Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on December 14, 1944 · Page 5
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 14, 1944
Page 5
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ances of Dec. 5-12, 1929. f hns become of the per- iMrs. Edythc Dailey? She . ,, t returned from a trip ''friends \o Florida and Ha- nw why movies can oper- nndays here now in spite of Inld blue law ordinance? Bethe urge got too strong, and ' repealed it 15 years L as real chilly here Dec. 4, below; and on the same ms here this year it WHS 32 I ("Unusual weather," eh?) Lbe you wouldn't think it, . Miller, the well known has been here at least I/rs He had just reported (collected on a R. C. county "all _ . stock market had busted the place, Hoover was 1 for trouble, and the worst ision of all time was in the But Mr. (now Judge) and rjerry' Stillman were hap- GirtNo. If. a 7-pounder, had I Nov. 30, 1929.) ;en years ago last week sday night there was a big fscout court of honor here, can ask Craig Smith ever became of the first- Ibadge which was pinned to lanly bosom on that occas- FRANCIS SIEPMAN ON 30-DAY LEAVE FROM WAR FRONTS S.-Sgt. Francis Sicpman, who enlisted in the air corps four years ago, arrived at Britt Friday for a 30-day leave with his wife. He came from France, where he took part in the Normandy invasion in June, and of. late he had been stationed in Paris. The youn.fi man was married in July, 1943, to Carole, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Julius Jensen Bntt. His wife is teaching at Ankeny. Francis was recently transferred to ground mechanics of air force. When his leave is up he will be at a rest camp in California for a time. When he enlisted his mother lived in Algona j His father died here a few years ago. I n,,,,!,,, ' r"V"- election . .1. Dooley, Judge ,,r eleetion nun Nelson, Judge of election A. Winkcl, clerk ot election i!'l,,'!J. '''• • l " l 'i"<»ii, clerk of .11. Hill.'lilns, clurk of oloc.:. Audltor's Offlcfc, Alitinifi, IIMVII, Niivenilier i:t, 1014 S:()H o'clock A. M. Hoard of Supervisors of Kns'tnlli County met In rp^nlnr si-ssliiii \villi the riillowhiK inemlicrx pn-spiit: |.'ra- ser, MirDonnld, Schrani, CJulnn ;iinl Johnson. Motion liy McDonalil IJ. Payne was the Advance's (editor—and a darned eood I He was also county R. & tnager. Tnat was btiore he flimbed the ladder to a big i the D. M, papers. Wa-tan-ye club here is [than 15 years old. Anyway 1 been entertained by Anna |Bertha E. Johnson, Bernice and Ida Peterson at a 15 years ago. lease Dr. A. L. Rist has for- i just when he ceased to re- lor yank out offending hu- Imolars, it was 15 years ago •December. |her Dobberstein had spoken the Rotary clu•.';, and the |W. A. Frazier, then Congre- iial pastor here and club her, gave a highly apprecia- alf-column report of the ad- in the Dec. 12, 1929, Ad- I A. Barry and Pny Potter been "stars" in a B. B. game [won Irom Goldfield. (But Thai wasn't 15 years ago; •yquotecl from the 20-Year- :olumn in the Advance of |2, 1929.) i Dorothy McEnroe-Higgins nber that big llth birthday [she had when 28 girls were Vests? It was 15 years ago.' i and Mrs. Wm. C. Steele intertained' the Halcyon club he kids at a Christmas par- Difts for the kids were tied Ings upstairs, and the other Tof the strings were given to IHnwn<:|nJr.s. .yo u ought to |seen the scramble. J don't Mr. and Mrs. Henry tr come back to see us all lime? Last heard of them pull had that fine mortuary at Ogden, or somewhere J that way. Henry was W. Ira's mortuary partner here 19. Reason for this recollec- [Mrs. Reimer and Mrs. W. uphill had given two par- 1 women, ., if the Advances of |days don't look better than of today. But every [nas noticed that the copies J paper when finely bound [evenly trimmed,, with no L from folding, rather as- by their better looks. I'Ed 1 Hopkins, Plum Creek, pertained 14 friends of her P™. 12, at a games and to- 7»ng party. (Now John is F an ambulance outfit ap- Pmg to the llth evacua- Jflospital in Gen. Patch's im France, or maybe Ger- 1 and Gordon Dewel, is some l« office functionary in the 'hospital, while Fred Kent . Jewel, and Cecil Cook |ijo far away 'that all can't "- now and then. But await ( ,,., Johnson llnil. (lio Si-crelary read I ho minutes of the lust regular session ;inil nil iiiljoiirni'il si'MNldiis, Ayes: All Motion by Fraser and foco'tnled'by Schrani Unit (.lip mlnnti's of tin. \ : \^i regular session nud till adjourned sessions stiind ii|i|irovpd us rciiil. Ayes: , Mnllnii by McDonald timl .seconded by Fraser (hut cash allowance of Uorti l)nli( In; Increased from Slii.00 ( ( , ^o Oil i per month, beginning as of November list. 1041. Ayes: All. • -' Motion liy McDonald mill seconded ! liy .Johnson Hint tl»! v.illt taxes on the I following iiiinilieix'd Iniels In; siispcn- ded us they represent propei-licu of I Old Ages Assistance recipients: No. 1!)2, No. 55-11:11, No. ii5-4:CI, No. "i-lilO, No. '..V.'IIIS, ,!), No. 55-474, No' ' . , . , nn-It-IS, No. 55-277, No. 55-4!), Ni> 55-4S' No. 55-:!(l2, No. 55-1M), No ,",5-.|":i No rr>-:ui, NO. 55--2'.i!!, NO. iVi-s:), NI, nri' :S4, No. 55-51(1, No. fM-2S(!, No. 55-5'.l2 I No. T>5-5S5, No. 55.5S(i, No. 55.;!21, No' I;"i5-;i20, No. fir>-22."i. No. 55-51:1, No. 5.")- |i:t>, No. 55-42IJ, No. 55-5:',:!, No. nn-IOtl | No. 55-5S4, No. 55-40.S, No. n.j-.|!)7, No 155-^12, No. 55-50, No. 55-2:!4, No. 55,•155, No. 55-;i, No. r,5-lill, No. 5.1 -I .I. 1 ), No. 50-107, No. 55-2-i:i, No. 05-4KU, No. 55-580, No. 55-,'!On, No. 55-508, No 55»0«, No. 55-100, No. 55-44I 1 ,, No. 55-501, l!2S, No. 55-27.'i, No. 55-103, No. 03-528, No. 53-234, No. 05-2(iS, No. 55-401, No. 55-28.'!, No. 5.V2S2, No. 53-lltiO, No 55- .•JdS, No. 53-1.S1, No. 53-15(;, No. ri5-l!l», No. 55-.'lllO, No. 55-;i(U, No. 55-:t"l, No. 05-5S7, No. 53-51U, No. 53-41-, No. 53- Kll, nnd No. C5-i::i2. Ayes: All. Motion liy .lolinson iniil scoomlod l>y Frascr thnt tlio in^l IIIXCIK iiiiiouni- Ing to ?48.59 ot tlio Xortliwcsturn. lit'll U'ulephone Coii)]):iiiy on tract described ns N. 25 ft. of th« S. 02 ft. or Lot 10 «loi:k 1(1, Original Plat of tin- town of Lnkota be nbatcO, on account tlint tlie u.s.se.ssinoiit on xald iiroperty was also included In the assessment , certified by the State TIIX CoujjiiJs- ] sion. Ayes: All. i Motion by Hchrani and seccnuled by Mcl-lonald that thu Budget Katlnuilu of A. K. Laurltxeu, County Snperln- tendent, be Increased from .$l!l(X).(JU to !f52UO.OO for the year 10-14. Aye*: All. On motion Hoard proceeded to audit nnd allow claims ns "per schedvik: of Claims Hereinafter Written." CO UN TV KU.NU W. W. SnllivHii, stumps to Auditor ......................... $ 15.n:i W. W. Sullivan, stiimjis to Iowa State Hank, wlthhcdd taxes ^ss.ai A. K. Lnurltxvn, mileage fees il'.l.'JU ICosalle Swanson, assist. Sheriff's office 11. W. Miller, office exp Algona Upper Des Molnes, bnl., 1 |iro., etc iMatt I'nrrott & Sons Co., sup. M. G. Bourne, coroner fees ... Franz Teeter, mtg Hnssell Shiplcr, mtg Wilbur Stewart, mtg T.loyd Kurtlctt, mtg Jolin Conies, mtg Mcnno lllslus, mtg Koliert Krusc, mlg U. W. Gingrich, mtg ; K H. Gardner, mltf ! Ilunry Tjaden, mtg .Tens M. Sorenson, mtg Ijlen .lunkinson, mtg , Harry Tlsli, HUB David Andc.rson, mtg George. Hutterf ield, mtg ,T. J. Anderson, mtg Ij. ,T. 'Iinmerfall, delivering ballots 2S.ns Art Moulds, putting up election booths 5.00 &w>!(i City Herald, off. notice otic, l T'tonkn Topic, publication of ballot 70.00 Algona Upper Des Molnes, printing ballots 815.80 .Hazel Lusby, Judge of election 5.40 It. S. Blossom, judge of election 5.-IO IIortenBe Ferguson, judge of election B.40 C. II. llellly, judge of eleetion G. F. Mahoney, }uilge of election W. E. Huwcott, judge of election Leora K. St. John, clerk of . election Ilarrlette Setcbell, clerK of election 12. W. Lusby, clerk of election Eclythe Brumlagc, clerk of election II. B. Nolle, judge of election l''runk Gelglel, judge of election Gwcu McDonald, judge of election Claire Keith, Judge of election II. M. Harris, Judge of election Madge Swansou, Judge of elcc- JilO.L'T S.l-l j'.o'o •1.00 •1.00 4.110 2.0(1 li.OO 2.00 . 2.00 2.00 2.00 li.OO 2.UO •i.oo 4.00 •I.OO 4.00 ttf.OO may THAT AL1EN GRAN'DAD il s Joy, oh, boy! 1 a grandpa! if —G. H. P. igJT- P r fsent-<Jay hi- 4.80 4.SO 4.SO 5.40 5.40 4.60 4.SO 5.70 5.70 5.70 0.10 5.10 i A. Marie MiirYnRhi' 'judge' ' of I flection ''''lion '''' l ' 1< ' 11 ' 1 ' 1 -l' 1 ' 1 ^ of el'e'e-' ] F.lyira Monl'u'x','' clerk'' of' 'id'e'c'-' | tlon ... ' |Mildrcd Winkcl,'7-l'eYk'o'f'oieV-' Hun •Ti'iin Wnclsworlli, c'lerk'of'oie'p'.' I Kill Ivilllcl Ctigley. clerk 'of'eipcl'l'o'n '-'.iris r.r.inili. Judge of election y>. I. Mendel. Judge of eleellon i lureiici. Scliiti.jor, Judge of pled ion I'dcr It iken, judge ' of 'elVc..' lion A'lolpl, Mlss-iil. 'judge''or''el'e'c'.' lion I.. K. Calllps, JuilKp'ot'IiiiV'tlVoii Kiiw Hoylieii, elerk (pf eiecllnn lu'iiiielh Swim, clerk of elec- r.nii !'il\v SJI|]II,IT. clerk ' iiVele'eVloii i I' llniiKpii, clerk of election .Miierieiin I.pgliin,. rout I-;I.V llllllSPII, MlTMIInllltf lllllltllS lit'Mikii SuviiiiiH Hank, rent ,. I.iniiiii K. Stiiplilc, jinlgi! of eliM'lion I'rrothy .1. ,Mi-llon,ili|, Judgu'lit (lection I' H \VollH, JlliIgH of p||!Ptioi|".' I.iiln llnweolt, jiiilgp ot ulec- licill W W lloeltclier, juilKe oi''idec- tiun i 1 ' D I'liiinniiii, Jiiilgu of uic'irlYo'ii lipo 1' Ilnwi'utt, clerk of nlec- lidn 'I II (iriihiiin, clerk ot eiocl'lo'ii I' <-' Smith, cleric of ide.clion . I cnrle fhlpiinin, clerk of elcc- |:ldn l.'diiald Mltehi'll, iirr:iiii;'iiig I'.urt Library, relit ...'.....'..'.'. Imrry Siibin, ,|nd>,'(! of oleetl'on \\ V Tool, Jiiilgo of election . KliniT C I'oticr, Judge of eloc- tlon M N 1'hilllpK, clerk of electl'o'ii .Irilin U'oydert, elerk of election T I. Thorsnn, judgp of election I'lcluinl NiMi'tdii, judge of election .1 1' I'clcr.-ion, JiiilKu of elcc- I'aul riilllijis, elerk of elec- .IJcin tlon .'...'" Arne Ostei-Kaiird, elerk of'el'ec- liou A II Ilannii, judge of ulectliin Uiilpli \V liiorsledt, judge of election ijrnli.' Holircnils, judge of elec- t.ion Kiiljih Tliiini|isou, clerk of election K << r'.wolill, olerk of election Ficd Flaig, rout Raymond lilcrstcdt, special poLiceimiii '• I! .Iiilins judge of election (I II Ilreycr, judge of election II H Uelmurs, judge of election I'eler .lensen, judge of election (.co Goeteli, judge of election !• Isic Kiyler, judgo of election U 10 St.oelier, clerk of election \V 10 LaiigD, clerk of election I'ptijr Iliiyeiiga, clerk of election .-,.... (.'has -Newel, clerk of election I'piilon 1ml School Dlst, r reii't' II 1' lieniiiighitux, judge of election llpriiiiin Hiirnis, judge of election .' Michael lleidcrscheld, judge of clci-i ion Mike Wagner, clerk of election II W Ilalguman, clerk of ulec- lion Huliert, Kruse, Judge of elec- . 'tion /lurry Uicklol'.s, judge of election .)"liii l.'onles, judge of election .Vieiiiio .1 Hislus, clerk of Plec- linii I. \V (ilngrich, clerk of election l-'ly Andursoii, judge of election W (.' Kiigstrom, judge of election 1C 1 Anderson, judge of election .V M Kollnsc.li, elerk of election W O Hrlggs, clerk of election henry lierherdlne, arranging iittoths ,.... A A l-'aiigman, judge of elec- liion , (leoi-ge Nynian, judge of election A .1 Ucuger, judgo of election I V Kuges.ser, judge of election I\y Hiitton, judgi! of election Mrs. C M Huker, judge of election .Albert Kollasch, clerk of election Mrs .1 10 Carinean, clerk of election Myrtle Kerens, clerk of election ('has Qnlnn, clerk of election I'cst .177 American Legion, rent Vcrn Austin, arranging booths GPU K HutterfleUI, judge of election David K. Anderson, Judge of election Hurry Tlsli, judge of election .fLiinie McCrnry, judge of election I-'rcd 1'eterson, judge of election , HPIIII Ilaglund, judge of election .T J Anderson, clerk of election Muinie .Sperheck, clerk of election (.' F lierggron, clerk of election Dcra Smith, clerk of election •Siun Jleiitliersliaw, rent L- W lOlirlcli, judge of election H v Larson, judge of election Thomas lierg, Judge of election Win Oldenburg, clerk of election Kay M lOichliorn, clerk of election *. M N Itormann, Judge of election Kdw It Minvdsley, judge of 6.10 fi.70 5.70 TiJO n.io r,.7o fi.7fl r..7n fi.10 ran fi.to n.on D.7II fi.lll fi.10 fi.Jd r,..io fi.'IO •l.St) 4.80 4.80 •I. S« •1.R9 MO ri..in 4.r>n •f.w _ KOSSTJTH COUNTY ADVANCE, ALGONA. IOWA •Tnh.iT.? nn \Vp'b'pr,"jud'g'c" of' Vl'p'e" r " 7 " [;' lw . ^"^ Jnd(W nf oloctlon 4.80 flon ... i'. 1 " 1 l\"Hn.wli, Judge of election r,.70 a^'SK,:',*»;» ia |B.;SFs*S5H? « .... I' • • l-iIM tion .i so Olpn Worfiniin, judge of nlec- ,. t ,, *....' ...., jn.i^i. an L M I.- M.irL, II.,.,..., ..I....1. .... „, it.... . Of\ Oljrn , Worrim ttnn .............. , ...... S. P Powers, Jmljro' of"i!']i«Ylmi l.on Jnrrow, Jiiilm- of i\n tMtcp, Jnilpn Jimnlii Ontknnclit, nf or npottnnd, Judge of idci-ilim .Innctte Mussman elcrk nf elec- .T U licp.tl'iind|"i'rp'rk t 'o'f"I.ip( 1 '-' tlon. Lucille Ley, elerk of c'ledidii" ' •Inlla Hull, -clerk of clpctlon . ' Town- of Lakota, rout ... .' •1 II MoiiRpt,. Judifp of plectlon 0 K Wnl Inn t Inn, JudRp or pipe- Won JO'iW Lo«ft, judge of p'lectYoii . Christ. Oelhaus, Judgo. of dec- tion Cilnnn Ynhnkp, judge of' eieciYo'ii I'.dw .•Itnlvprsuri, Judgp of clec- Mon Mis 1) H Mayer, clerk'of'el'p'c'-' lion ' .. D A Carpenter, clprk of elpe-' . rlon IMiirle llogiin, clprk of election '••i:' ! lOi-wlu Sfllms. clerk of election ':•:['.' 1 I.MIIIM lioriininn, elorlc of elci- 'J••„''. ! tl»n •"'"•Town n.r \nil(teniore. rent ' •i en I " " l''lniip|l. nrranwlng booths ...Ml l^ioyil II ll.-irHi'H, wo(Hl cdm- 4 Mr, Il.iHl Loy Hlgley, clerk of elpctlon . Mrs W K Klyrm, clerk of dec. . tlon Town of Leilynrd, ri>j/t ".'.'.'.'.'. Town of Ledyard, nrr;-,ngiu|r rani. IIort-/.k'p',"jud'g'p ' oY 'idee-' tlon .T If \Varbui-ioii, judg'e'of'cic'c-' |Hon Mpntio Itlslus, jiKlgi'."of ' i'iec-' tlon '1.80 'I.SO n.7o ").70 i;.o(i 4.00 la.ao f.'OL'KT I'M'N'II liilthew ISrler, cniii-l. rc|iorter M.'i.OS i'Wii Hliili; liiink, wlthhidd iii\e:< ar,..in STATH iNsTrrr'no KUNU .1. , Helen While. Clerk fees fi.2ri 7-'J i Dr. C. II. Ci-el/.nie.vcr, pliv:',i- •'•>'<l j ci;,,,-;,- |ee> : ...'.... fl.flO ... |'I '- Hutchison, altiirnpy fees 1100 ''••"" I HA NO'S DISIOASI-; h.lii | Ilnrvey HiiPiigPi-, iniieiii cattle 12.."0 I pier .1 Dahlhaiispr, Indein ent- ;t-"<l tin jy.no :i.(ll) i..|., v | Truub. Indein cattle .'... caViO . CO.N'MTItl'CT I ON I'TNI) ••.WJ|I! M s-MiiiHi. siilnry 2HII.no 111. \va Sliili- Hun If, wltliheld •'••'" i taxes ;>.|.0(] I MAIXTIONAXCIO FI.'N'D •'• n "| 1'nul .V Kvanls. graveling f>12.'!.77 .l.OD I,.\vn Xtale. liiink, withheld •l.r,o . ]. m ,i ,v.. K V iii-,is," K rii'veliii'g" '.'.'.'. aoYll'.'.il! w.tiu f Inlcrsliite i'ower Co., power , j service 0.2(1 -"H - IntorKtfllp 1'inver Co.. power _ | KOI vice 2.IW •'•'0 i (.itiinble Store, ,s-ii|) fi.iTi Iiiirolil lloalson, hibor Kiiao I5.7ti , ........ Mrs Anna Kalslein, gravel ____ Viking Oil Co. sup ............ Cieo _I>ettlt, clerk of ejecYion. '.', 3.1)0 I. H lOlbert, judge of elccMoii D.4JI I) K liuhnkp, judge of eleellon - ..-, •)''"•!In--Meyer, clerk .of election :i.4U I.ouis Iliiekbarth, clerk of clcc- "i.-lti tlon' . •I.Sd K H Thomas,' judge ot election I !• I Chapman, judge of election '- Morcnr-e llof, judge of election Annii Murray, j •1.SO U..-III . Kni-1 Cluimbors, of election t '!ee- tlon ........... . '',!'>'« W'-'lity, clurk or"el'i!'cl'i»n •I.N) | \V -A Marty, derl; or election i Art. Hiley, clerk of election .. •I.SO | Violet. Diniler, clerk or election I Town of LnVerne, rent ........ II.IXI ! Iii|pi-i>st 5.01 [i.liOjs U l-Ycnc), Lmiiln'r Co. sup 4L\,s,S '•'" DUAIXACIK l-'l.'M) «.00 i> r . No. M (i.lju I jMnor Ilehiiprs, hihor. :i2.S.i:) H.oO j.' H Norton ,V Son, sup I In No 87; 0.00(1'- *^ iS(jrlon i\: Sou, sup . "••10 l l)i No ji;i 1.8.1 ]r Sj Nurton A: Son, silo ;'.-l" ! 1)1 \V K (iS-l:;i) j!.!IO I Tlieo DoreiibiiMh, labor :> '.!IO i 11 I'onicrov, labor .... .... I I'OOK FUND ^'••"l|.loi) Anderson, loud of cobs .. .'!.no D.-lll I l.'r.-idle.v ISi-oK. sup Not Allowed \',''!, ( ' \ IllW!l Stale Hank, wltliheld •'.'•IO County Farm K.OU I' K .lohnsou Orocery, prov I02.1."i 'I hori.'son HroK, HIII f » \.r i . 11.81 5.10 .lolin Kahi, clerk of election C.10 Yemon L. Larsen, judge of election \ W .1 Stewart, .judge of election 4&-I0..1' K Teeter, judge of, (.-lection u.10 Lloyd U liartlett, clerk of election Hussell Shipler, clerk of election Kfflu Teeter, cleaning school'-' hiiuse ; Xlck Arndorfer, judge' 'oV Vice-' tlon Isinlore .Mayer, judge of'eice'-' .tion Geo Clnk, juilge of eleetion'..' " 'orge B Luilwig, clerk of election .lohu X Llldwlg, clerk of eiec,' tlon Mary MjcKeima, rent ..... Jolin. Farrow, Judge of election Kobcrt Eiclienbergcr, Judge of 7.03 0.25 5.ifi (i.OO 2.00 8.00 8.05 li.OO •I.'M 4.20 •l.L'U U.OO li.OO 4.20 4.20 (i.OO II.-IO 5.40 7.40 5.40 7.20 0.00 (1.1)6 y 25 U.OO 8.00 '5.40 5.40 0.00 5.40 5.41) 3.50 5.10 5.10 !UO 4.50 4.50 4.5IJ 5.10 0.10 4.50 S.UO 2.50 2.00 0.10 5.-10 5.10 4.50 4.50 4.00 12.20 5.10 4.00 4.50 0.00 5.40 S.40 5.40 10.20 7.10 5.-10 7.r,ll 5.00 0.011 (i.OI) K.OH a. on o.oo 0.110 . . . . .. ........... •. Leo Ooclie, jiidfe-e of el'ecl'lo'n ".' r'.arl C'u.slinian, clerk of election ................... .Irlin Ilclliiinn, clerk of election Kniniet 1'liith, deanliiK school- IIOIINC ....... . nenVy'TSorinnnn, 'J tion Peter Kny.ser, lion 1 ol' clec- of clec- .Tolih Fridcres, judge of 'eie'c'-' lion iyle S Stpcle, clerk of election .lolin Hormanii, clerk of elec- tHoii O H Jensen, judge of election' .1 \V Hollig, judge of election \V H F.imers, judge of election 'ilios .1 (ri)onnell, clerk or election Cliri.s Dnlil, clerk of pl'pi-tl'n'ii C O Halley, rent I 1 H I'eler.son, nrninging boollis him Leigh, judge ol' election H A \Variiibier, Judge of elcc- r tion Pred Kliimer, judge of election tlon fobcrt Pehrson, clerk of elee- JnJin I>. Horimin, clerk of election \Vm IJotlenniin, Judge of election Henry Hlome, judge of oiectYo'n I'red Darnell, judge of election Donald Jacobs, clerk of election S V Hlome, clprk of election . A Uiimnuel Anderson, juilgu of election .Vartin Mnllnder, Judge of election \Vm Krn'mm, judge of eleellon M J Kennedy, elerk of election O Ii Thorsen, clerk ot election Kpnry Tjnilen, juilge of election F H Gardner, Judge of election Jens M Sorenson, Judge of election Glen W Jenklnson, clerk of election Ilay B Sclillmoeller, clerk of • election , £j A BoleneiiB, judge of election OlOjK Flom, judge of election Ceo \V Hlliliiinn, jinlge of clec- .2.00; 5.1(1 5.10 5.1(1 5.1(1 0.00 0.40 o.:;o (i.iio (I..-W M.OII 5.40 S.OII 10.0;; O.-IO 5.10 tion , Oluf Kunneiinirk, judge of election IJenry Nelson, Judge -of election Uvutyu Uruley, Judge of elcc- . tion l«'reil A. Diekmiinn, clerk of electliou Mildred l''ox, clerk of election Myrtle Koubu, elerk of election Myrtje Lease, clerk 1 of election Town of Wesley, rent I'aul Frlberg, arranging booths American Legion, rent Elizabeth Higgius, judge of election Lnuru Ilrogim, judge of election 5.70 5.70 5.40 5.40 5.40 5.40 (UO 5.4(1 7.10 5.4W 4.50 4. BO 4.ne 5.40 5.40 4.DO 4.01' :t.oo 3.0(1 3.00 4. SO 4.SO yes: All. 12:00 (.'clock Noon. Motion by McDonald and sccoiuicd y Schrani that the lluiiril proceed with the Offlciiil Caiiviiss of (icneral lOlec- ion ro.liirns. Ayes: All. Motion by Schram and seconded by McDonald tlmt further canvassing of i-Iecliou returns be adlourncd to one u'dock I 1 . M. Ayes: All. 1 Mill o'clock 1'. M. Hoard of Supervisors met pursuant lo adjournment, will all members pre- nt On motion Hoard proceeded to eun- uiss (he returns ot the General Klcc- (lon field in Kossnlh County on the Till day of November, lll-M, with the cllowliig i-esiilt.s: FOR I'UKSIDKNT AND VICE PHK- slDICNT OF TIIIJ L'NITKD STATUS: I l.c.lnas K. Dewey and John W Brlck- •r 40,18; Franklin D. Uoosovelt and harry S. Truman ij!S8; Claude A. \Va;t.sjon an.'d Floyd C. Carrier 2M; .Vt.iinan Thomas and Darlington IIoop- •.-• 'J; Edward A. Tcichert and Aria A. FOUfUXITKI) STATES SKXATOU: l'rurl;!%-J!. IIli:kcnlon|iur -((JiW: Guv M. H met fcps-ii) i-vjv. g-tfcSjvjfleijfai^ds ^:. Dresclier': 1;" (iOVRlt.XOU: Itobert. D. Hlue -I'.!.".!; Itichard F. .Mitchell -l7-l:j; Glen Williamson. 11.; II. 10. Hockewitx 1- LIKL'THNANT GOVKItXOU; K. A. I.vans -MHii; Oscar K. Johnson 47SO; ..:eo II. UiiniHpy 11; Charles F, Clark 1; SIcr.'IilCTAIlY OF. STATK: Wayne \I. l[ii]ies -M.ST; (ienevieve K. Nli-holi ilS; Helen liidgeway 12; Grayilon R. ADIilM'Oll OF STATIC: Cliet «. Alters -117-1; 1'etor .1. Kies 4i;0"r, L. 10. (iil'l'oi-d 1^; Annie JI. 1'reseott 1; THIOASrilKK OF !(TATK: .1. M. Crimes ' -1-17S; .laim.'S V. Cm-rail -101M; Airs, llary Jlyers I. 1 !; TKlOAKiniKU OF STATE (To Fill I'HCIUICV) : .1. -M. Uriines -JOIS; S10CRKTAUY OF AGIUCULTUHE: liiirrv D. Ijlun 4710; Arch F. McGreevy HIHl; Ward Hall 10; Arthur 1'nnlscn 1: ATTOHXKy GKNEKAL: John M. Itnnkln 4-IIG; Harry F. Garrelt 447(1; COMMIOUCK COMMISSIOXER: Carl W. Iteed -lir.l; .lames M. Hell 44C!; W. II. Rasmussoii !l; .irinilOS OF TH/-: SIU'KKSIK I'Ol'llT: William L. Hliss 4470; Oscar Huh.. 4:;i'S; l-'redci-.c M. Miller 4:ili:t; .I(,-liu A. Graham -l-inii; William R. Hart 1100; G.'bson C. llolllday 44110; RKI'RICSIONTATIVIO IN COXCJRKSS (Uth Uistrlct) : .lainiis I. Doilivpr 4015; Charles Ilanna -1:107; Willlnm F. Leo- "jriKiKS OF THK DISTRICT COI.'RT (llth District): Harry E. Xu- rt.v -HMD; STATE SENATOR (40th District): I.'uano K. Dewel 430$; Casey Loss STATE IIKI'UKSKXTATIIVE (S5th District); .1. C. Skow -Illl'J; Edward Capeshis -1701^; ('OI'NTi' AUDITOR: Leo J. Immcr- fall rili-17; cor.yri' TRKASUKER.- c. w. Pear- "cLKRK OF THE DISTRICT COURT Helen White 5014; CorNTV SIIKR1FF: W. II. Steward !.-'l,S; Art, J. Cogley UliSO; CoTXTV RECORDER: Clara Wai- 'co'l'XTV ATTORXEV: II. W. Miller iiOlll; COi:XTV CORONER: H. A. Evans ''"MKMIIKH HOARD OF SUPERVISORS, DISTRICT NO. 1: J, H. Fra- SH- l^:w; MIOMHER HOARD OF RUl'EUVI- SORS, DISTRICT NO. 1!: W. E. McDonald IHIIi; MKHHKIl HOARD OF SUPEUVI- SOItS, DISTRICT NO. !\: W. A. Scurarn (107; W. S. CdMgrovo 723; SIKitl'.KIl HOARD OF SUPHRVI- SORS, DISTRICT NO. 4: Clius. Morris, llllil; J. F. Qiilnn 121S; TOWNSHIP TOWNSHIP OFFICERS ELECTED AT THE GENERAL ELECTION, NOVEMBER 7, 1011. Justice of The Peace Constable Algona Buffalo Buffalo Hurt Cresco Delia Welter I !'•• Johnston \\. M. Ricklcfs II. A. French W. J. Davlson NONE 1'cnton .......................... Garfleld .............................. NONE Geruiuu ................ i ............. NONE Frederick Schultn Greenwood ..". ........ . .............. J. II. Sheridan Harrison ............................. 1. L- Vaux Hurrlsou . ........................... A. J. Chrlstensen r/bbron ................................ NONE Irvlngton ............................ NONW Ledyurd ............................... l-Tfl Dutton ledyard ..* ............................ Cliua. R. Lewis Lincoln .............................. NONE Jolts Creek ........................... NONE ; I.vj Verne ... .......................... l-'iunk Chapipaa Harold Sorenson NONE NONE NONE NONE Nick Tlillges Jr. Floyd A. Ncwvllle Ernest G, Thicl W. II. Stott Reinder Krommlnga NONE NONE NONE NONE NONE NONE NONE Jakob Keller Ww. Blomster O. T. Molan NONE NONE Albert Barnes Art Lester NONE _, NONE .Grover Rentz Hurry Llclity NONE NONE NONE NONE NONE NONJB NONE NONE NONE NONK Paul Frlberfe Curl Johnson p. J. Burk« Roman Mikes 'lownshlp Trustee Tirm Beginning 1U45 Township Trustee Term Beginning 104U Township Clerk Clarence Scliutjcr If. G. Kwoldt Harry Subin T. L. Tlioreaon Ale.x Rudlg H. B. Berulnghuus Fred DeVrles Illy Anderson George W. Nyuiun T.avld S. Anderson I. W. Elirlch Kdiv. R. Mawilsley J. H. Holcomb Menno Rislus Louis A. Huckbartb A. A. ScWpull Chris Ilrandt K. P. llauscn I.iiVeriiQ Plum Creek Portland . Prairie ... Ruiusey ... Piverdalo Seueea ...V.'.'.V.'.". NONE Sherman K -P.S!i Siprlngfleld NONE Swell NOJSl!/ tnton Win. Dodds, Wesley ." ••• H. J. Bruley Wesley Mildred Fox Wlilttempre''.'.'.'.'.'.' - 1 " 1 " 1 Uulenbako Whltteuisre E - 0. Huseh A y«s: Ail. On motion .d}ou»ment W u taken umll November i«u, WH. ai • o'clock A. M. L. J. I»»erfiii. C oun'ty Auditor, j. P. Qulnn, Chairman. Alfred Jergeosoo •NONE Jlerwun Studer John Furro.w ' uysw 1'e'ter J. Vf. Lc'uls AiiUerBon L. P. TliQniyson Floyd Gardner JcVn W. Puffer Fred H. Kollumeb G. W. Bluleli Elmer 1'otU-r . Itlcbiird Newton G. U. Jolinsuii llcriiiiin Harms Jolin Conies W. C. Kiiestrom A. J. Kcnjrer Harry Tlsli Thomas Berg Jolin V. Weber S. P. Powers Michael Christ Otto K. Uuliuke. Earl It. Chambers Clifton Bensclioler RusKvll Shlpler Nick M. Arndorfor Florlan Hellman (jeorjje Bonuunu Leo Kugesser llermau Wanubler Henry Blome Axel Erlckspn Heury Tj»d«o Ole K. Flom K. U. Woltz JI. N. Phlllliis Arnii Ostei'ijiiiird II. II. Dreyor K. \V. Gingrich A. M. Kollnseb Albert Kollusoh J J. Anderson Twp. Assessor Andrew C. Hanson A. H. Hanna John P. Sliuoii Floyd Ottmun A. D. NewbrougU MK'lmel Hclderscheld John Buekcluiun W. L. Reynolds Linus Vuske Ilk-hard M. Andersou AVm. K. Oldenburg Hugh Iliiney Jerry Heotluud Wnltor Sachs Marlin J%'.ver \\ in. A. ilkirty Oscar Frandlt L. C. Hutchlns John Hartshorn Belle M. Happen Hugo Fiuilstlok G. M. Will PAGE SEVEti i. Voutli Fellowship Gathering Held Union Twp., Dec. 12—Twenty- one young people of the Methodist senior youth fellowship attended a sub-district youth rally at the Good Hope church Sunday afternoon and evening. Supper .was served by the mothers of members of the entertaining fellowship. Other delegations at- H. V. Scbultz John Kaiu Lloyd II. Hartlett Ceo. H. Lndwlg Henry llustcmler John Bormann Chris Dalil ,lohn Bormann S. F. Bio me 0 L. Thorpson Glen W. Jenklnson Fred A. Dlekmaun ('lias. Bormanu Artbur Olsen Donald Klngsdorf Charles Nelson Lenndur Vaske Win. Hauii-uer Joe Crowley . Joe Elbert L. H. Junkerineler C. F. McGregor D. C. Gardner Henry C. Nelson Paul Ludwlg Ask to See Style No. 1046 As Sketched Pacesetter Active on-the-go feet will appreciate this playshbie in black, blue, and tan gabardine with a flexible Vinyl sole that will wear. Non-rationed and Only 2.69 Woodward'^ H. W. POST BRAY AND TRANSFER Storage of All Kinds Long- Distance Hauling Every load insured against loss and damage of all kinds. Equipped to do all kinds of hauling and draying. PHONE 298 Algona. la. For Stile Live turkeys milk fattened —also geese. Dec. 18 and 19. Come, don't call. V4 mile North of Lu Verne. /• A. W. Steussy Gay Lounger Ask to See Style No. 1172 As Sketched HERE is a sandal that everyone likes because it's sporty and gay. You'll find it comfortable to play and rest in—Made of imitation lizard in tan, with a Vinyl sole to be non-rationed at ONLY 2.69 Woodward's tending were from Burt, Lu \ 87. A special speaker at the : '-> j Verne, Livermore, and Whitte- j meeting whs the Rev. L. L..Ppt-'' * more, with a total attendance of! ler, Ruthven. ' • SMALL COST ON SHORT TIME YOU CAN BORROW $50.00 AND REPAY IN FIVE MONTHLY PAYMENTS AND THE TOTAL COST IS ONLY $4.50. You can get S100—$200—$300 at proportionately low cost. Many folks find our service very helpful when they want ex- Ira cash quickly. Loans are handled privalely—no inquiries of friends or relatives. REMEMBER—The cost is small on short time loans.. Lei us help you today if you can use exira money. SPECIAL PLAN FOR FARMERS Phil J. Kohlhaas Algona, Iowa. Phone 22. General Insurance Agency Tlio HaiisHiohl IJooil.s of Mrs. N. E. IJjirtlcti will be SOLI) IMWKMKUH 1« l>i (HJ) STATES CAFE Ul'ILDING 2 !5(> I'. M. Among 1 niiiiiy ollior iirtic](!s for sale wiil l»e ZeriS o B=& 15® (Looks mid works like new) Electric 3Iixcr; IJoovor (llouier, wiH) .titaclnnonts; F.loclric fr»n; Living 1 Room Suite; Inner Spring-.Mattress, etc. MARGARET REID to For Bigger and Better Values Every Day ! Clapp's Asserted Strained BABY FOODS ____ Clapp's Pre-cooked W CEREAL ... .2 . 41/ -° nz Enriched Flour Flour it . .bag I.I 25-lb.l I . bag LI MIXED NUTS . . . 2-lb.bag97c Southern Pecans .... 1-lb. bag 49c A&P PUMPKIN . . .No.2icanl4c Ann Page Cherry Preserves, 1-Ib. jar Ann Page CHERRY PRESERVES . 1-lb. jar 28c Duffs 14-02. Sunnyfield Enriched 25-lb. . . . bag Nabisco Famous America's Favorite Black SO-lb. f J bag Ll 12-02. . . pkg. pkg. White House Vitamin "D" (1 ni. ea.) EVAPORATED MILK .3 ±26* Ann Page S n -'9heiti or MACAROKS .... ^: m Fresh from Nearby Farms IOWA EGGS .... MR. FARMER: Bring Us Your Eggs. We pay Highest Prices! doz, ctn. Jane Parker Fresh Apple.' Doliciously Different! IG-oz. size Jane Parker Iced Nut RAISIN BREAD Try a Loaf Today! 16-oz. size . 13c Fresh Fruits and Vegetables GRAPEFRUIT, size 96 ... 10 for 37c TRIUMPH POTATOES . 10 Ibs. 42c TANGERINES, size 120 ... doz. 38c WINESAP APPLES ..... 2 Ibs. 24c NAVEL ORANGES size 200, doz. 45c We Invite You to Compare Quality—There is a Difference Vigorous and Winey Mild & Mellow BOKAR COFFEE 3-lb. bag . . In Tomato Sauce ANN PAGE BEANS . Ic6 ;°n z • 8* GLOSS STARCH &lt Cleanser BRIT E-IZE !» It OXYOOl . . PAPER TOWELS . $100 War Bond During 61h War Loan 2-SSJ4U . 2,01* 19* 8 O'CLOCK 3n>, . 59* Buy an Exira A&P FOOD STORES Right to Limit Quantities Reserved.

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