. Ada Whitehill, confined to, bod with a broken leg, Was not! well Friday. Her daughter, Mrs. Jesse Blnncharrl, Lone Rock, was with her Saturday and Sunday. Mrs. Whitehill is better at this writing. Sailor Expected Home— The Harry Sankeys expect' their son August, S. 1-c., U. S. I N., home the last of this week. ! He is at the Great Lakes station ! now, and has served J8 months in ' the Pacific. Rebekah Officers Named The Rcbckahs have elected of-' ficers: Mrs. Pete Theisen, Noble ' grand; Mrs. G. C. Giddings, vice! grand; Mrs. Paul Macaulcy, sec-i rotary; Mrs. Carrie Larson, trcas-1 urcr. he was to begin work in a plane factory Thursday. OUicr Rnrt News. KOSSUTH COUNTY ADVANCE, ALGONA, IOWA PACE FIVB workinf T^r j v - vv '"'"K, tuiu piesuni, were Lne Pfc. Marvin Sanders, who has Jesse and Gerald Halversons, the been serving overseas on a tank Ronald Careye, the Albert Ulle- Mr<? Tnm nv . , destroyer, arrived a week ago slads, the Linus Jensens, all of week TiH-^nv^ahP 'u^ 'ast, Saturday fora furlough with his ' Ringsted, and the Otto Wilberg k.r M scl ^ m , ght L wllh her S1S -1 Wlfo a "d with other relatives''daughters, w nmnn ,'H „ i i .u^"' .,. Th( -M "Mr S\vca City. j Virgil, ton of Mr. and Mrs. Earl W Ul I H!11 cl ILOnuOfl 1 PIP A11VI11*» t*ir ~n IT « w ' Tl j 1-1- i . meeting -it Mrs rhric Kn,Pi • Mr ' and lVtrs - Sheldon Merrill, ri -'Kton, ;uffered a sprained foot that evening Knudsons with thc> son Don . |]d , pft Frjday ] ltsi wec k while playing basket, r „ ' *" for Camp Gruber. Okla., to visit b; ' IK -torn nonary was a business ! the son Junior stationed ilir>rr> ~ * visitor at Minneapolis last week | They expected tciciurn bv thV-' T ° N WESTER N FRONT. Mr and Mrs. Ben Bahling spent middle of this week T Lonc Rock > Dcc - 12-Sgt John Sunday at Ben's sister Mrs. Ray M™ rn™,, ,••„„„' _ , ;!'"'!« 1S n °w on the western front to Mr. and Mrs. Edw. Schmith Brown's, Wells, Minn. The Milton Armstrongs, Livcr- morc, called on Mrs. Dora Arm u ,,u ml - s . r , clw . &C nmitn strong a few days ago. Milton is i lately had a short visit from their a grandson of Mrs. Dora Arm-1 son John, who is a naval not'v stro "g- ! officer at Santa Ana, Calif. Ho Martin Greise, who works at i came by plane from San Fran- Pasco, Wash., arrived Saturday | cisco *° Omaha, arriving hore last to spend the holidays with his' week Tuesday, and returned the family here. j same way last Thursday. The rir,,, ,•• , . '-ong is now on me western front n n.v T af l C W! ' S , hos } cs -?'i" Europe, according to a letter J °" dated Nov. 20. Husband Going Overseas— Mrs. George Sengbush left Saturday evening for Camp Bulncr, i S. C., for a few days with her husband. Ho expects to be sent i overseas. i Job in Plane Plant— I Richard Chipman left last' week Tuesday for Omaha, where The Rev. Mr. Wessel has not i ? mith 1 ua ! so hacl a rccc '" 1 visit been as well as usual the pag't om . e)r son Eu S ( -ne, in an '- " • • • - ' | army air corps at Waco. Tex. | The Henry Loofts were Sunday I dinner guests at John Johanne- I sen's, and others present were week, though he is better at this time. SENECA hannesens, Mrs. Harold Presthus, ., , i Bancroft, and a daughter, tho Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Peterson ! Fred Johannosc-ns. Cylinder and moved recently from the Chris' the Harry Vahldiccks, Ringsted Dahl place, where Mr. Petersen The Halversons had a dinner had < been employed, to the Walt- get-together at the local Halver- er Smith place, where he is now son home bsl week Monday Board Proceedings .•Si;i!it'»r'K nffiKi; A]unnn, lun'n, N'ovcmlipr 1, Kill. >:") n'clurU A. M. _/.!n;iril df Suii'TVlsorc of Kossutli ''"iiniy met pursuant to adjournment with the fdllnwlni; mcmliprs present: \-'r:ifi -r. MrDonnld, Schram, Qulnn Million liy .MfrMonnlrl nntl spcnmlprl liy I'niM-r that tho Final Mnlntonnnce ''. I-M vr I i M •_' r-Mirnatps Xo. 17 and :| r.f I'iinl JUKI Kvprds hn approved and l>i:i"pil mi rilf;. Ayes: All. • .MnlJon hy Mt'Dnmilrl anil .... hy Jiihiisni) I hilt tho KtiKineerf ]mil of <•. o. Scharluoh as to the con. -- , 'lilimi of l,ntor;il Xo. 7 of nralnafje a, the Lawrence Jo- nistrift Xo. t:.\ \i,~ acceiitod and placed .._ TT_.._,.I ^ ., ,, h rilo A.VOS: All. Motion liy M(^Uiinal(l and s-pcondod. 'iy S'lnnin that I'"ra:-cr he appointed In n'.-ilic ncf('!--f!ir.v repairs on Draln- :iL'o lilsilrlct Xo. (I. Ayps: All. Mntion hy ildlxinuld and seoondpd I'V .lohnsori that Sehrjini he appoint"'1 I" mi'i'-p nccpssary repairs on I >rainaKt! iJlstrlct No. -15. Ayes: All. Motion hj- McDonald and seconded by Schrain that Johnnm IIP appointed to make hecessary repairs on the following di'alnage districts: Xo. GO and Jt. E. K. No. \. Ayes: All. Motion hy IFraser and seconded by McDonald lhat a paupcis notlcp he serypd oil the following persons: Mrs. Edna P. Kllpplns and family, 10. .1. Gulllcksdti and family and Edgar Glen Fntcp] and fninlly. ' Ayes: All. Motion by McDonald and .seconded by Fra-sni- that the claim filed by the Chlcamo. Rock Island and Pacific Company asainst Kossuth County, Iowa, be disallowed. Ayes: All. Nays: None. Motion by Johnson and seconded by McDonald that the 1»!3 delinquent dofi tax'charged uKalnst Mrs. Kate Bollinpfj- in Kenton Iiicorp., for the sum of fc.ll be abated, on account of sainn liavtnK been paid to the assessor, but he failed lo turn it Into the County Auditor's Office. Ayc-s 1 : All. Motion by McDonald and seconded by Johtlson that the 1013 delinquent personal property charged against Clem Goodman In Irvlniston Township snake her very liappy on C give her a... K GENUINE.REGISTERED -| eepsake $ .DIAMOND ENGAGEMENT RING m for the. sum of $1.59 be a.bntcd, on ac-i count that the same property was also assessed and charged In Cresco Township and which tax he had paid. I Ayes: All. Motion by Fraser nnd seconded by McDonald that the County Auditor he, directed to assign tho following tax sale certificates to Mrs. Ksther, Dlxon upon receipt of the sum of J24S.57: Xo. 1S!>3, No. 1!>09, No. 1001, No 11X12, No. 1003, No. ]!>()!, No. 1905, No. 190T,. Xo 1M»7. No. IMS, No. 1909, No. 192.1, No. 11)24, and No. 1925. Aves: All. Motion by Schram and seconded by- McDonald that the following resolution be adopted: RiESOtiUTION WTTRRKAS, the United States Department of the Interior. Fish nnd Wldlife Service has procured . land along and adjacent to the section line common sections M and 2.'!; and sections 23 and 2li; and sections 2ii nnd 35; In Township !« North of Range 2S West of the 5th P M., for the purpose of establishing a wildfowl refuge, and CHRISTMAS The more, the merrier ... if they're S&L's "STAFFORD CLUBS" AND so •fr Resilient Consiruc'.ion Bias Cut Wool Liningj * Longer Wearing • Wrinkle Resistant • Bold Splashy Prinli • Neat Paisley Patterns * Distinctive Stripes Lus'.rouj rayon satins, crepes and wools ' YOUR STUUB * o wonder her'eyes shine'ivith pride and happiness ... for that lovely "Keepsake" Diamond on her finger is a registered, perfect blue.white gem of guaranteed, AA" quality., The Keepsake Certificate "of Registration and Guarantee; "signed by the makers and endorsed by tliis store, is part of your purchase. The nationally established price and the name j'Keepsake" engraved iiy the ring are your assurance of the highest value. : This store has been chosen «# Authorized Keepsake Jewelers because of 6uFexpert| knowledge of diamonds and years of fair dealing. It will be a pleasure to assist you ia •selecting a beautiful Keepsake Diamond.Rmgjjnwwjw^^^^ ra<igc,of prices^ .\ "The gift he wanls mosf ..... ; Soms/hing Comfortable lo wear I" PART WOOL GIFT SWEATERS '49 Knit of heavy, long-wearing wool and cotton yarns. Soft, warm, slipover style. Crew or "V" neck. SPORT SHIRTS FOR HIS LEISURE 2 49 TO 5 95 Luxurious colorful plaids, plain gabardines, rayon and wool mixtures. Generously cut.. Gift Sweaters FOR BOYS 49 Sliportr Sty!. Woven for real warmth and rugged wear and styled in th* popular pullover model with crew or V 1 neck, Siw$ 30 to 36. A Grand Arra^r GIFT SOX STRIPED RAYON Ankle length. Reinforced heel and tea. Double tola. i RAYON Long Length Same PJ obpve only lonptr, Hand tran»(arr«d lop. 50% Soft VIRGIN WOOL long length. Natural or ov ford. 50% fln» totton. , a p\ibllc highway, sixty-six feet in width, runs nlonB each of the aliovc section lines, and W.HraniRAS. thff land owned and nontrollerl by the Fish nnd Wildlife Service would he enabled to function better us a refuge If they had jurisdiction over the pubic highways rjln- Vilng through this refuge. NOW, TirranHTOiiB, <BK IT BE- SOIWBD by the Board of fSupervlsots of Kossiith Comity, :Io\va, that the jurisdiction of the public roads Described above, running through the wildlife refuse, be turned over to tho t'nlted States Department of the interior, except that Kossuth County reserves the rlfrl't to properly maintain the above highways. Adopted this 1st day of 'November, 1!>II. Ayi;s: Fraser, McDonald, Schram, Johnson, nnd Qulnn. Nays: Xor?<'. On motion Board proceeded to audit and allow claims us "per schedule of (Continued on Page 8.) JOSH HIGGINS "VOICE OF AGRICULTURE' 1 * WATERLOO. IOWA MORNINGS 5:25—News Mon. ttir. Sat. 5:30—Good News Program..Mon. thr. Sqt. 6 :00—Neichborly Circle... ,Mon thr. S»t. 6:15—Neighbors Nowa—Hugh Muncy . ."•> ' Market?, Farm News.Mon. thr. Sat, 0:30—Morning Devotionals, Mon. thr. Sot. 7:00—HI, NeiRhborl Mon. thr. Fri. "Ship of Joy Club" .Saturday "Rev. Piotsch's Hour"......Sunday 7:10—Almanac of the Air.....Mon., Frl. Nothing But the Truth. .Wednesday 7:15—Klccn.Maid News Mon, tHr. Sat. 7:30—World Pick-una Mon, thr. Fri. United Nations News -Rev.,.. : .Sat. 7:45—The Music Cox Mon. thr. Fri; 8:00—The Breakfast Club..Mon, thr. S«t. World News Sunday 9:00— My True Story Mon. thr. Fri. Fannie Hurst Presents, v. .Saturda'y Nazarene .Family Hour Sunday 9:25—Aunt Jemima Show..Mon. thr. Frl. 9:30—The Higgins Boys...Mon, thr. Frl. What's Cookin' 7 Saturday , The Southernaires Sunday 9:45—One Woman's Opinion.' Monday Tho Listening Post..Tuea. thr. Frt. 10 :00—Breakfast at Sardi's. .Mon. thr. Fri. Chatham Shopper Saturday Percy B. Crawford ....Sunday 10:15—Today's Homemaker .Saturday. 10:30—<;il Martyn—News.. .Mon. thr; F.rl, 1540 Club Saturday This is Life Sunday I 10:45—Jack Berch Show....Mon. thr, Fri. I 11:00—Glamour Manor Mon. thr. Frl. | Schools in the News Saturday I Weekly War Journal Sunday 11:30—.Hiiwins 1 Farm Hour Mon. thr. Sat, I Call of the Cross Sunday AFTERNOONS r 12:00—Rath's Land O'Corn. .Mon. thr. Sat. "Hasten tho^ Day",'j,»><>..Sunday.. 12:15—H..R. Cross—News. .Mon. thr. Sat.- Georue Hicks. Sunday 12:30—Fmchvillcf Fai-in Hour Mon. thr. Sat. Sammy Kayo's Serenade.... Sundaj 12:45—Ava Johnson Mon. thr. Sat. 12:35—Sunday News Extra v. .Sunday 1:00—Salute to Victory....Mon. thr. Fri, Lutheran Hour ..».*.Sunday Metropolitan Opera .Saturday 1:30—Let's Learn Spanish... Monday Geopolitics .Tuesday Questions & Opinions...Wednesday Adventures in Music Thursday The Story Hour Friday National Vesiwrs.,..........Sunday 1:45—Food fur Thought .....Monday . America Singing .....Tuesday Scientist Looks About Thursday 2:00—Between the Lines... .Mon. thr. Fri.. Char. Greenwood Show Sunday 2:15—The Jubilee Singers';.Mon. thr. Frl. 2:30—1540 Club Mon. thr. Fri. Eth. Barryinurc as' Miss Hattie Sun. 3:00—"Time" Views New« Mon. thr. Fti. Darts for Dough Sunday 3:15—Ozark Ramblers Mon. thr. Fri.' 3:30—I'll Buy That,.... ...Mon. thr. Frl.. "Set to Music". Sunday 3:45—"Yanks in the Orient" Monday War Loan Drive. ..,.. Tuesday Waterloo Public Schools Wednenday These Are Your Neighbors. .Thurt, Waterloo Schools. Friday'. 4:00—Waves on the Air Monday 60 Years of Fiction Tue»diy Current Hea'.th Interest Wcdi Ask tho Scientist! Thursday Musiquiz Friday Mary Small Revue Sunday 4:15—L-yrica from I.iJe Monday Books from Santa Tuesday Historic Hymn; Wednesday Religion in the News........Friday 4 :SO—Salute to Victory Mon. Tu, Th, Frl. Food for All Wednesday Metropolitan Opera Prescntn...Sun* 4:;45—Hop Hnrrigan Mon. thr. Fri. Hello, Sweetheart Saturday 5:00—Terry and the Pirates Mon. thr. Fri. Minimi Matinee Saturday Radio Hall of Fame Sunday 5:15—Calling Santa Claus Mon. thr. Fri. 5:30—Jack Armstrong Mon. thr, Fri. Soldiers with Winss Saturday 6:45—The Country Editor. .Man. thr. Fr(, EVENINGS 6:00—Grain Belt Rangers Mon. Wed. Thurs. Frl. The Iliggins Boys Tuesday Christian Science Church..Saturday Drew Pearson Sunday 6:15—H. U. Gross—News. .Mon. thr, Sat; News—Don Gardiner,..,,...Sunday 6:30—Did You Know? Mon, thr, Frl. Luland Stowe ,.... .Saturday Quiz Kids.......,.,..,,... .Sunday 6:35—Sport Flashes Mon. thr. Fri. 6:45—Preferred Melodies,... Mon, thr, FH> Eye-Witness News .,, .....Saturday 7:00—Ted Malonc Mon.. Tues., Wed, To be announced Thurs. Friday Early American Dance Music Sat, Greenfield Village Choir....Sunday. 7:15—Lum and Abner...Mon. thr. Tbura, Dorothy Thompion......... Sunday 7:30—Blind Date .....Monday Alan Young Show Tuesday Hy Best Girls ..Wednesday America's Town Meeting. .Thursday Famous Jury Trials , Friday Boston Symphony.,., ....Saturday Joe E. Brown..,..,........Suudajr 8:00—Counterspy Monday Gracie Fields Show........Tue»day Dunninger Wednesday Gangbusters Friday Walter Winchell Sunday 8US-Hollywood Mystery Time....Sund«y 8:30—Spotlight Bands Mon. thr. Sat, 8:45—Jimmy Fidler .,.,,Sunday 8:55—Coronet Storyteller. .Mon. thr. Ft! Coronet Quick Quiz...... ,Satur«y. JiOO—Raymond SwlnB...Mon. Uir, •"•-•— Earl Godwin- Guy lx>oibardo,...,.,, lf ,.S«ti Life of Riley, ....,,, "- t :16—To he announced.. Moo,, Lazy Jim Day.,..,.....,..« Georse Hiiki Reporting..Th 9:50—Horace Heldt ,7, ' " Let Yourself Go!,,........ Scramby Amby....,,.,, .W< , March of Tim«......,,,.,Tb' Ed Wyun , ,, Man Called K,..,. Lbu Keep Up With the WorldT..&_ 10:00—H. R, Groes—New». .afon. tfcr. Sunday New* Divert.. 10:16—Revival Hour 10:20—SportUgbt Parade.. .Hon. 10:80—Sajudot Atnlgoe.... , Metropolitan Opera USA &i TO£ *!?;;:; Doctors Talk It Oyar..,.,, Meet Your Navy........ . 10:45-Melodles of the Maittrt.,.! UiOO-Henry J. TMl W 7",!l|w.. Dance lias-Rev. 11:45— Diane* 11:55— News «;0»— Word of Wfi Music.. ietsch'i, How,,: Music. ...,.,,,.

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